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Day 20 [2122 hrs.] And then the Gods created war, death, and space lasers...

[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @EllenFitz @RyeTanker @raeAll who dares [Show/Hide]

[1733 Hrs]

"And there we are." Charles took the book from the shelf and dusted off the cover. He brushed over its title and began to read it while turning around.

"War of the Worlds: Road to Martian Independence by Kelly Noel". 

Then he placed the book on the table next to one of the same name. Via was across from him with her feet on the table playing some virtual game on her PADD barely paying attention to the world around her. Charles continued, placing his hands against the table and leaning on it. They were both in a Libary with bookcases on opposite sides of them stretching high to the ceiling. There were a few holographic bystanders walking around to give the environment some immersion but otherwise, it was just the two of them in their off-duty attire. Charles in a nice and pressed button-down shirt and jeans and Via in her crop top and sweatpants. 

"What you were referencing and taught in school as historical fact...for some the science fiction book War of the Worlds by H.G Wells. An ancient classic if I must say so myself, but still quite fiction.  So no ma'am, Earth was not invaded by "tentacle robo aliens" from Mars."

Via didn't respond. She was still occupied with her game.

"Ma'am?" He tried to get her attention. I quick snap of the finger caused Via to finally look up.

"Huh?". She said as if he hadn't been talking to her the entire time.

"Were you not listening?" Charles said mildly annoyed.

"No." Via said simply and then returned to her game with bouts of explosions and other violent effects polluting the rather quiet space.

The man let out an exasperated sigh at his fellow flightmate and gave her a disappointed look.

"You know for a human, you really don't know your own history."

Via seemed to be paying attention that time so she responded but still remained focused on her game.

"Shit, my ass ain't even heard of Earth until I was like...10 or somethin' and I thought it was a drug. I still do, what hell kinda name is Earth. Stupid ass name." She chuckled dismissively.

"Ahem. Your..."ass" is from there ma'am. Or someone in your ancestry. It's where we all came from."

"And? Why should my ass care? My dumbass family been on Deped for a long ass time or somethin'. As far as I know, Earth is just some cushy ass planet that's green and blue and shit. It mean nothin' to me."

"That's sad ma'am." Charles spoke genuinely. "Truly."

Via finally lost whatever game she was playing and groaned before turning off her PADD and reclining back on her chair balancing it on its two hind legs. Looking at the table she noticed the two books and proceeded to sit properly in her seat just so she could lean closer to look at them. The picked up the H.G Wells book and awkwardly tried to look for an on switch.

"What the hell kinda PADD is this? Where is the scree-" Charles snatched the book from her hands. "Hey!"

"Its not a PADD its a book. It has paper though I doubt you've ever seen that."

Via crossed her arms and pouted. "Of course my ass seen a book like...holovids and stuff..." she was clearly unsure.

"It is fine ma'am." Charles resigned and picked up the other book before placing both of them in their respective slots on the shelf. "You are not the first person I've met who has not handled books before. They are very uncommon outside of a holodeck. Anyway..." Charles turned around and faced Via. "I only wanted to prove a point. However fruitless I hope one day you would look into your family history and discover your roots on Eart-"

The chirp from Charles's combadge cut right through his speech. He pressed it and a young female force came through from the other end.

"Charles! Where are you? The game just started!"

"Bloody hell!" he said in a panic. "I'll be right there. Arch!" The doorway to the rest of the ship materialized and Charles started fast walking towards it. "Sorry ma'am this is important. Would you please sign out for me when the time is up? Thanks!" He left the holodeck.

"My ass can't do that, what in the fuck?" Via said confused. " how much time does his ass have before he gotta end this shit."

The computer stated 5 hours.

"Ughhh...fuck." Via groaned. Holodeck time was precious and in no way she was going to let 5 hours of free time go to waste, especially since it wasn't her time. "Fine...uh shit show me what he got."

A holographic interface pulled up with a list of recent programs. She read them out loud as she scrolled through them.

"London? Boring. Family time? Fuck that. Beach program, heh but nah...Vulcan Love Slave: Logic Unleashed? Shit damn beachhead, you crazy...nah. 'Then God created War'? What the hell is that suppose to mean...wait...custom program?12,000 hours!?" Via's eyes lit up with curiosity as she loaded up the program preview. As she read and watched those eyes slowly turned into ones of opportunity.

[2122 Hrs]

The following message was sent to Enyd, Zark, and Azrin via PADD. Reason why? Enyd seemed to know her Earth stuff the last she remembered, Zark was a badass, Azrin was smart.

"Y'all! Come to holodeck uh...fuck...hey what holodeck are we in? 3? Come to holodeck 3 this is fun as shit but my ass needs some cool people here cause I be not understandin' what the hell these people are sayin'. What the hell does Putain mean? And all the bad guys sound like really angry. I mean everyone here is angry but they be like really angry  Anyway, don't leave my ass hangin'! Bring others to! Oh shit that was close. Ok uh...bye."

When or if anyone arrived in the Holodeck they would be met by a blinding white light and then sudden darkness as they feel their body get transported onto something hard. Just as soon as they were knocked out they would wake up to a concrete ceiling laying down on an old WW2 barracks bed clothed in just an old medical gown. The room was small, with one single dangling light and door. If they were to get out of bed a person, female with styled blonde hair and brown eyes would greet them and give them the following introduction. She spoke with a soft British accent

"Welcome! You must be a friend of Charles. My name is Lena and I am the VI admin for this holodeck program. You are currently taking part in a alternate historical scenario on the planet Earth during one of its infamous World Wars, the Second War to be exact. This hypothetical explores what if the valiant Entente lost the previous World War and how this World War would proceed with that condition. If you do not know Earth history that is quite alright as it is not necessary to proceed with the program. Right now the year is 1947. The war has been going on 8 years now all the Entente and Central powers are at a stalemate. You are a member assigned to a special multinational Entente task force who was tasked to paradrop into the city of Oran North Africa to take its port with the assistance of French Foreign Legion Forces who have been fighting for several months in the region. Your cute deployed but was damaged by incoming fire causing you to have a hard landing. French scouts rescued you and after identifying you brought you and the rest of your team back to a command bunker 800 meters from the front lines. From there your injuries were treated.

Now you may choose your background, weaponry, nationality, and other things you wish, or if it is preferable I can choose for you and you may exit that door where you will get your briefing from the French Commander and begin your mission. If you have any questions feel free to pause and summon me. If you wish to leave you may do so at any time by saying exit program. Have fun!"

The woman disappeared and a holographic interface appeared which allowed for background customization and the like.
Once they were done and exited their room they would find themselves in the middle of a trench system. Similar doors would be on their lefts and their rights where other players would exit. Artillery went off all around with the hustle and bustle of fearful French soldiers moving all over doing their assigned tasks so they could keep themselves alive. As soon as they got their bearing a French Private, a young boy that couldn't be much older than 16, would come up to them.

"Mousiours." He snapped to attention since he was unsure what to refer to them. "Commandant Louis requests you in the forward command post. One of your friends is already there. Vien! I will take you to them!" He said waiting for their response.  

OOC: There we go. I wrote a lot and some stuff probably sounds confusing so please as questions if you have any. Basically as soon as your character walks in they get transported (kinda knocked out) to a small room with a bed and a light separate from the others. The introduction from Lena is the same for everyone but its your choice to do whatever in terms of background and stuff. When they exit the door everyone is going to be in the same location and meet the Soldier Boy at the same time. Feel free to talk with each other before since the boy doesn't come right away. After if you ask questions for the boy we can move on :)

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[ Lt. Azrin Ryn | Here, there, and everywhere else | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @ob2lander961 @Dumedion @RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz

“Poutain? What is that supposed to mean?” Azrin read the note on her PADD as she moved, the other three limbs occupied with her egress from the Jefferies tube where she’d spent a decent portion of the afternoon. She had been planning on returning to main engineering for just one more – or maybe a dozen – little things she wanted to subtly improve. But she’d made the mistake of telling Commander Arnold, and Frank had promptly ordered her off duty instead. “Sleep,” she scoffed dismissively, after checking her combadge to ensure that the channel was closed. “Who needs sleep anyway? There are so many better things to do with that time!”

Via’s message had come like a gift from the stars right as Azrin was looking for something to do. If she went back to her quarters all she would do was tinker with the various odds and ends laying around, lament all the work she wasn’t getting done, and not sleep. Because she was really bad at the whole sleeping thing lately. The holodeck would be a great distraction. “On my way!” she dictated to the PADD, before bounding off towards holodeck three. She was still in uniform, there was a toolkit slung over her shoulder, and so much hair had fallen out of her bun that there was more red strands on her shoulders than atop her head. Azrin didn’t even consider going back to change.

As she skipped down corridors and dashed in and out of Jefferies tubes, Azrin greeted everyone cheerfully as always, whether she knew them or not. Since Via had asked, she also invited a decent number of people to the holodeck, completely on a whim. That was until she made it to Deck 21 and spotted a familiar white-haired trill down the corridor. “Kino!” she shouted jubilantly, nearly tackling the security officer in her exuberance for a quick hug. “Are you going to the holodeck too?” She pointed to the arch a few meters away. “Do you want to come with me? Via – do you know Via? – invited me to some program with angry people… which is a really bad selling point now that I think about it.” For the first time since receiving the message, Azrin paused to think about what kind of game she was volunteering for. Then she shrugged. It was the holodeck. What could possibly go wrong?

If Kino answered, Azrin didn’t hear it. She was too full of caffeine induced energy, her brain lightyears ahead of her body. “Come on! The holo awaits!” Then she practically dragged Kino through the arch. It would be fine. This was Via they were talking about. She didn’t do anything boring.

Which was why Azrin was rather surprised when the program immediately separated the two trill in an admittedly clever bit of holographic trickery, leaving Azrin alone in a nasty looking and sadly appointed room. And dressed in something much colder and scratchier than her nice comfy uniform had been.

“Uh oh,” she muttered as soon as the program started, a human appearing as soon as Azrin stood up. “This is Charles’ program? I thought it was Via’s.” While undoubtedly the more level headed of the two, Charles didn’t strike her as the person who played fun action oriented holoprograms. The introduction continued during Azrin’s interruptions, so she didn’t feel bad about further interjections, mainly because she had no idea what Lena was talking about. “The Second World War. That was the one that ended with human first contact right?” History had never been her strong suit. Especially alien history. She had taken a mandatory intro seminar at the Academy, like most cadets. But with over one hundred and fifty Federation worlds to go through, they hadn’t done any deep dives into pre-warp histories. “Entente. Right. Love those guys.” The only history Azrin knew well was the past three hundred years of trill history. And even that was cheating, since her past hosts had lived through it.

“Ok Lena. You should definitely choose everything for me. Randomize!”

“Very well. Processing.” An interface appeared off to the side, options selecting themselves as Azrin’s character was generated by the computer. “Character complete. Caoimhe O’Shea–“

“Come again?”

“Caoimhe O’Shea.” She pronounced it slower this time, and Azrin still had no idea how to say it. “A nuclear physicist–“ Nuclear? How boring is that! Humans didn’t even have matter/antimatter reactions during this war? “from Ireland employed by the British. A fully generated character backstory can be accessed here,” Lena paused to gesture to the still floating interface, which was now populated with far too many paragraphs. “For your convenience. When you are ready, you may exit that door where you will get your briefing from the French Commander and begin your mission. Have fun!”

Well she certainly wasn’t going to be having fun if she read that. If Azrin wanted to read a book, she wouldn’t have come to the holodeck. She made a face at the backstory, then stuck her tongue out at it for good measure. “I’m gonna wing it. I can’t even pronounce my name, so the rest of it’s not going to help me.” With that decided, she left the room.

And came out in a hole. “Kinnnnnnno! Are you still in here? Do you know anything about Earth history?”

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[ENS. Joseph Adams | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @EllenFitz @RyeTanker @rae and everyone in-between

"What? Holodeck 3?"

Watching as the strange redhead bounded off, he squinted for a moment. He hadn't even caught the Trill's name. Standing there, fresh out of a shift and more than ready to enjoy a break. A small pause as his brown eyes observed the corridor she'd disappeared down. Measuring the option of following her with proceeding to his quarters, he shrugged and decided on the former.

Still dressed in his standard uniform, he sighed and started to walk/speedwalk down the corridor, attempting in vain to catch up with the stranger who'd completely thrown him off with the invitation. Then left without elaborating further.

Finally arriving outside the Holodeck in question, he paused for a moment before glancing at the panel to the side of the door. There was indeed a program running already, and so, with another dismissive shrug, he sighed and opened the door. Deciding to utterly throw himself into the holoprogram and surprise himself with its contents, he stepped into the program.

"Welcome! You must be a friend of Charles. My name is Lena and I am the VI admin for this holodeck program. You are currently taking part in a alternate historical scenario on the planet Earth during one of its infamous World Wars, the Second War to be exact...."

Admittedly, it was at this point that he began to tune poor Lena out, mostly skimming over the details he was being given, alternate WW2 scenario, he was in some sort of battle in North Africa, and naturally, he'd managed to get himself injured before the holoprogram began.

The irony wasn't lost on him as he began scrolling through the customisation menu, deciding to alter his Starfleet Uniform into something Era Appropriate, he followed up with weapons, settling for an M1 Carbine before changing his mind a the last second. He was British after all, and since he was in no mood to try an impression of an American action hero, he substituted it for a British equivalent. Then changed it back again upon rereading historical file provided with the weapon and noticing that some British Paramilitary did use the weapon after all.

Finally, a few minutes of toying with his customisation choices, he finally emerged from the room he started in. Despite being told that he was very securely in the French lines, he felt the need to be cautious regardless, sticking his head out the door and surveying the area before he stepped out properly. Rifle slung over his shoulder and dressed in typical military uniform for the era. He had a small holster slung containing his sidearm too, strapped to the side of his lower chest, he looked quite strapping, if he did say so himself.

If only he'd been so meticulous in his actual character, deciding to keep his name for simplicity's sake, but throwing caution to the wind regarding everything else.


His tone was subdued, and hearing someone nearby, he paused again. Listening carefully for a moment. He was sure some NPC was the cause, or maybe the artillery shelling outside had deceived his ears for a moment?

A small sigh, he paused before realising he'd remembered nothing at all about his backstory. Save for the fact he was a Combat Mechanic of some sort. He really hoped that it wouldn't come into play later, his knowledge of ancient combustion engines was rudimentary at best.

On the other hand, if they got to use a tank...

Again, he was reminded that there was other people in the simulation with him and he decided to call out again, a little louder than a whisper.

"Trill lady?"

He tried with a small shrug, not knowing her name after all. He figured a brief description would suffice. And anyway, it was probably going to be the only person he would recognise.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Personal Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

@ob2lander961 @Dumedion @rae @Pierce @P.C. Haring @GroundPetrel @Brutus @Juzzie @Auctor Lucan @Griff @Eirual @Dree

Zark was in her quarters grappling with some of the routine paper work that got dumped on officers, mainly updating the status of the various exosuits in the Security Centre that all were certified for action.  It was tedious work as they had to review the checklist for each suit and validate any adjustments made by the enlisted personnel.  This was especially worse now that a new model had come in and each user had needed a fitting and adjustment period.  Thankfully the Starfleet Engineers hadn't lost their talent for cybernetic design and they'd made improvements to the fitting program that had cut down dramatically on the amount of time needed to get a user accustomed to their suit.  She'd just finished signing off on the changes for PO Kino Jeen, especially after going through the demolition related items with a fine tooth comb, when a notification had popped up on her screen indicating a message from Via.  Rubbing her eyes and feeling she'd had enough, Zark tapped the message and watched as it began to play.  If nothing else, seeing Via working on inviting her to a night of holo drama was great in itself and Zark cracked up the image of the Wolf continued speaking.  "Oh Via, don't ever change, but what the blizzards is a Putain?"  The security officer's curiosity was peaked, especially since it triggered something in her memory.  Zark stopped for a moment, hands rubbing her temples in thought as her antennae swirled around, the suddenly stopped.  The Andorian sniggered at first. "No, she wouldn't." Zark manged to groan out before she began howling with laughter.

It took a solid couple of minutes for the Andorian to get control of herself and simply reduce herself to the state of just trying to breathe.  "Okay. I'm game for whatever weird thing Via's got going. Probably not raunchy since it's Via." Zark managed to uncurl herself and plant her elbows on the table though the smile from laughing was still stuck on her face, then the ask of inviting other people filtered through and Zark had to pause to think about that one.  A finger tapped her cheek, then the table.  Enyd was already on the list, and so was Azrin.  She knew Reika was still working to get her bearings with the change in the crew, so this would help.  The Zhen also felt a bit guilty over how she'd treated Reika despite not having her faculties when she'd been in sickbay, so it was also a bit of a good will gesture.  That was major one.  Next was Nysari.  Zark grimaced at this one for a couple of reasons.  The first was that the Zhen diplomat had taken a bit of beating just by being in the Security Officer's presence and Zark wasn't sure if she wanted to inflict that on her again.  Also after reviewing the security footage of the day in question, Zark was also still embarrassed by the fact she'd acted the way she did.

Hiding from it was her style though, and she was going to have to see them again at some point, so she forwarded Via's invitation to Shen and Zhen, then started adding more names.  Reggie soon entered the list followed by Mia, Alistair, Alana Pierce, Valyn, Faye (really doubtful, but still friends were welcome), Talia, Dantius; oh hell why not, Rhys, Ida (really needed to get out more), and the list just seemed to grow. Shrugging and figuring a bunch of people wouldn't show anyway, Zark hit the send button and left to go find the holodeck.

It didn't take long for Zark to make her way there and when she entered the holodeck, she was greeted by the holographic avatar that explained the situation.  Zark had nary a clue as to what was going on, but when she was asked what options were available, the avatar produced a screen with a long list of options that was frankly bewildering.  A few caught her attention.  Commando trooper or team leader. Team medic, not a bad one since she already did that as a day job. One suddenly caught her eye.  MI1 Operative?  What was that? she thought to herself and selected it to get more details. "You would be Samantha Leyoux, a French born, British trained Military Intelligence Operative, or spy.  You would be either be assigned as the field operative guide for the operation or as the cover for one Caoimhe O’Shea" What did she say?  Is she Irish? "A nuclear physicist, currently being played by Lieutenant Azrin Ryn." Azrin? nuclear, that's small stuff for her, ohhhhhhh. "One question. If I'm with Caoimhe, do I work for the Entente or the Central Powers."  "That is currently not known at this time."  Zark blinked at this, then shrugged, it was a holonovel anyway, unless she had to fight everyone, then it was going to be sticky.  "Okay, spy it is, you select the role."  The hologram nodded and directed Zark to a changing area.

When she entered and saw her outfit, Zark didn't know whether to be flabbergasted or aroused.  There was a black sleeveless silk blouse with ruffles which was fine.  It was the rest.  A very stylish black leather jacket, a tight looking set of leather pants, also black.  Boots that she was sure went at least half way up her calf, a very chic looking set of gloves, then a belt with a knife and holster that held a Luger pistol and extra magazines.  "If this getup pushes my boobs up, I'm totally gonna have words for Via, or maybe I'll just kick her ass.  Yeah, that sounds more straightforward."  Grumbling quite a bit, Zark got changed.  It didn't take long, but it did take a bit of shimying to make everything work.  "Via, you and I are gonna have a chat about this."  When Zark looked down, she sighed.  "Never mind, you and I are going to play doctor instead." Zark mumbled to herself knowing full well what scared the living crap out of Via the most.  Shaking her head to put herself in the game space, she signaled to the hologram she was ready and found herself transported right beside Azrin who really looked the mad scientist part.  "Hey Azrin, I'm here as your body guard, and what in the frozen testicles?! When was the last time you slept!?"

OOC: OB said invite anybody

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Wandering the Corridor | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @tongieboi @rae and All
The day just wouldn’t end – her brain just wouldn’t shut off. In times like these, Kino knew only one remedy; to wander the ship until her head-space cleared enough to sleep. Problem was, she wasn’t really even tired, not physically at least, even though she was running off only a few hours of sleep; between dealing with Nicander in the brig that morning – which the non-com still felt a pang of guilt about, for the way she’d left that conversation – to obsessing over the Transphasic Cannon, then Reika, then back to the Cannon, Reika, EDDI, Reika,…well, she'd struggled to stay focused on anything at all. Huh, the corner of her mouth curled in a crazy looking smirk. Sleep deprived, mind all over the this how Red feels all the time? Her head shook with a grimace. Fuck, I hope not.

Kino rounded a corner – mismatched blues unfocused as she walked – clad in a standard Theurgy tee and sweats, a pair of ancient (replicated) converse sneakers on her feet, and a PADD in one hand. She looked crazy, and was fully aware of that fact; she also didn’t care and wasn’t paying any attention at all to where she was going or who was around – just walking her thoughts away – burning time. Time you could be spending with someone, ya moron, Kino’s cybernetic eye twitched at the thought, dripping with Dayak’s tone and personality; they shared some common ground, him and Kino.

The test pilot and former Jeen host hadn’t been a ‘people person’, either.

Her head dipped in a frown, very close to a scowl. Fucker’s outta line, but he's not wrong, she thought – in entirely her own voice, this time – as her mind once again returned to the lovely Andorian; for perhaps the twelfth or thirteenth time that day, Kino looked down at the PADD in her hand, after pausing to lean a shoulder against the bulkhead, and tried to type out a message to Reika. She managed to get as far as ‘Hey Legs,’ and even smiled faintly, but then her ears picked up an extremely cheerful voice, one that was far too energetic and familiar.

Mismatched blues narrowed down the corridor to seek the voice’s owner on instinct, even as Kino kicked off the wall to make a discrete getaway. Nu-uh Red, not this time, a ghost of a smirk started  – as LT Azrin Ryn (tinkerer of all things small and mechanical, legendary coffee chug-champion, organizer of one of the oddest birthday parties Kino had ever seen, also one of the nicest people on the ship but also a hot mess; not to mention the fact that their previous hosts met and irritated the shit out of each other almost instantly - (read; BFF)) hollered out Kino's name from the other end of the corridor. The non-com froze with a grimace and a mumbled curse, then turned just in time to get tackled by the fiery-headed engineer, who happened to look even more exhausted and sleep deprived than normal. For her, anyway.

After the initial oof of impact, Kino shook her head with a tired grin, amazed that Ryn was still on her feet. “Wait, what? Slow down -” the non-com struggled to keep up, even as Azrin started pulling her by the hand towards the holodeck entrance. “Wait – Red, what the – who’s Via? N-no – I got shit to do, Lieutenant,” by this point Kino was hollering and looking around for back-up, as she was being dragged into the open entrance. Help me – help,” she hissed at a guy walking by, but he just flinched away out of her grasping reach as the holodeck door hissed shut, leaving the PADD she’d dropped just outside. The next thing Kino saw was a flash of blinding white light that hit her harder than Romulan Ale.

When she came to, Kino found herself on a bunk dressed in some kind of scratchy...gown. The Trill grimaced, then propped herself up on her elbows with a groan, blinking at her surroundings. “Ugh, what fresh hell is this,” she grunted, swung her legs over the bed, and stood, utterly alone. “Uh…Red? Azriiin,” she called out, but then tilted her head in confusion as some odd, archaic-looking hologram materialized and droned on and on about the program. Kino rubbed a hand over her face with a sigh, shaking her head. Okay...just...chill out, she breathed, you couldn’t sleep anyway, and take your mind off shit. So what the hell, eh?

“Okay, okay,” she interrupted the VI. “Uh...randomize me, I guess.” Kino figured it really didn’t matter – she just wanted to find Red and explain that it wasn’t cool to drag people into random holodeck programs. Nicely. She’s…well, it’s Ryn.

“Very well. Processing...your character is complete! Mable “Maddie” Greene, an American talent performer and Miss USO three years running -”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s fine,” Kino interrupted with a wave of her hand, utterly clueless about whatever the thing was saying. “Just...point me to my gear, and I’ll be on my way.” A light flickered on overhead, followed by another, then a third, just above what Kino assumed was the ‘exit’. “Thanks,” she tossed a two fingered salute to the VI as she moved around, into the next room, then saw her ‘gear’. The fuck, her eyes narrowed, then darted back to Lena. With a sigh, she marched right back up to the hologram and folded her arms, dark brows elevated in annoyance. “I want another character.”

“I am sorry. My responses are limited. You must ask the right questions.”

Kino took a deep breath, cracking the tension out of her neck with a grunt. “Can I have another character, please,” the words were drawn out, perfectly enunciated with barely contained patience.

“I am sorry, but your character is already complete. Mable “Maddie” Greene -”

“Look, I’m not wearing that,” Kino interrupted, grinning maniacally as her hand extended as a knife edge back to the gear-room. “Just...gimme another character!”

“I am sorry. My responses are limited. You must ask the right questions.”


[Several. Minutes. Later.]

Kino emerged from the bunker clad in OD green short-shorts that barely deserved to be called that, a matching tank that barely covered her bust, with a field blouse tied at a knot under her cleavage –  a nametag stitched upon her breast read “Maddie” in blocky black letters. Odd chevrons stitched into the shoulder sleeves, along with patches she didn’t know and didn’t really care to know. The entire outfit was skin tight to the point of caricature; the sleeves that were rolled up tight against her biceps seemed like they were cutting off her circulation. An uncomfortable ‘helmet’ of some kind rode upon her head – already cocked to the side – while her booted feet splatted through the mud of the trenches, splashing it into the netted thigh-high stockings that she’d ripped to shreds trying to put on. A Thompson SMG rode over one shoulder, while the belt slung low at her hips held a holstered Colt 1911, more magazines, and a few grenades. Mismatched blues were narrowed in annoyance as she prowled, searching for Azrin, while her teeth chomped on a thick, unlit cigar.

Once she realized that there wasn’t any hope of changing characters, Kino had taken her time familiarizing herself with the kit assigned to her, also at random. The weapons of the age were...well...Kino liked to hunt and shoot a compound bow, so, it wasn’t very hard to figure out the primitive projectile launchers. She wasn’t thrilled about the attire however; not in the slightest. Drag people into the holodeck huh? Yeah, sure, it’ll be fun! Yeah, I know Via, sure, lets go! Now I’m in here lookin’ like a damn poster girl for –

Between the booms of artillery, shouts and cracks of small arms fire, an oddly quiet voice caught her ear; interrupting the silent, sarcastic tirade. Trill lady? The fuck? Kino froze, frowning as she blinked, then took a step back and regarded a human male she’d never seen before with a look of irritated confusion. Giving him a quick once over, she quickly deduced that he was not, in fact, an NPC she could knock out and strip for clothes. Entirely too clean – gotta be a player. The crashing of artillery continued as she blinked at him for a second, tilting her ear at him, pointing at it with the hand not wrapped around the trigger grip of the SMG.

“You just call me Trill lady? What, ya never seen spots on a girl before," she hollered clearly through a shark’s grin, then all joviality fled from her voice and face in an instant later. “Who’re you,” her chin lifted at him with a dark brow, “and where the hell is Azrin,” Kino deadpanned, as the SMG dropped from her shoulder, muzzle up, the butt-stock rested on one hip. She took a step towards him but quickly fell back as a group of soldiers ran around the corner yelling in a language she didn’t understand. Another look at the human told her he didn’t have a clue what was going on or who Azrin was.

Kino sighed, plucking the cigar from her mouth as she lowered the SMG and approached him, shaking her head with a smirk. “Nevermind. Look, in case you didn’t notice, this here’s a warzone – not a leisure park,” she huffed an amused breath at his bearing, pulling the rifle off his shoulder and pushing across his chest. “Keep your finger off the trigger, head down and on a swivel, and follow me,” Kino grinned as she returned the stogie between her teeth. “Shoot me and you can kiss those eyebrows buh-bye,” she pointed at the thick lines of fur riding atop his eyes, then jerked a thumb over her shoulder with a sideways nod, before turning and marching back the way she was going.

“C’mon. That artillery ain’t no joke.”

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[ Lt Reika Sh’laan | Personal Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 Attn: @tongieboi  @rae @Dumedion  @RyeTanker @ob2lander961  and All

When she had said, “Yes,” to going down to the Qu’nos with Alistair, she hadn’t realized just how damn late they would be getting back.  Duty was duty, and no matter her personal feelings, duty was going to be done - and to the best of her ability.  But now, as she hurriedly entered her quarters, she made a quick stop at her console - hoping, yet dreading, fearing that Kino had left her a message long ago and, since she wasn’t shipside, of course, it had gone unnoticed. 

Opening her messages, she saw there were several already many, and a very quick cursory glance down the list didn’t announce Kino’s name.  “Different tack,” Reika said aloud as she removed her combadge and stripped off her uniform top.  “Computer.”   She continued through her living room to the bedroom.  “Any messages from Kino Jeen today?” she asked her stomach all aflutter as she plopped down on her bed removing her uniform footwear.

Negative,” the computer chirped. 

Negative? what the hell do you mean by negative?” Reika said as she stood up removing her uniform pants.

Negative,  adverb - used to indicate a negative response.  Negative, noun - a negative statement, answ…

Oh shut up!” Reika said as she headed to her closet to find something more apropos for the last part of the evening that she hoped she could still salvage.

Computer,” she said standing in front of her closet clad only in her bra and panties. “Location of Kino Jeen.”

Just as Reika reached for a short leather skirt, the computer chirped, “Kino Jeen is in holodeck 3.

The Andorian’s hand stopped halfway to the hanger considering just what that meant.  Kino hadn’t left a message, so it wasn’t like she was looking for Reika, but she was in the holodeck.  “Computer, is Kino in the holodeck alone?”  Maybe I’ll surprise her.  Or is that a bad thing?  Would that be bad manners?  Damn, I dunno what to do.   But the computer interrupted her thoughts before they could run any further.

Negative.  Kino Jeen is in the holodeck with four people.

Oh.”  Reika’s gaze unfixed from any one item and the twinkle in her eyes faltered and her anticipatory smile fell from her lips.  “Weeeeeeeell,” she said, trying to console herself.  “‘Together’ doesn’t mean every night.  You’re newly thawed, and she has other friends too.  Likely already had something planned.  I’m sure it’s no big deal,” she moped, turning around and letting herself fall back onto her bed with her arms stretched out as she contemplated what she was going to do with the rest of her night.  After last night’s lack of sleep, a getting a full night tonight would be the responsible thing to do.

Incoming message,” the computer droned - like this message was just the same as any other.

Reika sat bolt upright.  “Well, read the damn thing already.”  She was already getting out of bed and heading back to the closet to get her leather skirt.

Lt. Sh’laan …

The first words were all it took to know that it wasn’t Kino, but as she listened - holodeck 3 …  That’s where Kino was.  Okay, so Kino hadn’t invited her, but she WAS invited to participate in some kind of holodrama.  Opting for something fast - as opposed to simply sexy, Reika grabbed a pair of jeans, her Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training t-shirt, and pair of white, slip-on tennis shoes.

Only minutes later, she turned the corner and as she approached the holodeck, she noticed a PADD on the ground.  She reached down to pick it up - so she could return it to the appropriate person - if she could, without prying, ascertain whose it was.  It read, “Hey Legs …”  A sultry smile wound across her face.  She knew exactly to whom the PADD belonged.

She’d return it to the alluring Trill when she saw her … which should be any second.  Stepping into the holodeck, everything went black.

When Reika came to, like everyone else, she was confronted with the hologram telling her to choose a character.  She toggled through the different options.  “Hell, I dunno,” but as she flicked the screen just one more character, a smile lit her lips and she hit, “Accept.”

Minutes later, she was dressed in tight-fitting khaki colored pants, an equally tight-fitting white button-down shirt (three buttons left undone), an army green uniform jacket, and a matching set of brown leather knee-high boots, overcoat, and pilot’s cap (with holes for her antennae).  Her outfit was finished off with a pistol in hand, a knife tucked down a boot, a white scarf tied around her neck, and pilot goggles sitting atop her cap.  Her nametag read, “Lambert, Heather.”  And according to the profile she read, she was a flying ace.

“Okay, so what next?” ‘Heather’ asked the computer.

“Proceed out the exit and make your way to the group meeting location.”

“Right,” the OPS officer said with a nod.  Pistol in hand she strode to the doors, but as they opened in front of her to an artillery shell exploding close enough to spray dirt and debris all around her.  “Shit, that was close!”  Crouching down, she assessed the situation.  Then remembering back to the diagram that came up with her chosen character, she mentally plotted the safest route to get where she needed to be. A calm look settled across her features despite the ruckus that continued to erupt around her. “Here we go,” the Andorian said as she stepped out.

'Heather's' Outfit -
Lieutenant Reika Sh’laan, Assistant Chief of Operations (V3) [Show/Hide]
Ensign Sashenka Kreshkova, Unassigned Wolf Trainee [Show/Hide]

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[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Personal Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy] attn: @ob2lander961 @rae @tongieboi @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Dree

After a long day of dealing with both regular work and an overly emotional Ensign L’Nari, Enyd was tired and wanted nothing more than to curl up naked next to Alistair and promptly drool all over his chest until his arm fell asleep and he rolled her off him onto her side, carefully tucking himself around her for the brief time it was safe to do so—it never lasted, this spooning, because Enyd tended to be just as chaos-driven and acrobatic in her sleep as she was awake. Or so Alistair claimed with feigned aches and made-up bruising whenever he wanted to blackmail her into kissing whatever offended body part better. She never minded this, because it suited her just fine to kiss him everywhere anyway.

Hearing both her console beep with a message and the door chime with a visitor, Enyd called for the door to open—expecting Alistair—and turned to face the console at the same time. Via’s voice brought a smile to Enyd’s face as she listened to the message, waiting expectantly to feel Alistair’s arms wrap around her waist as he pulled her into an embrace, tucking his head against her shoulder. She liked that feeling of his firm warmth at her back, solid and lithe arms anchoring him against her, the scraggly shadow of his end-of-the-day growth tickling her neck. But Via’s message ended, and Alistair had yet to hug her. In fact, Enyd frowned; he had yet to say anything.

Enyd turned, mouth open, to question his emotional state, but the words stopped before they were fully formed. It wasn’t Alistair, standing just inside her door. It was none other than the Romulan defector, Hirek tr’Aimne. Seeing her shock and apparent state of wordlessness, Hirek held up his hands in an almost placating manner.

“I didn’t mean to startle you, Lieutenant. You did allow me to enter, then turned away before I could greet you. Then, with the message playing,” he gestured to her console, “I didn’t want to interrupt.”

While he had valid reasons for not speaking up sooner, Enyd still didn’t like him in her quarters. “What are you doing here?”

A lot had happened since his supposed colleagues had kidnaped her on Qo’Nos. She’d done her best to keep space between them but the fates had seen fit to throw the enigmatic Romulan into the mix of the culinary tour from chaos heaven. Enyd wasn’t prideful enough to intentionally overlook how helpful Hirek had been on the tour whenever things turned poorly. She knew that if he hadn’t been on the tour, things would likely have gotten worse more than once. But while that had helped her see him as less a threat than before, she still didn’t particularly like him. He’d forced her to tell stories and listen to stories while uncomfortably shackled in the First City sewer system during her brief kidnapping, and then he’d intentionally overloaded the weapon he’d given her.

Even with the knowledge now that he’d been an Intelligence plant all along didn’t assuage her disquiet whenever he was around her. Perhaps it was because his voice, like Drauc’s, was liquid honey and tempted her innards to pool together in a warm goo, resulting in lowered guard and an increased penchant for stupidity on her part. Or it could be his incessant charm, tuned up to a most obnoxious level, shining on men and women alike. Probably targs too, if he had the opportunity. Likely her own tenacious curiosity toward all Romulans was partly to blame, with Enyd not exactly liking herself for wanting to know more about the man who’d taken part in her kidnapping. Whatever it was, the appearance of Hirek tr’Aimne set Enyd on edge in a way no other on the ship did. Not even L’Nari—the poor Caitian was just misguided in her interpersonal abilities. Hirek just seemed to be…something.

“Are you listening to me, Lieutenant?” The Romulan’s deep voice cut through Enyd’s thoughts, jarring the diplomat into concluding she’d not been listening to a word he’d said, and he’d apparently said quite a bit. He held up a hand to interrupt her half-hearted apology and shook his head, “Why don’t we work through our differences on Holodeck 3? It seems to me that you may be more willing to ‘bury the hatchet’ if we can work through more difficulties together like what we had on the tour.”

Enyd raised an eyebrow, having forgotten for a moment that Hirek had heard Via’s invitation. The pilot had indicated others were welcome, so Enyd had no reason aside from petty emotions to deny Hirek’s request, and she did not like feeling petty or infantile. Eyes widening, Enyd gasped. THAT was it! Hirek made her feel like a child. Well, not exactly Hirek himself, though there was that. It was everything put together, with her resulting emotions towards him being far less mature and professional than they should be. A sense of personal guilt and petulancy fueled whatever legitimate disquiet still lived in her from the kidnapping.

“Learned a new phrase, I see.” Enyd remembered Hirek trying out several human phrases on the tour, some to more success than others. His resulting smile didn’t melt her guard as she was sure it did others. “Perhaps you’re right, Mister tr’Aimne. I won’t lie about my feelings. I do still feel uncomfortable in your presence, though I won’t generalize and claim it is entirely all your fault.” Her words caused an eyebrow rise from the Romulan, but he wisely kept silent. “If Via is involved, I can guarantee chaos. Potentially worse than what we encountered on the tour.”

Hirek’s smile was lazy as he pulled his hands together behind his back. “But with the added benefit that death from this chaos is far less permanent than at the hands of an enraged Klingon barmaid.” Stepping to the side, Hirek tapped Enyd’s door activator and gestured toward the corridor, “I believe another phrase is ‘hoes before bros.’”

Enyd shook her head, not bothering to correct the man as she led the way to the turbolift.

[Hirek tr’Aimne | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy]

He’d been surprised Madsen had accepted his “olive branch” request. Frankly, he’d expected her to toss a shoe at him and tell him to go away, giving in to the physical desire to strike out at him that her general demeanor toward him alluded to. But her attempt at a mature response was a welcome change to the cold shoulder and not-so-subtle disdain she’d heaped on his shoulders since his arrival on the ship. Hirek had been in earnest when he touched on the failed tour as a point of change in their relationship. Though the change had been unspoken since then, her grimaces at seeing him hadn’t been as blatant, and that gave him hope that this excursion together could help as well.

Arriving in the holodeck and presented with the scenario, Hirek watched and listened to Madsen as she requested a Dutch resistance background, pistol, and hidden knife weaponry, with a satchel filled with various paraphernalia useful for breaking into places or getting out of places, along with forged passports and other documents that could come in handy. Soon she was clad in a high-waisted pair of black linen trousers secured with a black belt tucked into ankle-high black military-style boots, with a black long-sleeved collared button-down tucked into the trousers.

The computer spoke as Enyd picked up the pistol registered as an FN M1922, “You are Jannetje Johanna Schaft, better known as Hannie Schaft. You are an expert saboteur, assassin, and courier of important documents supporting the Dutch resistance. You are a capable fighter, an excellent shot, and speak French, Dutch, and German fluently.”

Enyd smiled, “Good.” She glanced at Hirek and added, “Lena, randomized character for the Romulan Hirek tr’Aimne.”

Hirek waited as the computer created both his wardrobe and his backstory. He was quick to dress in the desert-colored knee-length shorts and similar colored button-down short-sleeved shirt as the computer rattled off something about Italian resistance and a name that escaped him aside from Luigi. Hirek had just completed dressing and was reaching for his pistol when a teeth-grating shock overtook his body, and his muscles went rigid. The sudden bone-deep pain lasted a moment, but it was enough for him to gasp, both at the pain and the surprise.

“The character Luigi Carsca has been killed by friendly fire. Life points are deducted from Hannie Schaft’s character. Please restart the character creation process.” Hirek turned to look at Enyd, eyes going round when he saw the still smoking pistol gripped in her hands, pointed directly at him. “Hannie Schaft, please be advised that further damage to teammates may cause the automatic termination of your character, also requiring a reset.”

Smiling, Enyd tucked the pistol into its holster, “Understood, Lena, thank you.” Turning her bright smile toward Hirek, Enyd gestured to his outfit, “Would you like another randomized character?”

“You shot me.”



Enyd raised both eyebrows and rocked back on her heels, “Because you shot me, or close to it, back on Qo’Nos. Figured this was a better way to even the score instead of winding up in the brig for actually harming you.”

Hirek’s shock gave way to belly-deep laughter. Perhaps the pointed ears the diplomat sported were from a Romulan ancestor instead of the assumed Vulcan. Wiping the back of his hand against his cheek when a mirth-filled tear leaked from the corner of his eye, Hirek gestured to the console. “By all means, randomized character.”

By the time they exited as requested and made their way to the gathering of others, Hirek was dressed in a pair of white trousers with a black belt, a black almost sheer form-fitting t-shirt tucked into his trousers, a pair of shiny dress shoes unfitting for this environment on his feet, with a red scarf tied around his neck, and a strange flat hat sitting cock-eyed on his head. The computer had said something about a CSO performance manager, but that meant nothing to him. He had been issued no weapons besides a wallet filled with what Enyd called cash. He gave a warm smile to those in the group he knew, and a polite nod to those he did not. He was curious if any others would join or if this was the squad in full.

“I learned something,” Enyd spoke first as they stopped next to the others, “friendly fire casualties cut down your points. Just be careful where you’re shooting, moving forward.”

Hirek snorted, “Or be intentional.”

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[ENS. Joseph Adams | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @EllenFitz @RyeTanker @rae @Dumedion and everyone in-between

Glancing from side to side and occasionally flattening himself against the wall so a group of running soldiers could pass unhindered, he turned his head suddenly, a little startled at the bellowing voice. Glancing at the Trill he'd apparently conjured, he squinted for a moment with confusion. This was not the person he'd met in the hall. For starters she was at least three inches taller, and instead of red hair, she seemed to have equally distinctive white hair, cut short.

"Not you, exactly. You're not the 'trill lady' I was looking for."

Admittedly, the woman was a little scary, she reminded him mostly of the instructor in charge of his basic combat training at the Academy. Drawing the conclusion that she was a Security Officer, or really taking to her role in the simulation, he moved on to her question and nodded a little.

"Joseph Adams, Ensign. Although I wasn't paying too much attention to who I am in...this."

Gesturing to their war torn surroundings, he took a step back as his rifle was forced into his hands. He'd held weapons like it before, after all. Although a Phaser Rifle was very different to what he had now. Adjusting his grip as he was instructed, he sighed quietly, only moving his left hand, which was supporting the rifle, to conciously touch at his eyebrows with a frown. He had no intention of shooting someone who was, or appeared to be, on his side. Plus, he was a fan of his eyebrows, he needed them so people could tell when he was arching them. Like now, when they were arched with both confusion, defensiveness and curiosity toward the stranger.

"Right, the Artillery gave it away, we're somewhere near North Africa...Who's this Azrin anyway?"

Cutting across his own quiet rambling and instead, deciding to try and extract some information from the stranger as he followed her, he kept his head low as to avoid chunks of dirt thrown at them from far away, rumbling explosions. Definitely not a leisure park. Who considered getting shot at and blown up as a leisurely activity? Was this really for fun? It felt more like a mix of Non Fiction and a training simulator to him.

"And who are you for that matter?"

A glance to her tag earlier had identified her as 'Maddie' but he doubted that was her real name. Merely one of the personas that Lena would have assigned them upon entering the Holodeck.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @tongieboi @Dree @RyeTanker @rae @Ellen Fitz @ob2lander961
Where the hell is North Africa, anyway? She didn’t have a clue, and right now it didn’t really matter.

Her eyes narrowed at the situation while she walked with purpose; boots caked in mud, stomping into the planks that lined the ground of the crude trench network. It had obviously seen better days, or was constructed in haste. Maybe a fall-back position? Kino couldn’t tell, but it wouldn’t last much longer if the artillery barrage kept up; the walls and bundles of sandbags atop them were in disrepair, pockmarked, soil spilling out – other sections were ruined, smoking as little more than craters. Yea, this looks promising. The sarcastic thought pulled her lips into a frown. Glancing at her new acquaintance, Kino pulled the cigar free with two fingers to answer him but then stopped suddenly – as a whistle grew in the air – and dropped into a crouch by the wall, pulling the Ensign down with her. “Down!”


Dirt and debris rained in a cascade of smoke and dust, littering the two of them. If it had been real, they’d be struggling to pick themselves up, eardrums likely blown out, knocked silly from the concussion; but it wasn’t, so Kino wafted a hand through the air, coughing. “Shit – close one, eh,” she wheezed, then looked him over, and finally returned the cigar between her teeth to brush herself off. “Knowing Red, she's probably the one that roped you into this, intentionally or not. Azrin Ryn? Lieutenant,” she answered in mimicry of Joe’s self-introduction, “engineer, red-head, spots? Super nice to everyone? Ring any bells?” A dark brow rose at him, as the staccato of small-arms fire lulled, nodding at his answer.

Isn’t there a saying from Earth, involving cats and murder, her head tilted quizzically, but she shook the question off almost instantly.

Kino rose, offering a hand down to him, flicking her fingers in a come on gesture. “Up ya get,” she added, glancing around. Once he was back on his feet, her grip tightened slightly in a firm shake and a nod. “I’m Petty Officer Jeen, but you can call me Kino. Hold this a sec,” she released his hand and pulled the ancient helmet from her head. “Gotta see where the hell we are, and where the fuck we’re supposed to go. Take it over that way,” she pointed back down the trench, “stick it on the end of your rifle, like this,” the helmet tilted as she capped it on the business end of his weapon. “Bob it up and down over the lip of the trench, but stay low – I’ll pop up once they start shootin’ ya, and take a peek,” her head and thumb jerked up. “Got it? Off ya go,” she grinned at him, “You’ll be fine – seen it in a ‘vid once.”

There was a world of difference between real world and the holodeck, and…well, she’d never pass up an opportunity to fuck with fresh shiners. Ah, young pips. Gotta love ‘em, the non-com stifled a chuckle as she watched him, throwing a nod and a thumbs up in encouragement. “Yep, stay low like that. Doin’ great Joe,” Kino yelled, then glanced around for something to stand on and found a half empty, open crate of what looked like munitions. Her foot flipped the lid closed, as the tell-tale buzz and snaps of incoming fire increased over the line, following the decoy helmet. “Keep going,” she bellowed, then popped her head up, barely enough to see over the wall between two torn up sandbags.

Infinite hells. Her brows knit at the carnage. What a shit-show. Eyes narrowed as she found her objective, further into the trench network: Azrin, and someone else, dressed…well, her outfit was even more unorthodox for field work than Kino’s was. Then more folks, a pair, only recognizing one. Hah, fuck me – that’s Madsen, she chuckled, then started tracing a path to get to Azrin. Stay right there Red, so I can – waitaminute, Kino blinked, as her eyes locked on another player closer back to where Kino had entered this into mess. The cigar tilted up with a toothy grin, only to vanish as the dirt and bags around her started to explode with incoming fire. Kino ducked, kicked off the crate, and jogged back to Joe. Time to go, she smirked.

“Out-standing, sir!” Kino grinned at him. “C’mon, everyone’s back this way,” she added nonchalantly, returning the helmet to her head as she passed; the day, the sim, even the awkward revealing clothes temporarily forgotten. Right then, she just wanted to catch up to Reika and see that pretty smile of hers.

Less a minute later Kino rounded a corner, glancing back to make sure the Ensign had kept up, then skidded to a stop just in time to avoid running into the Andorian. And there she was, the Trill pulled the cigar from lips curled up in a lopsided smile, SMG resting on her hip. Her eyes took in Reika’s face and outfit at a glance, helmeted head tilting playfully.

“Goin’ my way, beautiful,” Kino asked in a quiet, flirtatious mix of sweetness and mischief, brows lifted, utterly ignoring the chaos going on around her – as the tenseness of it all fled away for a few beats of her heart – then she remembered where she was, and who was around. The non-com cleared her throat, hooking a thumb over her shoulder at the brown eyed human. “Ensign Joe Adams,” she named him, then gestured to Reika with a subdued wink, “Lieutenant Reika Sh’laan. The rest of the gang’s this way,” her head nodded to the side – down an even wider trench – with a lopsided smile, but her eyes showed what she really wanted to say, lingering on glacial blues.

After another slow nod, Kino chomped back down on her cigar, lowering the SMG. “Shall we?”

[Squad rally point]

“Got three more for the cause,” Kino announced with a chuckle as they walked up to everyone – blinking at the other Andorian’s outfit – before locking her eyes with Azrin's for the briefest of seconds, while the engineer did…Azrin things. Kino took a breath, knowing the odds of keeping her fellow Trill’s attention was low. The cigar came out between two fingers that pointed right at the over caffeinated, red-headed bundle of energy, following her movements. "How bout a little warning next time, Red – before you drag someone into your shenanigans, please,” her tone was light, but holding the slightest edge, but ended in a chortle of amusement.

She lifted her chin with a smirk to Madsen, glad to see the CDO again; a brow arched at the lightly bearded pimp at her side though, even as he nodded politely to her. The non-com returned the gesture, amused at Madsen’s revelation and his comment, especially.

“This’ll be a good time,” Kino grunted to no one in particular, even as her eyes and head turned sidelong to Reika, who seemed a bit uneasy, as far as she could tell. I really need to figure out what those antennae are trying to tell me, the Trill frowned quickly, but knew that knowledge would come with time and familiarity.

“Hey,” she whispered, brows knitting in concern. “You okay?”

OOC - just moving things along – my apologies if I stepped on toes – and thank you to @tongieboi for playing along

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[ENS. Joseph Adams | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @EllenFitz @RyeTanker @rae @Dumedion and everyone in-between

Mostly rolling with whatever the situation threw his way, or wherever the Trill saw fit to ragdoll the poor man, Joe winced as he was pulled down, to his credit though, he didn't wince as much when the artillery shell exploded, although he did crease at being showered with dirt.

"Bloody hell!"

Came the holler, as he somehow miraculously managed to keep a hold on his weapon. Raising it for a moment, he looked around, as if expecting another bomb to fall on their heads.

"Good thing the safeties are on, eh..."

He mused, before turning to Kino. Her description was definitely familiar. Recognition on his face, he nodded.

"Red hair, Spots, sounds like Trill Lady."

He confirmed before commiting the name to memory. Azrin was far more suitable than 'Trill Lady', if recent events had proven anything, it was that the nickname wouldn't get him very far. Standing at her command, he returned her handshake, if still a little disoriented by the explosion and sudden fall. After which, he brushed himself down as best he could, at least until a helmet was shoved in his hands.


Bombarded with information all at once, he shrugged and began to lift the helmet on the end of his rifle. Doing as he was told, although he had a sneaking suspicion that she'd deliberately been screwing with him, particularly about the part where she'd seen all this in a Holo-Vid.

Swearing loudly as a lucky shot hit the helmet, making a loud noise, much akin to a metallic tap. except obviously much louder. At least they were shooting at the helmet rather than her....Although would that have been so bad? It would be like one of those old BB-Guns for the most part, a sharp pain but ultimately harmless. Maybe she deserved it-

A small shake of his head, they were on the same side after all.

By the time Kino regrouped with Joe, he'd become a little more relaxed as he acclimatised to the warzone. Even taunting the enemy soldiers as he waved his psuedo-soldier from side to side.


Turning to Kino, he lowered the now battered helmet, glancing at it, then at her.

"War is hell."

Removing the helmet, he offered it back, although doubted she'd want it. It had been utterly hammered by enemy fire and only just resembled its original shape. Proven wrong when she scooped it up and returned it to her head, he shrugged lightly, stepping aside and letting the Trill lead.

"Never make me do that again, that was terrifying."

The grin betraying him, he followed it with a small whack of his rifle, hardly enough to hurt, but certainly to get the point across. A shake of his head, he sped to catch up with Kino, particularly at the last corner, where he emerged about 3 seconds later. His gaze scanning across the trench and the other stranger. He offered a small wave at Kino's introduction, however remained a mostly silent third wheel as they rejoined the group at the rally point.

[Squad rally point]

Having sidestepped both Trill and Andorian, he looked around the trench. Taking in the faces of the rest of the group, particularly the redhead who had neglected to inform him that it was a War Simulation. He wasn't sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn't that!

Still, he supposed he could roll with it, it had worked so far. Aside from the bit where he nearly got blew up. Or the other bit where he'd acted as bait.

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[ Lt Reika Sh’laan  | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy Attn: @tongieboi  @rae  @Dumedion  @Ellen Fitz  @RyeTanker @ob2lander961  and All

Reika, heart aflutter from the unexpected nature of the simulation, was still brushing herself off from the clods of dirt and dust which hung in the air from the onslaught of nearby mortars that had shaken the earth around and underneath her feet when a Trill with distinctively silver hair and dark eyebrows barely avoided running into her.

And the Andorian’s face which had been drawn in from the loudness of the bombardment and spray of the dirt, opened up into a surprised and wide grin.  And as her eyes took in the cigar and the whole outfit that Kino was - or wasn’t as the case may be - wearing her eyes lit up in an amused twinkle.  Her hands balled into two fists and found their way onto her hips hidden by the bulkiness of her costume.

Goin’ my way, beautiful?

Reika loved the playful and yet gentle tone in which her paramour spoke and her heart fluttered all the more - but this time for an entirely pleasurable reason.  “I’d follow you anywhere,” she said breathlessly just before she saw another figure rush into view.  Her hand flew to the hilt of her pistol.

But apparently, this bushy eye-browed man was with Kino.  Removing the heel of her hand from the pistol, instead, she nodded at the human at Kino’s introduction.  “Nice to meet ya, Joe,” she said in answer to his wave.

Joe preceded the women down the trench, and after he turned, Reika kissed the air in Kino’s direction, understanding the look she had cast toward the Andorian.

[Squad Rally Point]

By the time they made it into the submerged meeting room which would have easily come down on their heads with a direct hit from a mortar, Reika was starting to heat up. 

Wherever this, “Africa” was, it was hot and under the multiple layers of costume, the Andorian was starting to feel the affects of both the internal and external heat.  She shed the large brown coat and the green uniform jacket as well as the leather hat, but she decided to keep the white scarf as she found it rather fetching.

Discovering a nook, she tucked them inside, in case she would need them later.  She grasped the first button that she had done up on the white shirt pulling it away from her body and back toward it for ten to twenty seconds creating some airflow underneath the shirt.  Spots of perspiration were already starting to make some areas on the white shirt appear more translucent than others.

Once that was done, she needed to get her bearings on who was there - who did she know.  She knew Zark and Via.  That should be interesting.  Joe Adams, and of course Kino.  There was a redheaded trill with whom Reika was not yet acquainted, and then there was an unfamiliar female human female facing the Andorian with a tall slender male facing away from Reika, but it only took a moment - even from the back - for her to identify Hirek and her stomach tied itself in knots.

While his intentions toward Reika at the beginning of the night several days before were absolutely honorable, his exhibition and the subsequent prattle which had made the Andorian very uncomfortable - despite ‘acting’ her way out of it, didn’t sit well with her.  And how many people here would have heard the rumors … and then there was Kino.

It was all innocent and she really did think that Kino would understand, but there likely wouldn’t be time to explain things here.  And if Hirek decides to continue the charade … I don’t even want to think about it.

But her thoughts were interrupted by, “Hey, you okay?

Reika looked up and opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out for several seconds.  “I’ll be okay.  Just had a run-in with the Romulan,” Reika inclined her head toward Hirek’s back, “a couple of days ago.  He was trying to help, but …”  Her voice trailed off not sure how to explain things both quickly and thoroughly.  “I’ll tell you about it later, okay?” she smiled a consoling smile at the Trill.  “It’ll be fine,” she said as much to herself as to Kino, brushing her fingers reassuringly across Kino’s hand.  "I'm looking forward to this," she said with a wink.
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[ Lt Rhys Williams (aka Cpt Frank Lee) | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | attn: @tongieboi @rae @Dumedion @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @ob2lander961 @Dree  (etc)

Rhys had been going stir crazy when Zark had relayed Via’s invitation to him. The name wasn’t sounding familiar, but frankly Rhys had had enough of sitting in his office slaving over psychological profiles and numerous reports. Considering the events the crew had been through his work was picking up and up. Also it would give him the opportunity to continue his mission of social self-improvement.

It was for this reason that Rhys found himself stepping into Holodeck 3. He was initially concerned that something was wrong with the holodeck as all he could see was a bright white light. He had been just about to call out to the computer when the programme became clear. He found himself staring at a concrete ceiling on a bed that was decidedly uncomfortable. He cautiously raised himself off the itchy mattress and it was then that he noticed in horror that he was in an old style medical gown. It felt distinctly breezy around the back, his face went pink and he muttered. “What have you got me into Zark?”   It was then that a woman with a  soft British accent appeared and outlined the scenario. “I see.” He said simply. It certainly seemed interesting and history even counterfactual history like this was right in his area of interest.

“Hmm I suppose something random?” The roleplaying angle certainly was intriguing but Rhys had never really given his creative muscles much of a workout before. Soon around him materialised, what was clearly going to be his outfit for the festivities. Trousers in the olive coloured drab of the 1940’s British army. An off white buttoned up shirt underneath a rather battered looking brown leather jacket. In his hands materialised an unusual looking gun. It looked like it had been made out of a tube and pressed pieces of sheet metal. Its magazine stuck out of the barrel sideways. “A Sten gun?” He said uncertainly.

The holographic woman responded. “Indeed. A Cheap and easy to maintain sub-caliber machine gun.”

“Um Thanks?” Said Rhys with even more uncertainty.

“You are Captain Frank Lee. Formlerly of the Commandos now part of Britain’s Special Operations Executive.” A Captain was not a good match for a man so averse to taking charge that was for sure. “Known for your tendency to get the job done by any means necessary…”
“Your Ruthlessness…”
“I am not sure…”
“Your utter self confidence…”
“Well… I…”
“You’re authorative…”
“OK ok… that’s enough.” He said interjecting. “I’ll work it out for myself I am sure.”

Rhys could not think of a character to role play who was more unlike himself. However, it was jut a game he would have to work it out himself. Once existing the room he saw the trench system and a youngster dressed as a French private. The trenches brought back unpleasant memories of what had happened to Stellan in his own First World War programme. This thought did not last long as an Artillery shell landed near, forcing most of him to take cover.

[Squad Rally Point]

Advancing through the trenches he eventually caught up with the others despite accidently heading the wrong way a couple of times. When he saw them, he stood stock still there was Zark dressed in a frighteningly sexy outfit, he tried to be polite and not focus on that too much. Kino the Trill from the birthday party party who he doubted would be happy to see him again. Hirek was there because of course he was. Everywhere the young Welshman chose to go that baffling man was in attendance. There were others to who he only vaguely knew or didn’t know at all. Despite his nervousness he never the less put on a passable Norther English accent, his voice deepening and getting harsher. “Captain Frank Lee… reporting for duty.” He said looking around him and trying not to look uncertain.

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Personal Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @ob2lander961 @tongieboi @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Dree @Ellen Fitz @Juzzie

The invitation itself was confusing. Though considering who it originated from, that in and of itself wasn’t surprising. She has met Ensign Wix in two separate instances now, and had found the young human’s speech patterns to be as baffling as they were unique. All that aside, Nysari was more interested in who had forwarded the message to her. Over the past week, she had been collecting an ever-growing number of bruises, new layering above the old, once clear blue skin now marred with angry splotches of purple and black. A considerable portion of her morning routine was now dedicated to various creams and ointments to accelerate the healing process. Injuries that never warranted a trip to sickbay on their own, but were rapidly compounding to the point where they would. Since the diplomat had spent a month on Qo’noS without any issue, she could only surmise that the danger came from her new colleagues among the Theurgy’s crew. Now Zark, who had the unlucky distinction of being present for the majority of the week’s disasters, was inviting her to a holodeck program, along with many other familiar faces from different excursions.

Maybe disaster was so common on this ship that they didn’t even worry about it in the aftermath. Now that was a sobering thought. Not that it mattered. Of course she was going to attend. Getting to know the crew was part of her job. Those connections helped her predict – and counter – their worst impulses. While not as flamboyant a waving a phaser around, it was how Nysari chose to keep them safe.

Besides, what could go wrong in a holodeck? There were safety programs in place.

Since Wix hadn’t given any instructions on clothing, Nysari opted to continue with the casual clothes she’d already had on, assuming she could use the holodeck to fix any fashion faux-pas when she arrived. What she was not expecting was for the program to beam her away as soon as she was through the archway, leaving her clothes behind and an old hospital gown in it’s place. “That is not going to do.”

“Welcome! You must be a friend of Charles. My name is Lena…”

Even though it would certainly make her late, Nysari took her time choosing a character, tailoring the backstory to her liking and picking her costume. The Andorian had spent a decent amount of time on Earth, the past few years spent living on the continent where this war was primarily fought, so she had a decent idea of the true history this game was rewriting. Her hair had been curled and pinned neatly, a white button-up blouse with a brightly colored scarf tied around her neck, and trousers belted at the waist, and sensible boots. Her accessory was a notepad, having chosen the path of an embedded reporter. No guns necessary.

But this was still the Theurgy, so it took all of three seconds for her plan to fall apart.

The program spit her out into a war zone, the nasty kind of land battle where one could spend years fighting for a few meters between two heavily entrenched opponents. The first person she saw was Zark, the other Andorian immediately visible in a game populated by human computer-generated characters. Next to her was a trill – Lieutenant Ryn – dressed in some sort of lab coat, dirty and frazzled like the game hadn’t been kind of her so far. Ryn was talking in her usual animated fashion, “Why does everyone keep asking me that! When was the last time you slept? It’s not time to sleep yet! It’s only… uh… what time is it anyway?” The engineer looked up at the sky, as though the simulated sun could tell her the local time on the Theurgy. Others from the crew were also approaching, this was a well-attended simulation. “I asked if you wanted to come!” she told Kino with a grin, looking back at the others. “I didn’t know what it was going to be either. That’s part of the surprise!”

Nysari took one step towards them – just one! – when the whole area around her blew up. It hurt. Right at the limit of what the safety protocols would allow, shocking power running through her limbs as though she’d been struck by lightning rather than bombed. Her eyes were forced closed by the light, a flash of red followed by blinding white. Who had designed this program to make it actually hurt?

“Molly Howard has been killed by enemy fire,” Lena’s disembodied voice spoke from nowhere. “Since the player has already left the character creation zone, a new character will be assigned at random.”

Nysari felt the transporter take hold of her again, the beam releasing her a few feet to the left, just to the side of the smoking crater when she’d stood a few moments earlier. Her carefully picked attire was gone, replaced with grimy military fatigues. Green shirt unbuttoned to reveal a worn tank top beneath, pants and boots caked with mud. A pistol and a wickedly long knife were strapped to her sides, and some sort of rifle hung across her back. “What the…” she muttered, plucking the two metallic tags that hung from a chain around her neck. She could feel raised indentions as though something was written on them, but apparently the jewelry had also taken a mud bath, so she couldn’t make out the words. “Lena, why was I not given a new character similar to my original one?”

“Characters are assigned at random.” The computer repeated. “You are now Major Élise Mathieu of the French Foreign Legion.”

“Perfect.” For once, she didn’t even try to hide her distaste as she finally made it to the others. “Try not to die. It is unpleasant.”

OOC: Just making sure that Kino can't go kill herself to fix her character  (laugh)

So I remember everyone’s alter egos –

-   Via:
-   Azrin: Caoimhe O’Shea, Nuclear physicist
-   Joe: ---, Mechanic
-   Zark: Samantha Leyoux, Spy
-   Kino: Maddie Greene, Miss USO
-   Reika: Heather Lambert, Pilot
-   Enyd: Hannie Schaft, Dutch resistance
-   Hirek: ---, USO Manager
-   Rhys: Cpt Frank Lee, British SpecOps
-   Nysari: Major Élise Mathieu, French Foreign Legion

Apparently a Major in the French Foreign Legion is an NCO, because… France.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]

@ob2lander961 @Dumedion @rae @GroundPetrel  @Dree @Ellen Fitz

Zark gave the red headed trill an incredulous look as she planted hands on her hips.  "How does that even work? You can't even tell what time or even what day it is.  If I were to ask you for the stardate, could you answer that?  Don't forget that takes the time into account."  Zark threw her hands up into the air. "Azrin, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and say you're looking for a way to burn off what remaining energy you have so you can go to sleep later.  Even if it means I have to drag you to your quarters in this ridiculous getup."  As soon as those words left the Andorian's mouth, she fixed the engineer with a stern mien.  This was actually to cover up the fact that she was sure someone was going to assume Zark would be doing crazy kinky things to the engineer.  On the other hand, that could also account for the craziness from both of them.  On the other hand, if it meant the good health of the engineer, then so be it, people could think whatever they wanted.  She was going to enlighten Azrin to this little fact when the grease monkey spotted someone else and bounded over to the familiar white haired form Kino Jeen. 

Zark sighed and decided to head in that direction when more people began arriving.  The first to get spotted was one of the primary invitees.  Making her way to where Reika was standing, Zark was starting to get an interesting eye full of levels of camaraderie that her and Kino had asceneded to.  The Zhen quirked an eye brow at this since it implied but didn't confirm some things about the Shen's relationship status back on Andoria.  Given Zark's peculiarities about her freedom of affection though, the Shen's attitude was more of a happy curiosity than anything else and she raised her hand to wave a greeting.  Her mouth dropped open to verbalize this when Enyd walked up.

Zark's mouth closed with a smile as she got ready to charge her friend, but promptly stopped when she spotted the person next to her and the blue eye lids promptly narrowed at the sight of the Romulan.  The Luger came out out of it's holster in one smooth motion and the sight quickly settled on the smug forehead.  Pressure was being applied to the trigger when Enyd's gave the warning about the consequences of friendly fire.  The pressure stopped for just an instant, then Hirek opened his mouth and as soon as he finished, the blue hand applied what pressure was needed and the Luger barked. Hirek flipped backwards, but no fountain of blood appeared.  The hat on his head though had now seen much better days as it hit the ground and there was a massive gash across the top. "Hirek, annoy her and I'll make sure my aim isn't that bad next time." "Samantha Leyoux, please be mindful of where you are firing your weapon. Friendly fire will result in your character's termination, requiring a reset." The Andorian gave a cold smile at the warning. "Noted. Thank you Lena."

The Luger went back into it's holster and Zark set about tying her hair into a loose bun on to of her head and resumed her way towards Enyd to say hi properly when a delicious sight entered her vision.  Rhys Williams, decked out in a bad boy army outfit.  If he'd been left in just the Khaki uniform, that would have warranted the usual greeting of a very public and salacious public display of affection.  Lot of grabbing, rubbing, kissing, more grabbing and the like.  It was too bad he was so shy since he wore the tough guy really well.  With that leather jacket and metal hardware in his hands though.  Zark smiled as she bit her lower lip and began to make a dash for the Welshman to knock his ass to the ground, then proceed with all the hard grippy physical contact that close friends were able to inflict on one another.

Which didn't help Nysari at all when she rounded the corner.  Although dressed somewhat more sensibly drab than Rhys, it was just so out of character for the diplomat and a part of Zark just couldn't help but find it exciting as she detoured passed the no doubt stunned Welshman and beelined for her fellow Zhen instead.  The medic had built up a decent amount of speed when she jumped at the other Zhen and her arms wrapped around her neck before the rest of her body smashed into Nysari's and dropped both of them to the ground with Zark crushing the unfortunate diplomat underneath before going ahead and expressing her happiness at having the invitation accepted.  "By Lor'vela!  I'm soooooo glad! You made it! I was so worried you weren't going to show!"  The medic enthused as she rubbed her face against the diplomat's with an extreme case of excited affection before pulling back and sitting up to straddle the person she'd just crushed.  As she gave the kid in a candy shop smile, Zark took a moment to look over the character that Nysari was dressed as while she lay there and tried to recover. The combat medic's face quickly turned puzzled as she got off to help the other Zhen up. "Nysari. How do you have more guns and equipment than I do, and what are you doing with guns in the first place?"

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @EllenFitz @RyeTanker @raeAll who dares [Show/Hide]

The boy soldier counted 9. 9 mismatched troops that looked more like a traveling theater cast than an actual military unit, whom were supposed to turn the tide of the battle if the rumors were to be true. Of course, he learned early on it wasn't his place to question such things, he had his orders. If he tallied any further his major would certainly punish him with trench duty.

Vien mes amis. We must go. There is no time to talk. He beckoned the group and lead them through the trench network. Shells would be flying overhead. Planes of various configurations would be battling for the skies while the soldiers on the ground braced themselves in their fortifications covered in blood, sweat, and sand just barely clinging to the sanity they had left. It was truly an authentic experience. The dirt from shells landing would spray all over the squad, they would have to bypass soldiers who were moving to direct their fire over the trenches. Some injured from burns who were left behind tried grabbing at some of the squad for help but would quickly succumb to their wounds. The sounds of screaming and crying, pained and sorrowful would fill their ears as they passed a few pill boxes. The sounds of a torch lighting up and the mechanical hydraulics of machines stopping would be heard as well in addition to the screaming cries of German soldiers.

It would only take 2 minutes to reach the forward command post. It was in a middle of an intersection linking all the trench systems together. Trench walls would surround all sides with MG guns and soldiers' rifles pointed outwards towards the frontline. A camo net, tan colored would be in the center, surrounded by sandbags, a table, a map, and various other strategic items needed to ensure effective control of the battlespace. The Commandant, a man in his mid-30s, wearing a terribly dirty officer's uniform would be relaying his orders to runners and radio men who occupied the same area he was in. Shells, explosions, and gunfire filled the air so everyone was yelling at the top of their lungs. The Private led the squad up to him. It took the Commandant a second to notice them but when he did he didn't seem too impressed.

"What is this huh? Did the all-powerful Entente only have enough to send a traveling brothel and a few guns?! Merde! Where are the tanks I asked for?! My men are dy-"

A yell from the distance. Several bright white lights appeared in the sky. A legion soldier in the distance scream

"Feu Blanc!!!" which would be repeated down the line followed by scrambling panic. The several bright lights would then split off into several smaller ones, slowly falling to the ground rather peacefully. One could say the sight was rather beautiful and unchaotic compared to the surroundings. As the lights drifted to the surface the Commandant would rush out of the canopy and look up at the sky.

"Merde!! I thought we took out their base! Do not touch the lights if you want to live." By the time he said that the lights that now looked like balls of flame started to land. Men started to scream once more in utter pain. Crates of explosives would ignite and cook off sending shrapnel everywhere causing the ones who weren't on fire to rush to the ground. It was pandemonium. Several more objects would be thrown over the trench that would let out a concussive blast that threw the squad every which way leading to some bruises but not much else.  Then in the chaos, the sound of flamers would be heard once more, standing over the trenches were figures dressed in grey-black trench coats, gas masks, and carrying rifles along flamethrowers. They let their flames loose and started torching the cowering legionnaires. The ones who were far enough started to start to fight back but as of now, it was just the squad, a few French support personnel, and the commandant vs a German Flame Squad.

"HAHAHA!! BURN IN THE NAME OF THE GERMAN EMPIRE!! HAHA!" A rather comically evil voice came from what appeared to be the lead flametrooper who stood taller than the rest. "ALL OF ENTENTE WILL FALL LIKE PARIS! YOUR SPECIAL SQUAD IS NOT A MATCH FOR SUPERIOR GERMAN FLAME ENGINE-" Suddenly a shell would pierce his body and mask causing him to burn alive screaming the explode. Stunned, his comrades looked towards where it came from and it was Via standing over the trench, holding a grenade launcher, looking like she just won a prize at the carnival.

"Shit balls!! Did you guys see that!? See that bitch ass, suck it!! Eat BOOM!!" She giggled as the smoke cleared leaving only a bloody spot on the sand.

"She killed the Feldwebel!! Kill the dogs!!" The Germans entered the trench and started firing again. Via jumped into the hub with everyone else and pulled out an assault rifle that was probably not period accurate from a sling on her back. She was wearing a US Army Field uniform, unbuttoned with an undershirt or bra with dog tags hanging down her neck. There were several places for cover within the trench ranging from crates to craters. Via found herself in one of them firing back at the Germans. The French command team was doing the same.

Whether it was bad luck or lack of attention a small stray white light would land on Rhys's uniform, immediately catching alight his leather jacket.

There were Germans visible and more coming in the rear filling the trenches. The squad would have to fight them off if they were to continue with their own mission and talk with the commandant. A task that should be easy for a squad of elite Entente forces.

"This shit is cool as hell!! Boom!!" Via shot another grenade taking out several Germans. "Y'all ain't out shootin' me!" She directed the comment to the other players.

OOC: Ok let me know if you have any questions! Imagine if yall are in a pretty big circle with a bunch of random cover, craters, etc in it. The Germans are pouring over the trench from one direction with more on the way. Think of this like call of duty. Kill as many as you want in whatever way you want. Work together for style points, but by my next post, all the Germans will be dead. Feel free to call out or interact with Via or the French Troops too for funny stuff if you want. Post as many times as you want to.

Have fun!

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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @rae @ob2lander961 @tongieboi @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Dree @Ellen Fitz @Juzzie [Show/Hide]

Alana was headed now to Holodeck 3, something Zark had sent her way. Not really sure what was going down, she thought back to how earlier she'd rolled over in bed and awoke to the blinking of her monitor with a simple message. 'Come to the holodeck 3 for an invite from Via and a holonovel of sorts.'

Didn't take that long for her to finally arrive at the Arch in the corridor. Still slightly confused as to the parameters and the storyline, she stepped in and kept her person at the console to see what it was she'd just stepped into. From what it appeared to her was essentially a World War 2 like program.

"Computer, what is this program?"



'Hello and welcome. Character selection is becoming limited. Who will you play as?' the holo-woman stated as she presented options to Commander Pierce.

She scrolled her fingers across the displayed datapads before her before coming to one that piqued her interest. "That one."

'Accessing...You are American Decorated military Captain Ruby "Blaze" Whitten. You are a trained intelligence field agent. Please proceed to changing room.'

Pierce stepped in and saw the green uniform, white shirt and tie along with a hat and short sleeves. She began to put the uniform on and get it straightened as she took note of how good she looked. Strikingly so. She smiled and began to step into the program which was still active and was placed down the hallway from Zark. As the transporter finished materializing her in place, she looked around at the surroundings.

"Heya Zark...nice outfit." She smirked admiring the Andorian woman. "So what'd I miss?"

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[ENS. Joseph Adams | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @EllenFitz @RyeTanker @rae @Dumedion and everyone in-between

Led by the boy who seemed both stunned and perhaps a little worried at their appearance, the Transport Officer frowned slightly. What, they didn't look professional enough?! Even though his concerns were very valid, he decided not to bring up the odd stare sent his way, instead choosing to wordlessly be led onward to the Forward Command Base. Taking in the scene once they arrived after the short walk.

And again, the holo-characters questioned their completely professional and in no way unbefitting appearance for hardened soldiers meant to turn the tide of the battle in their favor! He'd be offended if the Commandant wasn't also exactly right. Still, he decided to mess with their commanding officer a little. And perhaps imply to the holoprogram that he would very much like to drive a tank.

"Yeah, where are the tanks? We must've left them behind..."

The remark and ever so slight smile was cut off at the French cry along the ranks. He knew Blanc meant white, of course, and looking upon the lights, he was starting to figure out what 'Feu' meant too.

Taking the Commandant's advice to heart, he staggered backwards to avoid a ball of flame that strayed too close for his liking, then unslung his weapon at the sound of comically evil German villainy to his left. Only for the lead Flamethrower wielding maniac to get blown to bits by arguably, a much more dangerous maniac. Staring incredulously for a moment, he almost forgot they were under attack, until the Germans began to enter the trenches.

A grin at the challenge, he decided not to concern himself with small things like 'Via having a weapon far more advanced than his own' and instead, pulled the bolt into position. Crouching behind a crate as the horde of soldiers advanced upon them.

"You're on!"

And with that, he started firing, aiming for the 1st 'layer' of German soldiers and firing. Only pausing to reload his weapon or duck for cover. He wasn't exactly keeping score of which soldiers he wounded and which soldiers fell. Most of his effort was directed towards praying that his weapon didn't jam. He'd heard that ballistic weapons sometimes did that.

The weight of the weapon, while much lighter than he expected, was still heavier than the phaser weapons he was used to using, so for the first few shots, his aim seemed to waver, striking soldiers in the legs as opposed to centre mass, as he adjusted himself to compensate for the metal and wooden casing that weighed much more than the plastic like material that made up a phaser rifle, something he found much easier to hold.


He apologised with each shot that did not immediately incapacitate or kill the opposing soldier, only to then finish them off with a more accurate shot. It seemed he was killing the Germans as politely as possible.

As his aim improved, the odd apology became more rare, replaced by a focused expression as his carbine filled the air with the explosion of its .30 rounds forcing their way from the gun and into their targets, or, occasionally, the cover they were hiding behind.

"Come on, how many of you are there?!"

He complained, ducking behind his crate as he reloaded once more. Catching sight of a German Flametrooper, he raised his weapon, aimed for the head, missed and hit the propane tank on his back instead. It was harder to both raise the weapon higher and keep it steady. He didn't even have the time to apologise to the soldier he'd just doomed. His shot illicited panicked german yelling as the trooper tried to take off the canister and the gas inside hissed and ignited.

Turning away to avoid the sight of the explosion, he winced, he really hadn't meant to do that.

Raising himself above the crate, he began to continue to fire on the Germans, although by now the fire seemed to have calmed down. Meaning there weren't as many combatants left.

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[ Lt Rhys Williams (aka Cpt Frank Lee) | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @tongieboi @rae @ob2lander961 @Dree @GroundPetrel @Pierce

Rhys could not stop the strong feeling that it was going to be one of those days when he would regret agreeing to socialise with the rest of the crew. It seemed his feelings were well founded when Zark spotted him. She game bounding towards him like an over excited Alsatian. He opened his arms to receive what would no doubt be a cross between a tackle and a hug. However, the poor Welshman was left standing with his arms embarrassingly wide as she barrelled past him and tackled another Andorian who he did not recognise to the ground. Rhys tried to turn his obvious hug gesture into an awkward stretch, but it was pretty obvious what had occurred. There was the sense of relief that he wasn’t going to get bruised by Zark’s greeting and a sense of obvious disappointment. He tried not to let it show.

“Hello Zark.” He simply said and moved away from where she was straddling the Andorian she had identified as ‘Nysari’ with as much dignity as he could muster.

The boy soldier Rhys decided on some level was his spirit animal. He looked at the collection of, to be frank weirdos who had come to help them with deep confusion and uncertainty. The hologram was however quite good at playing this off. Rhys found himself looking at everyone around him and felt the slightly distressing feeling of being a square peg in a round hole. The intense feeling that he really didn’t fit in here and on some level, he was trying to force himself to.

He followed deciding that Frank Lee was probably the strong silent type, so Rhys would have to do as little acting as possible. He kept his head down as best he could, as projectiles screamed and whizzed and sometimes even sizzled overhead. He gripped the Sten gun tightly; it was an awkward thing. Its magazine stuck out the side and there was no really good way to carry it, which ever way he did it banged into his body in awkward ways.

They were eventually led to the Commandant. His derision was obvious, and Rhys wasn’t sure he could blame him, though the mention of a ‘traveling brothel’ seemed over the top… he looked around at his colleagues well maybe there was a point there to. He said nothing, he stood there being strong and silent.

Their impromptu conversation with the commandant was cut short by white balls of fire crashing into their defences. One sent a crate narrowly flying over Rhys’ shoulder. Then the Germans came, more cartoonishly evil than the worst Hollywood action film. Rhys normally good at keeping his thoughts to himself, vocally groaned and rolled his eyes. One of the others who he didn’t really know then proceeded to kill the leader with a grenade launcher. She reacted with excitement and Rhys half expected in the smoking hole where their leader had been to see a pair of boots. It would have been cartoonish after all. This seemed to annoy the Germans who now piled into the trench.

Some of the white light or fire landed on Rhys’ back as he crouched down below the level of the trench. “Fucking hell…” Of course, it was likely the holosuite safeties were on, but Rhys reacted instinctively. Shrugging off the coat and launching it at the nearest German soldier. This was annoying to Rhys, the coat was the only part of the outfit he had been kind of ok with. He wondered if his liking of leather coats was a sign of an early midlife crisis. However, the stress of being in this social situation, and the discomfort of feeling like he did not fit in began to manifest in anger. Forgetting any of his weapons he leapt on the German who now had Rhys’ coat over his head and began to pummel the man repeatedly with his fists. “I liked that coat you bastard!” Yelled Rhys his fists raining down on the man’s head as he folded to the ground under Rhys’ weight. The poor man began begging pathetically in German before the shy unassuming counsellor beat him unconscious.

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[ Hirek tr’Aimne | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 |  USS Theurgy] attn: @Pierce  @rae  @ob2lander961  @tongieboi  @RyeTanker  @Dumedion  @Dree   @Juzzie 

By the time they made it to the trench and immediately came under attack, Hirek had figured out the general nuances of this program and its rules. That certain members of his crewmates engaged in this type of holographic “game” for fun amused him more than it concerned him. In more ways than one, direct violence acted out on a battlefield was a far healthier expression of pent-up stress than maneuvering through the typical machinations of a Romulan drama—at least in his opinion. The expenditure of cortisol as they worked to survive and the burst of serotonin whenever they achieved a mission, and all without the risk of actual death, was quite the set-up. For those of a more competitive nature—he was surprised Talia was not among the group—the effort to remain alive with the original character and to get more “points” with death counts of objectives achieved was likewise a dopamine rush.

Unarmed as he was because of the nature of his second character, Hirek had little choice but to follow the others as an observer until opportunity supplied him with a weapon. The extreme violence enacted on their foes by certain members of their group—namely the pilot Via had Hirek raising an eyebrow in curiosity. He couldn’t recall hearing many stories about humans gaining gleeful pleasure from dealing out death. Yet, it seemed even those of a more reserved nature—this Joseph Adams playing a mechanic and even Rhys, as Captain Frank Lee—were warming up to the context of the program and responding aptly to violence with more violence. Not for the first time, Hirek found Rhys' latent streak of aggression more than a little thrilling.

It did not surprise Hirek in the slightest that Enyd was quick to respond to the ferocity of their ambush, taking up position near Zark, and calmly ending programmed enemy lives with well-aimed shots. Having met and worked with both her parents back on Romulus, seeing Enyd respond with cold, calculated movements instead of giving over to the rush of adrenaline or emotions brought a bizarre sense of pride to Hirek. Undoubtedly, neither Enyd nor most among their group would find his fraternal satisfaction in her efforts something to be happy about. Especially in light of the fact that only Pierce knew Hirek had been the one to kill Enyd's father when the Intelligence officer had forced him to to ensure their mission’s success.

Hirek ducked his head down as a shower of dirt rained on their position. In a way, it fit that Hirek’s character was deemed useless in a place of violence only in that he was finding it was most intriguing, watching his comrades respond to the programmed stress, and was more content—for the time being—observing the unfolding bedlam than in contributing to its cessation. However, the gratified pleasure of watching and cataloging his comrades' actions and emotions shamelessly ended when he noticed a few of the programmed enemies about to flank their position. A few of their group were on the side of the trench closest to where they would be overrun—if immediate action was not taken—and Hirek was most focused on Pierce or Ruby Whitten as her character had been identified.

Pushing off the balls of his feet, Hirek rushed to her position and grabbed her voluptuous body against his, twisting his torso as he made himself as a shield. Just then, Hirek heard the flanking enemies reach the precipice of the trench behind him, calling out threats to his comrades just moments before unleashing a volley of projectiles. The program allowed the pain of the expected projectiles to wrack through his body as they entered his legs and torso. With no knowledge of the speed of the projectiles to begin with, Hirek had hoped that his body would have acted as a shield enough to prevent wounding or death to Pierce. However, at the first painful entrance of the project into his thigh, the bullet carrying through to embed in the ground in front of them, Hirek knew that his body may have prevented some bullets from getting to Pierce. Still, likely not all, merely slowing down those that may have made it to her.

His body grew numb, stunned momentarily as his character “died,” causing him to fall atop Pierce as they both slammed onto the ground. Still stunned in body but certainly not in mind, Hirek mentally grinned when his face landed between the cushion of her breasts.

[Lenny Boswork has been killed. Player, please remain in position while a new character is generated.]

Finally granted the ability to move his limbs, Hirek pulled his arms out from under Pierce’s body and pushed the bulk of his weight off her chest, giving the woman a bright smile and a wink. He doubted she’d let him remain in quite THIS position while a new character was created, but letting her decide was part of the fun.

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[ Lt. Azrin Ryn, AKA Caoimhe O’Shea, thinks sleep is for the weak | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Ellen Fitz @ob2lander961 @Pierce @Juzzie @Dree @tongieboi

“We’re in space! Or- um- wherever this is? There was a program introduction but it was all gibberish. I never took any pre-warp history lessons about Earth. Anyway, time is relative to whatever planet you’re on. Seventeen Earth days is only one day on Trela II. Those people had some serious coffee.” Azrin was babbling, a well of endless facts that could have led her deflection on for quite a bit longer, but thankfully some new arrivals drew Zark’s attention.

None of them, Azrin noticed, were dressed like her, though the getups were really varied. The shirt, pants, and boots seemed standard enough, but the program had generated a white starched coat for her, which seemed wildly out of place in this setting, especially when combined with Azrin’s own propensity for getting dirty. Like wearing a dress uniform in the Jefferies tubes. Must be a human thing. Did that make dress uniforms a human idea? Naw, she had memories of plenty of uncomfortable clothes from before the Federation even existed.

Azrin waved cheerfully to everyone she knew, but her greetings were overshadowed by Zark, who was tackling people. Luckily for the other Andorian, Zark wasn’t in a pretzel mood, though Nysari still didn’t look happy. “I was killed moments after entering the simulation and assigned a character at random.” How someone managed to sound so dignified while straddled on the ground, Azrin would never figure out. “If you would like them. Please take them.” Once on her feet, Nysari started stripping off weapons and offering them to whoever wanted one.

She didn’t know much about ancient projectile weapons, so Azrin took one out of interest, completely dismantling it as they followed the boy to the command post. “Not even a power supply,” she complained, flicking the firing pin at Kino. The other parts were laying in a line behind her. “We can make something so much better than this with the stuff laying around here. Ancient Earth is boring!”

So naturally, a bunch of dudes with flamethrowers showed up, like the computer had heard her comment and was course correcting. Azrin laughed in the leader’s face at his over acted pronouncement, her mouth falling open in shock as he blew up right in front of her. “Hi Via,” the words were a bit weak, but she pumped herself back up. “We’re here!” The area around her started getting hot – literally – and Azrin scrambled backwards with a yelp, accidently running into Zark and falling on her ass. “Bodyguard!” She declared dramatically, giggling. “Save me!” Still laughing, filled with the adrenaline of the game, Azrin crawled around Zark to a nearby crate and started digging through it for supplies. She loved action holos, but never won them with guns. Making wacky devices was way more fun.

“Kino! Where’d that pin go?”

[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath, AKA Major Élise Mathieu, is not feeling the joy ]


This was a historical hologram, through not a very accurate one. Paris had a long and sometimes violent history, which had seen its fair share of wars. Surely, the shout had some sort of historical significance she was missing. Nysari was not fully invested in this game, so near the beginning with a character she didn’t want. Now she was completely disassociated with it, her thoughts entirely in Paris – the real Paris – the city that had so recently been atomized.

“Major! What are you doing?” The shout in her ear made her jump, rough hands grabbing her forcing her back into reality. If any of this could be considered reality. It was the commandant, right up in her face as he yanked her shirt off. Nysari protested at first, like this outfit wasn’t pathetic enough already, until she caught the scent of burning fabric realized what he was doing. She was on fire. With the Andorian now a willing participant, the green overshirt was soon on the ground, a few solid stomps with their boots preventing the fire from spreading. The immediate problem solved, the man turned his ire back to her. “We are under attack! Where are your weapons? What kind of reinforcements are you people?”

Without pausing to wait, he grabbed a rifle from a passing soldier and shoved it into her hands. “Here! Humph!” Then he was rushing towards the firezone, leaving her staring down at the weapon in distaste. Because this was the game, Nysari raised the rifle awkwardly, feeling ridiculous as she tried to look through the sight. She couldn’t even see anything.  Some projectile landed nearby, missing her by pure luck, since she wasn’t behind any sort of cover. The concussive force blasted dirt high into the air, pushing her back a few steps as the air boomed.

When the Thalaron bomb landed on Paris, had anyone even seen death coming for them? There certainly hadn’t been time to fight back.

No, this part of the game wasn’t for her. “I’ll be in the tent, when you guys have wrapped this up.” Dropping yet another gun on the ground, she turned and walked inside.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) aka Samantha Leyoux | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @rae @Dumedion @Ellen Fitz @ob2lander961 @Pierce @Juzzie @Dree @tongieboi

Zark looked dubious as she helped Nysari get up.  As fascinating as the clothing was on the erstwhile diplomat, the medic was getting the sinking feeling that she should have put a bit more thought into what she'd asked Nysari join in.  Maybe not the beaches of Risa, but the sky springs of the Merolaan Mountains would have been better.  Zark's ruminations were interrupted when Nysari offered all the weapons on her and Azrin came running up to get part of the bounty.  Zark quickly moved to take the rifle off Nysari's shoulder, then removed the webbing that contained the magazines since the diplomat really didn't intend to use violence. "Well, if there's someone we need to talk into not ending the world, I'm sure we'll be screaming for your services."

The medico had barely even finished smiling reassuringly when bedlam broke out.  Enyd had naturally made her way towards Zark, and the Andorian moved towards her and pushed her into a firing position while passing the semi-automatic rifle to Enyd.  "I think we've been to this dance before Enyd." Zark commented while Enyd began picking off target.  The Andorian took a moment to drop Nysari's former webbing with the spare magazines at Enyd's feet, then pulled her pistol out.  The spy patted herself down for anything besides the dinky sidearm she had and came to the conclusion that she was dressed to kill, but it wasn't much help under the circumstances.  Something bumped into her and she turned quickly to see the red headed engineer fall down then begin scrambling into cover while telling Zark to keep her bacon intact.  As Azrin crawled away, Zark stepped on the temptation to just swing her boot at the Engineer's butt and send her deep into crate for her own protection while she did whatever it was that crazy sleep deprived engineer's did. 

Resolving the best way to protect Azrin was to deal with the attacking German's, Zark turned and began cracking up as a caricature of a German officer began posturing about their imminent demise then stopped and stared wide eyed as his body disintegrated into strands of meat and blood.  Zark had no definite idea who'd done that, but it didn't matter as a hulking man came into view with a gas mask and some sort of giant tank on his back.  The tube he held with the flaming nozzle gave the Andorian a fair idea of what he intended to do and Zark raised her pistol and put a 9mm slug in his head which snapped back and the body dropped on the spot.  The infantry behind the fallen flamer began firing her their direction and Zark pulled Enyd down as she ducked and bullets kicked up dirt in front of them.  Giving the webbing a quick search, the Andorian found a grenade and tossed it in the German's direction.  An explosion and pair of screams indicated a good throw, then a body jumped into the trench and began looking around with his rifle and a very long bayonet on the end. 

Zark yelled as she charged stepped off the man's thigh and threw her other leg on his shoulder, then wrapped her legs around his neck.  The knife came out and the Andorian pulled the helmet back exposing the neck before plunging the blade into the adam's apple jumping off as he fell.  Landing on her feet, she grabbed the dropped rifle and aimed it in the direction of several more Germans jumping into the trench and let loose, emptying the ten round magazine quickly and spinning holographic enemies around in various assorted undignified positions of death or injury.  Someone jumped in and landed too close to shoot Zark, but he did try to drive his bayonet through her, which the blue whirlwind twisted to avoid then drove her own rifle into his chest and the soldier fell over with a piteous cry. Zark seized his weapon and aimed it over the trench blasting several more soldiers as they attempted to jump into the fray.  The Andorian had created a small sea of calm for just a moment and she took that time to look about her, then at her weapon.  Figuring the magazine release, she dropped the empty box and fumbled another from the man she'd just stabbed, and reloaded.  Pulling the charging handle back, the rifle came up to her shoulder and she began shooting again.

It was hard to tell how long the fighting had gone on, but Zark had eventually been forced back to where Enyd was still dirty business and she chose not to be picky as she grabbed magazines from the first corpse she'd dragged back to their position. It may or may not have been the straw that broke the camel's back, but when she saw a pair of flame trooper close in on where Kino and Reika were standing, Zark emptied her fresh magazine in that direction.  The one closest to the trench fell over as he twisted from impacts, but the next one suddenly ignited as his tank was hit and he blew up in the middle of the squad that had been following him.  Screams of agony screeched across the battlefield and panicked calls of "Rückzug" sounded across as the rest began to run.  While that should have been the end of it, Zark felt herself get yanked back and there was a woomph as a grenade went off nearby.  Breathing hard, the Andorian looked over her shoulder at the smiling Enyd and Zark smiled back before getting up and surveying the area.  It was total carnage and catastrophe as she used her commandeered rifle to lift herself to her feet.  Letting out a breath, Zark used a foot to tap Azrin know it was safe to come out before a sound of maniacal laughing caught her attention and eyes narrowed as she spotted Via and ran right at her then locked the smaller pilot in a headlock.  "Via."  Zark whispered sweetly. "You and I are going to have a discussion on costume parameters, and if I don't like the answer, I'm going to demonstrate how to give a rectum or no-no spot exam in front of everyone on you."

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[PO2 Kino Jeen & Lt Reika sh’Laan | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree  @rae  @Ellen Fitz  @ob2lander961  @Juzzie  @tongieboi 

“Okay,” Kino nodded, even as her gut told her something wasn’t quite right - but she let the matter lie. Before there was even a chance to brood over anything, the sharp retort of gunfire from behind her drew her attention. Turning to the sound, her brows knit in confusion; Zark had pointed the business end of a pistol and growled a warning at the Romulan, who was suddenly missing the stylish ‘pimp hat’ she’d noticed earlier. Apparently, he seemed to have earned the medico’s ire, and Kino suppressed a chuckle at the scene. “Well, whatever happened, I doubt he’ll be botherin’ anyone now. Zark doesn’t fuck around,” the Trill gestured with a free hand, winking to Reika. “As you can see.”

“Yeah, I guess not.” Reika said, still preferring to keep her distance from the Romulan.  Despite their evening together just two nights previously,  while physically pleasurable, it didn’t necessarily transpire the way that Reika would have chosen.  “As for Zark, the only time I really got to meet her was when I was first thawed, and … well … let’s just say someone gave her some medicine that agreed with her a little too well?” her tone was slightly uncertain. “I think she ended up stoned out of her mind, but she did have a blade sticking out of her shoulder. At the time too, but she seemed like a fun character - hopefully she’ll be as much sober as she was drugged out of her wits.”

Kino smirked, trying to imagine what ‘stoned Zark’ would be like, as the LT promptly spun on her heel and charged another newcomer, straight past Rhys - who seemed to be ready to greet her as well - but Zark speared another Andorian to the ground with glee instead. “Oof,” the Trill laughed at it all. “Ouch - who’s that,” she winced a little at the crushing impact, but then just shook her head and leaned in a little closer to Reika as she introduced everyone she knew with a subdued gesture. Rhys, the shy - but solid - counselor. Azrin, of course, moving about in all her sleep deprived craziness. Madsen, who looked calm yet poised for whatever unfortunate madness was bound to happen. “Quite the ensemble, eh,” Kino grinned. “I don’t know Via very well, but if she’s anything like some of the other Wolves, this should get interesting…real fast.” She turned her eyes back to Reika, winking again.

Reika listened as Kino introduced her to each of the people.  “That one,” she gestured to the other Andorian atop whom Zark was perched, “I think Zark called her Nissy?  They had been beamed into sickbay together from Qo'noS.”  Rhys, he was new, and the OPS officer had no idea who Azrin was, but apparently whomever she was and whatever position the redheaded Trill held, she detested sleep.  So noted.  Mentally continuing to take notes, Madsen, whomever that is.  “Wait, what?” Reika’s head snapped around looking over at Kino.  “You’ve never met Via?” she asked somewhat incredulously.  “She ended up on a bio bed next to me in sickbay when I was thawed.”  Stopping for a moment to roll her eyes and laugh, Reika finally continued.  “Zark stripped her naked in sickbay when she was tripping.  Though, I was standing right next to her.  Actually, I was dancing with the drugged Zark before she turned and trying not to fall, grabbed Via’s gown.  Down Zark and the gown both went,” she said, trying not to laugh again.

Kino chuckled, then lifted her chin to the two Andorians. Nay-see-rah, or some such. Yeah, I remember her now. Surprised to see her in here,” the Trill smirked while she half-listened to the familiar, overly calm and composed tone from under Zark explaining how she’d already taken a hit. The non-com shrugged then with a glance at Reika and the others, as she evaluated all of them silently, trying to determine who would need the most looking after, and who didn’t. “Met Via briefly - very briefly - at Red’s birthday party. She’s…interesting,” Kino laughed again. “Not surprised that all that went down,” her head shook in amusement at Reika’s story. “I don’t know Zark very well, mostly by reputation. But with this crew,” the non-com chuckled again, “all kinds of silly shit happens.”

Once the kid showed up and everyone started following him to the commandant’s tent, Kino noticed the trail of parts left in Azrin’s wake and moved off to the side, waving Reika over as well, so as not to trip over anything. She shook her head, but managed not to roll her eyes. “Yeah, Red, I know,” she smirked at the LT’s apparent disappointment with lack of technology for the time period. “You sure that was a good idea,” Kino gestured at the trail of what used to be a perfectly serviceable weapon behind them. “Ya might have need of all that,” she laughed, deftly catching the fire pin - turning it over in her hand - before another shrug. Suit yourself. Her eyes and attention returned to the dismal display of wounded as the group passed, glancing at the Andorian at her side. “Engineers,” she quipped with a snort, lifting her chin to the red-head.

Reika simply shrugged, not knowing much about Azrin.  But for the moment things seemed quiet and there was something that she needed to tell Kino. “Hey,” Reika said, turning serious. “Um…something happened this morning.  I was told to check back in with Sick…”

But as her words got softer, a loud bombardment began around them again, and “Feu Blanc” was passed down the line just before a loud cackling sounded, “HAHAHA!! BURN IN THE NAME OF THE GERMAN EMPIRE!! HAHA!  ALL OF ENTENTE WILL FALL LIKE PARIS! YOUR SPECIAL SQUAD IS NOT A MATCH FOR SUPERIOR GERMAN FLAME ENGINE-"

Reika reeled and coiled back as the debris started to splatter around them again.  She reached for her paltry pistol in comparison to the scantily clad Trill’s SMG.  And soon German bodies began clambering into the trenches around them.  Trying not to hit any of their own compatriots, Reika began to take aim at the interlopers.“Damn,” she commented as much to herself as to Kino, “Is this what constitutes fun on this ship now?”

Kino’s attention snapped to the incoming orbs of burning illumination that trailed smoke vapors in their wake. Fuck me, she sucked her teeth, then barked a laugh at the comical boast and the idiot’s subsequent demise. “Apparently,” the Trill grunted, then tossed the useless helmet aside and flicked the stogie from her hand as projectiles and gouts of flame started flying. The SMG lifted to her shoulder as she glanced back at Reika. “C’mon. Don’t let that shit touch you. Let’s rock,” Kino grinned before the weapon opened up in a controlled burst of fire down the left flank of the trench. She moved forward with the others, eyes open and scanning. Watch the flanks,” she called out to everyone and no one in particular, as everyone seemed to be firing off at random, targets engaged without specific orders. Like a damn shooting gallery in here, she laughed.

Reika followed after Kino, letting her clear the way ahead while watching the tops of the trenches.  One barrel peered over the precipice and Reika paused as the moment that a head made the mistake of getting too close to site, she hit it.  But there were so many of them.  Left, Left.  Right.  Left.  Soon she was out of bullets…and a hand - she wasn’t sure whose - pulled her down just in time.  As it did, she nodded thanks and realized that something had popped out of the bottom of her pistol.  Pulling it out, she remembered seeing others of those and had tucked them in her pockets.  Pulling the empty one out, she snapped another one in, but the barrel still didn’t look correct.  She pulled at it in the hopes of getting it to slide into place, but pushing it away didn't work.  So she tried pulling it toward her, and snapped it back seemingly ready to go again.  “Where the hell are we headed?” she tried to call over the din.

The business end of her SMG followed Kino’s eyes as she pivoted in place, one hand braced under the barrel to compensate for the wild kick and upward drift. Her accuracy was pathetic, but getting better. “No idea,” she shouted back to Reika as her first clip ran dry. An odd sound hit her then, a distinct ‘plink’ of metal on metal, followed by a hissing sound. Her eyes followed her ears an instant before one of the flame-troopers exploded in a fireball headed right at them. With no time to curse at whoever was dumb enough to rupture the poor bastard’s tank, the Trill dropped to a knee and spun her back to the flames as she wrapped Reika up, and flung them both into the dirt and mud with a grunt. After the heat passed, she could smell burnt hair mixed with the strong petroleum reek - as she rolled over onto her back - patting the flames out on her shoulders. “Gonna fuckin’ murder whoever did that,” Kino growled to herself, then looked over at Reika. “You okay,” she hollered over the cacophony of small arms.

As Kino released her and rolled over onto her back, Reika maneuvered onto her knees quickly checking her girlfriend out.  “I mean, safeties are on,” the Andorian said, “But otherwise you’d be in sickbay right now.  Careful, Gorgeous,” Reika said, smiling into Kino’s eyes as she reached out to tenderly touch her face.  “I just found you.  No getting yourself blown up?  Comprende?” She said looking around to see if anyone was watching and convinced no one was, she leaned in for a quick kiss.  “But I do enjoy following behind and watching your six,” she grinned playfully.  But as she pushed back onto her feet and offered her hand to Kino, she heard someone say something about waiting in a tent.  She looked around for the source of the pronouncement.  “D’you hear that Kino?  Wanna keep this up or find that tent that someone was talking about?”

The non-com squinted as she half coughed, half laughed, then grinned up at Reika. “But I’m already all hot and bothered right here,” her brows wiggled, but the teasing was quite rudely interrupted by another hail of incoming fire from the flank. Kino rolled as she looked up, just in time to see the Romulan tackle another red-head, twisting to shield her from the withering fire. Light blues narrowed at the act, as Kino reached for the SMG discarded nearby. Well, good for you mack-daddy, she laughed. A blur of white and blue out of the corner of her eye distracted her, as she pulled herself up to a kneeling position, and sprayed the flanking enemies with bursts of automatic fire just in time to watch Zark dispatch an unlucky trooper rather flamboyantly. “Hah, bit extra, but okay,” the Trill chuckled as the clip ran dry. With more enemies coming over the trench to their backs, she let the weapon hang across her chest and pulled her side arm in a roll, firing up at them. “Gotta find where these assholes keep coming from,” Kino snarled, sick of not knowing where the fuck she was or where anything else was for that matter.

Reika laughed at Kino’s initial double entendre, opening her mouth to say that wasn’t why she thought that maybe they should find the command tent, but another volley of fire sprayed down around them. This time it found purchase on Hirek’s back. All the more reason to find another place to get to, she thought.  The less time she spent around Hirek the better. These damned Germans are so completely inconvenient at the moment. Trusting Kino to watch her own six, she closed her eyes for a moment, trying to mentally see the picture of their trenches in her mind.  Mentally working through the diagram in her head to where they were currently situated, Reika finally opened her eyes.  “Okay.  Command tent’s this way,” she said, taking point and leading the way.

She fired as they moved, walking back one step at a time, suppressing further attempts to gain entry into the trench. "Uh, alright," Kino followed, a bit confused as to why they were headed away from the fighting - but trusted in Reika. Wouldn’t hurt to figure out who is in command of this shit-show, where our dispositions lie, or if reinforcements are coming, she shrugged to herself. “Here,” she flicked the firing-pin at Azrin’s ass, after the engineer called out for it, as they passed. “Try not to die,” she chuckled, then reloaded her SMG and tossed Madsen a two fingered salute. “Y’all hold it down, we’ll be back! Maybe with some intel - who knows,” she grinned wildly.

The closer that they got to the Command Tent, the further they got from the intensity of the fighting.  While the sounds of gunshots still rang out in the vicinity, they were much less frequent than they had been.  The smell of gunpowder and charred flesh was much less pungent now.  “Two more turns, and we should,” two two women made a left, and sprinted down a trench thirty meters long before turning right, “Be there,” Reika gestured toward the headquarters.  “In here,”  she said as she pulled back the flap for Kino to head inside first.

As she started to head inside, an angry looking man stormed out, knocking into Kino’s shoulder as he passed; the man grumbled something in a language she couldn’t understand, clearly pissed about something. “Wonder what's eating him,” the Trill arched a brow at his back, then glanced at Reika and tilted her head to the tent. “C’mon, lets see what we can see,” she shouldered her SMG again, and headed within.

Inside was “Nissy” as Reika thought she had heard Zark call her.  “Hey,” Reika called to her blue compatriot as she and Kino made their way inside the tent.  Giving the other Andorian a nod, Reika walked over to the table and started rifling through the different maps.  “I would think,” map of their trenches, map of the town, “That they would have at least some…” map of the continent, map with the Mediterranean sea at the top. “Intel on the enemy…” Two more maps of the topography of the area. “Yeah.  Here we are!” the tall Andorian called.  “We have a map of the area between the two camps, and here’s another one … though kinda sketchy one … of the enemy encampment,” she said, rolling the two together and holding them up.

Kino’s eyes panned across the interior of the tent rapidly, the muzzle of her SMG followed the movement, then lowered as she nodded to the other Andorian, who seemed to be pacing in thought. “Don’t mind us,” the Trill smirked, then followed Reika to the table, as the barks of gunfire dwindled. “I think they’re pulling back,” she murmured to no one in particular. Her eyes scanned the maps as blue hands rifled through them, blinking rapidly. “Wait, lookit this,” she pointed to a roughly sketched map of the camp, its crumbling outer lines and trenches, but more importantly, fields of fire of weapon emplacements. The non-com rotated it, based on what she had seen earlier, peeking over the trench lines with Joe. “First rule of land-nav, LT,” she smirked, “always orient your maps. There’s a heavy gun emplacement, here,” she pointed, “right along their avenue of advance. Might still be functional, but if we man it, we’ll have oodles to shoot at. No way Via or anyone else will outscore us,” she grinned.

Reika’s eyes narrowed slightly in play at the shorter Trill.  “You sayin’ something about my navigating abilities there Petty Officer?

Kino’s brows rose over mismatched blues. “Maybe,” she smirked.

“Uh-uh.  You better watchit.  I know where you live and the security code to get in.  You never know what you’re going to find when you show up sometime.  And being Operations … I can get access to rooms for computer upgrades and/or other necessities.”

The Trill shrugged. “I like surprises. Especially ones with accessories,” her brows bounced.
“Ha, until you see what kind of ‘accessories’ we’re talking about,” Reika laughed aloud, but after a moment, she focused on the map that Kino had reoriented and studied it.  “So you’re saying that you think you and I can take that gun and turn it on the Germans?” Reika glanced slightly askance at the Trill.  “You got a SMG,  I’ve just got this pop gun.”

“Yeah, but she’s got a rifle she ain’t usin,” Kino jerked a thumb over her shoulder at Nysari, then turned to arch a brow at the other Andorian. “Uh…y’mind if we uh…borrow that?” She nodded at the discarded weapon, but the look Nysari shot them seemed to betray a sense that she really couldn’t care less. “Aaaand roger,” Kino chuckled, picking the bolt-action weapon up and handing it over to Reika with a grin. “Aaand, wish granted. There ya go, beautiful,” she winked.

Reika took the weapon.  “Thanks,” she cast across the room to Nysari.  Then settling it against her shoulder as she would a phaser rifle and sited it.  “Okay.  I can use this,” she said with a nod and dropping the tip toward the ground.  Holding the corner of the map, she noted, “So we’re here,” and pointed at their position.  “And we’re wanting to get there,” a blue finger pointed at the enemy gunner’s spot.  “We take this route,” she ran her finger along the route which seemed to show the most promise as their point of excursion was an area of their own camp which was supposed to be more heavily defended. 

“Yea, right along parallel with the main trench, this one here that leads to whatever staging area this was. Armor, maybe? Who knows, looks like its all rubble now,” Kino shrugged.

“Okay,” the tall Andorian continued, “But if we do that, how do you plan on distracting the gunner so we can make a run for it,” Reika asked.

“Easy honey,” Kino grinned. “That's what grenades are for.”

[Sixty seconds later]

The pair jogged down the bombed out trench towards the gun emplacement, ducking under sporadic gunfire until they came across a handful of Germans set up upon one of the embankments, taking pot-shots at their companions in the parallel trench. Kino held up a fist, with a glance back at Reika, a finger to her curled lips. Cover me, her lips moved silently, as she handed over the SMG and crouched low, drawing the blade from its sheath at her hip along with her sidearm.

Reika took the gun from Kino, quickly glanced at the terrain between here and where they were hoping to storm, and silently nodded once.  Settling the SMG against her shoulder and putting her finger aside the trigger housing,  she tilted her head toward the gun turret indicating her readiness.

Four hostiles: two prone, one knelt, the last huddled behind them speaking frantically into some manner of extremely bulky device against his helmeted head. He died first, after spotting Kino’s approach from their flank. The Trill flicked the blade in her hand out in an overhand throw, which embedded itself in the soldier’s neck. The non-com was firing the same instant her blade struck home; two rounds for each of them starting with the sniper farthest away. Her last round was used directly into the chest of the poor bastard choking on his own blood. Kino knelt to reload and retrieved her blade, when the sharp snaps of heavy incoming fire erupted all around her, kicking dirt and mud up on both sides of the blasted out embankment of the trench. “Fuck me,” she growled, as she dropped into the mud, trying to find as much cover as she could while looking back for Reika; two fingers stuck in her mouth and she whistled, shrilly. “Suppress that mother fu-” Kino yelled, as her hand gestured back at the heavy machine gunner as a knife edge. Figures the fucking enemy would take it, she pouted, assholes stole my idea!

Reika popped up and started spraying gunfire toward the turret while keeping her eyes open for anyone else that might be taking aim at the Trill. Kino smirked then, pulling a grenade from her belt as she rolled over, pulled the pin, popped the spoon and chucked it as the crew dropped their heads from Reika’s suppressive fire. It bounced to the side of the nest, then cooked off with a subdued ‘thump’ of concussive force, blasting dirt and smoke and bodies. The Trill jumped up to her feet and rushed in, pistol up and panning.

“Clear,” Kino hollered, wasting no time in rotating the .30 cal machine gun around, clearing the chamber to slap a fresh belt of ammunition in. One quick tug on the charging handle later, and she was spraying down into the retreating ranks of the few Germans as they fled across the short no man’s land between the lines. “You okay,” Kino glanced at Reika between bursts, then waited for the smoke to clear before pulling the weapon from its mount. “I like this one. Think I’ll keep it,” she grinned.

“Yea,” Reika said keeping her eyes open and helping Kino take down the retreating German forces. “I’m good,” she called over the various noises still emanating from the battlefield.  Once the fire from the 30cal’s stopped and the smoke cleared, Reika looked over at Kino’s position and chuckled, shaking her white locks, as Kino hefted the gun off the mount and headed back.  “Overkill much?” the Andorian asked.

The Trill’s grin widened. “Maybe. I like big guns,” she shrugged, then kicked open an ammo box and pulled a few extra belts of ammo out and draped them around her neck before hefting the .30. “We should take that…coms device back too. Intel might be handy,” her head jerked to the side at the bulky contraption, back the way they came. Her eyes fixed on Reika first though, brows knitting slightly. Now that they were in a lull, she remembered something that her girl had tried to tell her earlier. “Hey, what was that about sickbay earlier?” Kino asked as they walked out of the gun emplacement.

Reika shook her head.  “Later.  Let’s talk later when there’s not so much action going on around us,” she said, as she headed for the communication device since Kino had the machine gun and belts of ammo.  “I shoulda waited to mention it in the first place.” And with that, she hoisted the bulky contraption and headed back with Kino to find the others.

“Hey,” Kino’s face pulled into a mask of concern as she reached out a hand to Reika’s arm. “That’s twice now you’ve hinted at shit bothering you - and twice now you’ve pushed it aside. Talk to me, Legs. What’s up,” she talked as she moved closer; the sim, the battle, everything else utterly ignored.

Once the two made it back to the relative safety of the trenches, Reika set the coms device down.  Leaning against the crumbling trench wall her eyes cast down, she took a breath and blew it out slowly.  “So when i was released from sickbay, I was told to check back in in a few days, so I did this morning.  Doctor Kobol did another scan…” she looked up at Kino and paused.

The non-com shook her head, frowning deeper as she stopped and paid close attention to every word. “Okay…,” Kino muttered, confused and concerned.

The Andorian’s mouth opened and shut several times as if she were going to speak and decided that those weren’t the right words, and so she would try again.  Finally, she decided on, “So apparently the genetic unspooling that landed me on ice has not been cured.”  She reached out and put a hand on Kino’s arm.  “It’s treatable now, but it does require a regular therapy, but I will need to be monitored to make sure that the damage is held in check by the therapies and doesn’t accelerate, which is a possibility.”  She paused again, looking down at her hands and quirking her mouth to the side before finally raising her eyes to Kino’s.  “I just wanted you to know.”

The .30 call was lowered to the ground, followed by the belts of ammo as they fell from her neck and shoulders. Kino’s brows knit as she moved to stand directly before Reika and took blue hands in hers with a gentle squeeze. “Hey,” she tilted her head slightly to match the Andorian’s height advantage, as best she could. “We’ll take it one day at a time, honey. Whatever it takes,” the Trill nodded, as much for Reika as for herself. “I’m glad you told me. Doesn’t change a damn thing between us though - you know that, right?”

Reika took another very obvious breath. “I didn’t think it would.   I hoped it wouldn’t…but you know there’s always that gnawing part in the back of your mind that whispers viscous conjectures as to how all the promises and the good intentions will just crumble into dust.”  Then in a moment of unusual vulnerability, she shook her head slightly and tried to force a smile onto her lips, but only the edges managed to curl up -and then just a little.  “This,” she squeezed Kino’s hands, “Is so new, and while I want to trust in its certainty with everything in me,  trust is built and earned, and I do trust you and in you and us, but there is still room to trust more, and this could be a big thing.  A lot to digest for both of us and I … am still learning who we are - together, and how we both react to something like this.”

Kino raised Reika’s hands to her own pale, dirty cheeks. Another artillery barrage boomed in the distance, as shells and rounds wipped over their heads, utterly ignored. She stepped closer, placing a pale hand over the Andorian’s heart. “I told you, repeatedly,” Kino nodded, with the ghost of a smile. “I know you're scared - I am too - but I’m not going anywhere. Only closer to you. See?” Another nod, as her eyes jumped from one dark blue orb to another. “Whatever happens, Legs. I’m with you,” she promised, then grimaced as a mortar or another artillery round landed a bit closer. “You wanna get out of here? Talk this out? What do you need, babe,” Kino asked, desperate to make her feel better - to see that smile she loved so much.

“Let’s play this out.  I think it could be a fun distraction, but stay with me tonight, in my quarters?  We can talk it through then.”  This time she managed a little more of a smile than she had the last.  “Okay?”

“Hell, was plannin’ that anyway,” Kino smirked. “You sure though,” she shook her head quickly, “we don’t have to play along with this mess,” her eyes glanced to the side, indicating the game. “And you don’t have to stick it out for my sake, either.”

“I know I don’t.  I know that if I said, let’s bail now, you’d walk out of her with me in a heartbeat, but I need this too.  I want to get to know these crazy people who make up this crew, and what better way than to walk back into their midst carrying a machine gun and a communications device.  Talk about making an impression,” she winked at the Trill.  “I’ve held onto this all day despite diving into the ships bowels and a trip to Q’onos where Leavitt and I almost got disemboweled,” she said with a laugh, hopefully clueing the Trill in to the fact that she wasn’t 100% serious, “Which I can tell you about later too, but right now, I want to have fun with you and get to know these people.  I’d like to stick it out.”

“Wait...what,” Kino laughed, blinking at Reika incredulously. “Am I gonna have to start escorting you around everywhere, miss,” she teased, but nodded. “Alright. We’ll play it out,” she agreed, then planted a quick kiss on midnight lips. “But we’re talking this out later,” she growled playfully, before stepping back almost in a crouch as another round hit down the trench. “Fuck. C’mon, before we both get plastered out here,” the Trill grinned, scooping up her ammo belts in one hand, only to toss them over her shoulder. “Ready,” she asked, cradling the machine gun in both hands like a trophy.

Reika’s eyes closed as the quick kiss really trying to cherish the moment, no matter how fleeting, then her eyes opened again, and as Kino began to pick up her equipment, she hoisted the coms unit up taking off after the Trill as they made their way back to the group.

Re: Day 20 [2122 hrs.] And then the Gods created war, death, and space lasers...

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[ Lt Rhys Williams (aka Cpt Frank Lee) | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] attn; @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @tongieboi @Dree @rae @ob2lander961

Rhys looked down at his hand now covered with holographic blood. He was shocked but this wasn’t the first-time anger had boiled over in him. At least in a holosuite it was a safe setting. However, Rhys still was not comfortable with the others seeing this side of himself.

 Hirek was not far away although he seemed embroiled in some shenanigans with Pierce. He was already worried that the Romulan knew too much about him. He was after all a guy who Rhys was still uncertain of.

Zark had rapidly abandoned him to spend time with someone else. Which Rhys pretended hadn’t hurt but had hurt more than a little. Kino was here now, and he remained worried that she had contempt for him and he was not certain any of this was making anything better.

He looked around and for the moment no one seemed to be watching him. They were all either fighting or taking cover or moving on. Rhys turned and left. It had all been a bit much for him. He made his way quietly and carefully through the trenches back to the exit. In his brain running through excuses in case anyone tried to stop him. An urgent report to complete, or an appointment he had forgotten about.

He doubted anyone would really notice he had gone until it was all over. He just hoped no one would care enough to ask questions. With that he slipped out of the holodeck and back to his own quarters.

Re: Day 20 [2122 hrs.] And then the Gods created war, death, and space lasers...

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[ Hirek tr’Aimne | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 |  USS Theurgy] attn: @Pierce @rae @ob2lander961 @tongieboi @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Dree

A sliver of light, quite unlike the rest of the battlefield, caught Hirek’s attention, and he watched as Rhys exited the “game.” In truth, Hirek had been surprised Rhys would join in this sort of excursion as nothing about the counselor had struck Hirek as remotely violent. Watching him leave now, without drawing attention to himself in justifications or farewells, made Hirek smile. It was good that not everyone on the ship found…relaxation in this sort of activity.

[Lenny Boswork is now Lieutenant Antonia Lambardi, demolition expert. Player may rejoin.]

Hirek winked at Pierce before rolling off and pushing himself into a crouch as the computer supplied simulated weapons and other paraphernalia his character might use on the ground in front of him. Glancing at his companions, all in various states of disarray and all in equal need of support in one fashion or another, Hirek grunted. He picked up an item, studied it, and then pulled out what he presumed was the arming mechanism. He stood up just long enough to toss the item in the general direction of what seemed to be one of the larger clumps of enemies. Seconds later, dirt and bits of simulated enemy blasted toward the sky.

“I have explosives if anyone wants or needs” Hirek called out to no one in particular as he picked up another item, larger than the first, and likewise removed the arming mechanism. After he tossed it into the next large clump of enemies, the concussive boom of this one was larger than the first. Hirek sat cross-legged next to his pile of simulated weapons, arming and throwing them randomly, figuring he could give better support from that position.

{{time jump}}

Hirek continued to "play" with his new peers for quite some time, dying numerous times in the chaotic fray. Eventually, however, he grew tired of the repetition and left the hologram in the midst of a counteroffensive. His abrupt departure would likely spell the "death" of some of the others, but since it was a game, he wasn't terribly worried about their being legitimately upset with him.

[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen ]

Smiling at Zark’s witty comments while they fought together, Enyd took her eyes off the oncoming line of enemies when she heard some of the commotion among her comrades behind her in the trench. Her body shook with a jolt of electric pain, and she fell onto her back, moaning.

[ Hannie Schaft has been mortally wounded. Player remain in place while a new character is generated. ]

Enyd looked down the length of her body, spying the simulated hole in her chest right next to her heart, and sighed. Somehow, amidst the din of chaos, she heard Hirek chuckle, her responding glare immediately catching his gaze.

“Tickles, doesn’t it?” He asked as he pulled the pin out of another grenade and threw it over his shoulder, not even wincing when clods of dirt fell all around him.

[Hannie Schaft is now Gretchen O’Neill, tank driver. ]

Not bothering to answer the noisome Romulan, Enyd sat up, looking around what she could see of the battlefield until her eyes fell on what she’d hoped to find. Lips pulling back in a feline grin, Enyd got up, brushing the dirt off her rear, noting the new uniform Thea had given her.

“Right,” Enyd ducked as more dirt showered over their heads, compliments of Hirek’s continued grenade barrage against their enemies, “Time for the tank!"

{{time jump}}

Enyd died in far more creative ways than she thought was possible for a single program by the end she limped from the holodeck. She needed a long, hot shower and maybe even a massage begged off from a friend to recover from the sheer amount of fun she'd just had.

Even if the thread continues, active writing for Hirek and Enyd has ended, so they may be considered slight NPCs for any others remaining in the holodeck program.

Re: Day 20 [2122 hrs.] And then the Gods created war, death, and space lasers...

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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @rae @ob2lander961 @tongieboi @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Dree @Ellen Fitz @Juzzie [Show/Hide]

Pierce laid out flat on her back on the ground with Hirek just above her flashing his toothy grin in almost a mischievous way but also in how he was currently positioned. She noticed that her surprise was wrapped across her face too at the predicament of no sooner entering the fray and ending up dead with Hirek atop of her. It wasn't what she'd foreseen occurring upon entering. Now she knew she was at the mercy of the computer in this game and unlikely to enjoy the outcome...

[Captain Ruby "Blaze" Whitten is now Mrs. Christine Scarlett, housewife and spy. Player may rejoin.]

Alana rolled her eyes and sighed with a loud grown as Hirek winked and rolled off her back into the foray. She on the other hand was not prepared for the appearance she now bestowed. Now wearing the hair and clothing of a 1930's housewife, she wondered what exactly she had to do at this point with no weapons and no command presence. "Damn." The red headed woman muttered as she broke the silence aside from the explosions now going off due to Hirek's haphazard grenade tosses.

Hearing the call for ammunition, she gladly took Hirek up on the offer. "I'll take some. Seems I'm a bit underdressed and under armed for this conflict now...." She looked at her clothing and noted there were some hidden compartments in her dress where she could actually store contents for later usage.

"And don't say a word about the appearance or the next grenade will be yours." She half joked as she began to take in her surroundings to figure out her plan of attack.

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