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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[ Lt JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Eirual @RyeTanker @Dumedion

If nothing else, one had to admire Enyd’s persistence. Nysari had assumed - incorrectly it would seem - that their tour would end after their ill fated first stop. Dirty, bruised, and some barely clothed, only a Klingon restaurant would even dare allow them entrance in this sorry state, so long as they let Talia and Arnold lead the way to tell of their honorable battles against the ‘obray’wal. Well, that wasn’t true. She could think of a few other species who wouldn’t mind that last problem.

She had never seen water so dark, blackened by reflection of the volcanic sand beneath. Her feet were invisible, hidden beneath the grains kicked up by her entrance. Overly salty drops found their way to her mouth as she poured handfuls over her head. Rivulets streamed down her face, falling to hit her necklace with soft plinks. Hands reached up to undo a few of the worst hit braids, combing the mess out with her fingers before adding more water to wash it clean. Wet, sandy, and salty was not her definition of clean - not by a long shot - but it was a step up from where they’d started. "Much better," she sighed slightly in relief.

When she felt presentable again, Nysari waded out of the water, belatedly relieved that she hadn’t fallen prey to some mysterious sea creature. She retrieved her abandoned shoes, giving them a few quick shakes to get any hidden sand out, before slipping them back on. Since she had arrived first, Nysari lingered on the sand waiting for the others to finish cleaning up, doing her best to rebraid her hair through touch alone. She knew it wouldn’t look good with random undone locks of hair. But without a mirror, she wasn’t sure if this looked any better. All that time she’d spent preparing earlier, wiped out on the first stop.

“What does a Klingon salad include?” she asked, keeping the question innocuous as she looked between the rest of her companions. Having missed their reactions when Enyd originally brought up the next tour spot, Nysari wanted to see for herself if they were ready to continue or not. “I’ve never had one before, nor have I seen the dish. And the cart, is it’ a cart in truth? I could add street food salad to my lists of firsts as well.” That was actually something she’d be interested in seeing. So much for judging who wanted to return to the ship. Two weeks back in Starfleet and she was already courting danger for some cultural exploration. Any rational person would already be calling the transporter chief.

OOC: I feel like this is very short, because she can't talk herself into to running back into danger just yet, especially not in front lol

Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[ Ens. Mia Dunne | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ]
ATTN: @Ellen Fitz @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @rae

Mia  was still a bit shocked by what had transpired. When Enyd gestured to her breast Mia looked down and realized she was just standing there giving everyone a free show. She could feel her face heat up as she tugged the dress back over her exposed breast. She glanced up to Enyd in time to see her heading for the water. She watched as several other members of the group also waded into the water to clean off. She held back from doing the same, besides, she really wasn’t that bad. Somehow, she had managed to not get food all over her. She debated the wisdom of walking into a murky lake right after seeing what sort of insects they had on this planet No Wonder Klingons were always so angry, she thought to herself, If I had to deal with that all the time, I would be angry too.

Her eyes wandered the squared and came to rest on what appeared to be a small clothing stand. She was now debating whether or not it would be a good idea to see if there was something she could get perhaps as a souvenir. So far, she didn’t really see anything that struck her fancy, but then again, she might not be close enough to decide if there was.

One of the other women walked up and spoke to her.  She smiled back tentatively and took the offered wipes, “A little time in sickbay and you’ll never know, right?” She handed the rest of the pack back, “So you’re a fighter pilot? I would be terrified to fly one of those things, but then, that’s just me. “ Mia shrugged a little as her eyes went back to the vendor as she nodded slightly, “I was debating it, maybe. I mean I guess I can take a closer look, although I am not sure If I really want anything. It looks like most of the stuff is made out of some sort of kelp.” She shifted on her feet as she looked back at the woman, “If you want to look, we can.“ She lifted her eyebrows in question, looking more like she wanted to leave the area and not get any new clothes, but since they had to wait for the others they had some time to waste, and looking at dresses was better than just standing around.

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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Hirek tr’Aimne & Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Onok’s Bakery | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @rae  @Eirual

Hirek’s watched Talia’s departure with an amused smile. Flotation device. Furniture. Pretty eyes. Hirek couldn’t help but feel curious about what other sort of labels Talia would toss his direction as the tour continued. It hadn’t escaped his notice either, her limp, neither had all the knicks and bruises the other tour patrons were sporting as they sought some semblance of cleansing from the Klingon waters. He only had so much clothing to go around to be used as wardrobe supplements or bandages if the night continued on this vector of madness. He was half tempted to follow Talia and the formally bare-breasted Mia to the clothing vendor to purchase whatever was cheapest as a “just in case” backup.

Instead, Hirek crossed the street and leaned against the fence overlooking the small beach area most of the others had congregated in. Both Enyd and the engineering crewmate, Marika, had managed to commune intimately with the sand before finding their way to the water. The Andorian no longer sported the immaculately coiffed hairdo but was still nonetheless pleasant to look at, in a water-logged way. Catching her gaze briefly as she sought to reconfigure the locks into a controlled plait, Hirek gave her a very human thumbs-up and a smile. Even without a mirror, she was doing a damn fine job of pulling herself back together.

“From what I read, the salad is a semi-sweet and sour one, made up of fruits and edible flowers and herbs.” Hirek listened as Enyd answered Nysari’s question. “And if the map is to be trusted, the cart is about three of four yards further on down the sea path.”

Hirek looked up from watching the beach conversation to glance in the direction Enyd had pointed. From his vantage point, he could see several carts and nomadic vendors, some looking to sell jewelry, pottery, clothing…ah there were at least two carts that appeared to be in the food business. However, one looked to be more apothecary than a food cart.

“I wonder if this salad comes with a guarantee for no bugs.” Hirek tossed the comment toward the beachgoers with a playful smile. He was aware that he’d managed to come through that fiasco of a first course relatively pain-free. Though the boot imprint from the baker’s wife would likely not disappear for some time to come.

“If I’ve learned anything from my time on this planet,” Enyd pulled herself from the water and carefully waddled her way through the sand back to the steps, “it is that there are no guarantees and the Klingons learned centuries ago to stop making any.”

Hirek snorted as he watched the human carefully climb the steps, her movements stilted as if she expected the inanimate staircase to reach out and bite her. It didn’t help her progress when Hirek made a quick move to poke her, acting on his own set of juvenile delight in teasing her. Enyd reared back but didn’t fall, stabbing Hirek with her green daggered gaze.

“Not at all amusing, Hirek.” She dropped her shoes to the ground, dusting her feet off.

Hirek shrugged, stretching his arms overhead and giving his torso a mobility twist to aid in fighting against the building soreness that lingered on the edges of consciousness. “I think our opinions differ on what is and isn’t amusing.”

Enyd sighed but said nothing further to him, instead throwing her response over her shoulder to the others, “I’m ready for whatever Luyr’s Cart has to offer if you all are.”

[ Two yards away from Luyr’s Cart further on down the sea path ]

“Are you sure Chaekom said he wanted a salad for dinner?” Yurdz glanced over to his companion, Grorgei, confusion winning out over the earlier frustration he’d felt for being told to go on a food run while the rest of their crew waited for their targets to arrive outside Vok’ey’s Tavern. This was their fifth and final stop before heading back to the others, arms filled to overflowing with the other food orders already placed and picked up.

Yurdz’ face could barely be seen over the tower of food boxes cradled in his arms, his voice muffled as he answered, “He told me three times he wanted the Krennla salad from Luyr’s Cart. Also told me he’d finished breaking my arm if we came back without it.” Grorgei heard his companion snort, sounding more like a cough than a laugh. “I think he’s trying to watch his waistline. Ever since Trac compared him to a Klingon mabeb he’s been eating weird shit like that.”

Yurdz shrugged. Whatever the reason, he’d just be happy to return to the others, eat, then break some bones. Running these kinds of errands was punishment for the fiasco at the Orion outpost, he knew that, but it didn’t the grating at his ego. He was built for violence, not stupid shit like this.

*A mabeb is a Klingon toad*

Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Luyr’s Cart | First City | Qo'nos]

@Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual

Zark thought she could finally relax as she sipped her glass of Breshanti Ale, one of the last in existence before word got out about the colony being glassed. She's considered herself lucky to find a place that hadn't gotten word yet that they had a very rare commodity in stock, so she ordered a bottle of the founder's reserve while it was still in existence. After taking a few sips, Zark was now sure that the Ale was a karmic trap by the universe as she'd had to fend off the attention of a drunk Klingon man so she could drink and eat in peace. That wasn't the part that she considered the karmic trap, no, it was the drunkards girlfriend and her friends who had picked her up out of her seat shortly after he'd left and if the universal translator was working properly, calling her a peta'q, bitch, and bunch of other equally nasty things that was going down hill quickly since they were drunk too.

"Hey, look, I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding, I just wanted him to leave me alone so I can...." "Quiet you blue cunt! I should gut you for trying to steal..." Zark was flabbergasted at the implication and it showed. "Steal? What is this? A soap opera? I didn't do anything besides trying to get him to go away. I prefer woman anyway..." This seemed to enrage the Klingon woman even more. "Whaaaat? He's not good enough for you? Is that what you're saying?" she roared as the Andorian's head was starting to hurt at the absurd drunken illogic of the moment. "That's not what I meant. What I said..." Zark was suddenly cut off as pain exploded in her cheek as the girlfriend sent a backhand that snapped the blue head to one side.  The stunned Andorian suddenly tried to double over as a badly aimed, but still substantial fist slammed into her mid section and tried to rearrange her internal organs.  Something that sounded like her voice oofed in response as air was knocked out her.  The stunned Andorian found her vision pointed mostly at ground and she tried to curl in to defend herself, except she couldn't as the friends of the girlfriend had her solidly up. Mindful of not causing too ruckus on planet, the Andorian made one last attempt to calm the situation despite the shock, humiliation, and pain. "Cough, Cough. Now just wait a minute, we don't need this to, hey what are you doing? " was all she got out before her feet were lifted into the air and the Andorian felt herself being quickly carried. Oh shelat! Zark thought as she felt a momentary weightlesness just moments before crashing through a window and grunting as she slammed on a sturdy table. The Andorian quickly rolled to a stop on the patio amidst the wreckage of another indignant couple's dinner of gagh and blood pie.

The Andorian was livid as she heard laughter and yelling inside. Groaning a bit and coughing, Zark got to all fours and deliberately stood up. Only to stop as she saw the shocked visages of Enyd and several other people from Theurgy. "Uhh. Hi y'all. The locals and I are having a slight disagreement." Zark informed the group in a startled tone. Another round of laughter and argument reminded the Andorian she was quite upset and she stripped off her food covered jacket, then pulled out a pair of leather gloves she kept in case she needed to handle something unpleasant, like drunks. "I'll just be a moment. Enyd, can you hold this?" she asked as she pushed the jacket towards the diplomat before heading back inside with a rictus smile on her face. It wasn't hard to find the party that had tossed the Andorian through the window, and Zark marched over, grabbing an empty serving tray from a passing waiter, leaving him spluttering in confusion. The girlfriend was so engrossed in arguing, or was it flirting, with the boyfriend while her friends were too busy laughing they completely missed Zark's return and were shocked when a gloved hand smacked the back of the girlfriend's head causing her to whirl around and gape at the feral smiling blue alien. "Yo bitch" Zark greeted deadpan and swung the serving tray hard into the girlfriend's face. The thwack of alloy smashing into flesh reverberated through the restaurant as the girlfriend swung around and crashed head first into the table causing her eyes to roll into the back of her head as she collapsed on the floor in a heap.

The friends and boyfriend stared in shock at the sudden violence visited upon them, and Zark took advantage of the delay to leap into the air and knee one woman in the face, sending her falling off the chair in a crash that caused a massive spurt of sanguine blood from her as face separated from knee and a cup of blood wine arced through the air. The acrobatic Andorian grabbed the one she kneed in the face and landed on her chest knocking all the air out of the first friend before stepping off and twirling in place to dash away from the second friend.  Klingons were quick, but Zark had had a head start as the other friend tried to grab her, but came up short.  The two were near another set of tables, and Zark twirled as she jumped off a chair into the air, grabbed her pursuer's head in both hands, and let muscles and gravity do the rest as she slammed that hard ridged head into the table causing it to come apart in an explosion of wood.   The angry Andorian grabbed the recently jumped on chair as she landed before smashing it on her pursuer's back, knocking the second friend out and leaving Zark holding a pair of chair legs. The girlfriend was coming to and the Andorian jumped on her back, brought both sticks to her throat and was working to choke the life out of her when her combat sense went off at the sound of a blade being drawn. 

Zark rolled off the girlfriend and brought both sticks to a ready position as a dagger swiped at where her head had been. The boyfriend leered as a cheering crowd grew around the fighters in the impromptu ring. Zark still wore her feral smile as the dagger was flicked at the Andorian a couple of times before the man launched broad swipes that the combat medic dodged or deflected with her improvised batons. The sound of wood smacking into metal and meat seemed to attract more patrons to the sudden fight and a person yelled out he wagered twenty strips of latinum on the Klingon which someone yelled back he'd take, and the betting took off.  A couple of swipes caused the security officer to hop out of the way and she bounced against a wall of people and was pushed back into the centre. Zark barely dodged a slash aimed to gut her, but a tearing sound of cloth being sliced at her abdomen, exposed her taught blue belly eliciting cheers from the crowd as the tempo and volume of betting seemed to increase.

The girlfriend was beginning to stir again and Zark knew this fight was bad enough with one Klingon. It was time to go on the offensive and Zark flicked a stick at the boyfriend before rolling passed him and striking the back of his knee causing him to buckle as she smashed the other stick down on the groggy girlfriend's head with a loud crack knocking her out again, and turning the stick into so much kindling, then somersaulting over her prone body. A thumping sound from behind her caused the combat medic to swing her remaining stick behind her and it snapped against the Klingon male's leg as the crowd roared in approval at the destruction being wrought. This bought little time as Zark got to her feet and adopted an open palmed wing chun stance in the face of the lethal blade.  Leering at the challenge of an unarmed opponent, the boyfriend lunged to stab in the insufferable Andorian in the chest, and the blue woman pivoted for a miss while grabbing his outstretched arm and pulling him in to deliver an uppercut to his tough, but soft tissue on his jaw. The tough head snapped back as a spray of spittle and blood flew in the air.  When his head automatically reset, a hard elbow hammer smashed into his nose causing a spray of blood to erupt and stunning him long enough for Zark to disarm him with a wrist twist before jumping onto Klingon's front and wrapping her legs around his neck in a headlock. The Andorian held on and tightened her thighs as he swung around like a mad targ to get the blue gnat off his back. Through blind luck he succeeded as several people scrambled out of the way and Zark cried out as she was slammed against a wall eliciting more cheers and groans. The Andorian's stubbornness to hold on and try to choke him out bought her several more slams into the wall and then being smashed into floor where she had to let go and lay heavily to the ground.

As oxygen reentered his system, the boyfriend gasped and looked around, finding the stunned Andorian. Sneering insolently, he made his way over and sat heavily on Zark's stomach causing her to grunt in protest.  This encouraged the Klingon as he threw a punch at Zark's head.  Zark was stunned, but still conscious as she barely deflected that blow, but missed the second one that snapped her head to one side and and sent blue blood flying to the floor.  The Klingon sensed victory and began to grand stand as he straddled his fallen foe before turning his arrogant glance on her once more as the massive muscular hands picked up the the blue woman by her shirt and slammed his head into her forehead with a loud crack causing the Andorian to see stars and almost lose consciousness. 

Seeing her fully stunned and incapable of resistance, the boyfriend went for her throat and closed around her neck, then began to squeeze. Blue arms beat against burly Klingon ones before trying to loosen his grip, and the boyfriend leered one more time before bringing the blue woman closer and biting her cheek hard enough to draw blue blood.  Zark's response was strained, yet succinct and pungent. "Yeeeaarghhh!!  You goddamn targ fucker!!  That hurt!!"  This drama caused some in the audience to roar in approval and amused the man as he slammed the Andorian into the ground once more. "Too bad. You fought well and would have made a good mate if you were Klingon. Better then that peta'q you knocked out. Submit to be my concubine and I will spare you." 

Despite the steady blackening of her vision, that was one offer she would never accept.  There was one last play and she gently tapped the big hand which got the pressure to loosen enough for her to talk. "Not in your lifetime targ dung. Besides, my lovers are much better fuck buddies than you'll ever be"  The hands on her throat began to tighten as a sneer marred the man's face. "especially they know how to use their hands." The boyfriend's position lent an arrogance to his understanding of the situation, but he didn't know what he was holding as Zark's hand straightened, stiffened and launched at his throat. A squishy thump was more felt than heard as the leather clad dagger hand connected with his softer throat.  The Klingon let go of the blue neck to grab his suddenly swollen airway and began choking. With air rushing back into her lungs, the athletic Andorian heaved madly and the Klingon more fell off her than flew, but still she was free. Adrenaline coursed through the combat medic who got up more steadily than one would expect and turned around to her opponent who was now on the ground and had his ass aimed at the sky, trying to get up. Deciding it was best to finish this quickly, Zark ignored her body's protests and wound up her dominant foot, letting loose a soccer kick right between the boyfriend's legs.  All the men and a few woman around the room backed up or closed their legs as they witnessed several generations of a house get annihilated by a furious blue titanium toed impact in mere seconds.  A sympathetic "oooooooh" swept the crowd and the victim squealed in agony and spiked an octave as his eyes bugged out and his hands instinctively went to cover his abused organ.  Slowly like a tree toppling, the boyfriend fell to one side stared in shocked horror at the Andorian. 

Zark was still peeved and in pain, though she was surprised her target hadn't fainted from having his member crushed and decided to end the fight as she pushed the man onto his back and locked her legs around his neck once more.  The powerful gymnast's legs pulled backwards using her more powerful thighs to cut off his airflow.  Delirious with pain and with his inability to draw more breath, the boyfriend steadily struggled less and less till he was almost motionless.  Zark could feel the end was in sight when the distinctive whine of a disruptor firing and sparks exploding from the ceiling brought a temporary cessation of hostilities and the combat medic let go of her quarry and jumped up getting ready for another fight despite her body screaming in protest at being abused so soon.

The crowd parted and a burly, distinguished looking Klingon stepped through the gap. He kept the weapon generally pointed in the Andorian's direction. "What is the meaning of all this?" Zark decided honesty, Klingon style, was the best policy. "This peta'q wanted to steal me from my crew and this targ tit couldn't handle that I am a better warrior than she will ever be. I decided to conclusively demonstrate my prowess." As Zark held her breath, the old man looked at the ground and laughed heartily as he shook his head.  A meaty hand waved and indicated the people on the ground with a flicking motion. More servers appeared out of the crowd and dragged the injured and comatose Klingon's out of the restaurant and into the street. The proprietor turned his smile on the blue warrior that had graced his establishment. "That was good fight young one!   He lowered the disruptor and made his way over to Zark and grabbed her hand.  "The champion of tonight's entertainment!  Come! Food and drink on the house for the winner!" Zark stared back in mild incomprehension before nodding. Spying Enyd and Frank amongst a few others in the crowd, she decided to ride the infamy while it lasted. "Can my friends join me?" "Anyone who is a friend of a warrior like you is welcome in my humble establishment." he dropped his voice suddenly to whisper in her ear. "Besides I know the idiot you beat, so I bet on you. Touch and go there at the end, but I won quite a bit." Zark looked back shocked as he laughed loudly and generously before slapping the Andorian hard on the back and almost completing her opponent's work while leading her to a large table near the kitchen as the bruised Andorian recovered and waved over everyone else to join her. "Come! Food and drink await!  Also a dermal regenerator to get rid of that mating bite.  Bwahahaha!"

All this just cause I wanted some drinks.  Mating bite? Ewwwwww! Zark mentally griped as she was led to the table and offered a wan smile to everyone.

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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Ens. Talia 'Shadow' Al-Ibrahim | D’Takka | Qo’Nos] Attn: @rae @Eirual @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker
[Torq, son of Tarq, eyewitness of Ruvoy’s calamity]

It wasn’t every day one got to witness a rival’s downfall, but he had by pure coincidence. The merchant had been walking past the Bakery after relieving himself upon the shore in the alley behind the building, when his ears picked up the odd goings-on within. Another obray’wal infestation, it seemed, the second this season. Balls of Kahless, my luck can’t be that good, he’d grinned, rushing to the nearest window to peak inside. He’d stayed there and watched the entire affair, laughing until he couldn’t stand it. Soon enough, he’d rushed back to his stand across the way to let the others in on the news.

Torq stood across the avenue, a wide grin showing rows of disordered (and missing) fangs as he watched the insanity unfolding at Orok’s; nor was he alone. A small crowd had gathered, as the ruckus and fleeing patrons caught the attention of all the other vendors. The roars of combat within along with the accusations bellowed had provided entertainment without end, leaving them roaring with laughter. “Serves that mongrel right,” Torq cackled, waving a meaty hand at the Bakery with a bark of laughter. “Banishing us all to the shit-side of the street, away from all the customers! Ha! That’ll teach him to clean that vermin-ridden shit-stain of a building and keep his hands to himself! Laid out by a soft-skin human!” Just then, Primlargh’s roaring voice could be heard – damning one of the humans in a vile curse of parentage from a diseased targ – before two of them tumbled from the window to land in a heap next to the street.

“Bahahaha,” Torq and the others roared, pointing.

[Orali, dissatisfied servant to Torq]

Covered in a dark shawl to hide her emerald skin, the young Orion girl shook her head at Torq and the others from behind the counter of the stand. Fools, she cursed them with a smirk, helping herself to a few bronze colored darseks. It wasn’t her fault if Torq didn’t secure his coffer and certainly wasn’t something to feel guilty about. The bastard barely paid her at all or recognized her talent. Several of the other merchants had complimented her sewing, one even tried to procure her service for himself, but the prick wouldn’t have it. Laugh it up, you moron, she smirked at him and the others, knowing she would eat well tonight at least.

Forest green eyes turned to the off-worlders, picking themselves up and milling about. She felt a pang of sympathy for them. Qo’noS was an unforgiving and unpredictable host, not for the faint of heart. They looked battered, dazed, and amusingly confused from what had transpired. Judging from their ruined attire, she could only hope they would notice the vendors. Orali, unlike her idiot employer, was always vigilant for potential customers.

She kept her eyes on them as Torq and the others broke up their boisterous gathering, returning to their respective places of business. “Ah, that was perfection. Nearly shat myself laughing,” Torq chuckled in his baritone voice, like the sound of boulders tumbling down a mountain. “Away from my counter,” he barked at her, waving her back into the tent, “back to work!”

“They are looking this way,” she flashed a green hand towards the pack of aliens. “The dark haired one is practically naked – look! I can get them to buy something! You’ll just scare them off to someone else!”

Torq grimaced at her, snarling. “Don’t tell me my business! Back to work,” he pointed to her sewing station.

“I speak more Federation than you do, you ass,” she hissed back, folding her arms in defiance, nodding at the pair walking towards them. “Look, they come. Let me talk to them!”

Torq growled, showing his gruesome teeth, but turned to her – pointing the same fat finger at her face. “No deals without my permission – understood? You will tell me exactly what they say!”

Orali smirked at him. “Of course, goes without saying.”

[Talia, just trying to find some clothes]

“Yeah, it’s...not for everyone,” she lifted a shoulder at the blonde’s comment about flying. “Still scares me, too, but you’d be surprised what you get used to,” she admitted, biting her lip to keep from grunting with every step. Damn ankle, she shook her head, sighing. They were making their way across the street, ignoring the pack of on-lookers. Well, Talia was trying to, keeping her attention divided between the vendor stalls and Skiddish, who looked like she wanted to be anywhere else.

Things really got out of hand back there, she admitted, still a bit dazed at how quickly everything went to shit. “You sure your okay,” Talia asked her, holding Hirek’s robe closed with one hand as they walked. “Nothing wrong with calling it a night if you want, you know,” she lifted a shoulder at her.

Her eyes narrowed as they approached the row of vendors, as several facts occurred to her at once. I don’t speak Klingon. I don’t have any currency. I look like I just lived through a bar fight to the death. Talia cursed, as a green-skinned female covered in a robe entirely too thick for the heat and humidity smiled at them with a nod.

“Welcome, can help you,” she said, in broken standard.

“Oh, thank you,” Talia sighed with relief, grinning back at her then Mia. “See, things are looking up,” she smirked at Skiddish with a shrug. “Can we look around? Could use some clothes,” she explained, as a grumpy looking Klingon idled next to the Orion girl, eyeing them warily. She cocked her head as the girl murmured something to him, and he grunted something to her.

“Have clothes,” the girl nodded, “have darsek? Trade?”

The hell’s a darsek, Talia wondered, head tilted in confusion. “Uh,” her eyes flitted around as she blinked. “I got this,” she held up her purse, “and this,” she held up the mug taken from the bakery. The Klingon barked a laugh, gesturing for the mug. Talia frowned, but handed it over to him. She watched as he pulled two shiny objects embedded in its side, chuckling as he palmed them and shoved the mug back to her without ceremony. Talia grimaced at the hooked, silver looking things. Are those...teeth, she wondered, as the pair conversed, all snarls and grunts to her.

“These, and that,” the Orion gestured to her purse, “for one,” she gestured to Talia. “Only one,” she repeated, arching a brow at them.

Talia sighed, shrugging. Better than nothing, I guess, she looked to Mia. “Uh...okay,” she half asked, half stated, hoping the blonde was okay with it. “Lets take a look,” she nodded to the Orion, who gestured for them to enter with an elaborate wave of one hand.

Several minutes later, Talia emerged from the extremely small veiled partition in the back of the stall wearing a shiny, but oddly comfortable ensemble made from a combination of fish-scales and a variable mix of sea-weed; sewn together as pants and a top that breathed extremely well in the heat and was surprisingly soft on her skin. Even if it looked crazy, it was certainly better than running around Qo’noS with nothing but scraps covering her dignity. At least it doesn't smell like fish, she huffed, looking at Mia with a grimace.

“How bad is it,” she asked cautiously.

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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Outside Onok’s Bakery | D’Takka| Qo’Nos]
ATTN: @rae  @Ellen Fitz  @RyeTanker  @Dumedion

While her fellow officer looked for something to wear Mia looked through the selections available. Her dress really wasn’t in that bad enough a state that she needed to change it.
As she waited she heard yet another crash of broken glass and turned to see Zark getting back to her feet. Mia’s mouth dropped open as the Andorian handed her jacket to Enyd, donned a pair of gloves and then re-entered the fray inside the other establishment. Well, at least she knew now it wasn’t just being with Enyd that resulted in chaos. She shook her head slightly as that thought crossed her mind. With a long sigh she turned back to the items at the small kiosk, but not having funds available sort of made looking a waste of time.

When Talia stepped back out in a pair of pants and matching top and overlay, Mia’s eyebrow raised. The outfit actually looked good on Talia, although it was definitely a little more revealing than Mia was comfortable wearing herself.  The slacks gave an illusion of being more revealing than they actually were, but the top was more of a bikini and the overlay was most definitely made to show off skin.

“You look good in that,” Mia said quietly as she nodded, “and you’ll definitely have a souvenir unlike any other.” She smiled a little and shrugged, “We can only get one, and my dress really isn’t that bad. I can just hold the skirt closed and I’ll be fine.”

She was more than ready for finding the next place on the tour. “I hope the rest of the tour is a lot less... intense!”

She looked off in the direction Enyd had indicated the next stop would be and decided to stay with the tour for now. Somehow, she didn't think anything else could go wrong. They had already gotten all the crazy stuff out of the way.  Things had to go better from this point, Right?

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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[ Lt JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Luyr’s Cart, D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Eirual @Dumedion 

Spotting Hirek’s thumbs up out of the corner of her eye, her brows furrowed slightly for a moment, wondering what mischief could be behind this compliment, before deciding to accept it with grace. Nysari nodded politely in response, then finished her task. She was almost certain now that her hair looked awful, but unfortunately there wasn’t much to do about it.

“Then to Luyr’s Cart we shall go.” Seeing that no one was willing to abandon their night out at the moment - Starfleet did tend to leave one quite immune to chaos - Nysari followed Enyd up the stairs. The small grouping of carts not far away seemed their likely location. There was really nowhere else, given the proximity, so she wasn’t surprised when the chief diplomat set a course towards them.

Abysmal as her Klingon was, she understood the characters well enough to spell out words. She spotted Luyr’s in the back, the name sloppily painted into an awning with bright orange paint. Though ‘cart’ seemed to be an incorrect translation. The restaurant was a permanent structure, a decent sized building with a spacious patio. It was merely surrounded by carts. She wondered if it had perhaps started out as one, only to be successful enough to build here instead. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a thought she got to mull over for long. Naturally - because how could their night go any differently - the place seemed to be in the middle of a full scale brawl. “When the itinerary for this trip was introduced, did it happen to come with any warnings?” she inquired politely enough, all the while shaking her head at the chaos unfolding before them. “Maybe we should skip the salad.”

“Or not,” she continued a moment later as a flash of blue crossed her vision, the other Andorian crashing into a table and quickly revealing herself to be Lieutenant Zark, the security officer who had successfully stormed the diplomatic council during Frank’s demonstration earlier in the week. Maybe it wasn’t the food tour that was dangerous, and Theurgy officers were magnets for trouble instead. Based on their one meeting, Nysari shouldn’t have been surprised when Zark handed Enyd her coat and jumped back into the fray. But the course of action was far outside what she considered reasonable, so Nysari was shocked to see Zark heading back. “Wait, Lieutenant. I think it would be best to simply let it-” she trailed off. The other zhen was too far away to hear her now anyway. At this point, she was regretting her earlier bout of adventurous spirit that had convinced her to remain. This tour had gone completely off course.

They watched the rest of the fight from the crowd, Nysari using every skill at her disposal to stop herself from wincing at every injury. Though she would have preferred not to watch, the diplomat forced her eyes on Zark, her fingers hovering over the combadge in her pocket in case they needed to call for backup. When it was over, she sighed silently in relief.

The proprietor’s promise of free food was underwhelming. The food on this tour had been prepaid, so he’d already made money off the Starfleet officers. But maybe something good could come out of it. “Would anyone else like a drink with our salads?” Nysari asked, walking towards the large table offered to them. She’d even drink bloodwine at this point.

“Salads?” the formerly boisterous Klingon suddenly looked a bit shifty. “For all of you?”

“That is what was listed on our culinary tour, yes,” she replied, blue eyes giving the old Klingon a once over. “Will that be a problem?”

“Problem? For my champion and friends? Of course not!” He laughed as though it was a silly question, then vanished back into the crowd.

“After all this drama,” Nysari said dryly as she took a seat with others, "I’m getting the impression that we won’t be getting this famous salad after all."

[Luyr, The kitchen, a few moments later]

“I’ll beat you senseless boy! Or I’ll let that Andorian have you for dessert!” Oh, why had he allowed his sister to talk him into hiring her idiot son? Order supplies for the cart, with all of the quantities written down for him. How hard could that be? But no, instead he’d been off all night writing poetry to a woman who had - rightfully - laughed him off her doorstep. Now, Luyr’s restaurant was full, and they were nearly out of Krennla salad.

“We have enough for the andorian and her group, at least. Don’t we?” He glared at his nephew as he went scurrying to the storage room to check. There would be no honor for that fool.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne & Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @rae  @Eirual 

“You might find this amusing, Nysari, but the only warning was for dietary restrictions. They made it clear that none of these establishments offered any sort of dietary alternative, so if you couldn’t eat x, y, or zed, then you shouldn’t join the tour.” Enyd glanced back at her fellow diplomat and gave a half-shrug. “Most likely, none of what we have experienced so far would merit a warning label by a Klingon’s standards. And they’re only recently started making more touristy type areas with tours, obviously still have some kinks to work out. My suggestion is we take time to send our feedback at the survey they said would be given to us at the end of the tour.”

Looking forward again, Enyd yelped. If it weren’t for yet another timely save by Hirek—he was getting damned annoying about it now—Enyd would’ve ended up with glass shrapnel and wood splinters all up and down her body, compliments of the flying blue mass of power that landed in front of her. Enyd pushed out of Hirek’s protective embrace, having the decency to give him a pert nod of thanks before looking back to find none other than Zark hoisting herself to her feet.

“Uh, sure.” Enyd accepted the soiled jacket without pause. While Nysari attempted to dissuade the blue-skinned hellion, Enyd knew better. Zark had her ass-kicking gloves on, and she wouldn’t take them off until someone got their ass kicked, even if it was her own.

Moving to get a better view, Enyd grimaced at the brutality she was witnessing and yet felt her heart swell with pride that it was her friend doing all the ass-kicking after all. Hirek excused himself from the rest of the group and sidled up to a group of men who looked to be exchanging bets. The Romulan’s lips pulled back in a bright smile before he leaned in and whispered his own. Enyd envied him in a way. Were she not surrounded by colleagues and fellow diplomats, she might’ve also bet on Zark because the Andorian was a sure thing. Then with their winnings, they could buy a tankard of ale to wash away their distaste for all this chaos. She hoped Hirek had bet on Zark because if he didn’t, Zark was going to beat his ass next.

Enyd gasped when the Klingon opponent gave Zark the mating bite. Trying her best to hide it, Enyd chuckled. She remembered that this would not be the first mating bite Zark had received from a Klingon. Perhaps the Andorian should develop a taste in Klingons and get it over with since she seemed to be a sex magnet for them. Enyd felt a powerful presence next to her and looked up to see an equally powerful-looking Klingon approach. She shifted out of his, moving closer to Hirek and his newfound friends. Even though she watched it happen, the disruptor fire still make her startle, though Zark’s honesty brought a smile to her face.

Enyd and Hirek drew close at the proprietor's announcement, the others following suit. Before Enyd could inquire about Zark’s health, Hirek raised a bag with a happy grin. “He’s not the only one who won tonight. I had no doubt you’d beat him.”

Enyd was curious if Hirek had bet on Zark to endear himself further to her and the others if he’d genuinely supported her prowess. Now was not the time ask. Moving to Zark’s side, Enyd didn’t bother asking before taking the Andorian’s arm around her shoulder and helping her to her seat. The rest of the party situated themselves around the oval table, surprisingly not damaged in the brawl. Hirek pulled a chair out for Talia, complimenting her on her new outfit. He was quick to also pull out a chair for Nysari as well, leaning close and whispering a continued reassurance that she looked lovely. Enyd did her best to ignore the man while she took the dermal regenerator from one of the waiters and set about repairing the damage Klingon’s could’ve been lover gave her.

“For the tour, bahgol tea and na’an juice are your options.” A waitress dropped a platter on the table, have the cups a steaming beverage and half the cups an almost gelatinous orange color. “For the champion, chech'tluth!” A second waiter dropped a pewter pitcher of steaming liquid with enough glasses for each other them.

Enyd grimaced. That was the same drink that’d knocked her on her bum when out with L’Nari. She’d only had two glasses then, and while it had been on an empty stomach, she knew from experience she’d best take it easy on that. A bowl with warm water and a towel were shoved into Enyd’s line of sight, and she glanced up to find Hirek holding a small canister of black cream.

“The wife of Lur,” he pointed to one of the men he’d been betting with, “said this helps with sore joints after a good fight. She was so impressed with how you handled her sister’s son that she wanted to state her thanks with this.” He set the cream on the table in front of Zark before moving to take his seat at the far end, closest to the exit, in case anything went wrong. Again.

“Krennla salad for the tour! And for our champion as well!”

The proprietor brought out what looked to be shredded gladst with grapok sauce over a bed of various shredded vegetables and fruits. By and large, it looked to be the most appetizing bit of Klingon food Enyd had seen in quite some time. Until she got Zark back to optimal level, Enyd wasn’t interested in eating just yet. Hirek, on the other hand, almost immediately dug into his salad, along with his na’an juice. It paired well, a slightly sweet spice in the drink with the citrusy umami of the salad.

“Since we’re trading stories,” Hirek addressed his question to the group, “has anyone else received a Klingon mating bite or other unintended romantic overtures in your travels?”

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold & Lt JG Kala Marika | Luyr’s Cart, D’Takka | Qo’Nos ]  

Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Dumedion @rae @Eirual

Frank didn't have much to clean off, so he quickly did what he had to, and made his way back up the stairs to the street.  Calm seemed to have been restored, though it was occasionally disturbed by the yelling coming from Onok’s Bakery.  That place was in total trouble, but he put it out of his mind as he looked around the street and just took in life.  He smiled as it appeared that Talia was having her wardrobe annihilation taken care of, though the choices were definitely a very local variety, and it seemed Mia had joined her after covering up that wonderful sight he'd seen.  With nothing else, to do, he waited for Nysari, Enyd and the Romulan to join him before they all set off for the next location.  If nothing else, he would see this tour through.  Afterall, what happened at the bakery was just strange coincidence right?

Fate decided otherwise as the Chief Engineer almost ran into Enyd when Hirek pulled her out of the way and another blue form came crashing into the patio amongst food and patrons.  He'd have laughed if he wasn't so shocked at the sight of his ass kicking assistant from the Diplomatic Council demo right in front of them chomping at the bit to get into a fight.  The bearded man smirked as Nysari tried to verbally restrain the combat medic and he only shook his head as he put his hands in his pockets and followed everyone in to watch the show unfold. 

Frank had gotten a sense during the boxing night, that Zark wasn't someone he'd really want to fight with no rules allowed, especially given the way the Deputy Security Chief fought, and his suspicions were confirmed as Zark started using more weird tricks than he could count to level the playing field.  When betting began, he shook his head again as he sidled up to the bar to order a drink when the bartender came over. "Ah, it's good to have a fight in here again, been too peaceful.  Damn fighting didn't even come near us." The bartender started.  "Still, that blue one is feisty.  Too bad she's going to get eaten alive." "I doubt that." Frank countered and the bartender showed rows of mis aligned teeth at the challenge.  "Care to place a wager?  What do you want?" Frank had to think fast on this one.  "A bottle of your most rare Breshanti Ale."  The bartender scoffed at what could possibly be offered. "Against that I'll bet a bottle of Lagavulin 30 Year Old Scotch."  Both parties realized they had no idea what the relative value of each one was, but a bet was a bet.  "And I'll throw in a keg of Guinness beer as well." Frank threw in as an enticement as Zark got her legs around her opponent's head.  The bartender hesitated once more as Frank held out his hand, but quickly shook on it with a nasty smile when Zark got slammed into the wall. 

Oh Crap! Frank thought as he saw Zark go down. No No No! Oh Damn! followed when she was punched in the face and got a nasty looking bite.  Then the miracle struck and a smile split the bearded man's face at the counter that saved his bet.  The engineer turned a happy grin on the shocked bartender when Zark got out from under the Klingon.  "My bottle please?"  The bartender didn't hear him as he stared in shock at the fight site.  "Hello! My bottle please?"  Frank snapped his fingers in front of the bartender, which snapped him out of the shock, though he still seemed to be in a daze and went to get the bottle.  "How many glasses?" he asked in a leaden voice.  What is going on? "Give eight glasses, and just put them on a tray" The zombie like bartender moved to comply and Frank collected his winnings though puzzled at the reaction.

It took a little work to move the tray through till he got to the table that everyone was sitting at and he placed the beverage down just as he heard Nysari as for a drink.  "Did someone call for bottle service?"  Frank happily cracked the bottle open and began pouring the translucent gold liquid.  He placed the first glass in front of Zark as soon as Enyd began fussing over the security officer. "Compliments of the house thanks for your valiant services."  Frank poured another one and handed it to Nysari.  "A lady shouldn't be kept waiting."  It was a large bottle, so it sufficed to provide everyone at least a cup of the intoxicating brew.  Sitting down, Frank took a sip and blew out air appreciatively at the combination of cereals, caramel, and minerality of the drink.  He was taking another sip as the salad arrived, and at least it looked like a salad, so he was prepared to eat it, especially now that he was in a good mood from winning the bet.  As he waited for Hirek to finish piling on salad, Frank went next and prepared a plate for the women first as he answered waitress and Hirek's question. "Can't say I've had that dubious pleasure ever, at least not something that bloody. A tea please. And can someone tell me what happened?  I won a bet, but the bartender was acting funny when he handed the booty."

Just then a wet blue haired Bajoran joined them dressed in what appeared to be a religious appearing robe of some sort. "Sorry, this was all I could find.  There is a lot staring at this table.  Same question, what'd I miss?"

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[Ens. Talia 'Shadow' Al-Ibrahim | D’Takka | Qo’Nos] Attn: @Eirual @rae @RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz
[Back at the clothing vendor]

After wrapping her ankle in the shredded remnants of her dress in an attempt to keep the swelling down, Talia nodded to Mia, throwing Hirek’s robe over her shoulder with a smirk. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. Besides,” she fished her combadge out of her purse before the bag to the Orion girl with a nod, “I think we handled ourselves admirably enough with that insanity, all things considered.” It wasn’t like any of them asked to get attacked by monstrous, blood-sucking insects. Or angry Klingons. Wonder what that lady’s problem was anyway, she thought, but dismissed it as irrelevant. The night was young, and she was hungry. Setting her badge in place on her uniquely local top, Talia frowned as her stomach spoke up.

She wasn’t herself when she was hungry.

“Alright, lets move out, shall we?” The raven haired pilot quipped, arching a brow at Mia as she passed, then jerking her head to the street. “You see where they went,” she asked, searching the beach side of the street. There. Hirek stood out like a sore thumb. Gorgeous bastard, her eyes narrowed at him, as the group idled for a moment before slowly moving off down a path adjacent to the street, no doubt to the next stop on the tour.

“We should probably hustle to catch up,” Talia snorted, “I’d rather not get stuck asking for directions – probably end up throwing down again. Testy bunch, these Klingons,” she smirked at Mia, as they set off across the street.

[Luyr’s Cart]

When she’d first approached the rear of the pack, Talia eyed the ‘cart’ with a mix of surprise and confusion. That's a building, not a cart, she’d thought, but her confusion gave way to amused surprised at the sight of Zark, formerly Kali, from the fight night in the holodeck. “I get the feeling we’re gonna make this town famous tonight,” she chuckled, waving at the blue-skinned beauty. “Tag me in if you need a hand,” she laughed, as Zark threw herself into the fray, moving off to the side of the group to charge in if needed.

Duchess seemed to urge caution, which was dutifully ignored, yet the pilot turned to glance and smile at the other Andorian anyway; there was a unique opportunity to see two sides of the same people – one fire and passion, the other calm, reasoning, elegant. For having just met the diplomat, Talia was reasonably sure she liked her already.

She returned her attention to Zark, poised to assist if needed; yet the combat medic triumphed. The pilot winced in sympathy at the bite, however; Ew, fuck, she shook her head, crossing her arms. Fucking Klingons, she grunted, unable to understand the custom. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

In the aftermath, Talia quietly approached Hirek, pulling his robe from her shoulder to hand to him as she leaned close. “Thanks. You can go ahead and,” her free hand waved at his torso, “put all that away,” she smiled, “or not. Either way works for me,” her eyes grazed over him again before she turned and allowed him to seat her. Soon enough, she had food in front of her and drink in her mug, grinning as Gramps approached with his winnings. Talia arched a brow at Zark, being ministered to by Moody. Hirek’s question made her nose scrunch up – there was a difference to the light, teasing bites she sometimes enjoyed and what poor Zark had suffered. Still, her face flushed, thinking back to what he’d seen and felt back at the bakery.

Yeah, I’m just gonna leave that alone and eat.

So she did, enjoying the food, beverage, and company around her.  With a mouthful of salad, she noticed Sparkles and nodded, dark brows lifting as she gave the woman an 'okay' sign. "Better than looking like a salad," she smirked.

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Eirual

She did not find it in the least bit amusing. Nor however, did she find it particularly surprising. Nysari’s question had been rhetorical - at least in her mind - but she nodded politely all the same when the chief diplomat decided to answer. Though she would fill out the feedback form, she doubted anything would come of it. Far from a warning label, the Klingons would probably use their dangerous experience as promotional material to entice others to future tours. Nysari accepted that fighting was deeply ingrained in Klingon culture, but it did not mean she wanted to partake.

The salad, when it arrived, actually looked very appetizing. Nysari took a bite, her lips turning upwards in a small pleased smile, before tucking into the meal. It would be nice to have something in her stomach before continuing on the rest of the tour. Hopefully it would help her keep the rest of the evening’s dishes down. She was happy to try any food put before her, but this world hadn’t agreed with her gut so far. That was why she’d gone to sickbay before meeting with the rest of the group.

“The salad is quite nice,” she remarked, deliberately ignoring Hirek’s question. Yes, Nysari had been the recipient of multiple uninvited romantic overtures in her career, most of which had ended with her politely excusing herself and explaining that she was already spoken for. One Ferengi had not been so lucky, having made the unfortunate mistake making a pass while Vyta was on board. Thinking of it now was more than enough to take away her appetite. Though she’d been farther away from them distance wise, this was the first time she’d been completely out of contact with her bondmates. While she was determined to stay loyal to them, Nysari would not have blamed the other three — well, maybe Vyta, a little — if they had their union dissolved. Considering the reproductive crisis on Andoria, she doubted any court would deny them the request. They could not afford to waste time on a defector and a traitor. They would need to replace her with another zhen. Even understanding the logic behind it didn’t stop her heart from breaking at the thought.

“My th’se,” she began, using the Andorian term for the thaan of their bondgroup, “broke a Ferengi’s nose once after he made a less than impressive overture to me.” A frequent visitor to DS9 who made a habit of asking all the female officers to pleasure him, he had insinuated that Nysari’s marriage was irrelevant unless they’d all lived together, without bothering to check that the newly arrived Andorian at her side might in fact be one of the long absent bondmates. Though she had not originally intended to tell this story, Nysari suddenly felt emboldened to do so. Perhaps because of the generous portion of breshanti ale Frank had provided her. Maybe speaking about her family would unburden her soul. At least for tonight.

The diplomat schooled her face, which had turned melancholy for a moment, back to neutral as Kala resurfaced, wearing an ill fitted, unattractive robe meant for supplicants to monasteries. At least the Bajoran was clothed now, and she didn’t seem as distressed by the outfit as Nysari would have been in her place. Talia’s new outfit was also unique. But at least it showed an attempt at style. All and all, the two of them made Nysari grateful that her clothes had survived the bakery unscathed. “Have some salad Lieutenant,” she said, waving Kala to a seat so she wouldn’t invite more stares by standing at the end of the table. “Its delicious.” And who knew how long they’d have to eat it before the next fight broke out?

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[Hirek tr’Aimne & Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @rae  @Eirual

Enyd glanced at the variety of alcoholic beverages on the table, compliments of Frank, the house, and potentially others as well. Hirek’s question brought a blush to Enyd’s cheeks and she wisely remained silent. More than likely, thanks to the goddess of chaos, she had more stories to share than most sitting around the table. If the tenaciously flippant Romulan hadn’t been there, Enyd might have been keen on sharing a few of those stories, but since it had been Hirek asking and she still had yet to decide on forgiving him completely for shooting her, Enyd took a sip of the first drink she could reach—one of the ale options—and glanced at Zark while a few of the others shared snippets of their stories.

“The bartender has been a bit off this whole time, so uncertain if it has anything to do with us per se or if he’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop.” Enyd inclined her head toward the kitchen where the bartender had disappeared, calling her answer over the table to her pugilist engineering friend. And as for you,” Enyd grinned at the Bajoran, “you missed Zark kicking arse and getting a fan club. But you can enjoy the fruit of her labor in these drinks.”

A plate of salad passed her way and Enyd accepted it gratefully. Her stomach growled, reminding her that this was technically the second stop on their tour, but they’d yet to have anything actually ingested. Pushing the plate in the empty area of the table between herself and Zark, Enyd passed a fork to the Andorian and gave an encouraging smile before digging in. The flavors were well-balanced and surprisingly delicious.

At the end of the table, Hirek accepted his robe from Talia with an eyebrow raised and a smirk. He halfway complied with her suggestion of putting the robe back on, pulling his arms through the sleeves but not securing the ties, making the robe more like a sleeved cape. He bent over Talia’s shoulder to whisper, “I’m sure you’d look delightful wearing nothing but your skin, but this new outfit is also becoming.”

Straightening, Hirek paused long enough to share a playful wink with Talia before returning to his seat. Then, Nysari shared a short memory of a misunderstanding involving a Ferengi. Her expressions were mixed at the end of her tale, and Hirek couldn’t help but be drawn towards curiosity when he noted the brief hint of sadness drift across her features. Since no one else seemed keen on sharing the more shameless experiences of their past—and Hirek had a suspicion either Zark or Enyd had the mountain’s share of stories—he took it upon himself to entertain the group while they enjoyed the relative peace of the pub and ingested the salad while they could before the next round of mayhem moved upon them.

“I was but a recruit serving aboard a scout ship when an uhlan came to my department demanding to know who had overseen the collection of samples we’d taken from; well, those details aren’t so interesting, so I’ll save you from boredom and get right to the point. The uhlan used her positional power to isolate me from the rest of the crew and further worked to intimidate me into performing ih'ghau demhos on her in a supply closet.” Hirek smiled pleasantly as he picked up his teacup, “As a young recruit, I was more than happy to cower in fear of reprimand should I dare to resist her orders. Some years later, aboard a different vessel, I was more than a little surprised and could only feign resistance when her charming husband repeated the same overtures on me when I was his technician.” Hirek winked at Enyd over the rim of his glass, taking a quick sip, then setting the cup aside. “Curious if that’s how they first met.”

Enyd rolled her eyes at Hirek’s outrageous story. She turned to ask Zark a question when she noticed the Nausicaans at the doorway. Her fork clattered against her plate when recognition seized her, Enyd’s gaze immediately moving across the table to Mia. Had the blonde noticed them yet? It would be a very long time before she forgot the image of a very naked Yurdz and an equally nude Grorgei wrestling against Orion bodyguards at the Orion outpost. If those two arse-heads hadn’t tried to rob them in the caverns, Mia, Enyd, and Amanda never would’ve ended up in the Orion lounge and suffered through all the hell that had broken out therein. Enyd’s back straightened, her jaw tightening. She was half tempted to march over to the bar where the Nausicaans now stood, looking as if they were awaiting an order, and give them more than a piece of her mind.

But there was no guarantee that they were not armed or that they did not have friends waiting for them outside. And Enyd certainly didn’t want to bring attention to the fact that not so long before this trip, she’d stripped nearly to her birthday suit to buy time for a rescue at the Orion outpost. She sighed. Grabbing her drink, Enyd tossed the remains back in one gulp, a murderous glare on the backs of the unaware Nausicaans.

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Outside Onok’s Bakery | D’Takka| Qo’Nos]
ATTN: @rae  @Ellen Fitz  @RyeTanker  @Dumedion

Mia had taken a seat across from Enyd. While she accepted the drinks that had been passed around she only sipped at them tentatively. She never was one for imbibing a lot of spirits and this was no exception. She looked around at the assembled group and had to smile as the waif of an engineer entered and Mia had to hold back a smile at how ‘little girl lost’ she appeared in the ill-fitting ceremonial robes.

Conversation moved to a more personal nature, and while Mia had not ever been in that situation, and quike frankly hope never to be the recipient of a bite like the one poor Zark had just received, she stayed quiet, blushing ever so slightly at the stories being shared.

The Salad was placed before her and she took a small portion and moved it to her plate. She had just taken the first mouthful and had nodded in agreement that it was actually quite tasty when a clattering drew her attention across the table.  Mia looked up in time to lock eyes with Enyd. Something in the way she looked made Mia turn around. She froze in place, her fork midway between the salad and her mouth as her eyes widened at the sight of the Nausicaans who had cause so much trouble for her, Enyd and their companion, Amanda not that long ago.

Mia’s eyes watched the backs of the two thugs as she felt herself trembling. From fear or anger she wasn’t sure but she certainly did not want to have another altercation. Especially not here, in front of crewmates she barely knew.

Mia pulled her eyes back to Enyd and whispered, “Don’t draw their attention, Please! Dealing with them once was enough!”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Luyr’s Cart | First City | Qo'nos]

@Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual

Zark removed her gloves and pushed them into the back of her pants, then stayed still as Enyd worked the the dermal regenerator over her various cuts and bruises, and though her friend had managed to take care of the surface damage, an internal evaluation by tongue and finger caused her to wince here and there. Stupid horny Klingon's who can't take no for an answer The Zhen mentally complained.  When Enyd had declared her exterior complete, the medic smiled, somewhat painfully, and gave the human's hand a squeeze before taking the device, making a few adjustments after asking for a translation here and there of the Klingon, then began working everything the diplomat hadn't gotten to.  At a couple points, it looked a little odd as she almost jammed the device up her nose to get a break inside, then opened her mouth and for a moment, looked like she was sucking on the thing.  This took longer than expected, and by the time drinks and salad arrived, the medico was pretty sure she had gotten the majority of the issues.  At least it was enough, that there shouldn't be any bruises.  While she worked, she listened in on what the others were saying, managing to groan out some sort of agreement with Enyd on why the bartender looked disturbed, though she was pretty sure he was terrified of the blue woman going for his family jewels as well.  She didn't much care for what the Romulan wanted to talk about, especially since she had just been on the receiving end.  By contrast, she sympathized immensely with Nysari since the response was fairly typical to uninvited interlopers in a bond.

Zark eyed the steaming metal cup with intense suspicion.  She'd heard of the drink though she couldn't pronounce it, and what it could do.  The only reference to it's actual effect was a report she'd remembered reading about how Madsen had drunk two of them and became visibly drunk afterwards.  Having first hand experience of her friend's alcohol tolerance, anything that could knock Enyd on her ass drunk was not something to be trifled with.  Smiling at Talia, the Andorian decided to take some salad and some rolls first, if nothing else than to provide some sort of bulk to block off the alcohol absorption.  Thankfully, and plate of flame roasted Klingon octopus was dropped on the table and the Andorian grabbed several pieces of protein.  Her jaw was still sore, so it took a little working before she felt she was ready to chew.  Spearing a piece of seafood, Zark was about to put it in her mouth when she heard a clatter beside her and looked to see Enyd in a near fury.

The combat medic's eyes widened in alarm and she began looking around, just in time to see Mia turn around with an opposite look of fear in her eyes that was no less intense.  While Mia pleaded for Enyd to not attract attention, Zark quietly had to agree.  They were on the planet to have fun, not start fights.  Zark quickly took a sip of the proffered ale to help wet her throat before eating. Pickup up her fork with the piece on it seafood, the blue woman sighed as Enyd continued to try to shoot phasers out of her eyes at the Nausicans.  The Zhen grabbed the human diplomat by the jaw and twisted her head so blue-green eyes could look into green ones.  Zark had a smile on her face though it went no where near her eyes.  "Enyd.  The place has had one fight already, let's not start another despite how much it would amuse the owners."  Zark was pretty sure if she dug into her mind enough, she would make the story connections, but her main goal was to make sure the group didn't attract any extra attention, so Zark jammed the octopus slice in the human's maw and forced her to start chewing while she tried to talk her friend down from her towering rage. "I'll fight them if we have to, but let's give everyone a chance to enjoy their meals first okay?"  This time, the smile did reach her eyes as she let go of Enyd's head and settled down to eat, while pointing at the human's salad plate and subtly trying to avoid drinking the cup of steaming liquid.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Transporter Room 3 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual @RyeTanker

Rhys was growing increasingly surprised at himself. The young Welshman had struggled with his mental health most of his life, he knew that symptoms could manifest in all sorts of unusual ways. He had had nervous breakdowns, manic episodes, panic attacks, bouts of serious depression just to name a few. He had wondered if he had been suffering from one recently, though the symptoms were unlike anything he had felt before. Since Stellan had been injured and gone into cryo sleep a series of bizarre changes had taken place.

Rhys had voices in his head, often they were hateful, whispering cruel truths and untruths, they had made him cautious and frightened of socialising. A new one however had begun to appear. It was encouraging, constantly egging him on to do things he would not normally do. Its almost as if it was constantly saying “Go on…. Why not…. Go for it.” As a result, Rhys had found himself going to social events parties and a like. He had even attended the Birthday party of a member of the crew he did not know at all. Granted Rhys had stood awkwardly at the edge of the party being his usual self, but it was a big step forward.

That wasn’t all, he blushed to even think about this. After one party he had ended up sleeping with his friend, and fellow survivor of the USS Cayuga, and then he had acted very unprofessionally with an alluring Romulan Hirek he had meant to be assessing. He wondered if this was a kind of nervous breakdown, Rhys was not a risk taker by nature but he found himself saying yes more and more to things. Rhys had always been attracted to Zark, but he had been afraid of ruining a valued friendship, and Hirek well that was different. He knew what he should have done with him, send him out of his office with a flea in his ear no instead after some gentle coaxing… his face went red at the thought has he walked to the transporter pad.

Now he was going on a culinary Tour of Q’onos. Rhys didn’t dislike Klingons, but he was petrified by them. Everything about their culture seemed like the anthesis of his personality. The hyper combative and competitive nature of it all. They confused him, with how at one moment they could go from threatening grievous bodily harm to one another only to dissolve into to comradely laughter the next moment. They reminded him of some of they guys he had played Rugby with.

Going on a tour of Klingon eateries was the last thing he would have imagined himself doing, but that voice was in action again. In fact, he had waited so long judging if he felt like going he was running quite late and would have to catch up with them at their second location.

Unaware of who was going to be down there he took a transporter down.

[Lt. Rhys Williams | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ]

Once he was down, Rhys found himself on a street with an array of interesting and some disturbing sights, sounds and smells. He looked around to see if there was anyone he recognised. He had no desire to be caught on the street on his own, however it was hard to say with so many people around.

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[ Kelistina (Kel) Kavot Droda | D’Takka |Qo’noS ]
Attn: : @Ellen Fitz  @rae  @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @Juzzie

Kel was feeling sad and alone. After the destruction of her home and finding herself alone for so many years she had begun to wonder if she would ever find a place to call home. It certainly wasn’t the planet she currently found herself stranded on. The natives on this planet had been rather unwelcoming. It was not that she wanted to be here either. Some storm in space had caused her small ship to malfunction and she had managed not to kill herself when the ship had crashed on the surface of this hostile location. She was beginning to think that even with her years of apprenticeship she did not know enough to get the shuttle back into space. She also did not have spare parts and had begun to try to find whatever she could to affect repairs.  She disliked the planet and was more than uncomfortable with the natives. But she needed to fix her ship, so she had walked to the village despite her reluctance to deal with the natives and their strange and often unpleasant ways.

Kelistina walked through the market area searching for yet another piece of equipment that she could use to fix her ship. But so far she had not found anything that would work. She was crouching again so her 7’3” frame would be less intimidating. She’d learned rather painfully that the natives on this planet were less than friendly to someone taller than they were. She could feel their suspicious eyes watching her as she moved through the market, attempting to make herself look smaller.

A crash nearby made her turn to see a blue skinned being jump back to its feet and take off its jacket and hand it to a smaller pink skinned being before it reentered what Kel had learned was an eating establishment. She watched in curiosity and amazement as several other non-native beings gathered near the entrance where the blue creature had sprinted. The fact that these other beings did not immediately jump into the fight gave her some hope that this world was not all filled with angry ‘klinoez’ which was what she thought the natives were called.

Soon the other beings entered the eatery and everything went back to normal for this planet. Kel wandered over to the broken window to watch the beings for a moment. She could not help but smile at the assembled group of what to her appeared to be a more friendly and peaceful sort than the Klinoez.

She heard a shout of “P’taQ” from behind her and something hit her in the back, making her stumble forward and into the eatery. Having to stay hunched over unless she wanted to smash her head against the door made keeping her balance more difficult and she ended up falling and actually knocking into the chair of one of the beings.

“Droka,” she said quietly as she tried to offer an apology to group as she struggled to rise from the floor, “da ed gotheb.”

Droka - Apologies 
Da ed gotheb - I not fighting you

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[Sochk, Nausicaan mercenary | | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker @rae  @Eirual  @Juzzie

“Fuckers titties in a nutsack.” Sochk snarled at the Ferengi entourage she barreled through. Ferengi were always a fucking nightmare to deal with, but naked female Ferengi turned her stomach sour almost as quickly as naked Klingon women. The noblewoman snorted in disdain after Sochk’s imposing form, but this only earned a tusked smile from the mercenary as she continued on her way.

Glancing across the road, Sochk saw what was left of the bakery and cursed again. If Grorgei and Yurdz fucked up one more time, Sochk didn’t care how many lashes she’d receive from her uncle for it, but she was determined to break every bone in their body and then rebreak them again once they healed. These fuckers had already shamed them at the Orion outpost earlier in the week, making it harder than ever to secure jobs since everyone in the underworld on Qo’Nos knew they were associated with Lhung’s gang.

They’d been given a damn simple job this time, that of food gathering, which one presumed was straightforward and with no reason for them to take so damn long. They were most likely going to run into a fight behind Vok’ey’s tavern later, and if—when—that happened, they’d need all the energy they could get. Which was the whole damn point of sending these two idiots to get food for the gang so they could have a good meal before the drop.

Further down the street, Sochk heard the telltale sounds of a fight. Moving towards where she just knew she’d find her cousins, Sochk just about ran over a human standing alone in the street. She was already muttering a few more colorful terms she’d learned on a job not long ago, “Fucking knobheaded ballsack-brained bitch-ass ninnies.” Not bothering to apologize, not that it was in her nature to apologize for shit, Sochk barreled her way toward the eatery further down the street. If her cousins were in the middle of this fuckery, she was going to murder them.

[ Yurdz and Grorgei, hungry and disgruntled Nausicaan mercenaries ]

“Fuck,” Grorgei smacked the back of his hand against the back of Yurdz’ shoulder, “that bitch is tall.”

Yurdz glanced over his shoulder, expecting to see a burly Klingon woman. But his eyes widened when he spied an alien of much taller but lither proportions than Klingon or Nausicaan alike. She wasn’t bad on the eyes, but from her mannerisms and how, despite her height, she seemed apologetic for her existence, Yurdz knew she would survive a minute among his kin. He snorted in agreement to Grorgei’s comment and turned to face the bar again, but stopped. The tall bitch had fallen against a long table where several offworlders sat eating. While seeing fellow offworlders wasn’t a surprise to Yurdz, the presence of two women in particular had his blood boiling.

“Recognize anyone over there, Grorgei?” It was his turn to smack his hand against Grorgei’s shoulder, nodding toward the table where the tall alien woman now hovered, speaking in her strange tongue to the offworlders.

Grorgei let out a slew of curses at his side, earning a slow nod from Yurdz. Things had gone south for all of them back at the Orion outpost. While those Federation bitches still had their jobs, and their friends and standing amongst their people, Yurdz and Grorgei had been taken down more than a few notches in their circles. There were now hanging by a thread to their livelihood.

“Hey,” the proprietor called their attention, “the last of the salads been served. You’ll have to order something else or go elsewhere for a salad if you’re determined for one.”

Yurdz slowly drew a breath in through his nose before speaking, “Who got the last of the salad?”

The proprietor said nothing, but a quick eye dart toward the Federation bitch gathering was enough. Yurdz knew they wouldn’t be able to do a thing while the proprietor watched, so he made a quick decision.

“We’ll take your house stew.” He heard Grorgei shift at his side but gave a quick headshake, waiting until the proprietor slunk back into the kitchen before he turned away from the bar and smiled at the group of offworlders. “We can serve our own salad in the meantime.”

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Eirual @Dumedion @RyeTanker @Juzzie

Aside from Hirek, who seemed very open with everything in a manner that lead Nysari to believe that he was telling them absolutely nothing of importance about himself, the others had no embarrassing stories to tell. That was hardly surprising. People who hardly knew each other weren’t about to spill their secrets during a whirlwind tour of the town. Especially not to work colleagues who lived together on a starship.

In between small bites of salad, Nysari let her gaze wander among the ever growing group of officers instead. They had done a remarkable job of settling back into a relaxed tourist group after the disastrous bakery stop. Except, apparently, Mia. The blonde human had struck her as uncomfortable since the group had formed in the Theurgy’s transporter room, but now her stress had a defined source. She considered for a moment that it might be a general fear of nausicaans, a species that had garnered themselves quite a reputation — one that made a mark even on the Klingon homeworld. But Enyd also had an apparent reaction to them, and the chief diplomat was far less skiddish than the scientist.

“Is everything alrigh-” she started to ask, but was cut off when something or someone crashed into her. For the second time tonight, the world seemed to tilt on it’s axis as Nysari was unceremoniously dumped onto the floor, the breath meant for her question escaping her lungs in a gasp. At least this time it wasn’t a Klingon who had fallen on her, which could be counted as a small blessing. The weight wasn’t near as suffocating. Unfortunately, the blessing was lost on the reaggravated bruises on her rear. She could have sworn that she hadn’t included a target on her dress, but fate wanted one there anyway.

Since the whole eatery hadn’t dissolved into yet another chaotic battlefield, Nysari hoped this was a one off incident. “Ow,” the quiet utterance was the only outlet she allowed for her frustration. Untangling herself from the legs of her chair, she pulled herself up by the ledge of the table, finally turning to see who had knocked her over. Though turning itself wasn’t enough, since she then had to look up, and up some more. Her first thought was that the newcomer was Thallonian, but the theory was quickly discarded by the dermal markings and purple hair. Even slightly hunched, she was tall, enough to get the Klingons’ attention, though her frame was far less stocky. The species was completely unknown to her. The mystery peaked her interest enough that she forgot to be annoyed at the alien for bumping into her. Diplomats spent their lives studying alien cultures. Finding one she didn’t know was fascinating. Even more so was finding one the universal translator didn’t recognize, hearing words that meant nothing to her.

“It’s fine. No harm done.” She chose to believe the alien was apologizing, based on the tone. Linguistics being what they were, the alien could have been saying anything. “Could you speak more? The translator needs a bigger sample size before it can function.” As she spoke, Nysari moved her fingers to her lips, then let her fingers splay out as though the words pushed them open, indicating talking.

Behind their new guest, she spotted more newcomers to their table. Decidedly unwelcome ones. “Lieutenant,” she smiled reassuringly at the alien before turning her attention to Enyd for a moment. “Is there something we should know about those nausicaans? Because they are on their way over. They do not look pleased.” Nausicaans rarely did. It would be more worrisome if they did.

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[Ens. Talia "Shadow" Al-Ibrahim | D’Takka | Qo’Nos] Attn: @RyeTanker @Eirual @Juzzie @Ellen Fitz @rae
After returning a smirk at Pretty-Eyes while running a hand through her slightly frayed hair, (she'd debated undoing the braid altogether, after the Bakery debacle, but decided to wait), Talia had dug into her salad while eyeing all the drinks. Should probably stick to water, the pilot told herself, not trusting herself to act right in the current circumstances, given her history with alcohol. Last thing she needed was to get drunk and end up in another tight spot with people she barely knew. Problem was, there didn’t seem to be any, and there where too many unknowns about the nutritional values in the juice. Shit, she chewed her lip, debating with herself whether to risk it or not.

Hirek's story gave her pause, as all kinds of questions bounced through her mind; each one growing slightly more inappropriate than the first. She assumed it was some form of sexual act, obviously, but was that commonplace? Did he enjoy it? Was he any good at it? What were the details? If there was any truth to the tale – which she took on face value, given what she knew of the Romulan thus far – Talia couldn’t tell. Based off Moody's reaction, she assumed it was just his way of fucking with people; the pilot’s brows rose slightly as she chewed on some salad, amused at the exchange. This guy is either completely full of himself, or shit, or both, she chuckled quietly. Ah, you gorgeous ass. So many red flags wrapped up in a sexy package. That didn’t stop her imagination from kicking in, however briefly, before the appearance of what she really wanted was placed on the table.


With a grin at Zark, Talia speared some octopus with a fork and a needy grumble from her throat. Fuck yes, she nearly sighed with relief. It wasn’t her preferred choice, but she wasn’t about to turn it down by any means. Stuffing a tentacle in her mouth without ceremony, the Wolf’s eyes rolled closed as she chewed with a satisfied groan, even if it tasted a bit spicier than she’d expected. Really need some water, she realized, searching the table again, but settled for some na’an juice – which was surprisingly good, so she chugged it greedily. Then she remembered there were other people around and blushed slightly at her table manners, but no one seemed to notice. Fuck it, I’m hungry. Better eat before something else crazy happens, the pilot told herself as she wiped her mouth on the back of one hand and stuffed another tentacle in.

From where she was seated between Skiddish and Sparkles, with Pretty-Eyes at the end of the table, her ears didn’t catch the quiet exchange between Kali and Moody, but her eyes did. Shadow smirked, understanding how handsy Zark could be; but didn’t react further. It was a cute and endearing exchange, so her eyes kept moving, glancing at Skiddish, who looked stiff as a board. Shit, now what, the Wolf arched a brow, and looked in the direction the blonde seemed fixated on. Then something robed and red fell on poor Duchess with a muffled oomph and customary rattling of chairs, table, dishes and cups. Her heavy iron mug didn’t move though.

Talia swallowed her mouthful of octopus and got to her feet, moving to assist the fallen alien on instinct, brows knit in concern. “Shit, thought I was having a bad night,” she murmured, amused at Duchess’ habit for being used as a mattress, then extended a hand and helped the newcomer up. Her eyes followed the being up, until she was towering over the pilot. Damn, Talia blinked, looking up at her, surprised at how tall she was, listening to the exchange between everyone. Where’d you come from, Shadow wondered, interested to hear her story, but more interested in why she’d crash-landed in on the party.

An angry, growling Klingon voice barked something then, from behind the red-skinned female; unmistakably male. Talia moved to the side, to get a look at him. He looked like a merchant, based off the deep orange robes over the usual Klingon leather, pointing a chubby digit at the alien, snarling more words in chopped Klingon; all fangs and spittle. Shadow rolled her eyes, frowning. Here we go again, she grumbled, reaching back to secure her mug.

“Anybody catch that,” she deadpanned to the group, then noticed the mood had shifted with the approach of two equally ugly and suspicious-looking Nausicaans from the other side of the table. Her head snapped back and forth between them and the Klingon merchant, who was standing there with his arms crossed, looking quite indignant. “Well, this’ll be interesting,” the pilot sighed to herself, then leaned over the table to Kali, Moody and Gramps, jerking a thumb at the merchant. “Dibs on Mr. Shovenstuff,” she whispered with a smirk, not bothering to look in Pretty‐Eye’s direction; between the drama unfolding and the view she was offering the Romulan, Talia could feel the amusement pouring off him already. Shrugging at their expressions, she added, “What? You know, if it comes to it – just saying.”

She’d give them the opportunity to employ diplomacy – but had never had any patience for bullies. The Wolf glanced over her shoulder, brows knit at the Klingon. Fucker needs an attitude adjustment, she thought, as the grip on her mug tightened. Then her eyes met with a very uncomfortable but cute looking human male, idling in the middle of the street like a poor lost puppy. Her face relaxed into a grin, still looking over her shoulder. Hello handsome. “Please – tell me he’s one of ours,” she asked aloud with a chuckle, which disappeared as the Klingon grunted and flexed at her. Talia rotated her body to face him, pushing off the table to flex right back, and gave him her best fuck-around-and-find-out look.

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold & Lt JG Kala Marika | Luyr’s Cart, D’Takka | Qo’Nos ]  

Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Dumedion @rae @Eirual @Juzzie

Frank had been happily sipping on his Ale and eating the bounty that he was finally allowed to have.  The salad was good and the arrival of Octopus was a delight.  Smoked and spicy, the flavour combinations were amazing.  Things were starting to look up and the bearded engineer leaned back on his chair as he tipped back a glass of the amber liquid and sipped away.  String bean looked like she was in ecstasy at finally getting from food into her system, and the situation seemed to be finally settling into a proper tourist mode.  Looking at his assistant, he was taken aback for a moment as she pounded back her cup in one gulp and poured herself another.  "Whao Marika. Easy there. The night's young."  The blonde turned to her boss for a moment and looked a little embarrassed. "I ummmm, yes sir."  Frank wanted to tell her to call him Frank while they were off duty when there was a crash and Nysari was suddenly on the floor as the table rattled.  The Chief blinked at this sudden turn of events and wondered how the diplomat had suddenly ended up on the floor again.  Zark also turned to see who the newcomer was and everyone began to crane their necks as they looked up, a lot.  Nysari was soon trying to console the poor creature whom nobody understood , and Frank blew out some air as he figured it was best to the diplomats to sort this out.  Communicating with new encounters was part and parcel of their job. 

Frank noticed a sudden presence next to Marika, though it seemed to be more directed at Mia of all people.  He'd missed the earlier conversation between the scientist and head diplomat, but looking around, he noticed that Mia seemed even more distraught than before and Enyd was determined to visually flay the newcomers.  Talia leaned over to pass a word to Zark as the Andorian began rubbing her temples as if she'd just picked up a major migraine.  One of them ended up behind Zark while another sat down heavily next to Mia and began running his hands through her hair. "Well, if it isn't the stripper bitch." The one behind the Andorian opened with a sneer.  For a moment, Frank thought he was talking about the security officer, but the words were bewildwringly directed at Enyd!  What in the hell is going on? The Engineer thought to himself and Marika looked equally confused and her eyes were wide with a mouth full of unchewed food as Mia was being accosted.  Enyd didn't appear to appreciate the response as the thug leaned on the Andorian who almost had her blue face pushed into the plate under the weight.  Whatever Zark thought of this, was evident as her antennae flipped back and forth really quickly and tried to settle against her hair. Standing Ugly poked Enyd in the head and pushed it back. "You owe me for last time and I'm going to collect.  Hey blue, move, I have business to discuss with the bitch here."  Frank was aghast at what was happening and was going to tell the son of a bitches to leave when he was cut off by a cold flat "No."  Standing Ugly's attention turned to his arm rest and he grabbed the back of her head to push it into the salad.  Frank stood and pushed his chair back at this point. "That's enough.  You're not welcome here.  Whatever business you had is over done with. Get lost"  Standing Ugly looked at the new challenge and smiled.  Sitting Ugly stopped copping a feel of Mia and stood up as well making the Chief very aware he was being flanked.  "I wasn't talking to you and if you know what's good for you, stay out of it." Frank snorted at the threat. "You're welcome to try and make me.  We can step outside right now and deal with this." Frank was too busy drawing attention he didn't notice that Zark had gotten her head up and looked around with a lingering look at Mia to guage the situation.  "It's okay Chief, I'll move."  Zark said quietly and Frank's eyes widened at the Andorian.  He must have heard wrong, or she was way more hurt than she was showing. 

"There. You see, a reasonable one."  Standing Ugly told Frank as he grabbed the smaller woman and tossed her on the ground with a rattle as cutlery and cups followed.  Frank was suddenly struck by indecision, especially when Zark made a motion to Talia to stay put.  Frank stood glaring with his nostrils flaring since it appeared that Zark was willing to acquiesce.  While Standing ugly took her seat and began trying to grope Enyd's chest. Sitting ugly dropped himself back down and was preparing to do the same to the blonde scientist "You should be more like your friend here." Standing Ugly told Enyd, completely enraptured with the power he had in the situation. This was too much and the Engineer leaned forward and planted his fists on the table to get in the Nausicaan's face.  "Last warning. Get. Out."  Standing ugly turned to face Frank. "And how are you going to do that?" Zark loomed up and was suddenly standing behind the thug. "Like this."  A blue hand smashed an iron mug on the back the Nausicaan's head with hollow metal ringing out one, two, three times and the thug suddenly grunting in pain at the unexpected assault.  Sitting ugly stopped trying to fondle Mia and stared as his buddy was getting his head bashed in, then Frank decided now was better than never and clocked him in the face with a haymaker that knocked him off his chair.  Frank quickly moved to get Mia and Marika out of the way, then suddenly Talia was on him and physically expressing her displeasure.

Frank turned back to see Zark finish kicking the legs out from under Standing Ugly forcing him to his knees while banging his chin in the table that elicited a grunt of pain.  The restaurant suddenly roared in approval as it appeared another fight had broken out and from the same group!  Zark face was a mask of Arctic fury as she pulled her Ugly back by the hair and drove her fist into the cheek, eliciting more cheers. As she let go, his head to crashed into the table with a grunt and spangled vision.  Time felt like it slowed down as Frank watched the Andorian grab the thug's head again and let fly with her fist into the side of his head, splitting his cheek.  Then it happened as the Nausicaan was groggy.  Zark laid his hand out on the able and grabbed the knife from the octopus dish and before he could stop her, drove the knife into the back of his hand and pinned it to the table.  The Nausicaan let out a roar of animal pain and rage, but couldn't get his hand out as it began to slice him the more he struggled. Laughter rang out throughout the restaurant at the stuck thug's predicament and the sound of money being exchanged could be heard.  Frank stared at Zark in disbelief at her deliberate brutality and immediately decided he was very thankful she was on his side and normally a very nice happy person.  Zark blew some loose hair out of the way and turned to Enyd.  "Enyd, he wants to talk to you. Lemme know when I can sit again." With that, Zark moved to the other side of injured thug before stopping to look at the other Andorian in the group a little embarrassed.  "Uhmm, Sorry Nysari, could you move over a bit. Thanks." It was an amazingly civil display after one so ferocious and the shapely Andorian planted her posterior on the edge of the table and grabbed a piece of octopus before popping in her mouth to watch the discussion.

Frank would turn to where Talia was and decided to intervene.  "Talia. Talia!! I think you can stop now, he's totally KO'd"

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[ Kelistina (Kel) Kavot Droda | D’Takka |Qo’noS ]
Attn: : @Ellen Fitz  @rae  @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @Juzzie

Kel was surprised by the hand that was offered to help her to her feet but accepted it and stood as much as she could in the confines of the building. The one she had fallen into was speaking but Kel could not understand. The offworlder made a gesture with her hands that seemed to be asking her to speak more. Kelistina bowed her head slightly , “Ei Kelistina, Ca Kavot neDroda.” She placed a hand over her heart, which to them would look like her stomach and then to her head and then out, palm up, “alortinatza ni dlotaz.” Her attention was drawn to two very unpleasant beings that walked to the table where this being’s comrades were seated. It did not appear to Kel that they were welcome guests. And they were not very nice to them. Kelistina did not know what to do, or if her help would even be appreciated. She once tried to stop a fight between two of the Klin-onz and had ended up being attacked by both and chased away. It also didn’t help that one of those Kin-onz was standing behind her and was likely the one that had given her a shove into the building in the first place.  Before she could figure out what to do, the blue skinned one had begun to smash a ‘solat’ against the head of one of the unpleasant aliens.

Ei Kelistina, Ca Kavot neDroda. - I be Kelistina, out of Kavot in Droda
alortinatza ni dlotaz - Much honor from the family (or... From I)
Solat - drinking vessel (tankard)

[Ens. Mia Dunne ]

Mia has sat frozen in her seat by the proximity of the Naussicans. But when a commotion at the end of that table drew her attention she was in awe of the being that was being helped back to its feet. She had never see anything quite so tall, although she’d heard some species that did. From what she knew about them, this being was not any of those. She was intreigued and almost forgot about the other threat. That is until she saw the two Naussicans heading straight for the table, one moving to Enyd’s side and one coming near her. Mia stiffened as the Naussican ran his fingers through her hair and tried to shift away. Then it sat down, pushing into a seat next to her and his hands began to grope at her chest. Mia tried to fend him off by pulling her arms to cover herself and turning her back to the horrid beast. She was afraid of doing something that would bring the ire of the Orion syndicate back onto them. She closed her eyes and tried to just keep the groping to a minimum.

All of a sudden, Zark made her move and the hands that had been painfully grabbing at her were suddenly gone. Before she could even blink, Frank was pulling her away from the table and then she heard one of their attacker howl in pain. Mia stopped and looked over, seeing the knife imbedded in the table through the first Nassican’s hand. And still the very large alien was looking around them all in either confusion or fear. Mia wasn’t quite sure which since she was unfamiliar with this species.

The Klingons were at it again with their bets and laughing about the fight. Mia just could not understand why they always thought this was amusing, but she was getting tired of getting into brawls, and this was only the second place on the tour. And add to that she had barely had anything to eat before the mayhem started. “The way things are going here I am either going to get killed, or just starve to death on this culinary tour,” She said with a pointed look at Enyd.
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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ] attn: @Eirual @RyeTanker @rae @Dumedion @RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz

It hadn’t taken long for Rhys to start thinking that his coming to the surface might have been a bad idea. In quick succession he had been barrelled over nearly by an angry Naussican using colourful pejoratives. There was an alien who he did not recognise who seemed as bewildered and frightened as he was.

The Naussicans had charged down the street towards the eatery that Rhys had heard the tour would be stopping at. Rhys followed slowly hoping not to draw their or indeed anyone else’s attention. As he approached, he heard the sounds of an argument followed by sounds of violence. Much to his horror he heard Zark’s voice.

She was a tough woman; Rhys knew that for sure. However, he worried for her considering how large those Naussicans had looked. He burst through the entrance way only to find that Zark had dealt with her opponents with a terrifying ease, one was pinned to the table by his hand and howling in pain. He felt a little bit sill, however it seemed for the moment he was still mostly unnoticed by the patrons.

Rhys cleared his throat in the most awkward and excessively polite way possible. So much so that no one noticed initially. Rhys spoke again his voice was lost in the quiet. He heard the voice of confidence in his head push him firmly. “Um… Hi. Is… this the right place… you know… do the culinary…er…food…tour…thing?” He said his cheeks going a rather lovely shade of read as he spoke.

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[ Kelistina (Kel) Kavot Droda | D’Takka |Qo’noS ]
Attn: : @Ellen Fitz  @rae  @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @Juzzie

Kelistina was not sure what to do. She smiled slightly, which, to those at the table, may not have looked overly friendly. She once again bowed slightly to the off worlder that had helped her. “Ka droka Ni’hoto da.” She looked at the newcomer warily.  While he spoke with a quieter voice, she still began to back up from the crowd.  Ducking her head down further she turned to head for the door. She had met the off-worlders and now she wasn’t sure what to think. Some of them were violent, like the Klin-onz. But some seemed to be more like her, more peaceful.

In the long run, she mused to herself, it mattered very little. They would be gone like all the others and she still had to fix her ship. Just another day or two and she could leave this place and maybe find someplace better. Kel bowed again as she backed up fearing she had already overstayed her 'welcome'.  She looked again at the one who helped her and even spoke to her, “harat meda sla!”

Ka droka Ni’hoto da -  Many apologies for problems from me. (Sorry for the trouble I’ve caused.)
harat meda sla - May you have the blessings of the elders

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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Hiriek tr’Aimne | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @rae  @Eirual @Juzzie

The abrupt arrival of the beautiful giantess had Hirek pushing back from the table to avoid having any food or beverage land in his lap. He wasn’t particularly worried about his wardrobe at this point, but he would still rather not wear more food during this adventure. Standing just to the side of the much-taller red-skinned woman, Hirek lazily brushed his hands over his torso and the tops of his thighs. There were some residual pieces left over from their last foray. Best to “clear the table” before another round took place. As Nysari sought to draw the alien woman into conversation, the universal translater having done nothing for any of them—thus further proving this woman’s outside-of-the-Federation status—Talia’s remarks had Hirek’s gaze moving further down the table.

He saw the tension in Enyd’s shoulders as the Nausicaan mercenaries made a general nuisance of themselves. The way they acted, especially towards Mia, had Hirek supposing this was an untimely renewed acquaintance. Zark stood and made room for one of the Nausicaans to sit, and that was when, in his peripherals, Hirek saw movement near the door. First, he spied Rhys. Hirek’s lips drew back in a smile as he felt an immediate spark of warm desire in his belly at the memory of their counseling session. Then, looking past Rhys, he saw another Nausicaan hovering near the door. An angry female one who took in the ensuing violence now happening between Zark and one Nausicaan and Talia and another with a snarling frown.

For whatever effort Nysari attempted, as the angry Nausicaan female began to barrel her way towards their table, the alien woman turned away from the Andorian diplomat to make for the door, her voice denoting apologies. Hirek reached out first to snag the elbow of the alien. Using the hold on her elbow, Hirek both pulled her back towards him as he stepped forward. Though tall, she was light—likely due to her svelte build—and it was with little difficulty that he managed to jerk her out of the Nausicaan’s path. Rhys was next, standing close to where the alien had been and still very much in the angry woman’s path. Letting go of the alien woman’s elbow as he slid past, Hirek reached out and grabbed Rhys’ wrist. He tugged the man off balance, the intention for the Welshman to stumble out of harm’s way from the fuming Nausicaan. With Rhys and the alien out of the way, Hirek paused just long enough to wink at Rhys before shifting forward again, this time planting himself directly in the Nausicaan’s way.

“Are you a friend of theirs?” He did not take his eyes off the taller and more powerfully built mercenary female, even when he heard the howling yowls of pain coming from the ones who’d been facing off with Zark and Talia.

She snorted, fisted hands coming across her chest, her arms folding. “I’m a colleague. And I’ve come to collect them. What business do they have with you?” As angry as she appeared, the woman did not seem as inclined toward violence.

“I don’t much know. Perhaps a disagreement on food. That seems to be a trend this evening.” Hirek shifted out of the woman’s way. “If you’re here to collect, by all means, collect. In fact,” he moved to stand beside her as she resumed her prowl towards her colleagues, “I’ll be happy to help.”

[Sochk, Nausicaan mercenary | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ]

Grorgei was on the floor, barely conscious, thanks to the repeated attacks from a metal tankard wielded by a dark-haired human. Sochk rolled her eyes when his one good eye, not presently swollen shut, caught sight of her. Even with his present pain, Sochk took pleasure in seeing his body shiver with a new sense of dread. He knew what it meant to see her here. Sochk’s gaze moved to the table. If this Andorian fighter wasn’t employed, they could use someone with her brutal problem-solving skills. Yurdz was as docile as a Nausicaan baby now, his hand pinned to the table, his face bleeding from various cuts.

Looking past the table briefly, Sochk noted another large human, bearded like the Romulan beside her, who looked equally capable of brutality as the Andorian female panting next to the beaten Yurdz. Sochk held up a hand, palm forward.

“I don’t know what these dimwit fuckers said or did, and I don’t fucking care, but they’re my colleagues, and I’ve come to collect them.” She nodded to the knife in Yurdz’ hand. “There will be no further inconvenience and no further violence necessary if you let me take these shit suckers now.”

[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ]

Enyd had never been given a chance to diffuse the situation before it exploded into a bloody mess. From the moment she’d seen the pair of Nausicaan mercenaries and hoped to remain unseen by them in return to this very moment, with their supposed colleague demanding their immediate departure, which meant Zark needed to take out the knife pinning the man’s hand to the table, Enyd had barely had time to do much more than push aside her cutlery and grip the table. To join the fight or flee, she still didn’t know which one she’d been aiming for, but now she’d never know.

“Here, I’ll help.” Hirek’s honeyed lilt had Enyd jerking back, eyes wide, when he reached forward and effortlessly pulled Zark’s knife out of the Nausicaan’s hand.

The Nausicaan screeched in pain, immediately pulling the wounded appendage in toward his chest and snarling first at Hirek, and then at Enyd. Despite the pain and the obvious numbers against him, the man still looked keen on reaching across the table to rip out Enyd’s throat. Even though she’d not even raised a hand against him, this time or back at the outpost, he was determined to blame her for his misery. Similar to Mia, it seemed. And L’Nari. Perhaps even Amanda. Enyd had merely to sit at a table, and all hell broke loose.

“Yurdz,” the Nausicaan female growled at the wounded man, “Grorgei,” her gaze moved to the man Talia had been hammering on with her tankard souvenir, “stop holding your dicks and let’s go. We have work to do, and everyone is fucking hungry.” Enyd saw the woman’s eyes travel over the length of both men’s forms, her lips pulling down into a feral snarl. “Where the fuck is the food, you oily nutsacks?”

A streak of blue had Enyd looking over just in time to see Marika come back from the bar, holding a set of bags and satchels. She held it out for to the Nausicaan woman much like the ancients might’ve held out a sacrifice to the gods. It seemed the woman had noticed some details the rest had overlooked. Good for her and good for them. Instead of nodding her thanks to Marika, the Nausicaan woman looked through the bags and then glared at both of her colleagues.

“Salad.” It wasn’t a question but an accusation and Enyd watched as both Nausicaan men winced in response.

Enyd realized then that it had been because of the salad that they’d noticed them. And now, based on the woman’s glare moving back across the table to rest on Enyd, it seemed they were going to get into another bout of violence over a bit of greens…

“Here you go.”

Both Enyd and the Nausicaan female flinched in surprise when a rolled-up tunic was placed in Nausicaan’s arms. Peeking through the folds of the cloth were layers of green. Enyd looked over at Hirek just in time to catch his wink. Though he’d likely saved them further violence with his wardrobe sacrifice, his tunic serving as a salad holder, Enyd wasn’t about to thank him for it. Whatever thanks she’d been about to mouth to the Romulan died on her lips at the sight of his cheeky amusement.

“Anything else we can help you with?” Hirek continued to play at being an ally cum host in a restaurant not his own. And all because it amused him to do so.

The Nausicaan female looked up from the hand-wrapped salad to oogle Hirek. Enyd couldn’t tell if it was with irritation or attraction, or perhaps Nausicaans showed their attraction through irritation. Either way, the woman snorted out what could be considered a no.

“All right, you worthless swine balls, let’s get this fucktastic dinner back to the crew.” Her eyes darted over Enyd and the rest of her companions a moment before she gave another snort and moved to stand by the door.

Enyd remained tense as Yurdz stood from the table and hobbled after her, Grorgei slower going thanks to Talia’s tender loving care. Within a few seconds, the trio melted out the door, and the restaurant was left with the usual hubbub of Klingon comings and goings. As Enyd released the breath she’d been holding, Marika moved down the length of their table to stand next to the alien woman Nysari had been engaging.

“Hey there,” the blue-haired woman smiled up at the newcomer, “how about you and me take a walk? It seems like you could use a friend right now. And I know the feeling.” She looked back to Frank and the others, “I think I’m going to call it for now.” The lieutenant gestured for the alien woman to follow her.

Enyd gave a casual wave at their departure, a seemingly ridiculous thing to do considering everything that had just happened. A waitress dropped a rag on the pool of Nausicaan blood on the table and set a bucket on the floor near their table, grunting at the mess they’d made before walking away. It seemed they were expected to clean things up before clearing out altogether. Looking over to Zark, Enyd reached across the table and took the Andorian’s discarded knife. She quickly used her napkin to clean off the blade and held it out for her friend.

“I appreciate the swift response, Zark. And I presume Mia does as well,” Enyd’s eyes flickered toward Frank and gave him and Talia both a nod of gratitude, “Next time, can we use our words first?”

Hirek reached down and snatched a piece of meat off the top of what remained of the salad nearest him, “The tongue is mightier than the fist sort of thing?” He winked at Enyd’s glare, then moved back to join the others at the far end of the table.

Choosing to ignore him, Enyd signaled for the waitress to return, “Excuse me, but could you tell me where G’erc’s Cantina is?”

The woman looked confused before pointing to the floor, “You’re in it.”

“I thought this was Luyr’s Cart.”

The woman huffed with annoyance. “It is.”

Though still confused, Enyd forced a smile of thank, “Could we have our soup out now, then? We are part of the –“

“Tour,” the woman interrupted with another huff, “Yes, I know. It is on the way. Do you want it fresh or processed?”

Enyd’s eyes widened, not at all knowing what meant what, before taking a chance with, “How about half and half?”

The waitress grunted a response before moving off to fill the order.

“Well, it seems this is where we get our soup too so,” Enyd reached for the rag and moved to stand by the bucket, “get settled again. They’ll bring out the soup in a few minutes.”

She needed something to do to calm her nerves and to keep herself from giving in to the temptation to lecture Zark for her impulsive violence in front of everyone. She also didn’t want to toss disgruntled annoyance at Mia either, finding it more and more annoying that she kept getting blamed for situations that were well and good beyond her control. And Enyd certainly didn’t want to give in to the temptation to smack the back of Hirek’s head with the wet rag in hand just for his mere existence. With each savage swipe of the rag against the table, Enyd sincerely hoped the tour could be salvaged.

Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina? | First City | Qo'nos]

@Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual

Zark had noticed the Romulan running interference with another Nausicaan and had tensed up in case she was here to reinforce the two battered ones. It thus came as a pleasant surprise when the new comer arrived to drag off to the two interlopers and was quite miffed with them.  Zark kept a sharp eye on all of them.  Two had foul intent, and just because Hirek was guiding in the third didn't mean she was really welcome.  She listened to the repartee and when no more violence came, Zark allowed herself to relax fractionally. It was only when Marika brought all the bags of food and the Romulan had stripped himself to provide a satchel for their now lost salad that Zark felt the stress bleed away.  The Andorian still frowned a bit since she had been hoping to get some of Enyd's razor wit in giving the two thugs a verbal flaying.  When Hirek pulled the knife out, Zark's hand tightened on the iron mug ready to re-initiate hostilities if the ugly she'd stabbed had decided to make a run at anyone, but it was not to be as the two battered and bruised mercenaries followed their leader out.

Smiling in relief, Zark turned back to the table and then frowned as all their food was gone and the only that was left for her was the strange cup full steaming paint thinner.  Enyd's admonition slid off Zark like so much rain water and she smiled at the diplomat with an incorrigible "Sir, yes sir."  This gave her a chance to give her friend a read and it seemed like the CDO was starting to feel the pressure of keeping the tour going without any further wanton violence. 

The Andorian looked at the cup one more time and waited till Enyd finished and sat down before pushing the steaming cup over to her.  She needed a serious chill pill since Zark was not going to stop fighting if the fights kept on coming.  It helped to be a security officer that had to go into court to testify.  That meant holding onto details for trials.  The record did need to be set straight and the Zhen grabbed the human's arm and put her head on the human's shoulder.  "I'll try to be good Enyd, but Chief Arnold did try to get them to go away.  Even verbally threatened them, and I did offer my seat before I was thrown on the floor.  However if chaos does keep coming, I will restore order quickly.  It'll just look messy in the interim."  Zark raised her head off Enyd's shoulder. "Enyd, you're not at fault for what comes and I love you, but I'm not going to be sorry about how these things are dealt with." 

Zark sat there for a second before deciding to acquiesce to her friend's terms, but would say what Enyd wanted anyway just so she knew what the rules were going forward.  "I'll give you and even Nysari a chance to sort these things out with words first, but if violence is in the books, it can't be helped.  Understood?"  Enyd seemed very intent on her self flagelation, so Zark grabbed the rag and forced it to stop as she pulled it out from resisting hands and put the still steaming cup of chech'tluth in front of the green eyes.  The Andorian didn't wait for a response and raised up her ale glass that had magically survived the ruckus and gave one of Enyd's shoulders an impromptu shoulder massage.  "Now drink." The medico ordered. "Sir."

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