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Personnel FileCiv-blank.png
RankVenator (Delbaj)
PositionA Hunter in the Orion Syndicate
BirthplaceLarnyhak, Vondem (Orion)
Height5ft 0in / 1.52m
Weight105lbs / 48kg
Eye colorBlack
Played byAnnabel Scholey
WriterThe Ostrich
Fine Wines
Exotic Foods
Elegant Silks
Exotic Furs
Expensive & High Quality Clothes/Costumes
Power Over Others
Displaying Power
The Art of Business
2357-2370: Home schooled by Nalano
2370-2374: Syndicate Education Outpost Six
Service Record
2367-2370: Cacula, Orion Syndicate
2370-2374: Triones, Orion Syndicate
2374-2378: Opito, Orion Syndicate
2378-2381: Dominus, Orion Syndicate
2381: Venator, Orion Syndicate
Adisia was a Venator in the Orion Syndicate. She was known to operate on Aldea in the end of the 24th Century. As of 2381, it was unknown what her relationship was with the USS Theurgy, and what her role would in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command at that time.


Adisia was born in 2355 in the city of Larnyhak on Vondem. Larnyhak was a major business centre on the planet, and Adisia’s parents were the owners of a failing business when she was born. Their fleet of trading vessels had struck disaster after disaster, and by the time Adisia was born they were in debt, and had very few ships remaining. By the time Adisia was two years old the last few traders were gone, missing or destroyed her parents knew not. As a result of their massive debt to one of the larger companies, her parents were forced to sell themselves into slavery, and put their young daughter up for adoption. Adisia was split up from her parents and raised by an old Orion woman called Nalano.

Unknown to Adisia, Nalano was a member of the Orion Syndicate, who had purchased the young girl on a hunch that she could be a worthy successor. At that young age Adisia’s tuition began. Nalano taught her everything, from mathematics, economics and the art of business, to science, high literature and politics. Adisia was an attentive student, and Nalano doted on her protege as a means of keeping her loyalty. By the time Adisia was twelve she was well versed in all the basic fields, and Nalano stepped up her education. She began to teach her martial combat and trained her in the use of multiple weapons. Seduction and the art of Dance supplemented her education. Computer hacking and industrial sabotage became second nature to the young girl.

At the age of fifteen Nalano shipped Adisia off to a syndicate facility, that she came to know as Outpost Six. Upon arrival Adisia was put through several weeks of strenuous testing and screening. She spent most of those first weeks exhausted and under immense stress. Eventually, the tests ceased, and Adisia was released to join the other students at the facility. It very quickly became apparent that all of the students and staff at the facility were female, and being the newest arrival, Adisia was at the bottom of the pecking order. Her education continued and grew at Outpost Six. Anything Nalano had not taught her she learnt at the outpost. She became very curious, digging into any information she could get her hands on, something which got her into trouble more than once.

At the age of eighteen Adisia stepped up her game. Her curiosity had not abated, and one late night she left her quarters and broke into the main computer of the outpost. She hacked the computer and began to read. She hid her tracks well, and returned the next night, and the night after. Her nightly reading continued for months, and she became intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the Orion Syndicate. Eventually, she dug deeper, and found records of Nalano and her doings. For several nights she read through those reports, and her heart grew cold toward her old teacher as she discovered the truth. Nalano had been the one responsible for the events which had put her family into debt, and caused Adisia to lose her parents.

When Adisia completed her training at Outpost Six a year later, she was initiated into the Syndicate proper, and sent back to Nalano. The return was not how Nalano expected it. Adisia arrived under the cover of darkness, and broke into Nalano’s home while she slept. She grabbed the old woman as she slept and bound her tightly, ensuring there was no way that Nalano could attempt to take her own life. Adisia interrogated the old woman, using techniques taught to her at Outpost Six, and by the old woman herself. Several bloody hours later, once Adisia had gained everything she needed from her former teacher, she killed her and left the body where it fell.

The Syndicate was not pleased with this turn of events. She returned to them willingly, and was promptly sold into slavery as a dancer on the Orion Slave Market. This was done both as a punishment for her actions involving Nalano, and as a strategic move to get an agent in range of a certain target. Adisia’s auction was rigged, and she was sold to an important Orion businessman called Daitov. She gained his trust within the first month as a dancer and concubine.

Daitov introduced the young woman to the finer things in life. He gave her elegant silks, exotic furs, and delicate jewelry. He showed her the wonders of the quadrant, often taking her for long cruises on his personal pleasure craft. She ate only the finest foods and drank the most expensive wines. Despite her official status as his property, Adisia seemed to casual observation to be with him out of love.

Believing that she was devoted to him, as that was the persona she allowed to show through, Daitov began to confide to her. She became the first person he would turn to when something went wrong with his business. Everything would come pouring out, and Adisia would sit quietly and listen, then she would comfort him and tell him that it would all turn out alright in the long run. In truth, everything he told her was relayed back to the Syndicate.

In late 2377, at the age of twenty two, Adisia received an encrypted communique from the Syndicate. They had gained all the information they needed from Daitov, it was time for the next step. Over the next few months Adisia began to influence Daitov more directly, suggesting certain business ideas to him, all of which were doomed to fail. Slowly Daitov’s position began to slip and in late 2378 his business was clearly doomed. He thanked Adisia for her service to him, not realizing that she had sabotaged his business, and released her from his service. She thanked him, but decided to remain at his side.

That night she received another communique from the Syndicate. She joined Daitov in his chambers with a bottle of high quality wine. They drank, talked, and made love into the early hours of the morning, at which point the poison she had slipped into his drink took effect and Daitov silently passed away.

Adisia left the house before the authorities arrived, and headed to a nearby Syndicate safehouse. She stayed below the radar for a couple of weeks, before making her way to Kinarvon, the capital of Vondem. Upon arrival she was contacted by a Syndicate agent and given her next mission, it was to be much shorter and simpler than her previous one. Or that was the idea.

She was given a short list of targets, a mere five names. The syndicate needed these people dead. The first three were quickly and easily tracked down and killed without complication. However, it seemed that the last two caught wind of the plot against them, and made a break for freedom. Adisia had anticipated this, and met the pair as they boarded their private yacht, with which they had planned to disappear. To her shock, this pair were her parents.

She recognised them, to Adisia they had not aged a day. However the did not recognise the twenty three year old woman before them. Last time they had seen their daughter she had been all of two years old. Keeping her disruptor leveled at her parents, Adisia ordered them to take off, and make as though they were truly escaping. The ship left Vondem and quickly jumped to warp. It was now that Adisia introduced herself to her parents.

Her mother and father broke down in tears of shock and joy at seeing their daughter. Adisia’s heart was cold, and she did not seem to care. She had harboured feelings of anger toward her parents for abandoning her all those years ago. Nalano had been a better mother to her, she explained to them, and she had killed Nalano without hesitation. Why shouldn’t she do differently here and now?

Her mother and father feel to their knees, beseeching their daughter to spare their lives. They begged her forgiveness for their actions all those years ago. They hadn’t wanted to abandon her. They apologised for their recent actions, and explained to her that the group she had been hunting down had been a group of enterprising business owners with a grand idea of toppling the Orion Syndicate and taking its place. Adisia laughed, groups had tried that before, but they always failed. In the end, Adisia decided to spare their lives. However they were not going to escape punishment. She locked them in one of the cabins, and set a course for the nearest Syndicate outpost. Upon arriving there, she turned her parents over to Syndicate enforcers, and never heard from her parents again.

For the rest of 2377, Adisia continued to hunt targets assigned to her by the Syndicate. A familiar pattern established itself, find and hunt a target, take a week of rest, hunt another target, take a week off, and so on. During her rest periods, Adisia took the time to develop a social life, something she had never had much of growing up. She would visit clubs, and often took a man home with her. Sometimes, if she deemed the man worthy, they would spend a few more days together and visit some exotic restaurants. However Adisia always ended up dumping these men without any regrets before her next mission. This pattern continued until the beginning of 2381.

In the time since Daitov had died, the Syndicate had stepped into several of his old stomping grounds, and taken control of many businesses in those regions. Adisia was already familiar with much of Daitov’s old business, however the Syndicate insisted on giving her some time to get completely up to speed on the situation. In early 2381 Adisia moved up the Syndicate ladder to the rank of Venator, and was given authority over Syndicate business interests in the Epsilon Mynos System, and on the planet Aldea.

Even as she moved into her new region and settled on Aldea, Adisia kept an ear to the ground regarding developments in the rest of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. She had been in the region for less than a month and her power base was very small, when the USS Theurgy showed up at Aldea in 2381...

Personality Profile

Adisia was a sultry Orion Woman, with an air of mystery and power. She enjoyed the finer things in life; good food, expensive drink, exotic clothes and jewelry. Through these luxuries she displayed her wealth and power, and put on the character of a successful and legitimate business woman. Her vanity was one of several flaws.

Few knew of her status as a member of the Orion Syndicate, and those few were careful to keep their mouths closed. Despite her legitimate facade, Adisia was a ruthless killer and savage foe. She took delight in raiding helpless vessels and looting their goods. Yet simultaneously she loved to haggle and barter in legitimate ways. Both of these activities made her feel alive and full of purpose.

In what little free time she had, Adisia keeps her skills up to par. Practicing combat, and studying stock markets both came easily to her. A member of the Syndicate never knows which skill she will need next.

Adisia was a power-mongering, egotistical, exhibitionist. She enjoyed being the center of attention, and most powerful person in the room. She considered herself to be the most important person in any given situation, and would do what she could to ensure she remains in that position.


Physical Profile

A slim and fit Orion woman with intense green skin, Adisia was very beautiful. She had long black hair which she often let fall in natural locks or up in fancy and messy designs, trying to make herself seem mysterious and sultry. Her skin was fair and unblemished, and Adisia took great care to maintain her image as an exotic woman of beauty and power.

Special Notes

A common trait among Orions, Adisia had pheromones, capable of altering perceptions and feelings of those around her. The Aldeans, like the Klingons and Starfleet, had begun taking inoculations to counteract the effects of Orion pheromones.