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Hi all!   I’m back!   Thanks for putting up with my absence the past two weeks or so.  I’ll be working to catch up on posts over the coming days.  Looking forward to touching base with everyone and getting my parts in the chapters written up

@rae the art on the new FCs is fantastic!

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Through our last Butterfly Effect Change, Reggie Suder's twin sister Kestra Pren joins the Theurgy's security department.

  Lt. Kestra Pren                                    Rapid Response Field Commander

  - Writer: @P.C. Haring

Abducted at a young age by mysterious aliens and subjected to a process that would one day become known as The Correction, a young Betazoid/Trill hybrid was unknowingly split into two girls, one Trill and one Betazoid. The Trill, Kestra, was discovered by her parents and taken home, while the Betazoid, Reggie, woke up with no memory on another world and was eventually adopted by the Suders.

After discovering the existence of Betazoid woman who looks exactly like her, Kestra Pren's investigation eventually gets Admiral Anderson's attention. He sends her to the neutral zone to meet up with Dominic Lau's team, which will lead them all the the Theurgy. Once on board, she will build a Rapid Response Team, a group of elite first responders.

Welcome aboard!

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Hey guys, sorry I have been away....... New School Calendar, lots of changes, and my work load has been overwhelming. But I am ready to jump back in and need a quick catch up and direction as to where my three misfits are needed most.
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Re: Main OOC Thread

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CongratsP.C. !!

And welcome back Jreeves!! Just in time to get sent off in three different places at once!   ;)
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Re: Main OOC Thread

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  Lt. JG Ashley Kerina                                Science Officer (Cybernetics)

  - Writer: @Pierce

While searching for information about her birth parents and heritage on the Romulan home world, Starfleet scientist Ashley Kerina is swept up into the chaos when she meets the Theurgy away team in Chapter 5. Eventually she will make her way to the Theurgy, to lend her cybernetics expertise to the science department and make prostheses for injured crewmembers.

Welcome aboard!

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Congrats and Welcome aboard, Ashley!
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Hey folks. From tomorrow morning to at least Saturday, possibly longer, I'll be away. I have no idea if I'll have internet access (hoping that I do), so if nobody can reach me for a while, don't worry about it.

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  P03 Valerii Anhel Arkhipiv                                      Propulsion Chief

  - Writer: @Tae

In 1961, cosmonaut Valerii Anhel Arkhipiv climbed aboard his rocket with the goal of becoming the first man in space. He succeed, though it would be centuries before the world knew. In orbit he encountered a mysterious alien ship and disappeared, only to be discovered in a long abandoned stasis pod by Starfleet in 2368. Since then he's been studying the technology of the future, eventually joining Starfleet engineering. As a technician on the USS Oneida, he made the last minute decision to transfer to the Theurgy to become Vector 1's propulsion chief.

He came aboard on Day 14 of the Interregnum, right before the Oneida left for the rings of Ba'Ku.

Welcome aboard!

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  Ens. Sashenka Kreshkova                                             Wolf Trainee

  - Writer: @Dree

On her way to the Tactical Conn Academy, newly minted Ensign Sashenka Kreshkova was kidnapped by the Tal Shiar and held at ransom in an attempt to gain intelligence from Sash's father, Admiral Dmitri Kreshkova of Starfleet's Tactical Conn. After her rescue by the USS Cayuga, Sash only experienced a few days of freedom before being captured again.

Sash will enter the story in chapter 4, where she is being held prisoner on the Savi Scion ship with the surviving members of the Cayuga's crew. Hopefully she'll be rescued before meeting the same fate as Captain Anya Ziegler. Once on board the Theurgy she'll finish her training and officially join the Lone Wolves.

Welcome aboard!

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Congrats @Tae‍ and @Dree‍ on the new characters. Feel like Tessa and Lauren would relate to Ensign Kreshkova and Alana would relate to Arkhipiv on the time travel.
Happy to have a scene with alana.

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Hey everyone!

The timing of this sucks - with the advent of a new character and all - but some RL issues have come to the forefront, and I'm going to have to bow out of Theurgy.  I've messaged several people privately, but please know that I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and writing with you all has been a blast.   I will be leaving the Theurgy Discord server, but feel free to PM me if you ever get the itch.  I wish you all - all the best.
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I will miss writing with everyone,  but I will miss writing with you most of all.
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Re: Main OOC Thread

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I think my Discord account got hacked. No one accept any messaged from me until you you hear from me on here.

I created a new account Please add me @Brutus 

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Just wanted to give a heads up on a personal note, while I was thinking about it - ive got family coming into town tomorrow, through the 12th. Immediately after which, I will be Out of town on vacation from the 13th through the 17th. I wont have my computer with me while I'm gone. And the week after that is Thanksgiving, here in the states. I may be slow to reply over the next few weeks (especially while I'm out of state 13th-17th), but I'll be trying to keep an eye on things. I encourage everyone, in  the mean time, if they have not yet done so, to establish their characters in the threads in which they are assigned for Episode 2. And then have some fun with it!

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Everyone please congratulate @Nesota Kynnovan  on inheriting Jaya Thorne.

Ens Jaya Thorne        Asst. Chief CONN Officer

  - Writer: Neosta Kynnovan  

@Neosta Kynnovan has cashed in their story points to inherit Jaya and take over the character and her role as Asst. Chief CONN Officer

Jaya Thorne was a CONN Officer on the USS Theurgy, previously commissioned to the Black Opal. As of the battle at Starbase 84, she was the designated pilot for the USS Allegiant, the Theurgy's auxiliary scoutship and Captain's yacht, but as of the first encounter with the Savi, she had been promoted to Ensign and Asst. Chief CONN Officer on the Theurgy.

Congratulations on your new character, @Nesota Kynnovan  ! 


Ens Sashenka Kreshkova        Fighter Pilot Trainee

  - Former Writer: Dree  

Unfortunately as many know, @Dree has had to depart the SIMM. While we hope that their situation eventually improves and that they might be able to return, in the meantime, their newer character, Ens Sashenka Kreshkova is available to be inherited.

Ensign Sashenka Kreshkova graduated from the Academy, but before she could begin her next assignment - Tactical Conn Academy, she was kidnapped and held by the Tal Shiar before being rescued by the USS Cayuga. But that was short-lived as the Cayuga was captured by the Infested.


@Nero has had to go on LOA due to family health concerns. We hope that things will improve soon and that they will be able to rejoin Theurgy once again. Please keep them in your thoughts. In the meanwhile, their character RraHnam will be NPC'd by the GM team on an as needed basis.

LT RraHnam        Investigation Officer

  - Former Writer: Nero  


Please take the opportunity to review all the characters available for inheritance. Especially before @Ellen Fitz gets to fulfill of murderous dreams.


Lastly, as we approach the holiday season and some of us find ourselves with more time on our hands (and some of us, even less time!) a small reminder that there are a slew of story prompts for the current episode that are available to take on for interested parties. Please take a look and review the Cosmic Imperative Story Prompts and sign up for one if it catches your eye.

Re: Main OOC Thread

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We know this has been a strange year for the sim, and as a result, we as a group, and as an admin staff, have been lax on activity checks. So what follows is a few reminders:

You should be replying to all threads within 10 days. Everyone needs to establish their characters in Episode 2.

Writers who haven’t posted in more than 6 months, you have two weeks to make an RP post, or you will be marked inactive on Jan 1, 2024. Anyone on this list will be receiving a PM.

We understand that life happens, and sometimes you’re going to be late. But there is a limit, and we all need to do better on it.

Re: Main OOC Thread

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I'm sorry, I've been crazy busy on my thesis.  I believe that there is one thread where I was the most recent reply and one where I was waiting to see if anyone else was going to reply, but I can take the turn asap on the latter. 
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

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