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Topic: New Positions for the Wanted Positions Page? (Read 652 times) previous topic - next topic

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New Positions for the Wanted Positions Page?
With some help from @CanadianVet, the Wanted Positions Page has been updated, listing a few positions that we need filled aboard.

Wanted Positions Page

My question to everyone here is if we should list any more positions than those present? Is there any department that need more people or has a specific role that needs to be filled? I am all ears! :)

Quote from: Current Wanted Positions Page
These are the positions that are vacant and that we feel new applicants should create a characters for. This list will be updated as required.

== USS Theurgy ==

If your character was assigned to the titular ''[[USS Theurgy]]'', it is recommended that your character has been in stasis since before Episode 01, and only now could be resuscitated after getting the [[medical]] attention he/she needed. Your character would then have been injured during the flight from Earth and [[Starfleet]] and put into a stasis pod to preserve his/her life. For other options, see the [[Joining the Crew]] page.

Currently, we are looking for characters in [[Operations]] and [[Command, Tactical & CONN|Tactical]]. Here is the list:

====Operations Officer====
The Chief [[Operations]] Officer cannot man the bridge at all times. Extra personnel are needed to relive and maintain ship [[operations]]. The [[Operations]] Officers are thus assistants to the Chief, fulfilling his/her duties when required, and assuming the [[Operations]] consoles if required at any time. The [[Operations]] Officer reports to the Chief [[Operations]] Officer.

The Quartermaster specializes in distributing supplies and provisions to personnel aboard the vessel. In addition, the Quartermaster controls all physical assignments to quarters throughout the vessel. The Quartermaster Officer reports to the Chief [[Operations]] Officer.

Each vessel and base has one Warrant Officer (or Chief Warrant Officer) who holds the position of Boatswain. The Boatswain (pronounced and also written "Bosun" or "Bos'n") trains and supervises personnel (including both the ship's company or base personnel as well as passengers or vessels) in general ship and base [[operations]], repairs, and protocols; maintains duty assignments for all [[Operations]] personnel; sets the agenda for instruction in general ship and base [[operations]]; supervises auxiliary and utility service personnel and daily ship or base maintenance; coordinates all personnel cross-trained in damage control [[operations]] and supervises damage control and emergency [[operations]]; may assume any Bridge or [[Operations]] role as required; and is qualified to temporarily act at [[Operations]] if so ordered. The Boatswain reports to the Chief [[Operations]] Officer.

====Tactical Officer====
The Tactical Officers are the vessels gunmen. They assist the Chief Tactical Officer by running and maintaining the numerous weapons systems aboard the ship/starbase, and analysis and tactical planning of current missions. Very often Tactical Officers are also trained in ground combat and small unit tactics. The [[Command, Tactical & CONN|Tactical]] Officer reports to the Chief [[Command, Tactical & CONN|Tactical]] Officer.

== USS Orcus==

==== Fighter Pilot ====

You could write one of the fighter pilots that came aboard the ''[[USS Theurgy|Theurgy]]'' from the ''[[USS Orcus]]'', flying one of the prototype [[AC-477 Mk I Valravn|Valravn fighters]]. The squadron name is the White Wolves, and like the rest of the fighter pilots on the ''[[USS Orcus|Orcus]]'', your character was a part of the classified Valravn Project on Luna Base (see the  [[AC-477 Mk I Valravn|Valravn]] page for more information).

When the ''[[USS Theurgy]]'' allegedly defected to the Romulans in November of 2380, orders came to [[Luna Base]] that the twenty prototype [[AC-477 Mk I Valravn|Valravn fighter]]s needed to be put into field duty, since the ''[[USS Theurgy|Theurgy]]'''s [[AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie|Mk III Valkyries]] were better than what the rest of [[Task Force Archeron]] had in terms of superiority fighters. So, the [[Tactical_CONN#The_White_Wolves_Squadron_-_USS_Orcus|White Wolves Squadron]] ceased to be test pilots and were instead commissioned to the ''[[USS Orcus]]'', which was supposed to join [[Task Force Archeron]] and hunt down the ''[[USS Theurgy|Theurgy]]''.

In late February of 2381, the ''[[USS Orcus]]'' found the task force adrift, orbiting [[Theta Eridani IV]] without means of communication or propulsion. They had been affected by a computer virus, and it was only with the help of the ''[[USS Orcus]]'' "clean" software that the entire task force could exit orbit and take up the hunt again. [[Task Force Archeron]] immediately set a course towards [[Starbase 84]] - meaning to intercept the ''[[USS Theurgy|Theurgy]]'' if [[Captain Jien Ives|Captain Ives]] had decided to put the advanced ''Theurgy''-class starship of in his [[Romulan]] masters' hands.

Your character would enter the story as of the Battle of [[Starbase 84]], where s/he needs to defect to the ''Theurgy'' for some reason. This defection should be discussed and settled with the GM, and you will be required to read the outcome of the battle, which can be found here: [,1202.0.html Episode 04: Simulcast, Chapter 07: Cost of Truth].

In order to write a fighter pilot, you should also familiarise yourself with this page: [[Tactical CONN]]


Auctor Lucan
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Re: Wanted Positions Page Updated
Reply #1
*bumping up, hoping for more suggestions*

Re: Wanted Positions Page Updated
Reply #2
You covered my department so I'm good :D
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Re: Wanted Positions Page Updated
Reply #3
New character apps are closed, but the manifest page shows a relatively small played segment of the ship's Security department. Eng/Ops would be the largest, but Sec wouldn't be far behind on a vessel the size of the Theurgy. Especially given the police/boarding actions (in both directions) the ship seems to go through.

Perhaps when applications reopen, Security could get a nod?
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Re: Wanted Positions Page Updated
Reply #4
You could open up some more flat mechanic spots.  Give Sten and myself some more people to interact with on the flight deck.  Things like regular mechanics or even someone that's gifted with piecing stuff back together.  Maybe a welder or .. a diagnostician type thing?  Just a thought there, from my personal standpoint.

Re: Wanted Positions Page Updated
Reply #5
Awesome suggestions from you both!

I have updated the top post with the missing wiki entry, since you weren't able to see it, and I will make sure to add Security Officer and personnel for Fighter Bay Ops, be it Weapons Technicians or Mechanics etc.

Thank you!


Auctor Lucan

Re: New Positions for the Wanted Positions Page?
Reply #6
I imagine there would be some use for shuttle general shuttle pilots and techs and the like.

Re: New Positions for the Wanted Positions Page?
Reply #7
We don't have a single member in maintenance... someone has to clean all the blood from these Devoted attacks off the walls and floors.  Where is the viscera clean-up crew?  Or did they all quit after Niga?

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Re: New Positions for the Wanted Positions Page?
Reply #8
Hm, positions for intelligence officers would be nice but considering how hard it would be to vet them all things considered.