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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Faye seemed very talkative. That was something he picked up quickly, not that he objected he had difficulty filling a conversation so someone else doing most of that talking was fine by him. There was something under that confidence and cheery demeanour she seemed to have though he was not sure what it was. He thought it may have an insecurity of some description. She was apparently a diplomat that made sense she was talkative and charming and doing all she could clearly to put him at his ease.

Riley had blushed and looked uncomfortable when he indicated he remembered her. Of the two she seemed the more uncertain and shy, but given his own personality he was hardly one to judge her on that score. Maybe it was embarrassment, but his memories of sickbay were hazy to say the least.

Faye was still apologetic, so Rhys raised a hand to stop her on that score. “No need to apologise, I think it was something I did.” He looked down at his plate for a moment and mumbled bitterly “It usually is.” He put on a weak smile. “Anyway, you would be right, I was Chief Counselor on the Cayuga.” That was an unpleasant memory, his first taste of seniority had not lasted long and by the end he was doing a little bit of everything.

Rhys was often oblivious to himself but much better at understanding other people. He noted the hand grip from Faye to Riley. Defiantly a couple, not just friends. When Riley spoke her little joke produced an actual smile from Rhys, it was left just as quickly as it had arrived but it had been there. He moved his gaze between the two of them. “You don’t have to call me Lieutenant, none of us are on duty, just call me Rhys.” He never felt like a Counsellor was exactly a proper officer anyway. He certainly never felt he was. Besides the reminder he was technically in charge made him uncomfortable. He was one of life’s followers. In fact he always remembered the frustration of Academy teachers and senior officers. Rhys was able and intelligent in an absent-minded sort of way but had not a single shred of ambition. The thought of being responsible for other people made him extremely anxious historically it had not gone well.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Nothing was terribly usual about Faye being  the outgoing personality in a conversation. Professionally extroverted was a good description for her and her job, always accommodating, always willing to listen, and able to be the one guiding a conversation around just about any subject if she had a modicum of interest or knowledge in it. And if she were at the negotiating table, she would have plenty of background knowledge, drilled into her prior to ever sitting down. Usually.

This was a much more social situation, but still the basic rules applied, as far as the young telepath was concerned. She picked up on the background sensation of discomfort and awkwardness coming from both the Lieutenant and her paramour, and decided then and there that she would be damned if they didn't all enjoy themselves. Thus she found herself again squeezing Riley's hand atop the table, offering physical comfort as she could, and flashing another bright, light up the face sort of smile at Lt. Williams. If he had somehow chased the other officer away and not her, so what, big deal. It was now her responsibility to make sure he had a good time.

"Then by that token you should definitely call me Faye," she informed the counselor, one of the newer members of the crew. She didn't know much about his previous posting other than that the ship had been a great help during the battle with the Borg, and that many of her crew had been stranded aboard the Theurgy and thus slowly folded into the structure of the ships existing crew. She knew that Rhys would not be the only officer whom held a department head position on the smaller science vessel that was now in a position of lesser responsibility, but for larger numbers, and could imagine how she would feel in his boots.

Probably relieved, she was forced to admit. Shoving that revelation aside, she ran her thumb over Riley's knuckles and continued on,. "As I'm sure you can imagine half of my job is remembering peoples titles, and the other half is knowing when to shove that out the air lock and just go with things. So Rhys it is. It really is a pleasure to meet you, even if this is all a little odd. I mean, a yacht in the middle of an alien ocean is kind of a weird place to make an introduction, right?" Yes, it was a cheap deflection away from the real source of awkwardness between them all, but so what? Tried and true tactics were tried and true for a reason, and this was one that the lithe Betazoid had put to use more than once. 

She paused in her torrent of conversation long enough to eat a bit more of the breakfast, nodding her head in response to what the others said, before swallowing and leaning back, tossing an arm over the back of her chair.  This put her chest a bit more on display, but she didn't see anything wrong with that either. Tried and true, she thought with a visibly wry grin. "Honestly, after everything that we have been, coming to this place has been a gods-send. The council here is a bit up tight, but some of them are surprisingly thoughtful." Considering that one of the biddys on the board that ran the Aldean government had set herself and Lt. Commander Jennifer Dewitt up with what the locals considered a prize massage session - urun she remembered they called it - calling them thoughtful was an understatement. She still didn't know if the woman's 'gift' to the duo had been in good faith, an expression of their culture, or if she had been trying to embarrass the two diplomats from the Theurgy. It had sure backfired with Faye. 

"The whole mixing in of Klingon culture has been rather fascinating as well. My last posting before the Theurgy's mission to Romulus was the Khitomer outpost, aboard the Cortes. As you can imagine that place was very much a mix of Klingon and Federation influence and its really fascinating to see the parallels here, as well as the differences. Have you had a chance to look around and play tourist? Riley and I did a bit of beach combing not too long ago, and I can also say the shops are quite nice. I really do recommend getting out and just being among the locals here, if you can manage."

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Brutus  @Juzzie

Patterson had to snicker a little "I'm Riley in that case." as both Rhys and Faye had introduced them with first names, she couldn't be the only one lagging behind. Her nerves finally got overcome a little as she exhaled a few times and just pushed some of her hair behind her ear, those few strands that had escaped her pig tails. She started to sneak a few pieces of the breakfast Faye had gathered inside of her mouth, sucking on the fruitier bits to get a real good taste of it first before actually taking it in to chew on. She did so with one hand as her other hand was still being held by Faye, the thumb of the diplomat running over her knuckles as Riley felt more and more at ease.

She let Faye do most of the talking in the meantime as she kept eating at a leisurely pace. Faye was, as to be expected, a waterfall of things to say about their time on Aldea and how Klingon relations were. As she did mention their beach trip, Riley had to smirk a little as a blush crept onto her cheeks. The beach adventure was quite a thing, the two Aldean men that had been promoted to impromptu lovers for a few hours. The heat pooled between her legs once more just thinking back about it. She hoped it wouldn't brush off on Faye and her eyes looked up to see if Rhys noticed anything.

"Have you been able to enjoy the downtime lieu-"
she interrupted herself before continuing "Rhys. I mean, it's easy to remain scooped up on the ship as it feels safe, but the planet sure has it's natural beauties."

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson & Samala | Top Deck | Eclipse | Aldea ] Attn: @Nero

“If you say so,” Donna intoned casually, looking out over the water for a while. “But jealous, no. There is nothing to be jealous of when it comes to the Valravn. You can keep it and I will keep my Valkyrie. But, if they ever offered me the chance to fly that Reaver that they have sitting in the hanger, then I would skip my way over to it like a kid in a candy store. That thing looks like it’s a beast.”

“What’s a Reaver?” Samala asked, not knowing what Donna was referring to but thinking that it was something that she needed to look in to. She had been aboard two weeks and this was the first she was hearing about a craft called a Reaver.

“It’s a fighter,” Donna stated calmly. “Top of the line. There isn’t anything else like it,” she described. “Perhaps a little on the nose regarding the description but I haven’t lied about it.”

“Sounds like something that I would like to see,” Samala commented calmly. Below her, she noticed Lorad walking off with the Terran woman. “If you two will excuse me, I think I am going to go back downstairs.”

“I’ll join you,” Donna added, finishing her drink. “I need a refill anyway. Coming Logan?”

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[Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| Top Deck | Eclipse | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88
Logan listened to Donna and was quite intrigued of what she had to say about that Reaver. He did not know anything about that. About time to read into the last mission logs of the pack. It must be brought up before he joined the Theurgy, Logan concluded. Otherwise he did not know about a new fighter prototype and he never heard of a Reaver. “A top of the line fighter?” He asked. “You are kidding me. There is nothing like my Baby out there.”
Samala cut in and wanted to know what a Reaver is. Donna explained it in few little words. She was precise and countered Logan’s words, and made clear that the Reaver seems to be the best fighter out there in the void. If so, I hope they will never meet me in a real fight. Poor bastards. He was sure his Valravn was the superior. If not technological then because of the men and women piloting this craft. Anyone building a fighter that could have surpassed the Valravn had to take a long road to prove that. He observed her face, but Donna seemed to be serious about that. On board of the Theurgy was a fighter unknown to him. So he supported Samala’s plan to pay it a visit someday.
“Yeah, sounds like a plan, Samala.” He said. Shortly after she apologized and wanted to leave downstairs, but Donna wanted to accompany her. She said she had to refill her drink anyway. “Coming Logan?” she asked, and the pilot thought about that for a brief moment.
“Sure.” he said. “Lead the way.”

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Both of Rhys’ companions declared their preference for him to be on first name terms with him. That he was fine with he never really fitted brilliantly with the command structure as it was. Within his head he remembered all the times he had been called out over the years by senior officers for his lack of drive and ambition. Many were frustrated with the idea that an able officer was perfectly content if Lieutenant was as high as he ever rose. The idea of rising higher than that would more than likely freak him out. So he was more than happy to forget ranks. He responded to Faye and Riley’s. “Of course.”

He nodded as she spoke about when to remember titles and when not to. That made perfect sense to him, being a head of Department on a ship with less crew than Theurgy meant that you had to dip your toes into other duties sometimes. Sometimes Counsellors if no one was on board had to fill in with the Captain as a makeshift diplomat. That was always a role that had him gritting his teeth. He liked languages and other cultures, however having to deal with one when one wrong word or even move of the hand could cause issues was terrifying. Then Faye moved the conversation on, Rhys did recognise it for the tactic that it was. It happened sometimes with patients when they did not want to talk about something in counselling it was called an avoidance technique. However, Rhys was more than happy to be distracted by a new line of conversation.

“I don’t think its weird at all.” He smiled this time it was not a nervous smile trying to cover embarrassment it was a genuine one. He had a flash in his head of all the times he had spent swimming or boating around in the Menai Strait. It was a stretch of water between the Isle of Anglesey where he had been born and mainland Wales. For a moment he looked at of the window at the sea and sky and thought how like a painting it looked. He turned back. “I can’t think of anything better to be honest.” His blue eyes sparkled, and a warm glow came over his face. For the moment at least all thoughts of what had transpired earlier retreated.

Rhys absolutely noticed the way Faye had moved and her chest was more on display. There was a faint blush on his cheeks but now he felt a little more composed he was able to hide his embarrassment and attraction better than he did before. Still noticeable but at least this time his face was not shinning bright red. He noted the grin as well, and half wondered if she were doing it on purpose. Rhys himself was dressed in a grey hoody that was open showing his chest. The possibility that his chest would receive appreciative looks would genuinely never have occurred to him if he had a hundred years to think about it.

His mouth suddenly dry he took a sip of his drink, it was very like a fruit juice in taste and texture but there was an unmistakeable kick of alcohol in it. Both Riley and Faye in their own ways asked if he had spent any time on shore leave before this. The answer was of course no. There had been a lot of work to do. In fact, Commander Hatev had told all her counselling staff to take some time to look after themselves. He was pretty sure she was aware he hadn’t. That was half of the reason for coming down here, the other half was it was on a boat. He had wanted to go and take some shore leave and be a tourist for the first time since he was a child. However, something stopped him and if he was being honest it was not really the work. He was not sure what it was. Perhaps it was his obsessive belief that he would somehow ruin things for other people. It made no logical sense but then a lot of things about mental illness did not make logical sense. “No, I’ve not. I just had so much to dok, so many people needed treatment.” He laughed a little “I’ve sent plenty of people down here myself. Maybe I should have come to before now.”  Also, if he was honest he had not really made many actual friends who he could go with.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Nolan @Juzzie 

Slowly, Rhys was coming out of his shell, and Faye took that as an encouraging sign that she could make this day not suck too much for the dejected counselor. That she got to discretely tease her paramour in the process by bringing up their jaunt on the Aldean beaches the week prior was 'icing on the cake' as her adoptive human mother liked to phrase it. The beaches on the planet were really spectacular, which was something of a surprise sh supposed, given everything about the world, but a welcome one, and Faye had been quite diligent in taking advantage of them on more than one occasion. As she let her gaze drift over the Lieutenant, sitting with his half opened hoodie and barely there bottoms, she imagined that he could do pretty well for himself beach side as well.  Surely, Tayban and Harnet (she was privately proud of herself  for remembering their names still) were not the only adventurous Aldeans that might be amenable to a beach side tryst.

Assuming of course that this was something the counselor enjoyed. Given that she had just met the man, and how reserved he was behaving, slowly opening up and just coming off as all together shy and anxious, the young Ensign Eloi-Danvers decided to hold off on elaborating on that particular aspect of Aldean waterfront excursions. No point in scaring the nice man off, she decided. Even if she personally believed everyone was better off if they indulged in the occasional random shag. Great for interspecies-relations. Even if she couldn't help but feel some of that desire at the memory bubbling up in her lover, and feel a pleasing tingle herself.

Focus on the poor man, Faye, and not your own desires, you harlot. Even in her head, she was laughing at herself.

Thankfully both of her dining companions seemed to be relaxing around her. She could see a genuine smile formed for the man, and an impression of pleasure. He liked the water, being on it. That was good. "Well then you'll get no argument from me." If the location worked for the man, it worked for Faye, even if she did think the whole thing was a little odd. The views were stunning, both on deck and off.

Glancing over at Riley, Faye shook her head and let out a short little chuckle. "Doctors make the worst patients and never take their own advice. Doesn't matter on the specialty, and counselors are just as bad." She favored them both with a warm smile. "She gave me this massive list of things to do when I was coming out of stasis and all my rehab. Eat this, don't drink that. Sleep this long." She flashed a bright - if teasing - smile at the nurse. "Never followed her own advice. Point is, you definitely should have come down here sooner, Rhys, but you are here now and that's what matters."

Pausing in her playful chastisement of the two, Faye artfully plucked some fruit that looked like a yellow strawberry off the plate and brought it up, contemplating it. Then she popped it between her lips, and grinned, wide, wagging her eyebrows up and down at the man before slowly biting into it. As if part of a poorly written holodrama, a line of juice ran right down from the side of her mouth to her chin, as she let out a startled noise, swallowing quickly. "Okaaaay, so those are way more tart than I was expecting," she explained with a laugh, covering her mouth with the back of her hand and then reaching for a napkin to pat it off. At this point she had completely tuned out the other party goers gathering on the yacht.

"Watch out for those berries," she cautioned, leaning back in her seat and looking a tad sheepish. "In all seriousness though, Rhys, I really do recommend the beaches, as well as the Ibai Besi Boardwalk. They have some lovely shops and services. I was able to pick up a few stunning gowns, on the off chance I have to go do some fancy smancy diplomatic thing while we're here, at a great price, as well as this little beauty," she wiggled back and pointed to the butterfly shaped pendant, quite small, dangling from a piercing in her belly button. "Though I have to admit that was something of an on the fly decision in support of a friend who was having second thoughts about getting one themselves. Not sure if you're into the whole piercing/tattoo scene or not, but they seem to have some fairly talented artists. Klingon's do love documenting their accomplishments, after all."

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

The one thing Rhys could see about Faye was that she was talented in how she interacted with people. Their brief conversations had resulted in easing the tension and Rhys was no longer feeling like the bottom had dropped out of his world. He was very impressed with her. He knew it was not easy to get himself in a state approaching normality. This was especially impressive as interactions with people he found attractive increased his anxiety.

When she mentioned that people in the medical fields either physical or mental were not always good at following their own advice, he did feel a twinge of guilt. It was one of cardinal rules of counselling to take care of yourself. However, he had never been good at that and always worried if he was imprinting his problems on other people. “I suppose we are too close to our own problems to really see them.” That was half true in his case. He could see his issues he just had no idea or desire really to fix them.

Then Faye did something that made his heart beat a little faster. The way she looked at him when she placed some fruit in her mouth. Such a simple gesture and he felt himself blushing again. The anxiousness was there again but it was modulated and no where near as severe. There was a pleasant tingle to it. Rhys had been flirted with before and had been in intimate situations, but they were always clouded by a degree of fear on his part. The irrationality that there was something wrong with him, and that he was in some way bad for people around him came out in those moments. For that reasons his experiences were few and far between as Rhys reaction to anxiety was to run.

Distracted by her for a moment his brain flagged urgent messages that he was being addressed. “Oh um... sorry. Yeah, they are pretty sharp, luckily I like things like that.” He vaguely remembered some very sour sweets he had eaten a lot as a child. Most of the other kids ate them as more of a dare Rhys was one of the few who actually liked the strong sensation. Faye discussed the kinds of things she had done on the planet then his eyes were drawn lower to the piercing at her navel. He tried to keep it in check but even his ears blushed a little. His eyes snapped up to her face when he felt like he had looked a little longer than polite.

He took the opportunity to divert from his embarrassment when she mentioned tattoos and piercings and indicated his appearance with a wave of his hand. “I am not the kind of person who goes in for that…. I am a little too uncool for that.” He said chuckling softly. Truth was he might have a one point gone for that but knew full well he was far too indecisive. He took another gulp of his drink and a pleasant haze began to descend on him. He would have to be careful it seemed to be stronger than it tasted.

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson & Samala | Foredeck | Eclipse | Aldea ] Attn: @Nero

The two of them had separated from Logan once they had returned down to the pool deck and, after refreshing her own drink and picking up a second one for Samala, Donna led the two of them off on a short walk around the ship, looking for a quiet place to relax and finish their conversation. They eventually found a spot towards the bow where they could lay down and stretch out in the sun. Samala hadn’t worn her swimmers down but that didn’t stop the hybrid, Donna noted, as she watched her pull her dress over her head before laying down on it. Donna dropped down beside her and after untying the bottom string, sighed as she felt herself being bathed in sunlight.

“It still amazes how different you and your brother are,” Donna commented as they relaxed side by side. “Most of the stories I had heard about Remans are coloured by what happened with Shinzon. And the rest are from Remans that were sold to the Orion Syndicate as slaves,” she explained, turning her head to look at the younger female. “And then I come here and discover the two of you and much of what I had heard is being rewritten.”

“What can I say, we’re full of surprises,” Samala responded casually. Now that they were further away from people, she was more relaxed, a fact that was being helped by the sun beating down on her bare back and legs. “You asked before about what I was going to do, and I want to talk to you about that some more.”

“I’m all ears,” Donna replied, wriggling a little to get comfortable.

OOR: This concludes my posting for the moment in this thread. Lorad, Samala and Donna are all this aboard in case anyone wishes to interact with them. Just shoot me a PM here or DM on Discord.

Donna and Samala's Outfits.


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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Nolan

Even as large a vessel as the ship they currently sailed on (and to think of this as a ship, when Faye was so used to the likes of Thea), the Betazoid could feel the waves rocking the boat, gentle as they were, massive as it was. It was calming, after a fashion, and Faye was grateful for the dose of Dramamine she'd taken to ensure that it would only be calming, and not the kind of thing to set her stomach into knots. Thus she could enjoy the gentle sway, the warmth of the sun, and of Riley next to her, the bundle of emotions that the nurse was. And too, the faint warmth of appreciation she felt coming off the lieutenant that joined them. Though she promised herself she would not give him any real grief over that. A little light teasing was one thing, but Faye was not at all trained nor equipped to deal with the cycles of self-doubt the counselor seemed to posses.

Maybe flirting would put him in a good mood. It was certainly not a hardship after all. He was easy on the eyes and the diplomat knew that her paramour had concluded the same about his appearance. Flirting was hardly teasing. Just confidence boosting. And fun. Thus she had leaned back when she did, given him a view of the piercing, and smiled a soft smile at his reaction. His words and gesture drew her gaze, as they seemed to be intended to, and she let her eyes flick up and down; it was only polite. Then she shifted the dark orbs to her side, glancing at Riley, and winked. She still had a tight grip on the nurses hand and was using her free hand for another of the tart fruits.

"I don't think its a matter of cool or uncool," Faye decided as she popped a cherry looking thing into her mouth, chewing and swallowing. Whatever the Aldean fruit was, a cherry it was most assuredly not. Oh well, she remorsed, though not letting any of her disappointment reach her face, less her companions mistake its origins. Ever since she was a little girl and had first tried a cherry from a bowl perched on her mother's lap one sunny afternoon, the Betazoid had been enamored with them. For a little while she insisted that her parents call her Cherry, and not Faye. It had not lasted long, but she had been humored by them. It was funny how even a fruit that only looked like a cherry could bring the memory back to the forefront of her thoughts, even if it was tinged with a bit of disappointment.

"It's all about personal preference and what you're comfortable with. In truth...I wasn't sure I was going to go through with it until my friend started to question her choice. Some things are better done with some moral support along for the ride. Then again, I've had a long habit of plunging in and barreling ahead when it comes to personal matters. Odd for a diplomat I suppose." Case and point, the young Ens. Eloi-Danvers and dove head long into the rapidly developed relationship with the nurse next to her. Just like she'd dived under the covers of many a bed partner at the Academy. Well, not just like. That was just fun; this is serious, she thought with an up swell of warm emotions in the direction of the non-com next to her.

Pausing to take a sip of her drink, Faye continued. "In any event, there are plenty of interesting shops along the broadwalks, not just parlors for body modification. Replicated attire is nice, but there is something pleasing about hand made outfits crafted from local materials by true artisans. Another excellent way to get a feel for a peoples culture is by how they dress, though it can be misleading. Take our host for example. You would be safe in assuming that based on the long flowing garments they wear, that seem to wrap the wearer from neck to ankle that they would be a prudish species." A flicker of wry amusement passed across the young woman's features as she shook her head.

"Go to their beaches however, or one of their spa's and you'll be swiftly disabused of this notion." Her voice rung with the heavy surety of experience. "Though if I may be so bold to say, I think the local attire would favor you all the same. Even if it might lead to misconceptions about one's nature."

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[ K'Ren | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @steelphoenix
It didn't take a psychic to know that Deacon wasn't as enthused by the water as K'Ren herself was. Floating near Deacon she was enjoying weightless feeling, or at least the buoyancy of floating in the water. Despite Caitians not being fond of water, it was something she'd taken to, her human side enjoying the feel of the semi-cool liquid against her skin. There was a price to pay, despite her fur being almost the same tone as her skin, making her seem at first glance to be without, the fine layer of fur did take time to dry, and sometimes gave her an odd appearance both after coming out of the water, but also while drying off.

She could sense the general unease in how he sat there, some of it posture and other subtle body clues other's might have missed, the other stronger sense being their shared bond, he was radiating unease, whether it was water, or the general social situation she couldn't tell. The bond was empathic, letting them sense each other's general mood, they couldn't speak or anything, just instinctively understood the other's moods. She came over to him where he sat at the water's edge, softly caressing his legs. Purring she looked up at him. "Do you not want to swim mate? Or is this gathering somewhat tiring?"

His glance at her, subtle facial cues, and the general sense of unease told her it was one of the two. She hopped up on the edge of the pool deck, as graceful as a cait could be despite her being soaked up to her neck. She kissed him, before nipping at his earlobe, "We do not have to stay Deacon. If you are uncomfortable, I won't ask you to remain. I'm still not 100% up for crowds myself, though this close to you I feel safe and secure." She nuzzled his cheek, whispering, purring, her next words only he could hear. "I would love nothing better to go back to our quarters and curl up together, wile away the afternoon making love, reconnect as mates."

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[ Deacon | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @SummerDawn

At K'Ren's question, Deacon gave voice to the moody irritation that had been playing at the back of his thoughts.  "I do not understand the human proclivity to take for recreation what others might do for survival," he said, his lips tightening slightly as he regarded the pool critically.  "We're on a boat, purposefully to avoid having to swim... and yet we are asked to swim."  He shook his head, waving a hand dismissively.  "It's a ridiculous notion."

Her response, however, was playful, flirty.  It was an effect that he had hoped this excursion might have on her; a lightening of the mood that had been so leaden of late.  And yet as she admitted that she was not quite as up to mingling with the others of their crew, it drew a look of concern.  Had his own sullenness taken root in her?  Had his thoughts sabotaged his efforts?

However, she quickly presented an alternative, that drew a deep, playful smirk to his features.  "Sit half-wet, half-dry, and half-dressed while the monkeys flirt and make coy advances at one another, or commit to my mate's needs in a more... hands on way?"  His mouth drew up, eyes rolling to the side as he made a grand display of considering his options, tapping one finger against his chin.

"I like to consider myself a generous mate, and it would be far from me to deny my tznrrow and force her to engage in such mediocre activities."  He traced his finger along the side of her jaw, a playful look in his eyes.  After all, he had take then day off to recreate with his wife and it seemed far more tempting to ensure that they both enjoyed it.

"I'll have them beam up the rest of our clothes later," he said, leaning in to give K'Ren a kiss, tugging lightly at her lower lip as he tapped the communicator still pinned to waist of his trunks.  "Deacon to Theurgy.  Two for beam up."

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[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Brutus  @Juzzie

Riley watched how Faye and Rhys interacted, she did little to contribute to the conversation and instead ate at a leisurely pace from the meal they had gathered from the banquet. She did however look at how both Rhys as Faye reacted to one another as they spoke of various things. Faye was eager to show her newest addition that she had picked up on Aldea. The piercing. It had been a surprise to see her return to her on that day with the butterfly shaped trinket dangling there. Riley hadn't minded and had inspected it before voicing some minor concerns about infection.

She had snickered as Faye tried to get Rhys to perhaps get some ink or piercings for himself, the counselor however deciding that he'd be somewhat too uncool for it and Riley kept her eyes on the man for a moment. He certainly did seem to keep his cool around Faye which was hard at times, so there was a bonus there. Patterson looked at Danvers as she popped a cherry looking fruit in her mouth and could already see that it wasn't what the woman had expected. She gave a soft squeeze in her hand before slithering her hand free and brushing it through her hair and eventually played with the tails she had made in her hair.

The nurse didn't seem to be skiddish anymore or in need to rush away now as she continued to listen. As the plates slowly were getting more and more empty she looked back out to the open sea around them and she lazily lurked. After a little while she did straighten up and stretched herself, giving both Faye and Rhys a view of her own body before she got up and took the plates "You guys want a refill on drinks or snacks?" she asked as she smiled and gave Faye a kiss on her shoulder "I might get some more fruit as I'm still a bit hungry. Just tell me what you guys want and I'll be back shortly." she said warmly as she collected the near empty plates.

After hearing what they desired, she sauntered off and gave them some privacy while going back in the line for the banquet.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

As Rhys conversed with his new friends, he noticed that despite her protestations indicating she was uncomfortable on the sea, Faye showed none of the ill effects. He had known people who were ill at ease on water and it often manifested in illness. However, the boat was big, stable and slow moving so that was unlikely anyway.

As she indicated tattoos had nothing to do with cool or uncool Faye took another bite of the cherry like fruit in front of her. She seemed to take it in absentmindedly. He looked at his plate and took one and then winced a little. That was not to his taste at all in fact it was approaching flavourlessness. He smiled a little awkward smile at Faye and Riley. “Yeah not so fond of those.”

As the ensign talked about how she had a tendency to barrel into things, that made sense to him from her demeanour so far. There was an assuredness and self confidence to her that he envied. “Not odd, useful. Surety is important in most professions. Something I’ve never been quite as good at, but then a diplomat has to lead interactions, I have to do the opposite in most cases.” Faye also sounded clearly very well-travelled. Rhys had only been off earth a few times before he joined Starfleet. Seeing different places had been part of the appeal as well as following in his mother’s footsteps.

Faye then talked about how unprudish the Aldeans are. There was a certain something in her voice that left him feeling like she knew about their sexual openness from personal experience. Then he was surprised by her suggesting he would look good in the local attired. That of course generated a blush, but not as significant as any of the ones that came before. He did not truly believe she meant what she said, after all she was a diplomat flattery was a key skill.

At this point Riley rose to leave the table. He felt a little bad, he should have been trying to include her more in the conversation. However, there was not way he could not notice the way she moved as she rose from the table. That generated a physical reaction other than his blushing. He managed to keep the discomfort from his face. He truly was useless when confronted with those he found attractive.  “Oh er… Riley that is very kind of you. Just a drink if you don’t mind.” He had enough of sampling the unusual banquet. The drinks seemed pleasant enough and would hopefully take his mind off the discomfort.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Nolan 

A pair of graceful eyebrows arched slowly up on Faye's forehead as Riley rose up to her feet and made her offer to Rhys and the Betazoid Diplomat. Her eyes darted back and forth between the two and then she beamed brightly up at the nurse, running a hand over the back of the girls' thigh once she  was fully upright. She kept her eyes on the petty officer but let her mind reach out, just to taste the emotional waters of the counselor sharing the table with them when she did so. Aloud she addressed her paramour, and requested, "If you don't mind, I think my sweet tooth is acting up. I'm good on drink, but maybe a pastry? Pretty please." 

Batting her eyelashes up at the human woman was probably playing dirty. This didn't deter her in the slightest. Riley Paterson was a nurse after all, and her vocation certainly loaned it self to watching what Faye ate. And since Faye wanted to indulge, she played dirty indeed. Sweeeets, gimmie gimme, she thought playfully, and gave a little finger wave as the nurse sauntered back toward the table, purring from the kiss on her shoulder. 

Without looking back at Rhys - yet - Faye spoke up. "She is a very kind person. There's a good heart in there, under that nice body of hers. She loves to listen to others. Lets me ramble for entirely too many hours straight. Makes her a very good nurse, if I'm any judge." Her smile had grown soft, though not quite sappy, as she darted her eyes away from the petty officer and back to the Lieutenant. They flicked down and up, just once, taking in all that she could see. The table cut off some of the view. A very different kind of enjoyable from the one she'd had of Patterson walking away. All muscles and angles here, less curves. Not a bad thing at all. 

Hoping to pull him away from some of his darker thoughts, a mood swirling below the surface of the current aroused feelings, Faye flashed the more senior officer a wide, toothy grin. It was time to address something she'd started to notice. "Mind if I give you a small piece of advice, Rhys?" She waited for a moment to get his assent, and then nodded and lay her chin in one palm, fixing him with what she hoped was a warm look. 

"I am a very honest person. That can occasionally be at odds with my job, which requires me to read as much of the person across from me without giving away anything of myself. So I make up for it in my personal interactions, off the clock. I say what I think, and I don't really sugar coat it. Case and point, when I said I thought the local garments would look good on you, and that little look of doubt that crossed your face?" And your mind she thought, but refrained from saying, "I meant it. The best kind of flattery, dear counselor, is the honest kind of flattery. Trust me when I tell you you're easy on the eyes. She thinks so too by the way," Faye noted, jerking her head toward where Riley stood in the buffet line.

"So chin up Rhys. No need to worry about second guessing me. Just...relax and enjoy the boat. That's what we're all here for right? R'n'R?" Faye worried she might be laying it on too thick, but with Faye there were really just two settings - reserved, slow place diplomacy, or full on flirt.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Faye and Riley’s interactions were wholesome. Rhys’ shy awkward demeanour hid from sight a wildly romantic heart. He was Welsh after all and seemed to confirm to the stereotype of romance and sentimentality.  Seeing other people in this way sent a warm feeling through him, with a slight tinge of sadness as he never really believed anyone would feel the same about him. 

Faye spoke of Riley with passion, conviction and affection. Rhys had to agree. In the short time he had known her she seemed to be all the things Faye described. They were an interesting pair and seemed to mesh well smoothing each other’s rough edges. At least as far as he could tell.

Rhys did wonder if Faye was sending some admiring glances his way, but he dismissed that out of hand. She then surprised him by asking to offer him some advice. He nodded and said “Of course.” He wondered what she was about to tell him.

What she said continued the feeling of discomfort and the obvious blushing over his skin. She though him easy on the eyes. He knew she was telling the truth as she saw it, she had no reason to lie or assuage his ego. However, she was missing one critical piece of the puzzle.

He smiled a soft shy smile. It was really an abuse of smile, there was more sadness to it than joy which is what a smile is meant for. “I thank you for that, however I have a little bit of information for you.” He paused and drained his glass as he tried to think of the right way to phrase the words in his head. “I deal every day with people who have problems of one kind or another. One of them is delusions.” He sighed, “Most people think that a delusion is all encompassing. That those with them don’t realise they are delusions. In a lot of cases this is not true.” He pointed to his head “It is possible to know a delusion is just that, something made by an ill brain.” Then he pointed to his heart “Yet to feel it in here as real as any fact or law.” He laughed a little. “I know my delusions are utter nonsense, but they feel more real than the truth.”
He was being much more open with her, than he would ever normally be.

Of course it was not the most harmful delusion he had. The worst being the horrible thought that he caused bad things to happen to other people. He knew his mind had no special powers, yet that belief clung on with a ferocity and had almost cost him his career at one point. He’d never forget that time when the hateful voices and pain had overwhelmed him. He knew sometime soon another reckoning would be coming. He was clinging on to his job by the skin of his teeth.

He was grateful to her kindness however, so his smile did perk up. “I will however try to take your advice and enjoy the boat and the company. I don’t think that last part will be too difficult.” He blushed a little at what he said, but it was close as he knew how to get to flirting.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: Any Crew, @Nolan


The transporter beam effect went away and Tessa appeared on the deck of the ship. She could feel the heat and she was enjoying it. The light shone on her and it was so beautiful and bright for her to behold. Thankfully she had dressed for the occasion on the ship and wore a nice red dress. [Show/Hide]
The dress was a perfect pairing of cleavage, and skin, not to mention how it would keep her cool.

As Tessa glanced around the deck, aside from some classic Starfleet red and silver color palettes she took notice of, she saw some familiar faces from the Wolves and other command-level officers present. Even the CO of the Wolves was present funny enough.

Since her most recent therapy session with the councilors, she had been advised to take, 'advantage of', some more well-needed shore leave. After all, it wasn't a common luxury for her to have it available to her.

A little sad, but overall, she felt chipper having the time to think was what she so desperately needed right now. Leaning down on a bench, she caught glances from the various crews as she more or less stayed to herself. Unsure of herself due to past behavior and emotional outbursts. She was slightly ashamed and wished she could take it back.

" we are Tessa," she muttered under her breath as she relaxed and soaked in the sun.  "You came here to relax, now by golly, let's relax." As she closed her eyes she drifted off, as she basked in the sunlight.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Stegro88


Tessa woke from her nap with a slight sunburn, nothing significant, but still a sunburn that'd likely mess with her tan. "Well that's going to leave a mark later," she said inspecting her arms and chest. As she sat up, she noticed a few crew members on the deck, one of which was a member of the Lone Wolves.

"I wonder if they wouldn't mind me crashing their sunbathing." She stood up and stretched. It sure felt like she got in a nice nap on the deck. Ever since her recent therapy session, she felt free, and at peace with the world. Nothing really seemed to leave a lasting impact to her psyche all of a sudden. "Holy smokes! Am I having an internal monologue with myself all of a sudden? Since when have I done that?" She paused to think some more. "Since when have I ever internalized anything? What did they do to me? I mean, I feel better, but I am definitely not acting as I did." She shrugged, "Maybe that's a good thing. A chance to reinvent me."

She gathered herself up and walked towards the other two officers who were sunbathing. It appeared to be... She squinted from the brightness after awaking from such a relaxing nap. It was Donna Petterson, callsign "Chance", and Samala.

As Tessa walked toward the two women, she peered around, seeing several others relaxing. She even saw Lorad on the deck which was a bit of a surprise. She peeled off her outer dress and got down to her bikini. [Show/Hide]
As Tessa walked, she grabbed a drink for herself, took a sip of it, and she arrived with her long strides next to the others.

"Mind if I join you two?", as she gestured to the lounge chair next to them. She had already set her discarded dress down beside on top of it to prevent herself from being burned by the heat on the chair.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Nolan 

Despite her best intentions, the reaction that Faye got was...bittersweet. There was pain in there, and the diplomat had to call on a bit of her own training to keep her face from showing the reaction to what she felt coming from him, not just what she saw. For all her talk about trying to set aside the job on her down time, here she was, putting those very same skills to use in her conversation with Rhys. She laced her fingers together once more, and lay her chin atop them, watching intently with those coal black eyes, solid and as dark as the space between the stars.

She didn't speak as he spoke; after all he had let her say her piece, and fair was fair. Faye nodded along at all the right moments, frowning her and there, feeling her eyebrows rise up at other points. All the little non verbal signs that showed the diplomat was listening along, processing what the counselor had to say. Delusions, yes, she knew those. She likely had more than a few that she was less than aware of, though it was a good, if sad point, the Lieutenant was making. You aren't always unaware, no, not at all. That the agreement was silent made it no less real. No less true. 

Taking a long breath in as she leaned back in the seat, tossing an arm behind it (and thus giving ample view of her chest rising and falling if anyone were watching - say a lieutenant she was sharing a booth with) the diplomat nodded. "Usually when it comes to delusions, my job involves either exposing them in the most advantageous fashion to get what I want for the people I represent, or playing up to the same delusions to butter an opponent across the table from me. Neither of which are really useful here in this moment, if you don't mind my saying." 

Her other hand reached out and pulled her drink, in, rising it to her lips to take a sip.  A bead of condensation escaped the glass, and dropped to her skin, snaking its way down her belly. She paid it no mind, as she swallowed the chilled drink, a welcome balm to the heat of the morning, though the breeze off the ocean did wonders to keep the moment from becoming stifling. Behind her, Faye could hear the pitter patter of someone new arriving. More and more of the crew were beginning to cycle through and come down to the ship to enjoy the party being provided by their hosts. For a moment, Faye thought of other things that their hosts had willingly provided, and giggled. Then she set her glass down, and set aside all notions of 'urun' for the time being to focus on Rhys.

"I won't press you on the subject of your delusions. You would know far better than I how to deal with them. I will be free with compliments however, because that's simply who I am.  And relaxed on a boat is a good look on you. Hell, it's a good look on me too," she swept her hand up and down along her torso, a quick back and forth as if to illustrate the point. "A good look on all of us. So I'm very glad you're going to take my advice about enjoying it. God knows all of us need it." She flashed him a wolfish grin, belaying the hurt that was under the notion. The last few months had not been good for anyone, even if Faye had spent most of it in stasis. A moment like this, the calm of the ocean, good company? Too precious to pass up. 

"So other than eating, and sunbathing, what does one do on a Yacht anyways?"

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson & Samala | Foredeck | Eclipse | Aldea ] Attn: @Pierce

The two of them had been enjoying a quiet bake in the sun while chatting about inane stuff and Donna was taking a liking to the young hybrid. She had a delightful youth and innocence to her that covered up the coiled fighter underneath. She hid it well, but Donna had experience in dealing with similar people and knew the signs. The continuous looking around and the difficulty in relaxing, all traits of someone used to looking over their shoulder. It reminded Donna of herself when she had first become Donna Petterson.

The sounds of approaching feet drew her attention and she turned her head to see one of her fellow wolves approaching somewhat hesitantly. It was Tessa ‘Goldeneye’ Lance. Donna hadn’t had the opportunity to fly with her yet and the opportunities to speak to her were just as rare. Which made the act of her approaching her on this yacht interesting indeed; more so when she asked to join the two of them, setting her dress on the lounge chair next to her.

“Of course,” Donna said, admiring the shade of Tessa’s bikini that almost matched her own. “The more the merrier. What brings you down today? And have you met Samala before?” she asked, indicating her companion lying next to her.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Foredeck | Eclipse | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88


Tessa felt slightly awkward, however at peace, having just confidently sat her things down next to the other two beautiful ladies who happened to be lounging about in the Aldean sun. She'd heard a little about the two of them but hadn't really gotten to know them. She knew that Donna was a Lone Wolf who came aboard from the USS Dauntless originally and was a hell of a pilot but had yet to actually fly with her. She also knew that Samala was a Half Reman, Half Romulan hybrid who was previously a pilot from the Reman Underground. Other than that, she knew nothing of the two.

As Tessa laid down on top of her dress, she smiled. "Thank you for letting me crash the party over here. I just figured I'd try and meet some other shipmates in our much needed R&R here." She paused and thought for a moment, furrowed her brow, and spoke again. "I merely wanted to meet you both officially. Especially in the event we end up flying together in the future, which is very likely, I'd like to know you better. And no, I haven't met Samala yet either. So you're the awesome pilot I've heard so much about?"

Her hand went to her head in a quirky fashion as she gave an old fashioned salute to the two. "Well, nice to meet you both. We already have something in common. We're all sexy pilots who drive some wicked fast spacecraft." She laughed for the first time in a while. It felt good she thought.

Tessa glanced over at Donna and realized that she'd worn an almost matching swimsuit to the party. "Great suit there! I totally didn't realize that you were wearing something similar before coming over here, but you are definitely rocking it!" She stated looking her over, admiring how her body filled it out perfectly. The recognition that she had just checked out Donna hit her and she shook her head and went back to normal.

"So what are you guys up to since we arrived? I hope I wasn't interrupting anything important." She said in a slightly meek manner.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Rhys watched Faye as she listened to his words. He got the feeling that on some level she understood what he meant. She was clearly intelligent and highly empathetic so that was no surprise. It was amazing the power that an untruth could have over your life. He wasn’t stupid, his mother’s death was not his fault nor the destruction of the USS Mercia. However, it did not feel as real as the delusion that they were all his fault.

He had been twelve when she died. The Lichfield just another ship among the multitude of carcasses at Wolf 359. The argument that he had with her before she left had no influence on her death whatsoever. However, it was there the voice in the back of his head maintained the blame against all logic. It came to him most in either moments of quiet stress or times he was on his own not doing much. When there was nothing to distract a brain far to prone to fevered imagination.

He nodded tamely at what Faye had to say. No, those skills would not be helpful here. He could not help his eyes tracking the bead of condensation as it moved over her skin, and the almost overwhelming desire to lick it off that came with seeing it. Many people who had known Rhys, had often assumed he was sexually disinterested, some even had wondered if he was asexual. He had never really dated anyone for any decent period of time and tended to become uncomfortable whenever the topic was raised. However, this was to mistake anxiety for a lack of desire. He was sexually interested, he had just been uncomfortable in ever expressing that desire. In addition, there was added complication of his delusion that he negatively affected the lives of those around him. It led to an uncomfortable distance.

He watched her arm move as she indicated that the appearance of relaxed boat passengers was a good luck for all of them.  In her and Riley’s case he could not disagree. She then asked him what could be done on the Yacht.

“Well apparently there are holosuites, there is a disco hall and as I am sure you saw a swimming pool.” He wasn’t especially interested in the holosuite as there were some on the Theurgy that people could go to anytime they had some free time. However, in truth he hoped whatever she would prove to be interested in doing she would invite him to come along. He in his heart of hearts he needed company now as much as anyone.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Nolan 

Unless she felt a giant urge to invade the man's privacy and pry into his deeper throughts, Faye would not know the specifics of what he was thinking about. There would be no deep understanding of the source of his self doubt and guilt. No knowledge about a ship, about the death of his mother. None of that. Just the surface impressions, lightly picked up, slowly radiating out of him. Emotions were generally easier to sense, and at the same time harder to tune out. Like ripples in the water, she felt them. And thus she felt the flickering tastes of long held guilt, not the childhood belief, even one that was knowingly wrong that caused it. 

And she knew, based in the truth she heard in his words, that there was damned little she could do about it. Other than her decision to enjoy the day on the boat that they'd beamed down on. She glanced back as Rhys got settled back within himself, so to speak, and pretended that she did not feel his eyes on her, nor the spike of interest and desire that bubbled up. Faye was pleased that she didn't visibly preen under the weight of the flickering emotions. Instead she did a double check on her paramour, Nurse Patterson, still in line, though she judged, not for much longer. 

Rhys spoke up though, and Faye turned her gaze back to him and flashed a bright, toothy grin as she listened. Her eyebrows rose up a bit when she heard what he'd found out about the place, and she let out a little giggle. Then she looked down at her attire and slid a thumb under one strap of her top. She pulled it away and let it hit back with a little pop, as she noted, "I am dressed for the water I suppose.

"But a Disco hall? For dancing, right? Under one of those shiny mirrored ball things?"
Amusement dripped from her voice as she contemplated that idea. "I think I went to a place back when I was at the Academy that had one of those. Some hole in the wall club in LA, a quick hop through the Academy public transporters and then down the main strip along the beach. Can't remember the name of the place but man they dressed funny in there." The memory was a fond one, and she smiled at it. The little quirk of her lips turned ever so slightly coy as she cheated, picking up on that little thread of longing to be included. 

"Which do you think we should do, Rhys? Go dancing or go swimming?" Like the counselor, she had little desire to see what kind of holoprograms the Aldean's had provided in their Yacht; save when the ship had giant holes in them, she could book holodeck time whenever she wanted. Swimming in a yacht, dancing with real people, now those were things she couldn't do every day. That's why she'd dragged Riley down here in the first place, to let loose (again) and have a little fun (again). Sure, she had only really planned on spending the time with Riley, but it wasn't as if she were opposed to adding some more eye candy to the mix for the day. She rather imagined the man across from her would look very nice dripping wet with either water or a sweat worked up on the dance floor. Faye was as flighty as her name might suggest, prone to see something she might enjoy and make a grab for it almost like a magpie.

And their new friend looked like he had the potential to be fun, as long as his self doubt didn't get in the way. It would just be up to her and Riley to make sure it didn't.

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson & Samala | Foredeck | Eclipse | Aldea ] Attn: @Pierce

Samala had been eyeing the new arrival since she had seen her approaching herself and Donna. They had been having a peaceful time laying out in the sun, something Samala found both incredibly strange and oddly relaxing at the same time. She had put it down to her upbringing though, choosing instead to just enjoy the time they had. And now another Terran female was disturbing that peace, though she appeared polite enough, if overly talkative for Samala’s liking at present.

“We were just laying here, enjoying the sun,” Samala answered before Donna could. “And the Apache is built for stealth, not speed. Your fighters could outrun it easily. Outgun and outfly it, that would be a harder matchup,” she commented casually, as if it irrefutably true. In her opinion, it was. “We’ve just be laying here. I’ve never just stretched out to enjoy the sun before. And pardon the dress, I wasn’t intending to stay long when I first beamed down. Donna convinced me otherwise.”

“She has this lovely green set that looks incredible on her,” Donna remarked, joining in. “Speaking of which, we need to organise a time to go down and get some more clothes for you. The sooner the better.”

“If you say so,” Samala acceded.  

“And what about you Tessa?” Donna asked, looking to her fellow wolf. “How are you finding Aldea? After being on the run for so long, a little R&R must feel like heaven.”

OOR: Donna and Samala's Outfits.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Foredeck | Eclipse | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88


Tessa could tell she was slightly irritating Samala with her babbling as they were quietly sunbathing. She took her tone and volume down a few notches to better fit in with their relaxation regiment.

"We were just laying here, enjoying the sun, and the Apache is built for stealth, not speed. Your fighters could outrun it easily. Outgun and outfly it, that would be a harder matchup," Tessa nodded in agreement as she took into account of what Samala said.

"We've just be laying here. I've never just stretched out to enjoy the sun before. And pardon the dress, I wasn't intending to stay long when I first beamed down. Donna convinced me otherwise."

A smile hit Tessa's face as she realized that everyone needed this shore-leave. "This has been a wonderful shore leave. I've laid out in the sun on Earth but this is something different to behold. Enjoy it while you can. Holodecks don't do the real thing enough justice." A slight chuckle came out of her mouth as she heard that last part about the dress. "No worries. I think it looks beautiful on you!"

Tessa was about to comment more and Donna chimed in, "She has this lovely green set that looks incredible on her."  Donna continued and remarked to Samala about getting more clothes for her as Tessa just listened before Donna turned back to her.

"And what about you Tessa? How are you finding Aldea? After being on the run for so long, a little R&R must feel like heaven."

She gathered her thoughts and looked back at her fellow Wolve. "I've been trying to just get a fresh start. I've been with the Theurgy since this mess began," she said as her arms went up in the air some, talking with her hands. "It's been great being here, getting to finally relax and actually meet people outside of the battlefront. I could definitely get used to this feeling even though I know it has to come to an end." She pondered more, "Maybe once this whole mission is behind us, we can take a group vacation to Risa and relax."

After she leaned back again to relax she looked back at Donna and Samala. "What are you looking forward to after we're exonerated?"

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