Marlee Hailey (MIA)

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Personnel FileCiv-blank.png
Name:Marlee Hailey
Age:37 years
Orientation:  Bicurious
Birthplace:Roseburg, Oregon. Earth.
Height:4ft 11in / 1.5m
Weight:126lbs / 57kg
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Melissa Rauch
Quantum mechanics/theory
Exploring new places
Spending time with family
University of Oregon:
Masters in Physics(quantum)
Minors in Astrophysics.
Service Record

Marlee Hailey was a civilian Astrophysicist on the USS Endeavour. She went missing in action after Starfleet lost contact with the Endeavour in late February of 2381. It remains unknown if Marlee aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Marlee grew up in the small town of Roseburg, Oregon. Even with the technological advances of the last century, and cities growing at an ever expanding rate, this town managed to stay small. Everyone seemed to know everyone, and everyone knew that Marlee was a loner child. She had that phase where she wore black and sat alone in school, which allowed her to apply herself more towards her book studies. Her grades were often top of her class, yet she never seemed to join any of the groups established for high grade students.

Upon graduating from high school she immediately went into college, and that's where her true interests were discovered. She started taking all the classes required to gain a masters in quantum physics, though she also piled on the classes to get a minors in astrophysics. Her class load didn't afford her much time to make friends, the only time she had to spend with others was to aid her in her class work.

Upon graduating from college, she left Earth. She would hitch a ride on different civilian starships trading her skills in astrophysics and astronavigation for passage. She just wanted to explore. She had spent so much time in books growing up that now she had to go out and see what was out there. And every so often, try and prove one of her own personal theories. She traveled for several years before returning home to Earth where she joined the Starfleet Science Academy, working to expand humanity's knowledge of the quantum realm.

In 2381 she was assigned as a civilian scientist aboard the USS Endeavour to aid in the creation of a new sensor system designed to try and detect quantum filaments more effectively. Her background in astrophysics and quantum mechanics made her an obvious choice when being selected. Unfortunately a Borg attack on the ship ended all that. She happened to be in the main shuttle bay of the USS Endeavour when the attack happened. She had no time to reach the escape pods, so instead she decided to make her escape aboard the Runabout Niger, the craft she was working on for the sensor experiment. She was barely aboard before the power failed in the shuttle bay and the forcefield that kept the bay pressurized failed. The explosive decompression expelled the runabout and everything else in the bay with such force that even the IDF Generators aboard the Runabout couldn't compensate and she was knocked unconscious.

When she came to, she found that she wasn't alone on the shuttle, others had also made it. How they got there she didn't know. The general concensus was that they should try to follow the ship that attacked them. Using the partially upgraded sensors aboard the runabout they were able to locate the warp trail and track it.

Personality Profile

A loner. She prefered her time with books and studying. She's been sent to several psychologists for her inability to socialize very well with others. Unlike others who are focused on knowledge however, she didn'tt have an overtly large ego, that is unless you try to challenge one of her theories with no evidence to back up your side of things. Her psychological profile indicated that she considered other people as just, there.

Physical Profile

Standing at four feet eleven inches she was often seen as rather short, much shorter than most of those who worked around her. She kept herself in good physical shape by running often, and hitting the gym in her spare time. Though she made it a point to not become overtly muscular.