The Coreless Moon

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The Coreless Moon orbited Ithacae 3 in the Ithacae System, located inside the Azure Nebula. As of March in 2381, it was unknown what caused its destruction. Archaeological evidence on the moon suggests that it was once a colony for a people called the "Lightborn", with subterranean ruins that have remained inaccessible due to the requirement of certain wavelength light emissions to gain entry.

It is unknown when the evident destruction of the moon took place, but sometime before the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone was raised un 2285, the Klingons established a mining outpost called SuD Lang on the moon, which once had an abundance of dilithium. Evidence suggest that with the remaining dilithium stored on the outpost, it was supposed to serve as a supply depot for the Klingon Empire in the event of a new war with the Federation.

Subsequent investigation by the away team sent by the USS Theurgy in March of 2381 revealed that the mining outpost of SuD Lang was built on top of an ancient ruin constructed by the Radiants centuries ago during a xenophobic time in their history. The away team reported that the ruins held an artificial intelligence and a one shot "doomsday weapon" that destroyed the IKS Hakkarl.

Fact Sheet

Name: C-947e
Alternative name: The Coreless Moon
Diameter: 504 km
Mass: 1.0194 x 1020 kg
Orbiting: Ithacae 3, Ithacae System
Orbital Radius: 237'948 km
Orbital Period: 34 hrs.
Inclination: 0.019° (to Ithacae 3's equator)
Surface Temperature: -155 °C
Atmosphere: Hydrogen, sodium, calcium & H2O vapor
Atmospheric pressure: 40 pPa


The Coreless Moon 3D model is Copyright © Pascal Beeckmans (, who gave permission to use it on 2017-08-29.