Simon Tovarek (KIA)

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Name:Simon Tovarek
Position:Chief Science Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Slavutych (Russia, Earth)
Height:1m 84
Weight:76 kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Blue/green
Played by:Aaron Paul
Radical experimentation
Old movies
Robotics at the University of Moscow, minor degrees of quantum mechanics at the same university.
Starfleet Academy, class of 2376.
Service Record
2376: Assigned to the the USS Buran II.
2381: Assigned to the USS Theurgy.
Class of Excellence

Simon Tovarek was Chief Science Officer on the USS Theurgy. Tovarek aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Simon Tovarek was born on Earth in 2344 during one of the coldest winters that had hit Slavutych. Slavutych was a town not that far from Pripyat where Simon's father was conducting research. His mother was an assistant to his father. He was thus born as a love-child between the two. Obviously his father was already married to another woman, so he never recognised Simon publicly. However monthly allowances were sent to his mother and she got put in a pretty nice apartment in southern Moscow. Simon never really had a troublesome youth as he got sent to the finest school as he grew up and quickly his interest in science began to grow after a school project. His mother could not hide her smile when she caught the young man trying to do all sorts of experiments in her kitchen which often resulted into small disasters. The kitchen needed some repainting now and then needles s to say.

At the age of eighteen Simon went to Starfleet and sent in his application form to enlist. He worked through the entire training program as if it was child's play and he specialised in the science departments. As a child he was always fascinated about anything with a robotic/cybernetic touch to it. He tinkered around in his early teens on small robots at first which proved to be successful. Yet he proved to have a bigger success with robotics when he started to experiment on separate systems of them, enhancing them to the fullest. This also contributed to his breakthrough in sensor technology after he tinkered around with the systems of the USS Buran II.

Simon graduated after 4 years from the Academy as an ensign, yet he was quickly noticed by Captain Novorosk who was leading the USS Buran II. It was heading out from Earth to conduct a series of scientific experiments outside the Milky way. Being a fluent Russian speaker gave Tovarek quite a good hand with the Captain who often called him to his quarters to discuss some more Russian related topics. Being on friendly terms with the Captain also allowed for Simon for a rapid promotion to Lieutenant and the command of a small science team which would help him in his research.

After five years Simon returned to earth with a brilliant report and commendations from Captain Novorosk. Simon had minor breakthrough in sensor technology; this breakthrough was used in the Theurgy’s system when it was assembled giving them more accurate and better readings.

Simon remained the rest of his time on Earth continuing his research on the sensor technology and he was surprised when a request came in from Starfleet Command to put him aboard the Theurgy. Apparently Captain Novarek had made promotion to the admiralty and Simon gladly accepted the gift of his former Captain.

Yet when the Theurgy left from Earth branded as traitors, Simon fell into a bit of a black hole. He felt like he had betrayed his friend and admiral Novorosk, yet he couldn't believe that the entire top of Starfleet was just overtaken. His research work and duties as a science officer came to a drastic halt as he struggled with the idea. During the first months he was a bit rebellious towards other officers as the fight against Starfleet raged on. Due to his more frequent stays in the Brig than on his station, Simon got demoted from Lieutenant to Junior grade Lieutenant. These events led to the fact that Amatras Neotin got picked before him as the CSO after their superior officer was killed in action. Yet after the Niga incident, something had changed about the young Lieutenant. During the Niga incident Simon was trapped between infected crewmates of his science division, he got infected yet recalls nothing about the entire incident. Even in his dreams the memories fail to submerge, leaving the lieutenant at ease with his mind. Yet what he had heard and seen from several of his colleagues made him realise that they had escaped from something horrid. He needed to be better than this if he wanted to survive.

He resumed his duties once more without any questioning and as more and more got revealed about the corruption of the top, the more Simon was inclined to believe his commanding officers. During the travels of the Theurgy, Amatras Neotin had chosen Simon to be her assistant as the human had proved to be a radical out-of-the-box thinker. He got better results and he always remained on friendly terms with Amatras even after her promotion.

What happened a few weeks later turned Simon's world upside down. A Godlike creature had descended upon them and nearly got them killed once more, yet Simon could not believe that this was the truth. He tried to keep working on decent sensor data to identify the event yet he ran out of time before he could get any result. Baffled by what had just happened he had very little time to put it to rest as the next sign of impending doom arrived...Calamity.

The battle had made its wounds on Simon yet the loss of Amatras was a hard thing to bear. The two had gotten relatively close by working together and once Amatras was placed into stasis all Simon could do was look and see. Not long after during their stay on Theta Eridina IV, Captain Ives approached the scientist offering him back his rank as Lieutenant and a position as CSO.

Personality Profile

Simon is a pretty easy guy to work along with. He's very open to others and won't refrain to keeping his opinion to his own. He will inspire his colleagues to push their boundaries further and support them in any way he can.

He's a bit outgoing otherwise and has keen senses to take in as much as he can in dire situations or in situations where there is little time and yet so much to do.

His five year trip with the Buran had made Simon more social than anything else. In his teens, Simon would more quickly go back to libraries or his room to get more knowledge, yet during his trip he found the need of social contact to be more needed. He got close with the dozens of scientists aboard the ship and he even got friendly with the other crewmembers. With Captain Novorosk he built up a bond of friendship and trust. Both men grew closer together to something that could almost be described as a father and son relationship. Yet on Theurgy now, Simon feels the same need for social contact. It's as if the dire situation is binding him to get closer to others to manage the ordeal.

Simon is a fluent bilingual speaker. His native tongue is Russian yet due to his mother being English he has quite a good grasp of the language itself. He still can't hide his Russian accent. When on duty Simon tries to hide most of his Russian manners yet when off duty he often resorts back to them.

Physical Profile

Tovarek is in pretty fine shape for a scientist. He works out on a regular basis to keep his body fit, allowing him to have quite a fine tuned body. Yet he never really took interest in sparring classes so in melee combat he wouldn't be much of an asset besides his brute force. During the years he has gathered some tattoos, two of them are a reminder of his stay on the Boran. They're both placed on his upper arm and show the name of the ship as a small yet detailed representation of the ship. Besides that he has no other tattoos yet.