Selena Watson

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Personnel FileR-o4.png
Name:Selena Leigh Watson
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Special Envoy
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Los Angeles
Height:5ft 4in / 1.63m
Weight:120lbs / 55kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Deep Blue
Played by:Megan Fox
Writer:Swift (NPC)
3D Chess
Fine Art
2356-2364: Ridgemont Private Elementary

2364-2368: Nancy Reagan Memorial Charter School for Girls

2368-2371: Starfleet Academy in San Francisco
Service Record
2371-2372: Ensign, Junior Diplomatic Aide, USS Erie

2372-2374: Ensign, Senior Diplomatic Aide, USS Bellerophon
2374-2375: Lieutenant JG, Diplomatic Advisor, Starbase 375
2375-2376: Lieutenant JG, Diplomatic Attaché, Cardassia Prime
2376-2377: Lieutenant, Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS O'Neil

2377-Present: Lieutenant Commander, Special Envoy, Starbase 12
2376: Federation Star of Diplomacy

Selena Watson was an Officer of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, having spent the past ten-years of her service as an active member of various peace missions spearheaded by the Federation. She was the first member of her family to enter the service of Starfleet, opting against following in the footsteps of her parents, who themselves descended from a long line of extremely wealthy Earth aristocrats and oligarchs.

She proved her meddle and value as a diplomatically attuned mind during her first tour of duty aboard the Excelsior-class, USS Erie, which had been tasked with settling a contentious trade dispute between representatives of the Yridians and Nausicaans. It was during this mission in which she caught the eye of then Rear Admiral William Ross, who would become one of Selena’s foremost supporters and advocates during her career.


2350-2368: Early Life, Earth
‘Lap of Luxury’ would hardly do appropriate justice in describing the style of life in which Selena Watson was born to on June 9, 2350, in her family’s palatial estate in the hills of Los Angeles on Earth. The Watson family, known as extremely wealthy aristocrats and oligarchs during much of North American History, post the third-world-war, had at one point been the largest single landowners on that continent. Later, as humanity stretched its reach across the stars, so too did the Watson family, who were quick to purchase majority stakes on a number of resource rich worlds which they knew would someday be of utmost need and were indeed proven correct, much to their ultimate benefit. Today, they lease property on several worlds to both the Federation and Starfleet for use in mining and agriculture, ensuring their place as a vital cog in the machine of progress. As such, those born into the Watson family are graced with little want that goes unanswered for, and nary a need unfulfilled.

Yet, despite this life of plenty, Selena Leigh, the second of three daughters born to Watson Family Patriarch Aurelius and his wife, Regina; desired more. She was driven by an insatiable need to prove herself more than just a name, and a legacy of wealth.

Throughout much of her young life, Selena had found herself emplaced in the role of mediator in the childish disputes of her elder and younger sisters, Rowena, and Tatiana, who fought quite often, well into their teens. Similarly, Selena would debate and argue with her parents regarding the dispensation of discipline among herself and her sisters, ensuring that whatever blame for whatever calamity had befallen be placed well outside of her scope of culpability. She’d simply had a knack for talking her way out of any situation, regardless of whether or not she had been said situations mastermind and the rightful bearer of complicity. It was this supreme skill in artful manipulation which stood out among her Starfleet Academy aptitude tests, though the entirety of her prior academic record was just as sterling as the spoon she’d been fed from her whole life.

2368-2371: Starfleet Academy
Out of the overwatch of her family and myriad servants for the first time in life, Selena was somewhat lost by the newness of her freedom, and this was reflected in the relatively poor grading she’d earned during her first full year as a cadet. The allure of socializing with so many new and different people had perhaps been too much for the heiress to ignore, nearly resulting in an Academic suspension before Counselors were able to step in and help right her course. The party life that sometimes comes along with acceptance into Starfleet Academy almost derailing her wish to stand on her own two legs, and flourish without the need to rely on her family’s name. Though, some did question whether or not her avoidance of said suspension had been the result of parlance between Starfleet and her wealthy family.

Regardless, Selena’s second full year at the Academy resulted in a marked turn-around, both in terms of her grades, and of her behavior. Eventually, the questioning which surrounded her first year had all but disappeared from the minds of her fellow cadets, and she truly began to flourish. And though she’d missed out an illustrious opportunity to partake in a training exercise at Federation Outpost 23 that year, she would in her third full year not only qualify to lead a team in the exercise but guide it toward earning the highest rating achieved that year; third-highest rating overall from the previous two-years in which Starfleet Academy had been conducting the exercise.

In her final year at the Academy, Selena’s star had risen to the point of placing her second-in-line as a standout among cadets majoring in Diplomatic relations and studies, behind only Samantha Rutherford, her roommate during said final year. While there was little love lost between Selena and Samantha, the two would ultimately exemplify the teachings and tenants of Starfleet’s Diplomatic Corps program, wherein they graduated Salutatorian and Valedictorian, respectively, for the class of 2371. Each earning a rather prestigious first assignment after being commissioned an Ensign; Selena finding herself sent to the USS Erie, a ship about to embark upon a mediatory mission.

2371-2372: USS ERIE NCC-40550

2372-2374: USS BELLEROPHON NCC-74705

2374-2375: STARBASE 375


2376-2377: USS O'NEIL NCC-72349

2376-2377: STARBASE 12

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