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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Engineering | IKS K'ratak | Qo'noS] attn@ @Dumedion @rae @ob2lander961 @jreeves1701

Rhys looked over the edge of the lift shaft. It seemed to go on forever, it looked like a huge ominous black void. Or like the maw of some unspeakable horror from out of space and time. Rhys shook his head, he had to stop reading those Lovecraftian style stories.

Then out of no where heard a scream and a huge clang sound somewhere else in the ship. The way it echoed towards them it was not really clear where it was coming from. Though of more immediate concern to Rhys, was the fact that the large sound caused him to just about jump out of his skin.

Rhys felt himself fall forward, there was a tremendous lurch in his stomach as if it was trying to dive back into the corridor. In his panic his hand flew out and caught a rung of the ladder bolted to the side of the shaft. He hung on to it dearly positioning himself, so his arm was around a rung. He looked at his right hand amazed to discover the PADD was still in it. He closed his eyes breathing heavily. “Looks like I am going first huh?” He said giving a slightly hysterical chuckle.

He poked his head up over the entrance way like an absurd Meercat looking back along the corridor. “Where do you think that sound was coming from?” He said sucking his teeth as he tried to calm his rushing thoughts down. “Should we go back or press on?” He said panicking a little.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS] Attn: @Juzzie @Eirual @jreeves1701 @rae @ob2lander961
“M’kay, down it is,” the Trill shrugged while she knelt next to the lift door, the tip of her knife marking another arrow. It didn’t really matter to her either way – the ship wasn’t that big – even with just the two of them searching, they’d find something eventually. Kino pivoted on her knee to face Rhys, a dark brow arched as the knife returned to the sheath on her shin. The LT sounded nervous, but she figured it was just the dark, or the hole they were about to start climbing down; reassurance wasn’t exactly her strong suit, but she felt inclined to try.

“Relax, LT. I’ll go -,” she started to say, but the sound of something or someone screaming interrupted, followed by an echoed clang of metal on metal. Almost immediately, she saw Rhys flinch and lose his balance, flailing for the ladder rungs. Kino reached out with one hand, but the LT managed to grab a handhold and steadied himself. She let out a breath of air, relived, as he chuckled nervously about going first. The non-com shook her head, then panned her silvered head about, trying to listen over his quickened breath and questions.

“No idea, but it couldn’t have been far,” Kino murmured, then arched a brow at him again. “Take a breath, LT,” she nodded to him, then gestured down into the shaft. “Between the two of us, you got the pips, remember,” she drawled sarcastically. “Look, we’re here, already committed – so I’ll go first. I can see a lot better in the dark. Just hang tight,” the dim glow of her cybernetic eye winked at him as her legs swung over the edge, then her body twisted to drop down onto the rungs below him as her hand gripped the rung by his chest. “Don’t get excited, just passing through,” she murmured, amused at the situation as she climbed down over him. As far as the noise? She really couldn’t tell what it was. Didn’t sound like a targ, that’s for sure. She vividly remembered the growling snarls of the beasts, and hoped they didn’t run across a den down here in the dark. That would be bad, even with lights. What the hell is Red doing anyway? Kino frowned at the thought, hoping that Ryn and the others were alright. At least there’s the Medusan – in the insane event that Wolf was even close to being right and there is a killer running around, she blinked, then chuckled at herself for even entertaining the notion. Ryn was probably just tinkering with the core and overtaxed the dusty-ass grid, quit worrying so much.

“C’mon LT, slow and steady. Take your time,” Kino whispered, then started her descent into the abyss, glancing up to keep an eye on Rhys as she went. Given her cybernetics, she figured that if he slipped, she might be able to grab him without killing them both. Maybe. Better than trying to reach for him from on top, her lips pulled to the side, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Kino peered around, below her and to the sides as she descended; they were coming up on the next deck down, the lift door properly sealed. “Hold up,” the Trill murmured, then tapped Rhys’ foot to stop him, stifling a chuckle at his reaction. “It’s me,” she hissed. “See if you can find the manual bypass, I think I passed it. It’s not down here like on our ships,” she nodded to the bottom of the door, even though he could barely see it. Reaching out, she tapped biosynthetic knuckles against the door in an ancient melody, then waited for the two-bit response.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Engineering | IKS K'ratak | Qo'noS] attn: @Dumedion @Eirual @ob2lander961 @rae @jreeves1701

Rhys felt bubbling in amongst the fear and insecurity a guilt. It squirmed in his stomach like a worm. Kino was doing her best to be kind to him in a rough and ready kind of way. However, he felt he could detect some frustration with how he was conducting himself. Rather than being annoyed by that he was in agreement with her and that’s where the guilt was coming from. Not for the first time in his life he began to grow concerned about how he had ever achieved an officer rank in the first place. Rhys was not a voice of authority and he doubted he could be one even if he tried.

Rhys was shy, meek and absurdly self-conscious. None of these were good traits for a leader. When had been at the academy and later he had tried to do that. He had tried to be a tough but firm, perfectionist leader. He just did not have the knack for it and that hadn’t made him happy either. He had been baffled when he was made Chief Counsellor on the Cayuga. He had never understood the choice. Assistant made much more sense. On the Theurgy Hathev being the Vulcan was much firmer and leader like and Rhys could be the shoulder to cry on. That was a role he excelled at. His former Captain must have seen something in him however, Rhys couldn’t see it.

For the moment Kino was in charge and Rhys was more comfortable following her lead and just chipping in technical information. When she mentioned that between the two of them, he was the one with the pips, he said “Don’t remind me.” He had thought the tone was under his breath, but things tended to echo.

He watched as she swung down on to the ladder past him. Her wink and her comment about him not getting excited had him blushing a vibrant shade of red that he hoped was not visible in the dim lighting. While he was sure Kino, did not have much respect for him and he didn’t blame her. She at least so far did not seem to actively dislike him and seemed more amused by his behaviour. That would do.

Rhys was careful in how he hung on to the ladder in case there were other shocking events. His meekness was undercut by a degree of physical strength. When his hobbies were swimming and playing rugby that was to be expected, he would not be easily shook off and loose balance again. However, when he felt a tap on his foot he did jump a little, a sharp intake of breath followed until Kino indicated it was her. He blushed even more now that she was chuckling at him, it didn’t seem mean spirited though, so he accepted it. He held up the PADD is pathetic light seeming to only give definition to the shadows. Shaping them and allowing Rhys’ feverish imagination to do the rest. However, he did spot a leaver of some description above the door Kino had stopped in front of. It was tricky to pull on it with only one hand, but Rhys was loathed to let go of the PADD or the ladder. He tightly rapped a leg around a rung and pulled hard with his right hand. It took a little bit of effort and some grunting, Klingons were stronger than the average human after all, and the switch came down. There was a spark and a flash, Rhys quickly moved his hand away and the door in front of Kino opened a little way. “The motor has probably seized up.” He said unsure why he was whispering. “Can you get through or are we going to need to force it open a bit more?” He asked as she had the better view of the door.

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Lost in the bowels of the  IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS ]
ATTN: @rae  @jreeves1701 @ob2lander961 @Dumedion  @Juzzie

It felt even darker inside whatever dark hole she was trapped inside than it had when the lights had gone out, if that was even possible. Mia slowly got to her feet and looked up. “Ok so what genius puts a trap door in the deck of a ship,” she asked the darkness, not expecting an answer to come. 

She heard a rustling behind her and spun around, “Wha..  Is someone there? I hope you aren’t a hungry targ.” Mia almost laughed at her last remark. If it had been a hungry Targ she wouldn’t be standing anymore, she would have been the beasts meal. “Geez, Mia, get a grip,” She whispered, the sound echoed in the confines of the trap she found herself in. Mia looked up, not sure what she expected to see. It had been dark in the room above, so why would she see much of anything. She shook her head slightly and walked, one hand  waving back and forth in front of her so she wouldn’t face plant into beam or a wall or some other unidentifiable object.

 It was odd though, she could hear her breath echoing in the room. But it sounded just a bit off. Do echoes sound higher, or faster?? She stopped and turned around slowly, calling out in hopes of getting a reply, “Hey, I’m Mia. Are you here for Azrin’s party? Well not down here, but on this klunker?”

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[ Lt. JG Azrin Ryn | Engineering | IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Eirual @jreeves1701 @ob2lander961 @Dumedion @Juzzie

“Stop saying that!” Azrin complained to the tricorder, which was in the middle of telling her, once again, that none of the circuits had overloaded. “One of them has to be. I didn’t set this place up for a dark party. What would be the fun in that!” Some people might have an opinion on that, but Azrin, being a bright happy person herself, wanted a party that reflected that.

“It should have switched to auxiliary power and lighting on its own,” she explained absently to Via, fiddling with the settings on the tricorder. “That’s the point of the redundancy. Since it didn’t, we’d have to trace the command paths to find that error or look for a similar electrical problem in those systems. It will be easier to fix main power – or it would be!” The last bit was directed towards the tricorder.

“Everything is working fine. There are no overloads,” a few short bursts from the tricorder had linked it to the ship’s computer, information scrolling across the small screen as fast as she could process it. “The computer thinks the power is still on. But something has to be breaking the flow circuit somewhere.” As she spoke, Azrin was getting closer and closer to the panel, her head practically inside it now. It was counterintuitive, as her attempts to see better were only getting in the way of Larrant’s light, casting a deep shadow on all the components.

She pulled back, trying to find the sweet spot of keeping her fingers inside while still getting the most light possible. The engineer looked like a lunatic, her back and neck arched back while her arms stretched forward as far as possible. She was still working the tricorder, abandoning power flow scans for a broader search of anything out of the ordinary. “Beritium? Klingons don’t use beritium in starship design. Or in anything.” But she was detecting a small trace of it anyway. Reaching forward to that location, Azrin felt along the power conduit, quickly finding what didn’t belong. She pulled the small device out, disconnecting it from the ship.

The power came back on immediately, but Azrin was too interested in the new mystery to cheer. “Guys? Why is the ship booby trapped? Who would want a component that randomly turns the power on and off?”

[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | somewhere aboard the IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS ]

Following the bang was another familiar sound. Curled up against the wall as she was, Nysari managed to avoid being crushed by the new occupant of her sad little hole, but she still winced in sympathy at the smacking of skin and bone against unforgiving metal. For a moment, she thought it wisest not to speak, waiting to be certain that her new cellmate was of a friendly disposition. She had no idea what was going on here and she was far from a fighter. If the other person was hostile, the darkness was her best defense.

It quickly proved to be a ridiculous fear, though paranoia felt like a justifiable response to someone who had recently fallen victim to a trap door. “My name is Nysari,” she replied, leaving a sizable silence after her words in case she frightened the other woman by revealing herself. “Lieutenant Ryn asked for my assistance in renting this venue. In hindsight, I should not have agreed.” She tried to relax, her muscles aching from holding the tight curled up position against the wall. Her foot moved forward, hoping to find a position that made it hurt somewhat less, but she wasn’t able to straighten her leg before hitting something soft – presumably Mia, unless there was something else new down here. “Sorry.”

“To answer your first question, Klingons put trap doors on their ships. Apparently. It would be effective against a boarding party, as long as the ship’s crew know where they are and how to avoid them. This ship is quite old, maybe it’s forcefields weren’t reliable enough. I’m not sure how a culture that has such a marked preference for head on physical combat justifies them though.” Having someone to talk to was making all the difference in the world, as though the room was somehow brighter.

“Are you injured, Mia?”

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS] Attn: @Juzzie  @Eirual @jreeves1701 1 @rae  @ob2lander961
Once it was clear that no one was going to return her knock, Kino waited while Rhys fiddled with the manual release – keeping an eye on him just in case he lost his footing in the struggle. Success seemed evident at last, punctuated by a short lived light-show and the dawn of a smirk on her lips, but that was very short lived. Well ain’t this grand, she deadpanned to herself as the door seized; a dark brow arched down into the abyss as the LT above her whispered.

“Yeah, I'll try. Hang on,” she answered back, shifting her body to one side of the ladder to get a better leverage point. “Climb up a little so I can grab the middle,” she jerked a thumb up at him uselessly; he couldn’t see it if he tried. After Rhys had moved up a few rungs, Kino followed, then reached out with her cybernetic arm and gripped the edge of the door with the tips of her fingers. Ugh, this is gonna suck if I screw it up, she grunted, looking down again, but started pulling anyway. Nothing moved, so her effort increased gradually, until she was straining hard enough to hiss through a grimace. Everything started creaking and screeching then – the door, the ladder – loud enough to make her ears hurt as the racket echoed up and down the lift tube.

Ever so slowly, the damn thing opened; enough for them to squeeze through anyway. Kino released her hold and the air left in her lungs, panting from the exertion. "That was fun," she grumbled sarcastically, shaking her head at it all.

Suddenly, the power kicked on – startling them both. A blur of movement caught her eye as something fell. Kino reached for it instinctively, but missed. The PADD flipped end over end as it sailed down the tube; her eyes narrowed at it, then she looked up at Rhys in annoyance. The smart-assed remark for his case of butter-fingers died though, as she saw what was headed right at them: the lift. “Aw shit – let’s move LT!” Kino hissed, then threw herself out into the gap of the half opened door, scrambling to pull herself in and around to help him do the same. “C’mon,” she waved at him, peeking out and up. “C’mon Rhys, or you’re gonna be a lot skinnier in about ten seconds!”

Her eyes widened as she noticed how bent the ladder under him was; rusted with time, she couldn’t be sure if the damn thing would hold much longer – so Kino squeezed out the gap, artificial arm extended towards him. “C’mon, take it – now!” Kino barked, as the lift plummeted at his head.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Engineering | IKS K'ratak | Qo'noS] attn: @Dumedion @Eirual @jreeves1701 @rae @ob2lander961

Rhys decided that bowels was the perfect description for where they were in the ship. It was hot cramped, smelled bad, nothing was working and neither of them wanted to be there. The door was seized up not properly opening. After he had asked her if she needed it opening more, she answered affirmatively. Rhys had been intending to help her force it open but with her cybernetic arm she probably stood a better chance of getting the door to budge than he did. He climbed up a few rungs to allow her better access to the door.

It took some time and considerable effort on her part to force the doors to open more fully. He felt concern that her cybernetic arm would not be able to cope with the pressure, but it seemed to prevail in the end. It produced a godawful noise, and neither of them was in a position to cover up their ears. They both winced in the darkness.

It seemed suddenly as if their struggle had been pointless at that moment the power seemed to kick in. It was a loud noise in the otherwise quiet that saw Rhys’ heart feel like it had leapt into his mouth. There was a rumble and a vibration as well, this caused the PADD to slip from Rhys’ sweaty palm as he reached to hold himself on the ladder. Kino went for it but missed. Even in darkness before the emergency lights clicked on, Rhys felt he could see the irritation on her face. He had been about the apologise to her when she seemed to spot something above him. She threw herself through the now opened door. Rhys did not have as much time as she did as he was now above the door. He tried to climb down while the ladder made worrying noises. Once he was level with the doorway Kino reached out and he did not need to be told to make a grab for her cybernetic arm.

Rhys was many things. Shy, quiet, awkward utterly unconfident. However physically he was no slouch. Years of rugby, sailing, and swimming had produced an athletic and energetic young man. Using her arm for leverage, he was able to launch himself through the door almost bowling into Kino, as the ladder crumpled with the force of his jump. He felt a rush of a breeze ruffle the back of his head as the lift rushed behind him and he threw himself through the doorway. He looked back over his shoulder through the doorway. “Fucking hell.” Hearing Rhys swear was unusual, it was like hearing a Klingon complete a sentence without using the word Honour, a surreal circumstance. It was at this point he realised he was now on top of Kino. At which point Rhys’ shyness and awkwardness returned with a vengeance. He sprang to his feet, standing with his back almost ram rod straight, his face blushing so much it was nearly purple. “Sorry!” He barked out in slightly panicked tone, before offering her hand to help her back on to her feet.

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Lost in the bowels of the  IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS ]
ATTN: @rae  @jreeves1701  @ob2lander961 @Dumedion  @Juzzie 

The female's voice was quiet as it came from almost right next to her. Another one of the partygoers had happened to find the wrong path. Mia briefly wondered how close she had come to landing on top of the other woman. She had a feeling it would not have been pleasant for either of them.

 Mia chuckled, “Hindsight does tend to do that doesn’t it. I know how that is. Azrin can be a force unto herself.”  She shifted her position a little closer to the disembodied voice and to give her new ‘roommate’ more room to stretch out her legs, “Let me just scooch over a bit so you have room, not there is a lot of it down here.”

Mia listened to Nysari explain the room they found themselves in. “An actual trap, huh? Does not seem to be very honorable but who knows what Klingon's really think." She sighed a little and peered into the darkness, "Well at the moment it seems to be working, but if we had a phaser couldn’t we just cut our way out? Seems a waste of valuable space. I would have thought it was Gagh storage since they love it so fresh.” But even that thought made her a bit queasy. Either there were in a pit where the enemies had most likely wasted away or where thousands of squirming worms had spent their final days. She shook her head as she found the wall and turned to rest her back against it.

When Nysari asked if she was hurt Mia nodded, then mentally scolded herself because how was anyone going to see that in this dark pit. She took a small breath, “Not really. Sort of landed on my wrist a little funny. Nothing that seems broken. Were you injured? “

Before Nysari could relay her condition Mia had a thought, “How far up do you think that trap door is? Maybe if we work together we can get it open from this side.”

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS] Attn: @Juzzie @Eirual @rae @ob2lander961 @jreeves1701
She’d heaved Rhys right onto her, and the two fell back in a tangle of bodies just as the lift fell; Kino hit her back with a grunt and the back of her head cracked into the floor, hard enough to make her teeth click together. The LT’s landing was altogether gentler, cushioned mostly by her – his head landed square on her sternum, where he lay sprawled out for a few seconds while the Trill’s head swam with stars. She heard him mutter something, but was too busy grimacing and groaning at the pain in her head and chest to pay attention.

“Ow,” the non-com grumbled, mostly to herself, as she lifted her silvered head to peer down at the top of his head, face buried in her bust. Well...’least he’s okay, she grunted silently. She was just about to ask him to get off when he scrambled up, one knee slamming into her groin in his panicked struggle to right himself. “Fuck,” Kino hissed, curling up as her eyes twisted shut, shaking her head as she groaned in pain. Right in the fuckin’ moose-knuckle, her hands instinctively went to the injury as she rocked a bit at his feet.

“Fuck sake,” Kino growled up at his apology, brows knit in annoyance. If it was one of her guys, she’d probably slap the piss out of him in retribution, but self control held her in check. Easy...just...chill, she took a few deep breaths, then hauled herself up to her feet. “It’s fine. Let’s just...figure out where the hell we are,” the Trill winced, holding her head and her stomach. Bout had enough of this rust-bucket, she fumed, glancing around. They looked to be on some sort of storage area, or cargo hold, then she heard something.

“Wait,” Kino froze, glancing at Rhys as her head tilted. “You hear that,” she hissed. “Voices? Below,” her head nodded to the deck just ahead of them. How or why someone would end up below the deck, she didn't have a clue...but there was definitely someone down there. Kino arched a brow at Rhys, then nodded. "Careful were you step. Somethin feel's off," she warned him.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Engineering | IKS K'ratak | Qo'noS] ] Attn: @Rae  @Juzzie  @Dumedion @ jreeves1701

Via had absolutely no idea what Azrin was talking about. There were so many words that sounded like math that her brain automatically sorted them into gibberish and threw it in the trash. She did however didn't want her to feel like she wasn't listening so she just chimed in with something that sounded...important.

"Don't you like...have to find the cause of a parabolic destabilization in the fission singularity?" She said surprisingly like she knew what she was talking about. When Azrin just started going on a tangent Via just gave up and looked at the darkness behind her. This was probably the most interesting party she had ever attended and she was having fun. Then again anything was better than being locked on a medical deck 24 hours 7 days a week with nothing to do. Plus she was hanging out with Azrin again and boy she missed her and her...smartness.

Having tuned out all the background noise for a good minute she tuned back in right when the trill mentioned something about boobies which caused the young pilot to turn around with a confused expression on her face.

"Weird ass ship is trapped with boobies wha- oh booby trap. Shit, I dunno. Maybe ask whoever's ass sold it to you. Nysari? Sari?" Via shrugged then had an epiphany. "Oh OH shit, m-my as seen this shit before in a holovid. The ship is fuckin' haunted! We need to like...give its sprit a dead body or somethin cause its hungry...I think. Oh maybe quiet girl was the ghost all along...shit my ass is confused now." Via placed her hands on her hips and started pondering.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Engineering | IKS K'ratak | Qo'noS] attn: @Dumedion  @Eirual @jreeves1701  @rae  @ob2lander961

Rhys had the sense that he was not really making a friend on this little adventure. In fact quite the reverse. He felt that if things carried on like they were he would have made an implacable enemy. Or at the very least someone who would avoid interacting with him at all costs for the rest of their time on the USS Thuergy. He was amazed at Kino’s patience she did not strike him as the sort of person who would normally be this patient, but then maybe his rank had something to do with it.

She swore, not that he blamed her. He thought about apologising more but he quickly realised that would not do him any good.  She told him things were fine in a way that clearly indicating things were not fine. He felt this strange and pathetic urge to make himself useful to her before this was over but he didn’t see how that was going to happen.

The doorway had opened up into a cargo or storage area. Rhys could see some boxes most of which had been upended, their lids displaced clearly demonstrating that whatever they had held was long gone. He had been about to turn and speak to her when Kino had frozen and told him to wait, and now that he did he could definitely heard voices to. The voices were not loud enough to hear what was being said or make any determination as to who was saying it. He followed her being hypervigilant of where he was putting his feet. His eyes slowly adjusting to the gloom. He felt a sense of mounting unease, partly because of Kino’s behaviour he trusted her instincts more than his own. He kept quiet not trusting his voice to be empty of fear.

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | somewhere aboard the IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Eirual @Dumedion @Juzzie @ob2lander961 @jreeves1701

“I don’t have a phaser,” she admitted, because who would bring a phaser to a party? “Lieutenant Ryn is certainly enthusiastic, but she didn’t strike me as someone would plan a party that would require weaponry. Even on a Klingon ship.” Another assumption that hadn’t aged well in the light of hindsight. “Did you bring one?”

Though she couldn’t see it, Nysari could hear the other woman shifting, and tentatively spread out some in response. The space was still far from anything comfortable, but she certainly felt better than she had before. As Mia continued to speak, Nysari thought for a moment about the room possibly being gagh storage, but frankly, it didn’t smell foul enough. “I twisted my ankle when I landed. I don’t believe it’s broken, but it is painful to put weight on it. I haven’t given much effort to the trap door.” As she mentioned it, she looked upwards by instinct, though she couldn’t see the door in question. “I didn’t want to exacerbate the injury by standing for too long.”

Nysari paused as a new sound reached her ears, harsh thud as something fell onto the deck plating. It wasn’t a sound so much as vibrations reaching the wall behind her. “Do you hear that?” she asked her companion hopefully, before raising her voice in another warning attempt. “Hello? Is anyone out there? Watch out for the trapdoor in the floor!”

[ Lt. JG Azrin Ryn | Engineering | IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS ]

“How does that mean the ship is haunted?” Azrin took the question seriously for all of three seconds, just long enough to tilt her head to the side and turn her attention to Via instead of the part in her hand. But the rationale fell apart quickly. “Via, ghosts are incorporeal. How could a ghost have gotten this part and installed it in the power grid?” Ok, so not a ghost. That meant they were back to who would want to booby trap an old Klingon ship? “And Nysari didn’t sell it to me. I asked her for help negotiating with the Klingon who was renting out the ship.”

Azrin looked back down, running her fingers over the small device and feeling for every nook and cranny of the computer chip. Then she gave it another thorough search with the tricorder, though it revealed nothing she hadn’t already figured out. It had been made to cut the power at randomly assigned intervals. No outside device had triggered it, it was just setting countdown clocks for itself. If Azrin hadn’t found it and disabled it, the lights would have returned on their own in a few more minutes. “Super weird,” she muttered.

“Hey, you didn’t see that Klingon around here did you?” She asked Via and Larrant hopefully. “He’ll definitely know what’s up! What was his name? U-Ural? No. Uraw? No, not that either. I know it started with a U! Or whatever letter in the Klingon alphabet sounds like a U. U… U… Ureq! That’s it! Computer, call Ureq.” To her complete surprise, the ship’s communications system dinged an affirmative.

A moment later, the Klingon’s gruff voice filled the air around them. “Greetings.” Then there was a pause. That went on for an awkwardly long amount of time.

“Oh no,” Azrin complained. “Don’t tell me this is prerecorded.”

“You have reached Ureq, son of Odragh, owner of Ureq’s Event Rentals!”

“I wanted to talk to the actual Ureq!” She groaned. “Computer, please.”

“The most honorable rental company in Kl’alath! If this communication is for future events, say bookings. For-“

“Why is there a booby trap in your ship?” she cut it off, not willing to wait for the entire address book.

“I’m sorry, I do not understand the request. If this communication is for future events, say-“

“IKS… ugh… what’s this ship called? K’ratak! IKS K’ratak!”

“The IKS K’ratak is a Bird of Prey commissioned in 2284. After it’s decommissioning in 2316, the K’ratak was refitted by Ureq’s Event Rentals as an Escape Room. Warriors of all ages can experience the thrill of battle and other harrowing experiences in a relic of the Klingon Defense Force! For those too weak and cowardly to finish, a safe word will be provided that will end the game. To schedule your experience, say bookings. For more information, say information. To leave a review of the IKS K’ratak, say review.”

Azrin had quit listening after escape room, looking rather sheepishly at the others. “Ok, I didn’t exactly read the whole advertisement. The idea of renting a Klingon ship was so exciting! But it will be fine. I mean, it’s a game. Games are fun!”

“Warriors, fight your way free with honor! Qapla’!”

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS] Attn: @Juzzie  @Eirual  @rae  @ob2lander961  @jreeves1701
The overhead lights of the cargo hold were dimmed as if the power was struggling, but upon closer examination, Kino realized it was dust – dust and grime from years of sitting idle. Her nose wrinkled at the layers of it that covered everything. Cobwebs hung from corners and walls, making her skin crawl. Fuckin’ bugs, she shivered. Kino hated spiders. Oddly enough, it appeared someone had been through there recently, judging by the foot traffic on the floor and boxes that were disturbed. Even stranger still, her eyes narrowed at a truly odd track of displaced dust…it looked like someone or something had been dragged or crawled on the decking. Her head tilted with a frown. The hell is going on here, the Trill wondered, then glanced back at Rhys. The LT seemed more than a little cautious – like he expected she was going to break his face or something. Kino resisted the urge to sigh and simply nodded slowly, brows raised slightly in an ‘its okay’ look of reassurance.

Pips, she smirked and shook her head subtly after turning back to face the bay. A dusty old console stood off on one side of the wide room, next to what looked to be a boarding ramp. The odd tracks on the floor came from the door on the side entrance to her left, hugged the wall oddly, before wandering off into the middle of the room, then stopped. “This is damned peculiar,” Kino’s eyes narrowed at it all, whispering to Rhys. “See the tracks?” She pointed with two fingers as he came alongside. This is turning into one weird fuckin’ night.

She'd definitely heard somebody talking, but now all was quiet, save the distant rumble of the straining energy grid. The non-com looked around, trying to find anything to shed some light on the mystery, but wasn’t having much luck. She sighed. “I’ll take a closer look,” her head bobbed forwards, while a hand gestured to the console on the wall. “Can you see if there’s anything useful on there. A…layout, or something,” she asked him quietly, doubtful that he’d have much success, but it would give him something to do and hopefully keep him out of harms way. “Be careful. Thanks, LT,” she added with a pat on his shoulder before he could really think about it.

Kino took a few quiet steps forward, brows knitted at the scene on the floor. An odd seam on the deck ran a few meters long, splitting a section of the decking in a square. She stood on one side of the seam, head tilted at the tracks. Why would there be a seam here in the…floor, her mind chewed the mystery as she knelt down to get a closer look, spreading the dust away with a swipe of her hand. The fuck, her head shook, utterly confused. Suspicious eyes traced the tracks back to the wall and the door, following the weird drunken path in the dust. Somebody get smashed and pass out here? It seemed possible, but the tracks were small, the footprints oddly shallow, showing drag marks; as if the person shuffled their way in – afraid to pick their feet up.

Kino stood, hands on her hips as she chewed her lip, about to turn to Rhys to see if he’d found anything, when a clank shuddered through her feet. Suddenly, the deck below fell away, and the Trill had a split second to curse at the top of her lungs, arms pinwheeling as she dropped out of sight without any grace at all. Kino landed in a heap, crashing into something that wasn’t exactly hard or soft. Surprised shouts and grunts echoed, as Kino grimaced, lifting her face off the floor. She was laying perpendicular on a body – her eyes blinked at the feet and legs sticking out, then up at the blonde against one wall of the hole.

“Mia?” the non-com wheezed as she pushed herself up, utterly confused and sore, then looked at whoever had cushioned her fall. The Andorian looked less than pleased, making Kino wince as she tried to help her up. “Really sorry about that - you okay,” she asked, glancing between the two, before tilting her head up to holler at Rhys.

“Yo, LT! Need a little help down here,” Kino hollered, just before the trapdoor squealed shut. “Ah, fuck.”

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[ Ens. Mia Dunne | IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS ]
ATTN: @rae @Jreev @Ob @Dum @Juzz

Mia almost laughed, but not because she found it funny, but more as a nervous reaction to the tense situation she found herself in. Ever since she woke up in recovery, she found that she did not like being in confined spaces. She could not remember her time in stasis; after all, she was unconscious before she was put into the stasis tube. But somehow her mind had been aware of it and didn’t like it one bit. She’d had to fight the urge to climb the walls since she fell in, even though there was nothing to hold onto and Nysari needed a calm headed companion right now. She forced herself to stay quiet as she too heard the footsteps above. “They stopped!” Mia took a deep breath and was about to shout when the small room suddenly filled with light and she closed her eyes and lifted her arm to block it. A small gasp escaped, “Oh Shit, look out!” She pulled her feet in as quick as she could.

Yep, it figured! Just when Mia thought they were saved the trap door opened above them and someone else dropped into the confined space missing Mia by inches but landing squarely on poor Nysari.  The scream that preceded the landing might have been enough to get someone’s attention. For the moment she could see who it was, Kino Jeen had joined them unwillingly.

Mia was surprised that the security officer even remembered her name. “Yes, glad you could drop in!” Mia said with a small grimace towards the ceiling that was now closed again. “Was someone with you up there?”  She turned towards Nysari, “Are you okay? How’s the ankle? “

Mia looked at Kino and up at the trap door, “If we can lift Nysari, maybe she can get to that door and pull it open from below. I mean there has to be a way to do that, right?”

While she imagined there to be some sort of lip on the door, she couldn’t see anything in the darkened hole they found themselves in. She pushed herself up and leaned against the wall to make more room for Kino. “If anyone else falls in...” She shook her head and mumbled to herself, “sardines in a can!”

Mia turned back towards Kino, “Some Birthday party, trap your guests so they can’t leave!”
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Engineering | IKS K'ratak | Qo'noS] attn: @Dumedion @ob2lander961 @Eirual @jreeves1701 @rae

The Cargo bay smelt stale to Rhys, rather like house that had stood vacant and uncleaned for years. There was a lonely, unsettling feel to the place. Rhys found his ears alert to every sound. As they shuffled through the bay dust rose from the floor and made his eyes water a little. It did not help that he was not feeling paranoid about what Kino must be thinking of him. He wished he had the fortitude not to care about someone else’s view of him. He flet the embarrassing desire to show that he was not useless.

However, Rhys was snapped out of his distracted thoughts by the Trill pointing out tracks in the floor. “Yeah.” The tracks seemed to take an odd route around the wall before moving into the middle and stopping. Kino volunteered to look closer at the tracks and suggested Rhys examine a console in the far wall. “Good Idea.” He said finding himself whispering without meaning to. He moved past her towards the console, just before he was due to reach it he heard a loud clank and a curse. Turning round just in time to see her disappear through an aperture in the floor

He had been very lucky, had he stayed by her side he would likely have gone in to. He heard Kino call for help before the aperture clanged shut. He found his heart beating quickly. He had no idea how he could immediately fix this. Cautiously he approached the edge of the trap door. He brushed at the dust around the edge with his foot. While he had wondered if it was a trap, that didn’t make a whole lot of sense to him. Rhys thought that without the poor lighting and dirt the door would have been quite visible. He saw two options it was either a malfunctioning device, or the hinge had become so weak that a little bit of weight would cause it to open.

Rhys decided to take Kino’s original suggestion of examining the console. Rhys was hardly an expert on Klingon computer systems, but he had to find some way to help her. The console itself looked like it had seen better days. Rhys crouched down to remove an access panel. Inside he saw some multicoloured chips similar the Isolinear chips on Federation vessel. Many of them looked melted. There was no way he could repair this. The door would probably require a more direct method.

Rhys took a few minutes to examine what remained of the containers in the Cargo bay. He found a long metal cylinder. It didn’t look particularly strong, but there were not many options. Some of the cargo boxes had been secured together by some heavy duty looking straps, though time had taken their toll and many of them looked decidedly rotten. Taking the best one he could find, and sweating profusely, Rhys tied the strap around the middle. He pushed the rod out over the trap door, it did not however seem heavy enough to trigger the door. The only other thing was some of the crates. He was scared that this would fall through and land on Kino below.

Unsure if his combadge would even be able to reach her he tried anyway. “Williams to Kino. I am going to do something that might open the door.” He banged the rod on the section of trap door nearest to himself. “Don’t stand here if you can move away.” He began to push the crate into position.


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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | somewhere aboard the IKS K’ratak | Kl'alath | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie @jreeves1701 @ob2lander961

She was never helping to plan a party on Qo’noS ever again.

There were three of them now, piled in a tiny room that hadn’t been made for more than one. Nysari hadn’t even had the option to avoid the newest occupant when she’d heard the now familiar sign of the trapdoor falling open. There had been nowhere for her to go to get out of the way, no time to try to squeeze in with the shouting Mia. “I’m fine,” she lied. In truth, she was sore everywhere, injured from her own fall and newly bruised from this woman falling on top of her. But there was no point in saying it aloud, it was not like the trill could have helped it. “I’m Nysari. This is Mia, who you seem to already know. Hopefully the next person who walks down this corridor will manage to avoid the trap, because this is getting embarrassing.”

Mia beat Nysari to the next question, inquiring whether or not Kino had been shouting at a companion above – hopefully one who had just seen the trapdoor in action and now knew to avoid it. Nysari looked hopefully at Kino for an answer, before wincing slightly as Mia mentioned her ankle. “It’s not any worse, thank you, but it’s not going to get any better without a week of rest or medical treatment.”

She tried to squish against the wall with the others, but there was really no way that someone wasn’t going to get hit if the door opened again. Her antennae twitched as she tried to listen, catching only light scraping and muffled shouting. There was definitely someone up there. “Do you know what your friend is doing?” Nysari asked, just as the trap door fell open again, revealing what looked like a giant crate, teetering precariously over the ledge and tipping to fall inside…

Fifteen minutes later…

[ Lt. JG Azrin Ryn | Transporter Room 3 | Deck 12 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]

“But it was a puzzle!” she complained, her tone a second away from whining. “It would have been awesome! What did you pull us out for?”

“Like I was saying Lieutenant, we received distress calls-“

“That was before, we had it handled!”

“And sensors picked up a dangerous energy buildup in the Klingon ship’s systems-“

“All part of the game!”

“Explosives on top of the hull!”

“That one is a bit weird. Not sure why they’d put those outside the escape room itself.”

“And those three just said they were about to be crushed!”

“Yeah, good timing on that, I’ll admit.” Azrin grinned over at Kino, Mia, and Nysari, throwing them a thumbs up before returning her attention to the transporter operator. “But we can go back now that no one is getting crushed!”

The transporter operator looked frazzled. This probably wasn’t how he’d expected his shift to go, pulling a bunch of the crew of a Klingon party ship in the middle of the night, only for the birthday girl to demand he send them all back. “I can’t send you back, even if I wanted to. There’s some sort of scattering field that sprung up around the ship, do you know how long it took us to figure out how to beam you back at all?”

“No,” Azrin replied immediately, “Well actually maybe. Because it probably went up the same time everything started going funky at the party- wait. Scattering field? Can I look at it? How did you modify the transporters? Can I see that too?” Faced with a new technological marvel at hand, Azrin’s ire disappeared in an instant, dashing behind the operator’s console to get a look at the screens.

Then she moved to start pulling panels off the transporter, passing Nysari, who was limping out of the room. The Andorian was shaking her head, looking both resigned and bemused as the transporter operator started loudly objecting again. “Happy Birthday Lieutenant.”

“Thanks! And the day’s still young, maybe I can have another better party later!”

Despite her injury, the diplomat managed to leave very quickly after that.


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