USS Hiroshima

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The USS Hiroshima
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The USS Hiroshima (NCC-26517) was a 24th century Federation Ambassador-class starship operated by Starfleet.

In 2364, Petty Officer Third Class Liliana Walton joined the crew of the Hiroshima and served as a runabout pilot for the next six years. In 2370, Petty Officer First Class Walton left the Hiroshima when she transferred to the USS Thunderchild.

During the early 2070's the Hiroshima was modified to carry Starfleet’s Peregrine-class fighters.

In 2370 Petty Officer 1st class William Robert O'Connell was assigned to the Hiroshima where he served in the engineering department before being transferred to another assignment in 2371.

Also in 2370 Ekon Okotie-Eboh was assigned to the Hiroshima as a Petty Officer 2nd Class in the Operations Department. In late 2372 Petty Officer Okotie-Eboh became involved with Ensign Juanita Vasquez of the Engineering Department. Since the two were aware that it was inappropriate officers and enlisted crew to be romantically involved, the two kept their relationship a secret. Petty Officer Okotie-Eboh remained aboard the Hiroshima until 2375 when he went back to Earth for counseling and to take classes at Starfleet Academy to prepare for the Chief's Exam.

The Hiroshima saw extensive use during the Dominion War. It is likely the wear and tear the conflict inflicted upon the ship caused its relatively early retirement in 2378.

After graduating from Starfleet’s Tactical CONN Academy in 2377, Ensign Alessia Garcia spent a year aboard the Hiroshima before word came from Starfleet that the starship was slated for decommissioning. The Hiroshima’s last year in active service was spent patrolling near the Cardassian border and dealing with the odd raiders trying to taking advantage of the chaos left after the war.

(Although the Hiroshima was decommissioned after 2378, it is always possible that a shortage of starships due to ships "going missing" as their officers learn about the truth of Starfleet leaves the possibility of the Hiroshima being reactivated if needed.)