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EPIL: S [D06|1140] Wolf Pack Reunited


[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Wolf 02 | Cockpit of AC-409 Valkyrie Winterbourne | Fighter Assault Bay ]
Attn: @Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Doc M. @Griff @Kinvarus @Iron Ferrox @BZ @Triage @Masorin
When the docking order came, Rawley waited in cue to return to the fighter bay. She felt a bit giddy after the battle, not quite sure she was actually alive, but she did know one thing. They had smacked the arses of those tossers in the silly cube ships. Sure, it had been one of the toughest bloody engagements she'd been in for... No, it was the toughest fight she'd survived, that was quite certain.

By the time she finally popped her canopy, she stood up in her seat and shouted to all the Lone Wolves out there in the bay. "Woooohoo!" She thrust her helmet towards the deckhead, smoke rising from her Valkyrie after the air in the bay made dormant damages flare up. No fires, thankfully, but she couldn't care less at that moment. "What the hell was that blast that shut our tunnel behind us? Does that mean the other tunnels collapsed on the Borg as well? I knew we weren't fleeing with our tails between our legs!"

One of the deck crews pushed an airstair up to the side of her cockpit, and her grin persisted while she descended to the deck. She high-fived the man with the stair, but he didn't seem too into it. That was when she noticed the bodies strewn across the bay, and a scowl came to her instead. The bloody Borg had got inside their den. It wasn't enough that the Klingons and the Savi had managed the same feat. The Borg had to come as well? There was a triage team present, taking care of bodies, but the drones seemed to have been spaced before the Lone Wolves docked. Some people were leaving the bay, others beamed directly to sickbay. Was that Carrigan Trent stepping out?

Her scowl finally settled on a Valkyrie even more damaged than the rest, it seemed, or at least one of the most wrecked in her line of sight. The numbers didn't add up for her. Sure, Dragon had taken the Reaver back from the Savi, and it was being taxied into its Maintenance Bay, but did they have yet another Valkyrie too? Curious, she stepped in that direction, eyes narrowed...

...until she saw Miles Renard standing there.

"What the fuck?" she exclaimed, her scowl not letting up for a moment. How the hell could he have survived 84?

OOC: Here is an optional thread for all Lone Wolves and present characters in the Fighter Bay! Liam Herrold is around here as well, I just chose to write Rawley first. :) Please, if someone can establish how Wraith have to be rushed to Sickbay, as well as Walton, that would be awesome! They are all to be put in stasis post battle, but I leave it to y'all to establish the details around their injuries.

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Devyrie Okhala| Cinsaj's Cockpit | AC-507 Mk I Reaver | Fighter Assault Bay ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88

Landing the Cinsaj was as she Devyrie expected just as easy as flying her, when it was their time to take the landing, she was even able to pilot the reaver to it's place in the fighter bay, the small alcove from which it had been taken away from them to start with. that said the Reaver was not exactly in mint condition anymore. The fight with Drake had caused more than a little cosmetic damage, there were burns from plasma shots the borg had hit them with, but the worst of the damage was a large scratch that opened the advance circutitry under the Cinsaj's once beautiful coat, the wound was caused when Drake had tried to grab the controls from her and they had slammed into the side of Borg ship debris.

Getting up, and popping the hood Devyrie was more than happy to see the fighter assault bay. "We made it." She said with a deep sigh, she wasn't happy, if anything she was tired, just wanting to let this day be over, and get back into a proper uniform and flight suit.

"Wake him up." She said to Mickayla, refrencing drake. "Now that we are on the ship, and he can't fuck us, we can all get out of this thing."

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[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | AC-507 Mk I Reaver | Maintenance Bay 02 | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy | Unknown Location ] Attn: @Masorin @Auctor Lucan

Petty Officer First Class Mickayla MacGregor had gazed up at the creatures floating through the void and couldn’t help but wonder if they were living the dream. Not tied to any one planet or system. Free to go wherever they wished when they wished to go there. With nothing holding them back. They were lucky, but she wasn’t.

The vacuum-borne creatures disappeared from view as Dev brought the Reaver around towards the rear of the USS Theurgy. Ahead of them, other fighters lined up with the large doors that were the entrance to the dreadnaught’s fighter bay and Mickayla watched calmly as Dev brought their liberated craft in through the doors before manoeuvring it into a side alcove. 

Mickayla wasn’t sure if that as where she had been directed to land or if she just chose it because it was out of the way but at that moment, when the shudder of the fighter’s landing gear touched down onto the deck of the renegade starship, Mickayla didn’t care. The only thought that filled her mind at that moment was getting out of the cramped cockpit and stretching. 

"Wake him up," Dev ordered her, indicating Lieutenant Drake. "Now that we are on the ship, and he can't fuck us, we can all get out of this thing."

“Yes ma’am,” Mickayla acknowledged. She wished she’d had the opportunity to forget about the officer she had assaulted but orders were orders. Dev seemed content leave them be and once she had vacated the cockpit, Mickayla shifted over to try and stir the man. “Sir, time to wake up,” Mickayla tried, reaching out to shake the officer back to consciousness.

But Drake didn’t respond. And so Mickayla tried a second and third time; each failed response stocking a fire of uncertainty inside the Klingon. She hadn’t hit him that hard, had she?

Reaching out and searching for a pulse, Mickayla’s worst ear was realised when she found none. Quickly doing a once over, checking the man for injuries, Mickayla’s hand came away bright red from the back of the Lieutenant’s head. He appeared to have suffered an impact to the back of the head at the base of the skull. One of considerable force too as it appeared to Mickayla as if the man’s neck or brainstem was broken. A one in a million shot, but one that proved fatal. 

And she was the one that had struck him.

Dismounting the cockpit herself, she grabbed the first crewmember that she could find that was wearing a combadge, and standing there in a ripped and blood-soaked Savi suit, proceeded to ask him to do what he must have thought was something crazy. Perhaps it was insane, but she was a loyal Starfleet member and the regulations were clear.

“Would you please contact the Theurgy’s security department and advise them that I, Petty Officer First Class Mickayla MacGregor, would like to surrender myself in relation to the death of Gideon Drake, formerly of the USS Endeavour.”

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Kestrel | Figher Assault Bay | Home Sweet Home USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan @Iron Ferrox

Thomas' ship taxied in to his slot and he could already see the damage inside the bay by the newest engagement with the Borg. Bodies were still laying around and triage teams were doing the best they could. He shook his head as he parked into position and powered his ship down. He opened his canopy and was glad to see that the Reaver seemed to have made it back in one piece at least. Perhaps now would be a time of reunion...

He stepped out of the ship and jumped down, not bothered to wait for the air stairs being rolled in. He had a feeling the deck hands would have other worries and jobs on their mind now. With a thud he came down on the deckplating, the exosuit compensating for the drop and impact and adjusting where needed to catch most of the blow. Thomas looked at the husk that could only be Miles Renard's ship and he smirked slightly "Damned Fox..."

He could see Rawley walk up to him already and he made his way over to them in a beeline. He checked the other ships and pilots first. Making a count of who made it and who hadn't. Before he could reach Miles however he stopped at some of the bodies and knelt besides them. At first sight it would seem like his pack managed to get away with minor losses, yet he wondered how much the engagement would have suffered throughout the ship. If the Borg truly did make it onto their ship, the onslaught could be disastrous.

He abided his time for Rawley to speak to Renard before he stepped up and looked at the man as if he saw a ghost "Didn't know you enjoyed disappearing acts yourself, Sir." he smiled before he came to the realization that both of them shared the same rank now "It's good to have you back Miles."

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 03 | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Fife

“Wolf 03 you are cleared to land in bay 03. Welcome home,” the person on the other end of the channel said.

“Cleared to bay 03, Wolf 03 out,” Chance acknowledged as she brought her fighter around and lined on the entrance to the fighter assault bay. After clearing the aperture, Chance had been ordered to tow Wolf-04 to near the entrance of the FAB and then release her tractor beam so that the Theurgy could land her unresponsive wolf. Chance had been ordered to hold position while Foxfire and then other wolves were brought home. It was an effort to not fill the channel with her frustration at being made to wait.

“This is taking forever,” Chance thought to herself as she focused on her controls and brought her mostly intact Valkyrie home. After disengaging the tow, Chance had spent her time running systems checks to determine how damaged her fighter was and found it to be mostly intact. Some cosmetic damage but from a combat perspective, all she needed was ordnance and she was good to go again.

Not that she wanted to go out again. She’d been in two major battles this morning already and spent pretty much all of it in one cockpit or another. She needed food and sleep but most importantly, she needed to check on Isel. Careful not to exceed landing speed, Donna paid little heed to the interior of the bay as she taxied her fighter to its waiting slot.

Shutting her fighter down, she could see several of the deck crew around Isel’s Valkyrie. Wanting to join them, Chance unstrapped her, popped her canopy open and dropped to the deck, letting her exosuit absorb the fall. It wasn’t comfortable, but she didn’t care at the moment.

“Lieutenant Petterson,” called a voice from behind her. Growling under her breath, Donna turned to look at the technician holding a PADD. “Status of your fighter?”

“Banged up but functional,” Donna answered succinctly. “A fresh load of ordnance and I’m good to go again.”

“Noted, thank you,” the technician said, turning away to head towards another fighter. Not watching him go, Donna rushed across the bay to where Isel was being lowered from her cockpit. Donna couldn’t see clearly but what she could see concerned her. The Vulpinian’s helmet was scorched badly and the visor was cracked. Before she got a chance to get any closer though, her wingwoman was transported away.

Standing in the middle of the Theurgy’s fighter assault bay, Donna Petterson’s one focus had just been beamed away, leaving her stranded. Finally taking in everything around her, the damaged fighters, the presence of several bodies and the general disarray of the bay itself, Donna wondered what was going to happen next.

“Fuck this has been a wonderful morning so far.”

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[ Lt Cmdr Miles "Iron-Ferrox" Renard | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan  @Nolan

Miles looked up for a moment at the other pilots now facing him.  Moments before he had been helping co-ordinate bay ops along with the Department heads though.  The pilots looking at him appeared to be the one whom his interactions with had never been favorable, and the other whom had taken up the heavy mantle of leadership in these days since he had been lost to his crew. 

The first notable thing a Miles was, the fact that the pilot had not reverted to the more bestial of his bipedal forms after landing per his usual MO.  Why this was could be seen in the other evident fact. He was still wearing his exosuit and had not even removed the helmet yet but instead was operating with the helmet on and the visor made fully transparent.

Another evident fact was the Gloved hands of the EVA suited pilot were stained red with what appeared to be blood as in the chaos prior to the squad landing he had aided medical response and deck ops in moving bodies out of the way of the landing paths and fighter parking spots while more trained medical and first aid personnel were attending to those that still had a glimmer of hope to live, Some of which that glimmer had faded within mere seconds of being examined but that was the nature of war and of triage.  If someone can't be saved move to another who there is a chance to save.  In the time since he had done that grim work most of the bodies had been transported to the morgue and stasis though there had been some that had died since the transport

In these last few minutes he had seen several of the newly dead.  Some had faces he knew but sadly whose names he did not, some who he had never seen before, or perhaps had and just did not recall.  Some faces and bodies exotic and unmistakable for anyone else and some others whose faces and names he knew all too well.  Miles imagined that soon some of the pilots getting out of their fighters would realize there was a different sound contributing to the cacophony of the bay, not just any sound but the voice that was giving out the orders was different, younger.

He looked to his fellow pilots noticing Rawley and wished he could delay this inevitable confrontation but he knew it would not be held off for long no matter what he tried.  Still there was a more pressing matter, He looked to the current SCO and walked towards him, quietly he pulled the man aside and spoke through the helmet in a volume that only Ravon could hear, "I know it ain't the news that you want to hear but... We lost a lot of good crew...  In this bay alone, at least 5 KIA, a couple in stasis.  Few were injected with nanoprobes and medical's working on reversing the effects using some kind of radiation treatment. I tried to get most of the dead bodies transported to the morgue before you guys landed.  I figured the least thing the squad needed was trying to land in a graveyard." 

He paused, for a moment not sure how to state the other info he needed to relay  the news that likely would change the whole dynamic in the bay itself. "I don't know if the two of you got along or even worked together much but among the dead..."  He sighed.  "Sten is one of them.  My own personal friendship with him aside, that's gonna be a hard void to fill, but it looks like the weapons and ordinance head a, CPO Harrold, has stepped up to do his best to fill it."

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu (Callsign: Bloodwing)] | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @masorin, @Doc.M, @Stegro88


Returning to the FAB was a thoroughly anticlimactic affair. With many fighters damaged, some to the point that they were barely recognisable, great care had to be taken with the landing. With her own Valkyrie having suffered only minor damage, Lillee was thus one of the last to land, going through the motions with the automation born of exhaustion. Oh, she'd been through much longer battles in the past, but the fight with the Borg had been truly brutal.

Still, after gently landing the Valkyrie in its assigned spot, she took off her helmet, popped open her cockpit and looked around, smiling weakly. All things considered, the squadron had come through the fighting better than anyone could've expected. The squadron CO looked fine, as did Goldeneye, although the human woman's fighter had been smacked hard at one point. Salvo's Gryphon looked in even worse shape, but the fact that it was back in the FAB made it clear that Havenborn survived. Lillee didn't even know the man, but still, she was glad that he had survived. Possibly, anyway. Her tired mind finally noticed the bloody mess that had been made of the FAB, speaking of a hard-fought battle. It was entirely possible that Havenborn and his RIO were one of those corpses still on the deck, waiting to be collected by the cleanup teams.

Then of course, there were the surprise arrivals. One of them was another rather battered and worn fighter, which Lillee didn't know the first thing about. The SCO seemed to be chatting with the pilot amicably, so he was clearly not a stranger. But what caught her eye was the ugly but viciously lethal Reaver, flown by Dragon, whoever she was. A Klingon woman in a skintight suit was leaving the craft, and Lillee mused whether she had been the pilot before her musings were interrupted by a voice.

"You okay, ma'am?" Lillee jumped in shock, before glancing to the side to see a dark-skinned human standing on a ladder beside her cockpit, plainly concerned. He had a PADD on one hand and green blood on his overalls, not to mention pure exhaustion betrayed by his eyes. "You've been just sitting there for a whole minute."

"I'm fine," Lillee muttered, rubbing her eyes. She forced her stiff body into standing up and climbing out of the cockpit, following the deckhand back down the ladder onto the deck. "The damage is minor. Some stress fractures in the impulse manifold, perhaps, but little more. I have no expendable munitions left either."

The deckhand nodded, glancing down at his PADD which reported much the same thing. "Okay, then, we'll handle your bird. Things are a bit of a mess, though. The Chief is dead, and we ain't even sure who's the SCO now with Commander Renard back. We're still cleaning up the damn bodies."

"Very well," Lillee said, glancing around the FAB again. She flicked a strand of her blonde hair back, wincing at the realisation of what a mess it must be after so long in the helmet, and made a mental note to cut it short if she was to fly with the Wolves again. She hated to consider what she must smell like, a mix of sweat, body odour and urine, but at least everybody was in the same boat there. Still, as much as Lillee wanted to have a shower, she instead walked over to where the Reaver had been landed.

She spotted the Klingon woman nearby, clad in a bloodied skinsuit suit, and approached. "Hello. Are you Dragon? I am Bloodwing. I was on your wing during that first strike on the cube."

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Griff @Kinvarus @IronFerrox

Tessa’s fighter was in sad shape, so she took the longest when it came to limping her way back to the Theurgy.  By the time the tractor beam pulled her battered Valkyrie back into the fighter assault bay, deck crews had already rushed out to survey the damage and pilots had already exited their fighters.  Once inside the hanger, Tessa’s fighter was exposed to atmosphere and started to smoke in places, giving her an uneasy feeling as her wounded Valkyrie was towed and placed into her stall. 

As Tessa climbed out of her bird she glanced across the bay to see Lillee talking to someone she didn't know.  She was one of the people they picked up from the Endeavour, that Klingon woman with the Scottish name.  Tessa took off her helmet and tussled her hair as she glanced around the hangar bay to see who else made it back.  How many of the old faces could she see?  There was Rawley, and there was Ravon, and they were talking with… Renard?

“Commander!” Tessa shouted as she dropped her helmet and dashed around the parked fighters to reach Lieutenant Commander Miles Ferrous Renard, callsign “Iron-Fox”.  He was believed lost during the free for all at Starbase 84 but apparently had merely been left behind as the Theurgy made a hasty exit.  He must have followed Task Force Archeron in order to find the Theurgy.  However Iron-Fox did it, it didn’t matter!  The important thing was…

”You’re alive!” Tessa cried as she leaped into the air to encircle him in a passionate embrace, her arms and legs wrapped around the Vulpinian as if she was a baby monkey clinging to its mother.  ”You made it!  You’re alive!” she repeated before releasing him and turning to the others.  ”This is great!  Somebody tell Papa Bear!” she cheered as did a fist pump.  Her face fell when she saw the grim expressions of Thomas and Evelyn.  ”What?  What'd I say?” she asked uncertainly.

OOC:  Currently Tessa is blissfully unaware of Covington's demise.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Workin' is Never Done | Problems on Top of Problems | Scrap the Whole Lot | Not Enough Time]

It was a fucking mess.

Her deck was filled with debris, parts of fighters, and people milling about.  Pilots wanting their fighters fixed or to snag the nearest mechanic and give a run down of issues that had occurred.  I need about six months and infinite money to get this shit flyable again.  She shook her head as she headed away from Miles' ship.  She knew that thing needed an overhaul like no bodies business but she was going to have to put it in the queue for later.  Everything was going to have to be put to the side while everything was taken stock of.  Who had returned, who hadn't, the worse shape ships would go at the top of the list and cosmetic damages would be at the bottom.  She didn't care if they got a bit scraped up or needed a new paint job.  She was here to make sure they were structurally sound so they could fly when they were needed again.

And lets face it, this was the Theurgy, if they weren't needed in the next hour it would be a fucking miracle.

She needed to get a tally of who was here, how their ships were, and what needed to be done first.  Priority one to one-thousand.  She was walking across the deck, her head in her PADD writing down some of the repairs that she had; at first glance realized needed to be done to Wolf 01.  A hand reached out and grabbed her by the shirt of her yellow jump suit.  Dark eyes shifted upward to the taller woman a brow reached upwards of her hair line.

“You might want to let go.” she said quickly. 

Once she was released Ji smoothed out the chest of her uniform and looked up at the woman.  She could understand the gravity of the situation only moments later and decided to forgive the woman for just grabbing her as though she could man handle Ji.  Of course, she didn't know who Ji was because Ji sure as hell didn't know who this woman was.  Probably another one of the refugees from somewhere.. but she was helpful during the battle because she came out of one of my fighters. she thought and turned her dark eyes back to the woman that seemed upset and probably panicking slightly.

“Sure.”  Ji said as she looked at the young woman.  She tapped her combadge.  “This is CPO Ji, I need Security to Fighter Assault Bay, there is an PO1 turning herself in for the death of an Endeavour officer.”  she said quickly.

[Chief Ji, this is Security, retain the officer we are on our way.]

Ji turned back to the young woman.  “There is an auxiliary office, this way, if you would like a cup of coffee while you wait.” she said shifting her eyes past the woman up to the fighter cockpit where the lone.. still form of a man she didn't know lay.  Her eyes shifted back to the woman.  There was no telling what had happened and it was not Ji's job to pass judgment.

“I can take you if you want?”

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ]
[Show/Hide]After Meony, who had no medical clearance to be in the Fighter Bay, had been returned to medical together with a security officer, Liam had asked that Crewman Pedro Swanson was sent to a different sickbay. The physician that had scanned his injuries with a tricorder had said that he'd make a complete recovery, with one eye possibly having reduced sight. He did say they there were a lot of hours with an osteo-something and a dermal regenerator, reconstructive surgery and... Honestly, Liam had stopped listening when he'd heard that Swanson would be okay. He had a Fighter Bay to handle. He hadn't even been able to make eye-contact with Meony after what she'd done, and he didn't quite know what to think about it all. She'd just had brain surgery. Likely she wasn't herself yet.

Then again, it was F'Rell that had died from friendly fire, and the T'Fanrell had been dear to them both. Such a horrifing tragedy, all of it, on top of the Borg. While Liam had no personal affiliation of merit with Mariner, he felt guilty about destroying the drone he had become. He hoped Meony would forgive him.

In a way, it was beneficial to have a lot of tasks ahead of him. He'd resumed immediately with the tasks pertaining to an imminent landing. The deck crew was still armed, and he'd ordered them to returns their rifles to the crates he'd brought. He saw that the two landed fighters had been cleared already, and he called for those caught in the middle of the deck to clear it when the first fighters came. And with every fighter that docked and were moved to their slots on the sides of the deck, the amount of work ahead became clearer. Never had he seen such damage sustained to a squadron in a single sortie. He raked his hand through his hair, sighing, shaking his head before he began to call out orders to the teams. Weapons needed to be removed. Dedicated patrol crafts re-armed. KneePADD data from all pilots collected wirelessly, and corroborated with fighter scans. The SCO needed to have the tactical logs from all fighters downloaded and compiled, and then there was the MRO.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul protocol, involving all the shifts of the deck team. Liam had a feeling that his readiness report wouldn't impress neither Commander Stark nor Commander Ravon, but he felt that given the circumstances... he couldn't lie either. He couldn't clear warp fighter ahead of time at the risk of endangering the lives of the pilots. And then, on top of everything else, there was the second Wolf-01 craft, and the return of the Cinsaj.

This will be a long day... and without Covington, it's on my head... he thought, limping across the deck while the fighters powered down. At least Ji and I both made it.

Soon enough, he reached the SCO and COD office, and sat down by Covington's computer console, compiling the reports needed from the accumulating data.

[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ]
Sten is dead? thought Evelyn, which was decidedly even worse news than that Miles Renard had the gall to just waltz back home without joining the fight against the cube. Sure, his fighter didn't look in peak conditions, for sure, but Rawley had her reasons to resent the Vulpinian. Papabear... Fuck the Borg... This is all bloody smashing. He's always been a part of this bay.

Of course Rawley remembered fucking the man during the holo-shoreleave a couple of weeks ago, even though it had just been a spur of the moment. They had been drinking and singing old songs. Goddammit this victory is already turning sour in my mouth, she thought, seeing Goldeneye clinging to Renard like she was some bloody squirrel.

So without answering Tessa, or saying a word to Miles, Rawley left them all standing there, heading for the lockers so that she could get out of her bloody exosuit and get a fucking shower. It might not wash away the dark thoughts in her mind, but at least she could get out of the bay. Nothing will be the same here again, she thought, glaring at the female deck ape that came her way and asked that she uploaded her PADD. "Fine, just back off."

In the locker room, she tugged her exosuit off bit by bit, sent her fucking report from her PADD and then retreated into a shower stall with all her resentment and fury, trying in vain to have the sonic vibrations vaporise it all.

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[ Ltjg Jhozahosh “Blizzard” sh’Avhennes | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ]


Having finally landed her fighter and taxied it into her assigned slot, Jhoza gave a long sigh, and opened the canopy. She removed her helmet and shook her head, freeing her braids from their confinement, and allowing them to hang down her back as they should. Her antennae twitched and stretched, much more comfortable now that the helmet no longer held them. She released the harness which held her and climbed out of the fighter, stretching as she did so. She could see one of the deckhands approaching with the stairs, but in Jhoza’s very biased opinion, he was too far away. Not wanting to wait for him to arrive, she slid down the side of the fighter and landed gracefully on the deck.

A moment later the deckhand arrived, looking a little out of breath. He pushed the stairs into place, then retrieved a PADD and looked at Jhoza.


”sh’Avhennes” She corrected, smirking ”The fighter is intact, might be a few scorch marks, I flew a little close to an explosion or two. And could you get somebody to check the port thrusters, they felt a bit sluggish after our run through the Borg cube.”

”Yes Lieutenant, we’ll have her looking and flying like new once we’ve dealt with some of the more damaged craft.”

Jhoza nodded and set off toward the locker room, tugging off her gauntlets and stuffing them into her helmet as she did so. As she did so, she noticed a small group of pilots gathering around one of their own, someone that Jhoza didn’t recognise. Curious, she moved closer and joined the group. One of the pilots was hugging the newcomer, and Jhoza smirked, clearly they were known to each other. To Jhoza however, this man was unfamiliar, so she introduced herself.

”Greetings, Lieutenant JG Jhozahosh sh’Avhennes, I don’t believe we’ve met before.” she stuck out a blue hand, a cherry grin creasing her features. ”You seem to be familiar to these folks, so I guess this is a welcome back rather than a first time welcome aboard.”

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Devyrie Okhala|  USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88 @BZ @Griff

Devyrie Okhala aka call sign Dragon, was looking forward to a long hot shower, and a quick debriefing, maybe a hard drink, but it seemed that she was not about to get her way. When Mckayla called out that drake was unresponsive she had a moment where she froze completely. Had the two of them just committed a murder?

Gideon Drake was dead, there was a confused part of her that wanted to say good, the man had tried too... no, no he had not tried to intentionally hurt her. She had to parse through things, a lot had happened on the Versant. Drake had only been trying to get ahold of the controls. He had wanted to run away from the battle, and make for the task force. In doing so he had put his hands on Devyrie as they had been falling and nothing more, it wasn't like with that alien, not like that.

She shivered for a moment, but swallowed hard. She heard another pilot asking Mackayla if she was dragon, and Devyrie stepped forward between the two. "I'm dragon." she said in greeting hearing that Bloodwing had been on their wing for the assault she almost chuckled, then she saw what the woman was. The thin brow lines, and the ears gave away the romulan side of her. A small pain in the side of her chest. Yet another thing that the Versant had taken from her. She hoped that the other pilot didn't take it personal. Devyrie just wasn't in the mood to smile. "You did... well keeping our flank from exploding thanks, it helped a lot to have you out there."

Devyrie looked back at the Cinsaj while the thing had practically flown it's self, it had been a very different experience than what she had expected. She sincerely hoped she never had to fly that thing again. "Sorry, bloodwing I have to deal with something." she said softly.

She stayed within earshot of Mackayla silently wondering if she should just walk away, blend in with the crowd and let the girl take the fall for the mans death, she was pretty sure she could make it to the showers before she was called in.

but that wouldn't be fair. Mackayla had stood by her the entire flight, she had helped her at every turn, she couldn't let her turn herself in alone, the shower could wait, Mackayla could not. Walking up to Eun Sae Ji, putting a soft hand on Mackayla's shoulder giving her a supportive nod, and saying. "She was with me, I'd like to go with her and provide my own testomony as well."

She looked at Mackayla. "It's going to be okay." In truth she didn't think Mackayla did anything wrong, they hadn't tried to kill the man on purpose, it was little more than an accident because Drake had tried to gain control over the fighter, once they explained that everything would be okay.

PO2 Sithick | From the Allegiant | To the Fighter Bay] attn: @Auctor Lucan  @The Ostrich @Doc M. @Iron Ferrox

Somehow Sithick had managed to sleep through the actual battle. He remembered dropping one Borg as hard as he could against the floor, and then he was shot, his normally pristine uniform he was so proud of was in tatters, and yet the moment he had gotten off of the allegiant he had come running towards the turbolift, his nails tapping heavily against the metal floor as he went with weighted claws.

Getting to the Fighter Assault Bay, he was more or less in time to see a few of them landing. His bay was a mess! A flurry of activity and he had no translator and thus no way to calmly and quickly address the foot traffic. at this point they were starting to de-arm the fighters, and he started helping where he could. Moving heavier objects that others couldn't lift to get them out of the way of the bay, clearing equal parts equipment and debris from the place.

Sithick was awestruck by how much damage they had managed to inflict to their crafts, keeping these things flying was a 24 hour job, and one that Sithick felt like it was a revolving door of work.

The endless tasks, the constant damage.

He loved this ship.

Sithick saw the fighter pilots, all gathering around the open bay. He hadn't really learned everyones names yet, but decided that he would take a chance. Normally the Gorn didn't like meeting new people, or being the center of attention, but this flight deck was where he had asked to be assigned, and these were the people he was in charge of keeping afloat.

walking up to them, he tried to put forward his best smile. "Greetingsk," His deep intoned voice reminding him that his translator had been destroyed adding a bit more embarrassment as he approached the group of pilots all crowded around someone Sithick, knew but could not directly recall.  He was behind Blizzard, towering over the andorian's frame. "I wa'th away on the allegiant for this one, which of you wask our flight eschorts? I wisk to thank them."

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Figher Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ]
@Doc M.  @Iron Ferrox 

The news Miles shared with Thomas was bad news. Whatever good feeling Thomas had lived for living the mission along with so many of his pilots, it was simply shattered into a million pieces at the news of Covington's demise. It was a bitter pill to swallow and Thomas nodded silently at Renard, he could only hope that the chief had gone down in a blaze of glory. That he shouldn't have suffered when death came for him. He simply looked down at the deck plating as he heard Tessa swoop in from behind him to hug Miles. It was uncanny how the woman knew how to call out things like that.

"Tess... Sten... Sten didn't make it." said Ravon with a dreaded voice as he had chosen to take the role of messenger for her. He looked at Lance to see how this would affect her before he looked back at Miles "I know of mister Herrold and see how things will go." He gave Miles a good pat on the shoulder "Drop by the office when you can. We have some things to discuss." he smiled before he broke away from the group and walked with lead in his feet in search of Liam Herrold.

After having a short chat with some other deck hands he used to work with on his fighter, he wished them the best of luck and his condolences, Thomas returned to the office to gather himself. He remembered the bottle Sten had shown him one day after he had etched the name of Skye's in the spars of his fighter. He figured now would be a good time if any to dig it up to share it with Miles when he'd show up. He found Herrold in the office as well, sitting behind the desk and working on the computer. The SCO smiled faintly "Sorry to hear about Covington." he said as he leaned against the window that would overlook at the bay "How are you holding up?"

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Office, Fight Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ]
[Show/Hide]Working away at the scan compilations and the subsequent reports, Liam was distracted by the Lone Wolves' squadleader walking in. The situation being unique in how Liam - being the second in command after Covington - he wasn't quite sure what to say. He rose from the chair and turned to face the man, who was still in his exosuit. Fortunately enough, Commander Ravon knew what to say.

"Well, sir," he said and cleared his throat, scratching the back of his neck a little while he stood there in his gold-coloured jumpsuit. "I've personally not known him for more than six days, so I can imagine it's going to be - is - a bigger blow for the original Theurgy crew. All I can say is that the grand rumours in the fleet about his knowledge and experience wasn't unjustified. He was one of the pillars in the Valkyrie Program from its inception, and I wish I'd have more time to learn from him."

It would be wrong of him to bring up how he'd learned a great deal about the Valkyries in a way that others mightn't during the Resolve's long voyage. He and Erik Randall had collected performance data conflicting with the original specs of the Gryphons, and found means in which they could bridge those fallacies. Since he'd been dedicated to the new acquaintance of the Mk III:s and the Valravns since he came aboard, he'd drawn from his experience in familiarizing himself with their specs, and even caught a few hereditary errors from the Gryphons when going over the Mk III diagnostics. He wasn't entirely sure what to do with his findings at that point, when he suddenly had the whole Fighter Bay to handle.

"If I may ask a question, sir, do you know if there are any other officers in Ops with experience of the Tactical CONN Division? I ask, because I haven't heard of any... which suggests that I... Well, that I may have to find a replacement for myself, unless Commander Stark decides to put someone with fresh eyes and less experience in this office."

Liam found the Wolf Leader handsome enough, but the past six days had made him largely blind to such things - his love towards Ji fresh, raw and largely yet a mystery. It was easy enough to look Thomas Ravon in the eye though.

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[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | AC-507 Mk I Reaver | Maintenance Bay 02 | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy | Unknown Location ] Attn: @BZ @Masorin

“Didn’t you hear me?” Mickayla asked the man she had grabbed. She had thought what she had said was pretty clear but the look on the man’s face said otherwise. Instead of trying again, she didn’t on something easier. “Point out the highest ranked crewman in eyesight,” Mickayla barked.

“Uh, Chief Ji, there,” the man said, pointing at a short woman in a yellow jumpsuit.

“Thank you,” Mickayla said politely before walking away. A Chief would certainly know how to respond when someone came along wanting to surrender themselves for killing someone. A woman came over asking for Dragon but Mickayla dutifully ignored her as Dev intercepted her. Her target was the Chief. She considered calling out but doubted she’d be heard over the commotion of the fighter bay and so settled for something more direct; grabbing her by the arm. Which the Chief didn’t take kindly too.

“And you might like to contact the Theurgy’s security department and advise them that I, Petty Officer First Class Mickayla MacGregor, would like to surrender myself in relation to the death of Gideon Drake, formerly of the USS Endeavour, ma’am,” Mickayla advised in response to Ji’s suggestion of letting her go; although she did release the woman’s arm.

As the Chief contacted Security, Mickayla felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Dev standing there, trying to be reassuring, telling her it would be OK. As grateful as she was for the support, she was also a realist. She had killed a superior officer, extenuating circumstances or not, and would be headed to the brig.

“Thank you, ma’am. For everything,” Mickayla acknowledged just as Chief Ji finished with Security and suggested an auxiliary office for her to wait in. “That would be for the best Chief Ji,” Mickayla said, addressing the woman. “I am not familiar with this vessel,” Mickayla admitted as she fell into step behind the NCO.

[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 03 | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Masorin

Donna jumped out of the war as a technician pulling a cart moved past her. She had been daydreaming in the middle of the fighter bay and that was not a safe thing to do. Deciding that some food would be a good idea, Donna began to head off the deck when she saw something she never expected to see. A Gorn in Starfleet uniform. A memory rose up, reminding her of a mission during the Dominion War.

“It can’t be,” Donna thought to herself as she approached the Gorn. She dredged her memory for a language she hadn’t used in almost 5 years.

“Is that you, Sithick?” Donna asked in Klingonese, hopefully not butchering the language in the process.

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[ Lt Cmdr. Miles "Iron Ferrox" Renard | Fight Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ]
@Doc M. @Auctor Lucan @Nolan

<"Commander! "You're alive!">

The former SCO just accepted the hug as best as he could manage and sighed hearing her speak. It had been five says in space, In isolation.  Then to come back to a battle like this one, to find a friend dead, and now to find himself being embraced by one of his fellow pilots all of a sudden.  Everything together made for what could only be described as a form of emotional whiplash. which he tried to work through by sheepishly and sort of halfway returning the hug.  The true extent of that whiplash was further fulled with the pilots next words

<"This is great!  Somebody tell Papa Bear!" >

Hearing that sort of made the Vulpinian go emotionally numb, and his arms essentially went from a half return of said embrace to his arms and even hands falling limp as his head tilted down some his eyes sort of starring at the ground from behind the visor of the Exosuit's helmet. If the somber looks had not clued her in that something horrible had occurred the way he seemed to loose any grip on the embrace had made it even more clear before she added.

<"What?  What'd I say?">

Miles was relieved when Ravon took the lead and explained it to her,  He really didn't know if he could have dealt with saying it again especially not in his current numb, perhaps more accurately dead inside, state.

<"Tess... Sten... Sten didn't make it.">

The Former SCO just nodded in response, confirming the horrid news in the only way he coudl bear to, he listened as the current Commander responded to the news he had given him though.

<"I know of mister Herrold and see how things will go.">

Miles accepted the pat on the shoulder and nodded and in a strange way he seemed to finally return that embrace of Goldeneye's more so than he had done before. doing his best to hold back the tears he had for loosing a dear friend.  Now was not the time to show that emotion he was one of their senior officers, SCO or not he had that third pip and as such he could not afford to show the same kind of vulnerability the others could.  They would need him and Ravon to be those rocks they relied on for strength and as such he could not let them see him crumble as much as he wanted to.

<"Drop by the office when you can. We have some things to discuss.">

He simply nodded as he was now tightly embracing Goldeneye, even somewhat leaning into her.  She could likely feel that his weight was practically on her at the moment as he Let out a breath and just nodded responding attempting to use what little humor he could to disguise the pain he was feeling right now. "Rodger that Sir, No offense, but I think I'm going to have to delay that meeting for at least a couple hours.  It's going to take at least an hour in the showers alone just to wash off 5 days of being in an Flight-suit." He simply stated as he continued to literally rely on Tessa for support.  He couldn't let them see him fall apart but perhaps She would not let the others know how obviously shake he was by just the way he was nearly unable to stand properly on his own.

((OOC: If you are wondering why I chose these colors for Goldeneye and Ravon (Goldeneye was yellow because "Golden" eye  and of the pull down colors Ravon's chosen speech color is closest to that one of the pull downs))

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel” |Wolf 13 | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy]

Alessia guided her Valravn through the forcefield into the hanger and gently landed the fighter in it's assigned bay, giving the console a pat, her way of both congratulating and thanking her craft for getting them through another battle.

"Well that was a fun one." She chuckled as she pulled her helmet off and hit the button on the console in front of her to pop open the canopy, hearing the whirring of gears as it slowly opened and stood up, using the moment to reach up and pull her hair out from within her flight suit and shook her head to let it flow and spread out naturally around her neck and shoulders, she'd put it back in a ponytail after a nice hot shower.

Climbing down the ladder onto the deck, with Fury beside her they both examined the fighter to inspect what damaged might have been done during the battle, thankful to see that she'd mostly made it through unscathed.

"A few scratches and dents but nothing a little buffing and a fresh coat of paint won't fix." Fury said with a smile.

"Just the way I like it."" Alessia replied with a grin of her own, giving the craft a pat.

Fury gave her pat on the shoulder before heading off to the locker room while she found herself being stopped by one of the maintenance techs who asked about the status of the Valravn and what she wanted. Summing it off with a restock of her payload and the dents that would need to be worked out of the hull and the paint job to keep her girl looking sleek there wasn't much needed to be done, although she wouldn't mind a standard system check just to be sure as well.

Done with the engineer, Alessia started making her way across the deck, planning to grab her PADD for her post mission report before somebody came and shoved it into her face like she was a child who was going to avoid doing if unless told and then hit the showers, but her attention was drawn to Wraith's Valravn that was sitting in it's pad. His craft in far worse shape than her own was, with a huge chuck of it's wing missing, scorch marks along the hull and a darkened interior, evidently one of the top three pilots in the fleet had taken quite the beating in the fight.

As she got closer however she noticed the blood smeared over the interior windows of the cockpit and Wraith's form sat in the pilots chair and cursed as she sprinted over there, wondering how exactly nobody else in here had noticed already. Climbing up the ladder, she noticed that Ezekiel, his RIO wasn't sat beside him and tapped on the window, relieved when Wraith slowly moved his head and leaned forward opening the canopy.

"You look like shit Logan, what the hell are you doing?" were the first words that came out of her mouth as the cockpit opened and could have hit him when the smug pilot gave her a smirk and opened his mouth to say something before his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out.

"Fuck!" She cursed as she reached in and pressed her fingers to his neck, feeling his pulse, relieved that he had one, albeit it weak and tapped her commbage. "Garcia to Sickbay, Lieutenant Hale is badly wounded and needs an emergency transport directly to you." She said, hearing one the nurses acknowledge her before seeing her friend getting beamed away and breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully her friend would be okay and Zeke too, she'd have to go by sickbay later and check on them, assuming both had survived their ordeal. She certainly hoped so, she'd already lost enough friends lately and she didn't want to add anymore to that list.

Hoping that she was finally done with action and drama for the day she slid down the ladder and made her way across the deck, glaring at the deckhand who handed her a PADD for her report, having failed to avoid that very thing from happening but started tapping out her report as she made her way across the deck towards the locker room.

Once inside the room, she made her way over to her locker and keyed in her code, hearing the confirmation beep as the code was accepted and the locker unlocked. Sitting down on the bench in front of the locker she typed out the rest of her report and sent it off before tossing the PADD into the locker and stood up. Unzipping her flight suit she slipped out of it, grabbed a towel and made her way into the shower area and into one of the free stalls.

Turning it on she allowed the sonic vibrations to work their stuff on her as she sighed and rolled her shoulders, feeling her body loosening up. Ideally she would have preferred to be in her quarters having an actual shower, feeling the water cascading over her but that was far too long of a walk than she was willing to make right now so a sonic one would have to do.

While Alessia was aware that Rawley was in one of the other stalls, she just wanted to get the grime off of her and let the adrenaline from the battle make it's way out of her system in the shower before she spoke to anyone first, although if her fellow pilot were to say something she would reply, no need to be rude after all. Letting out another breath as she started to feel all the tension leaving her body she had nothing else to do for now but let the sonic shower finish it's job.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kinvarus + Locker Room Visitors
Evelyn Rawley had heard the hum of the stall next to her own, but she hadn't said anything - not knowing who was there. The Lone Wolves had a lot of fresh faces that she knew too little about. Of the original pack, there were only so many, and one of them - just returned - was a very unwanted one.

Of course, the others would be ecstatic, Iron Fox back from the dead and all. It wasn't them Miles Renard had used as bait at the risk of her life, and against her wishes. He didn't know what she'd do back then. He couldn't read her mind. Had she decided to do anything than what she did, he'd killed her. Fuck him.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and leaned her shaved head back against the wall of the stall - letting the sonic waves rub her clean in every little nook and crevice. The vapour rose from her scarred, taut body. Her diminutive stature belied her strengths, she was told now and again, but in regard to the losses of her squadron, any skills she had weren't enough to mitigate how she became more lonely with each engagement. She'd lost count how many times she'd been on ice and thawed once they figured out how to fix her, the latest time even getting cut up outside the cockpit by those Devoted cultists. She was a survivor. Hence her nickname. A ghost still walking, yet surviving, despite the fucked up stunts she pulled.

Everyone dies around me, she thought, opening her eyes in the blue glow inside the shower. Except those who deserve it.

At least Ravon proved himself to be innocent after he found his way back to them. A bit of bloody consolation, after all the other shite piled on the squadron. Sighing, she powered down her shower and stepped outside. Naked, she walked towards her things, seeing another wolf's exosuit on one of the benches. She read "Angel" on it, and figured it was that new wolf sister from the White Wolves, who also had some friends of old finding their way to her. Hopefully she was more happy at seeing her old squadmates on the Theurgy than Rawley was seeing Miles fucking Renard. She decided to return to the showers, not really sure what gave her the incentive until she got there.

She peeked inside, finding herself grinning lopsidedly at the sight. Angel indeed.

"Need any help in there, sister?" she said, realising that she might have reached some kind of resolution, to mitigate the losses. Loosing old wolves didn't stop her from learning to know the new ones. "Couldn't quite rub my back clean by myself either. It'd be smashing to get some help too."

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel” | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan + Locker Rom Visitors

Alessia sighed in content as she felt the pulses from the shower wash over her and leaned against the wall, her head lowered as she thought back over the battle. It was a hectic one sure but she couldn't really think of anything she could or would have done differently as far as she was concerned.

That's not to say it all had been great, there were casualties although who or how many she didn't know but battles like that there were always casualties, but hopefully not too many. Then there was Wraith. The two had become friends quickly when they first joined the Valravn project and she wasn't going to lie, it hurt when he didn't defect with them after the battle at the Starbase, and now that the stubborn fool had finally come to his senses he get's his ass handed to him, that was too punches she owed him, assuming he made it.

It wasn't all bad though, Dev had returned, she'd have to make sure to catch up with her and make sure she was okay. Not that she thought otherwise of course, the girl was tough...managed to save her own ass without needing to be rescued at least. On top of that Captain Ives returning and this Miles Renard guy, although she got the impression that not everybody was too thrilled about that. Part of her wanted to ignore whatever that drama was, after all Lone Wolves business was Lone Wolves business but on the other hand White Wolf or Lone Wolf they were all part of the same pack now so hopefully it would work itself out.

Shaking her head to banish all the thoughts swirling around in there, she turned around and placed her back against the shower wall, tilting her head back to also rest it against the cool surface she closed her eyes, taking a moment to enjoy the warmth and waves. However the silence was soon interrupted by a voice just in front of her.

"Need any help in there sister?" the voice asked, causing Alessia to open her eyes and lower her head, seeing Rawley standing just outside her shower stall, looking in at her. "Couldn't quite rub my back clean by myself either. It'd be smashing to get some help too." the woman added.

"You say that like I had trouble cleaning my back too." She replied and arched an eyebrow "Also they're sonic showers, I'm pretty sure they handle most of that for that very reason otherwise we'd have water showers in here, which make me think it's not your back you want help with. She added with a slight grin.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Everything Changes | Why Must We Suffer | The Fate of the Theurgy | Karma is a Bitch]
@Auctor Lucan @Nolan

Ji had called for Security, there were people, they would be down here soon enough.  The poor Security suckers had a lot to deal with right now.  With the heavy capacity that the Brig must be at after all of the infiltrators and what not.  Then there was the people from the Versant, the Endeavour, the Cayuga, and the Bel.  So many things.  So many jobs to do no matter the fact that everyone would probably like to let down their hair, take some drinks, get raging drunk and make some shit poor decisions, it wasn't likely going to happen.  At least, not right now.  Ji hoped they were going to head for some place warm, sunny, and amazing.  She hoped that there was no shortage of fun shit to do, not holodeck, but actual fun. 

That was all that was keeping her sane at the moment.

The officer that had needed her combadge attention was pulled away and Ji was thanked.  Ji gave a nod, but the woman was already turning away and there was no reason to chase after her.  Instead, she turned and her dark eyes surveyed the deck.  There was carnage everywhere.  Borg bits, and serrated metal, and fighters that she was hoping not to have to spend her entire trip fixing.  She had a whole crew but she knew that she would have to be here to help them through all of the work load.  She was also a chief that didn't believe that people shouldn't have to do a job that she wasn't willing to do herself.

Still, she longed for down time.

For vacation.

For actual, legit, sunshine.

Ji's dark eyes paused, on the familiar form of Liam Herrold's backside, from just inside the office that had once been Sten's.  Oh, she could just stare at it all day.  He was tall, lanky, and well formed.  Musuclar in all the right places.  Those eyes though.. it was what had killed her from the start.  Those lovely blue eyes of his and that blond hair.  She had never had a 'type' she had always just went with her gut.  But the moment Liam turned those baby blues on her she knew she liked him.  When it turned out that he liked her back, she was floored and honored and .. now they were in love.  Everything happened so fast, and she supposed it was because of the kind of life they lead.  You couldn't thwart death on a daily basis and not feel your emotions that much more strongly.  She was lucky, really, to have him in her life and she would have stood up to Sten and gone on strike as many times as it took to stay next to Liam.  She would have gone to hell and back if it meant another minute with a fine upstanding man. 

Li was currently talking to Thomas, and that was someone that she knew.  They had worked on his fighter together not all that long ago and he had mentioned strip poker at one point though she wasn't sure Liam would be keen on her joining in on that this time.  Still, she made her way across the deck towards the office.  The two men already inside probably about the fate of the deck and how it was going to have to get some new plans for how this thing was going to run.  He was currently her boss, and she didn't give a shit about it.

“Hey boys.” she said with a smile that was brighter than it should be.  She was not sad about Sten. She hadn't wanted him to die, but she couldn't really mourn him either.  Still, she supposed that the tension of the battle was wearing off and she felt light.  It wasn't that she was happy, she was dead on her feet and wished that she could curl up next to Liam for a long nap.  But, there was far too much damage control to do.

“The Wolf 01 turned out to be Miles Renard.  He's back.  Somehow, I”m sure he's getting to know everyone again, but he'll probably need to be debriefed at some point.” she said to Ravon and to Liam, since Liam had told her to see who was in the fighter to begin with. 

“The fighters are in shit condition, and we need to get started on them as soon as possible.  I've sent you a preliminary once over list of shit that needs to be fixed, I haven't had time to go indepth yet.”

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Griff @Kinvarus @IronFerrox

"Tess... Sten... Sten didn't make it."

The world just froze for Tessa as the color drained from her face.  Her topaz yellow eyes squinted to hold back the tears as her lips clamped shut before trembling dangerously threatening an eruption of undignified wailing.  Thomas paused in order to get ready for childlike weeping that was to come.  Then, to his surprise, Tessa nodded her head with a jerk and walked quickly away in the direction of the locker rooms.  Once she was behind Donna Petterson’s fighter, she turned to the right, staggered a few steps and leaned against the bulkhead as she shut her eyes and tried to close the world out.

Sten Covington was like a father to her.  He had believed in Tessa even when she hadn’t.  He was the one constant on this ship, the one constant in Starfleet for that matter, her emotional safety net.  And now he was gone.  Killed in an engagement with the Borg.  How was she going to keep going without Papa Bear?  Now she didn’t have a confidant at all unless she counted imaginary characters on the holodeck.  She needed to get away.  She couldn’t let her squadron know how damaged she was!  It was just too much and she already felt herself going numb. 

Lost in her own world, her body staggered into the locker room and past Rawley’s and Garcia’s shower stalls to find an unoccupied one.  Acting solely from the repetitious training she had given herself from the post sortie routine did she remove her flight suit and her undergarments and activate the sonic shower.  Only then did she curl into a ball on the floor of the shower stall and finally allow herself to weep.   

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[ Ltjg Jhozahosh “Blizzard” sh’Avhennes | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Masorin


From behind Jhoza heard a rasping growling voice. Her antennae perked up in interest, and flicked toward the voice. She turned and was confronted by a massive chest. She looked up, antennae craning to see who this giant was. Green scales, large jaw, yellow eyes, Gorn. ”Jhozahosh sh’Avhennes, or Blizzard if you prefer. I was flying escort on your craft, along with Meerkat, Scylla, and Wraith. We sustained some casualties, but it was our honour to protect the Allegiant and those aboard her. You got a name big man?”

Jhoza hadn’t met a Gorn before. A Starfleet vessel wasn’t where one expected to meet one of the reptilian race. Big and solid, Jhoza knew they made formidable and dangerous fighters. This Gorn however...there was something about him, in the way he carried himself, he didn’t quite seem like a warrior. ”So what were you doing on the Allegiant big man? You don’t look like a warrior, despite your...impressive frame. Gold shirt, I’m guessing an Engineer?”

”Now, I’ve also gotta ask, how did a Gorn come to find himself in a Starfleet Uniform?” She knew that from time to time you could find a Gorn serving aboard Klingon vessels, or ships in service to the Orion syndicate. But as far as she knew none served in Starfleet, save for this one.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kinvarus + Locker Room Visitors
There was no fooling the grinning pilot from the White Wolves, apparently, the preamble of Rawley's approach dismissed with casual ease.

"Oh, you never know with these bloody showers," she said ruefully as she stepped further into the stall, feeling the sonic vibrations of this second shower hit her skin - merely raising a fine mist from her. She put her hands on either side of the pilot, looking her over with ravenous appetite - lips pursed in playful anticipation. "See, while I love the new Valkyries, it gets a bit lonesome in a one-pilot cockpit. I kind of miss flying together with someone else. Someone with which to share victories as grand as this."

Those Valravn fighters looked mean as bloody hell, fast and nimble. They might not have tet cannons, but those monster emitters on the wings were bloody obscene in power output for crafts of that size. Though the features of the Valravn were just a cursory excuse for her attempt to seduce the fine female wolf she'd found. She raised her brown eyes in the blue glow of the shower, looking at the woman with a grin. "Angel, huh? Sure looks like it. Not expecting you to fall for anything, but if you fancy releasing some tensions, I know a few tricks. Couldn't help myself from making the suggestion at least."

Rawley dropped her hands from the wall of the stall, but remained standing close, the tension in the shower still quite tangible. "If you'd rather just have a drink later, I'm still game," she said in a bit of a husky voice, looking at those lips of hers, and the sole touch she made, was running the back of two of her fingers against Garcia's abdomen - as if to check if she was real and that her eyes weren't playing tricks on her.

It felt so good not thinking about Iron Fox, and branching out to new wolves. Especially fine sisters in the squadron such as this.

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel”  | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan +Locker Room Visitors

Alessia smirked at Rawley's first reply, it was a fair point there were a few time when the shower might miss a little spot, but she knew that wasn't the case this time, or at least it more than likely wasn't.

She watched as her fellow Wolf stepped deeper into the stall, watching the mist rise from her body as the effects of the shower hit her skin as she neared. Angel didn't bat an eyelid as the other woman invaded her personal space and placed her hands on either side of her, seeing the ravenous look in Rawley's eyes as the woman made no attempt to hide either it or the way she looked over her.

"Well while I can certainly understand your thoughts on not having company in the cockpit it's not like you can do anything in there...unless it was a large cockpit and the seats were next to each other I suppose....besides it's clear you don't seem to have trouble finding someone to celebrate with soon after."  she countered with a smile.

Alessia had to admit she admired the gutsy of the woman, it took balls to casually enter another person's shower without permission, with the clear intent of...releasing some tension. Evidently it seemed Rawley was one of those pilots who went with sex as their post battle stress reliever and while Alessia herself could certainly fall into that same category, she wasn't in that particular mood right now, not that she didn't appreciate the attention or the gesture.

She had to chuckle though and roll her eyes at the Angel comment and rolled her eyes "Like I haven't heard that one before." she said while maintaining her grin, appreciating the woman's honesty, it was rare to find someone who knew exactly what they wanted and were willing to take a shot at it instead of beating around the bush. She almost didn't want to disappoint her fellow sister Wolf but she was sure the woman would find someone else to scratch that itch if she wanted, especially since she didn't seem to mind being turned down by her words, even more so when she offered to hit the bar later.

Feeling two of Rawley fingers run against her abdomen certainly caused a tingle or two but with the tension in the air and the clear arousal of the woman before her it wasn't a surprise to her that she wouldn't have a slight reaction. "Well while I certainly appreciate the attention and admire a woman who knows what she wants and takes action to get it, I certanly can't blame you for that, have done the same myself in the past, I'm sadly not in the same state as you right now, although I will definitely hit the drinks with you later." she said before taking a moment to look over Rawley the same way the woman had done to her when she first stepped into her stall "After that, who knows?" She added with a smirk, after all Rawley was certainly attractive and while she wasn't aroused herself at the moment, that didn't mean she wouldn't be later while letting the other woman know that just because her current window of opportunity was closed that it wouldn't always be closed necessarily.

Knowing Rawley would most likely leave her to the rest of the shower soon, she couldn't help but grin widely "Although if you really do think your shower missed a spot on your back I suppose I could help you get that." she said with a chuckle, unable to resist the joke.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kinvarus + Locker Room Visitors
Fleetingly disappointed in Angel not wanting to have some fun right then and there, Rawley surely didn’t mind. The anticipation alone had been more than thrilling and distracting.

“Oh, then I’ll definitely go to Below Decks tonight,” she said, catching the wink she got from Angel and chuckled ruefully, wanting nothing rather than run her hands over thee Valravn pilot. She didn’t, of course. She certainly wasn’t going to push her own wishes onto the other wolf, but enjoyed the fact she’d certainly broken the ice between them. When Angel even offered to rub her back, Ralwey couldn’t be more happy she’d decided to approach the woman. “Would you? That would be bloody fantastic...”

She turned around in the stall and put her hands on the glassy walls opposite from Angel, presenting her back to the sister wolf and looking over her shoulder at her. “How about that battle? Right? Have to be one of the most intense sorties I’ve been on. I mean, Klingon scrap metal everywhere, a bloody Borg cube, and then getting to fly through it as a finish. I may have had somce close calls, but now that we made it through, it’s all a fantastic damn rush, isn’t it?”

Closing her eyes and enjoying the company, Rawley made a low sound in her throat. Part enjoyment, part reflection on the subspace tunnel. “Could have been without that bloody aperture run, though. My Valkyrie was in no conditon for such acrobatics, and I sure didn’t want to touch those fucking walls...”

It had been the first time she saw the the Versant too, and if her sensors hadn’t corroborated the sight, she’d thought her eyes were lying. How the hell could Ives and the rest commandeer it? Hadn’t they been abducted and locked up aboard it? The brief thought was interrupted by Angel...

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