Eve Jenkins (KIA)

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Name:Eve Jenkins
Position:Head Nurse
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Earth – London, England, first ten years and then San Francisco, California
Weight:135 lbs
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Elizabeth Hurley
Writer:Deceased NPC
Recreational swimming
Starfleet Academy/Starfleet Medical, class of 2372.
Service Record
2380: Assigned to the USS Triton, went AWOL before she returned to Earth.

Before her death, Eve Jenkins was Head Nurse on the USS Theurgy. She aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century. Jenkins was put in stasis after sustaining fatal injury when she was abducted by the Savi. She was later killed in action on the Versant.


Miranda Jenkins’ trip to Seyann, one of Delta IV’s moons, would forever change her life. Indeed it changed her very existence and was the sorrow of Commander Liam Jenkins. His bright daughter who never wanted for anything, had such zest for life and would enter Starfleet Academy went for a holiday before she would put her nose to the grindstone and toured several places. She returned early and would never attend the Academy or anything else ever again. Locked in her mind and like a toddler enrapt as bubbles floated about, Miranda was returned to the family estate in London and not long after it was discovered she was with child.

Liam named the babe Eve, for she was life and born of his only child. While he mourned the basic loss of his daughter, the beautiful babe brought joy to his heart. Even as a toddler she would know when he was getting one of his headaches and would kiss his forehead to make them bearable. Her compassion knew no bounds, aiding a stray animal or reaching out to those in need. Many times she would be drawn to the nursing homes and hospitals, the pain and loneliness calling to her. More than once she sat with someone and sang to them in her clear sweet voice as they passed from this realm to the next.

Liam continued moving up the ranks in Starfleet and when Eve was ten, they moved to San Francisco to better accommodate his work. The child never met a stranger and soon had many friends and was an excellent student, one that teachers looked forward to teaching. When she was twelve and her first time of bleeding began, more of the Deltan characteristics manifested. While significantly diluted by her mother’s human physiology, Eve still produced pheromones and for anyone around her it was difficult not to view her as anything but a sexual being.

Already the Federation had inoculations for things such as this and so began her treatments that suppressed the secretion. All Eve had known was being a human but with the onset of puberty she started asking questions. She’d known something was being hidden from her by Liam and his wife, Brianna. Now she knew they were not her birth parents, that the woman she had thought was her sister was in fact her mother and had lost her sanity in her affair with a Deltan. Who was her father? Did he know she existed? It was a troubled time for her but she knew without a doubt Liam and Brianna loved her as their own and all in all life was good for her.

Breezing through school, she grew into a lovely young woman and she continued to work toward applying to Starfleet Medical. Though she was a natural with healing and had the benefit of reducing others’ pain, there were issues with her being even half-Deltan so her first application was denied in spite of her grandfather’s position. Enrolling in the preparatory course, she knew their hand would be forced and by the end of it all, her scores handily exceeded the limit for admission. Entering Starfleet Academy, she went on to get her nursing degree as well as officer training.

She took no vow of celibacy like full-blooded Deltans were forced, instead continued using the inoculations to suppress her pheromones and arguing that she was no threat to anyone as long as she stayed with the treatments and even when not taking them they weren’t strong enough to cause any true problems. Many studies had been conducted and there was medical and psychiatric proof to her claims. Still she remained stationed on Earth and actually stepped up into teaching nursing, instructing more in the ways of compassion rather than just the scientific methods.

It was during that time she met Lucan Nicander, one of the few she could never truly read. In a way it was a blessing and a challenge that she didn’t know what he was thinking or feeling. She never invaded anyone’s mind but there were always residual ‘whispers’ so the quiet she found with him was quite pleasant. Though he was closed to her, there were still telltale signs of pain and as always she found herself drawn to the handsome yet distant man. He was brilliant and efficient, warming up to quite a charming man, and over the months she found herself admiring him in many ways which led to one night of unbridled passion shortly before he was assigned and left.

Each night Eve would stand and look up into the sky, wondering where he was and if he had found happiness yet. Above all else, she wished that for him. Things remained the same for her, teaching and wishing she could be free of her cage. She petitioned to be assigned to a vessel, at least for a while to gain actual field experience and be allowed to move up the ranks as anyone else. Apparently the threat of discrimination jangled a few nerves but Liam, now an admiral, put forth his vote to allow her to boldly go forth and travel her own path of discovery.

It was definitely sudden and there was something off about her grandfather. When she asked if he was alright, he of course said he was but soon became too busy to talk face to face with her and even when she was finally assigned to the USS Triton. His messages were reduced to short text only messages, stating everyone back home was fine and he hoped she was doing well … that he missed her and was proud of her. One night while actually speaking with her grandmother, Liam inadvertently walked in and immediately she knew something was wrong and made the mistake of saying it was most definitely not her grandfather.

Not long after, the order came for her to return to Earth. The dark presence she’d felt instead of the kind and loving man was enough to convince her she couldn’t return and suspected she might not even reach home. It was too easy really to influence the captain of the freighter to let her stow away. She knew the Betazoid could read her and she could sense his suspicion of Starfleet, like he knew something was wrong but not what just yet. He knew of a place far enough away and less civilized that needed someone with medical training and took her there where she could hide in plain sight.

That place was Nimbus III. Even after nearly a century since Kirk encountered Spock’s brother, there was still only the one inhabited area, Paradise City. The city had managed to change some though with a bit of terraforming in the surrounding area and more security, making it almost an oasis and yet it remained one of the rougher places to live. In the heart of the busy trade section there was a medical clinic that had a healthy number of people roving through thanks to the taverns and some of the less than legal deals.

Eve managed to obtain a room attached to Dr. Dhivael Leithoedd’s home, a Romulan physician, and worked in the clinic with her and one of the best surgeons she’d ever seen. Toq of the House of Antaak was an imposing Klingon man but like a few others of his house, he chose the path of healing rather than the warrior. Anyone who thought him weak soon found out he hadn’t given up the old ways entirely. It was he who took her under his wing and gave her a bit of protection after she proved she wasn’t entirely pathetic.

Like most nights, things can get a little rough in Paradise City. Eve had just put in a long day at the clinic and stopped by the bar for a little something to take the edge off when a fight broke out that quickly spread from two people to pretty much the entire place. Amidst the punches and kicks, furniture flying, and below she found herself hovering over the dancing Caitian, trying to ease some of her pain when a Klingon snatched her up by the back of her shirt.

Without thinking, she lashed out with a strike taught to her in defense classes back at Starfleet. It was strong enough to bust his lip and knock his head back slightly, turning out to be something of a love tap given his species. Deep laughter rang out and she realized it was Toq. “If I were not already mated perhaps you would not be too fragile,” he snerked as she hung like a doll from his meaty fist, hands on her hips with her feet about a foot from the ground. “Put me down,” she commanded and with a bloody grin he did so. “Next fight don’t stick around, come back in when it’s over to assist,” he stated.

After that things seemed to settle down for Eve. She managed to get what she needed for her monthly inoculations and helped tend the sick and wounded, made a few friends, but mostly just did her work and relaxed. She wasn’t stuck on earth anymore but she felt trapped her just as much. Every night she looked into the sky and wondered what had happened to her grandfather, if her grandmother was okay, and if Lucan had ever found peace within himself.

Personality Profile

Naturally a nurturing and empathic person, Eve is mature and confident with a quiet yet deeply sensual nature. She has an excellent sense of humor, ranging from innocent to bawdy, and like many of her full-blooded kind she enjoys things that make her feel good. Laughter, an exotic dessert, the feel of water cascading around her body, or a lover’s caress are things she seeks and can be quite freely giving of pleasure when the opportunity arises.

Physical Profile

Eve’s soft and supple appearance is rather deceiving in that she does have a fair amount of strength, enough to help lift and drag patients around as needed but she was definitely not cut out for fighting. She is fit and has very good endurance, known to dance the night away which is something she truly adores. When not in her Starfleet uniform, she prefers silken flowing fabrics that accentuate her figure, plunging back and necklines as well as revealing her long and shapely legs.