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Welcome @Krajin(laugh)

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Welcome @Krajin
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  Ens. Caitlyn Murphy                                           Engineering Officer

- Writer: @Relatively Insane

Give a warm welcome to @Relatively Insane  as they come aboard with their character, Caitlyn Murphy! A young engineer from Ireland, Caitlyn joined Starfleet to see the galaxy, only to spend most of her career thus far at Spacedock 1 in Earth's orbit. She finally got a transfer to the USS Theurgy, traveling with the ship to Romulus and back. During the Theurgy's original escape from Earth, Caitlyn's spine was severely injured and she was placed into stasis. Now she's back in action as they... return to Romulus. Life is circular that way. I'm sure she'll see more of the galaxy eventually.

Caitlyn will be awoken from stasis at the beginning of Episode 2!

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome @Damian2022  !
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@EnigmaTales  @AbsintheDeux  @Hans Applegate  @Galaxymind  @joshs1000  @Krajin @Relatively Insane

WELCOME again!

Something that was great fun for me when I first came was scanning through the crew manifest at every active writer and looking at training, hobbies, Starfleet graduation dates, etc., and then contacting the writers directly via PM on here with an invitation to write about something, even if obscure, that our characters could bond (or fight) over. It granted me the wonderful opportunity to write with almost everyone on the board, though a few threads are yet to be made with some (I haven't forgotten!).

I mention this as if you ever feel like your jets are cooling on main threads, or you're waiting your turn on supplementals, and/or the Director's Cut area or AU area doesn't quite appeal, this is a way of reaching out and connecting. As you know, we are a community of writers, and as far as I know from my time here, there has never been a case of someone not wanting to write.

Needless to say, don't be shy! This is also a great way of getting into the posting flow (and all the eccentric ins and outs of formatting and personalizing posts, etc).

Also, anytime you have what seems like a hair-brained scheme for the main plotline or even side plots, speak up! The bedlam is more fun when shared, nourished in the chaotic minds of the many.



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