USS Typhon

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The USS Typhon
Image from Star Trek: Armada III
The USS Typhon was a 24th century Federation prototype carrier vessel operated by Starfleet.

The USS Typhon was one of the Federation’s attempts at a mobile outpost and carrier starship. Although it was commissioned in 2375, the Typhon would see little action in the final year of The Dominion War but was part of the mission to retake Betazed. In December of 2376, it was involved in a military engagement where one of its fighters collided with another. One of those pilots was successfully beamed to safety, but the other was lost. Although the Typhon added to the concept for possible future mobile outpost and carrier starships, the flaws in her design wound up sealing her fate and she was mothballed in 2379.

The Typhon is noteworthy for being the first starship to carry the AC-205 Mk I Valkyrie warp capable spacefighter.

Lieutenant (junior grade) Logan Hale spent most of 2376 serving aboard the Typhon as a fighter pilot until an accidental collision with another pilot in December of that year. Although the JAG investigation absolved him of legal guilt, he resigned his commission and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the death of his fellow pilot.