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These are the positions that are available for present members in the sim, but are - however - unavailable for new Applicants.

Unless the Joining the Crew page says otherwise, newly applying Applicants might only inherit characters on the Available Characters Page, but after three months of active writing, they may apply with a new character, picking from these positions below. For further information about applying for new characters, please consult the Joining the Crew page.

Onboarding Information


If your created character is originally assigned to the titular USS Theurgy, it is recommended that your character has been in stasis since before Episode 01, and only now could be resuscitated after getting the medical attention he/she needed. Your character would then have been injured during the flight from Earth and Starfleet and put into a stasis pod to preserve his/her life.

Another method of joining during the Aldea Prime Anthology (between Seasons 01 and 02), is that your character is affiliated somehow with the Director of Covert Operations in Starfleet Intelligence, namely Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson. Perhaps your character used to be a Starfleet Intelligence operative? In any case, Anderson has personally convinced your character to join the Theurgy crew, having great faith in you because of this previous affiliation that you conjure in your character background story. Your character was contacted by Anderson on March 15th, 2381, after he'd verified that the crew of the Theurgy aren't the traitors the Infested in Starfleet Command claimed them to be. After March 15, your character could have reached the Theurgy through a few different paths. Please see the map to the right and consult the text below.

Please also note that regardless the position applied for during character creation, your character would not be assigned to such a position prior to arrival. This needs to be handled In-Character.

Option 1: Arrival on the IKS Vor'Nak

Here is how your character might have got to Aldea on the IKS Vor'Nak. Either your character took a transport to Deep Space K-7 from...

...and there, s/he jumped aboard the Klingon Goralis-class cruiser IKS ChunDab, which would later rendezvous with the IKS Vor'nak at the planet Kayvok. After your character stepped aboard the Vor'Nak - which is under the command of High Chancellor Martok - the Vor'nak would then arrive at Aldea and the Theurgy on April 7 (also referenced as Day 28 during the Aldea Prime Anthology, set before Season 2).

Option 2: Incognito voyage from Starbase 82

A second option would be if your character happened to be on Starbase 82 when Anderson contacts him/her on March 15, and your character travelled incognito directly to Aldea. This trip would take 17 days at Warp 8, the distance being 50 LY, and it would for example have to be aboard some inconspicuous civilian freighter. With that velocity and starting-time, your character would then arrive at Aldea on April 1st (Day 22). Of course this could be sooner if travelling at higher warp speed.

The choice of how your character arrives at Aldea is up to you, but the above are the recommended options.

Arrival at Aldea

Image: Aldea Prime Shipyards

If s/he travels there on their own, your character's name and file would have been put on a list sent by Director Anderson to both the Theurgy and General Chu'vok, whom is posted at Aldea by the Klingon Defence Force. The presence of the Theurgy is both on a high security clearance level and the shipyards are also cloaked. So, upon arrival, your character would simply have to:

  1. Use an individually unique password when contacting any Klingon officer at Aldea.
  2. Your character would then get to speak with General Chu'vok, whom grant security clearance to the Aldea Prime Shipyards.
  3. Chu'vok would then have a Klingon beam your character to the shipyards, putting them inside one of the Theurgy´s docking arms and right before one of the airlocks.
  4. Your character then reports his or her arrival to the security officers in the airlock. While waiting for a superior officer to arrive, s/he is screened for any parasitic infestation with an anyon sweep inside the airlock. Depending on which department your character belongs to, s/he will await the arrival of the relevant officer, before being assigned quarters and a duty shift.

If your character arrives on the IKS Vor'nak, however, s/he would step off the Klingon ship right inside the cloaked shipyards, and can simply walk straight to the airlock instead of having to go via General Chu'vok - your character's name already cleared and reported ahead of arrival.

Currently Wanted Positions

Here is the current list of Wanted Positions as of the date at the bottom of this page:

Tactical CONN Officer

Right now, we have need of 1 (one) Tactical CONN fighter pilot to serve in the Lone Wolves Squadron. The character would need o have experience flying a AC-307 Mk II Valkyrie, but upon arrival to the Theurgy, s/he would have to undergo simulations and flight training to fly a AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie and take the place as Wolf-12 in the squad. If there would come more vacancies in the squadron, such positions will be listed here.

Diplomatic Officers

The Theurgy was in great need of Diplomatic Officers after the Battle of the Apertures, and Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson would try to recruit old and current Diplomatic Officers to travel to Aldea and join the mission. To know more about the Diplomatic Corps and what they do, click here!

Check the info, and then look below. The available roles are:

  • Savi Envoy | Savi character
  • Diplomat's Aide

Intelligence Officers

With Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson aiding the Theurgy, he would recruit Intelligence Officers that he can completely trust, and send them to help the Theurgy on its mission. To know more about Starfleet Intelligence officers and what they do, click here!

Check the info, and then look below. The available roles are:

  • Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Senior Intelligence Analyst
  • Intelligence Analyst

CONN Officers

This was the ship's helm department, which was in charge of handling all flight operations on and off the ship. With just a small number of CONN characters, this Department have more roles to fill. To know more about the CONN Department and what they do, click here!

Check the info, and then look below. The available roles are:

  • Shuttlebay Manager (X2)
  • Flight Control Officer
  • Support Craft Pilot

Engineering Officers

Essentially, the Engineering Department maintained and repaired all shipboard systems. To know more about the Engineering Department and what they do, click here!

Check the info, and then look below. The available roles are:

  • Engineering Officer
  • Propulsion Chief | Vector 1: The Helmet (NCO Rank)
  • Propulsion Chief | Vector 2: The Sword. (NCO Rank)
  • Maintenance Chief | Vector 1: The Helmet. (NCO Rank)
  • Maintenance Chief | Vector 3: The Stallion. (NCO Rank)

Operations Officers

Essentially, the Operations Department monitored and controlled the use of all ship systems not ostensibly involved with propulsion, navigation, or combat. To know more about the Operations Department and what they do, click here!

Check the info, and then look below. The available roles are:

  • Operations Officer
  • Software Engineer
  • Transporter Officer

Fighter Bay Operations Officers (NCO ranks only)

Information about the Fighter Bay Ops crew on the Theurgy can be found here: Fighter Bay Ops.

Check the info, and then look below. The available roles are:

  • Head of Avionics, Sensors & Computer Systems
  • Head of Spaceframe & Structure
  • Spacecraft Inspectors
  • Landing Signal Warrants
  • Weapons Technicians
  • Ordnancemen
  • Mechanics

All these NCO officers report to the Chief of the Deck and his appointed second-in-command among the deck crews.

Counseling Officers

A counselor was a position aboard Starfleet vessels and installations, usually held by a senior Starfleet officer with training in psychology. On large starships like the USS Theurgy, counseling was a separate department with a Chief Counselor, Assistant Chief Counselor, Rehabilitation Officers and Morale Officers. To know more about the Counseling Department and what they do, click here!

Check the info, and then look below. The available roles are:

  • Counselors
  • Rehabilitation Officers
  • Morale Officers