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  • 2019-05-20: Please welcome, AlyFox, Revan and DaValle in the Main OOC thread! They are our newest Theurgists.
  • 2019-04-30: Season 1 has come to an end, and we have just begun to write in the Aldea Prime Anthology between Seasons. Read more in the Main OOC thread!
  • 2019-04-29: Please welcome back, Even Angels Cry, in the Main OOC thread! She is a returning Theurgist of old.
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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I have the pleasure of annoucing yet another Theurgist today, namely @fiendfall ! They will write Morgan Song, who's off on Vector 01 and trying to fix the plasma leak right now in Knife's Edge. :)

PO1 Morgan Song               Engineering Officer (V01)

  - Writer:

@fiendfall decided to keep Morgan Song as-is for the time being, leaving the character page unedited, but they might make some changes later on if they change their mind about it. That being said, they might alter some mannerisms and details about the character in current writing too, and I look forward to take part in this guys continued story.

Happy to have you aboard, and welcome to Theurgy! :)


Auctor Lucan

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Two in one day! Welcome, fiendfall!
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Two new happy new faces in one day?  Nice.

Hope you survive the infodump and find a nice home here!

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Re: Main OOC Thread
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yay! another newbie! welcome!

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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Welcome Fiendfall! Another new person. Takes pressure off me.
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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*purrs* Fresh meat. :)

j/k. Welcome aboard @Cosmos and @fiendfall .

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Thanks folks! Glad to be here :)
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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We've spoken in the Discord, but yes, welcome @fiendfall!
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Since it is a bit cumbersome to call the merged Vectors 02 and 03 something, here is a new addition to the wiki in regard to MVAM modes of the Theurgy, aside from the names of the separate Vectors (Helmet, Sword and Stallion):

Vector 01+02 "The Soldier"
This rarely utilised combination of the saucer section and the middle section of the Theurgy is called the Soldier, named thus in the event that the stardrive section - Vector 03 - functions as a lifeboat, leaving the other two Vectors merged for battle, perhaps covering the escape of Vector 03.

Vector 02+03 "The Ranger"
This combination of the second and third sections of the Theurgy is called the Ranger, since it lacks the Helmet and yet has the best propulsion and fighting capabilities of the Theurgy.

So, if needed, you can call the V2+V3 ship The Ranger from here on out. Let's make it official in your posts as needed, and feel free to edit old ones if you feel so inclined.

If any of you have suggestions on added text to the above, feel free to PM me. :)


Auctor Lucan

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Welcome to Theurgy, Fiendfall! Hope you have a blast here, and beware of trouser snakes. You'll get that reference when you've been here a while more...

Re: Main OOC Thread
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AL, would V1+V3 be "the Defender" or "the Crusader" perhaps?

And welcome all our newbies!
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Considering that the earlier combos makes the Soldier and the Ranger, and assuming that Vector 01 can join with Vector 03 without Vector 02 in between, I think the Helmet and Stallion combined would make the Knight? The Rook?

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Defender, Crusader, Knight or Rook... Hmm...

Not sure what's best there. In the context of Vector 03 being a lifeboat and the fastest, and the Helmet being the fortified command ship of the three, with the main bridge and having the AI's brain installed, we're looking at a held-back position while the Sword would be either fighting at the front line or having been destroyed. I think it would require more of a defensive aspect to the name?

Eager to hear more ideas!

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Okay, so ideas reminiscent of holding the line and not giving an inch?

How about The Legionary, or the Hoplite?  Perhaps the Pikeman?  Schiltron? 
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Not sure, sounds a bit commonplace.


Or Destrier?

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Chanfron is a piece of horse armour, while Destrier is just another name for a man-at-arms/knight's warhorse.

That combination of V1 and V2 you described, being there to hold the line while V3 escapes spoke to me of holding the line. Cavalry doesn't hold the line, they break it.

Oh, other idea: the Spartan. Or even just a codeword rather than name for the assembly, something like the "Leonidas Protocol", where a skeleton crew would man V1 and 2 and their job is to make a glorious last stand against overwhelming odds.

Re: Main OOC Thread
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I think you mixed up the Vectors. I am talking about The Helmet and The Stallion together, where the former would be the Chanfron on the Stallion, making it a Destrier. The Chanfron is a horse's "helmet" after all. I'll go with The Destrier for that rare combination.

As for V1 and V2, I'm open to suggestions. Not sure on The Spartan though even if I don't remain convinced about The Soldier.

Chanfron is a piece of horse armour, while Destrier is just another name for a man-at-arms/knight's warhorse.

That combination of V1 and V2 you described, being there to hold the line while V3 escapes spoke to me of holding the line. Cavalry doesn't hold the line, they break it.

Oh, other idea: the Spartan. Or even just a codeword rather than name for the assembly, something like the "Leonidas Protocol", where a skeleton crew would man V1 and 2 and their job is to make a glorious last stand against overwhelming odds.

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Yes, it would appear I mixed up the Vectors indeed.

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Just in case anyone missed my previous post.

From tomorrow 11/12/18 to 21/12/18 AEDT, I will be on holiday. I will have some internet connectivity and a computer with me but available time will limit my thread responses. I will endeavour to reply in a timely manner to those threads I am a part of.

Best way to reach me during this time is a PM here on the forum or a DM on Discord. Please do not hesitate to do either.
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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How about "Bulwark" for the combination of V1 + V3?



Re: Main OOC Thread
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I just got some news that will likely slow me down at some point in the next year.

My mother has stopped Chemo treatments, and not in the good way. we aren't entirely sure what happens here on out, but my brothers will be coming out to the island to pay respects, and say good bye. We think it will likely be around... idk summer of 2019? I mean they told me she was gonna die back when i was 11, so doctors + time estimations are bs.

There may be a leave of absence around the time it gets really bad.

I mostly just wanted to let ya'll know, and maybe hopefully see if anyone wants to have a chat.

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Chapter 03: Knife's Edge has been concluded! Ýou can read the dramatic conclusion here:

Link: Chapter 03: Knife's Edge [ Day 06 | 0840 hrs. ]

I know there are stragglers who have not met the 7 day deadline that began on the 4th of December, when ch'Xinya posted with Wenn Cinn. Today is the 13th of December, and I have to move the story forward for the sake of the while sim. If anyone has planned to post in Chapter 03, you are too late, and you will have to make Supplemental threads instead.


Now begins 1 (one) In-Character hour of Supplemental threads for the whole crew (and non-crew) aboard the Theurgy. This means all three Vectors. I would have made it more than 1 hour if the current warp speed wouldn't have taken the ship out of the Azure Nebula. This means between 0900 hrs. and 1000 hrs. on Day 06. The only characters not included in this are the abductees on/off the Versant and Captain Anya Ziegler, who is on the Cayuga. For one hour, the Theurgy is locked in it's crazy warp jump, preventing any course changes. The challenge is to make sure the Theurgy survives the duration without blowing up things aboard. Engineers and Ops can have fun with that as best as you wish. Furthermore, these Supplemental threads should be named Chapter 03: Supplemental [ Day 06 | XXXX hrs. ] Insert Title.

Have fun! :)


The starter for Chapter 05 will be posted next week, and it will begin when the In-Character hour is up, and the Theurgy drops out of warp. It is yet to be revealed if they indeed reach the fourth planet in the Ithacae System or not, because the crew does not know that the warp jump will last for one hour. More information will be sent out via Newsletter. 


I will reply by department:


Captain Wenn Cinn is the Commanding Officer of the Theurgy, with Lieutenant Commander Stark as First Officer. In an upcoming Supplemental thread, they will take command on the Main Bridge of the Theurgy, and @chXinya announces the bridge crew for the duration of the hour locked in warp in this Supplemental thread. This thread will deal with the aftermath of Dewitt and Trent, the latter learning about Heather McMillan and the intent to address the Borg threat instead of heading to the Versant. Regardless what anyone may think about Dewitt removing him from command, justified or not, it won't matter, since Trent will not have any interest in command any more at this point. It remains to be seen In-Character what tasks he may preform depending on Chapter 05 development.

Neither Tactical nor CONN has much to do on the bridge, since no ships can catch up with them and the course is locked.


The Acting Cheif of Security, appointed by Wenn Cinn since he is Captain, is Kai Akoni at this point, with Adam Kingston as Deputy.

All boarding teams from the Dauntless have been taken care of, most still alive and confined to the Brig/a cargo hold. Survivors from the Bellerophon are either treated in the three sickbays under Security surveillance, or confined to cargo holds. All these newcomers on the Theurgy needs to be briefed and told about the mission, and any characters interested in such scenes are free to chip in. Since it's only one hour we're dealing with here, the likelihood of the survivors/boarders defecting to the Theurgy's mission is small, to say the least.

Until further notice Commander Trent is confined to VIP quarters on Deck 11, with guards posted outside.

Doctor Nicander is still in the Temporary Holding cell, and available for further questioning by authorised officers.


After the Theurgy has jumped to warp, Red Alert is ended, and @Nolan will post a Supplemental thread at his leisure detailing the Fighter Assault Bay + the invitation for the White Wolves in the Upper Shuttle Bay to head down to the Fighter Assault Bay for a short debriefing/introduction. This thread should be available for all Tactical CONN and Fighter Ops characters, aside from any new Supplemental threads started for these characters.


The three sickbays are filled to the rafters with injured crew from the Theurgy, the Bellerophon and boarders from the Dauntless. The EMH Mk 1 and 2 are available as required. The LMH (Eve) is still deactivated since the Savi compromised her program's stability. Counselling might help Faye in Diplomatic corps to talk the newcomers about settling down and not fighting the Theurgy crew?


Thea looks like swizz cheese. Do I need to say more? O'Connell is back in command, and Suq is Asst. Chief of Engineering again. Moreover, this T'fanrell designed warp jump can cause more problems if you guys want during the hour that the Theurgy is locked in warp. The ship being reintegrated again also suggests a lot of allocation of material and crew which could not be done during the extent of the Continuance Protocol.

As for Operations, with Stark as First Officer, Nator is Acting Chief of Operations, and s/he may name hir Asst. Chief of Operations.


CSO Martin is in command here, and there are a lot of scientists available for a Supplemental thread where they can put their heads together abour the Borg threat. I suggest @The Ostrich posts a Supplemental thread where Martin gathers all available scientists for a briefing and assessment of the situation. Lieutenant Simon Tovarek is Asst. Chief Science Officer.


As usual, Civilians do whatever the "#¤%& they want. But! Zyrao may be involved with the Command characters regarding Dewitt and Trent. F'Rell will likely be in Engineering. Parnak may help in Science. Lorad may want to check in on Samala, all things considered? Just ideas.

Hope this helps and inspires! As previously mentioned, Chapter 05 will come up next week. :)


Auctor Lucan
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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I am not in breach of any 1-week deadlines yet (that I know of! Shoot me a PM if so) but I wanted to give a heads-up that I am suffering from a (hopefully short and sharp) stomach bug or other and so it might be a couple more days for those waiting on me.

Thanks for your patience, folks. :)
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Hi there everyone! Three months have passed since @TWilkins joined us, and he is now eligible to introduce a character of his own. And here he is, Y'Lev, even though he may first be known as Crewman Galo...

Y'Lev                         Syndicate Dominus (V01)

  - Writer:

Y'Lev is a field agent working for the Orion Syndicate, tasked with investigating the atypical behaviour of Starfleet's Task Force Archeron. After taking regular injections to suppress his pheromones from his vicinity, as per Starfleet regulations, he has infiltrated the USS Bellerophon under the alias Crewman Galo, working in Operations. He has survived the destruction of the Bellerophon in the Azure Nebula and just been beamed aboard Thea.

Looking forward to read how he fares in his mission! :)


Auctor Lucan
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Mmm, tasty tasty orions...doc always did say i need to eat more greens :P

sorry, had to make the pun <3
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