Phanatos Kilinvoss, callsign "Phantom"

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Personnel FileW-o4.png
Name:Phanatos Kilinvoss, Prefers to go by: Kilinvoss
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Wing Commander & SCO of the Dor'GhItlh Squardon
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Durango, Colorado, Earth
Weight:186 lbs
Eye color:Light Blue
Played by:Stephen Lang
Writer:1) Taguiera 2) Auctor Lucan
Military tactics

Unknown to anyone else:
Fine arts, including painting, drama, ballet
Starfleet Academy, class of 2355.
Service Record

Phanatos Kilinvoss was the Wing Commander of Dor'GhItlh Squardon aboard the USS Harbinger. Kilinvoss aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century at first, but then mutinied against Captain Jien Ives together with Declan Vasser and T'Rena.


Phanatos Kilinvoss, born to Bydabui and Sitchona Kilinvoss, was born on Earth, but raised on Cardassia Prime. His father, having been assigned as the Federation Ambassador to the Cardassians had moved his family there when Phanatos was less than a year old and, throughout Phanatos’s youth, had refused to isolate his son from the culture of those he had been sent to liaise with. During his time on Cardassia, Phanatos had witnessed the planet’s turn from the arts to the military, something he considered a loss, but also a necessity, despite what his father told him. Having spent as long as he did amongst the Cardassian people, he took on some of their characteristics, namely their ruthlessness. When the necessity arose for his father to withdraw from Cardassia, he took Phanatos and his wife with him, returning to Federation space only hours ahead of the massacre on Cardassia from space by Dominion forces.

His return to Earth and it’s less militaristic culture was a shock for Phanatos, returning in his late teens. He found it difficult to adjust, but applied to Starfleet, the closest thing to a military the Federation had. While he excelled in combat and tactics, he nearly failed the Academy based on his lack of appreciation for anything not dealing with tactical history. His knowledge of famous battles, both on Earth and off, was second to none and while he considered all education to be of use, the study of victories and failures was particularly powerful. His true passion, however, came when he first learned to pilot shuttles and later Starfleet fighters. His quick reflexes and keen battle mind quickly brought him to the forefront of his fellow classmates and allowed him to graduate.

For the next 20 years, he fought in numerous battles and made his way up the ranks. While never wanting the center seat of a starship, he had been offered his own command numerous times.

His current position as the Wing Commander of the Harbinger left him at conflict with Declan Vasser, the desire to stay and fight to be taken over the current course of running in cowardice. He still held hope that he might be able to change the captain’s mind.

After the Harbinger officers discovered the secret of Starfleet Command, they sought out the USS Theurgy, in order to ally with them. During their first encounter with the Theurgy, Phantos led his fighters in a protective pattern around the Harbinger, only to fall victim to the Calamity, a starship from an alternate future that had travelled back two decades in time to destroy both ships. An exploding plasma relay in his cockpit wounded him and removed the flesh from half of his face.

Personality Profile

His passion for being in a cockpit was equaled only by his ruthlessness both inside and out of a fighter. Doing his best not to clash with his superiors, he kept the pilots under his command on a tight leash, giving no quarter for the slightest weakness. He was not the easiest of commanders to work for and knew it, but he also was fair in his praise, as he was in his punishments, earning loyalty not by nicety, but by doing and being seen to do, leading by example. Better to be feared and respected than loved and seen as weak, as an ancestor of his had once said.

Physical Profile

Phanatos is strong and well-groomed, following an early life of living amongst Cardassians, where cleanliness was prized. While he preferred to fight from inside his fighter, he knew most forms of fighting from both Earth and Cardassia, though Cardassian Martial Arts was his primary fighting style and he practiced it daily.