Marcus Alexander Slayton

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Name:Marcus Slayton
Position:Commanding Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:New Alexandria/Asgard (Gamma Perseus III)
Weight:265 lbs
Hair:Eerie Black
Eye color:Ice Blue
Played by:Daniel Craig
Military History
Art Culture and History
Martial Arts (Terran)
Spy novels
Old Earth Card games
Starship design
2353-2355: Starfleet Officer Training, Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2355-2361: USS Leningrad (Ensign/Tactical Officer)
2362-2364: USS Leningrad (LT JG/Assistant Tactical Officer)
2364: USS Enterprise-D (LT /Acting Chief Security and Tactical Officer)
2364-2370: USS Columbia (LT/Chief Tactical Officer)
2370-2372: USS Ranger (LT/Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer)
2372-2373: USS Babylon (LT/Tactical Chief and Second Officer)
2373-2374: USS Babylon (LT CMDR/Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer)
2374-2375: USS Jenova (LT CMDR/Chief Tactical Officer)
2375-2379: USS James Kirk (Commander/Executive Officer)
2379-PRES: USS Orcus (Captain/Commanding Officer)

Before his death, Captain Marcus Slayton was Christopher Slayton's elder brother and the Commanding Officer of the USS Orcus. Marcus Slayton joined Task Force Archeron and fought both the USS Theurgy and the USS Resolve at Starbase 84. He later became the First Officer to Admiral Sanskolov and hunted the USS Theurgy in the Azure Nebula, but he died when triggering torpedoes that the Theurgy left behind, meeting his end on the bridge of the USS Archeron's auxiliary craft, the Telemachus.


Pre Academy Life

Marcus Alexander Slayton was born in the city of New Alexandria on the planet Asgard to Andrew J. Slayton of the USS Exeter and his wife Catherine, but he was raised mostly planet-side as families were not a part of Starfleet ships until almost twenty years after his birth and he would be the oldest of eight children. Marcus was named for his great-grandfather in Marcus J. Slayton, the Starfleet commander of the USS Isis, an old Curry-class Through-Deck Carrier that was the flagship of the colonization fleet for Asgard who then also helped to found the colony itself and had a tactical training school on the colony named for him.

He was also named for his maternal uncle, Alexander Corvo, who died in a border skirmish with the Orion Syndicate six months prior to Marcus' birth, his late Uncle Alex was his mother's favorite brother and the one who helped raise her after the death of his grandfather on his mother's side. Marcus was his father's favorite son and was usually the one that helped to serve as a “go between” concerning matters between his siblings and their father, especially concerning situations with Marcus' younger brother Christopher who had his own ideas on what he wanted to do with his life as he opposed their father's belief that all of his sons HAD to join Starfleet as it was their family's legacy.

Marcus joined Starfleet as an Engineering Major shortly after completing his primary schooling as a way of honoring his great-grandfather and uncle's legacies as well as wanting to make his own way in the universe.

Academy Years

Marcus entered the a Academy at the Tokyo Japan Campus as an Engineering Cadet and proved himself quite adept at his studies. Eventually his instructors discovered that he was adept at tactical analysis as well as he able to sum up a tactical situation at a moment's notice and come up with a plan to handle it.

This made his instructors encourage him to take on a double major of being both a Engineering/Tactical Cadet which while was a slightly harder path, eventually proved to be nothing too hard for Marcus as he threw himself into it like he would all things. During his time at the academy, Marcus became quite enamored with a fellow cadet from Magna Roma, Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla, and the two dated throughout the rest of their time as cadets. She also served as his operations manager during their trial runs and he almost became the first student to survive the infamous “Kobayashi Maru” test in their final year.

The two actually planned to get married but Amara's father was against it and used his position as the Magna Roma senator to the Federation to have her reassigned to his personal staff which is the last time that Marcus would see her for quite some time.

The rest of Marcus' time as a Cadet was spent learning everything he could from his instructors. He was an apt pupil and when he did graduate, he was one of the last Cadets to do so with the rank of Ensign Junior Grade prior to that rank being phased out.

The Leningrad Years

After graduating from the Academy, Marcus was assigned to the Heavy Cruiser Constellation-class USS Leningrad. The Leningrad was a sub-class of the Constellation-class of explorers and was involved in one of the very first battles of the Federation's war with the Cardassian Union.

Under the keen eye of Lieutenant Commander Chu'lak, Marcus quickly became a full fledged Ensign and Chu'lak's right hand in the Leningrad's Tactical Information Center or “TIC” aboard the ship and helped save his ship time and time again, eventually, by the time of the infamous Setlick III massacare, Marcus was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was Chu'lak's Assistant Chief. Marcus enjoyed his time as an officer aboard the ship as he was a regular sight at the ship's “Texas Hold'em Night” and was involved in several “Dances” (unsanctioned boxing matches overseen by Captain Henry Gloval, the Leningrad's commanding officer) and he was seeing an attractive young flight control officer by the name of Amy Chase when the darkest day of his life came:

The Cardassians had come for Asgard.

The “Long Night of Marcus Slayton”

Marcus' darkest day started off with an interesting morning as he had spent a rather long night with Amy and was planning on asking her father's permission to marry her.

It was then the word came down that a Cardassian task force was heading to the Gamma Perseus sector to try and take it again for the Union and the Leningrad was one of fourteen ships assigned to keep that from happening.

The Second Battle for Asgard was a long and hard-fought conflict which saw the deaths of Captain Gloval and Commander Redmon as well as Amy who was manning the helm when it blew up in her face. She was able to hold on long enough to die in sickbay with Marcus by her side during a lull in the battle. This event would shake Marcus to his core as he had seen people die around him but never someone as close to him as Amy was.

Marcus soon found out that Cardassian troops had laid siege to his homeland and while his mother and the majority of his siblings got out alive, his sister Helena was missing and considered to be a prisoner of war which tore at Marcus. His father read him the riot act as his own command - the USS Exeter- had arrived only a couple of days behind the Leningrad and the Patriarch of the Slayton family laid the disappearance of his favorite daughter solely onto his eldest son.

The Columbia Years

For his actions during the war thus far, Marcus was promoted yet again - this time to full Lieutenant - and was offered a chance to help with the trial run of the newest addition to the fleet in the form of the Galaxy-class starship. He was briefly reassigned to the USS Enterprise-D as its acting Chief of Tactical and Security prior to its official launch. He had a brief encounter with Captain Jean-Luc Picard but found him too “stuffy” to really interact with. His mentor from the Leningrad, Commander Chu'lak invited Marcus to follow him to his new post the USS Columbia.

Marcus was assigned to be Captain Kayla Brady's new Chief Tactical Officer aboard the Excelsior-class USS Columbia, at the suggestion of Captain Brady's new Executive Officer and Marcus threw himself into proving he had earned the position through his own talents and drive and not because of his friend and mentor, Commander Chu'lak.

With the conflict between the Federation and the Cardassian Union dying down, Marcus found himself focusing more on his career in order to bury the pain of the past few years. He discovered that his lost love Amara had been forced to marry a senator on Magna Roma and had a child already, which added to the pain of loosing Amy and Helena, as well as his father's actions.

So Marcus worked extremely hard to become an expert at Cardassian tactics as well as their race despite suggestions from his mentor to the otherwise.

Even though the war hit a ceasefire in 2366 with the formal end of the war in 2370, Marcus continued to serve with distinction as CTO until his time aboard the Columbia ended.

The Ranger Years

In mid-2370, Marcus was transferred from the Columbia to the USS Ranger, an old Fredrickstad-class shuttle carrier which was being used as a training vessel for war games involving small craft as its Chief Tactical Officer as well as his first experiences as Second Officer of a capital ship. Even though he only spent two years on the ship, he was able to gain some valuable time to regroup and recoup following the events of the last few years and even though his father didn't fully forgive him for “what he did”.

Marcus was still able to be the go-between, especially considering Marcus's second brother Chris really didn't want to enter the service and their mother would ask him to try and stop any really ugly arguments from happening and for the most part, he was largely successful.

..for the most part.

The “Time of Discontent” with the Babylon Years

Marcus Slayton 01.png

In 2372, Marcus was once again reassigned as his tenure on the USS Ranger ended with him being assigned to the USS Babylon under the command of Captain Jonah Metis who had previously served under Marcus' father when he was younger and didn't hold it against Marcus (a source of constant amusement between the two men). Marcus became the Babylon's Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer of the Block Two Galaxy-class star ships which were modified using the experiences done by Block One Galaxys such as the USS Enterprise-D and USS Galaxy.

At first, things where great aboard the Babylon as Marcus found himself more at ease with his position in the service as he had finally found his niche, so to speak, and he made several friends among his fellow crew mates which was something he tried to avoid due to the situations of the Cardassian Conflict years earlier. However, before the year was out, he was once again in a war as the Federation entered into a forced war with the Klingons but things really didn't start to bother him until after the Battle of Deep Space 9 when his younger brother Daniel contacted him after a skirmish with an enemy battle group.

Chris had gone missing.

Marcus had convinced their father to let Chris travel the galaxy and learn for himself why the family tradition of joining the fleet was there but Marcus did it more to spite his father then anything. When Chris went missing, his whole family - especially his father - went into a downward spiral and Marcus tried to keep a brave face, but things failed slightly as when he was alone, he allowed himself to fall apart as well.

The conflict with the Klingons only lasted two years and in the lull between the end of the “Two Year War” and the start of the Dominion, the fate of his brother was revealed when Chris was released by the Empire to a center on Archanis 4. But the person that Marcus met was not the same snarky teen that he had seen off almost three years prior..instead he found a young man who was hiding a lot of pain and fury but had a way of directing it

While he was with his family on Asgard, Marcus was contacted by Amara who revealed that her husband had been killed during the conflict with the Klingons and that she needed to speak with him in person about an urgent matter. She came to Asgard to speak with him along with her son.

Correction... THEIR son.

It turned out that the child that Amara had wasn't with the man that her father had chosen for her but instead was another reason that her father hated Marcus, as Artorius Castus was Marcus' son. For a short while, everything was fine in the world. Then the Dominion War began and Marcus returned to his duties as the Babylon's CTO/SO and his ship was a part of some of the heaviest fighting in the entire war - it was originally a part of the Seventh Fleet but after a battle against the Jem'Hadar in the Tyra sector, it was one of fourteen ships to survive the battle there and survived another round of heavy fighting in the Sybaron sector.

During which time Marcus was forced to take the role of Security Chief as well when the chief was killed during the heavy fighting in Sybaron but the ship was able to take part of both Operation Return and the First Battle of Chin'Toka. However, not everything was rosy, as Admiral Andrew Black recruited Marcus into a special project for Starfleet Special Operations and he was temporarily reassigned to the USS Jenova as its tactical officer.

He was a part of a deep range operation into Dominion held space and while the operation was a success - what was waiting for Marcus upon his return was sinister. Marcus' world was rocked all the way down to its roots on the day that the Breen assaulted Earth. He lost not only his father but Amara as well. Marcus returned home with his son to bury his father.

During this time of grief, he helped to give his brother Chris, who was looking for an outlet in the aftermath, a direction before he returned to the Babylon with a vengeance.

The Dominion War ended a few months later, leaving a widely changed galactic landscape in its wake but as always the Slayton family continued.

The James Kirk Years

At the end of the Dominion War, Marcus was promoted to the rank of Commander and he was placed as the Executive Officer of the Sovereign-class USS James Kirk.

The Kirk was one of the first ships in 2377 to be assigned a Tactical CONN unit where Marcus sometimes interacted with a young ensign by the name of Tessa May Lance as Marcus found the concept of the Tactical CONN interesting. During this time, Marcus informed Artorius that he had a choice to follow in the footsteps of his parents or to find his own path in the universe to which Artorius informed his father that he would be taking time to study aboard before deciding to join Starfleet or not, which made Marcus very happy.

At the end of 2379, Starfleet Command came to him and offered him the center chair and he accepted.

The USS Orcus

In 2380, Marcus found himself assembling his very own senior staff for his new command in the USS Orcus, a unique subtype of the newly launched Vesta series of starships that was designed around the idea of a “Tactical Escort Carrier” which would allow it to have some bite while serving as a front line carrier which suited Marcus to no end.

During his time preparing the Orcus, Marcus found out about the AC-477 Mk I Valravn and requested Starfleet Tactical allow him access to the test footage of this new fighter and he found himself impressed with it to the point that he requested access to the first run of fighters in order to properly put them through their paces. Even though he was granted access to the first and only operational units for field operations, Marcus spent hours trying to find the right pilot to head up the Orcus' squadron and came across Taliandra zh'Idenna of the USS Harbinger.

He offered her the spot of Squadron Command Officer which she accepted on the condition that her wing man, T'Zantha, also came along. Marcus accepted and was unaware of the status of his brother's relationship with the two women until well after their transfer. Marcus quickly found out that his selection of zh'Idenna was the right one as she was able to build a very effective squadron from the ground up and was also able to put the prototype fighters through their proper pavings.

The Valravn Project made Marcus late for meeting up with the rest of Task Force Archeron. When they finally arrived, they found the task force had been taken out by Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent's “Soup Sandwich” virus and he ordered a anti-viral patch created to help the task force.

Along with the rest of his fellow officers in the task force, Marcus awaited a chance to deal with the renegade Captain Jien Ives.

Personality Profile


That was the main word used to describe Marcus by most people who knew him, as he worked hard to make sure everything in his life and career be something that he had earned rather than given to him solely based on his family's name. He proved this time and time again by the sheer force of his intelligence and willpower.

By that same token, he was also a man who didn't seek out glory which meant he was more prone to be tactful and careful then brash and impatient like so many captains that were promoted in the wake of the Klingon Conflict and Dominion War, eager to show their teeth like a wolf and nothing else while Marcus was more like a great white shark.

Another aspect of Marcus' personality was his dedication to his duty. While he led by example and was known to bend the rules, Marcus was known by all of his fellow officers as being a staunch believer in duty and dedication to the fleet and by extension of that, the Federation and its allies.

While he did not follow an illegal order by that same number he would not betray his government either - no matter what the reason and it made him somewhat angry at his brother Chris for supposedly betraying the very beliefs that exist at the core of the Slayton family.

Physical Profile

Marcus Slayton 03.png

Marcus was a handsome man in his late forties with black hair (his shade is referred to commonly as “Eerie Black”) with piercing Ice Blue eyes and a slight smirk on his face as he had become used to the way the universe kept tossing his life around like a wooden ship in a storm-wracked ocean.

Marcus was also a physically imposing figure as he stood at six feet four inches and weighed in at two hundred and sixty five pounds of muscle.

He had also gained a few scars across his body from years of conflict, including one that involved a fight with a Klingon during the “Two Year War”. It resulted in surgery to his left eye socket, leaving him with a unique scar there.

Marcus' voice had a slight accent to it; it was subtle but added a certain robust nature. This accent was common to all members of the Slayton family - especially the men. While some (Chris for example) worked hard to hide or get rid of it for personal reasons, Marcus accepted it and made it his own.