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  • 2019-02-13: Please welcome back, IronFerrox, in the Main OOC thread! He is a returning Theurgist of old.
  • 2019-02-04: Please welcome our newest Theurgist, Lex Dalton, on the Main OOC board!
  • 2019-01-28: Exiting development in the story! The Battle of the Apertures has begun. Make sure you read up on the development on the Main OOC board!
  • 2018-12-17: Did you know that you can change the ship displayed on the site in your Look and Layout settings? Pick your favourite ship or warp fighter! You can also add writing requests to your Forum Profile.
  • 2018-12-17: Make sure you visit the non-public R&D board and give your feedback on the Interior Layout Images and the Fighter Weapon System Update.
  • 2018-12-17: If you check your character page, and click on the Academy Class link at the bottom of the page, you can see who your character went to the Academy with. Perfect for Director's Cut board shenanigans!

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Crew Manifest

Below are the characters of the writers that participate in our story. In order to view each individual personnel file, just click upon each individual entry. If the character you are looking for is not here, then he or she can either be found in the  Non-Crew Listing, or on the NPC pages on our Wiki Database.

Cpt. Jien Ives                Commanding Officer (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Cmdr. Carrigan Trent          Executive Officer (V01) [Show/Hide] Lt Cmdr. Jennifer Dewitt      Acting XO on Vector 01 (V01) [Show/Hide] Lt. Evoras                    Acting Chief Tactical Officer (V02) [Show/Hide] PWO Selena Ravenholm          Communication Specialist (V01) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Derik Veradin          Acting Chief CONN Officer (V01) [Show/Hide] Ens. Jaya Thorne              Asst. Chief CONN Officer (V02) [Show/Hide] PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu         CONN Officer (V03) [Show/Hide] Ens. Faye Eloi-Danvers        Acting Chief Diplomatic Officer (V01) [Show/Hide] Ens. Cameron Henshaw          Captain's Yeoman (V02) [Show/Hide] Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854       Ship A.I. Hologram (SAVI) [Show/Hide]
Lt Cmdr. Wenn Cinn            Chief Security Officer (V02) [Show/Hide] Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann           Deputy Chief Security Officer (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Adam Kingston          Security Officer (NPC) (V03) [Show/Hide] Ens. Ryuan Sel                Mistress-at-Arms (V01) [Show/Hide] Ens. James "Jimmy" Mariner    Security Officer (NPC) (V03) [Show/Hide] PO1 Dyan Cardamone            Security Officer (V01) [Show/Hide] PO1 Varder Ridun              Security Officer (V02) [Show/Hide] PO2 Eliska Bremmer            Security Officer (V02) [Show/Hide] PO2 Kino Taer                 Security Officer (V02) [Show/Hide]
Lt Cmdr. Thomas Ravon         Wolf-01 [Razor] Wolf Leader (V02) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley          Wolf-02 [Ghost] (NPC) (V02) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Tessa May Lance        Wolf-03 [Goldeneye] (V02) [Show/Hide] Lt. Daniel Havenborn          Wolf-04 [Salvo] (V02) [Show/Hide] Ens. Krystal Tancredi         Wolf-05 [Meony] (V02) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Alessia Garcia         Wolf-10 [Angel] (V02) [Show/Hide] Lt Cmdr. Miles Renard         Former Wolf Leader [Wolf-XX] [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Khorin Douglas         Wolf-XX [Hardtop] (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Ens. Nathaniel Isley          Wolf-XX [Icarus] (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Ens. K'Ren                    Wolf-XX [Neko] (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Devyrie Okhala         Wolf-XX [Dragon] (SAVI) [Show/Hide]
Lt Cmdr. Lucan cin Nicander   Chief Medical Officer (V02) [Show/Hide] Lt. Amelya Rez                Asst. Chief Medical Officer (V02) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Maya                   Medical Officer (V02) [Show/Hide] Ens. Lahkesis Saugn           Medical Officer (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Hylota Vojona          Head Nurse (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Jovela                 Nurse (V02) [Show/Hide] Ens. Vinata Vojona            Nurse (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Zelosa Ejek            Acting Chief Counselor (V03) [Show/Hide] Ens. B'Nila                   Asst. Chief Counselor (V03) [Show/Hide]
MCPO "Billy Bob" O'Connell    Chief Engineer (V03) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan  Asst. Chief Engineer (V01) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Sinead O'Riley         Engineering Officer (SAVI) [Show/Hide] PO1 Morgan Song               Engineering Officer (V01) [Show/Hide] Lt Cmdr. Natalie Stark        Chief of Operations (V03) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Nator 159              Operations Officer (V02) [Show/Hide] CWO1 Sten Covington           Chief of Flight Deck Operations (V02) [Show/Hide] CPO Liam Herrold              Head of Fighter Weapons & Ordnance (V02) [Show/Hide] CPO Eun Sae Ji                Head of Fighter Power & Propulsion (V02) [Show/Hide] PO2 Sithick                   Weapons Technician (V02) [Show/Hide]
Lt Cmdr. Vivian Martin        Chief Science Officer (V01) [Show/Hide] Lt. Simon Tovarek             Asst. Chief Science Officer (V02) [Show/Hide] Lt. Tyreke Okafor             Science Officer (Synthetic Biology) (NPC) (V02) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Sarresh Morali         Temporal Affairs Officer (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Lt. JG Hi'Jak                 Science Officer (Temporal Mechanics) (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Ens. Irnashall ch'Xinya       Science Officer (Stellar Cartography) (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Ens. Cir'Cie                  Science Officer (Botany) (NPC) (V03) [Show/Hide] PWO Heather McMillan          Science Officer (Biology) [Show/Hide]
Deacon                        Lounge Proprietor for Below Decks (SAVI) [Show/Hide] Zyrao Natauna                 Strategist (V01) [Show/Hide] F'Rell                        Warp Field Specialist (V01) [Show/Hide] Dr. Silim Parnak              Exobiologist (V02) [Show/Hide] Sera vers Aldnoah             Explorer (V01) [Show/Hide] Drauc T'Laus                  Mercenary (V01) [Show/Hide] Lorad                         Former Reman Military NCO (V01) [Show/Hide] Samala                        Civilian (V01) [Show/Hide]
Crewmates in Stasis
In-Character, these characters have been injured to the degree that their medical condition requires surgery at a starbase infirmary, and have been placed in stasis for the time being. Should the players return to write in the sim, they have to contact the GM.

Ens. Marija Ferik             Former Security Officer [Show/Hide] Lt.Cmdr. Taylor Lucas         Former Squadron SCO [Wolf-01] [Show/Hide] Lt. Alexander Rosek           Former Chief Engineer [Show/Hide]
Dead Crewmates
These are the characters that have not survived, K.I.A. throughout our long story:

† Cmdr. Edena Rez             Former First Officer [Show/Hide] † Lt. Aisha S'Iti             Former Chief CONN Officer [Show/Hide] † Lt. Rennan Cooper           Former Chief Tactical Officer [Show/Hide] † Lt. Sjaandin Fedd           Former Chief Tactical Officer [Show/Hide] † Lt Cmdr. Leon Marquez       Former Chief Tactical Officer [Show/Hide] † Lt. Keval ch'Rayya          Former Chief Intelligence Officer [Show/Hide] † Lt. Lawrence O. Lance       Former Chief CONN Officer [Show/Hide] † Ens. Cale Winterbourne      Former Helmsman [Show/Hide] † Lt Cmdr. David Grayson      Former Chief of Security [Show/Hide] † Lt. Ben Vessery             Former Chief of Security [Show/Hide] † Lt Diadeniera Drovo         Former Chief of Security, USS Harbinger [Show/Hide] † Lt. JG Zaraq                Former Master-at-Arms [Show/Hide] † Ens. Connor Matthews        Former Brig Officer [Show/Hide] † Ens. Six                    Former Forensic Science Officer [Show/Hide] † Cdt. Scosche Bellde'side    Former Asst. Security Officer [Show/Hide] †? Ens. Zrinka Agaixot        Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-02] (MIA) [Show/Hide] † Ens. Skye Carver            Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-02] [Show/Hide] † Ens. Christopher Slayton    Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-06] [Show/Hide] † MCPO Axius vel Onea         Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-04] [Show/Hide] † Lt. JG Fasha                Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-03] [Show/Hide] † MCPO Soo Young Seung        Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-05] [Show/Hide] † Ens. Hannah Slaverton       Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-10] [Show/Hide] † Ens. Kanti MacTavish        Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-02] [Show/Hide] † Ens. Minjae Soh             Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-14] [Show/Hide] † Lt. Garen Nelis             Former Chief Counsellor [Show/Hide] † Lt. Hayden Quinn O'Connor   Former Chief Counselor [Show/Hide] † Lt. JG Miko Dauntless       Former Chief of Surgery [Show/Hide] † Cdt. Amikris Neotin         Former Asst. Medical Officer [Show/Hide] † EVE Program AK-1 DMSA-656   LMH (Deactivated) [Show/Hide] † MCPO Nolak Kalmil           Former Chief Engineer [Show/Hide] † Lt Cmdr. Nicole Howard      Former Chief Engineer [Show/Hide] † Cdt. Ester Hamburg          Former Asst. Engineering Officer [Show/Hide] † Lt. Tatiana Marlowe         Former Chief Engineer [Show/Hide] † Lt. JG Arcorn Neotin        Former Engineering Officer [Show/Hide] † PO1 Melissa Wright          Former Weapons Maintenance Officer [Show/Hide] † PWO Rihen Neyah             Former Engineering Specialist [Show/Hide] † Lt. JG A'vura Zeshryr       Former Asst. Chief of Operations [Show/Hide] † Ens. Vereyn Kiiz            Former Transporter Specialist [Show/Hide] † Lt. Amatras Neotin          Former Chief Science Officer [Show/Hide] † William "Bill" Regal        Former Bartender/'Special Adviser' [Show/Hide] † Rory Callahan               Former Lounge Proprietor for 'Below Decks' [Show/Hide] † Narik Cinsaj                Former Engineering Consultant [Show/Hide] † Sonja Acreth                Former Prisoner [Show/Hide]