USS Vendetta

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The Vendetta
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The USS Vendetta was a Sovereign-class Federation starship operated by Starfleet during the 2370’s. Jien Ives served aboard the USS Vendetta, between the years 2373 and 2378, where he/she would serve in a number of roles in including Counselor, Rehabilitation Officer, Diplomatic Officer, and Executive Officer, receiving along the way the promotion from Lieutenant Commander to Commander.

Garen Nelis served aboard the Vendetta as a tactical officer for a year in 2375-2376, where he was treated for his post traumatic stress disorder and was inspired to enter the Counseling Department.

Known Crew

  • Lieutenant Commander/Commander Jien Ives, Counselor 2373-2375), Rehabilitation Officer (2375-2376), Diplomatic Officer (2376-2377), Executive Officer (2377-2378)
  • Lieutenant (junior grade) Garen Nelis, Tactical Officer (2375-2376)