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Name:Oriel Mariposa Nevaeris
Orientation:  Pansexual
Height:5ft 2in / 1.57m
Weight:137lbs / 62kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Tessa Thompson
Writer:Even Angels Cry
Shibari, Art, Journaling, Swimming, Aerial Yoga, Hiking, Rocks, Severe Weather
2367-2369: Risian Hospitality College, Dual Enrollment/Early Admissions Program: AA in Stress Counseling
2369-2375: Starfleet Medical Academy: MS in Psychotherapy with focuses on Interpersonal Morale and Grief Counseling, Starfleet Academy: BS in Hydrogeology
Service Record
2375-2379: Ensign, Grief Counselor aboard Deep Space 9

2379-2381: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Relief Counselor within Diplomatic Contingent to Aldea

2381-present: Lieutenant, Counselor aboard USS Theurgy
2369: Risian Bright Scholars Award
2378: Federation Humanitarian Service Medal

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Oriel Nevaeris was a Counselor aboard Deep Space 9 directly following the Dominion War. In 2378, she earned the Federation Humanitarian Service Medal for her efforts there working with victims, survivors and prisoners of the Dominion War. In 2379, she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and chosen to be part of a diplomatic contingent sent to aid the people of Aldea. In 2381 she was given a field promotion to Lieutenant. She met the crew of the USS Theurgy in 2381 and transferred aboard as a ship’s counselor.


Born in the spring of 2351 to doting parents on a beautiful planet, Oriel considers herself lucky. So many others have had such horrific childhoods that she now holds her tongue when pasts are compared. The very mention of her homeworld, Risa, is enough to instil jealousy (or wonder) in most humanoids she meets. And while she did consider her childhood to be a happy one, it was not without its flaws.

Early Life

Oriel is the sole child of Lilitha and Denran Nevaeris. Her mother, Lilitha, worked as a Relaxation Counselor on their home planet of Risa. Her father, Danren, was an Escort. Their families had lived on Risa as long as they could remember. The first few years of Oriel's life were typical of any toddler. She cried, slept, grew, talked, walked. But with walking came the desire to explore. Her pre-preschool wanderings caused her parents a fair bit of trouble. Children weren't supposed to venture into the planetary and meteorological control sector. Children were not to be anywhere near the seismic regulators. Children were absolutely not allowed to play with the industrial weather regulators! But Oriel was quick and her parents were often occupied with work or other tasks. She spent nearly a year gathering her "treasures" from wherever she found them and secreting them away in her room.

As she grew, she attended school. She learned basic math, reading, history and science, as well as planetary studies and tourism. School-age Oriel became adept at sneaking off to the places she'd discovered as a little one, but her collection of treasures was outgrowing its hiding place. Then one day, she returned home from school and her treasures were gone. She hadn't moved them, they were just gone. Devastated, Oriel cried to her parents that night over dinner. Her mother and father exchanged a glance that Oriel didn't understand. They talked to her about her future and the expectations they had for her. They impressed upon her the need to focus on her schooling so that she could be accepted into the college they wanted her to attend. They dismissed her treasures. They grounded her from sneaking out.

Nothing was quite the same after that discussion. Oriel had become hyper aware of her parent's wishes for her own future, but she'd also discovered a passion for rocks that she couldn't resist. Over the next several years, Oriel continually snuck out, got caught, received some form of punishment and then snuck out again! Her parents insisted that she give up this fascination with rocks and focus on the tourism industry, since that would be her future. But Oriel had bigger dreams, she just needed to know how to reach them. Finally in high school, Oriel took her first elective class pertaining to her passion: Geology. It was so much more interesting than her mandatory hospitality and relaxation classes! She adored everything about the subject and quickly caught the teacher's eye. He recommended she apply to the Risian Geological Institute and gave her the information to do so. Oriel was thrilled! She could spend her days staring at rocks and talking to rocks and analyzing rocks!

But her parents had other plans.

Despite her complacent attitude toward tourism and hospitality, Oriel was adept at helping others especially in her counseling classes. Her parents decided to submit her academic record and test scores to the Risian Hospitality College for possible early admission. The day Oriel came home with the application for the Risian Geological Institute was the day her parents proclaimed their joy at her acceptance into the Dual Studies and Early Admission program for the College. Oriel stared blankly at her parent's overjoyed faces. She couldn't disappoint them. Her own passions had been back-burnered for most of her life, what would a couple more years harm? Oriel begrudgingly agreed and spent the remainder of her Sophomore year dually enrolled in both High School and the Risian Hospitality College. She finished the year with top marks, as usual, and prepared herself for 2 years of hell. Or so she thought.

Academic Excellence

Oriel spent her junior and senior year of high school enrolled as a freshman and then sophomore at the Risian Hospitality College. There she learned how to listen, how to talk and how to read people's expressions as well as their silence. How to conceal her own emotions while dealing with others. How to discuss coping mechanisms for difficult or stressful personal issues. How to break through the interpersonal barrier and get a conversation going. She learned to counsel and be counseled by others. She was taught the importance of privacy and the privileges that a counselor or therapist has when dealing with a client. When she graduated high school, she earned both a diploma and an Associates Degree in Stress Counseling, as well as the prestigious Risian Bright Scholars Award. She felt accomplished, but she also knew the next step would be the hardest: Oriel had applied to take the Starfleet Entrance exam being held on the nearby Federation Space Station, Deep Space 9. She just got word that she had been selected as one of the six candidates and was to report to Deep Space 9 in 3 days for her test.

Oriel's parents took the news hard. They had imagined a future where Oriel would grow up, marry, and raise their grandchildren all within the same small housing area. A future with Starfleet was never even on the table, and now that it was, it terrified them. Her mother had heard countless stories from Starfleet officers and personnel.  Some were uplifting or heartwarming, but too many others were of harrowing escapes and horrifying enemies. Likewise, her father had similar experiences with his escort clients. Neither wished their daughter to endure such atrocities, but a Starfleet officer made considerably more coin than a simple counselor. In a surprising move, both Lilitha and Denran chose to support Oriel's decision on the condition that she return to Risa once she completed the test.

Oriel spent the next two days on Deep Space 9 furiously brushing up on astrophysics, space quantum mechanics, Federation planet names and locations, Starfleet ranks and insignias, etc with the test proctors. She took countless mini tests for comprehension and several longer tests for retention. But when she arrived for her official test, her parents were there instead of the proctors. They said she'd been gone long enough and insisted she come home. Once again, all their wishes and dreams for her were thrown in her face. Once again, Oriel felt like she had no choice but to comply. She wanted to pursue her own happiness but not at the expense of theirs. Defeated, Oriel returned to her room and gathered her things. She followed her parents to the shuttle bay, but stopped short of the entrance. She was 18 now, and no longer a child. She was capable of making her own decisions and shouldering the responsibility for her own actions. So, for the first time in her life Oriel stood up to her parents. She defended her choices with clear reasoning and explained her feelings. She promised to keep in touch, but she had to go. This was too important for her to pass up. Oriel wished her parents well on their 6-hour trip home and went to return to her room. Then a voice said "stop program."

Oriel watched as the entire space station around her vanished, only to be replaced with the telltale black and green lines of a holodeck. The arch opened and her proctors entered. They commended her resoluteness and were impressed by the steadfastness she showed. They said if she could remain strong to her convictions in the face of her greatest fear and proven weakness, she would be quite an asset to Starfleet.

The remainder of Oriel's tests went off without a hitch and before the end of the next day the results were posted. She had been accepted! She would spend the next few weeks doing preparatory coursework en route to Starfleet Academy on Earth. Once there, she would be enrolled in the Fall Semester with a prospective major in Psychology. Oriel's parents came up to the station to see their daughter off. Embraces and well wishes were exchanged, and one last plea to stay. But Oriel was confident in her decision. She watched from the Starship's Lounge as Deep Space Nine vanished into the void, along with her parents and her whole life. It would mark the beginning of a whole new chapter in her life.

Starfleet Medical Academy

The Medical Academy was larger and grander that Oriel had imagined.  There was a constant hubbub of bodies into and out of buildings, classrooms, streets, shops, you name it. It was easy to get lost in the crowd or blinded by the lights. Oriel was no exception. Due to her outstanding grades in High School and her AA in Stress Counseling, Oriel was given the opportunity to skip the first two years of general admission classes and go straight into her Major classes. If she all she wanted was a BS in Counseling, she could have that in as little as two years! But she had bigger ambitions than that. Bright eyed and eager to succeed, Oriel opted for a Master's in Psychology and chose to take extension course to earn a Bachelor's in Planetary Sciences, but she struggled to balance classwork with her social life on this strange new planet. Within the first few months she was already behind in her coursework, and by the end of her first year her marks were just barely passable. Overwhelmed, Oriel took the summer off instead of studying to catch up. She threw herself into the party scene, complete with a slew of romantic entanglements, all of which crashed and burned around her as the summer came to a close.

The start of Oriel’s second year brought about harder classes, new professors and a new summer nickname: Oh-oh-oriel. She was sick, tired and miserable. By the end of her first week back, she was ready to throw in the towel. Oriel prepared herself for the “disappointment” speech and marched into her advisor’s office. She laid out all the reasons why Starfleet was a bad fit for her and summed it up with a desire to just go home. Her advisor listened patiently while she ranted, and then gave her options. She could give up and leave if she really wanted to, or she could change her idea of success. They talked about what she wanted out of her time with Starfleet and where her passions lie. The next day, Oriel changed her medical major to Psychotherapy, a less intensive program but one that she resonated with. She also opted for a more focused Hydrogeology program, instead of the broader Planetary Sciences.

With her advisor's encouragement and guidance, she was able to complete her second year in much better standing than her first. She focused her efforts on her coursework, but it became easier to do now that she was studying the fields that she enjoyed. During her third year, she chose Interpersonal Morale as her focus and began her residencies. Oriel excelled in her practicals and her clients had nothing but kind words about her care, but her classwork was not always up to snuff and she was often tardy. When questioned, Oriel had a myriad of excuses as to why but they all shared one common thread: worsening depression. Her professors recommended she seek immediate counseling and barred her from training excursions. Because of this, Oriel was passed over for the first training cruise available to her (aboard the USS Valiant NCC-74210), which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

The Dominion War

The War officially broke out in the early months of 2373, during Oriel's fourth year at the Medical Academy. All available seniors in good standing were sent to Starfleet with assignments, but Oriel had switched majors her sophomore year and her psychiatric profile didn’t allow her to deploy yet. Frustrated at her inability to help, Oriel watched as most of her friends and some of her teachers embarked on a journey meant for her. Most of them were never seen again. Oriel was now the one left behind and left out, like her talents weren't needed out there in the universe. She tried to focus on her schoolwork, but with the war raging she found it difficult. Then the Academy got word that the training ship, the USS Valiant, had been destroyed. Oriel listened in shock. She was supposed to be on that ship, but she hadn’t been cleared for travel and had been replaced promising underclassman. Now everyone was gone.

The student's grief would have crushed the Academy if not for the over-burdened counselors that stayed behind. Without a training ship to cruise aboard, Oriel instead did two extra semesters of residencies in the Grief and Trauma Center. She had enough credits to pick up a second focus, and with the Dominion War raging strong, she chose Grief Counseling. Over the summer of 2373, Oriel continued her work at the Center, and branched out to the local Clinic as well. She had basic medical training through Starfleet and could function well enough as a nurse when needed, but her skill in talking and listening were invaluable. Nearly everyone had lost someone to the war, or knew someone who lost someone to the war and it had only been going on for a few months.

From the beginning of her fifth year, Oriel decided to spread out her remaining courses over a two year period so that she would have more time for her clinical work. She took half her corseload during the fifth year and half during the sixth year, which provided her ample opportunity for both work and residency experience. Since the remaining training vessels had been re-crewed and sent to help with the war, and she hadn't heard of any active discussions about bringing the USS Republic back into service, this was the best way for Oriel to get real life experience in her field. By the time the war was over, Oriel had logged nearly three years of practical experience across two different clinics, although none of it was on a Starship.

Close to Home

Oriel's graduation was a sombre affair. The Dominion War had ended, but the lives lost couldn't be replaced. Injuries would heal and limbs could be replaced, but the mental and emotional scars of the War would never go away. There was a remembrance held for those Students, Faculty and Staff either MIA or KIA, and the Medical Academy offered free grief counseling to all family members of students and staff. There were only a few graduates in the Winter of 2375, and even fewer guests to watch them walk across that stage. Like many of her fellow classmates, Oriel's parents had been unable to make it due to the conflict. Despite all this, she was proud of what she had accomplished in six years. She held her head high and accepted her Degrees graciously. She had no doubt that Starfleet needed a woman of her skill, the question was Where?

Her answer came in a few days. Now that the war was over, there was a desperate need for medical staff, counselors and diplomats. Oriel was given a posting at Deep Space 9 as an Ensign Counselor. Her specialties in Grief and Stress Counseling combined with her focus in Interpersonal Morale made her a prime candidate for post-war relief efforts aboard the space station. She spent four years there with a team of other professionals trying to soothe the tensions of war. Her superiors recognized her skill at listening and assigned her to also counsel some of the POW’s they had arrested. With Oriel’s help, two Jem’Hadar prisoners chose to confess. It had taken three years and a mountain of sessions, but finally there were answers.

Late in 2378, Oriel was awarded the Federation Humanitarian Service Medal for her efforts on Deep Space 9 and recommended for a promotion. It came early in 2379 during an induction ceremony for a fresh batch of graduates. Now a Lieutenant Junior Grade, Oriel was tasked with training two new counselors to work with the War victims. Within three months, her Ensigns were ready for their own clients. Oriel’s superiors were once again impressed with her skills and sought to use her in a new way. There was a diplomatic contingent being assembled to replace the current one stationed on Aldea. Starfleet had already chosen the security team and most of the medical team. All they needed was a counselor knowledgeable in reproduction & fertility. It was Dr. Julian Bashir who personally recommended Oriel for the assignment, knowing that she would be perfect for the job.

To the Stars with Knowledge

Oriel arrived on the planet Aldea in the Epsilon Minos system in the middle of 2379. Her contingent consisted of a handful of doctors, counselors, diplomats and bioengineers all sent to replace the old contingent that had been there since 2365. Their goal was to assist with medical defects and psychological problems due to generations of radiation poisoning. They also acted as diplomatic liaisons when necessary. 

Helping the people of Aldea was some of the most rewarding work Oriel had experienced thus far in her career. Every skill she had ever learned came in to play while on that planet. Some Aldeans needed grief counseling for infertility or miscarriages, others needed stress counseling for their upturned lives. Even her training in Interpersonal Morale came into play with those needing a more intimate touch. As her reputation with the Aldeans grew, some of the Klingons stationed there began warming to her.

Due to the efforts of the Starfleet teams and the skill of the Aldean people combined with the resources of the Klingons, it was decided that Starfleet no longer needed a contingent on the planet. Those who traveled with Oriel were given the option to relocate to a base of their choosing. Most of her team left early in 2381, but Oriel wanted to stay. She felt like this planet was where she could do the most good. She continued to counsel those who needed it and train prospective candidates for the next few months, but something had changed. Oriel was now among a handful of Starfleet personnel remaining on Aldea and the generally welcoming atmosphere she'd felt upon arriving was gone. The difference was palpable and made Oriel uncomfortable.

Oriel's final student finished his training in the spring of 2381 and Oriel decided it was time to leave Aldea. Transportation was arranged via a Klingon cruiser to the USS Natchez, a galaxy class ship in need of a qualified counselor, but it was called off at the last minute. The KDF station and the Aldea Prime Shipyards were placed on lockdown for upcoming unscheduled military maneuvers. All travel in or out of Aldea was prohibited until further notice. Oriel was stuck.

Personality Profile

Outwardly, Oriel portrayed a cheerful woman in good spirits. She was rarely seen without a smile gracing her features and her friends described her as "happy." Oriel struggled with many things which she internalized in order to maintain her generally pleasant facade. Despite being born into the best circumstances, she had always felt like she wasn't good enough. She also strove to please others and keep her friends, family and clients happy. This low opinion of herself manifested in her thoughts, reminding her that she couldn’t do anything right unless she gave up on her dreams and returned home. To help combat those feelings, Oriel focused her efforts on helping others. Every time she helped someone, be it a client or a friend, she felt a fleeting sense of accomplishment which she used to move past her own feelings of inadequacy. She was aware of her shortcomings and actively sought help for them.

Oriel had always held a childlike innocence about her. She honestly thought the best of others and rarely considered the darker or more harmful side of things. She had an active imagination and often daydreamt about exotic places and creatures. Most of her musings made it into her journal. She enjoyed quiet time on occasion, but grew melancholy when she was away from the general public for too long. She was a social butterfly in crowds and a fantastic hostess for parties she threw. She enjoyed word play and teasing, both sexually and non-sexually. During pleasant conversation, her mind often moved toward raunchier thoughts and when she didn't keep herself in check, she was an extreme flirt.

Oriel appreciated men, women, feminine and masculine males, feminine and masculine females, nonbinary beings, etc. She found that often once she got to know a coworker or friend, she grew feelings for that being. Sometimes the feelings were lustful, other times sensual, but they were usually sexual in nature. However, there were times when just looking at another being stimulated her body into an overt sexual response. As such, she was open to the possibility of love and sexual encounters with anyone she met.

Physical Profile

Oriel had mid-length black hair that was extremely coarse. It liked being styled, and as such she often changed her hairstyle every day. She was frequently seen sporting ringlets, massive curls, braids, and various updos. On occasion, she straightened it, but it always curled up after a couple hours. Her eyes were lavishly brown with long black lashes. For work, she accented them with a simple line of brown eyeliner. Her jaw was somewhat squared and her nose was flat and stubby, but they balanced out her lusciously full lips. She was a lip-gloss fanatic and kept the makeup staple in her pocket or purse at all times. She also enjoyed wearing jewelry, the flashier the better, though she kept the really blingy things for her off-duty time. 

Oriel had a petite figure with modest cleavage and a lovely, round backside. She kept her body toned by swimming, walking and hiking. She stayed limber with aerial yoga and shibari practice. She watched what she ate, but wasn't a huge fan of most calorie-heavy food. When available, Oriel prefered fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh milk and juices, and fresh eggs. She kept a jar of dried berries and edible seeds in her quarters and in her counseling office. She drank water like it was going out of style, but she never turned down a good wine. Moscato was her favorite for it's crisp, sweet taste. She was also quite fond of chocolate covered caramels, and considered the two "pleasure" items her only indulgences.

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