USS Horus

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Akira Class Forward Dorsal.jpg
Vessel Name: USS Horus
Registry: NCC-67739
Starship Class: Akira-class
Starship Type: Heavy Cruiser
Status: Destroyed (2374)
Purpose: Exploration, Defence, & Diplomacy
Constructed: Antares Fleet Yards
Commissioned: July 3, 2369
Dedication: "May you cross the sky united in the dark."
  • Length: 465 m
  • Height: 88 m
  • Width: 316 m
Mass: 3,500,000 metric tons
Decks: 18
Standard Crew Complement 500
Maximum Cruising Speed Warp 8.5
Standard Cruising Speed Warp 7.5
Auxiliary Craft
  • Federation Shuttlecraft
  • Type 8 Shuttles: 2
  • Type 9 Shuttles: 2
  • Type 9A Cargo Shuttles: 2
  • Type 18 Shuttlepod: 6
  • Workbees: 8
  • 20 Peregrine Fighters
Design Alex Jaeger
3D Model The Light Works
Dedication Plaque USS Horus.png

Work in Progress

The USS Horus was an Akira class starship in service in the 2370s. The ship was named after Horus, the god of the sky in ancient Egyptian Mythology on Earth.


Not even a year later, the Horus was sent to the edge of the Federation-Cardassian demilitarized zone, where the fighter pilots got their first real test against the Maquis, a so-called terrorist group who had Peregrines of their own.

Unfortunately, the Maquis were just a warmup. The Horus was pulled from that front to join in on a brief war with the Klingons.

They missed the Borg, racing towards Earth at full speed only to arrive at a graveyard. The weeks after were spent on cleanup duty, the fighters sent through heavy debris fields to search for salvageable components, active Borg tech, and the bodies of the dead.

Then the Dominion War began. They held their own for a year, beaten down a little more each time. It was impressive for a ship in the midst of this violence, but even their luck didn’t hold out forever.

The fight started out much like all the others. The Jem’hadar appeared, a behemoth of a starship materializing in space. The peregrines scrambled, the Horus’ shields went up. Then a Cardassian ship dropped out of warp behind them, and everything went to shit. Flanked and unable to maneuver, the Horus’ shields took a beating, the fighters flirting in and out providing cover and taking out phaser banks as best they could. Janus had no idea how the squad leader died, hearing only the panicked shouts of the commander’s wingman before that too dissolved into static. What he did remember was the moment he took command, shouting for the pilots to form up as he watched the Horus’ shields flare - then fail completely.

Janus’ first test of command was a strategic retreat, the remaining fighter pilots protecting the ship’s escape pods as best they could as the Horus exploded behind them. They started calling him Peregrine Leader on coms, something he hardly thought he deserved. Sometime during the harrowing days it took them to regroup with another starship, they also told him that he was now the chief tactical officer. Janus had to turn his com off so they wouldn’t hear the hysterical laughter that followed. About 250 people - half of the ship’s complement - made it to safety. The captain and most of the senior staff weren’t among them. Of those few hundred, most of them credited Janus and his pilots for their survival. He protested this account loudly. The whole experience felt more like a nightmare. Some of it he couldn’t quite remember at all.

Senior Staff

Commanding Officer

Command Crew

  • First Officer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Medical officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief CONN Officer
  • Chief of Security
  • Chief Tactical Officer
  • Chief Science officer

Disclaimer Notice

  • Images of the Akira-class starship on this page were rendered by the Light Works.
  • Horus dedication plaque by FuryofaSeraph on DeviantArt. Free to use template.
  • Akira patch used with permission of Unusualsuspex - granted Dec 8, 2016