Talera Emlott

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Name:Talera Emlott
Position:Medical Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Height:5ft 5in / 1.65m
Weight:125lbs / 57kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Anya Taylor-Joy
Writer:Available for Inheritance
Formerly: EnigmaTales
history, culture, and cuisine of different species, comparative mythology, and bathing
2365-2366: Nurse in training, Jo’Kala City Hospital, Jo’Kala, Bajor

2366-2367: Nurse, Jo’Kala City Hospital, Jo’Kala, Bajor

2367-2372: Starfleet Academy (Medical)
Service Record
2367-2372: Starfleet Academy (Medical)

2372-2375: Ensign, Medical Officer,  USS Saint Raphael

2375-2376: Lt.JG, Medical Officer,  USS Saint Raphael

2376-2378: Lt. JG, Field Hospital, Andak, Cardassia Prime

2378-present: Lt., Asst. Chief Medical Officer, USS Theurgy

Talera Emlott was a Medical Officer, serving as Asst. Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Theurgy. After sustaining severe injuries during the Theurgy’s flight from Earth, she was kept in a stasis unit until the needed medical attention could be provided.



Childhood and Early Adolescence

Talera was born during the Occupation of Bajor, and the result of a brief union between the Bajoran Roni Nailka, and the Cardassian Arla Emlott. Despite having a wife and several children on Cardassia Prime, Arla enjoyed the idea of a secret family, supporting Nailka with funds and privileges. Nailka did not hold any affection for the man, but saw value in their arrangement and agreed to raise Talera.

That arrangement ended when Nailka was found guilty of aiding Bajoran terrorists in the destruction of a Cardassian school, and was executed in 2365. Her Cardassian heritage and a stroke of luck had Talera assigned to help in a hospital rather than be sent to a labour camp, where she took solace in being able to prove her worth in helping, rather than adding to the violence.

Education on Bajor

When the Cardassians withdrew from Bajor several years later, Talera had already started a more or less formal education in Jo’Kala City Hospital, where she was known as a hard worker, intelligent young woman, and someone who preferred to keep to herself. Friends were few and relationships kept professional.

That worked for the most part, and Talera was content with her life until an argument with a colleague left a lasting impression on the hybrid, she decided to prove her worth by joining the medical branch of Starfleet Academy.

Dominion War and Aftermath

Talera served on the USS Saint Raphael, a vessel dedicated to providing medical aid, once more building a reputation as a reliable and dedicated Ensign. There, she made friends amongst the much more open-minded Starfleet officers and enlisted personnel,and was eventually promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Once the war had ended, she and a group of friends decided to leave the USS Saint Raphael for volunteer work on a Cardassia Prime, which was now more ash than fire. It was there that she reconnected with Arla Emlott, who had survived the Dominion War, while his family had not. While well aware of the nature of the relationship between him and her mother, Talera agreed to take his family name as her own, and stayed in close contact with him.

In 2380, Talera found herself drawn to the stars once more, hoping for a time of exploration rather than war. She received a promotion to Lieutenant before leaving Cardassia Prime, and was assigned to the USS Theurgy after it returned to Earth from its diplomatic mission to Romulus. She barely had time to familiarize herself with the ship and the crew. While the Theurgy fled through the Alpha Quadrant, she didn’t quite believe that the larger-than-life Federation had been infiltrated, and focussed on what she *could* control - she could follow orders and she could help to treat the injured. Still, she often found herself thinking about how much she missed Cardassia and her father, and what he must think of her.

While the ship was under attack, she was part of a team sent to one of the Cargo Bays where containers had come loose and injured several crewmen. Too eager to help and too unconcerned about her own safety, she attempted to pull an injured officer out from underneath the contents of one of the containers, only to find herself in a similar situation only moments after, in which her thoracic cage and lungs were damaged beyond repair.

After the battle, the doctors were unable to provide the medical attention necessary, and decided to put her into a stasis until they were able to do so.

Personality Profile


Due to her upbringing, Talera was opinionated and outspoken, but only in an environment in which she felt safe to express her thoughts without fear of admonishment. Her interest in her dual heritage extended to other cultures, sparking an interest in different beliefs and customs, and food. Knowing what it was like to be an outcast, she developed a high level of tolerance for others and a genuine interest in their stories.

While only having been in a few serious relationships, Talera enjoyed dating and was a passionate and caring partner to those who were willing to put the time into cracking her somewhat tough shell.

Physical Profile

Talera had muted Cardassian and Bajoran features, and, for both species untypical, blonde hair. Somewhat outstanding were her defined facial features; her cheekbones, lips, and nose which were almost admirable for their perfection. She had an athletic figure and average height, her footsteps light and nearly silent.

Due to severe injuries, she sustained during the Theurgy’s flight from Earth, the spinal cord, thoracic cage and lungs have been replaced with cybernetic implants.