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Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

Hi there everyone! I am working on a way to tweak the forum calendar to be able to show the year 2381, allowing for us to list the Aldea Prime threads by day. I will let you know how that goes. :)

In the meantime, upon popular request, here is a dedicated thread for writing ads and requests! In this thread, you post your ideas for your characters and enlist other writers in partaking in the events. Here, you post plot ideas for short away missions that may span a couple of hours.

You can also post open requests, simply asking it anyone care to write something (specific or general) on the Aldea Prime board.

Oh! You can even use this thread to post ideas for scenes in the other two Anthologies on the fourm, namely the What-If board (which is non-canon events set in parallel universes to the Theurgy's) as well as the Director's Cut, which is Theurgy canon only not shown in the Episodes or Interregnums so far. The DC board also contain Academy days of your characters', and any other pre-Theurgy events in the lives of your characters. Please bear in mind that these DC events are to be considered canon though, and shouldn't obstruct or undermine events that have taken place in the story so far.


If two of you have characters that were on the Resolve, or the Harbinger, or even the Theurgy during Episode 01-05, and wish to write the characters during - or before - story events, you can. If you want to revisit Episodes 01-05 and fill in blanks, and set things up for Aldea Prime in some way, then you post the canon scene in Director's Cut.

If you want to write two characters meeting at some point or some place inside or outside the story events, and depict a scene that can never transpire for some reason or another, you can. Perhaps you want to write something so simple as a romance between two characters that have partners already in the story? Then, you go to the Parallel Universes - "What if?" Imagination is the only limit for these scenes!

So, please go ahead and post your brainstorming or requests here! :)

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #1
Here are my requests for my characters!


Ives is fairly busy already, and s/he has some Random Encounters to deal with as well, so at the moment, I do not have anything immediate. I know s/he will be sorting out issues with Cameron Henshaw, given the recent captivity, of course. So that's lined up for now!


Being the Mission Liaison Officer, Dewitt is the go-to person for Aldean relations. In that capacity, she could help those who come up with away missions, getting Aldean clearance and help for some stuff. She'll be in the shipyards or down on the planet a lot, and there are some Random Encounters lined up. I also know she'll have a thread with Zyrao or two, and she'll see Thomas Ravon again, but beyond that, I'm open to suggestions! Perhaps a DC set on the Black Opal, or in the Academy?


Thea has been given a sense of smell at long last. She's open for any kind of interaction. Just PM me!


Now that Shelthreth is almost finished, I know better what kind of headspace Ida is in, and I would love to start writing her post-Versant. I have a couple of Random Encounters lined up with her, as well as a planned thread between her and Jovela. I have also suggested she'd meet a character or two because of previous affiliations, but if you have Security matters that needs Ida, just PM me! Perhaps a DC set in earlier Episodes, or in the Academy?


I know Rawley will be flying on a patrol with Meony in the Epsilon Mynos System, but beyond that, I am open for any kind of suggestions. I'd love to write her in other capacities than being on patrol, but I have no ideas of my own just yet! Perhaps a DC set in earlier Episodes, since she's an original Theurgy crewmember?


Nicander is available for further revelations about the Infested. He can't leave his cell since he risk seeing something that might let the other Infested learn where the Theurgy is at. (Nicander claims he could only see through other Hosts, not hear, but telling him they are at Aldea is still an official no-no.) Would be awesome if Science Officers could work on augmenting the diminish transphasic light that Heather McMillan can emit, and hopefully, with the right magnifying glass or whatever is construed, Nicander can be freed from his infestation during the Aldea Prime anthology? Would be lovely if this could be set in motion?


V-Nine is available for Medical needs, but I have several threads lined up with her already, so I'd rather postpone any new threads for the time being. At least until I know more about what her official status on the ship will be.


Liam has some threads lined up with Ji, and we have the Random Encounters for him too, but I am available to write Liam more. Could be he can show up in DC threads from the time on the Resolve? Perhaps even in a What If scenario? I'm open to ideas.


@AlyFox and I are agreed on the fact that Drauc and Jovela have become too dependent on each other for character progression, and we like to have both Jovela and Drauc meet other characters as well - expanding their circle a bit more. Drauc has a couple of Random Encounters lined up, but I love writing him, so I am all ears for some Dominion War DC with him too!


I have virtually no plans at all for Sera besides the Random Encounters. If you have plot ideas involving the use of the Sabine, I can have her act shuttle pilot for whatever purpose needed. She could have met anyone in her years of travel too, if she might make a cameo in some capacity there?

I'll add this list to my forum profile as well. Please PM me or reply here with requests of your own!


Auctor Lucan

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
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I really love the idea of this thread and, even i can't open any thread soon (i've my queue full with the current threads + the RE) I'm open to plot further development! I'll drop here what i've in my writing request in my forum profile, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any idea where i any of my characters could work with yours. PM/Discord DM are always open and welcome :)



Shar is availible for new threads after "Shelreth" events. She has always been the most dificult to write and needs a bit more of development. I think at some point she should have to be suggested for her new position and maybe that open spots for new  plot ideas. In any case, i'm open for suggestion.


I' d be interested in portraying his return to work, interactions with other pilots and some Klingon related plot (maybe the coup d'état that is happening in his House? Or something completely different?). Khorin is, klingon aside, an easy going dude, so it's easy to engange him in anything. Probably it would be handy a meeting with the alpha wolf and with a counselor to determine if he can return to flying soon. Maybe he should stick on ground duties for a time? That would help with the RE too, so i kind of like the idea. Further development in the ebel triangle is mandatory (sorry Tri!)
Aside of this any chance to write him ACTUALLY in his bird would be welcome.

LT. JG IZAR BILA (Theurgy)

With Bila I'm interested in him joining any possible research (perhaps a research on parasites?), or share his research with the ORE and borg nanoprobes with other scientists. Bila is a team player, so working in a group will do him good. I want to explore his cardassian background and his past as maqui a bit, due i've not had the chance to write about it, so maybe a DC could be neat..
Any on or off duty subplot would be great !


Seren will be thawed soon and he'll be ready to engange in any thread. I'm eager to developt him bit more, mostly with original theurgy crewmembers, but he'll be availible as counselor for anyone. Any chance or idea to write him a bit more is welcome!
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
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Hi there! I have one character for the time being - Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Class Liliana Walton

She's Wolf-13, aka "Meerkat", one of the new Valravn pilots that defected at the battle at the third rendezvous. During the Battle of the Apertures, she escorted the Allegiant and took on some injuries escaping from the Borg Cube's destruction (while trying to retrieve Sephiria, who died there). She grew up on a civilian trading ship that wandered the Federation and enlisted in Starfleet at 17ish, so between that and her long career, there are options in the past if you think it would work out. I have one thread with Triage right now and two planned with Masorin (Random Encounter) and someone else that I'm trying to confirm. I have room for one or two more threads either present day or past.

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
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Time to jump the band wagon! I'm writing three characters at this time so feel free to PM me on site or DM me on discord if you want to run an idea by!


Amelya has had quite a hectic period behind her, a lot of casualties have been treated by her or at least seen her pass by as she was acting CMO before she was returned to an Assistant CMO rank when Dr Tyre took over. She'll mostly look to unwind a little, but she's a friendly doctor who likes to socialize.

Of course there's the fact that the Rez symbiont is now part of her, thus she might or might not be held responsible for anything that happened at SB 84. Plus it might trigger some memories from people from her prior hosts pasts.


Thomas Ravon is quite flexible. He'll probably head out on patrols at fixed times and otherwise will be roaming about the Aldean planet surface. Could do with him getting to learn a few more people.


Kythalie will be probably be looking at this shore leave to live her life as the near death experience by the Borg has shaken her world. She lost a lot of good friends in the last engagement and will probably look for a way to blow off some steam. She's not had a lot of prior interactions with other crew, so I'm happy to have her learn some new friends and acquaintances.
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
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My turn! 

Lt. Carrigan Trent, IntO

Trent.  Tired, stressed, overworked, thoroughly disgraced.  And expected to spend time on the surface doing spy stuff, and finding time to himself at some point.  That is when he won't be on board trying to put together the intelligence picture.  Also, needing to be "rehabilitated" out of his current state as a pariah.  Perhaps some direct pirate-hunting, on top of spy-hunting?  And somewhere in there, he'll need regular access to counseling, though doing so with Hathev would be... contraindicated.  Overall mostly wide open.

 PO2 Eliska Bremmer, Security

If anyone needs close protection for any reason, or getting checked out on Aldean weapons, or wants to spend some time hanging on the surface so she can actually be in awe of meeting a new culture.  She's a space hick, so to her Aldeans would be a very new experience to go through.  Work-wise, she would be a hell of a resource in dealing with pirates; would anyone be interested in a Q-ship type of idea, say a bait for pirates to board only to run into a counter-boarding party?  She has some stress to blow off, and she's dying for some real rest, since she was confined to Resolve at SB84, and been pretty well fighting for her life since.  I wonder, is there good hunting on Aldea, other than for bandits and pirates?

Lt JG, Dr, Hieronimus Alcibiades Thaddeus "Hats" Smith, Quantum Astrophysicist

Well, he is brand new and has yet to see much action.  He is wide open for anything, still trying to get my feet under myself with him.  People might have fun trying to drag him away from geek stuff to enjoy life.  Alternatively, anyone with some genuine scientifically cool stuff would find in him someone quite willing to geek out with them.  Alternatively, dragging him into socially awkward situations would be fun :)
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
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Hi all,

At this time I am writing four characters who are listed below. I am open to all ideas and will begin sending PM's to those that I have random encounters with. My one goal though for the Aldean Anthologies is to write one thread with every writer on this Sim at some stage. Quite possibly a lofty, nigh impossible goal but it is something to aim for at least.

Tesserarius Lorad

Lorad, having survived his recent almost assimilation, will be undergoing rehab to assist with his recovery. In the immediacy, I'd like to have a thread on the 11th with a medical personal detailing to Lorad what has happened to him and what treatment he received. If someone would like to volunteer, great, if not I'll be messaging those with medical characters early next week to see if anyone is interested. Beyond that, I have no immediate plans with him besides something already organised.

So if anyone wants to spend time with the big guy, just let me know.

Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson

Donna, being a fighter pilot, will be spending at least some time each day on patrol so there is the obvious potential for spacial combat there. Beyond that, @The Ostrich Donna and Adisia have some history while @CanadianVet Trent might be able to use Donna due to her previous experience in Starfleet Intelligence.

PO1 Mickayla MacGregor

No plan besides Mickayla getting more in touch with her Klingon heritage. Would Khorin be interested @Numen ? Beyond that. No plans as yet. Maybe a one night stand or two. Mickayla is not up for a relationship at this time.


Ah, my angry little hybrid. She'll be dealing with the fallout of her own brother breaking one of the Reman's most secret pacts to save her life. So I'm thinking she'll be checking in with those that Lorad has interacted with during Episode 05 before she was awakened. She'll also be looking to repair the Apache, maybe get to know those around her more. Would love to have a thread between Samala and Zeph @BZ and Samala and Drauc @Auctor Lucan to explore her telepathic abilities some more. And then of course there will be the fights her attitude is going to get her into. @Masorin Maybe Samala and Sithick might need a little heart to heart to come to terms. Or not. LOL

Anyway, that is what I have so far. But I am open to anything, so just hit me up with a PM here or a DM on Discord and we'll sort something out.
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
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I'm in with the big oaf @Stegro88 !
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
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Hi all, I only have Alessia here character wise.

Like her fellow Wolves, she'll be spending some time out on patrol so if anybody is up for some space combat or something there's plenty of opportunities there and beyond her random encounters she's free so if anybody would like to do something with her, shoot me a PM and we'll see what we can come up with.

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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
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Hi all,

@Numen  and I have an idea for a mission during week 2. A Klingon B'rel class bird of prey needs a few crew members due to losses during the Battle of the Apertures. I'll be running the mission through either my character Mickayla MacGregor, or the Klingon Captain NPC that I'll create. Total mission time away from Aldea will be roughly 4 days. Just so you are aware.

Mission dates will be the 21st-24th March.

We are wondering if there is some interest out there for some writers for their characters. Looking for maybe 2-3 more characters to join us, with a preference for non-TAC CONN characters.

So far we have:
Petty Officer First Class Mickayla MacGregor (Security Department) @Stegro88
Lieutenant Junior Grade Khorin Douglas (Tac Conn) @Numen
Lieutenant Junior Grade XamotZark "Zark" zh'Ptrell (Security Department/Combat Medic) @Zodiac
Chief Petty Officer Morgan Song (Engineering Department) @fiendfall
Lieutenant Zephyr Praise (Science Department) @BZ

Thank you everyone.

All Positions filled. Thank you to all the writers who have signed up. I will continue working on the mission so it's ready to go when Week 2 opens up. Hopefully I can do you all proud.
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
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@Stegro88 Sounds fun. Zark can come as a combat medic she knows how to fight and if anybody gets banged up she can patch 'em up.

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #11
Thanks Zodiac. I have updated the original Post to include Zark.
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
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Hey, Zeph will come @Stegro88 it'll be fun to get her out with some people!

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #13
Awesome to hear @BZ

I have updated the original post. I hope I can have an interesting little mission for all of you to enjoy and that I won't let you down.
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #14
I'm a little late to the party it would seem, but what the hell.

I'm writing 2 characters at the moment, and open to writing thread with either of them. Should anyone be interested in writing a scene, please feel free to PM me!

Lt. Cmdr. Cross
Cross is currently in several threads, though I would be open to suggestions for additional scenes with him. Being a new addition to Theurgy's bridge crew following the Versant ordeal, it would be good to be able to write him interacting with more members of the crew. He can seem grumpy at first, but he's actually slightly less grumpy when you really get to know him!

Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix   
Isel Nix is a newly defected Tac CONN member, and is pretty free for threads when not out on patrols. She's a kooky, sarcastic and is always fun to write. I'd love a chance to have her interact with more members of the Theurgy crew, and she's got a ways to go before she can really count herself as a proper member of the crew. Any thread suggestions are welcome.

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #15
Hi Everyone,

Stegro88 here again and I have something that I hope everyone will enjoy. Building on the previous mission I have organised, I have put together a Pirate Story Arc for people to enjoy while the Theurgy remains at Aldea. All up it will be covering four missions spread across the remaining weeks.

So we are clear, like in Episode 05, a 7-day reply window will be in effect before the story is advanced.

So yeah, this post is to let you all know that something is coming up and to put together a few writers for the first Mission.

Let me know if you would like to participate or have any questions.

Mission 01 (Part 01) - 18th/19th March

Lieutenant Carrigan Trent, while undertaking his orders from Captain Ives, detected an anomalous signal emanating from one of the Aldean Ghost cities. Receiving permission from Captain Ives for a ground reconnaissance mission, Trent has asked for volunteers.

Survey Team will have between 1-4 writers from Security/Science (with possibly 1-2 from other departments) with two NPC Security/Science members, depending upon volunteer writers.
Lieutenant Trent will remain in constant communication with the Survey team from his office on the Theurgy so as to be able to monitor for the return of the signal.

Participating Writers:
1) PO1 Mickayla MacGregor (Security Department) @Stegro88
2) Lt Carrigan Trent (Intelligence Department) @CanadianVet
3) Lt. JG Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes (TacCONN) @The Ostrich
4) Lt. T'Panu (Medical) @lisavw
5) Lt Cmdr. Kai Akoni (Security) @trevorvw

As an additional idea, @Top Hat would you be interested in Ducote participating in a briefing thread before deployment?

Alrighty then, we have out initial team. Hopefully nothing goes wrong on the ground, lol.

I will write up the starter post for the briefing with details for all. It should be up sometime within the next 48 hours. Monday morning at the latest (AEST).

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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #16
Could Jhoza please participate in this survey mission to the Ghost city? She is TacCONN, so if you need a fighter escort she is avaliable. Alternatively she could be a shuttle pilot if you need one.

If neither of those are required she was a Commando during the Dominion War, and could slip into a security role for this survey team.
Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #17
Food for thought:

Since the Aldeans do not want their ghost cities destroyed since they wish to repopulate them in the long run, and flying inside the city can be a tad difficult, this seems to me a fairly good possibility to use the Theurgy's Argo shuttle with its rover.

The rover could even be equipped with the same kind of visibility cloak that the Aldeans have provided for the fighters and the shuttles, to help keep it from immediate detection by pirate gangs. In my mind, these cloaks are meant to hide identity of fabrication, but to the casual eye, a blurred sphere in the night might pass by sentries a bit more undetected?

As listed on the USS Theurgy page, under Auxiliary Crafts:

- 1 ARGO-type Heavy Transport Shuttle: The Tesla

Just an idea, take it or leave it.

Pondering if I might add Ida, but I'll need to check things on her schedule first.


Auctor Lucan

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #18
Being TacCONN and a fully qualified pilot, Jhoza could probably drive the Argo Rover, right?
Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #19

Being TacCONN and a fully qualified pilot, Jhoza could probably drive the Argo Rover, right?

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #20
I like this haha.
It dovetails well with something I'm working on with Numen, based off of our random encounter. I'll speak more on that later but the thing i'm laying ground work on starts on the 15th of march and could easily parallel this set of threads. Pirates on the ground, pirates in space ;)
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #21
Ok, I've been trying to figure out some good moment's to post and am running up against a few mental walls.  I'm going to comb through what everyone has posted above, but here's what I have so far for Deacon and Vael...

Deacon (aka Xander Amal Maryk) 

* ~March 11, 2100hrs - Contact Ives to resume working on the Kzinti War Report; A'vura [Triage] would have stored the report; opportunity to "check in" with the Ives to see how s/he's fairing
* March 13 - [Currently discussing on-planet shopping opportunity w/ SummerDawn]
* March 14 - Deacon's 21st Birthday
* Unknown - Diplomatic feast for the Klingons; opportunity for one of the Klingons to mention knowing Deacon's human grandmother
* Unknown - Deacon enrolls in "University of Thea" to learn more about the Federation
* Unknown - Deacon is still very much in need of counseling... his PTSD was already bad, now he's been stripped of most of the genes he grew up with and is forced to wear the face of a species his people despise...

* Unknown (Random Encounter Chart) - Deacon and Tyreke Okafor meet at Physics Lab [drawing a blank on this one; welcoming suggestions :D ]
* Unknown (Random Encounter Chart) - Deacon and Heather McMillan meet at Holodeck 2 [possibly connected to the university idea above?]

Lt Cmdr. Vael Kaeris

* Unknown (Random Encounter Chart) - Vael and Parnak meet at Stellar Cartography [possible initial conversation regarding studies about the parasites; Q&A session about Nicander?]
* Unknown (Random Encounter Chart) - Vael and Khorin meet at a Beach Hut Spa on the Aldean Coastline [possible planetside mission with Khorin acting as bodyguard; still in discussion]

* @Stegro88  Vael (as one of the two assistant science chiefs) would be very interested in exploring a ghost city if there is the opportunity to uncover any lost technology that might help them deal with the parasites (among other things); even if they can't keep the tech, the opportunity to take advanced scans could be very useful
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #22
Do the thing!

LT JG Salem Martin

Brother of Vivian Martin, the man i have the fewest plans for I'm very open to suggestions for threads, and ideas to help expand his contacts upon theurgy. His current plot invovles the fact that he's got a neurological disorder that he's struggling with, and currently he needs to make some friends. Also he's a secret Space racist against cardassians, and it would be kinda fun for that secret to get out, maybe rp with one of them?
Random encounters
Lt Commander Natalie Stark (Xenobiology labs) @Brutus
Selena Ravenholm (Swimming Pool) @chXinya

CPO Sithick

Sithick is a special boy, he is now head of weapons on the flight deck, a CPO, and just a lovable roll that is wrapped in teeth and claws. I need to do a few things, meeting the wolves would be a good start considering he now arms their birds. It would be pretty good to build up some of that relationship. Aldea is also home to a lot of crime syndicate stuff, and he's a former slave so there should be some stuff going on with that. He's also never actually stepped foot on a planet so that has to be a thread.
Random encounters
CWO3 Lilliana Wilton (Holodeck 3) @patches
LT JG Kala Marika (Counseling Department) @SummerDawn

LT JG Devyrie Okhala
This is my most recent character acquisition and I need to make a lot more use of her over the Aldea plot lines, she's a pilot and a wolf so maybe some of the other wolves would like to hit me up about writing her in the current timeline? Oh and @Stegro88 i haven't forgotten that we had plans with her and Mackayla.
Random Encounters:
Lt. Commander Cross (Science labs) @Fife
Than Ida (Arena) @Auctor Lucan

HiJak Imperial Intelegence Operative

Jack has been thrown off the Theurgy, admittedly his plot is one i am currently investing a bit more attention into as it's one I want to make sure really works. Redemption stories are difficult to pull off when you have a good writer, I am a hack of a writer so it's a bit more difficult. Currently the man needs to get back in the theurgy's good graces, that means finding something he can assist them with, a way to be useful, and also it wouldn't hurt if he made a couple of friends, that's a bit difficult when he is currently the most thorny character i have.
Random encounters:
Adisia (Sickbay recovery ward[this may take some planning]) @The Ostrich
Lt. Commander Hathev (Confrence lounge [again may take some planning not currently allowed on ship) @fiendfall
I'm busy a lot, but I'm trying to find ways to fit posting into my schedule.

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #23

Hello everyone! :)

Check out the calendar and track the events named The Inside Man, and also read the link in Part 1 of those listed events:

I need volunteers to go on a longer trip on the Allegiant, and I also want ideas about who should be leading the mission where the Theurgy crew makes contact with Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson, the Head of Covert Operations in Starfleet Intelligence. This is the same person that deployed Edena Rez (and subsequently Jona Rez) to infiltrate the Theurgy (for those who know of those events). It's also the one that sent Donna Petterson on her mission to deliver the message to Captain Ives.

So! I figure we need a mix of different officers, so just speak up! :)

- Away Team Leader and temporary CO of the Allegiant: Vacant
- CONN Officers (2, working in shifts): Vacant
- Science Officer: Jesaya
- Operations Officer: Lt. JG Kelleshar sh'Zenne
- Security Officer: Lt. JG XamotZark zh'Ptrell
- Tactical Officer: Lt. JG Salem Martin
- Engineer: (MCPO Billy Bob O'Connell, unless @Doc M. declines)
- Medical Officer: Vacant

The above list will be updated with names when volunteers contact me via PM.

The away mission on the Allegiant will last between 1700 hrs. on Day 03 (March 13) and the ship won't return to Aldea Prime Shipyards until 1700 hrs on Day 07 (March 17). At 1200 hrs. on Day 05, communication is established with the Admiral through the encrypted subspace buoy. This means your characters can set up any threads they want on the Allegiant during the mission.

I figure this mission could have two major threads, one describing the launch of the Allegiant from the Theurgy, and the second thread being the chat with Rear Admiral Andersson. All other threads could be "dates" or talks between the away mission members.


Auctor Lucan
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Reply #24
To everyone interested,

The pirate arc of missions is now titled "The Silver Shadows". Parts 01 & 02 are up on the calendar with more to come later this week as I finalise dates and recover from my cold and stock take at work. Mickayla's next post in Anomaly Detected (Part 01) will be up in the next 24 hours.
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