USS Eagle (NCC-956)

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The Constitution Class Refit Image © Thomas Marrone, Cryptic Studios, CBS Paramount
Vessel Name: USS Eagle
Registry: NCC-956
Starship Class: Constitution Refit (Enterprise II Sub-class)
Starship Type: Heavy Cruiser
Status: In-Active
Purpose: Exploration
Constructed: San Francisco Fleet Yards
Commissioned: 2247
Dedication: ”There's No Such Thing As The Unknown, Only Things Temporarily Hidden."
  • Length: 990.6 ft
  • Height: 231.7 ft
Mass: 90,000+ metric tons
Decks: 21
Standard Crew Complement 428
Maximum Cruising Speed

Warp Factor 8.1
Warp Factor 9.5 for 12hrs

Standard Cruising Speed Warp Factor 6.0
  • Main Phasers – 2 Banks / 2 Each
  • Torpedo Launchers – 2 Banks
  • Deflector Shield
  • Duranium Hull composite
Auxiliary Craft

Alex Jaeger

3D Model:

Thomas Marrone, Cryptic Studios, CBS Paramount'

90e7e634690eb5f00dce75c8bb55568c1497998140 (1).jpeg

Early History

Captain Igrilan commanded the Eagle from 2247 to 2268. During this time its all Andorian crew would become the "the most decorated starship in Starfleet". Like the other founding civilizations of the Federation, the Andorian's received a Constitution-class ship to adapt and man primarily with their own species, the USS Eagle, though the Andorian crew preferred to call it the USS Atlirith, the Andorian word for Eagle. The ship was a joint project between Starfleet and the Andorian Imperial Guard, so that it could meet the needs of both organizations. It was constructed as a standard Constitution-class vessel at San Francisco Fleet Yards in the year 2247, and sent to Andoria for modification.

There, Andorian engineers spent a month modifying the artificial gravity systems, life support, and replicators to better suit its all Andorian crew. The crew also modified the computer systems to display Andorian graalek language rather than English. They also rearranged several minor interior walls to create an "arena" for the crew to train in. Starfleet personnel jokingly called this process "bluing the ship."

As soon as the engineering modifications were complete, Imperial Guard officers began integrating the latest Andorian military technology into the ships systems. This process took 3 months, mainly due to testing required by Starfleet. Among the improvements made: the targeting systems were substantially improved, the phaser emitters produced more energetic and better-focused beams, and the shields were upgraded. The upgrades did have their downsides however; space devoted to crew quarters was substantially reduced, and as such the Eagle has a below average crew complement, and is not well equipped to handle large passenger missions. Its computers are also less efficient in non-tactical matters, specifically producing lower sensor and communications efficiency.

The vessel was finally launched under the command of Captain Igrilan Kor, in late 2247 to fanfare at Starfleet Command as well as on Andoria. The vessels remained under his command much of its career, amassing one of the most decorated records in Starfleet.

Among the missions that made the Eagle famous were its defending against no less than 12 separate Klingon incursions between 2248 and 2266; serving as "the linchpin of Garth of Izar's envelopment strategy at Axanar, destroying the Vornek Brood before it could wipe out Deneb, and dramatically restoring the space-time continuum during the Phaleron-12 incident of 2268.

In 2260, Commander James T. Kirk transferred to the Eagle as first officer. Also serving aboard the Eagle was Carol Marcus, and the two resumed their relationship. Two months later, she left the Eagle stating that Starfleet was too restricting for her, but secretly she was pregnant. Kirk served twenty one months as first officer on the Eagle, before his promotion to the captaincy of the Oxford.

In 2268, during the Babel delegation, StarFleet Command confirmed an alien attack on the other Federation starships. While the enemy was defeated, Starships USS Essex and USS Eagle suffered heavy damage, but made it back to StarFleet HQ.

In 2269, Captain Zach Banner took command of the Eagle. One week after the launch under captain Banner the Eagle was briefly taken over by Zach Banner’s counterpart and taken to the mirror universe but was able to successfully return to its own reality. One month later in 2270 the Eagle picked up a distress single from the USS Bismarck-A Once the dreadnought was located they found an alien computer had killed its crew. Banner was able to beam over to the ship, destroy the computer and bring it back to a nearby Starbase.

After the incident Banner took a several week leave of absence from the Eagle, during Banner's absence the Eagle was assigned to transport clarified cargo from Andoria when she was ambushed by a pirate raider. With the help of the USS Saladin Commander Michele Tyler was able to find and retrieve the stolen cargo from the pirates, one of which was a former Starfleet officer by the name of Nick Sather. Several of the Eagle's crew were lost on a shuttle mission near the planetoid Ehre, thus being involved in a brief skirmish war between the Ekosians and zeons. They were returned by the USS Antyllus.

During a mission to Stolvez, the Eagle was ambushed by Elasi pirates. The attack force the acting CO, Clause Elberg, to abandon ship leaving it open for capture. The ship spent over a year in pirate hands until it was found by two other Starfleet vessels. The ship was then brought back to Mars fleet yards in order to be repaired and refitted.

Middle History

In 2272, The USS Eagle was given the first of many refits to the Constitution II program. Over the following months the ship had received full repairs and final stages were made. Starfleet command chose a new bridge crew to replace many of the old senior staff as most were either still MIA or moved onto other assignment.

In 2275, the Eagle was under the command of Captain Igrilan Kor, became the first Federation vessel to encounter a Breen warship while on a routine patrol. While the initial first contact went well, Starfleet Command noted an uncertainty in Kor's report that the Breen seemed peaceful and decided not to make diplomatic overtures.

In 2278 the ship was under command of a Katy Garretson and her first officer Mr. Clause Elberg. That year the ship visited Admiral Banner at his Starbase for a check-up.

It was that year that Alan James Pierce (Alana Pierce) joined the crew of the Eagle as an Ensign in 2278 and remained aboard the cruiser for many years. Eventually rising in the ranks to becoming Lt. Commander and Executive Officer aboard the vessel by 2282. His last year aboard was in 2286 before he was lost in a top secret intelligence mission and not heard from again.

Recent History

In 2293, the Eagle was assigned a colony resupply mission. The ship was named on a Starship Mission Assignments chart on the USS Enterprise-A bridge. Later that year, the USS Eagle, along with the USS Excelsior and the USS Potemkin, was selected for the primary operational phase of the abandoned rescue mission code-named "Operation Retrieve", which would have rescued Captain James Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy from Rura Penthe in 2293. According to the plans, the Eagle was to provide protection on the Potemkin's port flank as this ship retrieved the two Starfleet officers.

The Eagle was scheduled for deactivation shortly after the end of the Federation-Klingon Cold War in 2293 as part of a mutual disarmament treaty and due to its age and inability for further refits. The USS Eagle was decommissioned in 2296. It was reactivated following the Tomed Incident of 2311 albeit briefly, when it was believed that war with the Romulan's was eminent. The Eagle was serving as a training vessel for decades to come until it was given experimental upgrades to bring back into service for the Battle of Wolf 359 when it was badly damaged with over 80% of the crew killed and multiple hull breaches. The starship was towed into Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards to be repaired for the Memory Alpha Fleet Museum in remembrance of its life long record along that of other starships of yesteryear; such as the Enterprise-A, Enterprise-B, Enterprise-D Saucer section, Excelsior and Voyager.

Former Crew

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Second Officer:
Chief Tactical Officer:
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