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Personnel FileY-o4.png
Name:Emelia 'Blue' Marguerite Tiran
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Chief Engineer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Houston, Texas; Earth
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:128lbs / 58kg
Hair:Black with blue high lights
Eye color:Crystalline Sky-blue
Played by:Katie McGrath
Graduated high school at 17 years old.
Entered the Starfleet Academy at 18 years old.
Graduated at, 21 at Ensign.
Service Record
2374: Ensign on the USS Intrepid
2375: Transfer to the USS Yeager
2377: Promotion to Lieutenant JG
2378: Transfer to the USS Gettysburg
2379: Promotion to Lieutenant
2379: Relief from duty on the Gettysburg following black mark on record
2380: Transfer to the USS Endeavour
2381: Transfer to the USS Theurgy
2375: Gold Star, USS Yeager
2379: Diamond Star, USS Gettysburg
Image: Commanders Ducote and Tiran.

Before her death, Lieutenant Commander Blue Tiran was the Chief Engineer on the USS Theurgy. Before then, she went missing in action after Starfleet lost contact with the Endeavour in late February of 2381. As of March 2381, she served on the USS Theurgy, aiding in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century, until she died in April of 2381.

Background Story

Emelia 'Blue' Tiran was born on a rather sunny day. Her parents thought, perhaps, there would be a omen to that. That Emelia would be the sunshine of their lives. Adding another daughter to their bustling family the Tiran's took their young daughter home to the Houston suburbs where they began to raise her.

From the beginning, Emelia was the kind of girl that was always more interested in taking things apart. She was better being by herself and tended to satellite at social situations. If there was anything she could dive into, like a project, she would lose herself in that rather than anything else. Her parents and siblings figured she would grow out of her 'destructive' tendencies. Not seeing them for what they really were.

As Emelia grew older, she began tasking herself with taking things apart and putting them back together. Even experimenting with how she could make something better if given the time and the parts needed. She began to dabble in creating her own things. Drawing out blue prints and coming up with her own ideas. School was hard for Emelia, she didn't really jive with the people around her and that was fine for her but everyone else began to worry.

Emelia's one saving grace was her brother Arthur. Arthur was always the sort that doted on his little sister. He would find discarded items; things in junk yards, or in piles of trash he would bring her home items that he thought she could fix or take apart and keep the parts for something else she wanted to work on. He was the only one that could get into her world. He could sit there beside her and do his homework while she tinkered with his things and enjoyed time with his youngest sister. Their older sister, Angela tended to be more girly always out with her friends and having fun she did her own thing, but Arthur and Emelia seemed to be thick as thieves. Despite their fifteen year age difference they were two peas in a pod.

Arthur was going to head off to the Starfleet Academy himself, star charts and stellar cartography, were his thing. Before he left, he gifted his young sister with a canvas messenger bag. To tote all her things, parts, tools in. It quickly became her most prized possession. She carried it around with her everywhere. She was never more sad to say goodbye to someone in her life, but she knew her brother would do great things. He came home when he could to visit and the two were always doing things together. A couple of times he flew her out to the Academy to visit and do tours and see what Starfleet was all about. It was this that began her own love for Starfleet and her hope that one day she could be among it's personnel.

Arthur was caught in crossfire during a mission and unfortunately killed. Arthur's death that hit the Tiran family hard. Emelia witnessed her entire world fall apart. Torn asunder by her brother's death. She missed him, they had been far closer than she and her sister.

Emelia's parents were hit the hardest. Their only son had been taken from them so suddenly. They turned inward. Trying to find ways to cope. Her father dove into his work. Working long hours and over time as much as possible. Home was filled with memories of his son and her mother concentrated on cultivating their entire back yard into a massive garden for flowers and vegetables. Emelia was left to cope on her own. She had Angela, but even she was hit hard. Angela had moved on a good long time ago and married, she had children of her own and lived in another country entirely. While she too, was hurt by their brother's passing, it was nothing compared to the pain of Emelia losing the only person that ever even tried really to understand her brilliant mind.

With her parents being virtually non-existent, Emelia was left to raise herself. Food found it's way into the kitchen for a while, and when it stopped she stole her mother's card and bought herself instant food and replicated things to eat. She applied herself more so in the study of engineering, creation, inventing, and started really getting serious. For a while, she was mute. The school worried for her but assumed in her nine year old grief she was just healing. It was around a month later that Emelia put the blue streaks in her hair. She hardly spoke anymore and when she did it tended to be sarcastic or have a barb along with it. Her parents uprooted the family and moved to a new home. A new school. Same city, different area. Settling in no one knew Emelia from before. Not that she had left any real friends behind. Everyone started calling her Blue because no one really knew her name and she never offered it. Blue had two meanings, it was clear she was depressed and when the light hit her dark hair just right, it allowed her blue highlights to show. She preferred Blue anyway.

Years passed and she threw herself into creating, inventing, and learning how to fix things. Engines, were one of her favorites. Anything she could get her hands on to her mother's horror. She would bring into the house into her room and it would either come out better than ever, or in pieces.

She wasn't just limited to engines and tinkering. She found that she had a niche' when it came to computers and figuring out their programming. She worked her way into the OS of the home computer and began to learn how everything worked. Learning how certain commands created certain program interactions and slowly began to excel at programming. An art that she continued to strive for and work towards as she grew older.

During high school she worked hard all summer long to create a tiny spider that would be able to walk on it's own legs. It could either be pre-programmed with a destination via GPS coordinates or it would be able to be remote controlled at a distance of up to two hundred yards. The spider was created out of gears and light weight metal. Powered by a small battery hidden in it's body and mounted with a camera instead of a head, the small spider took her months of trial and error. The programming was easy enough after all her tinkering with computers through the years. It was getting the body just right and the ability to support the weight of the small camera.

When school started, she continued to perfect it, and during her Junior year of high school she entered it in a Invention competition and won first place.

It was no big jump when she graduated school and enrolled in Starfleet Academy. She wanted to learn more. That was the place to do it. The place to expand her knowledge and maybe, in the meantime, do some good to the universe around them. That, and Blue was over her parents being non-existent. So off she went to the Academy to get better at what she loved. Her years at the Academy might have seemed lonely on the outside but Blue attended every engineering and technological class that she could. Honing her hacking and computer skills. Building better robots and better prototypes for the Spider and later began to even work on a robotic owl that could connect to the PADD that she carried around with her everywhere. A user interface that she dubbed Albert. She graduated with majors in Robotics and Engineering and minors in Cybernetics and Programming.

Blue was assigned to the USS Intrepid, but she didn't stay there long. The Ops station was fine but she felt as though she didn't fit in there and wanted to find a different place. When a position on the Yeager became available she took it and transferred in under the Chief Engineer, Cole. Cole and Blue hit it off in a sort of fun way and he began to try to pursue her as a relationship. However, Blue was still very closed off and didn't feel the chemistry extended that far. On a trip to Earth he pushed her too far and she left effectively ending her side of the non-relationship. Cole continued to pursue her but she just felt that she needed some space. During her time on the Yeager she helped save a space station in danger by ejecting a fractured Warp Core and putting herself at risk to save the lives of many, earning her a Gold Star for her efforts. Blue put in for a transfer to a larger ship that would, she hoped, allow her skills to really be utilized.

Finally, a position became available on the USS Gettysburg. She found herself quite excited and moved to the large ship effective immediately. She was thrown onto the ship while the crew was in a large training mission down on the planet of Ryla. She was asked to make sure the Voltaire, a shuttle, was doing well and deliver supplies to the planet.

She was taken hostage on the planet and she was prisoner with Jay, a nurse, and some others. They threw a highly wounded woman named Dawson in there with them and told them to make sure she lived. Blue and Jay worked together as best as they could to keep Dawson alive. Once they had stabilized her Blue was able to pry open a grate and slide through the ventilation system, into the morgue, over dead bodies and into the sewer to find herself reunited with the other team. She hacked her way onto the Voltaire and began beaming the members of their crew remotely back to safety to help save the day. It was these actions that lead her to a Diamond Star.

Tiran then connected again with Jay, from the previous mission, and ended up making a best friend. She finally was able to meet another one of the Engineers assigned to the ship but they clashed and then tensions were high. Those tensions led to her feeling undervalued. Despite enjoying the work of a massive ship and a Captain that seemed to be able to accept the person that she was Blue felt that she could not work underneath her boss. He and she were at different spectrums of personality and they did nothing but clash. She was soon accepted as the Assistant Chief Engineer thanks to the Captain, however she and the Chief Engineer could not seem to get along. Blue decided to get a little revenge on the man that was constantly trying to throw her under the bus.

She rigged his office with a powdered paint charge. Glued all his furniture to the ceiling with industrial grade adhesives, reprogrammed his replicator to turn everything he ordered blue, and when he used his PADD every time he typed the word 'and' it would be replaced with 'and Blue is awesome.' Unfortunately, the prank didn't go as planned and the when the paint bomb she had set to go off when he opened his door went off, the man slipped and fell. The surprise and the sudden slick floor led to him falling down harshly and breaking his arm not to mention hitting his head hard enough to induce a concussion. While that had never been the plan, to say the least, it had a negative effect and she was black listed on the Gettysburg. The Captain did not find the prank funny and she revoked Blue's position on the ship. Now Blue needed to find a new home.

Blue found herself intrigued by one ship, The USS Endeavour, and requested that for her next assignment. Luckily, she was picked for that assignment and was able to get on. The thing that resonated with the young woman was the relaxed atmosphere. She loved that her Chief was the sort that knew her intelligence and understood that she would do her job as requested and if she was left alone she did her work even better. The First Officer was kind and seemed to understand her well enough and the Captain seemed to enjoy her personality. It seemed that she had finally found a place to call home. It was even further odd that as she let her guard down a little in this 'home' of hers that she actually made herself a couple friends. She had found herself even someone to spend her time with. The First Officer Ranaan Ducote had taken a liking to the young officer and they hit it off. Being half-Betazoid he was able to understand the meanings deep inside Blue that allowed them to communicate without always having to use words. Between the love of her boyfriend, later fiance, and the friends she had made on board, Blue began to heal a little from her past. Blue didn't really change though, she didn't hold her punches and was as blunt as ever. However, she felt as though she had finally found a place to belong. When the Chief Engineer left, Blue was given the position herself and began to rise to the challenges of running an entire department herself.

Ship life seemed amazing. She had friends, she had a fiance. Their goal was to be married by the Captain in a small ceremony just the three of them. However, those dreams would be killed not too long later. During a Borg attack their ship was crippled, the Endeavour, was left a floating husk in space. The Captain ordered everyone to get out. Hull breeches were already starting to tear at the beautiful ship. Blue grabbed up her bag and Albert, the only things that truly meant anything to her materialistically and ran for the escape pods. Ducote was in full on First Officer mode. Getting people to safety, he promised to meet her there, giving her hand a squeeze as she passed by. Everyone was running to any escape pods that they could but time was critical. She tried to wait on Ducote, but there was no time. Assuming he would follow she got into the escape pod with several others. Blue screamed out as the door to the escape pod closed and she pressed herself against the view port. He hadn't made it.

Personality Profile

Blue Tiran was a pretty damaged woman. She was talented at pushing people away and making them believe she was not worth the effort to get to know. The truth was, she used these things as a defense mechanism. Instead of opening herself to the pain of being abandoned again she decided against all of it. It was easier to be alone, easier to let life circle her, and she didn't really mind being alone. There were times that Blue felt lonely but it was one of the many reasons that she created and talked to Albert as though he was a real person.

For those that got to know her, Blue was actually a kind person. When she decided that you were worth the effort she would open up just a little bit. But what she was able to give another person was stout. Blue was known for her loyalty and brilliance. Once you were able to consider yourself a friend of Blue she would never turn her back on you.

Blue valued honesty above all else. It is actually the main reason behind why she was always so blunt and often times considered bitchy. She wouldn't hold her punches, she was the sort that felt blunt was better than a lie. Blue was also known, quite well, for her temper. Quick to anger, quick to flare, and then quick to extinguish. For the most part she could get past it on her own but there were some times she was known to hold a grudge.

Blue was definitely known for putting her work above all else including her own health and safety. Often times sent to her Quarters long after shift end. She was also known for tinkering with things when she was on and off duty. Work had become the very crux of her being. She always thought a busy mind meant she was neither lonely nor did she have to think about all the shit she had dealt with in the past. Many times she could be found passed out at her console, station, or desk. Blue hated to be interrupted when she was deep in work. It was known as one of her pet peeves. She also hated when people moved her tools and projects without asking her. While she was never known for being neat and tidy she was the creative mind that seemed to just know where her things had been left and expected them to still be there.

Blue had a sugar addiction, her main addiction was Twinkies. Replicated or real she didn't much care, but she tended to always have them with her. That and energy drinks tended to fuel the young woman going forward often foregoing an actual meal and just supplementing with sugar. Blue was also afraid of heights. It wasn't the kind of fear that froze her fully but it was the kind that made her rethink the whole death experience that she would have rather not lived.

Physical Profile

Blue was not overly tall, fairly average for human females. Standing at five feet eight inches she was lithe and muscular. Blue's skin was extremely pale, blue veins in her arms were easily seen when she was not in her normal uniform. That pale skin covered a well toned network of muscles that she used in her day to day job. She kept herself physically fit as best as she could though her sugar addiction never allowed her to go too far with that. Blue tended to look more slight than she actually was.

Special Notes

The emotional abandonment of her parents after the death of her brother was something that greatly effected Blue, leaving her with massive abandonment issues. She was loathe to trust people and terrified of falling in love knowing that she would not be able to handle another blow like that. She had abandonment, commitment, and trust issues.


Image: Albert. Blue's Robotic owl, PADD interface system.

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