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This page is for planning events during Episode 02: Cosmic Imperartive in Season 2 of Star Trek: Theurgy. Each day will have a bullet point list of events including the time in which the events occur. This, to aid all writers in orienting themselves around what their characters might be doing before and after each event.

Colour Code Chapter
Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
Chapter 04
Chapter 05
Quantum Slipstream Travel

Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative begins on the 10th of May 2381 (known below as Day 01). Counting by the Qo'noS Shore Leave Calendar, it would be Day 22, since the shore leave ended with Day 21 in that Calendar.

In SOM, the Theurgy´s QSD needs 36 hours of cool-down, and can only be used for 1 hours, granting them 60 LY of travel. Other Vector configurations are untested. The Erudite only requires 12 hours cool-down to travel 300 LY in 1 hour. It would need 36 hours if travelling for the maximum duration of QSD flight-time, 3 hours.

Calendar Below is Under Construction

Time Ship
Day Hour USS Theurgy The Helmet The Ranger The Erudite Apache USS Allegiant |
Day 01 0000 hrs.
Day 01 0500 hrs.
0600 hrs.
0700 hrs.
0800 hrs. Senior Staff Meeting is held on the Theurgy
0900 hrs. QSD Engaged
1000 hrs. QSD taken offline; Theurgy engages maximum warp drive 9.99.
1100 hrs.
1200 hrs. Arrival at designated coordinates.
1300 hrs. Informs Martok of the Ranger's departure. Chapter 3 Begins Ranger disengages from Theurgy. Chapter 2 Begins
1400 hrs. Remains at designated coordinates in Triangle. Ranger enters RNZ at max warp. Erudite departs Theurgy Chapter 4 Begins Departs within Erudite hold. Chapter 1 Begins Departs within Erudite hold. Chapter 5 Begins
1500 hrs. First diplomatic meeting with Klingon allies. Departs Erudite and engages max warp with cloak to reach R&D facility.
1600 hrs. Hit and run tactics by unknown ship stir up allies (SP). Crosses over RNZ in Romulan Space. Departs Erudite and engages max warp with cloak to reach Romulus.
1700 hrs. Reports from Qo'Nos, rebels attacking Martok allies seeking to disrupt government (SP). Encounters a Federation-bound civilian convoy that requests assistance. (SP) Enroute to R&D Facility, encounter Romulan warbird.
1800 hrs. Major government official and supporter of Martok, reports his daughter has been kidnapped and requests assistance (SP). Arrival at Hobus Star area. Arrival at R&D Facility.
1900 hrs. Donatra's forces arrive at designated coordinates. Intel shows that vital information on the Infested's plans for their next move is stored on the main Hobus Star Station facility. (SP)
2000 hrs. Dipolomatic dinner between Donatra, Martok, and Theurgy officers. Engage with Savi Scions at Hobus Star Station. Arrival at Romulus.
2100 hrs. Engages the Romulan Carrier Okhala Thrai.
2200 hrs. Evidence of a saboteur among Klingon forces increases tensions (SP). Encounter supposed defectors wishing to find asylum with Federation. (SP)
2300 hrs. In the aftermath, the victors limp to rendevous with allies at the Triangle.
Day 02 0000 hrs. Evidence of a saboteur among Romulan forces also increases tensions (SP). Overhear plans to assassinate a prominent senator who is vocal in his opposition to both Tal'Aura's tactics and Donatra's seeming impulsiveness. (SP)
0100 hrs. Oneida shares results of scans with Theurgy science team. Ranger engages slipstream emitters with Tal'Aura's forces hot in pursuit.
0200 hrs. Ranger slipstream emitters suffer catastrophic malfunction, leaving Ranger on minimum power adrift in Romulan space. Depart R&D Facility. Transmit thalaron trigger data to allies.
0300 hrs. Science department receives thalaron trigger data. Ranger is discovered by Romulan vessels and is stalked by fighters while trying to make repairs (SP) Local-based allies are caught and detained in the Citadel for supposed questioning by the Tal'Shiar Internal Security department. (SP)
0400 hrs. While making repairs and dealing with Romulan hit-and-run tactics, Ranger receives a distress call with Federation signatures from nearby planet. (SP) En route back to Triangle, intercept intel detailing a massive bio-weapons facility at another site, with orders to use weapons against Federation civilians living among the borderlands. (SP)
0500 hrs. Evidence of a temporal rift appears on the Ranger, causing crew members to travel in and out of time, requires handling. (SP) Encounter an Orion slaving convoy where a distress signal emits from one of its carriers. (SP)
0600 hrs. Make contact with a self-declared agent for reunification with a third-party elected leader who offers assistance to receive some in return. (SP)
0700 hrs.
0800 hrs.
0900 hrs. Locate Tal'Aura.
1000 hrs. Ranger returns to an optimal level of power given circumstances and resumes course to rendevous with the Helmet. A strange set of non-life threatening but no less incapacitating symptoms befalls all the fighter pilots aboard. (SP)
1100 hrs. Tal'Aura's forces arrive at coordinates. Science department shares data for how to combat thalaron weaponry with allies.
1200 hrs.
1300 hrs.
1400 hrs.
1500 hrs.
1600 hrs. Allegiant departs Romulus for rendevous point.
1700 hrs.
1800 hrs. Encounter a Vulcan migrant vessel under attack from Romulan mercenaries seeking to protect the purity of Romulus from Vulcan immigrants. (SP)
1900 hrs.
2000 hrs. Still en route to rendevous, receive a transmission from a Romulan farming colony of attacks from unknown assailants requesting help from anyone nearby. (SP)
2100 hrs.
2200 hrs.
2300 hrs.
Day 03 0000 hrs.
0100 hrs.
0200 hrs. Encounter a Reman-led independent military convoy en route to Romulan colony worlds, set to bombard them. (SP)
0300 hrs.
0400 hrs.
0500 hrs.
0600 hrs. Arrives at Triangle and reunites with allies. Chapter 4 ends.
0700 hrs.
0800 hrs.
0900 hrs.
1000 hrs.
1100 hrs. Ranger arrives at Triangle.
1200 hrs. Ranger and Helmet reconnect.Chapter 2 Ends.
1300 hrs.
1400 hrs. Chapter 3 Ends.
1500 hrs. Apache arrives at Triangle and docks with Theurgy. Chapter 1 Ends.
1600 hrs. Allegiant arrives at Triangle and docks with Theurgy. Chapter 5 Ends.
1700 hrs. Epilogue Begins
1800 hrs.
1900 hrs.
2000 hrs.
2100 hrs.
2200 hrs.
2300 hrs.
Day 04 0000 hrs.
0100 hrs.
0200 hrs.
0300 hrs.
0400 hrs.
0500 hrs.
0600 hrs.
0700 hrs.
0800 hrs.