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Chapter 04: True Nature [D06|0900]

CHAPTER 04: TRUE NATURE [ DAY 06 | 0900 hrs. ]

"Our species can only survive if we have obstacles to overcome. You remove those obstacles. Without them to strengthen us, we will weaken and die."
- Captain James T. Kirk (2273-2371)

[ Echtand qi Versant | The Quarters of the Voice | Precept-ship Versant ]
The lights of the Azure Nebula had grated on his black eyes, so he had closed the panoramic viewport's shutters several hours ago. The faint illumination that remained in his quarters rippled across his large hands, casting shadows along the barren walls.

Through most of the night, Echtand qi Versant had been hard at work in his research center - making preparations for the day that had just begun. Days and nights were, of course, a relative concept in space, rather a matter of chosen sleeping cycles. He had adapted his own to the Correction Program for the sake of his endeavour, so that he could utilise his assets more effectively. He had suffered a minor distraction by Sclergyn, which had delayed him for two hours. He was weary, his head aching, and he had staved off the doubts and the fear of failure several times. Again and again, he had to acknowledge the fact that there could never be a second opportunity, since with the Scion High Council ending the Correction Program, he could never have access to other specimens to aid him.

Schematics were displayed on some of the screens. Inventory list on others, followed by the layout of the security systems that had been raised around the Archive, and thus, also the source of the Code. He had partial access to those already with his position aboard the Versant, but the rest, he had to get creative with. No one else aboard the ship would even have a shot at penetrating the security systems around the Archive, and if he was to succeed, the specimens from Starfleet would play an essential role. Not just as a distraction, but as a... how would they put it? A can opener? Wrecking ball? Battering ram? His studies into the Federation's linguistics had been unclear on that.

"Echtand?" came a voice from behind him, and his three-fingered hands grew still. He made a quick inventory of what was displayed on the screens before him, before he slowly turned his black orbs towards the female Ante. His frown cut a dark line between his hairless brows.

"I merely wished to ask," she said, not demure, but resigned to their accord, while she approached him in the dim light, "why you did not give me the vecar?" Just like him, she wore the bodysuit that all Savi wore. Even though the hour would normally beg for her attendance in the Biolabs, why would she go there now, when there were no specimens left to study? Her question, however, forestalled that condundrum.

"Is that not obvious?" Echtand said, his intellect and strength making her inferior, yet somehow, his tone did not equal his irritation. Even the mating he had subjected her to had been... gentle, for a lack of better word. "I wish to propagate."

If he was to die for the restoration of the Code, and the truth about the Scion Directive, he found it... fitting, that he'd leave something of himself behind. After the customary announcement, Sclergyn stood silent, and like all of High Class, the control she wielded over her emotions was admirable. It was what made him chose her. The only thing she did, was to look down towards her abdomen, and to run a hand over it, in premonition of what was to come, if she chose to accept. In the end, she inclined her head. "Then I will will take the thym. I am... gratified that you chose me, and it will be a privilege to bear the Child of the Voice."

Echtand stared back at her, thinking about his parents. He wished he could impart more upon Sclergyn, so that the child - if his black seed took - might learn what what he knew. Alas, there was no time, and he would have to leave his research for Sclergyn to find on her own. Perhaps he'd even record a message for her, if he could spare a few minutes.

Without another word spoken of their agreement, Sclergyn turned to leave, which made Echtand speak anew.

"Why do you return to your research?" he asked, not even demanding an answer with his tone. "There is naught for you in the Biolabs."

Sclergyn paused in the antechamber, the set of her shoulders making her look conflicted. As if she did not wish to speak. "I have... violated the Code," she confessed quietly, and Echtand suspected that the only reason she admitted this to him - the Voice - was because of the exchange they just had about propagating. "I did not submit something to the Archive. It is an object of such rarity, that I could not let it be Recycled. It is-"

"An egg," said Echtand, his mind faster than hers, and a bout of ire making his tongue quicker still. He had sought it for a long time that night. "Carrying an ovum of mixed mammalian and amphibian genome. An Ovri-Klingon cross-breed."

Sclergyn actually looked shocked, as if he'd struck her. "How did y-"

"I am the Voice," he said, with such resolution that it sounded like it was obvious, even if it was a lie of omission.

"I... seek pardon for m-" she began, looking down to the deck.

"There is no need," he said quietly, even if his stare was unchanged. "All I ask is that you keep your orderlies away, make it accessible, and prepare it for display, for I wish to see it for myself."

Sclergyn relaxed, looking surprised about the development. "When will the Voice arrive for inspection?"

"You may still use my name," he reminded her in a quiet tone, "I will not file a violation report, nor do I - however - know when I might make the inspection. I want you to make the arrangements, and then return here. Immediately."

"I understand. Thank you... Echtand." She lingered for a moment, as if she wished to say more. Perhaps she even thought he meant to mate with her anew upon her return. In any case, the relief was as plain as a Low Class' in her face. Somehow, Echtand even found it... endearing. Clearly he had delved too much into Federation culture. She turned to leave, and he was alone at last.

He was ready to initiate the operation. After he did, there was no turning back. He rose from his seat, paced his quarters one last time, with his face buried in his hand. He had to do it, for the sake of all Antes in the entire Savi Flotilla. He didn't actually, have a choice, since he represented the interests of his entire race. He spoke for the Savi, and now, his voice would call the Scions out for what they'd done, and he'd transmit the proof to all, High Class and Low. It was time to make himself heard.

With a deep breath, he picked up his tablet and left his quarters. He still had full access to the research center through the device, and he began to execute the plan whilst he descended the corridor at a brisk pace. With a quick addition about the Ovri/Klingon egg, he transmitted a prepared message to Blue Tiran, and executed the Transport protocols.









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The naming convention for Supplemental threads belonging to earlier Prologue - leading up to 0900 hrs. this morning on Day 06 is: PRO: S [DXX|XXXX] Insert Title. Here are the characters present in Blue Tiran's hideout in the Maintenance Bays:

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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Let's Get this Shit Started | Murdering the Assholes | Taking Back Lives | Moby Returns]
@Auctor Lucan @patches @Fife @Triage @Numen @all

There was a weight, above her, pressing down on her head.  And a soft, warm, and strong hand holding her close.  Lost in the mass of curls that refused, like their owner, to conform to any sort of proper do.  She felt, oddly, okay for the moment.  But then, Blue had never ever in her life been called a morning person.  The brain, was much like a computer for her.  It had to boot up, go through the loading screens, initiate all important processes before anything could actually begin working in earnest.  Her brain was still in that blue-loading-logo screen mode when she snuggled into the shoulder that was currently underneath her head.  She heard a sound, like a moan... a groan. … something zombie-esque anyway and from the vibrations in her lungs she figured it was her.

Her chest rose and fell. 

Her face scrunched slightly.

She could hear people around her.  The sensory information slowly reaching her.  Ranaan was used to her mornings.  He tended to wake her up, if he was home, without a need for an alarm which she usually crushed with her fist.. or a wrench.  He would pry her from bed with the smells of coffee and breakfast.  There was one rule at the table; no blankets.  The first time she had burrito-d herself up and shuffled into the living room surrounded in dark fur with just a pale face poking out... had not gone well.  He picked errant fur from his teeth all day, he said.


Her first thought.

Why does my neck hurt?  She had spent the entire night leaning up and cuddling up against a Vulcan that had been her conscience on the Escape Pod and half her support system since reuniting again here. 

This shoulder has promise as a future pillow...

Blue felt something digging into her stomach, her hand clenched on it and realized it was the odd form of the Savi PADD she had not let a single person touch yet.  Finally, while her eyes didn't open it seemed that all systems were operating and running normally again.  The weight of her situation, of her world, began to settle again on her shoulders.

Fuck you life.  Fuck you... need to get up and do shit today.  Fucking.. mother of all fucking headaches... are there any twinkies left?

Finally, crystalline sky blue orbs opened.  The grit of a night's sleep sticking slightly at the corners.  One strong pale hand slid up from the PADD and quickly rid the corners of their green interlopers.  She hadn't quite moved yet, but as she did, she realized that she had spent the entire night on Cross' shoulder.  And his hand was holding her close, as if he was protecting her or cherishing her or something.

It was weird.

It was damn weird.

It was mother fucking weird.

I thought Vulcans were allergic to feelings.

She finally popped her head up and she looked over at Cross.  Her heart thumped heavily in her chest.  Not because she was attracted to the Vulcan but because he had allowed her to sleep there.  He had held her against him and not woken her or shifted her.  She had never had anyone outside of Ducote try to care for her.  Most people thought she was a raging bitch and gave her a wide berth.  Most of the time, it was due to her own hard work.  For someone else to care for her, set her off a little.  She felt as though she was outside of herself.  She swallowed hard, watching as Cross himself woke up and realized the kind of position they were in.

A blush dusted across her features.  Even as a Vulcan he could probably read through to the vulnerable girl hidden behind all the layers of anger and hurt for just a moment.  Eye contact made for that first few moments waking up.

“T... thanks.  Thank you.” she said softly and cleared her throat.

Well if this isn't the most mother fucking awkward morning ever I don't know what the fuck is.  Maybe I should ju-

Her thoughts interrupted by the buzz from the PADD in her hands.  She quickly ripped her gaze away from Cross so that she could check out what was going on with it.  Running her thumb across the bio scanner she found it unlocked so that she could read the messages that were penned by one being and one being only. 

Ugh.  Work.  Fuckin' Moby.

It was time.  Go time.  Don't give a Fuck time.  It was time to get some as sand get the fuck off this ship.  Brushing her curls out of her face she began to read the messages that were sent.  Glad that he was holding up to his bargain.  She didn't mind him reminding her of their bargain.  He likely did it to reassure himself more than her.  He had no idea who the fuck he was dealing with and if Blue Tiran made a deal she wasn't going to back out now. 

1. Weapons had been delivered.  Set to only work on Scions, would be beneficial.  While she was fine with their bargain she had to hope that all the other fuckers in here were going to be following the rules too.
2. The white headed mother fucker had delivered tablets to the rest of the fucking crew.  Good they won't want mine anymore.  Bitches need to leave my shit alone.
3. Tablets were equipped with Savi Sensoring Programs and deck plans.  Well that shit will be useful.
4. List of the groups and destinations to be transported to.  That'll make shit easier than having to go through the hallways as a fucking huge group.
5. Echtand's boss needed to die.  He was with Ives.  Okay, that's fine i'm sure these fuckers will be eager for some revenge anyway.
6. Once Boss-Asshole was dead they would get escape coordinates. 

Blue sighed and rested her head for a moment against the bulk head behind her.  Closing her eyes she tried to refocus herself.  It was time to get shit done.  To get out of here.  To get the fuck off this ship and try to figure out what the fuck she was going to do with herself afterwards.  Now was not the time to miss Ducote and now was not the time to wish desperately he was here.  She knew that he would pick up this whole team and get them going in the right direction. 

Blue's eyes opened again, and she looked down at the PADD.  This guy needs a code name so that I can protect his identity but at the same time people can make sure they're talking to the right Whitey before they make any decisions.  Blue penned a quick message to Echtand.


Time to channel my inner Commander...

As she rose from her position her body cried out with resistance.  Sleeping as she had resulted in sore tight muscles but she would live.  Pain would help keep her focused.  She popped her fist over a switch and the lights in the bay flickered on.  She winced at them, but her eyes adjusted. 

“Rise and shine bitches!  It's battle day!” she called out at the top of her lungs. 

In the middle of the night, at some point, medical kits had been given to them.  She hoped that they could or would be used.  Had been used .  Something.  She waited until the people started waking.  Coming out of the rooms that ajoined the larger one.  They would see the crates that were beside Blue where she stood.  Those that would contain a great deal of goodies for the people on the deck.  Once she was sure that most of the people were awake she took another deep breath.  Afterall, this was the hard shit.  This was the shit that was going to make or break this team.  Not everyone, would likely survive, but they had a huge mission and those that did survive would be forever grateful for the movement they were about to make.

“I have heard from our benefactor.  He has sent every single one of you a PADD interface that will allow you access to the deck plans, the population sensors, and the local areas of interest.  He has been able to locate your, Captain Ives, and many other places of interest.  However, the deal is as stands.”  Blue called out to all those that could hear her.  “You will only target those that look more like bugs and less those three fingered white faced fuckers.  The white ones are those that will survive, and yes, that is the line.  You want to live, you don't hurt a single white faced mother fucker on this ship.” she stated calmly and straight forward making sure that it was fully known.  “Our benefactor is known as Moby.  If you want to know if he is the one that I've been in contact with, that didn't kill me, and didn't kill you, you ask what his name is. If he gives you that name, yes he speaks Federation Standard, then you know.  Any other name, give no information to.”

“We will be killed if we hurt one.  We need to break into teams and allow the man time to transport us to those areas.  I and whatever team is going with me, are going to head for the Machine lab.  I've heard that there is something of import there for myself.  I believe there is a .. thing.. person... I'm not actually sure what it is, called Thea in the same zone.  So those that wish to go with me, need to come forward.”

Blue pushed buttons on her PADD and the holographic image of the Savi ship came up showing the various points of interest that Echtand believed would be important. 

“Here” she pointed, is where the egg is being kept for those that asked fdor it last night, myself and Moby came through for you.” she said meeting the eyes of the three that had asked the night before.  She figured they would mount a rescue as well.  “There will likely be an Egg team.  A Team to kill Semathal, the leader of this whole fucking ship.  The one that is pulling the strings and experimenting on our people.  Other races as well.  The one responsible for all your genetic fuckery.  That fucker has to die.  We need a group for that as well.”

She pointed to the other spots that were pointed out.

“We need to decide who wants to go where.  Who is needed where.  I need a list of each team as quick as fucking possible so we can get this shit show on the road before we or our Buddy gets caught.” she said quickly as her eyes cast around the room. 


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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0900 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife @Auctor Lucan @BZ @Zenozine @patches @Triage @anyone else

Khorin had never been a sleepyhead, quite the contrary. He was one of those people who wake up in a jump to the minimum noise, with no intermediate step between sleep and wakefulness. It was true that before his correction this characteristic had been fueled by huge amounts of sugar, but it seemed to be something inherent in his Klingon genetics. So, when a familiar buzzing sounded outside the room he occupied with Zephyr, he sat up staring instinctively at the door, all senses alert, ready for action. Only the presence of the slender betazoid prevented him from leaving the room like a whirlwind. He tried to disentangled himself from her embracing with care, dropped a soft kiss on the crown of her head and leave the storage room without making a sound, delicately closing the door behind him. He really tried to do so, he put all his skill into it. More or less he had the same success that a bull trying to sneak in a china shop. It was really difficult for a Klingon to went unnoticed. Even if he tried.

When he left the small room, the first thing he noticed was the appearance of a new set of boxes and supplies, almost at the same spot where they had appeared the night before. The pilot came to sniff around the boxes, a hungry rumble resounding in his stomach. However, he didn't get to put his big hands on any of the boxes, because a sudden movement distracted his attention and led a cocky grin to his face. Commander Tiran had just woken up, having spent what seemed like a good part of the night sleeping on the shoulder of his brother-in-arms. Who would tell that just a few hours after the klingon had promised Cross that he would act as matchmaker for the vulcan.It seemed that after their conversation Cross had rushed to make his own arrangements. He even seemed to have been protecting the woman, with one of his hands on her head. The scene ended suddenly, when the woman with strands of blue hair seemed to wake up suddenly, exchanged a few words with the vulcan, with a too obviously awkward expression on her pale face and left his side likely terrified, her eyes fixed on her PADD. Oh well. That was the Cross he knew.

Without hesitation, Khorin stood next to his friend, a crocked, knowing grin in his face. Cross received him with a frown of his ugly brows, but the klingon ignoring his bitter gesture, squatting in front of him, so that their faces were at the same height. His grin widened even more when he looked into his eyes and, with his operistic bass voice, he began to sing. "Cross and Blue, sitting in the tree, K-I-S ..." The song was interrupted by a strong vulcan's elbow hit in the pit of his stomach, which prevented the children's song from continued resounding in Cargo Bay. His friend struggled to keep him out of breath long enough for the commander to move away and began to summon the crowd around her, organizing the abductees for missions that would allow them to leave that godforsaken place.

The pilot missed the first part of the speech, deafened by the rumble of his own laughter, once he was able to gather enough air to emit it. Then he went back to his feet, and went to the periphery of the crowd, still teasing Cross waggling his thick eyebrows. However, soon his playful attitude disappeared while Blue developed the details of the plan. It disgusted him exceedingly that his captors were untouchable, and that he couldn't fullfil with them the revenge he was so anxious for, but something else made him frown and look for Hylota in the crowd.

Pulling the crowd aside, the Klingon stood before Blue, a cocky grin in his lips, but his serious gaze fixed in the nurse. "No son of Qo'noS will be at the mercy of these P'taQ, much less a pup. I volunteer to rescue Hylota's egg." He nodded in the nurse's direction, the Ovri woman had earned his respect, and he wasn't going to abandon her now in that moment of need, neither her unborn child.

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bay | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @BZ @Numen

Cross had risen during the night, having slowly and carefully shifted the slumbering engineer so as not to wake her. Having finally extracted himself, eliciting some dozing grumbles from the Commander, Cross had slipped off to meditate in solitude in the hopes to gaining some degree of control over the storm of emotions his correction had brought with it.

It was not to be.

Instead he’d been discovered by the Klingon who seemed intent of tormenting him, the two of them ending up in yet another scuffle prior to having a rather serious and personal discussion. As a result, Cross had managed only a short meditation session. Frustrated and tired, he had returned to his slumbering crewmates and seated himself next to Blue once more, only to have the engineer shift herself and snuggle into his shoulder once again. Resigned to his fate, Cross had kept watch over the sleeping twinkie addict, his hand once again resting on her head, until he too had been overcome by fatigue.

And so it was that Cross found himself stirred awake by a shifting of the warm weigh that rested against him. He could feel the cold bulkhead against the back of his head, and as he opened his eyes and slowly blinked himself awake, he lifted his hand from the warmth it rested on and stretched his shoulder, the joint tight from remaining in the same position throughout the night. Then he shifted his gaze down to his side, only to find his view filled by two sky blue eyes staring back at him, framed by black hair with streaks of blue. Groggy and not yet fully awake, it took a moment before Cross’ mind processed what he was looking at.

Blue Tiran had been sleeping on him. Cross had been resting his hand on her head protectively.

What… Cross’s mind slowly tried to make sense of the situation before the memories of the previous day and night came rushing back to him. He remembered how small and fragile she had seemed, how he had wanted to protect her. He saw a glimpse of that again as he saw her pale cheeks bloom with a reddish tinge as the Human blushed. He could feel the green colour rising in his own cheeks as well. For a moment, Blue once again looked small and vulnerable, hardly the Blue Tiran who had brought the running joke of “Blue Alert” into being.

”T… thanks. Thank you.” She spoke softly, clearing her throat. The engineer obviously felt as awkward in the situation as he did. He was about to mutter a response when the PADD she was holding buzzed, the alert saving the Vulcan from the awkward, fumbled words. Blue quickly turned her gaze to the PADD, and Cross too quickly directed his attention elsewhere in an attempt to forget the awkward moment. Unfortunately, his vision was then filled by the stupid, beady-eyed face of Khorin, the pilot’s face adorned with a shit-eating grin. Cross’ expression turned from one of embarrassment to scowling irritation as the Klingon opened his mouth and began to sing.

”Cross and Blue, sitting in the tree. K-I-S…”

The Klingon made a high-pitched, wheezing sound as Cross’ fist buried itself in the pit of the Klingon’s stomach, effectively silencing the Klingon while at the same time proving rather therapeutic for the Vulcan. Cross considered pummeling the Klingon further as Blue rose and moved to stand by the crates which had appeared in the Maintenance Bay as they slept, calling for the abductees to gather around.

”You <fucking> idiot.” Cross grumbled as he rose to his feet. ”It’s not like that. We…” He glanced at the other man, knowing what he was saying would just serve to further entrench the idea in the Klingon’s soup-like mind. ”<Damnit>.” Cross shook his head again, a slight grin spreading over his features as the Klingon continued to wheeze in an attempt to catch his breath. ”You really are an idiot.”

With those words, accompanied by another shake of his head, Cross walked with the Klingon to where a crowd had gathered around Blue. The Klingon had unfortunately regained his breath, and pestered Cross with more teasing comments about the Lieutenant Commander.

He never shuts up… Cross thought with a sigh as the two joined the crowd to listen as Blue laid out the plan. Once she finished speaking, Khorin had barrelled through the crowd in his usually manner, announcing his intentions loudly. Cross had followed in the Klingon’s wake, moving to stand next to Blue.

”I’ll go with you to the Machine lab.” Cross informed Blue, meeting her gaze for a moment while attempting to ignore the feeling of awkwardness which caused the green colouring to once again rise in his cheeks. ”I’ll watch your back, Commander.”

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[ Hylota Vojona & Vinata Vojona | Day 6 | 0900 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]Attn: @Auctor Lucan , @Fife , @BZ , @Numen , @Triage , @All

Hylota had been slow to rejoin with the group after she finally woke for the day, after her outbursts the day before she felt it would be prudent to keep to herself for the time being, allow things to blow over and for her anger to subside before she returned to the some point she would have to apologize to the commander, but for now she needed to keep a level head as the news came in. As she rejoined her brother Vinata smiled weakly to her, but before he could speak she took the lead and began to apologize. "I am sorry for how I acted yesterday, I threw all that weight on your shoulders and expected you to carry my burdens while I lashed out at the world, I have been acting horribly unprofessional as of late." Hylota hung her head and slowly shook it in resignation before Vinata reached out to put his hand on her shoulder as he pressed his forehead to hers in a show of solidarity. "It is alright, we all have our breaking point, you have only now been pushed to yours. I honestly would not have expected anything better considering what we had to endure so far." The two shared a moment of comfort before suddenly Blue began to make her announcement to the rest of the crew.

Turning their attention to Blue the siblings remained silent and respectful as the news came in, the limitation to not killing the Savi crew did made Hyota tense, her blood running cold as she felt as though she had been robbed of something that she was owed. She felt even worse knowing that she had been correct, knowing that her egg had been taken aboard, that she had lost her last tie to Maal. If she ended up finding one of the people who they were allowed to kill, Hylota wondered if she would get in any trouble if she chose to use the butt of a rifle to do them in instead of a phaser beam. Seeming to sense his sister's aggression Vinata reached up and wrapped an arm around his sister, gently massaging her shoulder as he spoke softly to her. "Calm down, there is an entire mission ahead of us, you need to keep yourself here, focus on the task at hand." Hylota glared at her brother for a moment before eventually resigning to accepting his point and letting out a sigh as he nodded in agreement with his statement.

Of course the seriousness of the moment was suddenly jarred as Khorrin suddenly began to sing a rather strange mocking song towards Cross and Blue, but a swift blow to his gut ended the song. In all honesty Hylota felt that this was the ideal outcome for Khorin. He needed to be confronted with force, it was really the only thing Klingon's recognized as a command. With his full Klingon body Hylota could imagine that he was having the time of his life doing as he wanted, but as he was the first to suddenly step forward and volunteer to help rescue her child, Hylota could do little more than state into his eyes before she nodded in acceptance of his aid. "Thank you Khorin, it means a lot that you will be there by my side helping in the rescue. I promise I will find some way to repay this kindness when we return to the Theurgy." Hylota straightened up more as she began to realize that there was a chance for more people joining her rescue and that she would need to carry herself professionally once more. She would have to come off as in control here, she needed to remain composed until they were free once more.

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[ Lt. JG Sinead O'Riley | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Brutus, @Zenozine, @Masorin, @SummerDawn, @chXinya, @Absinthe, @steelphoenix, @Blue Zephyr, @YasyraTrill, @patches, @Fife & @Numen
It seemed she managed to get a little more rest after all, despite all that transpired thus far, because she found herself opening her eyes when she heard Blue's voice. It was time to act at last. Rising up in one fluid motion, the Bringloidi strode forward after the Klingon and a bald Vulcan or Romulan. The suit provided by their Savi ally was very effective; there was no sound generation no matter how she moved or folded her limbs. The footpads seemed to absorb shock and impact, reducing noise and even dampening their footfalls. It was indeed, made for stealth, and this would be extremely effective for what they had to do next it seemed.

She absorbed everything Blue said, and took stock of the situation. It was more complicated. They were not to harm any Savi, which was logical, considering their benefactor was one, and there was a way to differentiate their quarry, who resembled bugs, apparently. She eyed the new supply caches. She wanted to get the weapons and the PADD with all the information. She also examined her left forearm and her waist, where she noted there were indentations where something might be latched or hooked on to. Perhaps that would hold the PADD, freeing her hands to perform other actions. This was good and ideal. She idly considered being allowed to keep this outfit once they made their escape.

When she heard Ives' name the redhead snapped about, fixing her silvery, almost-glowing blue eyes on the woman who had seemingly taken charge of the operations. Choosing between Thea and Ives took only a split second for the woman, her duty was clear. She had to secure Captain Ives first. Also, since it was likely that Semathal would be with the captain, her duty would become two-fold. Kill the Scion leader, and save her own. Stepping forward after Khorin and Cross, the slender woman raised her hand, “I have been traihned extensively in stealth an' martial combat,” said Sinead, “Sen' meh t' eliminate Semathal an' rescue Captain Ives. It stan's t' reason tha' th' Scion leader wouldna let th' captain far from his person. More'n likely we'll fin' both in th' same place.”

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[Lt. Zephyr Praise | Storage Room | Hard Floor | Morning After]
@Auctor Lucan @Numen @Fife  @Triage

It was cold.  Just down right cold.  Zeph tried to snuggle into the warmth that had been next to her all night, but alas, it was gone.  The cold deck plating and the lack of any blankets or comfort was what really woke her up.  The chill in the air was enough that she could almost make out her breath around her.  There were the sounds of others, sleeping, and most of them waking up as the day began anew.  The night had been rough, but good for them all, to get that rest that they were going to need in the hard battle they would be taking on today. 

Dark black eyes opened and Zephyr lay her palm flat on the deck pushing her body into a sitting position.  Her body hurt, laying on the ground here was no picnic, and she never thought she would miss the tiny room she'd had since being on this ship.  But she, at the very least, missed the matress.  Looking around she didn't see Khorin anywhere so she got up and headed for the door dodging around and walking carefully against the sleeping people on the floor.

She opened the door and stepped out.  It was not hard to find Khorin, he was currently across the hall singing to Cross.  Her brow rose as he got an elbow in the gut for his efforts.  She crossed the room to the pair and rose her brow at Khorin. 

“Really?  You're going to tease the man for finding someone to spend the night with?  What do you think you were doing, with all your snuggles and happy smiles?”  She didn't mention the tears.  She might want to give Khorin a hard time and play with Cross' team a little bit, but she didn't want to embarrass him.  She liked Khorin, a lot, something she hoped would continue once they were safe and on another ship.  She wasn't from the Theurgy and she wasn't from the Endeavour.  No one seemed to care where she was from only that she was a Doctor and Scientist and had been helping them out.  She had feared, initially, that they would believe that she was not one of them.  But no one had questioned and she was quite glad of that.

She walked with Khorin over to where the blue haired woman from yesterday was speaking.  Zeph stil couldn't feel her.  Whatever shutter she had put around her mind yesterday was still there.  She couldn't figure out what to make of a human with such strong mental shields.  It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before.  Still, she hoped that the woman would be all right today.  While sleep and some food had put a little color back into her cheeks, she found that the woman still looked like a strong gust away from full collapsing.  Zeph's eyes darted around the area and she found that there were medical kits. 

I wonder if she'll let me fix her up before we go out there. she thought curiously before her attention turned back to the information at hand.  Zeph took in all the rules, the Moby name, and the fact that they were issued guns and padds.  This was really happening.  Blue's person had truly come through and now the rest was on them.  Zeph leaned against Khorin, feeling the weight of his large arm coming around her slender shoulders.  What a sight they must be.  He was so large and she was so petite against him but there was nothing that couldn't be mended with the kind of chemistry they seemed to have found so far. 

Khorin left her to go tell Blue what he wanted to do, and Zeph thought about the options available and knew that the egg was important but she felt that she might be needed elsewhere with her medical expertise.  Cross decided that he would go with the Blue haired woman, which was good.  They all needed to figure out where they were best suited. 

Zeph stepped forward then, and looked at Blue.

“I'll go with the Ives team.  There's no telling what kind of medical care that the Captain might need.  I'm a doctor, I'll take a medical kit with me, and I can also shoot and fight.  I think that's the best course for me.” she said confidently and looked over at Khorin.  Sliding her hand into his.  They were going separate ways but she knew … or at least hoped, that at the end of all of this she would see him again.  She hoped that he would have lots of cuddles for her when she returned to his arms.  She wanted to know as much about him as she could. 

Now was not the time, but, hopefully in the future... all would be well.

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[ Commander Nerina | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: All
The ramifications of what Blue Tiran told them were not lost on Commander Nerina, who stepped up to join her, pleased to hear the present abductees announce their preferences or suggestions on where they would fit best. There were plenty of objectives, even if only the killing of this 'Scion' was the sole prerequisite for getting the escape routes from 'Moby'. All of them were important for different reasons. Nerina gave it some thought, until her eyes settled on the Ovri. The loss of a child was so deeply personal, and Nerina realised she had already made her decision.

"I will accompany you to the Biolabs," she said, with a glance towards the hologram, before looking at the two Ovri and the Klingon - whom she'd learned to be one of the original Lone Wolves. She hardly recognised him anymore, and deep down, she envied him - having retained his Klingon heritage instead. She refused to touch her smooth forehead, however, looking towards the next speaker.

[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: All
With her arms crossed underneath her chest, ThanIda zh'Wann looked at the layout of the Versant. With all the gossiping around the Maintenance Bay, Ida had picked up on some things, among them speculation about the Omega Device. It was not so much the object itself that made her blue eyes drift to it, but how she'd heard that it was somehow connected to Hi'Jak.

And Ida still didn't know what had happened at the end of the away mission to the Coreless Moon.

"I will go to the center mass of this ship, and collect the Omega device, whatever that is. Apparently important enough for the Savi to steal from the Theurgy, and that's good enough reason for me. It tells me that they shouldn't have it." Ida looked towards Blue Tiran, taking a deep breath. "By Lor'Vela, I do hope your asset - this 'Moby' - deliver as promised, because I really can't see any evident escape routes when I look at this."

Then, she looked at Hi'Jak, waiting to see if he'd join her.

[ Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: All
Standing next to her sister, Devyrie looked at the hologram and sighed. She exchanged a look with Laurel, who nodded.

"I will try to collect the Reaver from the Aerodrome, that enormous docking bay of theirs, together with Laurel, but we need to figure out a way to do it, and if we are to launch it, I think only one more person may fit inside the cockpit. I can't say I know how to fly that thing, but between Laurel and I, we ought to figure out how it works on the fly."

Devyrie looked around the Maintenance Bay, hoping for another volunteer, but she pointedly refused to look in the direction of the Ovri, since she didn't wish for her mind to relive what she'd gone though at the mercy of that male-looking alien. She might know it wasn't entirely the Ovri's fault - what had happened - but it remained with her, and she loathed the reminder.

[ Ensign Lin Kae | Maintenance Bays | The Versant Attn: @Zenozine
There was only one decision for Lin Kae. Every fiber of his body compelled him to say it, but he waited until the silence returned to the bay.

"I... am responsible for what Thea has become. I mean, she grew and became what she is on herself. I merely enabled her. I helped her, not just in making her find her way through the mess caused to her subroutines after she was unshackled. I upgraded her, tried to help her emulate human behaviour. I..."

He couldn't say he loved her. Not like this, and not when she couldn't say it back. Not when someone had been there, at the Black Opal, and knew of his betrayal. Lin Kae turned his head, to find where the Andorian stood, and she was indeed staring at him, as if she hoped he'd make a mistake.

"I will accompany you, Lieutenants Cross and Tiran."

[ Ens. Nathaniel Isley Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Hearing that Ives was an abducetee, and at the mercy of the insect-version of the aliens, Nathaniel felt his Romulan blood stirring in reaction.

Whatever Doctor Maya had done to him, and regardless what had been said since then, Isley knew that he had only one objective that meant something for him, aside from getting off the ship. As it were, it might be so that one objective would meet both requirements, as long as he could bring that thing that would be guarding Ives its knees, and kill it. Starfleet training had taught him better than to kill, but with the stakes involved, did he have any other choce?

He glanced towards Ida as well, this cold Andorian that had conducted the investigation. Not heeding his words about the misconduct in the cockpit. He had abandoned the notion of being close to her again, because of the suspicions raised against him, and the way she had dismissed him for sake of her investigations. He spoke up, the choice made.

"I will kill this 'Semathal'," he said, hands balled into fists at his sides, "and with the volunteers so far I will get the Captain back. Who's with us?"

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[ LtJr. Khelleshar sh'Zenne | Day 6| Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]

Attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @BZ @Triage @all

“There's nowhere to run
Darkness is closing in
I don't fear the setting sun
Or the twilight that it brings “

No fear for the setting sun

"Rise and shine bitches! It's battle day!" The hideous voice of Commander No-so-Blue echoed through the bare walls of the cargo bay, ripping Shar from the arms of sleep. She had dreamed of OM-12, better, simpler times, when everything wasn't as screwed up as it was at that moment. When life made sense, even if it was small and childish. When not everything was an insurmountable obstacle after another and every small light at the end of the tunnel was consumed by a shadow even darker than the previous one. She sat up, rubbing her tired eyes, the soreness of her bruises remindered her the output of last night's conversation. The shame and anger returned to her mouth with a taste of bile and her gesture, usually dour became even bitterer. Weak. A disgrace to the Andorian race. She'd tried to do things as good as she has knwon, but the zhen words had made her sank so low that she was surprised she hadn't hit rock bottom. Her worst moments, the moments that had broken her future had returned to remind her that she did not belong. She didn't deserve a place among the Andorians and, even less, in the Starfleet. That realization made her hearth shudder in her chest another time, painfully.

Shar looked to her sides before rising over her feet. The males awakened at her side, reacting like her to the voice of the former Chief Engineer of the Endeavour. The shen felt the twisted biological bond that connected to them tried to soothed the dark feelings that seized her, but she clung to the bitterness with which she had awakened. She didn't deserve them. They didn't deserve the misfortune that she represented. Without saying a word, she stood on her feet and joined the crowd that was beginning to form around the woman she had hated the most aboard the Endeavour. From her current perspective, that seemed almost good times, her enmity a childish attitude. In spite of that, the human was still insufferable.

While the briefing was developing, the andorian discovered without surprise that there was little place for her in the plans that were being developed. In most cases, she cared little or nothing about the task at hand, and there were a couple of them that made her compose a grimace of disgust as soon as she heard them. Given the state of her forced kelthreh, she refused to participate in that egg-rescue operation, especially when that klingon blabbermouth was going to participate in that useless charade. She cared little about Blue's  bloody robo-owl or the Theurgy's AI, though it would keep her close to her crewmates, however much the distance between them would have expanded within that ill-fated ship. Cross had always maintained his position next to her archenemy, had little relationship with Okhala (who in turn seemed more interested in remaining with the woman with fair dreadlocks) and R'Rori, who had been her Counselor for a full year, seemed reluctant to support her in that moment of need. The best she could do was to get away from them all. As soon as Ida step forward to volunteer to recover that Omega device, Shar refused to participate in that mission. Which left her with only two options: the first one, follow Okhala to rescue the fighter and, perhaps, be the first people to leave that damn vessel. But her lack of hope told her that this was a meaningless mission, an aspiration neither of them could fullfil. The second, the rescue of the captain of the traitorous starship was more tempting, an almost suicidal mission that would take them to face the leader of their captors and could  allow her to unleash her anger or die trying. A last blast of anger before ending the shame her life represented.

Without looking at anyone who knew her, the antennas tightly pressed against her skull, the andorian walked into to the group of two women and a man who had positioned themselves to go to the Scion's nest. "I'll try to kill our captors' leader" she whispered between clenched teeth, her features hidden under the downcasted forelock. One last chance of redemption before her own twilight.

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[ Lt. R'Rori | Day 6 | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @BZ @Fife @Auctor Lucan

R’Rori woke slowly, hir body protesting the very notion of moving from the corner that s/he had curled up in at some indeterminate point. Thankfully, this last burst of sleep had been dreamless and deep, leaving hir slightly more rested than the last attempt. Just as s/he was about to fall back asleep somehow, a familiar voice pierced hir ears and elicited a sound that was somewhere between a growl and a groan.

Battle day? Really? Just going to storm the castle?

Relucantly, s/he stretched her body and pushed hirself off the ground. After the first abortive attempt to stand up all the way, R’Rori managed to get to hir feet and stretched again, this time using the wall to keep hir balance. S/he blinked away the last of hir sleep and walked over to mingle in with the rest of the crowd.

Huh. I didn’t think I slept that close to Blue and Cross. S/he mused as s/he realized where exactly s/he was standing in relation to Cross. The Klingon friend he made was teasing him and the counselor smiled to see such good natured ribbing here. Grey eyes refocused on the bearer of blue-streaked hair as the engineer in charge spelled out the contents of the new bounty gifted to the escaped lab rats and launched into a description of their mission. Hir expression hardened at the mention of weapons and killing. Whoever this Moby was did not have to worry about R’Rori hurting anyone, at least. S/he fully intended to not even grab a rifle.

The Klingon was the first to answer the call for volunteers, naturally, and Cross followed him. The Ovri affirmed their desire to go after the egg. The woman R’Rori had spoken to earlier in what passed for the middle of the night here volunteered for the assassination mission, which didn’t come as a big surprise, especially with her captain likely being nearby. As others piped up, R’Rori mulled over where s/he wanted to go. A look at Blue and Cross was all it took for hir to decide.

“I would like to go with you, Blue, if that’s alright.” S/he called out after stepping forward.

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[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]

Mickayla had sat back, away from the gathering, listening to what was being said but keeping her distance as well. She wasn’t ready to be near people. Much less people that she didn’t know. She just wanted it to all be over. But her talks with Lieutenant Cross and Khorin had, got her thinking. The Savi had taken everything from her. Her blood, her clan, her family. But as the two men, both corrected just like she was, had pointed out; she was still alive.

And if she was alive, then she could go on. Maybe get some of what she had lost back. Who knew what Starfleet Medical could do? Maybe they could change her back? The two hadn’t said it but Mickayla wondered if the thought had occurred to them just as it had her. But that was for later. To get to that hope, they had to live, live and escape.

And so she was listening as Commander Tiran spoke of someone called Moby and the objectives they had to complete to escape the ship they were trapped on. Khorin had elected to rescue an egg while Cross was accompanying Lieutenant Commander Tiran to the Machine Lab. She listened as others chose where they were going to go, trying to decide where she should go, or if she should even go anywhere at all.

It wasn’t until the human standing next to the Endeavour’s Conn Officer spoke of collecting a ship from the Aerodrome; a Reaver they called it. They freely admitted they didn’t know how to fly it but were confident that they could. All they needed was time. The other catch was that only one other would be able to fit into the cockpit with them. Space and time. Something sparked inside her. A notion, a belief that she could be what they needed. She was small enough not to take up much space in the cockpit and she had the confidence in her own abilities to buy them the time they needed to figure out how to fly this ship they were after.

“I,” Mickayla called as she stepped forward to be noticed. Her voice was tightly controlled even if it's owner was barely on the edge of maintaining that control. “I will go with you to collect the Reaver. I can get you the time you need to learn to fly it.”

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[ Deacon | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @summerdawn @patches @auctor @triage @BZ @Fife @Numen @Zenozine @stegro88

Deacon was slow to rouse.  The night had proven nearly as exhausting as the day that preceded it, although for none of the more anticipated reason one might have expected from his wedding night.  This was the innate desire to stretch and to find a warm spot in the sun, even simulated, to sit for some time before the ritual of grooming and then preparation for the day.  He found he missed Below Decks even with as little time as he'd overseen it. 

Looking down at K'Ren sleeping beside him, he lightly ran his fingers through her hair and down her cheek.  "Time to wake.  The spongecake fetishist is drawing up battle plans and placing demands on who we're allowed to kill," he commented, a small amount of irritation hidden in his words, part at being awakened, part at being instructed to not to enact bloody vengeance on the ghost-skinned slugs that had violated him, his mate, and cost them their first kits.  The female asked much.  Had he been less tired and more invested in her words, he might well have bared his fangs, such as they were.

A multitude of objective were laid out.  Ives: the captain, his patriarch, to whom he'd given his word to guide and defend.  Thea: his first friend in this new life, who rushed to his aid when he lay along and dying.  The rest held little personal significance to him.

As the various crew rose to volunteer for the various points, he noted R'Rori stepping forward to accompany the blue-haired female on the team that would likely liberate Thea.  The latter groups, though, seemed understaffed at best.  Deacon tensed his lips to the point that they seemed little more than a thin bloodless line between chin and nose.

Taking a breath, he looked to K'Ren. "I have to save the captain.  If I'm to be limited on what I can kill, then I have to go where there is a certain target."  His expression was almost apologetic, resigned, but the gold flecks swimming in the blue of his eyes asserted at once, turning dangerous, feral, "And someone has to pay for violating my love," he added, placing a hand against her abdomen.  Casting his glance back towards the rest, he added, "It appears they have pilots already assembling for the Reaver, I will trust R'Rori to assist with extracting Thea.  The ovri appear to have an opportunity to save their offspring.  The last..." his brow furrowed, "I have no idea what an omega device is, but it seems a larger task than a single operative can manage."

Placing his forehead to hers, he added, "Scar's throat lies in many places it seems.  It will take many fangs to tear it loose."  Softly, he kissed her lips several times before rising to stand.  "Hunt well, and return to me on the other side."

Pivoting on his heel, he approached the others, pausing momentarily at R'Rori's side as he did, giving her an accepting nod as he spoke.  "R'Rori... Theurg... Thea is... a friend. Please make sure that she is safe."  He then continued, approaching the group that had declared the captain as their mission objective, shooting a dark glance at Blue.  "I will kill someone for this.  If that death must be limited to a specific target, so be it.  I have sworn my life and service to Ives, so I will see to his liberation."

He paused, glancing at Sinead, eyes narrowing, uncertain of what he felt from her, determined as he was to keep himself shielded from the feelings of those around him as best he could, but seeing a certain familiarity in her features.  Ah, yes.  Hamburgers.  She had been the one sitting with the strange spaceworm.  Giving a nod, "I will ensure we feast well once we return to the ship," he told her.  "Hamburgers, chips, ketchup, mayo... I'll even make more algae puffs for F'Rell.

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[Ens. Irnashall “Shall” ch’Xinya | Maintenance Bays | The Versant]

The moment the pressure waves from the first shout reached his head, the lone antenna on top of the chan’s head responded and turned towards the sound, simultaneously rousing its owner out of his sleep.  Fluttering his eyes open as he quickly roused to full wakefulness he looked down at Shar who was currently picking herself off of the floor, Sehl by her side.  Shall had opted to sleep sitting up, leaning against the bulkhead for support, the thought of spending a night at another’s side not sitting quite right with him.

Helping the two of them up, Shall followed the rest of the combined crews as they gathered around this Commander Blue who was already barking out instructions.  Standing in the middle of the press with his arms cross, his antenna wouldn’t stop squirming with each new condition and objective announced.  Plans, weapons, scanners, everything we need to move around the ship?  It’s almost too much to be true.  He wasn’t sure if he trusted this “Moby”, but if this was the same one responsible for saving them all from their executions then he’ll go along with it for now.  Plus it wasn’t like he would have a choice, Commander Nerina was clearly all for this, so he couldn’t refuse, not if he wished to maintain his honor and dignity.

Listening intently to each of the different objectives, Shall couldn’t tell which one was best suited to his skills.  Thea, the captain, some other objects, and an egg of all things were all to be rescued.  Assassinating the Savi leader was tempting…but that didn’t quite feel right.  Thinking about it, Shall was wondering if there was a way to get a team together to get into the Savi’s computer system in order to find the data from their little “experiment” done on the quad when Ida spoke up, yanking him away from his thoughts.

“I’m going too.” Shall blurted out as soon as the zhen finished her announcement, surprising himself doing so.

By Lor’Vela what did I just do…  He kept his eyes on Blue, but he could feel the burn from Ida’s gaze on his skin.  Would she use her own authority to block him?  He knew that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, or the others really.  Especially not after the other evening.  But in his core, Shall knew he needed to go.  For some reason he had this need to prove himself to the zhen, and he couldn’t explain why.  On top of that, this Omega device sounded oddly important, and his scientific curiosity was piqued.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Maintenance Bays  | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Masorin @chXinya @BZ @Auctor Lucan 

"Rise and shine bitches!  It's battle day!" she called out at the top of her lungs. Sarresh's head snapped up from where he had finally fallen asleep, curled into a corner, lost in thought about those that weren't there in the room. Ives, the bastard, his Captain. That damned sense of duty to the man that had made him the monster he was. Sel. Sweet Sel - she'd have killed him if she'd heard him think that. Amazing how a few days without had crystallized the growing feelings he'd been having. Damn these Savi.

And Damn whoever the hell it was that woke him up like that. His eyes snapped about, spun and focused, narrowing on the woman. Blue Tiran his mind recalled. I think I hate you. And to think I'd decided to be a good boy last night and let you grieve in peace. No good deed....;

Standing swiftly, Sarresh forced his body through a series of quick stretches. Yoga, he believed it was called, something that the late Eve Jenkins had suggested (ordered) he do upon his transformation. Help him accommodate to his new body. He hated the body but that had lessened over time (somewhat, and thanks to Ryuan Sel, mostly) but the advice Nurse Jenkins had given him, before everything that had happened to her had been sound. Of course he had no real idea of her eventual fate, here on this ship. He had just assumed she'd died, after everything had broken inside of her.

The time traveler ambled over towards Blue and the others, looking as surly as the day he'd first beamed aboard the USS Theurgy in the wake of rescuing them from the situation on Niga. He crossed his arms and stared, silent and stone faced, listening. There appeared to be limits on who they could take out. Well, fair. A deal was clearly made. Having to abide by it wasn't all that much of a stretch. Didn't mean he was thrilled about it either, but Sarresh didn't, as a general rule, go about killing people so there shouldn't be much of an issue there.

Foul mouthed one, isn't she? He concluded, looking about the gathering. Familiar faces, and some not so familiar. At least two crews here, intermingling. Everybody seemed to know someone, in any case. He pulled his wandering mind away and stared at the holographic map on display. Listening to Blue was a chore at first, but only at first, because then he saw it.

Omega Device. Fuck me
he swore in his head, as foul as Blue had aloud earlier. His eyes went wide - real, natural eyes, not the synthetic ones he had born since his rebirth. They failed to hide his emotions like the old ones had, and if anyone  had been paying a lick of attention to him in that moment, they would know something was wrong. Very wrong.

Where in all the Hells of creation had that come from. How had they got their hands on OMEGA? he asked himself, resisting the urge to pull his hair out with his fists. This as bad. This was very, very bad. Even in the 29th century knowledge of this substance was restricted. And yet from the second he saw its name, floating on the map, he knew what it was, and why it was dangerous.

Ida zh'Wann had volunteered to go fetch it, as had some other Andorian. He knew that the man served on the Theurgy and was, in fact, fairly certain he shared the same department as Sarresh himself, but he would be damned if he could remember the males name. At least the female was a formidable fighter.

"I'll go after Omega."

The sound of his voice sounded strange to him. Toneless, flat. As if  this were of no concern. But it was of the most rigid concern.

A few faces stared back at Sarresh but he looked as if he were carved of stone, standing there, stock still with his arms crossed over his chest. What would they think of that pronouncement. This 'savoir', 'the Morali' as some of the fools called him, marching off after something none of them had heard of with an icy certainty that this must be done?

It doesn't matter what they think,
he reminded himself. Everything had changed, and he could not allow this device to remain in the hands of the Savi. he had a suspicion the future would depend very much on that. Perhaps more so than recovering Ives, or the AI for the mighty ship both of which had initially drew his attention as means to achieving his mission.

This matters more.

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Hi'Jak | Maintenance Bays | The Versant] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Absinthe @Brutus

Jack stretched it was actually the first time he had put on the bio suit, having spent the last night basically taking out some of his frustrations on Lahkesis's body, not that he even knew that name. Taking a moment to tie off the material that hung off his stump of a left arm a task that was cumbersome but he was getting used to life with just one arm. He was pretty solid on his idea of where to go from here. Looking over the map and targets others could focus on things like the ships captain or the AI. In fact he would assume that the heaviest resistance would be on those poor souls who decided to storm the bridge and try to assassinate the leader of this place.

No he wanted to head in the direct opposite way of all that noise. Which brought him round circle to the puzzle box. He had thought the thing was a toy when he had gotten it from Sera, and he had held onto it out of a sense of curiosity, and the fact that Sera never asked for the toy back.

Then the thing turned out to be some super secret project that only the captain had authorization to know about. Further more, it was now in the hands of the Savi, and none of that sounded like a good thing.

When Ida spoke out about wanting to go in that direction he almost wanted to glare at her. His one eye trailed up and down the blue woman's body, and he sighed, the last thing he wanted was to be on the same team with a woman who had tried to assassinate him, but he was pretty sure if he changed targets now he would be risking a more dangerous mission. He glanced towards Moralli as he also claimed Omega to be his objective. There was something to note about the mans eyes, was Moralli afraid? He  supposed the man had every right to be.

"I'll go with you." He said speaking towards Ida, and Moralli as he started to recover his equipment. The tablet was of the more important devices that he could think of, having some ability to read the language and code break the thing, ability was one thing, but the tablet was the main issue, sure it could be hooked onto an arm, but he currently lacked one of those. He decided to keep the device in hand, the pad was small, not exactly  3.07 by 6.24  but he could work it if he stretched his human hand out far enough. The gun he planted on his hip, hopefully he wouldn't have to use it. He was left handed and while he could use his right hand fine, it tended to shake and the aim was unsteady.

He walked up to Ida, but also made absolutely sure that he walked behind her. If she tried to pull a gun on him again at least he could try and shoot her before she turned around. He trusted Moralli at least a little. He had spoken to the man for a few hours, and worked along side him all day yesterday, so that made the connection easier. He only had one eye, and for now it was planted firmly on Ida's ass, for observation of course.

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[ Lahksis Saugn "Nicotiana" | Maintenance Bays | The Versant] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Masorin  @Brutus

The matter of where she would go and what she would do were simple. She would go where Hi'Jak told her to go and if he did not tell her to go somewhere she would remain by his side. And then she would do as he told her, if he didn't tell her to do anything she would remain by his side and wait. This felt in some way natural to her, as if some part of her was built for this specific purpose. She was a tool for him to use as he willed, to discard if he willed. She had no other function or purpose, at least none she could consciously be aware of.

So she helped him as much as he would allow as he dressed in the odd suit they had been given. She did not put anything over her own body until he allowed her to get dressed, and then she did so without complaint, even though she found the material to be unpleasant on her skin. She had disliked the feel of her standard issue Starfleet uniform at first as well, the fabric had felt odd on her skin. Yet as unpleasant as that had been she found the exosuit to feel more so. It was form fitting and did not allow her skin to breath or gain access to light as easily as she would have liked. Yet it seemed his will that she wear it, so she did.

Then when she listened to the others planned she stood at his side and remained silent. She kept herself on the side he was missing an arm of. She wished to act as his arm, as his hand. When he moved beside Ida, she moved with him, barely responding to the world around them. Nothing else mattered. She had no true will of her own anymore, she would only be an extension of his will. Whatever he willed for her would be what she would do.

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[ K'Ren | Maintenance Bays | Main Research Hull | The Versant | Day 6 | 0900 ] Attn: @steelphoenix  @patches @auctor @triage @BZ @Fife @Numen @Zenozine @stegro88 @all

K'Ren stirred a little at the sound of a familiar voice telling her it was morning. She felt like it was a bad dream she'd been through and even Deacon's remarks about battle plans and killing things took a few seconds to percolate through her mind, realization setting in that this had been no dream. Eye's opening, she glanced around, seeing the suit in her dreams, her mate as hairless as he'd been in the same. She slowly sat up, her balance still wasn't quite there yet, or at least the sensations were still new and a bit loud, like a dull painting suddenly amped up to full vibrant color.

She listened from her sitting position as the rebels were given their instructions, and the various objective's laid out for them. She knew that Deacon would be torn from her again, even if for a hopefully short while, though fate rarely dealt one the hand one so desired. She curled up close to him, afraid to lose him, unwilling to leave his side even as she knew she must. "I will go with the Ovri and rescue this egg Deacon. Perhaps in some small way I can atone for my failure to protect our young, ensure that an innocent child survives this." She placed her head on his, hoping this would not be the last time they touched, hoping they would come out of this alive. A single tear rolled down her cheek but she kept herself composed. "I will come back to you mate. In this life or the next I will find you." She paused, "If we survive mate, I wish to find a quiet place on a secluded planet we can settle down, be lost to history, and raise a few cubs away from this horror."

She stood with Deacon, running her hands over the suit in somewhat of a grooming reflex, a bit odd given the suit but habits die hard.  She glanced over at the two Ovri, and to the rest of the team clustering around them. She looked at the two aliens. "I will come with you. I lost a cub to these creatures, I do not wish to see another lost, not if I can stop it."

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[Lieutenant JG Gideon Drake | Maintenance Bay | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88 @Numen @Triage @Fife @Masorin @Absinthe @SummerDawn @Brutus @chXinya

Gideon Drake awoke to the sound of "rise and shine," and for one wild moment, he thought he was in Heaven. Then it occurred to him that angels neither said "rise and shine," nor were they so foul-mouthed. And the voice was familiar as well...

He woke up and, after rubbing his eyes, got a bearing of his surroundings. Wonderful. He was still on the Savi ship. And...

He instinctively felt his nose and felt a smooth surfacing.

He definitely wasn't dreaming. He definitely was still on the Savi ship. The ridges showing his Bajoran roots were removed along with his genes when he underwent the Correction process.

Gideon felt he wouldn't care about what he looked; hardly anybody noticed his ridges, not in his time as chess champion as a lad, and certainly not during his time in the Maquis.

Finally gaining his bearings, he finally recognized the voice: Blue Tiran.

He even recognized his boss, Lieutenant Cross. Well, his direct boss, the man in charge of his department.

He hung onto Blue's every word. He could see a slew of captives and studied the schematic from "Moby." As everybody listed on what to go after, Gideon took note of the fellow captives. He thought her heard mention of Captain Ives...The Captain Ives?

Gideon had respect toward Captain Ives, as much as he had for famed captains like Jean-Luc Picard and Benjamin Sisko, and even the Maquis leader Michael Eddington. He was disappointed to hear about Ives, but those feelings can wait.

Finally, he spoke up.

"Commander, I'd like to volunteer. Gideon Drake, by the way," he added, introducing himself. "Lieutenant Junior Grade, Tactical Officer, Starship Endeavour. It's good to see you again, commander. You too, boss," he added, nodding to Cross; he always called his department superiors "boss," as a term of great respect. He had done so ever since his first posting on the Starship Bismark.

"I'd like to volunteer to escort the ladies to seize the Reaver," he added, nodding at Mickayla McGregor as he spoke. It was a little unnerving to see full Klingon on Mickayla. The two got along very well on the Endeavour.

"Us mongrel Scots ought to stick together."

He smiled at those words. They had something in common. Both their half human selves came from Scotland, after all. And he had respect for half-Klingons ever since he met B'Lanna Torres in his time on the Maquis.

He never felt this thrilled on an assignment since, again, his first posting on the Bismark. People scoffed at him as he recalled; the Longbottoms, as the old Proximas were referred to (out of the fact that from dorsal and ventral views, a Proxima-class bore the semblance of an elongated arse), a stupid assignment, stressing the first three letters in the word "assignment." Gideon didn't mind the assignment. The Longbottoms were old, but they had teeth.

He was looking forward to help Mickayla. He may be unlikely to board the Reaver, but the least he can do to help is seize it.

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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Battle Bitches | Ready to Rock |  Unifications of Badassery | Savi Shit-Show]
@Auctor Lucan

One might say it was heartening, to see everyone standing up.  Being Spartacus, doing the Spartacus thing.  Volunteering for the areas they thought would most suit them, the areas they were most passionate for.  It was good to see, for certain, but Blue's heart had grown cold a few days ago when her fiance had died in the vacuum of space.  She hoped that she could kick the ass of every Borg she came across.  Quite interested in making sure they paid for every cell in his body.  He deserved at least that much.  Vengeance was often said to be best served cold but she wanted to serve it boiling hot and filled with the rage of a jilted lover.

Right now, that was on the back burner.

She had to get off this fucking ship first before she could fulfill her vendetta. 

Eyes darted around, and her fingers moved so quickly over the padd in her hands that it was almost a blur.  Blue had always been gifted at computers and engineering.  Once she got a system for how he had set this PADD up for her and the Federation style interface she had laid waist to the key board and allowed herself to truly meld with it.  Her fingers were creating lists very quickly and making sure that everyone was where they wanted to be.  This was important information to give to Echtand when she was able to send it and how they would be able to actually get after this Savi shit show.  She wanted off this damned ship and she hoped that it was nothing more than space dust.  Though, if Echtand was right and the lower class were the better class, then have at it boys, drink the wine, eat the cheese, and get the fuck out of my way.

Finally, everyone had spoken.  Everyone was paired into groups.  They all consisted of the officers that she knew, the officers from the Theurgy, and officers that she didn't know.  Everyone was fully accounted for.  All fifty seven members of the Ragtag crew that stood before her including herself.  Not a single person was left out.  There was even a crew of people that she didn't give enough shits to know the names of … except on PADD, that would be sitting tight waiting for the directions for how to escape this hell hole. 

Those could not come soon enough.

“Prep yourself with supplies.  Eat the food.  Get ready, I'm sending the list now.” she said as she looked out over all the people that filled her once massively lonely room.  She still felt alone.  Though, her eyes found Cross, in the crowd and her eyes locked with his for a moment.  It was only last night she was not alone.  It was last night, on his shoulder, that she found herself feeling as though she had a place to belong.  Even briefly.  He had given her a gift she could never return.  finally, she tore her gaze away and sent the message to Echtand. 

Lets get this shit started.

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[ Echtand qi Versant | Elsewhere | Precept-ship Versant ]
Elsewhere on the Versant, Echtand had received the message from Blue Tiran, where she had insisted on giving him a name other than his own. It was a small source of irritation, since he had already asked her to not name him in such a fashion, yet her explanation held merit. If the specimens were to refer to him, he'd appreciate that they didn't incriminate him. There was no telling what the Starfleet specimens might say if they were taken captive. While he walked down the corridor in a brisk stride, Echtand tapped a quick reply to Blue Tiran.

ACKNOWLEDGED. That was all he had time for, since he had just stepped into the main area of the Operations Surveillance deck. Some of the Savi present turned their heads, but most of them were engrossed in the hundreds of floating screens that showed what was happening on all the decks of the Precept-ship. Echtand walked straight through the large area with it's many terraces, heading for the back chamber, where his first objective. With every step, the doubt about his endeavour increased, yet as a scientist, he could not ignore the preliminary evidence he'd found, and had to learn the answer. The question that drove him, that couldn't be ignored. Who were the Antecedents, before the Scion Directive changed the Code?

He was in the phase of the scientific method that involved finding and evaluating more evidence for his hypothesis, and he'd do so with personal observations or assertions. The first assertion he'd made would enable him to proceed further. With this firmly in mind, he entered the chambers of the Eye.

Inside, in its own observatory, the Scion named Aerthal qi Versant filled the space more with its ominous presence than the physical fact of its body. In the middle of a great cylinder of moving screens, it turned its four eyes towards Echtand. He had hoped to not find the Scion present, yet he'd known it was a small chance of that. The Eye was known for its vigilance. When it spoke in it's resounding, clicking manner, it was with the usual disdain that Scions used against the Antes, despite Echtand's elevated position aboard the Versant. "<What's the word of the Voice?>"

Echtand knew that his next action was irrevocable, and as if seeing himself from outside his own body, he raised his tablet. "<Truth,>" was all that he said, and tapped his tablet only once.

The forcefield cage was tinted in green light, but the Scion did not fling itself against it until the sterilisation field's power made the air buzz inside it. Aerthal flung itself against the forcefield, with all its weight, yet still, the concussion in the air stripped the Eye from its chitin outer layer and bodysuit alike. It screeched, still alive, when the force field cage winked out of existence. Echtand frowned at the result, having thought the field was enough to vapourise a Scion. Otherwise, he'd have the cage remain. The sanitation protocol he had programmed had simply been too inadequate. The Eye was still alive, making a ruckus, writhing on the deck of the observatory, and Echtand had to proceed before it regained composure enough to fight back or call for aid.

Echtand could feel the stereo thumping of his twin hearts in his head when he walked past the writhing Scion, and set his steps straight up to the main console of the room. He had to impede internal sensors, even more than he'd been able to do from his research station in his quarters, and did so in short order. It was not difficult, but he was distracted by the screeching behind him. Only when he was finished did he turn around and tapped his tablet again, energising another prepared protocol. In a shimmer of aquamarine light, a hand-held graviton pistol appeared next to him. He seized it before it fell to the deck, lip curled, and aimed it at the remains of the Eye. It was already blind, so it didn't see the three shearing lances that pierced it in close succession. The Eye merely stopped moving, and Echtand lowered his pistol, hearts still beating rapidly. It was far too messy for his taste, but he'd achieved the first objective. He'd simply have to write a stronger sanitation protocol to get rid of the body, and he'd already made the area's internal sensors just as blind as the Eye. As of yet, no one knew what he had started.

That was when the tablet of his whirred, and he saw Blue Tiran's deployment lists. He took a deep breath, and began to execute the insurgency preparations in accordance to the message. He had prepared it all, so it was only a matter of picking names.

TRANSPORT PROTOCOLS LOADED. ENERGISING IN TEN SECONDS. He paused, moved to add something more, but he wasn't sure what to write. There was no time. STAY ALIVE. SPARE THE ANTECEDENTS. TERMINATE SEMATHAL.

There was no turning back any more.

OOC: This is but one of several posts about to come up, four of them being Supplemental threads. The fifth will be posted here, where the Scion's Nest objective will be illustrated. Stay tuned!

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A Joint Post by Numen & Auctor Lucan

[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Fife @BZ
Standing next to the Ovri siblings, Khorin offered a slight nod in response to Hylota's assertion. However, the cocky grin etched in his face slowly turned into a disgusted grimace, while a frown fell heavily over his eyes. The rest of the abductees kept sorting in several small teams, grouping around into the different piles of black boxes with the accoutrements for each of the missions. The reason he frowned was that the groupings pushed away the people he cared for, more and more, away from him.

Khorin's attention was only on two people. Mainly on Zeph who, to his surprise, decided to join the group that would tackle the most dangerous mission. A part of him was proud of the courage of the slender Betazoid, of that Klingon heart that seemed to beat in her chest. But most of him simply felt how the worry knotted in the pit of his stomach, a heavy stone of uneasiness and discomfort. Khorin tended to live in the moment, not looking much further than the circumstance at hand. To lucidly think about the ramifications of what was happening took away the attention of the moment, divided concentration too much and make every effort efficient. Think too much about the future simply mutilated it, if one acted with forcefulness in the present, the future was solved by itself. And yet, even knowing that... the weight in his stomach didn't disappear. The chances of death with the Scion were very real and even though Zephyr had a reserved position in the barge towards Sto-Vo-Kor, it wasn't the place where he wanted to meet her again when this situation was over.

The other person he looked for, Cross - on the other hand - had decided to pack together with his shipmates, breaking his oath.

Anger suddenly bubbled through the knot in his stomach and Khorin clung to it with greed, because that was an emotion he knew how to manage, how to thrive on. With a broad movement, he braced his equipment and strode with great strides towards the group led by the woman with blue strands in her hair, dodging the rest of the abductees until he was able to face the Vulcan.

"What the hell are you doing? You promised me! " He growled lowly, reaching a hand to grasp the fabric that covered the Vulcan's chest. But his fist closed around air, when Cross and the rest of the machine intelligence lab team got lost in a myriad of aquamarine sparkles. Khorin's eyes met those of the man who believed his brother-in-arms for a moment, before Cross disappeared completely. His own stare shone darkly with anger at the betrayal, and outrage, that had been committed against him.

Khorin pushed back his lips, showing his serrated teeth in a snarl of frustration, the fist that had tried to reach Cross balled in front of him until his knuckles turned white. It was then that he realized it. He straightened again and turned on his heels quickly, looking for Zeph. Within mere seconds to spare after Cross vanished, he could hardly take a couple of steps towards her, hand trying to reach her - his voice rumbling across the bay.

"Kyamo!" He shouted with a hint of dispair in his voice, but he was already dematerialising. He ran out of time. He needed to tell her. The sensation of lightness of the transport seized his limbs and Khorin hurried to approach her, he must tell her, he had to. "Zeph, I ..."

The phrase remained in the air when the Klingon dissolved into a cascade of luminous particles, leaving only silence behind him.

[ Ens. Nathaniel Isley | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Triage @BZ @steelphoenix @Numen
Adrenaline running high, which was fuelled not just by his Romulan genome, Nathaniel Isley foght to school his features into something less than a mask of fury. At the prospect of battle, of dealing all his ire unto the Scion that ran the hellish ship, Isley wished nothing rather than storm this nest they were being sent to, and tear the thing apart. Yet he remained still, though his breathing was shallow, until the transport energised, and he vanished from Blue Tiran's hideout. He heard his Wolf brother, Khorin, call out, but when he turned his head, there was naught more to be heard.

When he materialised again, he found that the volunteers had appeared on top of some kind of platform. A terrace, encircling something that appeared like a large turbolift shaft, only not even remotely of Starfleet origin. The circular platform cut into bulkheads that stretched far into the darkness above, as well as the plummeting fall just beyond the railing. At first, there appeared to be no way off the platform lest you'd fall to your death, but when Isley's eyes grew accustomed to the darkness - only lit faintly by emergency lights along the platform's edge - he could see a narrow spiral staircase behind him, which led both up and down the wide shaft. His immediate question was where they were, but a whirring noise from the tablet on his left wrist caught his attention. It was a message from Blue's Savi asset.





That was all it said. Isley curled his lip and looked towards the gathered team. An Andorian, a former Kzin, a Betazoid and six NCOs and Junior Officers from the Theurgy and Endeavour alike that Isley didn't know the names of. The Betazoid - whom Khorin had called out for - and the Andorian both outranked him, but he wanted nothing rather than just descend the spiral staircase and heave the doors open, assaulting this creature before he knew what happened. It took a lot of willpower to remain where he was.

"The map we got suggests that there are pillars inside the nest, aside from those terraces around the bulkheads. It's likely dark too, just like the rest of this ship. Any thoughts?" he offered, schooling his dormant rage enough to actually suggest some kind of planning, even though he just wanted to throw himself into this battle. He had a lot to prove, both to himself, and to Captain Ives. If he didn't live, so be it, but he would die doing his utmost to right all the wrongs he'd suffered.

OOC: After asking you all in chat if it was needed or not, I have decided to have us do this without a map. I suggest we have one round of planning, these first 7 days of posting, and then they breach the nest? :) Feel free to name the six Redshirts NPCs if you all like as we go. I'll open a Discord planning Group DM too!

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[ LtJr. Khelleshar sh'Zenne | Day 6| Looming over the Scion's Nest | The Versant ]

Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Triage  @BZ  @steelphoenix

In quick succession, each different team began to disappear from the maintenance bay, beamed by their invisible benefactor, destiny to the unknown. Shar waited for her team turn, when a small tummult made her turn her head just to see how the Klingon oaf  strode towards where her group stood, shouting something in his barbaric language. But before the big idiot could even begin to articulate a coherent sentence, Shar felt the tell-tale lightness in the pit of her stomach, signaling the upcoming teleportation. The last part of her that could be seen before disappearing completely in aquamarine sparks was a sardonic grin, resembling the Cheshire cat's one....

... When her body rematerialized, she found herself on a elevated platform, dimly light barely allowed her to discern the surroundings. The young zhen blinked rapidly several times, trying to accustom her eyes to the darkness, but before she could so, an insistent bleep sounded on the tablet attached to her left wrist. A chorus of beeps echoed around her, when her teammates began to receive the same message. Without further ado, Shar brought the device close to her eyes, and meticulously read the data that were slowly unfolding on the small screen.

After a careful reading of the content of the message, the Andorian let scape out a scoffing snort: she had spent most of her career crawling in Jefferies tubes and now would face their desperate attack to the monster that awaited bellow through the service tunnels. It was ironic for a pretentious handywoman.

She adjusted the weight of the rifle on her shoulder, still sore and bruised after the conversation of the previous night. Just remember the incident made her crush the antennae against her skull. She prefered look like angry than let the shame come to the surface of her face. Unconsciously, she brought her right hand to her hip and felt the smooth muscle next to it. When she felt the subtle round shape under her fingers, she closed her eyes, squeezing her eyelids tightly. There was no hope. There were nothing left. Nothing more to lose.

No. That was not quite true. She still had something left. She had the promise she had made to the spirit of Layiss. She was an Starfleet officer. And it had been too long since she had behaved as such, as Ida had reminded her. All she had left was the uniform, and she would cling to it with all her strenght. That was the only thing she had to try to hide the emptiness within her. She must complete that last mission, and it must succeed. The better way they could, the best way they should. As officers.

She cleared her throat loudly to acknowledge her presence  to the rest of the team members.

“Starfleet personnel must not take an intelligence life." She said with a hoarse tone in her voice. Shar wasn't used to talking to public, she was more used to avoiding people than trying motivated them to listen her. At least, that cryptic sentence had managed to bring her several gazes, dimly curious.

"That is Starfleet order 2. Not only that, but one of the very first UFP General Orders expressly forbids the death penalty. Despite all this, we have come to this place with the intention of killing that creature, that 'Semathal'. In this, we shouldn't gloat. It isn't something to  be proud of. It is important that we haven't come here to satisfy our personal vendettas, to make someone pay for the outrage that have been committed against us, to revenge the violations against our bodies. No, we've come here because this is the only way we have to save our fellow captives, our friends, our loved ones.” Shar paused a second and took a deep breath before continued.

"Many of them are involved in other missions at this moment, recovering important objects but, at the end of the day, their success or failure will matter little if we fail. Nearly fifty people depend on that we are able to accomplish this mission. If we fulfil our duty, fifty lives will be saved. Their future, their dreams, are in our hands. It is possible that some of us won't survive the coming battle, but keep this in mind: Today we fight for something greater than ourselves, today we fight for our fellow crewmates, for our brothers and sisters. We are Starfleet. Let us never forget it.”

She looked at the presents one by one, checking that her message had percolated in their hearts. Before the silence thickened too much, Shar gave a soft clap to refocus the attention of the crowd.

"Now, time to make plans. If Moby's plans are accurate, we can access through a secondary entrance to the lair of our enemy. I propose a main group that concentrate fire close to the door, to grab the attention of Semathal and his bodyguards. A second group could deployed by the lateral platforms to cover the greatest number of angles to find his weak spot as soon as possible. We have only one chance to success, so we need to multiply our opportunities. I need to study the plans with more detail to found if it's possible, but maybe a couple of people could go into the maintenance tunnels to surprise the creature from above, while the main group distract him. Does anyone have a different proposal? "

Starfleet General Orders

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[ Deacon | Day 6 | Auxiliary Access Outside the Scion's Nest | The Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Triage  @BZ  @Numen

"Starfleet personnel must not take an intelligent life," the female andorian had said.

Deacon smirked darkly.  "Lucky for you, I'm not Starfleet.  On homeworld, not only would I gloat, I would wear its ears on my belt.  If it has ears."  He gave a derisive glance at the phaser type weapon in his hand.  This was not an honorable weapon -- in fact, kzinti were forbidden to have such devices by the despised treaty with the Federation and appearances not withstanding, Deacon was still kzin.  He desired nothing more than to sink his claws and his fangs into the flesh of this Semathal creature, but they had stripped him of his claws and nearly done so to his fangs if not for the unplanned interruption in the midst of his so-called correction.  Had he any choice, he would prefer to make the matter far more personal, but practicality gnawed at him.  The creature needed to die and die quickly, his preference for a one-on-one battle of honor aside.

Taking a deep breath as the andorian finished her speech, he focused his mind once more, doing his utmost to block out the pensive emotions of those around him -- fear, anxiety, rage.  There was no question in his mind which of those feelings were truly his own, but he didn't care for the distraction.

"Kzinti senses are superior to a human's and while they tried to strip mine away, I do still have some ability to see your heat signatures, so the dark is not as much a hindrance."  He tightened his lips, his mind a swirl with debate, wondering if his next disclosure served the pride or served his own catharsis.  Omitting truths at the brink of battle could prove fatal; admitting the unnecessary, however, could prove equally disastrous.

"I... also have the ability to perceive the emotions of others.  It has been... difficult to control since their procedure, but still there."  He wanted to tell the others to keep themselves in check -- that their fears and panic would just be a hammer against his skull, but calling it out would just add to the self-doubt of his companions.  Better they should focus on their efforts to kill rather than their efforts to remain centered.  And he could hardly deny them the secret thrill of the hunt.  Not all monkeys shied away from that dark pleasure, no matter what their morals, ideals and codes of ethics told them.

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[Lt.  Zephyr Praise | Things Left Unsaid | Separate Ways | Stay Alive to Live | Strategic Plans]
@Auctor Lucan @Numen @steelphoenix

His voice echoed in her mind.

In her ears.

In her head.

In her heart.

He had wanted to tell her something, right before she was beamed out of the room and here with the others that had signed on to go after the Captain.  Her heart was a bit heavy, skipping several beats while she tried to figure out what it was that Khorin would have wanted to tell her.  She couldn't imagine what would have been so important for him to scream out for her like that.  Right at that moment.  Did he know something that she didn't?  Had he come by some extra information that had made things change a little bit?  Did he want to give her one more hug and kiss before they had separated.  She had even seen and felt his distress when Cross had told him that he was going to follow  Blue on her mission and not coming with Zephyr.  Though why she thought Khorin would be mad about that she couldn't quite figure out.  They had only just met though the feelings that had come between them so quickly and in such a flash made her wonder if they were something more than just friends.  She hoped that when they were out of this craziness they would be able to decide if it was something temporary or if it was something more permanent. 

Zeph had missed having friends and people that she could lean on.  She didn't want to make any rash decisions for her future but on the other hand she had really wanted to find someone again.  It had been a long time since Ethan.  This is not the place to be thinking about your heart and where you're going to put it, Zephyr.  She teased herself. 

The little device on her wrist buzzed with a message and she looked down to read the information that Moby had decided to send them about where they were.  This was going to be one of the harder missions that was for certain.  The Captain to the ship that most of these people had come from was being held in a place that wasn't close to the others.  Which mean that they were special, or they were being experimented on.  Whatever it was that they were going to find in the lab she was going to be needed and knew that she had made the right decision.  As much as she would have liked to go off with Khorin and be beside him in his endeavor to get to the Reaver she knew that there was no better place for the Doctor to be.  Zeph brushed her hair out of her face as she finished reading just how amazingly hard this was going to be.

Of course they weren't just going to have a sign pointing to 'Hey!  Captain here!  Please take a number and we'll be with you momentarily to brief you on the care of the Captain as you rescue them from the snappy buglike claws of these crazy aliens.

They needed to go down a staircase, disable a door, take out the guards and kill the big bad guy.  This sounds like a great super hero movie. she thought to herself as she tried to even warp her head around the fact that the things they had to do was almost insurmountable.  They were Fleeters though, they could do this, she knew that they could.  She just had to figure out how she fit in this and where everyone fit.  They all had some kind of talents.  She knew that they did.  Only she wished that she had a Science kit, she still remembered the time that she had been held captive on a planet that had been for training purposes until it wasn't.  She had used her basic Science kit to create a bomb and blew it up for diversion.  It had been amazing and she had been rather proud of that.  It would not be an option here, she had a med kit but that was mostly fixing people up though she supposed she could go in with a scalpel if she needed to.  She just didn't want to have to do that.  She had her phaser though, and hoped that she could at least lay down some suppressive fire when she was able to.  First, though, they had to get down the stairs and into the room. 

“I'm Zeph.” she said to the group, as they began to speak, and then she shrugged.  “Just thought that it might be good to know everyone's names instead of yelling hey you .. blue girl, or hey guy with the hair... or whatever.” she shrugged again.

They began to try to figure out the plan.  The blue one was mentioning that it was not okay to take intelligent life, that it was Starfleet protocol.  “No one likes to get bloody but sometimes for the greater good you have to do things you don't like.  These people are literally correcting other races and running experiments on them for a good time.  We have to protect the people that they will go after as well.” Zeph reminded Shar.

The rest of the woman's speech made Zeph smile at her.  She gave a quick nod.  “I agree.  We're not here to settle some kind of blood tally, this isn't to get back at the people for what they have done to us, this is to get us off this ship.  This is the bargaining chip we have to complete so that we can get home to those that we have left behind.” she said with a warm smile.  “I for one, would like to find a normal life again.” she stated wryly.  “cookies.  Bacon.  Cuddles.  Romance.  Something that makes your heart skip a beat, all of that is worth living for.”

Shar had a good plan and Zeph was not really surprised but she was surprised that she liked it so much herself.  “I would like to be one of the team that are up above.  I'm a medical doctor and scientist, a botanist at heart.  I think that while my hand to hand is up to par and my shooting is all right, I think I'd be better served to help the captain when we get to them.  Who knows what they have done to them.”

She looked over at the Kzinti who spoke of his own strengths and she gave him a nod.  “It will come in time.” she promised him.  “It's a muscle, and once stretched, it's sore but it will come back around and be stronger for it.  Focus on what you know, and focus on what you feel.  You will find that finding that central place within yourself will allow you to block out the thoughts and emotions of others.  I've been an empath since birth, and now that's compounded with the telepathy.  Keeping everyone out of my head is not easy but it's also the same.  Center, and you will find peace in your mind.” she said warmly in support for the Kzinti.

“So who wants to go on the balconies with me?”

Re: Chapter 04: True Nature [ Day 06 | 0900 hrs. ]

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[ Lt. JG Sinead O'Riley | Auxilary Transporter Platform - Scion Nest | The Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @steelphoenix, @BZ, @Fife & @Numen
She nodded at Deacon when he addressed her, according him with an upward quirk of her lips. Once Blue Tiran had concluded the briefing and planning - short, to the point, just how Sinead liked it - the auburn-haired Bringloidi made her way back to the boxes, now fully aware of what resources had been availed to them by their Savi benefactor, Moby. She did not know who it was, but the woman had her suspicions. It had to be someone significant enough, it could even be the top man here, but until she had more evidence, she simply went on faith. Everything was in their favour for now. They had the element of surprise, and as she retrieved her allotted supplies, she slung the rifle over her shoulder, holstered the phaser pistol to her right hip and strapped the PADD to her left forearm as if wearing a wrist chronometer.

She had had a small meal of whatever was available, and gathered with the assigned crew dedicated to rescuing the captain and eliminating Semathal and any Scions that got in their way. As she felt the familiar sign of nausea, she knelt down and squinted her eyes in anticipation, one hand resting over the grip of her pistol, ready to draw in a flash if needed. She had made sure to silence the PADD, as the need for stealth superceded everything else for the moment. When she saw no immediate threat, and the bright beam of the transporter faded to nothing, she straightened up, brushing strands of hair back behind her ear, assessing their immediate surroundings, then taking stock of everyone and the available resources.

Her eyes went down to the PADD when she saw a faint flash calling for her attention. She read the message over and nodded to herself. The others had gotten the same briefing. Nathaniel was once a half-Romulan hybrid, but now he was a full-blooded Romulan; his strength, speed and stamina would be unparalleled by almost anyone here, including her...especially her. He was their best hope if it came down to a brute force melee with Semathal. He was also a pilot, meaning he had razor-sharp instincts and significant combat prowess. She remembered reading a small dissertation concerning the Romulan Drauc T'laus, when he fought with a Parasite-infested Captain Ian Hawthorne, he was the only one who remotely came close to matching the man in strength and capabilities.

They should hold him in reserve as a last resort.

There was Deacon, his human-ish form still possessing feline grace and strength. She did not know where he would fit best, but by her immediate estimates, he was a potent threat in battle. He was best suited for an ambush, or a direct attack, whichever he wished. She was beginning to formulate multiple strategies that she could suggest to the team, while she continued down the lines to access the team's strengths. The Andorian was emotional, which was normal, but that could compromise their plans. Still, Andorians were usually excellent executioners of plans and combat, she too would be needed in the frontlines.

The moment her eyes fell on the petite black-eyed woman, whom she had heard offering her services as a medical specialist, Sinead's eyes widened and she felt an overwhelming need to ensure the woman's safety. She was the most important of them all, and the Bringloidi took two steps back away from her, fearing the danger she presented to the Betazoid. All she had to do was snap her neck, and they were minus a trained medical officer. Sinead was the biggest threat to Zeph's safety and survival. They had to stay apart.

“Lieutenant Junior-Grade Sinead O'Riley, formerly of th' Resolve, now, Theurgy.” said Sinead in a clipped tone, her lilt not quite hiding her worry. She brought all her primary concerns to the forefront for Zeph, and she said, “Yeh need t' read me mindh. Please.”

Keep yer distance from meh, was her thought first, and she showed memories, of the doctors cutting into her head, seeing her skull opened via the mirror hanging overhead, flashes of memories of her killing anyone that moved. I have no control over what they put in meh. As much help I can be, I can also be yer end. Th' Savi know this. They may use it. Yeh be too important t' allow harm upon yeh. She turned to look at Nathaniel, then the Andorian, then Deacon, as they all spoke while she projected her thoughts for Zeph to easily see. Sinead hid nothing from her. Her mind and her life was an open book. All the bottled up emotions, that she had learned to suppress, could be felt.

“'Tis a good planh,” said Sinead to Shar, “but as yeh saihd, we need t' maximize our chances, we no be understandin' how Scions fight, but we do be havin' th' element o' surprise.” She nodded at Deacon, “Like him, me eyes do be seein' better'n th' dark than most o' yeh, an' I might be havin' a trick or two tha' can breach'n th' door without raisin' an alarm, once the forward team goes in, I be needin' two o' yeh,” she gestured to some of the other volunteers, “up high with meh, one'a yeh stay wi' th' good doctor, an' no yeh be lettin' anything happen t' her, mindh!”

She offered a bit more, “I work best alone, an' from a position t' surprise, I will be goin' apart from yeh all, tha' woul' be leavin' at least three t' fourh groups'n individuals from the higher platforms t' assist th' group from th' groundh. The rest woul' be stormin' th' door and cryin' murderh t' call 'em on yeh. Be watchful. If I may, p'haps Deacon 'n' I be goin' in first, one from th' groun' and one above, we signal through our PADDs and attack when we all be in position.” Of course, once they did make it in, all plans could likely fly out the window within the first ten seconds. And that was being optimistic.

No matter what, Sinead thought to Zeph, especially if I get hurt, stay away from meh. We canna risk yer life. Th' Captain needs yeh.

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