Alessia Garcia, callsign "Angel" (KIA)

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Name:Alessia García
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Valravn Pilot, Lone Wolves Squadron
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Barcelona, Spain, Earth
Weight:132 lbs.
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Michelle Rodríguez
Writer:Character Deceased
Physical Activities




Surfing & Swimming

Rock/Mountain climbing


Wingsuit Flying


Hand-to-hand Combat (Capoeira, Kickboxing, and Mok'bara)

Social Activities

Physical Fitness trainer


Comedian (when in the mood)

Designs Holodeck novel experiences.


Ace Pilot

Loves Trashy romance novels

20th/21st Century Earth Music

Collects Miniature Starships

Casual Sex


Jokes a lot when nervous and personal commitment issues
2369-2373: Starfleet Academy, CONN as a major with Security/Tactical as minors
2375-2377: Tactical CONN Academy. Selected for the Valkyrie program, later Valravn.
Service Record
2373-2375: Rank of Ensign aboard the USS Hornet, deployment of Peregrine-class fighters & Hopper Transports.

2376-2378: Assigned aboard the Assigned aboard the USS Hiroshima as a fighter pilot, piloting Peregrine Fighters.

2378-2380: Assigned aboard USS Kusanagi as a fighter pilot, piloting Valkyrie Fighters. Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

2380-2381: Chosen to test-pilot a new class of fighters in a classified project called the Valravn Project, based at Luna Shipyards

2381-2381: Valravn Project commissioned to the USS Orcus, became a Flight Leader in the White Wolves Squadron.

2381-Present: Defected to USS Theurgy
Star Cross

Unit Citation

Commendation for Bravery

Purple Heart

Before her death, Junior Lieutenant Alessia Garcia was a Fighter Pilot on the USS Orcus. After the Battle of Starbase 84, where she defected to the Theurgy, Garcia aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century. She was killed in action defending the Sabine as it tried to reach Qo'noS.


Early life

Alessia was born on Barcelona, Spain on November 2351. Her parents were Alberto García and Anna Marie García. Alberto had been a Starfleet fighter pilot stationed at Starbase 34 and Anna Marie García, a security officer aboard the nebula-class starship USS Roanoke. After Anna became with child she transferred to Starbase 34 where her older brother was born, Jonas. Eight years later both parents were teaching at Starfleet Academy and they had a little girl which they named, Alessia.

Alessia started getting into trouble at a young age; however, this was not intentional. She was the prodigal Starfleet brat and had to live up to both her parent's and brother's shadow growing up. Even though some of her classmates thought it was cool there were many who hated her for it.

Fortunately, Alessia had her older brother, Jonas, who walked her to and from school to keep the bullies away. Alessia's parents also always tried to teach her that nothing was wrong with her and that bullying is not tolerated. However, they could not be around all the time and Alessia had to learn the hard way to defend herself. Alessia quickly toughened up and stood up for herself which was a blessing and a curse for the attitude she developed of the tough Starfleet girl stuck with her which lead her into a lot of trouble.

Jonas was the one thing she never had to worry about growing up. He was always there for her, sometimes to bail her out of a mess she got herself into, other times to have her back or a shoulder to cry on - Jonas was her Rock. He was eight years old when she was born, and she was twelve years old when he graduated from school. Jonas made our parents proud joining Starfleet Academy.

The following semester for Alessia in school was extremely hard. She felt so alone as her Rock had left. Alessia did the only thing at this time that came natural to her, she became tougher. The last words that her brother told her before he left always stayed with her, "Always follow your heart, Sis. No matter where it takes you, even if you are unsure about its path. Your heart will never lead you astray." She fell in love with Capoeira and Kickboxing and her parents encouraged her to learn, hoping that the mental disciplines would help their daughter with her temper.

Starfleet Academy


One of Alessia's proudest moments in her life is when she got accepted into Starfleet Academy following her parents and brother's footsteps. The first year was extremely rough for her socially having a difficult time adjusting to her new environment, however, her studies and grades were good. She did struggle with some subjects, like a few technical and medical areas that held her back a little. Her instructors did note how she excelled in the physical tests and her showing signs of good teamwork. Alessia wanted to follow in her father and brother's footsteps in becoming a pilot. She decided to take CONN as a major with Security/Tactical as her minor. Her entire life changed for the better at the Academy. Alessia had many friends that she shared a lot of things in common. She joined the Starseeker Squadron at the Academy, an elite upper-class group of cadets. The second proudest moment of her life was when she was awarded the Flight Proficiency Award seeing the look in her parent's eyes at the time. The third is when her brother, Jonas, married a Bajoran woman and started a family on Bajor.

In 2370, tragedy struck! Jonas was serving on the USS Odyssey which was on a mission to help keep the peace on the Federation Cardassian border. He had become fascinated with Bajorian culture often describing them to her as a race of Angels. The USS Odyssey was given a new mission after tense months maintaining peace along the borders, to go into the Gamma Quadrant and establish a new colony. Jonas told her how he felt it was his duty to help the 'Angels'. He told her all about the wormhole and the flights to and from it.

Alessia had just returned to her room after celebrating with her fellow Starseeker's when the news hit her. She has suffered from many bruises, cuts, even a broken bone growing up but this did something inside her soul that words would never do it justice. The Academy was filled with news of the battle; however, Alessia's mind could not process that thought that Jonas' squadron was involved. The moment her mother called, the second she heard her voice...

The hardest part of all was the message that Jonas sent her that arrived that same day, delayed by subspace. "It's like we're Angels, Alessia. That is the only way I can describe the feeling. You will know it too, soon enough. And don't worry, I'll have the war won before you even-" And then the sirens blared, and then he signs off with "Well, looks like I'm off to dance with the Angels, Chica. Speak again soon." Those were the last words he had said to her, the last words he would ever say to her. The USS Odyssey was destroyed with all hands aboard within hours of that transmission. Jonas, her brother, her rock, best friend, mentor, was added to a long list of names that day.

Alessia threw herself into the last semester at the Academy, it was the only thing she could do to not drown in that bottomless pit of a void Jonas' death made in her. She graduated with Honors, straight A's in every class, with high marks from her flight instructor's, a few wrote good peer commendations on her record. Alessia also graduated with a severe lack of friend's as she had withdrawn into herself.

While the Utopia Planitia shipyards were rushing new ships into production in response to the destruction of the USS Odyssey, Alessia studied CONN over Mars. On Mars she met a new kind of friend's, the kind you find in local bars and clubs that partied hardcore. She needed to fill something besides the empty void her brother's absence left. Sadly, her parents, were still grieving over the loss of their son on Earth and where not able to truly realize the path their daughter was starting down. Alessia's drinking started off to fill the void, and quickly turned into something else entirely. Her grades dropped as she became known as a party girl. All she cared about was feeling something - anything other than grief. When she returned to Earth to finish at the Academy, Alessia the party girl, attitude and all, came with her. She was known to be a tough tomgirl; however, the drinking made her morals loose and she was also mean. She got a reputation of sleeping around and picking fights with classmates at random. Her semester after returning from Mars was the worst at the Academy. The instructor's and her old friends from before at the Academy though saw her actions for what they truly were, a cry for help. They along with her roommate staged an intervention on Alessia's behalf, she was given a choice: get her act together by seeing a counselor and go to a program for addiction and special tutoring from the professors would be given to help her raise her grades to pass the semester OR she could continue down the destructive path she is on and flunk out of the Academy.

Alessia's parents is what ultimately reminded her what her brother, Jonas, always told her, "Always follow your heart, Sis. No matter where it takes you, even if you are unsure about its path. Your heart will never lead you astray." The last words spoken to her on the recorded message as well, "It is like we're Angels, Alessia. That is the only way I can describe the feeling. You will know it too, soon enough. And do not worry, I'll have the war won before you even-" And then the sirens blared, and then he signs off with "Well, looks like I'm off to dance with the Angels, Chica. Speak again soon." He was so proud of her when she learned to stand up for herself against the bullies, when she got tough how she did not become a bully herself, how she would defend others instead. He was there for her entire life and always set the example for her. She had become a bully herself. Disgusted she agreed to clean up her act, to see a counselor, and get help for her drinking addiction. The counseling sessions were extremely hard at first and the counselor got her to open and talk to her. It was like a damn breaking with a tsunami of emotions. The good graces of her professor's in the tutoring and the life changing sessions with the counselor, Alessia learned how to not let her rage cloud her mind and wallow in grief. By the time the semester ended, Alessia went from flunking all her courses to passing with straight A's.

Alessia poured her heart and soul into learning all she could from her peers in order to honor her brother's memory. It was in her final semester at the Academy that she made the cut for a posting on a frontline starship. At her graduation when her name was called and she stood in front of everyone, it was the fifth proudest moment in her life. Her parents attended along with her sister-in-law and niece, and they celebrated afterwards. It was the happiest moment of her life and she knew Jonas was there in spirit. In his memory, she adopted the call sign "Angel" named after her niece.

Active Service

Dominion War

As fate would have it Alessia's first assignment was to serve as a co-pilot within the Fifth Fleet's Galaxy-Wing squadrons, on board the USS Hornet, a retrofit Galaxy-class carrier that saw extensive use during the Dominion War. A sister ship to the of the famed USS Enterprise-D, the Hornet was built around the same time as the USS Odyssey, and Alessia profoundly felt a sense of duty and justice to serve on board her brother's ship class to defend his wife and daughter he left behind on Bajor.

On board the USS Hornet, Alessia felt a sense of direction and made many friends including Captain Zaarin ch'Zhan, XO Saeed Al'Fadil, And Chief Tactical Officer, Leon Marquez, the latter she actually got into a romantic relationship with that lasted most of the war. Alessia participated under the mentorship and guidance of these officers in studying the First contact engagement with the Jem'Hadar, based on scans from the surviving vessels of the engagement and with his fellow officers worked night and day forming countermeasure maneuvers and attack patterns to counter Jem'Hadar kamikaze tactics. The results of this study would provide an edge throughout the war. During this time the USS Hornet, was to see duty on the front lines among Andorran and Vulcan space. The USS Hornet saw combat in most engagements of the war as one of the Fifth Fleet's Galaxy-Wing squadrons, but like many allied ships spent most of the early months of the war either retreating or supporting evacuations and rescues of vulnerable planets. It was during Operation Return that Alessia was awarded the Unit Citation and the Commendation for Bravery for her actions during the battle to retake Deepspace 9. However, it was at HT-997, where that part of fresh Starfleet personal recently out of the Academy got swallowed up and smothered for Alessia. The Dominion employed transport inhibitor fields to prevent Starfleet or the Klingon Empire from landing troops or rescuing personnel. Captain Zaarin ch'Zhan made the call to send what aide the USS Hornet could asking for volunteers. It was no surprise that the call was answered by many capable personal including Alessia.

Several attempts were made to send down supplies and troops to the outnumbered Starfleet marines that were on HT-997. Alessia was piloting a Hopper transport with a team of Starfleet Security officers and the ship's CTO when she was shot down. The USS Hornet had to leave orbit at this time and without her support everyone on HT-997 was on their own, Starfleet and Dominion forces alike. The problem was our side was greatly out gunned and outnumbered. Alessia will never forget the look in their eyes when the CTO explained to them that we were all the reinforcements coming for who knows how long. At how our combat uniforms and equipment looks pristine and these troops looked like they have been living in hell. Days seemed like weeks; weeks seemed like months to them all. Alessia will always remember the faces and names of the people she befriended on HT-997; especially the ones that did not make it. It was what played out during the final battle that haunts Alessia's nightmares at times. Dozens of Jem'Hadar fall under phaser fire only to be immediately replaced by dozens more jumping over the barricades to rush us in melee. It is suspected that the Jem'Hadar must have been low on Ketracel-white for they sent everything at us in a final bloody battle. Alessia and her unit were commended for their actions at HT-997, she is proud that her training and discipline saved her life and that of her unit. It was her brother's last words though that kept her on course even when moral was so low, "It's like we're Angels, Alessia. That is the only way I can describe the feeling. You will know it too, soon enough. And do not worry, I will have the war won before you even-" And then the sirens blared, and then he signs off with "Well, looks like I'm off to dance with the Angels, Chica. Speak again soon." When the USS Hornet returned and was able to send down reinforcements most of the troops were gone but we held HT-997. Our fellow shipmates could not distinguish us from the others at first as we were all the same - survivors of hell HT-997. Alessia earned the Purple Heart and a promotion to Squadron Leader as she was gravely wounded on HT-997 during the final battle.

Even a Klingon General had even called the defiance of HT-997 a 'modern Thermopylae', the USS Hornet had lost a large fraction of its crew and all but a few escort frigates which were towed back to Starbase 375. Morale was extremely low, but Alessia kept to her virtues and resisted the temptation to fall to alcoholism, despite the many benefits of synthol. However, one instance almost broke that rule: when the Romulans declared war on the Dominion, it was the first major morale boost since the hard-fought battle to retake Deep Space Nine, which steadily shifted the balance of power in the quadrant. In retrospect, HT-997, or 'Tranquility Valley' as it came to be known, was a decoy, a feint for the Dominion's real goal, Betazed. Elements of the Fifth fleet were hastily summoned in Starfleet's bid to Liberate Betazed, but the arrival of the Romulans joining the war and the offer of a joint-military task force seemed to offer a unique perspective to go on the offensive, and through this opportunity, Alessia was given the chance to not only fly alongside the Federation , the Klingon, and now the Romulan Empires finest fighter pilots and learned how to fly alongside them. Alessia's old competitive habits followed her, and she took to adapting and perfecting sorties against the Dominion and their allies on skirmishes and combat engagements. Alessia and her new comrades got extremely good at countering their own swarm tactics and ambushes. In combat, Alessia was always passionate in a dogfight with a clear head, now imagine her with the patience of a Romulan and the heart of a Klingon. At the end of the Dominion War, Alessia had racked up enough confirmed kills and ran enough support missions to be considered an Ace Pilot. Although the war lasted from 2373 to 2375, though related conflicts began earlier, Alessia was considered a seasoned combat pilot from the bloodiest and most destructive wars in modern galactic history.

After the war, Alessia spent enough time on Bajor to convince her sister-in-law to come to Spain with her to visit the family. Reunited with family, friends and crewmates, She spent weeks on shore leave making plans for the future that was hard won. When the stunning news that Admiral Ross had decided to break apart the crew of the USS Hornet, and that virtually all of her friends and people she cared about were to be reassigned to exploration in the spirit of post-war peace with Romulus. Despite the invitation, that was not Alessia's path. She returned to Starfleet Academy where she was invited to join the Valkyrie program.

Post-War Education and Service



Alessia's first post-war assignment came in 2376, an Akira-class warship, the USS Kusanagi. The 'Akira'-class ship was renowned for its performance as a frontline warship and as a carrier for fleet operations and Alessia was excited at the prospect of serving on such as vessel. Considering she was selected to be part of the fighter project to pilot the new generation of Valkyrie warp fighters. Alessia piloted one of the old but seasoned Peregrine-fighter's that seen much combat during the Dominion war against the new Valkyrie birds to test their capabilities and fine tune their specs. The USS Kusanagi was tasked with operating within and around areas of interest along the Cardassian border, in areas where tensions and attacks were more common than what she had previously seen. But as it always happens, the action along the border that the Kusanagi patrolled eventually quieted and Alessia was left to deal only with patrols, raider attacks, escort duties and responding to attacks by the occasional "True Way" Cardassian extremist group. It appeared that not everyone liked the outcome at the battle of Cardassian. Alessia grew to admiral and trust the new Mark II Valkyries.

The Garcia Maneuver

In the early part of 2380, the Kusanagi received a distress call from a Federation freighter that was under attack. However, it was not clear who was attacking the vessel in question. With no time to lose, the beleaguered vessel set an intercept course for the Kusanagi. As it turned out, that was the right idea. The captain of the Kusanagi took his own precautions and ordered his Valkyrie's to launch. But just as the Kusanagi dropped out of warp and the Valk's were launching, Cardassian's appeared! Their warships had been hiding and waiting for the right moment to launch their ambush attack. The Valkyrie fighters left the bay and found themselves effectively in a warzone. The scattered shots of the Cardassian ships weren't overly damaging to the Valkyrie's but they had the effect of messing with the fighter's sensors and dampeners. Alessia was now stuck with manual targeting and she was flying much slower than she should have been. With all the Valkyrie's being affected, it was only a matter of time before the Cardassian warship behind this ambush caught up to the escaping freighter.

During the fight, Alessia came up with a crazy idea to break through the Cardassian line and make a run to protect the freighter. She had read about a maneuver and while she'd only ever done it in holo-practice, she figured it was her best shot. She flew towards the Cardassian ships, diving between them and using their momentum to propel her own fighter forward. At the apex of her borrowed velocity, Alessia activated her wrap drive and torpedoed forward. In the next moment, she dropped out of warp with her weapons locked onto the warship and her fighter strategically positioned in two places, one near the bow or the freighter and one near the stern. Everyone on the battlefield saw two fighters in that instant, and the resulting confusion turned the tide of the firefight.

Alessia then used that confusion to her advantage and closed the gap between her Valkyrie and the Cardassian warship. She knew that on that freighter was someone's mom or dad or sister or brother and she refused to let them die. She used every trick she knew, and even a few she did not, to get within the shields of the warship. It had the weapons advantage, but she had the speed advantage. Even so, she had to destroy their weapons array, or it would be "lights out" for her, that freighter, and likely the rest of the Valkyries too! She must have emptied her entire arsenal against the warship when she finally hit their weapons array. It was not destroyed, but it was now heavily damaged, enough so that the warship broke off its attack and began to retreat. The remaining Cardassian vessels also began retreating and Alessia was convinced for a brief moment that it was all due to her efforts! In the following seconds, however, her sensors alerted her to the presence of another Federation ship, the Defiant-class vessel USS Chester.

Due to her valiant and selfless efforts in the fight, Alessia was commended for her actions and promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade. During the latter part of 2380, and possibly due to her commendations and skill with both the Peregrine Fighter and the Valkyrie Mk II, Alessia was assigned to Luna Shipyards to partake in the Valravn Project: a highly-classified, secret fighter project. Although not overly keen on leaving her Kusanagi family, including wing mates from the Hornet, the Spanish woman took to the project with an open mind. This was yet a new toy she could play with, test and operate, and if it was anything like the Valkyrie, she would love it.

It was during her time test flying the AC-477 Mk I Valravn that she would develop another close friendship with her fellow Wolf, Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith" the two pilots developing a very sibling like relationship. Something she wasn't too comfortable with at first given the loss of her own brother, however as time passed, she became truly grateful for that relationship.

The USS Theurgy

When the news came that the USS Theurgy had defected, it sunk her heart and made her think of what could possibly make a whole ship and crew do such an act. Then orders came to Luna Shipyards that the twenty prototype Valravn fighters were needed to be put into field duty since the Theurgy's Mk III Valkyries were better than what the rest of Task Force Archeron had in terms of superiority fighters. So, the White Wolves Squadron ceased to be test pilots and were instead commissioned to the USS Orcus, which was supposed to join Task Force Archeron and hunt down the Theurgy. In late February of 2381, the USS Orcus found the Task Force adrift, orbiting Theta Eridani IV without means of communication or propulsion. They had been affected by a computer virus, and it was only with the help of the USS Orcus "clean" software that the entire task force could exit orbit and take up the hunt again. Task Force Archeron immediately set a course towards Starbase 84 - meaning to intercept the Theurgy. During the battle, Alessia and her squad mates had defected when they learned the truth about the Parasite takeover of Starfleet Command. Alessia swore to protect and uphold the Federation from all threats, foreign and within and joined Theurgy and its squadron to continue to achieve this goal, knowing full well she would be branded a criminal for this. Whenever Alessia questions her decision or her moral takes a dive she remembers her brother's words so long ago, "Always follow your heart, Sis. No matter where it takes you, even if you are unsure about its path. Your heart will never lead you astray."

Personality profile


Alessia was heavily influenced by Starfleet commands ideas and what it stood for being raised by her parents. Her father was a seasoned ace pilot teaching at the Academy along with her mother. Her brother Jonas influenced her in many ways growing up and how he died fighting for what he believed in.

Her younger years taught her to be tough and fight back without turning into a bully herself. She hates bullies. She has always tried to help those that need her help at personal cost.

It has been common to see Alessia at a bar while socializing with a glass of liquor sitting in front of her. Anyone paying attention has noticed that she never actually has taken a drink from the glass.

She is very spirited and has been told that she's as stubborn as a Tellarite. She has also allowed her emotions to get the better of her. Alessia has learned life is to short to waste it and seen to much death.

The time she has spent in the Fifth Fleet amongst a tight knit crew with Andorian influence has reinforced her feisty and competitive spirit of camaraderie. She has always looked to adapt to improve herself and the past allies of many different species which normally would never get to work close together has affected her outlook on life.

A brave and selfless woman at heart, Alessia is unafraid to jump into action- willing to do whatever it took to get the job done or keep those she felt a bond with safe. Even if it meant she put her own life on the line. She is a major risk-taker and has substituted the buzz of alcohol with the rush of adrenaline. Alessia trains hard and is in the gym nearly every day. Some days it is only mild cardio, other days it's weightlifting or flexibility exercises. She has a programmed capoeira instructor on the holodeck that she visits regularly, and when she feels the need for a rush, she has saved programs for martial arts, rock-climbing, snowboarding, surfing and wingsuit flying. She has even starting a hobby in creating holodeck scenarios based on novels to experience. Over the last year she has taken up the Klingon Mok'bara as she has found its meditating techniques helpful. Alessia would never admit it openly and has always attempted to hide the fact when she is often seen sitting alone to relax what she is reading is a trashy romance novel.

Physical Profile

Alessia has a body that she is immensely proud of and works hard to maintain it. Soft Spanish curves in all the right places along with exquisite muscle tone and strength is evident in her arms and legs. She is a tomgirl that isn't afraid of her femininity which shows in the sure footed yet sultry gait. Dark chocolate colored long hair which is often braided back when in uniform and loose when in regular clothes.

Outside duty her normal attire would be dark leather pants that hug her hips, tall boots, short shirts often in light shades of color that shows off her six-pack abs. Her most distinguishing features these days are those solid brown eyes which are like a window to her soul. Whatever emotions at any given time shine in those eyes in a strong way. Alessia is only twenty-nine years old and stands around 5 feet and 5 inches tall yet her presence tends to fill a room.

Special Notes

OOC Note from Shandala: I inherited Alessia Garcia upon joining Star Trek Theurgy and changed her background a little to suit my needs. The background story did not change much as I liked it which is the reason, I choose to play Alessia. Please feel free to send me a private message if Alessia and your character had previous history and if you would like to discuss their relationship now.