Amatras Neotin (KIA)

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Name:Amatras Neotin
Position:Chief Science Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Telona, Ash'kara
Height:151 cm
Hair:mahogany with specks of light green and blue
Eye color:green, with various shades of blue green and forest green mixed in a kaleidoscopic effect around the iris itself.
Played by:Angelina Jolie
Planetary and Biological sciences
Cross species parenting
Starfleet Academy, class of 2336.
Service Record

Amatras Neotin was Chief Science Officer on the USS Theurgy before she was killed in action. Before her death, Amatras Neotin aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Amatras Neotin, was born on the Ash'reem home world of Ash'kara, in the city of Telona. Like so many others she was drawn to the sciences for reasons she couldn't quite explain, gaining a masters in general physics and two doctorates in biochemistry, and chemistry by the age of one hundred seventeen. At one eighty hundred years old she was assigned to the catalysis project, a early attempt at leaving the Ash'reem home world by using two rail gun tracks to accelerate small probes at a quarter the speed of light. More then sufficient to have them escape the moon's gravitational pull, and easily leave the gas giant's gravity well as well. Initially, like so many others she attributed the projects constant failures to the rail guns acceleration overheating the casing of the probes causing them to short out and burn up as soon as they left the atmosphere. It wasn't until nearly fifty years later they realized the truth.

Their gas giant was a hot Jupiter and as a result the probes being destroyed was the aftermath of leaving the planet's shadow. It took them nearly a hundred years to work their way around the problem, and manage to find a workable trajectory out of their home world and far enough away from their planet to not be instantly incinerated. In the year 2296 she met her current mate Arcorn, and began one of the few consistent long term relationships in her race's history. Both became connected to the FTL drive project and were moved to the research outpost on Kymira, the fifth planet in their solar system. Conditions were harsh on the cold planet but thankfully it was warm enough to walk outside as long as they brought oxygen tanks. In the year 2309 the first Federation infiltration team was discovered leading to an uncomfortable first contact situation for the Federation crew of the USS Illithid. The situation resulted in a standoff in which several dozen rail guns designed for cargo transfer between the home world and the Kymira outpost were adjusted and aimed at the Illithid.

After several hours of negotiations an official apology broadcast to the Ash'reem people for the attempted deception of the scientists. The Ash'reem requested a more official and extended meeting of governments to discus the possibility of joining the Federation. After two decades of negotiations and compromise, as well as several very successful test runs of their warp drive prototype the Ash'reem were accepted into the United Federation of Planets. In 2336 both Amatras and her husband Arcorn were assigned to their first Starfleet vessel. In 2348 Amatras gave birth to her daughter Amikris aboard the USS Celsius. Over the last few years she has spent her time with her family aboard the USS Theurgy. In the last few weeks Amatras was given a 'field promotion' to chief science officer, following the death of her superior officer during the second skirmish of their escape from Federation space. A position she is still adjusting to and finding slightly awkward.

Personality Profile

Amatras Neotin like most of her species has a preoccupation with their species survival. However she is also fascinated by the concepts of how parents of other species raise their children. Amongst her peers she is fairly open and friendly if reserved in the subject of sexuality. She stands to fight the stigma her people have had for over sixty years now. She fights that stigma by proving she can resist the instinctive drive for reproduction. The fact that she knows that she can't have children with the humans, Vulcans and other races on the ship helps her immensely. She has a strong interest in the sciences of the more advanced races. Her intelligence and outlook on life has helped her progress to the rank of lieutenant and has assisted her in achieving the position of Assistant Science officer of the Theurgy. She has a fatal flaw in her loyalty to her friends and especially her family. This has lead to some minor infractions against her over the years serving Starfleet.

Physical Profile

Amatras stands 151 cm tall and weighs in at just over fifty kilograms. Her eyes are a brilliant green of varying shade with numerous subtleties within the kaleidoscopic patterns of her iris. Her skin like all Ash'reem is a blueish tinge, with blotches and smudges of other colors in its texture. The most obvious of these smudges is a large light forest green blotch over her nose. Her hair is a mahogany color with stripes of algae going through its moist strands. Most of these strands are light green or blue well the majority of her hair remains its true color. Like all ash'reem she has six fingers on each hand and foot, She almost always wears thick tinted goggles over her face, a common article of clothing for her kind when dealing with other species. The rest of her body is fitted with a Starfleet uniform that is designed to be waterproof and has a slight bulge around her midsection that goes from breast to breast across her back.