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Topic: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths (Read 2685 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala felt Eliska wrap one of her muscular arms around her, holding her close as they sat down on the bench. She looked at Eliska, a little unsure before she spoke. "I haven't no. I never really found a girl I wanted to explore this side of me with before." She blushed a little at the question of attraction. "I don't know. I've always found both guys and girls attractive, but figured that was natural, we are are attracted to others, just because I felt attraction to women didn't mean I was interested sexually." She paused, "But I've found myself curious from time to time, wondering what a girl might be like in bed."

She looked at Eliska, her hand gently stroking the human's thigh, "I'm guessing this isn't your first time. It seems logical a colony with relaxed nudity laws was also a bit more liberal about sex." She blushed a little as she said that, hoping she'd not overstepped some sort of boundary.

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

Eliska listened carefully to what Marika had to say.  Some would refer to her past as promiscuous, but generally that was from those who did not understand her, or from individuals she had found wanting and she had rejected as possible sex partners.  And really, not too many really understood that when she was attracted to someone, looks were not even her primary concern, or confidence, or gender, or even species.  One had to appeal to her on a deeper level than just good looks; not that those did not help, of course. 

"Now, in case you're wondering if you're entirely normal, yes you are.  Whoever you find attractive is perfectly normal.  Men, women, both, neither and have no interest in sex, nothing wrong with any of that.  And wondering what it's like to be in bed with someone other than what everyone says is normal?  That's normal too."  Eliska smiled warmly.  This was a time to put the blonde at ease. 

And her next comment about the sexual mores of Nova Kosice brought a peal of laughter from her.  "Oh you'd be surprised.  My mother and her family were very conservative.  Never went in orbit, never had a replicated meal, would have to be physically dragged to get real medical attention, lived the so-called proper Nova Kosice way either on the farm, in the mines, or in a trade supporting he farms or the mines since the founding.  And they had some pretty strict ideas about what was proper, even with the more relaxed nudity traditions... which they weren't entirely too keen about and tried really hard to quash in the younger generation.  Worked with some of my cousins, but not all.  My father was much more easygoing about this, and he's the one who encouraged me to join Starfleet when I was old enough.  Said I had to find my own way.  And he believed the same about sex, and all he made sure was that I understood no meant no, whether it was said to me, or I was the one to say it... and he made damn well sure that if I said 'no', I could back it up."  For a moment, her eyes flashed with something ancient, something primal, and her grin turned just a little feral; she was a woman who loved a good fight now and again. 

"But yes, overall Nova Kosice is pretty easygoing, and no, you're definitely not the first woman I've been with.  Or my first virgin, for that matter."  As she spoke, Eliska let her hand drift down a little until her fingertips just barely touched where the Bajoran's skin started to slope away from the flat plane below her collarbone and where her breast started to swell. 

"So, your first time with a woman.  You want to know a little secret?  It's not that different from your first time with a guy either, beyond the plumbing obviously.  Or with a new lover.  There's always a learning curve.  And right now, my job's to make sure it's as gentle as possible, so you can decide if you really enjoy this, or just trying it once with some strange woman in the baths is enough for you."

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala was a bit relieved to hear Eliska say that. She knew it was true, but deep down inside she struggled with the notion from time to time, especially when she found another girl attractive and was curious how they'd be in bed. And when she explained her colony's morals around sex, and how even in an open culture, some took a more conservative approach, she had to smile. "Bajorans are a lot like that, culturally conservative, but even among them there's some that take a more liberal view. But I am glad you found your way, as we're here right now, exploring in our own ways."

Kala glanced down to where Eliska's hand was touching the  top part of her chest, where her breasts, small and pert as they were, began to swell from her chest. "My first time, yes." Kala said, a bit distracted by Eliska's touch. Her own hand had been roaming up the women's thigh, towards the cleft between her legs, the spot every girl knew well. "I suppose if it's like a new lover, the talk gives way to touch in time, and then gives way to even more pleasurable things?" She looked up into Eliska's eyes, "Perhaps we should stretch out on the bench with our towels, make the eventual exploration easier as we talk."

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Riley Patterson | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Attn: @Brutus  @Havenborn 

Watching the two of them making out made Riley smirk slightly as she watched Faye commit to the kiss as she was being teased under the waterline by the nurse. The kiss quickly deepened and Riley observed how the two of them seemed to enjoy the contact. Faye's muffled groan was something Riley had been waiting for and she giggled slightly as she rested her head against the back of Faye's shoulder. Her finger teasingly moving further in before dragging back slowly.

Daniel's touch however came into play as well as his hand began to curl around Riley's hair and slowly moved closer to her scalp. The pilot seemed to be willing to get a taste of the both of them in rapid succession as he brought Riley's head closer to the both of them. By doing so, it became harder for the nurse to maintain what she was doing. The finger inside Faye slowly slipping out, yet the breasts of the nurse pressed against Faye's back. Riley didn't object to the kiss though and answered it fully as she closed her eyes. Enjoying the way the pilot kissed, though being reminded at how different it was from Faye's.

As the kiss broke off, Riley leaned back a little so Faye wouldn't get crushed between them. The nurse couldn't help but laugh as Faye pointed out that the pilot was very good at handing out compliments. The nurse simply thinking 'You should see what else he's good at...' It was a teasing thought, one only to gauge the reaction of the diplomat as Riley enjoyed the way she nestled her against herself. Riley had after all taken the liberty to continue teasing the girl again once back into her previous position.

She looked at Daniel as he was complimented as well and Riley's feet ran along Daniel's legs and calves as she looked at him, while slowly planting soft kisses on Faye's neck and shoulders. She wondered who would be taking the initiative here and how it would turn out. It'd be hard to believe that the pilot wouldn't be aroused by this point.

[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

The Romulan woman seemed to be enjoying herself as Thomas' actions eventually claimed her body. His eyes looking up to take in her reactions and well... They didn't disappoint in the least as she groaned and arched her body into his touch and work. The steam room causing for his sweat to roll down his body as he kept his head between the Romulan's legs. His tongue darting back and forth at times, though also switching up to a slower pace to get a really good taste and feel of the woman as he rolled his tongue as deep as it would be allowed.

His hands kept toying with the chest of the pilot as he switched from breast to breast, trying to equally divide the attention given. His focus however was on the prize in front of him. His own body yearning for touch as his arousal was present yet untouched for now. The combined water and sweat droplets running along the shaft before dripping onto the steam room's floor from this head.

The departure of Leon and Alessia only registered with the pilot as the cold sting was felt against his body. The sting only causing him to groan into Lillee's sex and causing him to pick it up a notch. His lips enveloping as much of her sex as he could as he began to suck hard and hungrily. His tongue lapping into her slit as she rattled in her native tongue before her body seemed to tense, his eyes looking over at her hands as they gripped the bench behind her head. He didn't stop though as he sucked harder, determined to see where this would lead to.
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Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

"Easy, Tiger," Eliska all but purred as the blonde's hand was getting rather adventurous along her inner thigh.  Now, she'd never seen a tiger with her own two eyes and had no idea what one was until she'd first heard the word used in this very expression and looked it up.  And she had been the one to advise for slowing it down, too. 

Not that she didn't want to see what she could do with those oh-so-smooth fingers... 

"And with any new lover, you have to find out what makes them tick, no?  And that's always such a fun process, if you're willing to make a bit of an effort at it."  As she spoke, the Human leaned in a little closer to the Bajoran and nuzzled the base of her neck before pressing a kiss there.  "Now, the idea is to stay comfortable, right?" Oh yes, Marika was very new at this, but she did have the right idea, that of laying down on the bench. 

"Now you're talking," replied Eliska and she gently guided her new friend down to lay on the ersatz wooden bench, and she followed her down along her back, but also slightly over her as to gently pin her in place.  This would keep her in control for now, let her set the pace. 

Settling up against Marika's back, she placed one hand as low on her leg as she could reach, and started to let it slide up along her thigh, and then over the point of her hip and across the smooth curve of her side, and then, she let it slide forward a little, letting just her fingertips caress the side of her breast.

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala knew she'd been getting a bit eager, perhaps too eager, demonstrating just how new she was to this, enjoying carnal pleasure with another women. Eliska had noticed and was guiding her, hinting to slow down, enjoy the build up. She bent her neck a little, exhaling softly as Eliska nuzzled and kissed her neck. "Yeah. Having a partner who understands how also helps."

Kala let Eliska guide her onto her back, the human coming down with her as they moved to the more comfortable position. Kala could, from where she lay, see what Eliska might do, but also could herself reach out to caress her new freinds body. For now though she'd let Eliska lead, showing her how it was done. "Much better," Kala remarked, feeling Eliska's fingers run along her leg, going up her side to her breasts. "And what makes you tick Eliska? What things pleasure you the most?"

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

A peal of laughter escaped Eliska's throat, but it was hardly derisive or condescending.  In fact, it was as real a laugh of enjoyment as it came.  "Now, if I tell you it won't be nearly as much fun as you finding out on your own.  Besides, you might surprise me with something I didn't know was fun."  As she was speaking, she was punctuating every few words with a kiss, starting at the base of Marika's neck and working her way along the collarbone and all the way to the point of her shoulder. 

In the meantime, she let her fingertips just barely brush at one of her breasts, ever so carefully staying clear of her nipple.  That would come later, when she would be reasonably certain the Bajoran was getting sufficiently warmed up to shift up one gear or more. 

"Now tell me, what is it you find attractive in a woman?"

Talk, talk was important.  And a question like this was, in some ways, a discreet way to find what, in her own words, could make a lover tick in all the right ways...