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We have been running the Star Trek: Theurgy story for many years now, and over time, we have built the story with key characters that are essential to the plot, not to mention making different kinds of relationships between characters that have become important for character development. Sadly, writers have left the group now and then, leaving the writers that remain with us bereft of the development that they were looking forward to with their own characters. However, over time, we have successfully let writer-less characters be inherited by present writers, examples being Selena Ravenholm, Wenn Cinn, Edena Rez, Nathaniel Isley and Cameron Henshaw, whom are all being actively played today even if the original writers left us. So, this is your chance to step right into present events in the Star Trek: Theurgy story.

Please consider how you, as the new writer of the character, have a creative license to change the way s/he is played. We want you to make the character your own, change things as you see fit, and update details on the character page to your heart's content. They merely have to remain the same person in the broader sense, i.e. in terms of name, race, position, rank and images.

If you would like to inherit an available character, the GM will provide all information about what the characters have been up to so far in the story, as well as potential development for them.

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