Katherine Locke

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Name:Katherine Samantha Locke
Position:Nurse Practitioner
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:San Francisco
Height:5ft 2in / 1.57m
Weight:114lbs / 52kg
Eye color:Dark Brown
Played by:Nina Dobrev
Writer:NPC, Available for Inheritance
2374 – 2378: Starfleet Academy (Earth)
2378 – 2380: Starfleet Medical Academy Graduate Program (Earth)
Service Record
2380 – 2381 Ensign, Nurse Practitioner, USS Oneida
2381 – Present: Ensign, Nurse Practitioner, USS Theurgy
2378: Graduation from Starfleet Medical Academy with Honours
2380: Graduation from Starfleet Medical Academy Graduate Program with Honours
The daughter of a Starfleet Admiral and a member of the Federation Science Council, joining Starfleet or the Federation was always in Katie's future. The question was always how? In the end, she decided to follow neither of her parent's paths, opting instead to join the medical branch of Starfleet. Choosing her own, different path, a chance to make her own way while serving as she'd always wanted to.

Everything started off seeming to be going so wonderfully for Katie. After she graduated from the Starfleet medical academy Katie was assigned to the medical department of the USS Oneida. Katie was on board when the Oneida ran into the SS Sabine, and when they discovered the truth about the infiltration of the upper echelons of Starfleet Command. Worried about the fate of her family, and if they'd been infected she volunteered to transfer to the USS Theurgy, hoping to be able to find out more as part of the ship and its mission and help her parents if possible.

Shortly thereafter, during the time the Theurgy orbiting Qo'noS, she regretted her decision and returned to serve aboard the Oneida again, reason unknown.



Katherine was born just outside San Francisco to two Starfleet officers, Rear-Admiral Henry Locke and his wife Sara Locke, a scientist on the Federation Science Council. While the girl was the delight of both of her parents, they were both very career-focused and Katie's earliest memories are of being bounced from one ship, one station to another at the whim of her parent's careers. The only real static "home" the girl had was her paternal grandparent's house back on earth, where she would stay if neither of her parents was in a position to keep her with them. Not that her grandparent's minded getting to spend time with their granddaughter, spoiling her rotten while they could.

Because her grandmother, a nurse, had to leave to go to work while her architect grandfather mostly worked from home, Katie grew up as grandpa's little angel and he would drag her everywhere with him. To the hardware store, to meet builders and architects, the girl's precocious outgoing nature shone through and before long her grandfather's friends and colleagues started bringing treats for the little brunette who would wear her little hardhat and do her best to help. When he wasn't working, Katie and her grandpa would take a trip to the beach or out to the mountains. It was from him that she started to love spending time in nature, and those days they could convince grandma to come normally resulted in overnight camping trips and stories under the stars.

These interludes at her grandparent's house were like a living dream, she had to go to school while she was there, but mostly it was just spending time basking in the warm love of her grandparents. However, these were just interludes, broken up as she went to live with one parent or the other as time allowed. Due to this constant moving around, Katie became used to not having a strong group of friends, but rather would make friends wherever she went, and then move on just as fast. Bouncing from school to school, only a small handful of friends bothered to keep in touch with her as she moved around.

Despite the haphazard nature of her education, it was expected, almost inevitably that Katie would enter Starfleet. Neither of her parents would ever consider anything different, in fact, the only question was in whose footsteps she would follow, her father into the tactical track, or her mother into research. When she was old enough Katie was first sent to Federation Summer Camp, a trip that would prove eye-opening for the girl. It was here that she first made her first long-term friends, everyone at the camp knew it was only for summer, for just a few weeks and so they made a point of keeping in touch after they left. They would meet up the next year, and the next year. Katie finally had friends who could understand what her life was like, who had similar goals and dreams. Friends she could talk to, and who she knew she would see again and again, even going to visit them at home.

As Katie approached the age of 16 when she could apply to the academy, both of her parents stepped up their attempts to recruit her to their preferred careers, arranging visits to ships and research facilities. Although both Henry and Sarah had agreed not to compete...they ended up doing just that, struggling for their daughter's future. Katie managed to obtain a place in the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program, spending the 6 weeks of the program enjoying herself, passing the actual academy entrance exam with flying colours. Her father was so proud, his little girl would be following him into command, maybe one day making Admiral herself. Imagine his shock then when she came to meet him in his office to take him out to lunch, the food cart in the plaza, to tell him she wouldn't be entering the academy after all but had decided to enter the Starfleet Medical Academy instead. How could he be angry though when she had put so much thought into this, was following in the footsteps of his own mother? He only kissed her forehead and blessed her plans, though her mother wasn't quite so happy with the fact that her daughter hadn't followed her path.

The Academy

The next 6 years were filled with a mixture of a heavy load of coursework that drove Katie to the limits of what she was capable of handling, and stability she'd never known. Settled in the same place for the entirety of her time at the academy she made actual friends and reconnected with friends from camp. The best part of her time was she close enough to her grandparent's who she adored to visit them regularly. Between her social life and studies, the girl thrived, joining a sorority and the academy racquetball team. It was the best time of her life.

Katie found that she could lose herself in her studies, spending hours in the library with her nose in a book, or in study groups trying to wrap her head around the concepts, she was being taught. Not everything that she learned was easy, dissections and surgery were something she had to work at. And work she did, throwing herself into her studies with a passion, acting like a sponge to soak up the knowledge available to her. She found she enjoyed the work, taking care of patients and being able to take the time to look after them and provide them with the attention to make their lives a little better. It was, for this reason, she chose to go down the nurse route, taking the extra two years of training to become a nurse practitioner. During her training, she was able to do a rotation at a local hospital under the supervision of head nurse Locke. Spending clinical rotation under her grandmother gave Katie a chance to better bond with her, and more than that, learn and benefit from her grandmother's experience. The woman who Katie had followed into the medical field was her final teacher, closing the circle.

USS Oneida

Upon graduation Katie's father took her to that same food cart in the plaza she had taken him to before. A "treat" before he pinned her ensign's pips onto her uniform and handed her the message containing her first assignment. It took Katie everything she had to convince her father not to take her to the ship himself, the last thing she needed, she wanted, was for that reputation to follow her through her career.

While she'd done clinical rotations before, nothing had prepared her for serving aboard the medical department on board a ship. There were more minor injuries, scrapes and bruises and less serious ones than there had been back in her clinical rotations. However, every day brought something new, something interesting and she finally got to establish the kind of long-term relationship with the crew, with her patients that she'd dreamed of. Things looked to be going well, looked to be going exactly how she'd wanted, and then they ran into the Theurgy and the truth of the plot that had consumed Starfleet. When she found out the woman found herself consumed with worry, concerned for her parents. She couldn't just come out and ask them if they were a part of the plot, so when the call came for volunteers to transfer to the USS Theurgy and help bolster it's crew her application was waiting in her captain's inbox. It was perhaps the best way she could find out if her parents were safe and help them or get them back if they weren't.

Personality Profile

Warm. It was the first word that anyone would use when talking about Katie. From a young age, she always had a ready smile and a warm gaze for anyone she came across, from her oldest friend to a total stranger. She has a way of giving you her fullest attention, of making you feel like you were the most important person in the world to her. And for a moment you were. Katie cares, that's the simplest way to put it, she cared, about everyone she came across. Friend or foe, everyone deserves care and kindness.

Behind that soft smile and kind eyes was a wicked sense of humour, playful and sarcastic, and a brain that never rested. You didn't go into med school otherwise. Katie loved puzzles, could spend hours pouring over them, trying to put things together so she could solve them, so she could understand.

Beneath this warm and caring personality, Katie has a lack of confidence in herself, she doesn't feel that she's anything special. She's worried that people will see through her, discard her to the side in favour of someone else. This insecurity drives her to do more, push herself further and harder so that no-one realises she's not good enough. That she won't be abandoned.

Mostly a homebody, Katie prefers to spend a night at home when she gets a day off, cooking up a nice meal and relaxing with a good book or movie. That's not to say she doesn't enjoy going out, it isn't too hard for a friend to twist her arm and get her to abandon the comforts of home, though if she had a choice she'd sooner invite them over. Her one guilty pleasure is actually spending time outdoors, something for which she entirely blames her grandfather who used to take her out camping or to the beach while she stayed over. If not at home, she can often be found spending her free time on a holodeck, enjoying the sun and sea or a trek through a forest or up a mountain.

Physical Profile

Standing barely 5 foot 2 inches in her socks, no one ever mistook Katie for an imposing or intimidating figure. She's always been petite, a fact about which she was never happy, while all her friends have blossomed and developed she was always seen as cute. A slender, if well-toned, frame lent Katie an almost elfin appearance that the warm smile that always seemed to be plastered onto her face did little to detract from. That's not to say she hasn't developed herself, the girl's petite frame is well-toned thanks to her grandfather instilling a love of the outdoors in her.

Katie's long brown hair naturally curls into soft waves that fall to her mid-back although she has been known to straighten her hair when she wants to dress-up or try something different. When at work or training Katie often gathered her hair up into a high-ponytail but when she was relaxing without with friends she mostly let her hair fall loose over her shoulders and back. Warm brown eyes, often twinkling with amusement, peered out of a heart-shaped face that is generally only touched up with makeup while she's working, enough to maintain a look without being too time-consuming, although Katie does tends to take more time over her makeup when going out. Single piercings in both ears finish her look, mostly studs or small hoops, though again when going out she might choose something a little more ostentatious from her collection.

Special Notes

Trained in primary care Katie has taken extra courses in ever subject she was able to obtain training in, including courses in infectious disease and anaesthesia. While by no means an expert, she has a basic level of knowledge which she thought would be useful on board a starship.