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Ch 4 S [ Day 01 | 1915 ] The Remains of a Crew

[ Aercidthal qi Sanguis Somnium | CIC Sanquis Somnium | Orbiting Alternative Station | Romulan Space ] ATTN: @Dree

His orders had been to interview the pathetic human Ziegler’s remaining crew members. Though most had been recycled, including Ziegler herself, they’d been left with just enough to make the next few hours entertaining, to say the least. As they awaited the inevitable arrival of the foolhardy Theurgy crew desperate to foil their plans, Aercidthal could keep himself occupied by interviewing each of the survivors in the manner most fitting their genetic specifications. This was why Nicander had given him this singular task, for his exemplary talent for determining at a genetic level the most effective buttons to push to get information from a victim. And, if the information they offered was useless to them, well, it was just all the more opportunity for Aercidthal to expand his growing mental library of tactics.

As much as he abhorred the lesser species they came across, Aercidthal did enjoy the scientific side of his work. Dissecting the creatures physically, emotionally, and mentally made all the more intriguing while the creatures were still alive and responding to his tactics. Every twitch, scream, and shudder was logged away as potentially useful on the next subject.

In order for him to fully appreciate his work, and have the most privacy to work with the Starfleet crew, Aercidthal had requested a transfer of himself and the survivors to the alternative station they’d constructed within the asteroid field. Here, they could work without interruption even if unwelcome visitors decided to investigate the main Hobus station. The nature of this asteroid field, with its anistrophies and quantum fluctuations due to high levels of baryon matter, made it an unlikely target for any who didn’t have Savi sensors and computation abilities that charted out the fluctuations accurately enough to allow them safe passage through to this, the largest asteroid and most protected.

The door opened, and one of his underlings came in, “We have been granted clearance to transport the prisoners to their new holding cells in the station.”

Aercidthal nodded, “Very well. Inform me when the transfer has been completed. I have a few more programs to download that may be of use in the coming hours of our interviews.”

The underling departed to oversee his orders, leaving Aercidthal to the delights of determining which procedures he’d most like to program into the surgical units on the station to aid in his coming discussions.


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[ Ensign Sashenka Kreshkova | Holding Cell Sanquis Somnium | Orbiting Alternative Station | Romulan Space ]

@Ellen Fitz

Sash was small of stature to begin with.  The human with green hair huddled in the darkest corner of the cell which she occupied.  She slumped into as small a space as possible and wrapped her arms around her folded legs and lay her forehead against her knees and focused on her breathing.  In and out.  In and out.  In and out. 

It was supposed to help, to take her mind off of the bleak situation in which she found herself.  Letting out a huff, she raised her head.  Deep breathing wasn’t working.  How could it?  One by one, she saw people being led out of their cells. They started with Captain Zeigler, but by no means was she the last.  The ship’s XO, a man whose name she didn’t know, was next.  They appeared to be working down the ranks.  Almost every day, they took two more people, usually at five hour intervals.  And then Tria - her friend who she had been on vacation with her.  Her friend who was kidnapped with her.   Her friend who was rescued by the Cayuga with her.   And her friend who was once again taken into captivity - this time by the Tal-Shiar.   Yesterday, the door to the cell that she had Tria had occupied swung open.  Both young women clung to each other, but one Romulan man and one Romulan woman each grabbed a girl and pulled them apart amidst the screams of protest from both of the recent graduates.  Zeigler, Lien, Mannis, Sh’Nidt, Tria, and so many whose names she had never learned, none of them ever returned. 

But her thoughts were interrupted by a ruckus as the door to the whole cell block opened.  Sash hated that sound.  Her heart started pounding.   Drops of sweat appeared on her forehead.  Her slight lips trembled.  There were only maybe ten people left out of ….what she guessed had started out as more than seventy-five.  While she remained in her corner with her eyes trained on the cell door, she heard a different door opened, and a small puff of air escaped her lips.  But she immediately felt guilty.  Someone else had been chosen sparing her, but that other person wouldn’t return, and she was sitting her glad?

But as she wrestled with her moral dilemma, she heard another door swing open, and she inhaled sharply.  But that sound was followed by several other doors before her own door opened.  A tall, muscular Romulan entered the cell and looked around before spotting her and heading in that direction.  “Please don’t,” she whispered.  “Please,” she said as she shied away.  “No, No, please let me go.

But strong hands grabbed her by the arms and hoisted her up.  She struggled against him, but the more she struggled, the more vice-like his grip around her arms became.  As she was shuttled out into the corridor, a hypospray pressed against her neck.  She fought with everything in her, but she couldn’t keep her eyes open.
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