Rylan Sil (MIA)

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Name:Rylan Sil
Position:FNN Correspondent
Orientation:  Homosexual
Birthplace:Montasmery Cove, Risa
Height:5ft 10in / 1.78m
Weight:175lbs / 80kg
Hair:Coppery Auburn
Eye color:Stormcloud Gray
Played by:Cameron Monaghan

Extreme Sports


Federation History



Food & Drink


2358 - 2367: Samovar Academy, Nuvia, Risa

2368 - 2373: University of Alpha Centauri, New Samarkand, Alpha Centauri III

Service Record

2374 - 2376: Independent Correspondent, Dominion War Front & Post-war Reconstruction

2376 - 2377: Federation News Network Correspondent, Earth

2377 - 2380: Federation News Network Roving Reporter, Federation Core

2380 - 2381: Federation News Network Correspondent, Romulan Civil War Front

2381: Federation News Network Press Pool, Qo'noS

2381 - Present: Federation News Network Embedded Correspondent, USS Theurgy


Rylan Sil was an FNN reporter that by happenstance had ended up at the Federation Embassy on Qo’noS during the events surrounding the Battle of the Houses. When the fighting that raged in the First City between the Martok Loyalists and House Mo'Kai had died down, Sil had taken refuge inside the Federation Embassy, where he learned the truth about Starfleet Command from members of the USS Theurgy crew. When the ‘renegade’ starship departed Qo’noS, Rylan left with them, embedding amongst the crew to continue reporting on the parasite infiltration of the Federation. He later went missing during the shore leave at Qo'noS in April of 2381.



Rylan Sil came from a large Risian family. Marriage and monogamy on his homeworld were not the norm and, while he was his parents' only child, he had an array of half-siblings. As a young boy, Rylan was raised with some of his brothers and sisters at the Siraven Resort in Montasmery Cove, where his mother Lyryk Sil was the proprietor. His father, Cadeer Eddau, was an engineer at the planet's main weather control center. As a child, Rylan proved to be highly intelligent and sociable. Though he was neither the eldest, nor the youngest of the eight children that made up his family, he proved by age nine to be a standout and leader among the group of children.

His inborn charisma and mental capacity proved a bit more than the traditional Risian 'free reign' educational programs could provide for however. Rylan was always finding new ways to get into trouble, testing the limits of what he could get away with, as well as the limits of his mind and body. This often led to trouble for him and his siblings, and more than a few minor injuries. His parents agreed to have the young man tested for acceptance into the Samovar Academy, one of the most prestigious educational facilities on the planet. The academy did not hold to Risian educational traditions and instead incorporated a much more structured curriculum taken from cultures throughout the Federation. While Rylan felt like this was a punishment for him constantly pushing boundaries at the time, as an adult he would freely confess that sending him to Samovar was the best thing his parents could have done for him, and that this educational experience truly began the process of molding him into the man he would become.

The Samovar Academy was a boarding school, and Rylan was no longer running with his gang of siblings on a daily basis. He easily established a new social foundation at the school, and in his early days proved just as much a delinquent there as he had been back home in Montasmery Cove. Rather than watch the potential in the boy go unnurtured, the school's history chair, Dr. Eche'Ir, took Rylan under his proverbial wing and proved to be exactly the mentor the boy needed. Not only did the Grazerite professor instill a lasting interest in Federation history in Rylan, he more importantly taught him to temper his intellect and penchant for risk taking with better judgement and common sense. Rylan spent nearly a decade at the academy. As he matured his former recklessness had transformed into a love of extreme sports and a do-gooder's sense of daring-do.

A consummate student of history thanks to his Grazerite mentor, Eche'Ir, that became the initial focus for Rylan's studies when he left Risa for Alpha Centauri III. It was early in his second year at Alpha Centauri University that the young man also found himself developing a keen interest in journalism and would opt to add that to his program of studies as well. During his five years at ACU, Rylan would become involved in his first monogamous relationship. Along with his lover, the Human Braeden Crewe, Rylan traveled extensively throughout the core of the Federation. They shared a love of experiencing different cultures - especially their varying types of cuisine. The relationship would not last and as of 2381, the two hadn't spoken in years.

Rylan graduated with dual-degrees in Federation History and Journalism in 2374, at the height of the Dominion War. Having not established employment at the time, Rylan began acting as an independent correspondent submitting articles and holos to the Federation News Network, Federation News Service, and Federation Newsnet. Thanks to his extensive social network developed while at university and traveling the central column of Federation worlds, Rylan was able to secure himself a place on the S.S. Gilead, one of the relief ships sent to evacuate refugees from Betazed when the planet fell to the Jem'Hadar. He would continue to report freelance from the war front throughout the rest of the conflict from a succession of starships involved in the war effort. While he was not able to secure a place on Deep Space 9 for the signing of the Treaty of Bajor, Rylan did report on the end of the war from the U.S.S. Sapphire, an aged Miranda-class ship docked at the station for repairs. He would remain aboard the Sapphire for several months afterward, reporting on the post-war relief effort. It was during this time on the Sapphire that Rylan was part of a polyamorous triad consisting of Efrosian security ensign Trecho Yeylee and the captain's yeoman, Kyrean Hin, a Trill. The relationship was doomed to fail eventually, but Rylan headed off disaster when he accepted a permanent position with the Federation News Network and left the ship for Earth.

His time on Earth was short lived however. While there were plenty of recreational activities around the planet to keep him occupied, he found the position in the bullpen at FNN headquarters to be boring. During his time there Rylan was keen to try as many of the pleasures offered there as possible until a better position came along. As the Federation continued its rebuilding period following the war the kind of action-oriented news that had become Rylan's bread and butter had waned considerably. As things continued to return to status quo Rylan began to be offered opportunities to report on a variety of topics and work had him traveling again between those core Federation worlds for a few years. He used this time to considerably boost his network of social and business contacts, giving him 'ins' to many different aspects of Federation life.

While regrettable, the Romulan Civil War provided Rylan with exactly the opportunity he craved. He quickly convinced his editors to send him to the war front. He booked passage on a civilian transport, the Cadlee, bound for the Neutral Zone. The war raged around him and Rylan quickly found himself moving from ship to ship and location to location, chasing after the battles that were being waged inside Romulan space. The war lasted longer than anticipated, and Rylan had to leave the Romulan front to the press pool on the Klingon homeworld, Qo'noS.

The intrepid reporter had only arrived in the First City days before Klingon politics, which was always aggressive, turned into open hostilities. Gorka, son of Margon had attempted to usurp leadership of the Empire, and open conflict had erupted in the streets. As the forces of House Mo'Kai clashed with the Martok Loyalists, Rylan made his way through the streets recording holo-footage of the conflict along the way. It was while gathering information on the battle for what he knew would be a top listed new feed that Rylan discovered that the USS Theurgy - a Starfleet ship reportedly gone rogue - had arrived in orbit and were supporting Martok and the Empire establishment. Having made his way to the Federation Embassy, Rylan found himself trapped inside until the day after, the gates having been sealed at the start of the coup attempt. He bid his time inside the Embassy, waiting for things to return to normal so he could leave and find out more about the arrival of the renegades from the Theurgy and their involvement in what seemed like it should have been an internal Klingon matter.

As it were, the Captain of the Theurgy came to the Embassy instead.

Personality Profile


Rylan was a man of contradictions. He was a typical Risian, always looking for pleasure but constantly put himself in situations where there was very little opportunity for pleasure to be found. He delighted in taking unnecessary risks with little regard to the physical or psychological repercussions he might suffer. He adamantly believed in the underlying goodness of the Federation but was enough of a cynic to know that there was rot under the shine. Rylan took good care of his appearance and carried himself with a supreme air of confidence, and it could be said that this bordered on vanity. He did not mind getting dirty - or bloody - when a situation called for it. A lover more than a fighter, he did have a temper that he was more than happy to let out when necessary. Rylan was an incredibly outgoing and sociable person, but at the same time he also had a need for solitude at times.

Physical Profile

Rylan was an average specimen of the Risian species. He stood just less than six-feet tall and his height was proportionate to his weight. He had dark copper hair and wore a light beard. His eyes were the color of storm clouds, but have a sandalwood starburst around the iris. Rylan engaged in a variety of exercises to maintain an athletic physique, necessary to engage in many of the recreational activities he enjoyed. Rylan had a small number of tattoos, these were applied during the Dominion War and Romulan Civil War. He also had some scars from injuries that healed naturally rather than with medical technology; some of these were received during wartime while others came from risky pastimes. None of these were visible when he was fully clothed.

Special Notes

Mera: Rylan used a multi-functional camera drone manufactured by Siddig-Na Mechanics. The drone had no AI functionality and was a simple voice activated tool. It responded to the name Mera (short for camera). The drone was capable of recording audio, video, and holo footage and allowed for playback and display of any recorded media. Mera also possessed a short range communication system and could link to nearby computer networks for research purposes.