Soo Young Seung, callsign "Oracle"

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Name:Seung, Soo Young
Rank:Master Chief Petty Officer
Position:Fighter Pilot
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:USS Trier
Weight:158 lbs
Eye color:Black
Played by:Gianna Jun
Space AviationFree Running
21st Century Firearms
Earth Martial Arts
Starfleet Fighter Pilot Academy Enlisted Pilot Program
Service Record
2373: Assigned as an Enlisted Pilot aboard the USS Sydney.
2379: Assigned to the USS Theurgy
Meritorious Service Ribbon
Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry

Soo Young Seung was a fighter pilot who served aboard the USS Theurgy before she was killed in action. Before her death Soo Young Seung aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Soo Young was born aboard the USS Trier during an exploration mission in deep space. Her mother was a Starfleet First Officer aboard the USS Trier and her father was a Betazoid Diplomat. Her time with her father was sporadic mainly due to the nature of her mother's assignment. The romance between Soo Young's mother and father was brief and her birth was unplanned, however her mother regardless of circumstances insisted on bearing the child and raising it aboard the USS Trier. From a young age Soo Young displayed an interest in Space Avionics and as she grew her interest only grew. During her time upon the Trier from age 0-9 she was quite an inquisitive child often spending most of her time in the Fighter or Shuttle bays of the Trier asking questions to the pilots and mechanics.

As she grew older her interest turned into a career. At age 14 she took upon an apprentice role as a shuttle mechanic fixing and repairing issues with the shuttles upon the Trier. It was also at this age where her genetic Betazoid Telepathy and Empathy began to show itself. Without her father her transition into Betazoid adulthood was difficult as she had little to no knowledge as to how to control her abilities as she often found herself reading the minds of her colleagues or influencing the emotions of others without knowing. Eventually she found a way to block out the thoughts of others often by listening to music at a high volume. She found that it was easier to block out other thoughts if she wasn't focused on them. Life went on aboard the Trier and eventually it returned to Earth to report the findings of its exploration mission.

By the time the Trier had returned from its mission Soo Young had matured into a young woman at the age of 18, She enlisted into the Federation Starfleet officially and attended boot camp for 6 months, After her 6 month period her statistics in flight simulators and space avionics was taken into account as she was sent to Tactical CONN Academy where she attended additional career training for 4 months. After finishing her flight training she was assigned as a fighter pilot aboard the USS Sydney. During her time aboard the USS Sydney she displayed her skills during an attack by Hirogen Hunter Raiders during a patrol in the Delta Quadrant. During the attack the USS Sydney was disabled by an Ion cannon strike disabling most of its weapons and navigation systems.

In an attempt to buy the USS Sydney time to complete repairs Soo Young proposed that the USS Sydney’s fighter wings engage the Hirogen ships and harass them until they were considered a great enough threat to pursue. The plan succeeded and the Hirogen pursued Soo Young and her squadron long enough for the Sydney to repair it's systems and assist in engaging the Hirogen. After the attack Soo Young was commended by her commanding officer and promoted, she would continue to serve on different ships throughout Starfleet. She was given the callsign "Oracle" due to her Betazoid heritage and her tendency to call people out on their thoughts about her before they even mention them out loud. Eventually, she received assignment to the USS Theurgy.

After assignment to the USS Theurgy, Soo Young was integrated into the Lone-Wolves Squadron, a squadron of Valkyrie Fighter Pilots assigned to the USS Theurgy. During her service Soo Young continued to distance herself away from others within the squadron much to the disapproval of former Squadron CO Taylor Lucas, it would take time but eventually Soo Young formed a fragile friendship with a member of the Lone-Wolves. Junior Grade Lieutenant Evelyn Rawley was one of the few people capable of breaking through the walls Soo Young had established around herself to keep others out. Quite a while passed before Soo Young allowed Evelyn past the walls she had established around herself. Their relationship was centered mainly around their similar preference both of them often preferring to distance themselves from others.

In time, Evelyn had become an alternate way for Soo Young to escape the constant rush of thoughts that would bombard her mind. Whenever the mental strain would begin to overwhelm her and even her music could not drown out the never ending voices around her, Soo Young would often visit Evelyn, sometimes merely to sit in her presence so that Soo Young could listen to her thought while Evelyn went on about her business. Soo Young found focusing on the thoughts of a person familiar to her was much easier than doing so with people she was unfamiliar with. Eventually, Soo Young's feelings towards Evelyn grew to a romantic stand point, however in fear of ruining the friendship that both she and Evelyn had worked to build she kept silent keeping any romantic thoughts to herself and contenting herself with just spending time with her friend. As Evelyn and Soo Young bonded, Soo Young was persuaded by Evelyn to attempt to get along with the other pilots within the Lone-Wolves Squadron. Hesitantly Soo Young did so. In the beginning, her walls seemed to return stronger than ever but with some coaxing from Lieutenant Rawley, Soo Young finally lowered her walls to allow her flight mates in.

During an operation prior to the Niga incidents and other coming events, Soo Young participated in a Anti-Piracy Operation in joint cooperation with another Federation Ship, the USS Sovereign. During the operation Soo Young was placed in command of three pilots fresh from Starfleet Academy that had been assigned to the ship. The captain of the Sovereign hoping that his pilots could learn something from an experienced Tac-Conn Pilot like Soo Young. His intel had him believing that the operation would be simple in that the pirates would surrender in the face of two Federation Starfleet Warships. However this was not the case as the Pirates, who according to intel were supposed to be lightly armed and passive, turned out to be very well armed and extremely aggressive. During the operation, the USS Sovereign sustained heavy damage but due to actions, emergency response and similar strategies which Soo Young had employed during the attack on the USS Sydney, the USS Sovereign survived the pirate assault with assistance from the Theurgy.

The Theurgy then returned to earth escorting the Sovereign. However, shortly upon arrival to Earth the crew of the Theurgy were branded as traitors to the Federation. Soo Young was forced to flee Earth with the rest of the Theurgy crew her thoughts on betraying Starfleet unfocused her quite a bit. During the escape, the USS Theurgy was pursued by the USS Sydney, the ship that her mother had taken over command of. At the time of this battle, Soo Young was a Flight Leader for three other Lone-Wolves. During combat, Soo Young was caught unfocused as her hesitance to fight fellow Starfleet officers hindered her abilities. During the engagement one of her fellow pilots was damaged in combat and was knocked off course colliding with Soo Young's fighter. The following explosion from the other pilot's fighter made it appear as if Soo Young had been lost in combat as well.

After nearly three days spent unconscious, Soo Young awoke to find the Theurgy gone and herself having drifted away from the original AO, her first thought was to contact the Theurgy however with her communications knocked off-line this option was left unavailable to her. She chose instead to attempt to follow the warp trail of the Theurgy hoping to catch up with them. On many occasions she was led astray until the trail had eventually lost it's reliability. Left without other options she turned to her natural Betazoid telepathy, searching the galaxy around her for something she knew that was familiar to her. This feat however took a heavy mental toll upon her mind as she often found herself physically and mentally exhausted from the effort of extending her mental reach that far. She finally managed to lock onto the thoughts she had been desperately trying to locate, Evelyn Rawley. Using Evelyn as a sort of listening post, she was able to locate the Theurgy using information that Evelyn had heard from various members of the crew. By the time she found the Theurgy, Soo Young was on the verge of mental collapse from having to constantly search and maintain the telepathic link to Evelyn for so long from such a distance. As a result her ability to filter the thoughts of others had been worn to near non-existence causing her to once again gravitate away from her fellow crewmates.

Shortly after she returned to the Theurgy she was killed by Hannah Slaverton in the mutiny caused by Commander T'Rena. Ironically Soo Young had tried so hard to block the thoughts of others that she never saw the attack coming.

Personality Profile

Soo Young tended to keep to herself often being compared by others to be Vulcan-like in her interactions with other people. This was not due to lack of emotion but more due to lack of tolerance of others, this mainly stemmed from Soo Young's inability to shut out the thoughts of other sentient beings she was in close proximity with. Soo Young was very well-disciplined and seldom questioned orders given to her unless she believed she has a better alternative in mind. She was not very social but was not anti-social either. She tended to only interact with small groups and must often be engaged first in conversation as she often had a pair of headphones in her ears blocking out all sound around her. Socially she was shy but very friendly to those she considered friends she trusts without question but to gain her trust was no easy task as it was difficult to even get her to interact with others.

Soo Young's interest in space aviation draws from her childhood interest in fighters and shuttles. Her interest extends to in depth knowledge of the inner workings of most fighters she pilots. Currently she spends quite a bit of time observing and experimenting with the systems of her fighter craft.

Soo Young enjoys reading quite a bit as it helps her focus her mind on her own thoughts rather than the thoughts of others. She also enjoys the stories that people can craft using just their imaginations and dreams of perhaps writing her own book.

Soo Young's interest in music stems from it's ability to shut out all unwelcome outside thoughts. Over time her interest in music broadened to a genuine enjoyment of different types of music, Her favorite type of music is 20th century R&B and Disco as it usually embodies happiness within it's tune. She also enjoys East Asian music as much of it embodies calmness.

Soo Young has a deep interest in weapons of the 21st century, weapons in her time have come a long ways since the solid projectile and powder propelled ammunition utilized in the 21st century. She is quite a collector of such weapons and often tries to obtain these weapons whenever possible. She enjoys taking these weapons apart and refurbishing them.

Soo Young's interest in Martial Arts is due to earth's extensive history in developing different types of Martial Arts. She also enjoys the discipline and mental peace of mind that comes with these things. Soo Young is skilled in Judo, Aikido, and Taekwondo.

From readings books of Earth's ancient history Soo Young has some measure of knowledge of Japan's ancient Way of the Warrior code. She admires the chivalry that those who followed Bushido seemed to incorporate into their every day life. As such Soo Young has incorporated some of these things into her behaviours as well. She also finds that meditation calms her mental stress a great deal.

Soo Young's interest free running, this centuries old skill, stems from numerous times watching old holo-vids and even old earth streaming videos of people performing free running. She is a practitioner of free running and enjoys it due to the mental peace of mind and freedom it provides her. When she free runs she allows her mind to fall into what she calls "The Drift" the drift is the flow of her mind when she runs that only takes in mind what is in front and what is behind her. While in the drift all the thoughts of those around her are almost completely blocked out and forgotten the only thoughts present in her mind being her own. Free Running is another way for Soo Young to empty her mind and also keep herself in shape due to the physical exertion that is associated with the activity. She often practices free running on the holo-deck having a specially made program based on one of Earth's cities to practice in.

Physical Profile

Soo Young's body was lean consisting mainly of muscle and little fat, she was considered attractive by the standards of quite a few men who claimed that quote "She had a mysterious look." Her eyes were completely black unlike a normal human's, a trait she picked up from her father. Her skin was pale and her she had a fair complexion her face at first glance seemed soft but with slight stern angles. Her hair was black and cut a bit short in order to make it more manageable in combat as she disliked having to tie her hair into a ponytail or having to stuff it all within her helmet during deployments.