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Get better soon @Griff . Let me know if you want to talk <3

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Hey guys, just letting you know ahead of time I will be out of town from May 11th to the 17th.
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  Ens. Cameron Henshaw                                           Captain's Yeoman

- Writer: @BipSpoon

  Lt. Valyn Amarik                                           Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer

- Writer: @BipSpoon

  LT. Amelya Rez                                           Asst. Chief Medical Officer

- Writer: @BipSpoon

Please welcome back to the fold @BipSpoon  they return with their characters, Cameron Henshaw, Valyn Amarik and Amelya Rez. Each character has an enticing and deep background and all have played key parts in the story of the USS Theurgy and we look forward to seeing more of their journey in the coming chapters ahead! Glad to have you back, @BipSpoon


One other minor note - I'll be out of town while I make sure my brothers wedding goes off without a hitch starting the morning of May 15th. I'll be back by Monday the 20th. In the meantime I hope everyone continues to have fun and I look forward to seeing what everyone has written and come up with while I'm gone.

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  Lt. Katherine MacFarlane                             Asst. Chief Tactical Officer

- Writer: @JacenSoloDjo

Give a warm welcome to @JacenSoloDjo and our new assistant chief tactical officer, Katherine MacFarlane! A proud Starfleet brat, who's family has served since in Starfleet since it's founding, Kath always knew that she would follow the tradition. She's had a wide ranging career, starting off as a security officer in the Federation-Cardassian War, doing a stint in Starfleet Intelligence, then moving into the tactical department. While serving on Starbase 36, she received a covert message from Admiral Anderson with orders to join our crew. She made her way to the Theurgy via the IKS Vask'at, and will arrive during the prologue of episode 2.

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome! Hope to see you around the board. :)
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Thanks, everyone! My little SF brat is ready to kick ass. She'll kick her own ass. 

 Fantastic face claim, by the way!!

Thanks! When I first made her (as a retired MARSOC and current bounty hunter in the modern day), she was actually played by Laurie Holden lol which is almost the exact opposite in appearance. But now ~14 years later it's Cote.
"And you know this how?" "I'm a spy, remember?"
Lt. Katherine “Darkstar Foxtrot” MacFarlane, Asst. Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy (Vector 3)

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Hey @JacenSoloDjo!  It's great to have you aboard.  I play one of the myraid of Andorians - and a newbie pilot who hasn't actually showed up yet.  I look forward to getting to write together.

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Re: Main OOC Thread

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So apparently Kath is an outlier with her Academy Class lmao but if anyone is interested in already having a connection w/ Kath pre-Theurgy please let me know. c: I'm so into that kind of thing.
"And you know this how?" "I'm a spy, remember?"
Lt. Katherine “Darkstar Foxtrot” MacFarlane, Asst. Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy (Vector 3)

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Everyone give a big welcome to @TWilkins, who is returning to the sim after a long absence with our new Chief CONN Officer!

  Ens. Sylvain Llewellyn-Kth                                     Chief CONN Officer

- Writer: @TWilkins

Ensign Sylvain Llewellyn-Kth was the Chief CONN Officer serving aboard the USS Bowman, a support vessel tasked with aiding Federation colonies along the border of Talarian space. When the Bowman was unexpectedly recalled in 2381, and redeployed to support Task Force Archeron, Sylvain was contacted by an old colleague of his mother’s, Rear Admiral Joseph Anderson, as part of a covert initiative to recruit capable Officers for the renegade starship, the USS Theurgy. The Admiral was concerned that if Sylvain was targeted by the Infested, his unique precognitive capabilities could be put to devastating use against the Theurgy’s efforts to prevent all out war. This and Sylvain’s exemplary, if not brief, service record, made him a suitable candidate to join the USS Theurgy Crew.

Sylvain will arrive during Episode 2. Our current Chief CONN Officer, Chief Warrant Officer Larrant, has been having technical issues with his pod. With the arrival of an experienced officer, he will make the decision to step down and return to his role as a navigational specialist.

Welcome aboard!


Welcome to Ellen's fourth character, Ehfva Feynri!

  Ehfva Feynri                                                             Civilian

- Writer: @Ellen Fitz

Vulpinian civilian Ehfva Feynri was onboard the USS Cayuga when it came under attack from the Savi Scion forces. Ehfva, her mate Intelligence Chief Petty Officer Keokuk, and the entire Cayuga crew were held captive by the Savi near the Hobus Star, where most met the same fate as their captain of being recycled by the Scions. She remained a tormented hostage, waiting for rescue! Ehfva has already entered the story in Chapter 4, The Remains of a Crew! If she survives her ordeal, Ehfva will return with the away team on the Erudite and arrive on the Theurgy at the end of the episode.

Welcome aboard!


As you might have noticed, we're very excited about killing off some NPCs during this episode! They sit around, take up space, breathe our air, and generally get in the way of new player characters. Everyone is welcome to take someone out in a blaze of glory! However, before you kill any established NPC, be it a former PC who's player left or an NPC who's always been an NPC, you must ask permission from the GMs.

Some of the NPCs have plot armor.

If you'd like to request a suit of armor (mage armor, death ward, full plate, etc.) for an NPC, you can ask one of the GMs!

Re: Main OOC Thread

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@TWilkins Welcome back to the simm! Hope to see you around the threads.

@Ellen Fitz Great character. Can't wait to meet them properly after all the craziness.
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It's been a hot minute since we did this, and it was brought to my attention today that we have many players that have qualifed for service awards for 3+ or 5+ years of active membership. Please note that this is a minor update to the qualifications, which used to be consecutive. We've had many players leave and comeback however and we appreciate the time that has been spent with us as well as their return to our ranks and hanging in there with us. So while time as an inactive member won't count toward the award, active time will even if there is an LOA or period of inactivity. We'll just not count those months toward the total.


For having been active for 3 years we recognize:


And those that have been here for 5+ years!

Congratulations and much appreciation for everyone that has stood with us and all the fantastic writing!!

(If we have missed anyone please reach out to me directly and I'll get your award updated ;) )

Re: Main OOC Thread

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Thank you for the welcome back onto the Forum folks, it's grand to be back in the saddle.

My boi is going to be joining Chapter Four, and I certainly have got some room for threads if anyone is interested in meeting a walking mess.


Equally, congratulations to all of ye old mugs! Here's to five more.
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Hey all. To those I owe posts to (and those I've plotted future ones with) I'm sorry to say that I am slammed with work atm, then taking a couple weeks off-line for vacation. Feel free to skip/npc my chars while I'm gone so I don't hold things up. Yall take care and I'll see ya on the flip side.

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