USS Chester

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The USS Chester
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The USS Chester was a 24th century Federation Defiant class starship operated by Starfleet.

In an early month in 2380 the USS Chester was the second Starfleet vessel to respond to a distress signal from a civilian freighter being attacked by a group of Cardassian warships. The first starship on the scene was the USS Kusanagi. By the time the Chester had arrived, the skirmish was over and the Cardassian warships had already disengaged.

In March of 2381, the USS Chester was attached to Starbase 84, During the battle involving the starbase, the USS Theurgy, the USS Orcus, and the USS Resolve, the Chester’s guns destroyed the Valkyrie piloted by the Lone Wolves’ Wolf-08, Earl Lundh, callsign Hurl. Before the battle was over, the Chester was disabled from the combined efforts of fighters from both the Theurgy and the Resolve.