Akel Isavid (KIA)

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Personnel FileY-o2.png
Name:Akel Isavid
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Asst. Chief Operations Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Rixx, Betazed
Height:Height 5'7
Weight:Weight 180
Eye color:Black
Played by:Justin Bartha
Writer:Character Deceased
Computer Systems

21 century showtunes



Holographic development

Mobile Computer Systems’s
2357 - 2363 / Betazoid Basic Education Academy

2363 - 2365 / Medical Training and Certification Program (Betazed Central Government)

2370 / Admitted to Starfleet Academy

- Degrees in Physics, Astrophysics, and Engineering
Service Record
2373 - Assigned to Space Station 375

2373 - 2376 - Ensign, Engineering Division

2376 - Transferred to Deep Space Nine

2376 - 2380 - Promoted to Lt(jg), Operations department

2380 - Transferred to Utopia Plantia Fleet Yards

2380 - Computer Systems Specialist

2381-Present: Lieutenant (JG), Asst. Chief of Operations, USS Theurgy

Before dying in the Battle of the Houses, Akel Isavid was an Asst. Chief Operations Officer on the USS Theurgy. He was a solver of problems his entire life, always finding new and unique methods in doing so. After he was reassigned to Utopia Planitia fleet yards he quickly became an expert at computer systems. Akel became the fixer of strange computer problems. He was given his own shuttle, supplies, and allowed to customize standard Starfleet equipment. In the beginning of April 2381, Akel aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Growing up in a traditional Betazoid family Akel had very little secrets Both of his parents were in the medical sciences speciality of Betazoid and made a name for the Izavid family using there telepathy as an aid to promote medical breakthroughs. His family hated Starfleet felling as though it was just a savage and warlike group bent on taking over the galaxy.

At the age of 7, Akel was rushed to the Rixx medical complex babbling incoherently. He was diagnosed with a rare condition where when around large crowds and emotional upheaval Akel would experience every emotion surrounding him at once.

After a horrible fight with his family, Alek left home, and enrolled in Starfleet academy in part just to piss off his father. Although he joined in a moment of rebellion, he did not go too far away from the family values and enrolled in the medical speciality at the Academy. After 2 weeks in the field he was ready to leave the academy and return home a failure, however after speaking with his sister he stayed and changed his speciality in Starship systems and Operations management.

Upon graduating in 2373, he was assigned to the Space Station 375 as a system engineer, under the direct command of Admiral William Ross. Due to the Starbase being a regular staging ground for the Dominion war, the bases engineering division worked 24/7 repairing starships as efficiently and quickly as possible to get them back into the fight. Due to several supply shortages, the computer systems team had to determine a method to using Cardassian computer equipment to repair several starship computer cores. Akel determined how to interface the technology, allowing repair deadlines to be accomplished.

After the Breen attacked Earth, everyone on Station 375 experienced a large emotional upheaval which lead to Akel breaking down. He was found inside the lower level airlock, unconscious and babbling incoherently. After being rushed to the infirmary, and several days of analysis, several doctors came together to treat his condition. An inhibitor chip was designed and placed the back of Akel’s neck to inhibit his Betazoid abilities.

Upon recovery, he returned to his position he became a computer systems specialist at the base. After a few months he received a transfer request to Deep Space Nine along with a promotion to Lt Junior Grade. Assigned to the Operations department, he became team leader for the stations computer systems. After a few months working on DS9, he began a personal project customizing a PADD to connect and diagnose computer systems.

Akel loved working on DS9 and would frequently volunteer for computer system repairs lasting for full days. He accomplished several projects earning him notes in his file and the favor of his supervisor. After a long day, Akel stopped by Quarks bar and overheard the staff discussing about a holosuite problem. This lead to Akel’s new interest in holographic technology. For the next few months and in his spare time Abel published several articles on holographic technology theories and innovations. This lead him to being transferred to Utopia Plantia Fleet Yards as a computer systems specialist.

After a few months working at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Akel gained the attention of Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson when he began integrating holographic technology with subspace communications for secure message delivery used by Starfleet Intelligence. Due to his expertise in holographic computing and computer systems Akel was assigned to project Thea. Akel and his team focused on adapting Thea’s programming providing a more human response base.

Akel served as the primary computer troubleshooting technician in late 2380 was given his own shuttle, and sent on various computer system repair tasks. The new task brought Akel to Starbase 82 early in the year 2381 to diagnose a malfunctioning targeting system in the bases tactical computer. Shortly after beginning his work at Starbase 82 a virtual communication from the Federation News Service arrived in Akel;s inbox. Tempted to delete it he did a quick check of the file properties, noticing the digital file stamp signifying one of his encoded messages built for Starfleet Intelligence.

Following the decryption process a secret message from Admiral Anderson unlocked from the message. Feeling taken aback from the contents of the message, it took Akel 2 days to actually digest the message then still couldn’t believe it. Admiral Anderson asked Akel to leave is post, go awol, and to travel to a vessel Starfleet command considered to be rouge. Having worked with the Admiral before, Akels great loyalty Admiral Anderson was the only reason why the message was not deleted and ignored. Not able to take his shuttle, Akel packed all the spare equipment he could think off, his customized PADD, and relegated himself to traveling on the Klingon vessel Vor’Nak.

Personality Profile

Most people who have met Akel consider him to be very antisocial. When his telepathic powers caused him to mimic every emotion he read, he considered himself broken almost beyond repair. He has spent his entire life balancing self emotions and others to try and behave more “normal.” Finding his passion and talent for technology served as a saving grace for him.

Technology and computer systems might have been his best talent but making friends was not, and he struggled to do so. After the Breen attacked earth, and his subsequent meltdown, Akel had a inhibitor implanted in the base of his skull blocking his psionic abilities. Although this device had saved his sanity, it required frequent maintaining which was accomplished by a holographic program designed by Akel himself.

He detested explaining his solutions to problems and had gotten written up three times for telling his superior officer to shut up and let him fix the problem.

Physical Profile

Akel was an average height Betazoid male who could quickly get lost in the middle of a crowd. His black eyes were very striking in when in direct contact with others. He was very fussy about his personal appearance and very rarely appeared without his hair short and immaculately groomed. His skin was fair and he shaved frequently to keep stubble off. Not appearing as strong as he was, Akel could handle himself well enough in a fight if needed.

Special Notes

Akel was a T5 E6 betazoid. Since birth, his Psionic abilities had a medical side effect, when he read someone he experienced the feelings as if they were his own. Therefore, he had an inhibitor implant that blocks his psionic abilities. He carried a customized PADD designed to quickly interface with Starfleet and Cardassian equipment.