USS Powhatan

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The USS Powhatan
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The USS Powhatan was an Powhatan class Federation starship operated by Starfleet in the late 24th century. It was the prototype of its class and the second Federation ship known to bear the name. It was designed as prototype for the next class of Science vessel to supplement and surpass the Iroquois class starship.

Lieutenant (junior grade) Kaylon Jeen served at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for a year from 2379 to 2380. While there he worked to increase the efficiency of the new Powhatan’s deuterium enrichment hardware, so that a starship on a deep space mission could make more efficient use of any raw deuterium that was collected and processed on board. It had the added advantage of increasing overall deuterium usage as well. For this he was awarded Starfleet's Meritorious Service Medal.

The USS Powhatan was commissioned in the latter half of 2380. A second Powhatan class starship is expected to complete trials some time during the spring of 2381.