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Topic: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS (Read 527 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS


Lt Sabrina Lail | Main Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Luciain @Nero @chXinya  @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
Sabrina's focus on ensuring the ship's safety in flight at maximum warp had prevented her from noticing that Lieutenant Commander Wogak Ikthan had returned to his station. When she finally did look up and noticed, she realized the Captain and the XO would likely arrive on the bridge soon. Lail observed the tone of the bridge had shifted; everyone had become focused on one thing: Qo'noS. It was only natural she assumed, after all the Oneida was traveling at its top speed to get there and the urgency could be heard in Captain Jackson's voice when he gave the order to head for Qo'noS.

Lail pressed two flashing buttons on the LCARS display, which gave an audible confirmation beep, to realign the RAV/ISHAK Mod 3a Warp Celestial Guidance System equipped aboard the Oneida. The realignment required only nineteen minutes into the flight because she had neglected to realign the sensors before taking the ship to its maximum warp factor.

She could hear the hiss of the main turbolift doors opening and Lail looked over her shoulder across the eerily similar to the Intrepid-class bridge except enhanced with the knowledge of the failings and successes of the Iroquois-class' predecessor to find Lieutenant Donovan Bridges had made his way to Deck 1 on his own accord. Sabrina gestured with a nod of her head for him to come over to the CONN. Her superior officer, with a curious look on his face, made his way down to her. Before he could utter words to question why he was there, Lail stated, "take the CONN; everything should be clear in a few minutes."

Sabrina stood up from her chair and invited Bridges to sit who took Lail's invitation and the CONN. While Donovan had become the Chief CONN Officer, superseding Sabrina, he had grown to respect her and trust her judgment and intuition in these matters. Sabrina stepped out of the way and leaned against a part of the console that would likely go unused with her arms crossed.

A moment later, the turbolift door hissed as it opened, this time with Captain Jackson and someone Sabrina didn't recognize. Silence befell the bridge as the officers, Sabrina included, turned their attention to the main turbolift. They made their way onto the bridge and Captain Jackson came down to his seat and opened a ship-wide communications channel.

She might not have known it at that moment but Lail was about to get her answers as was the crew.

Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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[ Captain Ives | Bridge | Deck 01 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Hope @Luciain @Nero @chXinya  @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
Entering the Oneida's bridge in his male form, Captain Ives looked around the present faces, and given the gravity of the mission at hand, the faint smile he wore was just skin-deep.

Still, he was among officers who had been briefed about the truth of Command, which was a rare occasion. After months of being persecuted by Starfleet, and having survived the mutiny of Captain Vasser of the Harbinger, it seemed surreal that the Oneida had actually seen through the veil placed over the eyes of their brothers and sisters in the Federation. It was only natural that he would have quiet reservations given what he and his crew had endured when encountering another Starfleet vessel, but for the time being - knowing that Admiral Anderson had yet to fail them - he had given Captain Jackson and his Senior Staff the benefit of the doubt.

"Attention," said the Commanding Officer of the Iroquois-class ship when he sat in his command chair, "this is your Captain speaking. You will have to pardon the trope, but I have some good news and some bad news."

Listening, knowing what Jackson was about to say already, Jien folded his hands behind his back while the other Captain continued. "As you already know, we have cut all subspace communications with Starfleet and faked the destruction of this ship with a false distress call, because we have learned that even before we left Earth, in the middle of last year, Starfleet Command has been compromised. We had our suspicions before we were contacted by 'King' - an Starfleet Intelligence officer that goes by that moniker in order to protect his identity from the enemy. An enemy, that has come to possess our Admiralty, and seek to undermine and tear down all that we stand for. Parasites, that possess our fellow officers and make them do the bidding of an extra-galactic phenomenon. Sentient or not, this dark void seek to devour everything on our star-charts, and those possessed by it have come to be called the Infested."

Jackson briefly turned to Ives, giving him a glance before he continued. "Our first priority was to seek contact with the Theurgy, because Captain Ives and his crew have carried and protected this truth since November last year, when Starfleet Command falsely accused them of being Romulan defectors just so that they could silence them. Today, advised by 'King', we have made contact. Captain Ives is standing right next to me on the bridge, having personally set out to escort High Chancellor Martok to Qo'noS. Martok has also learned about the Infested, fought one in person in a recent battle, and it is of highest priority that he reaches the Great Hall in the First City. His chancellery is challenged, and besides the continued stability of the Klingon Empire, the Chancellor can aid us in our mission ahead. These were the good news. Captain Ives?"

Nodding quietly, Jien continued where Jackson left off. "Right now, Martok's challenger - Gorka, son of Margon - is pursuing the Oneida in an attempt to stop us from reaching Qo'noS. We have a head start, but judging by long range sensors, Gorka will arrive not long after the Oneida reaches her destination. He commands House Mo'Kai's flagship, the IKC Ta'rom, Negh'Var-class, and it is escorted by three Vorcha-class attack cruisers. Once they reach Qo'noS, the Oneida will be their prime target. That is, however, not the worst of it."

Not too keen on being the bringer of bad news, Jien nonetheless continued. "There are ships belonging to Gorka's loyal Houses in the sector of where we're headed, so we will likely face opposition even before Gorka reaches Qo'noS. Fortunately enough, there will also be ships loyal to Martok there as well, so the Oneida will not have to face this opposition alone. As we speak, Chancellor Martok is rallying his forces to convene at Qo'noS in order to grant us as safe a passage as possible. Regardless, in ninety minutes, Jackson will sound the Red Alert."

Nodding, Jackson resumed talking, having put his hands in his lap and taken a deep breath. "Indeed. Stand ready, prepared, for we will do whatever it takes to aid Chancellor Martok once we reach Qo'noS. That is our top priority as of now, and when we make it through this day, we will determine how we best cooperate with the Theurgy in order to restore the Admiralty to being themselves again." Jackson paused, before switching topics.

"The Oneida might be fast, but she is just a small long range explorer, and we can only do so much when facing adversity. The Theurgy... Well, you have already heard what kind of ship she is. As I have already mentioned, Captain Ives and his crew have not been able to hide behind a false distress call - like we are - but suffered grave losses at every turn since they fled the Sol Sector. We, however, have a surplus of officers since our last mission, so it is only natural that we seek to replenish the ranks of the Theurgy when able, for sake of the grave mission at hand. I will be opening up for transfer requests eventually, and saying this... you should know what I am proud of you all, and will not judge you if you seek to volunteer for service under Captain Ives."

The immediate reaction from the bridge crew stalled any further words from either of the two Captains.

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Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Main Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Luciain  @Nero  @chXinya   @jreeves1701  @Stegro88  
Looking towards Captain Ives in his male form and Captain Jackson, Sabrina certainly had got her answers about Qo'noS. More than that, as she gazed around the bridge she could tell the resolve of the bridge crew had been tested. She was too stubborn for that and the brunette had convinced herself that at that moment someone needed to remind the bridge crew that the Oneida drew strength from loyalty. Before Captain Ives or Captain Jackson had any time to react, Lail made direct eye contact with the ship's commanding officer and Jackson knew Sabrina was about to do something.

Without a moment's hesitation, Sabrina stood up from the console she was leaning on and stood to attention with her hands folded together behind her back. She announced to the bridge, "eyes up, for Captain Jackson."

The bridge crew followed suit one by one. Lieutenant Daius Sharl stood up first from his science station, followed by Lieutenant Commander Wogak Ikthan who stepped away from his station to join the growing support. Lieutenant Donovan Bridges stood up next to Sabrina, Lieutenant Rodrigo Rivera stood up from the security station, and Lieutenant Bob joined in albeit in his own right.

With his bridge crew much less most of his senior officers standing loyal on the bridge and certain that if the rest of his senior staff was present they would be standing, Jackson had no choice but to respond in kind. He stood up from his command chair and made eye contact with every one of the bridge crew.

"I'm sure whatever you are about to say will be profound, Captain but know we're ready for the mission ahead of us," Sabrina softly stated to give Jackson a way out if he had desired.
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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[ Captain Ives | Bridge | Deck 01 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Hope @Luciain @Nero @chXinya  @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
Watching, witnessing the moving display of loyalty towards Captain Jackson, Jien Ives couldn't help but smile faintly. He idly wondered if they would be so ready to become a renegade crew in Starfleet and defying the power that Starfleet Command wielded, had they endured the same six months that his own crew had, yet it was nonetheless moving to witness. In retrospect, having suffered the consequences of being alone and fighting against all odds for so long, Jien knew that the resolve of some of his own officers were dampened, and that they mightn't have remained aboard had they known what laid ahead.

If he had been able to contact the Oneida before they made their decision about supporting the mission, Jien would have urged them to not do something so drastic as to sever subspace communications with Starfleet and faked that distress call. He would have told them to perpetuate the appearance of being a crew loyal to Starfleet Command, because then the path behind enemy lines wouldn't have been cut off. Jackson would have been able to influence other Commanding Officers in the fleet, shown them the evidence, and begun to spread the truth to undermine the hold Command held on their brothers and sisters out there - serving the new enemy in ignorance. It would have meant so much more for the mission as a whole, but at the same time, he couldn't quite fault Jackson or Admiral Anderson - if he had given the instruction to shut down subspace communications - because he could see the complications as well.

It might not be obvious given the present scene on the bridge, this support for Jackson at the onset of their new, most dire mission, but either Admiral Anderson or Jackson knew that unless they cut off communications... any crewmember aboard who had doubts about the claims of the Theurgy could have sent a message back to Earth. It would have been disastrous for Anderson in particular, but it would also have painted a target on the back of the Oneida, and Command would have given the same seek and destroy orders they had once dealt as a death sentence on the Theurgy. Now, at least, the Oneida would remain an enigma. A wildcard in the greater game at play. So, the display on the bridge - still broadcast across the ship - served to cement their resolve in their decision.

"We've made our choice," said Jackson, now standing with his hands folded behind his back. A smile played on his lips, defiant against the battle to come - the opposition awaiting them at Qo'noS. "We will support Captain Ives, and deal with the enemy back home, but first..."

Jackson glanced towards Ives, before adding. "Let's save the Klingon Empire from falling apart, shall we?"

A cheer was raised among those present, and it reverberated throughout the Oneida - the crew joining in on all decks of the long range explorer. Only when it ebbed out did the ship's Commanding Officer speak again. "We have ninety minutes. Let's make the most of them. Jackson out."

As Jackson remained on the bridge, Jien stepped out, about to return to Chancellor Martok and plan for the arrival at Qo'noS. When in the corridor, he heard the sliding doors part once more, and glanced behind himself to see whom had followed him.

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Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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Lt Sabrina Lail | Corridors | Deck 1 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Luciain @Nero @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88  
After Captain Jackson concluded, Sabrina Lail watched as everyone returned to their bridge station with resolve in their eyes for the mission ahead. She had influenced the crew in a way she had not expected as the display she led on the bridge had been broadcasted throughout the entire ship but a resolute crew was what was needed at the moment for the Oneida's resolute Captain. Sabrina had turned to Lieutenant Donovan Bridges and nodded. He would take the helm of the Oneida for the time being.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Captain Jien Ives exiting the bridge through one of the doors which led into the Deck One corridors. Lail realized that with Donovan on the bridge, she wasn't needed and could take advantage of the opportunity presenting itself to speak with Captain Ives for the first time since he had come aboard the ship. Sabrina followed the same path Captain Ives did to exit the bridge and enter the corridors. She looked to her left and then her right where she spotted Ives who must have heard the sliding doors for the unmistakable second time.

"Captain Ives."

Sabrina's voice echoed down the corridors certainly getting Ives' attention. The brunette wasted no time with that attention; closing the gap between the two of them. She extended her arm to shake the Captain's hand.

"Lail. Sabrina Lail."

Lail omitted her rank given it was on her collar and it appeared to her at least, that Captain Ives knew more about the Oneida than what Sabrina thought he knew.

"Captain, do you mind if I join you?"

Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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[ Captain Ives | Corridors | Deck 01 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Hope @Luciain @Nero @chXinya  @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
After returning the handshake, Jien couldn't help the faint smile that came to him, considering her request and what Captain Jackson had just said.

"Do you mean for my walk to Chancellor Martok," he asked, and resumed his slow steps to the turbolift, "or is this a request to join my crew on the Theurgy? Either way, I am open to the suggestion."

Having deduced from the brief time on the bridge that she belonged to CONN, he thought about the many losses the Theurgy had suffered when it came to officers at the helm during the past six months, and how - while they still had plenty of NCO:s manning the shuttles and the bays - they were short on Line Officers. Derik Veradin had promoted an NCO from the Black Opal to be his Asst. Chief CONN Officer, but she was currently on the away mission to Breen, and they just lost the other Asst. Chief in Spearhead Lounge - Ensign Mektari Dumral from the Cayuga. Veradin had joined the crew at Starbase 84, coming aboard from the Resolve, and had served in the Senior Staff for quite some time at that point. Before then, they lost Cale Winterbourne during Vasser's mutiny, and Aisha S'iti was accidentally shot by one of the Devoted. Lieutenant Lance was another helmsman the mission had claimed, infected by the Niga virus and killed in action. Sufficed to say, unless an applying officer had a terrible service record, Jien was certain Lieutenant Veradin could make use of additional manpower in his Department.

When reaching the turbolift, Jien listened to what the woman had to say, merely stating the destination when they got inside. "Deck 11."

Having been using his male form for quite some time at that point, Jien changed... to her female form. She realised that depending on how much the Oneida crew were briefed about the Theurgy and its crew, Sabrina Lail could be oblivious to her abilities. It wouldn't be the first situation in which that might be the case, so Jien simply glanced at the woman to gauge her reaction before giving her a superfluous explanation about her nature.

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Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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[ Lt. RraHnam | Security Centre | Deck 4 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Luciain @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
The Caitian leaned against the holographic table in the center of the Security Center that dominated the room. Emblazoned on it was a holographic view of the USS Oneida, an Iroquois-class ship commissioned in the mid-late seventies. The Oneida was a Long Range Explorer and was actually used to explore uncharted space. She was a small ship, but she could show teeth, and the Caitian liked that a lot. Because one of those teeth was her.

The former professional athlete served as assistant chief of security on board. She made sure that everything ran smoothly on board and solved smaller and larger disputes among the crew and their possible guests. Also, part of her duties was the duty on the bridge, which she shared with her superior Lieutenant Rodrigo Rivera. But if Rivera was on the bridge, the Security Center was her domain.
Rivera called her attention to the tactical displays, which the Caitian watched. Her golden eyes fixed on the familiar information on the screen.
"Here we go, huh?"
"Okay, Orders?"
"Get the crew ready, though I'm sure nothing will happen. Keep an eye on the instruments, though, Rra."
She wrinkled her nose, her ragged lip pulling open further to reveal more of her implanted tooth. A brief rumble was heard by those present.
"Brightman, grab six men, arm yourself, and head to the shuttle hangar. I want you there, just in case."
"Yes, ma'am."

The man disappeared from her field of vision and the door closed behind him with the comfortingly familiar hiss. On the holographic representation of the ship, RraHnam could track the signals from his communicator, as well as those of all the security officers currently on duty. Small flags marked the individual task forces scattered throughout the ship. The newest one got the flag Brightman +6 pinned to it. RraHnam could now keep good track of them as well. Brightman's signal and six others were moving dead-straight toward the shuttle hangar via the turbolifts.

RraHnam redirected a couple of patrols toward the warp core and computer core so they could quickly support each other in case of an emergency. She didn't want to take any chances and wanted to use her available resources in the best possible way. Rivera trusted her in the matter, and she appreciated that.

RraHnam pushed herself off the table and crossed her arms in front of her chest. Her tail swung back and forth restlessly, her whiskers beginning to quiver. The Caitian perked up her ears and pointed them forward. A fight was imminent. The Red Alert sounded, bathing the ship in an ominous light.

More signals popped up on her holographic display and status reports from the patrols arrived one by one.
"Too slow." she grumbled, making a mental note. RraHnam watched the small image as the signals gathered at irregular intervals into small pulks, only to break up into teams of two and disperse throughout the ship shortly thereafter. The Security Center had released the weapons lockers and their contents were now being distributed to the waiting soldiers.

RraHnam reduced the image of the ship with a hand gesture, enlarging the section of the outer environment around the Oneida. Some distance away, she could make out an asteroid field. Four signatures were displayed to her. All of them were Klingon. But strangely enough, they were fighting each other. RraHnam was aware that the Klingon Empire was once again on the brink of civil war, but a fight over a few more or less worthless stones so deep in Klingon space was still strange.

Suddenly, one of the signatures disappeared, which was presented only with the emblem of the Klingon Empire on her display. Shortly after, the Oneida dropped out of warp and finally got within weapons range to join the fight. Another signature disappeared, and after a short time the other two made their way to the ship that had apparently just saved their butts. Info came over the bridge that the remaining signatures were the SS Sabine and a Valravn-class fighter from the Theurgy.
RraHnam tapped her communicator.
"RraHnam to Brightman. Stand by. Shuttle and fighter will be arriving in the shuttle hangar shortly."
"Brightman here. Acknowledged."
Her ears and whiskers sagged as she learned that one of the lost signals belonged to another Valravn-class fighter and that, unfortunately, the pilots had not survived. For a moment, she gritted her teeth and ground her jaws tensely. She tried at all costs to suppress the unpleasant memories. She succeeded with much effort. RraHnam took a deep breath.
"Brightman to security. We have accepted guests, including Captain Ives of the Theurgy and Chancellor Martok himself."
RraHnam's eyes snapped open. The pupils of her golden eyes narrowed to thin slits. The Klingon chancellor? she thought excitedly. The security officer matched Brightman's information with Rivera's, thereby confirming the authenticity of the Ensign's statement. Briefly, she coordinated with Rivera. It took her less than two minutes. Someone handed her a PADD with all known information on Captain Ives and Chancellor Martok.
"Deploy four men from your squad to escort the chancellor aboard. Stay in the background, Brightman."
"Roger that."

On the display, RraHnam could watch as Chancellor Martok's delegation was escorted to the conference room on Deck 11. The four dots of her security team formed the corners of an oblong rectangle in the holographic ship. This allowed her to read that they were escorting someone. Usually these were smaller groups of trespassers, which was not to be believed, but even on a ship as small as the Oneida, crew members occasionally strayed and entered areas for which they had no authorization. Often these were inexperienced crewmembers, new arrivals, or children from the family deck of the ship. Occasionally, prisoners were escorted in such a formation or, as in this case, guests of the Klingon Empire. RraHnam flagged the group as VIP 1, making them visible to Rivera's console, who could track their movements from the bridge.

Over the ship's internal radio, she coordinated with Lieutenant Rivera on how to proceed. The course was clear, it was heading towards the seat of the Empire, to Q'onoS. Security had to prepare, and RraHnam suggested that they take advantage of the surplus of officers. After all, there was a possibility that they would not be met kindly, and they had to be prepared for that.

That this was the case was made clear by Captain Jackson's announcement. The crew was sworn in for the upcoming time in an emotional speech and also RraHnam took the words to heart. If she could help the Federation by getting Martok to Q'onoS safely and as unharmed as possible, she would do everything she could to make sure that happened.

She looked around. After years of practice, she could read the different emotions in the faces of her comrades. Fear, uncertainty, but also hope shone through some of the predominantly human crew. The speech of the two captains ended and Rivera asked RraHnam to draw up a plan for the defense of the ship.

RraHnam clasped her paws together and roared. "All right folks. You heard the captain. Ninety minutes to action. Let's get ready. I want us to get this up and running faster than we did earlier. I want the quartermaster to issue the big guns. Double patrols around the bridge, engine room and computer core. Seal off Deck 9 and install security force fields. No one moves through the ship alone. Two-man teams minimum. Are we clear?"
Confirmations of her orders came promptly. She tapped various points on the Oneida's holographic display.
"Good, here, here and here I want checkpoints established."

Behind her, the door opened, and Lieutenant Rodrigo Rivera entered the security center. In brief words, she explained to him all the things she had instigated and how she had planned to defend the ship. Rivera nodded in agreement.
"Okay, thank you. I'll take it from here, Rra. I want you to get acquainted with what's going to be waiting for us down on Q'onoS and prepare for it. If it comes to that, I want you to accompany the away team."
"Understood. But you still owe me two hours in the holodeck after that."
"Come back safely, kitten, and we'll talk about it," the Chief of Security said with a smug smile on his face as he added more checkpoints in the hologram.

RraHnam set off, accompanied by another security officer. She retrieved a Type-II Pulse Phaser pistol from the armory and tucked it securely into a hip holster. The turbolift was not far away. With several security officers, she entered the lift and had herself taken to Deck 11, where she exited and walked to the conference room, where the chancellor and his bodyguard were waiting, and her security officers stood guard outside the door. Across the corridor, another turbolift came to a stop. Familiar and unfamiliar faces stepped out of it. She immediately recognized the helmsman of the Oneida Lieutenant Sabrina Lail. The other woman was only recognizable at second glance. The four golden pips on the collar of her uniform identified her as a captain, and according to the information RraHnam had read on the PADD earlier, this captain could only be Ives in her female form. RraHnam waited for them at the door to the conference room.
"Welcome aboard, Captain Ives," the security officer greeted. "I am Lieutenant RraHnam, Deputy Chief of Security of the Oneida. Chancellor Martok is waiting here in the conference room. After you."
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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Lt Sabrina Lail | Turbolift 2 | Decks 1 - 11 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Luciain @Nero @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88  
Joining Captain Jien Ives on his way to Chancellor Martok, Lieutenant Sabrina Lail had begun to gauge the Captain prior to any discussion. Lail wanted to fully grasp what she would be getting herself into if she were to leave the Oneida for the Theurgy and that meant understanding her Captain. The initial walk after briefly answering the Captain's questions was that of silence as Sabrina thought through her talking points and the repercussions they might have.

Once a destination of Deck Eleven had been set by Ives, the LCARS display at the rear of the turbolift lit up a diagram of the Oneida with the turboshafts overlaid and a pathway to Deck Eleven highlighted. Sabrina knew it would take some time to reach the destination which meant she would have plenty of time to discuss the Theurgy. However, first Jien would demonstrate an ability she had only read about through briefings as he shapeshifted into his female form. She provided a superfluous explanation and while Lail may have been curious, she left the matter alone.

Having passed Deck Three, Sabrina decided it was time to discuss what was on her mind.

"Captain, I was going to wait until a more appropriate juncture to speak to you about this but we may not have the opportunity to do so again. Ever since the facade of our destruction, all paths lead back to the Theurgy. The evidence of what you claim has become certainly undeniable but it has also turned the Oneida into a renegade ship. You don't have to tell me - Captain Jackson weighed the evidence before taking the course of action he did but the consequences could be far worse for a ship like the Oneida."

Sabrina was trying to gauge the reaction of Captain Ives through her bluntness. However, she did have an ulterior motive.

"There is a reason I am recounting these facts. I am most certainly probably not the first one to realize that to get the answers we seek and one-day return home would lie with the Theurgy. I may be the first Oneida crew member to bring it to you directly but I may not be the last."

Lail took a momentary pause as the turbolift passed Deck Nine.

"I've served on this ship since its commissioning but you need experienced crew members more so than the Oneida if you are to complete your mission. The Oneida has been fortunate enough to have had Donovan and me in the same position at one point or another. It is nonetheless a surplus when our new allies need officers more than ever."

As the turbolift reached Deck Eleven, Sabrina had finally got to her point.

"Captain, this may have been a longwinded way of doing it but I wanted you to understand that my reasons have been thought through; especially after the display on the bridge. This is not something I chose to do on a whim. It may not be the most appropriate time to ask this but if you'll have me, I would like to request a transfer to the Theurgy. All paths lead to that ship."

As Sabrina waited for her answer, Ives and Lail both stepped out of the turbolift and made their way down the corridor. In the distance, a familiar face was visible waiting: Deputy Chief of Security, Lieutenant RraHnam.

Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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[ Captain Ives | Corridors | Deck 11 | USS Oneida | En-Route to Qo'noS ]
Attn: @Hope @Luciain @Nero @chXinya  @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
After her captivity on the Versant, medical had told her to keep shifting between her two chosen forms since her morphogenic matrix had been affected by the ordeal of being kept in one form for too long. She could feel it too, as if her mimicked limbs and exterior ossified whenever she forgot to shift for too long, but during the month of repairs and the moderate refit of Thea in the Aldea Prime Shipyards, her condition had become better, hoping for a full recovery. She didn't burden the human with that knowledge, however, instead focusing on what she had to say while they descended to Deck 11 and walked down the corridor.

"You seem to have given your choice a great amount of thought," she said with a faint smile and glanced towards her while they walked towards where Martok awaited them. "If I had been in a position to advise Jackson before he and the Senior Staff made the decision to cut ties with Starfleet, I would have suggested he did otherwise. It was, however, a hard call to make, and I understand the motivations behind it. The justification was likely that it might be better knowing whom your enemies are, and keep mistakes - or misplaced loyalties - from compromising the ship by cutting off subspace communications. It also protects 'King' in that respect - our asset in Starfleet Headquarters - from running the risk of being associated with the Oneida, since his involvement would be hard to deny if the Infested learned too much, and having someone of influence behind enemy lines might be key in the mission ahead."

Spotting a Caitian ahead of them, Jien had little more to add before they'd have to change topic. "As you say, however... now the Oneida has a difficult voyage ahead of itself. I will be suggesting options that keep this crew out of harms way as much as possible... but that also means the Oneida will make less of a difference in the greater context of fighting this enemy we face. If Captain Jackson approves your transfer request, you are welcome to serve on the Theurgy. That is, if we make it through these coming hours."

Of course the Deputy on the Oneida would have overheard what she'd just said, but Jien didn't think much of that when she inclined her head in greeting to the Caitian, whom judging by her posture and bodily strength seemed quite formidable as a Security Officer. "My thanks," she said, pleased that the ship's Deputy would be joining them since she was about to discuss how they got inside the Great Hall on Qo'noS, should the Infested have prepared for their arrival with assassins and other measures to keep the Chancellor out.

Once inside the room, Martok looked up, having been conferring with his bodyguard. Now was a time to lament how their plan's trade-off was the lack of Martok's two hundred companions on the Theurgy. Fortunately, the 'Freedom Sentinel' had picked them up, because otherwise they would have been just the meagre crew complement of the Sabine trying to accomplish the mission. A small team that might slip past unnoticed, but at the great risk of finding themselves outnumbered. If they could deploy from the Oneida, the numbers the Deputy could provide could tip the odds.

"Ives. Time is short," growled the Klingon, his remaining eye venturing between the newcomers he didn't know. "Can I count on you with that blade? I still think it looks rather thin."

Jien picked up her dai-katana, named Arashi from where she had put it before she went to the bridge. She seated herself at the opposite end of the long, curved table, and put her weapon down on it. "I do not just hone its edge, I make sure to practise with it on a daily basis, so you can be confident I have not let myself go dull since we fought alongside each other in the Dominion War. In fact... I might be more worried about you, being caught up in politics for these past years."

While Kudesh, the mountain of a Klingon, gave Ives a cold look because of that comment, Martok merely laughed, and he gestured for the newcomers to sit. "Given resent tensions," the Chancellor continued to say, "the Great Hall is now customarily protected by an anti-nadion dampening field, which prevents use of phasers or disruptors when we try to get inside. So, you from the Oneida, do you have any officers who can do other things than just shoot? Do you know how to wield some manner of melee weapon? It might make a difference..."

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Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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[ Lt. RraHnam | Conference Room | Deck 11 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Luciain @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
Keeping the crew out of this was no longer an option. They were already too deeply involved. RraHnam's ears twitched when she heard Captain Ives' words, but she left them uncommented. Anything else would only show an unprofessionalism the Caitian did not want to be guilty of.

Rra opened the door to the conference room, where two of her security officers were already standing guard, and let the captain go first before joining after Lieutenant Lail. She crossed the room and stopped at about the height of the bodyguard across the table, eyeing him unabashedly. She had rarely encountered such a hulking figure. RraHnam was well trained and strong herself, but she could not compete with this Klingon. From the other side, the newcomers were also scrutinized. The Caitian hoped to make at least as good an impression. The scar on her face and the torn lip should testify to her combat experience, just as her trained stature should prove to her strength.

Her eyes watched the Klingons closely, her ears perked. The bladed weapons were not hidden and bristled with all manner of adornment. RraHnam soaked up the smell of the Klingons and realized, to her regret, that they were in dire need of a bath. The giant also smelled of burnt leather. Apparently, he had taken quite a beating during the battle prior in that asteroid field.

Martok wondered if Ives was capable of handling that thin blade of hers, but she assured him not to worry about that and instead joked about Martok's long absence from the battlefield. While the bodyguard didn't even flinch, the Klingon chancellor laughed and the Caitian couldn't help smiling either.

RraHnam recognized the captain's sword as a katana of some sort. It was a crude weapon from Earth's medieval peak. The security officer began to wonder about the number of melee weapons in the room and asked.
"What's with all the blades?"

Martok gestured for those present to sit down, and the Starfleet officers complied. Ives took a seat at the opposite end from Martok, while RraHnam chose a spot centered on the outside curve where she had a good view of both parties. She placed her PADD on the table in front of her, the recording function started.

The Chancellor of the Klingon Empire explained in a few guttural words that the Great Hall was protected by an anti-nadion dampening field, which ensured that particle weapon fire was suppressed. As a result, Phasers and Disrupters could no longer be fired and became useless. RraHnam didn't like where this was going and Martok didn't beat around the bush. He wanted to know if the Oneida could provide troops trained in close combat.

RraHnam looked him straight in his remaining eye and nodded in agreement. She knew she didn't need to play games to let off some cool line. First, it was unprofessional and second, time was of the essence. The more information they could share now, the better she could prepare for what lay ahead.
"It depends," the Deputy Chief of Security began to explain, looking at the serious faces of those present. "If we can beam down, I think we can mobilize a good three dozen men with close-combat training. If we must use shuttles, it will come down to a handful of soldiers per shuttle, including me."
RraHnam let the words sink in, then continued. "What other defenses should we expect? How strong will the garrison be and how close to the Great Hall can we land or beam down?"
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Hope @Auctor Lucan @Nero @Luciain @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
The young Ardanan's exhale betrayed his fatigue at spending yet another day in the Oneida's sickbay. It had become his temporary home since the incident at the Iota Eridani Training Facility where he had sustained extensive injuries. Had it not been for the Oneida he would almost certainly be dead. For that he would eternally be grateful despite his begrudging feelings towards being cooped up in sickbay.

Valin's elbows supported his weight as he leaned forward on the edge of the biobed and scanned the room with an indifferent gaze. The walls, illuminated with diagnostic data from biobeds and medical experiments, lost his interest after the second day of consciousness. The other patients, most of whom departed soon after arriving, all had mundane ailments that gave him little worth dropping eaves upon. It was all so suffocating.

"Someone seems to be getting antsy." The familiar and business-like voice of Lieutenant Aio broke his momentary haze as he entered sickbay, a PADD held securely in one hand.

One corner of Valin's mouth curled into a slight grin. "That obvious?" Now that she mentioned it, he was somewhat twitchy.

"An Aenar could see it, Lieutenant. Without telepathy." Valin had come to appreciate the doctor's dry humor. It was one of the few things that made his time in sickbay bearable.

The woman stopped in front of his biobed and gazed down at her PADD, presumably pulling up his medical files. "Right, Lieutenant. I have Commander Caldera's report here and he has concluded you are of sound mental capacity though I have my doubts," the doctor began with Valin hoping that was another display of her humor. If it was, she gave no easy indication of it. "In any case I see no medical reason to keep you here any further. I am clearing you for duty. Report to Commander Ikthan for assignment."

Finally. Freedom.

Valin slid himself off the biobed and offered the woman a pearly-white smile, a slight spring to his step. "Thank you, doctor. You are a flower amongst grass." Her eyes immediately narrowed and she looked about to say something when the ship's comms beeped and the voices of Captain Jackson and Ives were heard throughout the ship. They detailed the state of their situation, some of which Valin was familiar with but most of it a surprise. He had been brought up to speed, albeit briefly, about Starfleet Command some time after he regained consciousness. Given their hesitation he wondered whether they thought he was infected as well. Would an infected even know they were infected?

Valin had more questions than answers at this point and he wasn't going to get them here. After a parting nod to Lieutenant Aio, he departed sickbay to look for answers.
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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Lt JG Sorek Morgan | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Luciain @Nero @chXinya  @jreeves1701 @Stegro88 @Hope @Eden


Command Assistant... Sorek was repeating his temporary assignment over and over in his head. Command Assistant. What the heck have I gotten myself into? He shook his head as he was turning the corner and headed towards Sickbay. It sounded great at first. Learning how the commanding officers of a starship work, how they arrived at the decisions they took, which factors they included in their planning and how they led their personnel. But he quickly learned that this was not for him. He did a good job, something he always tried to achieve as the absolute minimum. Doing a good job. But he could not really, honestly get into the role he was assigned to by Captain Jackson. He felt as if he was too young, too agile and his personality not hardened enough. Not yet.

Sorek was not convinced that he would always feel this way. He had seen people change during their service in Starfleet. He has met an engineering officer who was actively studying in his free time to become a doctor. This man had been a marvelous engineer and was in fact - in his mid-twenties - sure that he would retire directly after repairing a plasma conduit for the last time. But he was wrong. Wrong about himself. Wrong about his own conviction. Just like Sorek, although Sorek knew that nothing in this universe was exempt from change.

But for the moment, all that did not matter. Sorek had orders to carry out and this time, those orders were right up his alley. Commander Ikthan had sent him to get one of the emergency medical kits from sickbay and a phaser pistol from security and join the patrols that were moving through the decks since Chancellor Martok has arrived. The Second Officer of the USS Oneida did not find it necessary to explain to Sorek, that his quick reflexes, well trained hand-eye coordination, and bravery in battle were vital benefits during a boarding scenario. The extended medical first responder training he received during his time at the Tactical CONN Academy came in handy as well. Assigning him to fight of invading Klingons was the most logical route to take, especially since he had no real posting aboard and the tactical console on the bridge was better manned by the regular staff than a newcomer who was just starting to get the grips of it.

The Lieutenant Junior Grade was not one to be picky, at least not when it came to orders. He understood the situation quite well and found it profoundly satisfying to get a chance and fight again. A real fight, not a simulation. Although he would have preferred to fly into battle rather than walk, he was certain better times were waiting right around the corner.

He had listened carefully to the words that Captain Jackson chose to broadcast via the ship wide communication channel. After Captain Ives had portrayed the details of what was going down, Captain Jackson made the right decision to announce opening for transfer requests. And that was exactly what Sorek was planning on doing right after this skirmish was over. He did not know a lot about the USS Theurgy, but they had fighters on board and that alone was enough reason for him to join their fight in a heartbeat. Not that he was oblivious to the threat to the entire Federation, but he would not be able to help substantially if he was not sitting in a goddamn pilot's seat of a fighter.

Decision made!

He approached the door to sickbay with firm steps, carrying his tall, fit body with more enthusiasm than ever before since his rescue from the Tactical CONN Training Center Omega. Light-heartedly and ready for combat he passed through the automatic door only to come to a full stop just two steps in. Two women in teal uniforms were looking at him questioningly. They were standing so close to the door, that he had almost run them over. Now, blushing just a little, he turned his head around as if looking for something, seemingly in a hurry. All he wanted was to get the kit and get back out again.

"Erm, hi. I need one of the emergency medical kits. Orders of Commander Ikthan." He said and his voice betrayed his discomfort in the presence of those two female crewmates. All he hoped for was, that they were not out for a lengthy discussion about the why's and the what's, but simply hand him a kit and send him on his way.

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Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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Lt Sabrina Lail | Conference Room | Deck 11 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nero @Luciain @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88 @Eden @Lathaniel 
There was no doubt that the Catian Deputy of Security had likely heard the closing statements of the conversation between Captain Ives and Lieutenant Sabrina Lail. In hindsight, Lail didn't think much of this as she had reconciled from earlier that the crew would need to face the realities of making the decision to stay aboard or leave for the USS Theurgy. Fortunately, Sabrina had a protege in Donovan Bridges who now holds her former position on the Oneida that would result in her departure not casting as empty of a void in the crew as others transferring would.

Lieutenant RraHanam had opened the conference room doors and ushered Ives and Lail inside, joining right behind Sabrina. It became clear when Sabrina spotted Chancellor Martok that this was a diplomatic meeting of some kind for which Lail was never given an invitation to but as she eyed the Klingon delegation she realized it would be best to make her way to the Starfleet delegation. Captain Ives was clearly aware of Sabrina's presence and up to that point hadn't objected.

As Martok signaled for everyone to take their seats, Sabrina sat halfway between Rra and Ives, giving her an easy view of the part of the delegation she knew. Chancellor Martok discussed the Great Hall's defenses, particularly the dampening field that surpassed particle weapons and the need to intrude on foot with melee weapons which Lail thought were crude but effective.

RraHanam got to a series of questions regarding the opposition the landing parties would face which led Lail to interject, "what about Qo'noS' orbital defense grid?"
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[ Captain Ives | Corridors | Deck 11 | USS Oneida | En-Route to Qo'noS ]
Attn: @Hope @Luciain @Nero @chXinya  @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
Sitting by the table, Jien's brown eyes moved to the Caitian when she asked her questions. It was Martok that had the answers, however, so while Jien had been briefed already, the Chancellor didn't seem to mind speaking about what they might expect at Qo'noS again.

"I am still the Chancellor, challenged as I might have been by House Mo'Kai and the whelp Gorka. My clearance will open our passage into the Great Hall once we reach it, and the garrison belongs to me. If we do not beam down directly, your shuttle can land by the main gate, and we stride right in. If I am challenged by anyone, they will learn that the Great Hall is still my house, and they will woe their lesson from beyond the gates of Sto'vo'kor. Let any assassin or warrior dare make the attempt, and they will be struck down."

Jien cleared her throat and tilted her head a little. "As I said before, given the stakes involved, it is a rather bold entrance, and I would advocate caution. Can your spymaster - K'Tal - arrange for a warmer kind of welcome?"

"Bah, of course. K'Tal will do his part, but there are many shadows in the Great Hall, and he can't search them all. I would be surprised if there wasn't any bloodshed regardless the precautions taken."

Nodding quietly, Jien - still none too pleased - looked towards Sabrina Lail when she asked her question about any orbital defence grid.

"Aye, of course we have planetary defences, but I will give the order to spare this ship, so the Oneida crew will have naught to fear once we reach Qo'noS. A challenge against the Oneida will be equivalent to challenging me, and in the First City, I still hold power. House Mo'Kai is but one of twenty-four Great Houses there, and by the time I enter the First City, the the Klingon High Council will defer to the challenge posed, and the outcome will be settled in the Great Hall. Not in our planet's orbit."

Quietly, Jien thought that Martok might have great faith in his own standing, and he reckoned that might be the case because he knew House Martok had a future in M'Ven, son of Drex. It was a good thing, seeing his old friend regain his edge after having lost Sirella and his other children. The Chancellor's confidence and assertiveness was contagious, yet still Jien pushed for something more pragmatic.

"I think the crew of the Oneida would be as confident as you are if you sent word ahead to K'Tal about them now, in good time before we reach your homeworld," she said politely. The Oneida was, after all, just a long range explorer and didn't have the means to take on the might of Qo'noS' defences.

"Very well," growled Martok and Kudesh gave him a Klingon data tablet upon which he sent an encrypted message to the Head of the Imperial Intelligence.

While the Chancellor typed, Jien turned her eyes towards the Caitian Deputy. "Unless you have already arranged for it, any Security officers - including yourself - would be welcome. Klingon politics being what it is, I would expect there will be bloodshed."

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[ Lt. RraHnam | Conference Room | Deck 11 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Luciain @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
RraHnam listened carefully to the rumbling voice of the Klingon chancellor. In brief but definite bullet points, she noted down the information that was important to her. Apparently, Martok had great confidence in his position and the power that came with it on Qo'noS. However, the soldier herself did not really want to trust him. According to Martok, they could simply walk through the front door into the Great Hall and park their shuttles right by the fence. However, RraHnam did not assume this. She knew the Klingon mentality for swagger, and she knew Martok's position was challenged.

The Deputy Chief of Security briefly surveyed her notes and added more as Lail questioned the two Klingons about orbital defenses. Unfortunately, these answers were also rather modest, and they had to expect a less than warm reception. RraHnam hoped, however, that behind the old Klingon's words lay the truths he so wholeheartedly proclaimed.

On her datapad she typed further instructions. Partly they concerned the preparations for the ship to arm itself against intruders. Partly, however, they also concerned possible candidates for an away team. Right off the bat, she thought of about two dozen names that she knew were close-combat experienced soldiers. Another dozen she would surely be able to locate with a few minutes of folder rolling. All in all, she was confident she could get enough troops together to back up her words with action.

Her ears twitched in Ives' direction as she raised her voice again, nodding in agreement as she asked Martok to announce her arrival. That way, silly misunderstandings could be avoided in advance. Then the Theurgy captain turned to her and explained that she would welcome any help.
"I have already made arrangements. We will have enough troops for this endeavor, Captain," she declared. "I will lead the Oneida's away team."
Her golden eyes fixed on Martok and his bodyguard. Her lips lifted into a smile lined with pointed fangs. "We will make sure the Chancellor arrives at the Great Hall without much bloodshed."

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Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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Lt. Arven Leux | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Luciain @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88 @Lathaniel

Arven was busily taking care of his charting from the previous patient he had. a pair of crew members had gotten somewhat too experimental with a game of Spring-ball. He didn't want to know just how the ball had been lodged where it was, but he had some ideas, most of which were somewhat too 'experimental' in the execution for him to entertain seriously. "How in all of the hells could they have thought that would feel good." He lets out a sigh filling out the Chart and filing it under Injuries: Self-inflicted: insertions. That was a worryingly large sub-file of the medical records database that managed to scroll to the bottom of at least one full page. However, looking at how many of those files there were did bring a dark chuckle from him. Distressing wasn't quite the word that he'd have used, but then the announcement came over the comms.

Arven listened to the announcement, weighed the critical points of it in his mind, and came to a decision fairly quickly. Martok was a very honorable Klingon. The things he'd done during the Dominion war had helped inspire the Alliance to new heights at times. And he certainly trusted Captain Jackson with his life, certainly with his career. After all, Captain Jackson was the one that had given him a second chance after being cleared from his board of inquiry. He owed the captain his career, giving him his trust the absolute minimum that Captain Jackson deserved. Arven would continue to serve, though he hoped and prayed that he'd not wind up in a situation like he'd been in back on Cardassia Prime.

Those dark thoughts are swiftly banished, though, as he closes the medical files and hops up from his seat. "Alright, we're probably going into a combat situation; get trauma kits ready to go. set up for triage as well, anesthetics, pressure bandages, and tourniquets. We don't know how bad things will get once we come out on the other side of this. So we need to be ready for anything. And make sure you're all armed, in a boarding action, everyone is a combatant." There was a gravity to his words that he felt. Some of the stories that he'd gathered from his time in the camp had been chilling. What he'd been through that got him captured was tame. Some of the stories he'd heard from ground forces that had fought against the Dominion, though, he was glad he didn't have those particular nightmares.

And then he noticed Lt. jg Morgan standing there asking for a medical kit, on the orders of the Executive officer. His lavender eyes narrow, and a muscle twitches in his chiseled jawline. Arven barely bites back a more vile retort than he had. When he does speak, there's a harshness to his tone. "The XO should know that we have our own preparations to make when we're going into combat!" The quite muscular Arven does pick up a medical kit and walks it over to Sorek, shoving it roughly into his chest. "And don't go buying any real-estate in the near future. After all, you can't get rid of Chaos." The Doctor winks at that and turns to go back to his duties. "And if you come back in here with your ass partially shot off, I'll kick the rest of it."

Re: CH06: S [D03|1419] Of Late I Think of Qo'noS
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Lt JG Sorek Morgan | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Luciain @Nero @chXinya   @jreeves1701 @Stegro88 @Hope @Eden @Tae


Seeing the Lieutenant picking up a medical kit and walking towards Sorek sternly made the Fighter Pilot stop in his tracks. He did not expect such a harsh reaction. Especially not since all he was tasked to do was to bring his advanced medical training to fruition. Sure, he was not a medical practitioner and every nurse aboard this vessel had more experience in trauma care than he did. But he had finished the advanced combat first responder training exellently. For a brief moment he pondered a snappy reply, but quickly got rid of the urge.

Feeling the impact of the kit on his chest made him smirk. He stood his ground and focused his eyes on Arven's. "Don't worry, Doc, this ass will come back to you unharmed." He blurted out without thinking about it for even a second. The realization of his words hit just barely after the last word was spoken, and he felt his face blush. "I mean, I know how to take care of myself." He added and held up the kit. "And I'm well trained with these."

He started to walk away when he stopped and turned his head halfway back towards the Doctor. "Better be ready for a shitload of work today, Doc. This fight will not be easy." A nod - both out of respect and to emphasize his warning - and he turned back towards the door. Walking out, he felt like an idiot. A very weird variant of the famous Earthen action movie heroes and a gay sidekick from one of his mother's holo-novels.
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