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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[Zyrao Natauna |  Klingon Negotiator | Lying Out My Ass | Getting Shit Done | Dirty Work Done Right]
@Auctor Lucan @Numen @Fife

She hadn't seen Martok in a while.

While the Klingons that she had been with for a very long time were run by an idiot she had mad respect for the man that was on the screen before her.  She hadn't ever really felt that she needed a father after she lost her initial father almost two centuries ago.  However, if there was a man that she would have given the label away to it would have been the Klingon on screen.  He had always respected her despite her ridgeless forehead and he had pushed her to partner with Drex to keep him on the straight and narrow.  She felt a bit of sorrow, not for the fact that Drex was dead, but for failing at her job of keeping his stupidity at least to a liveable level.  He was listening to her and she knew at the same time commanding a Bridge of battle hungry Klingon.  So as they spoke and he gave orders she did not label him as rude only a man multi tasking something that so many males failed at spectacularly. 

There are people on the Theurgy that could take lessons from this Klingon. she thought to herself but didn't say anything, not that there was anyone to hear her at the moment.

"Correct.  There are no lies, the Theurgy is truly the good ship you told me it was when I called you about Ives.  This ship did nothing against the Klingon empire."  He mentioned the parasites, and she sighed, she didn't really know much about it but she had heard the rumors, the rumblings, the man that was being held somewhere in the ship that was the most infected.  She assumed there were degrees getting information out of people via her normal means, proved that very few knew anything about the parasites on a whole.

"They exist.  There is a man here, former doctor, that is currently detained because of such a parasite.  It isn't easy to get information on the parasites, very few officers know anything." she admitted with a shrug of her shoulders.  She was an expert on getting information out of people via sexual or other means.  However, she hadn't wanted to dip her fingers in the pool of blood just yet.  She still needed these people to trust her.  She would likely be here a while. 

The banging at the door was growing louder, and she shifted her eyes over to the damn door as it rattled heavily against it's casing.  She didn't have long.  Zyrao picked up her weapon, the disruptor felt good in her hand again, and she didn't give a shit what people thought about it.  She had used this weapon for a long time and when you were fighting a war against the assholes of the universe you didn't chose that moment to pick up a weapon you'd never used before.  She pointed it at the door, ready to laser the first Borg that came through only, suddenly, silence.  She rose her brow, not sure what had happened with all of that, and where the Borg that had been on the other side of the door had gone but she would enjoy the reprieve while she could get it.

She looked back to the screen to see Martok moving and shifting in his seat.  She heard the words that they were caught by the Borg, and she knew that they didn't have the kind of time that they wished that they did.  They had hurry.  The  Theurgy and the Klingon were in trouble.  The Allegiant was no better and Zyrao really did not wish to die at this point in her life.  I've lived too long to die because I came full circle.

He had heard her.  Her eyes bore into his waiting for an answer.  She gave a nod, and quick repeated the Klingon phrase to him. "Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam" she said quickly and nodded her head in respect for the man on the screen for a moment before the screen went dead and she stood for a moment in the middle of the room to take a deep breath.  It was quiet, too quiet, and that worried her.  The Borg were never the sort to give up early, but she knew that they were going to need her back on the Bridge.  So she made for the door shoving her PADD in her pocket as she stepped out.  The Bridge was still in full swing, though it seemed that the assailants that had been on the Bridge when she left to talk to Martok were now gone.

Dewitt and the others were getting Eboh back into his chair talking to him as though he had been taken.  All of a sudden, every cell in Zyrao's body went cold.  The kind of cold that gave a shiver from within that no amount of warmth would easily get rid of.  She swallowed, he was the only one that she had spoken to about her home land.  Their home land.  It was so rare to find someone that was actually from her planet, and yet here was someone... half El-Aurian, and he was going to be taken.  Bila grabbed something out of a kit and injected the man, they got him in his chair and he was responsive. 

I hope your shit works Bila, I'd hate to have to kill you for your failure.  There was an odd sort of kinsmanship that had developed within her.  That was her person, form her people, one of the few of her legacy.  He was not of her own blood and loins but he was hers.  He would be hers because he was El-Aurian, however minute the blood that flowed through his body was of her own... he was of her own.  He was part of her and she did not want to see another go down.  Not  to the Borg.  Not to these asshole mother fuckers.

Grey eyes shifted to find Dewitt in her center seat barking our orders as per a Captain standard.  I knew I supported her for a reason.  Cooly, Zyrao leisurely, despite the intensity of the atmosphere, made her way over to where Dewitt sat in her seat.  She lowered herself down squatting beside the chair so that she and Dewitt could have a quick chit chat about Martok.

"I have him on my side.  There was little time to talk, the Klingon ship is being attacked and currently trapped in their beam.  But he's on our side, he will fight with us.  I will tell you what was said later, but .. for now, we have back up." she gave the woman a warm wink before she stood up to her full height.  Twisting her body, her heels bit into the deck plating and she quickly headed for the console where Bila was sitting.  The Bajoran was spouting shit about sirillium and looking for deposits, not to mention that some of the arrays were offline and on top of that the computer was deficient because of a virus that was likely because of the Borg.

Now it was go time.

Death time.

It was time to  make sure that every mother fucking Borg that was on the Cube fried to the point where they were useless space chips.  She wanted to turn them against themselves.  I'm no hacker, but I will do what I can to boost us.  She tapped Bila, and motioned for him to move.  "I'm got it."

Once the Bajoran moved she lowered herself down into her seat and began to look at the dregs of her sensors and shit that she had left to give her a full view picture of what was going on.  "Captain, if we draw the attention of the Cube and it releases the Klingon they can help us." she told Dewitt now that she had them on the Federation side they needed to make use of them as best as possible.  Her eyes flickered to Eboh.

Don't you drone on me, I will fucking kill you in a heart beat and your buddy Bila is next if his fancy Borg vaccine didn't work.
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ Ltjg Jhozahosh "Blizzard" sh'Avhennes | Wolf-12 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Vox @Triage @Auctor Lucan @Everyone else


Jhozahosh was relieved to see Wraith wave back at her as she pulled alongside his fighter. It didn't take long for him to respond to her, his voice slightly distorted by static, from his end or hers, Jhoza was unsure.

"Blizzzzzzard it's good to seeeee y-y-you. I have a few issuezzzz but right now my RIO is injured a-a-a-and I need to get hhhiiim back to the ship ASAP but my zzzzensorzzz can't pick up either the Theurgy or the Allegiiiiant, could be interferenzzze froooom the debrizzzz or annnother system on my biiiiiird that's not currently working the waaaayyy it should, I could use an ezzzzcort."

"I copy you Wraith, I have Theurgy on three-three-four mark oh-two-oh. I'll take point and lead you in."

She increased the speed of her craft taking position in front of Wraith, just as she had promised. As she led Wolf-11 back toward their mothership, she saw the rest of their flight, and several Klingon vessels launching a strike against the imposing Borg cube. She gave a fierce grin as she watched explosions blossoming across the surface of the cube. She wished she had the time to watch her brothers and sisters in arms in their attack, however right now it was more pressing that she watch her flight path, and avoid the debris tumbling across her route to the ship. Thankfully, Trixie was able to give her a running commentary on other parts of the battle while operating her systems. Very quickly the human woman noticed something else on the battlefield.

"Hey Blizzard, I'm reading approaching warp, strike that, the reading is unclear, but six or seven Klingon warships just dropped out of warp, I can't make out their classes through the interference of the Nebula, one-one-nine mark one-six-four."

"I hear you Trixie, mark them as friendly. Reroute auxiliary power to thrusters, some of these pieces of debris are getting closer to us than I'm liking."

Trixie said nothing, but a moment later Jhoza noticed the requested boost in power diverted to the thrusters. Theurgy was on the move too, and the two Valravn's were playing a game of chase through the debris field. Jhoza cursed under her breath, they would never catch the dreadnaught at this rate.

"Trixie, contact Theurgy fighter control, and make sure Wraith can hear the transmission too." Once the channel was open Jhoza spoke again "This is Wolf-12, callsign Blizzard. Wolf-11 has a damaged fighter and injured RIO, please respond, and prepare to receive him. We are following your wake and await your signal"
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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OOC Notice: Since the question has come up, I feel I have to clarify time passing here in No Milk Run as opposed to Chapter 05: BotA. They are not concurrent, because in BotA, not only is Soup Sandwich in effect (Borg shield matrix down). In BotA, the Queen has adapted to Soup Sandwhich, destroyed many Klingon ships, fired upon the Theurgy and then, the Versant arrived. No Milk Runs is only when Soup Sandwich is in effect, the rest coming in later. After I post next here in No Milk Run, the rest of the development will be covered, with new Objectives etc. :)

Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ PO2 Kythalie Benmual | Warp Core | USS Allegiant ]
  @Masorin  @Auctor Lucan   @Jm Von Cat 

The doors of the engineering bay opened up as Benmual prepared herself for the carnage inside. She was too late to save the late crewman Russel Rodriguez as he was hanging in the air by the Borg drone's arm. Banmual was just in time to see the poor engineer drop to the ground as the nanites spread to his body. Crewman Rel tried to engage the drone before it could make any connection to the console. There was no sight of PO Sithick at this point and Kythalie simply watched Rel dispatch the remaining drone.

She nodded at Rel and told him to go look on Rodriquez as she tapped her badge "Benmual for Bridge, Crewman Rodriquez is down, injected with Nanites. How do I proceed?" she asked as she moved further into the room and looked at the downed Gorn "I've also  found PO Sithick, I might need a hand to help him out of here. Over." She wasn't sure if she could just leave the infected crewman unattended with crewman Rel. What if the inoculation of Izar would only work for so long and the man would turn on his former crewman? She couldn't just walk out of here.

She hoped Varder would get here soon so they could deal with things, yet for now she had to tend to the big lizard laying in front of her. She swung her rifle over her shoulder, tapping and shaking the Gorn by his shoulders "Sithick. SITHICK! Wake up! We need to get you to medical!" she called out to him. She attempted to lift him up with the use of her exosuit, yet the suit could only work with her for so much.

There was no other option but to wait for Varder as she called out to Rel "How is Rodriquez?"
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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PO2 Sithick | Engineering | USS Allegiant ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Firefox013 @Fife  @Jm Von Cat @patches @Vox @The Ostrich @Numen  @Nolan

Sithick felt his body burn. He could smell his flesh tick away smelling faintly of salted, slightly overcooked meat, frankly he found the smell delicious but the pain was Nauseating. He closed his eyes, the shouting of the engineering bay was more distant when he closed his eyes, he could hear things going on, but couldn't focus on any one direct sense. He was glad that the metal creature had fallen away from his body, he didn't want to be crushed.

He was warm, or was he cold? he couldn't really tell, his tongue lolled for a moment, tasting the air, there was a lot of salt in the air, he could taste blood, was it his? He hadn't had Gorn in a long time, couldn't remember the direct taste of it, the war was a long time ago. When had he eaten last? what had he eaten? he couldn't remember, but he knew this taste, it was blood. Was it his blood?

His body was pushed, an arm was tugged, someone was calling his name, he opened a yellow eye, he saw a woman? One wearing metal. He could smell her better than he could see her, and she was calling his name. He groaned, trying to affirm that he was alive, but he gurgled slightly. His lips rumbled out something, the translator would take care of it. Except he didn't hear the familiar voice of his translator responding to his growls, the device was damaged. He moved a claw, it was heavy, he struggled to lift it, had he always been that heavy? he tried to push her away. His claw landed somewhere on her body, but his push was limp, no energy to fight her. He couldn't turn over, the pain was too much.

His eyes closed, he was tired, he wanted to eat, he was hungry. Where had this taste in his mouth came from? it reminded him of his youth. There was a lot of blood in his youth, that was why he recognized the taste of Gorn, it hadn't been his favorite, but he had been hungry.


After narrowly escaping with his own life  Doctor Hernandez thanks to the efforts of Vader he had been saved, and was gathering up his supplies in his medical bay. He didn't know exactly how many crew injuries he was going to have to attend too, but the first report came rolling in, and the human doctor now had to deal with something he had dreaded every time he got the alert.

Gorn Physiology was not exactly common knowledge, but Hernandez was from Black Opal and worked with Sithick for the better part of two years, he was basically an expert. Still it would be difficult to operate on Sithick on a good day, today was not a good day. The doctor gathered up as much of a triage kit as he could handle at the moment and hurried out the door on his way to the engineering bay.

He arrived after the drone threat had been dealt with for the moment, a small mercy in his book. Kythalie was trying to move the large creature, and Sithick seemed out of it. He walked in, and set his bag down, starting to go through it grabbing the medical tricorder. "I'll need your help for a moment stay with me." He said to Kythalie.

"Careful of his jaw line Sithick has an automated reflex to bite down on things that get too close." The doctor didn't seem too phased and held up his hand pulling back his shirt to reveal a deep scar that looked like teeth marks showing the scars as he put on gloves and grabbed a medical tricorder. "He got me once after he tripped a plasma conduit. Risk of the job, hold him down for me?"

He started to ready a hypo spray, as he expected Petty Officer Benmual to hold down one of his arms.  He pulled back the burnt uniform to reveal plasma burns along Sithick's right ribs, lascerations, and a terring in his scales done by force. "Okay big guy, this will help you sleep so I can get to work, I know you don't like Hypo's I remember. That's why she's gonna do it." He handed Benmual the hypo spray and gestured towards Sithick's neck.
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Bridge > Warp Core | Deck 01 | USS Allegiant ] @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @Fife @Nolan @Numen  

As the doors of the security checkpoint slid open to reveal the bridge to Varder's eyes a sight of near chaos met him.
Ensign Six, downed on the bridge. Her position suggesting she had been tossed aside.
A pair of Borg drones, disabled and strewn across the floor.
Chief Petty Officer Eboh.. even from where Varder stood he could see the signs of assimilation, a concerning reality.

All of that in a moment as he swept his gaze and rifle over the bridge, checking in brief moments that the place was indeed clear. As his rifle lowered the captain called.
"...Varder! Help me get Eboh back in his chair. I'll seal the safety belts around him."
And he moved to comply, stepping forward at a brisque pace. His rifle being carefully laid down and exchanged for the El-Aurian and aid in hefting the man into his seat, then gently, perhaps surprisingly so holding the man up whilst he was strapped down.
It all took but a few moments. Then the Bajoran reclaimed his rifle and stood to watch over the bridge, listening to the back and forth and awaiting instruction.

He knew his delay in arriving at the bridge had saved a life, but had he simply traded one for another? Time would tell and Varder hoped it would be kind this day.

As he listened to the bridge chatter he heard Yukimura's report, accompanied soon after by his new tasking.

"Aye Captain!"

And he was back out the door at a rapid pace, spotting the doctor with his kit ready to head down and briskly moving ahead of him in the manner of an escort. Down the stairs, then along the corridor to the core. His footsteps heavy and metallic due to the suit he wore, sounding to his ears as if a borg were moving. An unnerving thought in the moment.

Once within the room he quickly stepped aside from the door, allowing the doctor through. The room was clear.. the borg down, but Rodriquez was in bad shape. Much the same as Eboh on the bridge...
Benmual had already requested instructions on the matter, all Varder could do was keep station and watch. It would not do to crowd Sithick and the Doctor, nor could he ignore the assimilated crewman or the seemingly disabled borg.

On that thought the words that chased him out came to mind.

Beaming the borg off the ship, words to that effect had hung in the air as Varder left the bridge. As he moved to the core he had born witness to one's removal in a beam of light. All he had to do was ask.

"Varder to Ebo, the drone is neutralized. Transportation off ship should now be possible."

Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ Ens. Jaya Thorne | Bridge of the USS Allegiant | Azur Nebula near Borg Aperture]

Jaya managed to keep control of the Allegiant as they formed up with their fighters, lining them up. "I've got us on course again ma'am!" She said, she felt bad about Eboh and Six but this was definitely not the time for her to be preoccupied with anything but getting their collective rear-ends out of there as alive as she could. With renewed determination the young woman smacked her safety harness's trigger the belts deploying over her and locking in place, keeping her in her seat more securely.

She heard the order and banked the Allegiant over, tapping in the tactical system. "All right, here we go ma'am!" She hit max throttle, the scout ship lurching over and barrel rolling through the debris of various craft Borg and Klingon only so far. That could change real fast. "Masuda sir! Lock on, pattern Thorne Xray one one seven!" She stated, naming an X patterned crisscross attack she'd programmed into the Allegiant a while back.  Masuda nodded, tapping his controls. "On it Ensign, get us in range!" Was his reply.

Immediately after they entered weapons range and the Allegiant's fairly powerful armaments, specially for a scout type vessel, began unleashing hell on the Borg cube along side the 4 fighters that were her supposed escorts. A Swarm of Quantum ands Photon torpedoes on top of heavy phaser weapon fire crisscrossed onto the Borg Cubes Hull.

The Allegiant's own torpedoes and phaser weaponry fire was added to that of the Valravn's , causing a marked increase in attack power but only for a moment. "SHIT! I've lost torpedoes, and canons! Weapons compromised!" She started trying to reroute with 1 hand and fly with the other. "Damn damn damn, this is so not good!" She heard Bila speaking about a virus from the Borg and she eye-rolled. "Damn it, that's all wee need ma'am a Borg bug in the computer, if we gotta do a full purge that means we drop dead in the water for it Commander!" She said, looking over her shoulder to Dewitt. "I am pretty sure that is a bad thing to do in a battle ma'am." She kept moving the Allegiant as best she could, trying to keep up with what was going on.

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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[CWO3 Liliana Walton - "Meerkat" | Wolf-09 | A bar fight really went sour here ]

"Think we're clear for now, Meerkat. The Raider that got hit before took another one from that last barrage but the others are still around."

Liliana sighed. The Cube's response had been predictable, but they were also precision shooters. Debris field or no, they were going to score hits on even the fighters. She found herself thinking back to the Battle of Sector 001, but that flashback was thankfully prevented by an incoming transmission from a craft she didn't recognize but a voice she did.

"This is Dragon to all Lone Wolves. Your audibility is still zero, but did you all see that? It seems the cube's shields are down, at least for now. Razor, I suggest any available fighters concentrate fire on the cube now, over."


"Allegiant to Fighter Escort Lead, we're resuming our flight to the Cayuga. Fall back in formation."

"Verified. Klingons are hitting the Cube hard right now. And yes, that was Dragon."

"Alright. Meerkat to Allegiant -"

"Fighter Escort Lead... belay that order. We'll come to you instead."

"Copy, Allegiant. Standing by to follow your lead in."

Flying in an expanding debris field meant that even something as simple as following another ship became a somewhat complicated process. Larger starships could, in a pinch, use their deflectors to push aside much of it. Smaller craft, like Valravns and the scoutship, could only destroy or dodge. Walton managed it, though, deftly maneuvering her starfighter through it as she planned out her attack run. Scylla, thankfully, was still nearby but her sensors weren't quite pinpointing Wraith and Blizzard was way off course.

"This is Meerkat to Wraith and Blizzard. I need you guys back in formation. What the hell are you doing?"

"Meerkat, Allegiant is coming in on an attack angle. They'll reach weapons range in 15."

In response, Lily adjusted her course and speed to match the scoutship's.

"Arming cluster bombs. Might as well offload some of the micros too. Bulkhead, see if you can squeeze out some more power to shields and thrusters."

The result of their combined attack on the Borg Cube was quite something. The Allegiant's attack pattern was not one that Meerkat recognized immediately, but the effect was as good as any other. Her own cluster bombs bracketed the area that the scoutship bombarded before following up with as many micro-torpedoes as she could launch before having to pull away.

As she was pulling out and readying to make another run while in range, Scylla piped up with a comment about a stricken Klingon cruiser that looked to need some cover. The veteran pilot looked over the data and nodded to herself. It looked doable and Scylla was right about that being a show of good faith.

"Scylla, let's do it. This Cube really has it out for us, though, so I'll intercept any torpedoes headed their way while you take care of as many Borg weapons as you can."

Lily changed course dramatically, feeling the effects of the tight turn that would put her back more directly in harm's way. She let loose a few ECM and ECCM pods in the Allegiant's wake as she passed over it, hoping it would give them some extra breathing room.

"Meerkat to Allegiant. Scylla and I will be assisting a Klingon cruiser nearby evacuate to another as it looks to be going critical soon. If you can adjust your course by ten degrees starboard, we can continue giving you cover while we do so."

Hell of a time for half my flight to wander off.

"Blizzard, Meerkat. As soon as you're done helping Wraith, I need you back with the Allegiant. And make sure Wraith knows I don't want to see him back here until his fighter's repaired enough to fight."

I don't need more pilots to mourn.

"Scylla is starting her attack run, looks like. Meerkat, we're up. I've contacted the cruisers she mentioned and they're expecting us."

"Copy. Here we go."

Like the last time she played with ships firing torpedoes at a ship she was supposed to protect, Meerkat placed her fighter firmly in between the Allegiant, the cruisers, and the Borg Cube as best as she could to reach as many torpedoes as she could. It was a precarious situation to put herself in, not least because the Borg were far better shots than most Starfleet tactical officers. Quite frankly, the Borg cheated by being essentially a giant network supercomputer that could calculate proper trajectories and react to multiple targets on the fly a lot better than most humanoids. The Cube was thus spitting out quite a bit of ordnance even as it was taking hits that would normally cripple smaller and less well armored ships.

"Gravimetric torpedoes incoming, pinging on your sensors."

"Got 'em."

The Valravn's phasers fired, scoring a hit on one of the torpedoes, detonating it. The others were taken out by a small sirillium gas pocket that one of her missed shots hit instead. It was a lucky shot that was rewarded by the Cube firing even more.

"Ugh. How much longer on those cruisers, Bulkhead?"

"Almost, Meerkat. Just a few more warriors."

"Alright. Scylla, as soon as you see that the Klingon cruiser is clear, burn back to the Allegiant. Our primary mission is to make sure that scoutship survives, am I clear?"

And us as well, hopefully.

Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ LTJg. Sephiria "Scylla" Arn | Cockpit of the Mk.I Valravn Wolf 10 | Azur Nebula near Borg Aperture]

((A few minutes prior to the following segments))
As Scylla attacked with the others, Whiteout noticed something on their sensors. "Scylla, we got a Klingon ship taking a lot of fire and she looks about to blow, i'm reading a lot of Klingons aboard, no borg, we should maybe show good faith and help?" He stated matter of fact like. Sephiria looked at the sensors and nodded. "Scylla to Meerkat, that Koro'T'inga at zero seven seven mark 3 is hurt and there's a bunch of Klingons on it that need help, I suggest we break off and take the Cubes weapons node there out, give them a chance to save their people." She transmitted the data and it also showed another cruiser, a Vor'Cha closing on the stricken one. "Maybe we can give that other cruiser a chance to beam them out?" She asked Meerkat.

Scylla's hands flew over the controls, Whiteout hanging on for the ride with an evil grin as he monitored contacts and brought target points up for his pilot while firing on others on the queue, her eyes moving, the iris movement following targeting system of the built in HUD of her Combat Flight Armor , weapons triggering off once lock-ons are confirmed, the agile Valravn dodging and weaving through debris, allied fighters and Borg weapons fire, getting a bit cooked here and there but, miraculously only 1 solid hit and her shields held.

"Shields at 35%, recharge cycle online, were good!" Spoke Whiteout as he checked their systems, while Scylla rolled around some debris, firing micro torpedoes and canon shots with uncanny accuracy, many of them hitting their marks in rapid succession. She turned to whiteout over her shoulder for a second as "Chasing the Angels" from Brother Firetribe started playing. As the Music flowed, Scylla kept dodging Borg fire and returning accurate bursts of weapons fire in a series of arabesque like pivots, twists and turns. "Roger that Flight leader. " Came her reply to Meerkat's orders. The Fighters sleek form moved as if possessed by some angry deity of flight and fury, the veteran Pilots skills becoming fully apparent as she held nothing back, employing every ounce of her mind, body and soul in the fight.

She heard Meerkat's instructions as the Song came to it's conclusion, she rolled her bird out of its last attack run, arching around as multiple afterblasts occured after her last few hits, there was quite a bit more slag than Borg cube showing where many of their weapons nodes were. A cleared Koro'T'Inga cruiser hull was being destroyed by the Vor'Cha that saved its remaining crew, brave warriors who would live to fight another day for the empire and Chancellor Martok. The Valravn barrel rolled and dove, arching back around to form up to the right and back a bit of it's flightleader's own Valravn. "Wolf 10 has your wing team leader, shall we go find our wayward team mates and our charge?"

In the back seat sat a dazed and thoroughly terrified Andorian, he had only been assigned to Scylla during the final flight test phases and not ever experienced his pilot unleashing her whole arsenal of skills in a fight, he now knew, the stories of what she did during the Dominion war were not exaggerated, they just couldn't be. He sat there breathing slowly, trying to stop shaking as relaxing instrumental music plays while they flew towards the Allegiant.

Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | USS Allegiant | Heart of the Azure Nebula ]
Attn: @Firefox013 @Masorin @Fife @Jm Von Cat @patches @Vox @The Ostrich @Nolan @BZ @Numen 
Don't hesitate.

Dewitt had met Eboh's eyes when he made his dire request, and she'd nodded to him, putting her hand on his shoulder briefly when she'd stepped away. When she was back in the center chair, Izar made sure to inoculate Eboh again, while Jaya announced that they were setting a course towards the cube. Over comms, Meerkat confirmed the fighter escort would join them in the sortie. Dewitt knew that what they were about to do was a gamble, but if the cube's defences were down, they couldn't waste the opportunity. This battle was about the survival of the Federation, how the Infested had covered up this pending invasion, and meant to use the Borg as a conduit for their plan of galaxy-wide eradication of intelligent life. The stakes were too high to consider self-preservation, and it was her task to lead her small crew into the breach.

While the debris and husks of gutted Klingon ships whisked by outside the viewport, Zyrao crouched down next to her, and told her the only good new so far. Martok had sided with them. She met the woman's eye, saw her winking, and Dewitt smiled in spite of the situation. "Allegiant to Mission Ops. Confirmed, the Klingons will not attack us," she said, while Zy stood up, and Jaya was trading words with Masuda at Tactical. Izar was pinpointing sirillium gas that they and the fighter escort could make use of, and Dewitt saw the data on her armrest's display. She didn't bother asking Masuda to transmit the data, him being busy with laying all the firepower the Allegiant could muster against the distant cube, which was getting closer by the second. Dewitt transferred the targeting data herself. Meanwhile, Eboh, despite being assimilated, was rerouting power to shields, and beamed all the drones save one from the ship - leaving them drifting in their wake.

Then, suddenly the reverberations of the active weapon systems on the Allegiant ceased, the quietude lasting until Jaya announced the precarious development. Neither cannons nor torpedoes were working, and Izar gave them the reason. The Borg had managed to breach the Allegiant's systems. Dewitt wanted to curse, just like Jaya did. They did not have time to purge the systems. They were in the middle of an assault against the cube! Jennifer's hands folding into fists, but she refrained. "Maintain course and deal with it!"

Fortunately enough, Izar was equal to the task. "Weapons online!" called Masuda, and the hybrid told them the virus was contained, with some complications. Half the sensors, external and internal by the sounds of it. "Resuming fire!"

"Well done, Mister Izar," said Dewitt after Eboh confirmed the results, while Zy left Jennifer's side. That's when the voice of Benmual came over the intercom.

[Benmual for Bridge, Crewman Rodriquez is down, injected with Nanites. How do I proceed? I've also found PO Sithick, I might need a hand to help him out of here. Over.]

"This is Dewitt, Izar will come down there now. Doctor Hernandez will be responding as well," she announced giving the hybrid a glance to make sure he'd heard her. Zy needed her seat back anyway. "On your way out, Izar, please check on Ensign Six, and ask Hernandez to fix that head of yours." Eboh was right. the ex-drone might still be a liability. At this point. Zy suggested they'd draw attention from the cube, and Dewitt nodded, since their attack run would likely have that effect.

[Meerkat to Allegiant. Scylla and I will be assisting a Klingon cruiser nearby evacuate to another as it looks to be going critical soon. If you can adjust your course by ten degrees starboard, we can continue giving you cover while we do so.]

"This is the Allegiant, acknowledged. Helm, adjust course," said Jennifer quickly, her heart beating in her ears as the twin streams of micro torpedoes and pulse phaser bolts carved into the looming side of the cube ahead. Gripping her armrests, she saw that they were almost there, joining the Klingons in lighting up the cube. Of course it was firing back, both against them and the fighter escort. The amount of counter fire was reduced by the number of disruptors and torpedo launchers that the Klingons had compromised already, and the Allegiant merely sustained a grazing hit, since their escort had laced their trajectory with counter measures. Their shields held, and the firing solutions on Masuda's LCARS displays were lighting up the sweat on his brow. The sirilium gas pockets were used as best as possible, causing massive damage against segments of the cube's ravished hull. They had yet to use the graviton cannon, and Dewitt doubted they had energy for it - everything required for shield regeneration and weapon's fire.

"It's adapted!" Masuda announced when they were mere seconds out from the cube's side. "It's returning fire! We're in the open!"

"Evasive manoeuvres!" called Dewitt, even though Jaya had likely acted on it. Still the sheer onslaught of the Queen's retaliation was blinding. The viewscreen showed immense green disruptor energy piercing the fiery clouds of the cube's surface damage. The Klingon fleet was just as exposed as they were. Safety harnesses quickly activated. "Brace yourselves!"

The Allegiant was hit. In the commotion that followed, she could see burning Klingon ships soaring past outside, splitting open like fruit by gravimetric torpedoes - bleeding searing plasma and Klingon crew. They collided with one of them, making the Allegiant flip over entirely. Gravity was suspended, but inertial dampeners helped keep their orientation. A plasma conduit ruptured in the bulkhead, and Dewitt felt it's heat, covering her face with her arm. She saw fire. There were no thoughts, only instinctual fear and focus. Masuda was screaming. Thorne was likely trying to regain control of the ship. Someone was screaming over the intercom. Chaos reigned.

Once the lights stopped flickering, Dewitt saw her sleeve was on fire. The ship was still moving, but she loosened her safety harness and got to her feet, eyes wide as she tore off her jacket and threw the burning garment from herself - the plasma defying the flame retardant textile. Her eyes settled on Masuda, who's chest and face were scourged clean through cloth, skin and flesh - twitching on the deck. Smoke rising form her undershirt and hair, she wanted to go to her former First Officer's side, but duty compelled her to take the man's station instead. She'd been a Tactical Officer during the Dominion War, and she was the best qualified. Her harried gaze swept the bridge, taking in the damage and to detect any more casualties. Then she looked at the damage report. "Shields at 7%. Hull breaches in three of the sealed sections! Helm, retreat into the debris field! Allegiant to fighter escort, are you still out there? Follow our lead and regroup!"

Their diminished sensors were clearing up, revealing the decimated Klingon fleet, only the Negh'Var and a few more ships still left. Teeth clenched together, Dewitt manually shot debris in their path, letting Jaya take them to safety. "Miss Zyrao, we need to chart paths through the debris to the Cayuga and the Theurgy. Send the data to Thorne, and some fresh ideas would be in order," she said, giving the woman brief glance. "Eboh, are you still with us? Talk to me. Is the aperture open yet? Did the others make it?"

Standing at tactical, refusing to look at the charred remains of Yukimura, Dewitt spotted something else in the tactical sensor readings. A spike of something... huge. "We have new company, retrieving data and sending to viewscreen," she said, jaws clenched against the smell from the carcass at her feet. Any thoughts of Masuda were cleared by what came on display in the corner of the screen. It was the image of the new ship, as seen though tumbling debris from their position. Dewitt's blood ran cold, knowing that unique silhouette from three days earlier.

"The Versant," she hissed through her teeth, thinking about how one of the Hosts of the Infested were supposed to be aboard it. Of course they would come to meet the Borg invasion... she thought bitterly, and it's just our luck.

Her remaining bridge crew talked to her, reported and advised, while Dewitt was thinking hard about the next move, and wished the escort to call in. In the end, a short time later, something happened that none of them might have expected. Dewitt first saw it as an energy surge on her tactical display, making her green eyes widen. Not just from the implication, but the sheer amount of energy involved. "The Versant is powering up!"

No more had she said it, before aquamarine light bathed the bridge, shone upon them all from beyond the debris. There were no sounds in space, but the tremor that coursed through the hull confirmed what happened on the screen. The Versant's three main cannons had powered up, and three lances of light shot straight through the debris field. The massive beams, wider than the Allegiant, entered the closest side of the Borg cube. The graviton beams cut through the bulk of the cube as if it was made out of tissue paper, and within the span of three seconds, the beams burst out on the far side - continuing into the debris field beyond.

Dewitt found herself staring, agape, at the display. She could hardly credit her eyes when the Versant maintained the beams, and began to turn - carving great rifts through the entirety of the cube's mass. Gashes, a hundred meters wide, metal parting like flesh before them. That's when she saw the incoming hail, heard it announced. "On screen."

In one corner of the viewscreen... stood the male form of Captain Jien Ives. The hail had come from the Versant.

[All available ships, the cube is immobilised and exposed,] said their true Commanding Officer, and next to him stood Thea, as well as a seated bald Vulcan that Dewitt didn't recognise. [We're charging for another attack, but we need time. Sensors show no active weapon systems within the cube. If you can, destroy it from within. Ives, out.]

Jennifer closed her mouth, and her eyes drifted to Jaya. "You heard him," she said, feeling the battle shifting again. "Pick a tunnel. Full speed ahead! Allegiant to fighter escort, follow our lead!"

OOC: All right! Here is the sequence of events to cover in your posts. 1) The Borg cube adapts, the majority of the Klingon fleet is destroyed in the Queen's retaliation. The Allegiant is flipped over when colliding with wreckage. 2) The Versant appears, immobile at first while your characters react and respond to orders. Oh, shit moment, for short. Then, after about a minute 3) The Versant opens fire against the cube, drilling three huge holes. Then the beams cut sideways, making the holes wider. 4) Captain Ives hails all warp fighters as well as the Allegiant, ordering another attack since the shields of the cube is down. 5) The Allegiant and the fighter escort makes a tunnel run through the cube and lights it up from within as they go. You can end your posts mid-flight through the cube, or at the end of it - shooting out on the other side.

Here is a new set of additional Battle Objectives to illustrate in your next posts (aside from orders and obvious stuff in the post)! Like before, check off one objective each, and you have full liberty in setting up details or adapting these objectives as you see fit, or come up with something else entirely. Have a look!
You have 7 days to post. Most importantly, have fun!
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Bridge| USS Allegiant | Battlefield]
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"I'm got it."

Bila shuddered when he felt the tapping hand on his shoulder and hurried to stand on his feet. The sudden movement made the world spin around him again. Nausea creeped up his throat. He didn't appreciate that kind of unsolicited physical contact, but perhaps his reaction had been too much for his battered head. He rested both hands on the wallplates and watched with his one good eye how Zyrao took the seat. He knew that his position was standing on the back of the bridge. But after his spectacular fall he had appreciated the sitting time. He just needed a few more seconds of rest. Just...

Benmual's voice chirped through the Comm system. The drones had also assaulted the lower deck and it looked like they had another crewman suffering the first stages of assimilation. The CO answer came to after a brief pause few seconds later, then she turned to face the hybrid and distribute his new bunch of orders. The chemist nodded slowly, acknowledging it. He couldn't help but touch the numb part of his forehead when Dewitt mentioned it. He regretted  instantly. A sudden pang flashed from his hairline to his jaw. He winced and felt sick again. Seeing a doctor sounded like a good idea.

Soon after, Bila staggered to the door and slowly knelt to open the case and remove the modified tricorder. His movements were so slow to prevent nausea from seizing him again that he appeared to be a hundred years old.  Despite this slowness, he managed to take the device with one hand and the briefcase with the other and get back on his feet without any altercation. A real feat that of course, nobody recognized.

With oldman steps, he approached the inert body of Six and hovered over her, tricorder on hand. The device chirped, its small lights blinked in reds and yellows for a few seconds. There was no doubt about the diagnosis. "She's dead, Jen" he said seriously. "However, her implants and the nanoprobes in her body are still active, with a Cube so close to exborg corpse could be a menace." He sat up again without taking his eyes off the small screen. "Eboh" He called, averting his gaze to the dark-skinned man. "Please, transport her remains out of the vessel." As he uttered the words he felt how wrong it was. How disrespectful they were.  "Orrrrr keep her pattern in the transporter buffer. You can keep a pattern there for a while before it degrades. Maybe we can perform the rites that she would have wanted later. After all, she was a Starfleet officer " He rushed to suggest. He had not had a close relationship with the ensign. In fact, he'd seen her most as a lab rat than a person. But still he had to offer her this one last show of respect. The same one that he would like to be offered if their positions were switched.

Bila bit the inside of his lip and looked away from the Chief.  With clumsy hands, he put back the scanner into the briefcase. He returned to a vertical position and turned his back on the bridge, heading for the door. The room bustled and hummed, full of activity when he crossed the lintel, but the hybrid didn't turn to look back. He had a bad feeling about all this. How the vedeks said, it was the feeling of someone stepping on a grave. He was afraid that another catastrophe would loom over them at the moment. So maybe it was better not to see the danger coming.

[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Corridors | USS Allegiant ]

The journey to the stairs to the lower deck was shorth and, still, it showed the mistreatment that the small ship had suffered. One of the roof panels had fallen and the gap showed the EPS conducts that it has been covering. Unconsciously, Bila quickened his pace to avoid that potential danger. He had recently suffered serious burns due to the explosion of EPS. It wouldn't happen again soon if he could avoid it. He hurried his steps to the staircase and began to descend the first steps. Lights flickered all the way down and something buzzed ominously on the lower deck.

He had safely reached the middle of the stairs, just between decks, when his feet left the step. Panic and surprise intermingled in his stomach for a few seconds. For a moment, he could see a few brown blood drops dancing in front of his eyes, while splinters of metal joined the airdance, floating slowly around him. Everything seemed to freeze in the air for a moment. Serene and weightless , suspended in the lightness of void, just floating in the thin air...

The inertial dampers roared, the artificial gravity activated again and Bila fell down the stairs. He rolled on himself, hit the walls, once, two, several times, he bounced against the steps and only a wall stopped his mad fall. Bila gasped and vomited again the contents of his stomach, a greenish-yellow icor speckled with brown spots. Only then, the pain reached him. He shrank on himself, like a dying spider. His head throbbed. His body ached. He realized he was screaming. An inarticulate and animal howl. He couldn't breathe. It hurt too much. He couldn't ... I couldn't ... A shower of sparks lit the corridor. At his back a sucking sound announced breaks in the hull in one of the quarters. Floor was scattered with metal shards and wires and things he wasn't able to identify. Bila gasped, his stomach twisted crazily, but it was empty and there was no way to relieve his nausea. The retching made his jaw creak painfully. Bila tried to put a hand over his mouth, lost his balance and fell heavily against the floor. The ship moaned and vibrated beneath him. He need to move. To patch himself and move. Just. Move.

Bila crawled on his elbows. He couldn't stand up. It hurt too much. But he had to move. A sob escaped his throat, but it didn't stop him. He continued creeping forward, painfully slowly, leaving a trail of brown and wet behind him. Finally he reached his goal. The briefcase. Shaking hands struggled with clasps. This time, it wasn't fear what made them shake. It was pain. He groaned when he managed to open the case. Thanks to the Prophets, the vials had not been broken. The silverly fluid still stirred in the small crystal capsules, but they were intact. No cracks. He closed the briefcase again and let himself fall against the wall, without letting go of the case. Carefully, with painful slowness he put himself back on his feet, using the wall as support. Trying hard, his only healthy eye scanning a corridor that seemed on the verge of bursting into flames, and  he managed to carry his battered body to the engineering room.

[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Engineering | USS Allegiant ]

The door hissed in front of him, showing him a Dantesque scene. Benmual was leaning over the crewman Gorn, an hypospray in her hands. Doctor Hernandez was kneeling nearby, the Medical kit in his lap, and the hybrid couldn't understand why it was she who was about to inoculate the giant lizard and not him. Bila was afraid forthe betazoid, because as unconscious as he was, any Gorn was a predator armed with sharp claws and teeth. Mouth agape, he stumbled into the room and signaled with his free hand the scene. He gasped in an attempt to show his outrage at the whole situation, but his aching throat only yielded a strangled grunt.

He cleared his throat and tried to speak again. "Gglllrhhhhh" he gurgled. His single healthy eye blinked a few times perplexed. "Kkkkk ..... lllllllll .... kuef "he finally sput with unusual effort. The words were in his head, but his tongue seemed unwilling to obey him. For some reason, kardasi seemed to flow more easily, though. "Sah, zan" he managed to ask. There was no need for anyone to answer, for his eyes soon found the crewman Russel Rodriquez leaning against the wall, eyes so wide they seemed about to come out of their sockets. One of his hands covered the point where the nanotubes had reached him. Bila approached the human and crouched beside him. The man began to speak, a torrent of words left his lips but they didn't make any sense to the half-cardassian. They only worsened his headache. "Da si'zekt!" He commanded, while he kept trying to calculate the appropriate dose for the human according to the readings. Rodriguez seemed on the verge of a panic attack and grabbed him by the chest of his uniform, shaking him slightly as he spoke words that made no sense for Bila. "DA SI'ZEKT!"He barked holding the crewman limbs with one hand and stabbing his neck with the hypospray with the other. The silver fluid penetrated the human skin and he seemed to relent in his efforts. He just stayed where he was, trembling and stammering phrases that the hybrid couldn't make sense of. Bila let himself fall back to sit in the floor and held his head between both hands, dropping the medical device. There was too much noise. Too many lights. And he didn't understand any words. Why he didn't understand them?


Kardasi words from noxfox nx Kardasi, use with permision
kuef - shit
sah - 3rd subject for aliens
zan - Where
Da si'zekt! - Stop! / Freeze! / Don't move!

Objective 10, done!
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ Ens. Jaya Thorne | Bridge of the USS Allegiant | Azur Nebula near Borg Aperture]

Jaya kept her concentration on flying as they were stuck 100% defensive for a time, the ship taking hits despite her dodging like crazy as she changed course once instructed by Dewitt. "Aye, changing course!" She replied as she continued to head for their target while their Valravn escorts saved a bunch of Klingon warriors. She got quite the show watching one of them go absolutely berserk on the Borg to protect the stricken cruiser. "Is that the same one that helped save our asses from that assimilated BOP?" She said softly to herself as she kept flying the Allegiant.

She then heard some good words finally. "Weapons online!" was what got her smirking, noticing it was now Dewitt at tactical. "Commander, please run patterns theta one, gamma three and alpha nine in sequence, keep the Borg's adaptive systems guessing as to what to fix first and how ma'am!" She states, rolling the Allegiant as their weapons started firing again, their Valravns were on their way back now, moving to cover them properly once more. "Hoookay here goes!" She dove the Allegiant around some debris again and smirked. "Okay this is gonna be..." She shrieked as weapons fire smashed into the ship, causing a surge above her head, she ducked just in time to avoid getting a metal shard through the eye, it glanced over her right ear. "OW SHIT!" She grunted, shaking her head and kept going. "God damnit, I just got fixed up!" She snarled to no one in particular, then shrieked.

A big honkin warship suddenly came out of nowhere seemingly right behind them. "AAAH! THE VERSANT!" She Immelmaned the Allegiant over hard, dodging out of the massive ship's sights. "Oh, for the love of god, not these guys too!" Suddenly three massive graviton beams surged from the Versant ship, streaking right by the Allegiant and its fighter escorts, Jaya narrowly dodging the shot. "HOLY CHRIST! TOO CLOSE!" She bellowed out as she stabilized only for Borg weapons fire to smack the ship around some, damaging shields and subsystems. "Gyaaah!" She dodged the Allegiant behind some debris just in time to dodge a Borg torpedo before the three beams from the versant ship made swiss cheese of the cube in three distinct tunnels cut by the weapons. "Commander! Look!" She then blinked while pointing at the ship, then their somewhat damaged viewscreen as a communication channel came in and a very unexpected face appeared on the damaged viewscreen. "C-Captain Ives!?"

The male form of Theurgy's CO was there on the screen, with Thea next to him, apparently having somehow taken over the Versant ship. He was giving instructions that made a shiver run down her spine, he wanted them to do WHAT!? On top of that Dewitt seemed to be liking the idea, she being just an Ensign kept her mouth shut and just kept the Allegiant moving, it didn't take long for them to be given the order and she angled the Allegiant over. "Hoookay, here goes!" She turned to Dewitt. "Ma'am, we really going to do this?"

Jaya heard the commander and nodded. "Y-yes ma'am!" Her hands flew over the controls as the Allegiant banked over towards the center tunnel. "Here we go." Just then a secondary signal came in from a source nearby, the signal keyed the Allegiant's Audio subsystem to start playing music of all things, old earth music, classical to her people but it was once known as Hard Rock or Metal depending on the style, the song in question was called Blurry by Puddle of Mudd. The hard riffs were at a level that complimented work and added energy to the room. The Signal was from Wolf 10, from that crazy pilot Scylla. "Ma'am its coming from Wolf 10, on one of the backup audio channels... its an authorized signal too!? How?" She blinked, not disliking it but finding it unorthodox to have music on as they fought.

The Cube loomed over, the gaping hole in the center large enough to accommodate the Allegiant in a surprisingly comfortable way, but not much more than a ship her size. "All right Ally, keep it together girl." She said, speaking to the ship as if she were a person. "Commander Dewitt prepare our All direction attack patterns, I think we can do the most damage that way ma'am." She tapped her console, triggering the harnesses of anyone seated but not yet strapped down as Dewitt manned the weapons, prepping them. "SAFETY PEOPLE! WE LOST ENOUGH AS IS!" She bellowed as the Allegiant dove into the hole. "I will get us through, just shoot everything ma'am!"

Wolf 10 signalled her intent to take point and the Valravn IFF coded Wolf 10 swooped in ahead of them its rear signals flashing as they dove in ahead, adding their firepower to keeping the route clear and adding to the Allegiant's damage. Dewitt's hands were flying over the console, firing weapons in sequence and using various multi directional combat patterns to do it. "That Fighter pilot is insane!" Commented the Commander as she observed Wolf 10s actions then gasped as a column of debris nearly scrapped the Valravn and forced it into a side passage, Scylla calling out to keep going and that she'd find another way out. Jaya sighed and kept going, looking a bit worried about the pilot and her RIO.

The young helmswoman's hands flew over her controls as she moved the Allegiant through the tunnel, shields taking a lot of hits from internal weapons nodes. "Crap, ow, sorry!" She said as she barely scraped the Allegiant through two falling footbridges with a sonorous metallic KLANG and KRUNCH as well as some scraping reverberating through the hull as a piece of debris smacked into a thruster assembly. "WHOOPS! Port side thruster three it sounds like! And feels that way too!" She states before the damage control display even popped up the indicator exactly where she said. "Well shit!"

Moments later, a mayday form Wolf 10 came through right before the music and the call were cut off, the bridge falling silent except for the warning chimes and alarms on the consoles. "WOLF 10! SIGNAL LOST!" She said loudly, seeing its IFF blip vanish on her sensor readout. "We lost a fighter!" She rolled the Allegiant through a Junction, Commander Dewitt still firing everything they've got, arcs of phaser bank and canon fire streaking out, smacking into and obliterating everything they hit, torpedoes doing the same as the remaining group kept going.

"Stay focused Ensign!"said Dewitt. Doing that was exactly what Jaya would do, she had to make it, she just had to. She set her jaw hard, teeth clenched as she white knuckled the controls, accelerating and rolling into another chamber.

[ LTJg. Sephiria "Scylla" Arn | Cockpit of the Mk.I Valravn Wolf 10 | Azur Nebula near Borg Aperture]

A massive ship had come out of nowhere and just fired three massive graviton beams right through the Cube, Skewering it in three places, causing three massive holes in the cubes structure, the Ship read as a Versant ship, the beings who had kidnapped a large portion of the USS Theurgy's crew, she was about to do something, ask for instructions, something but a signal suddenly came through.

Sephiria heard the signal from the Versant ship as the Vor'Cha moved off to try and get clear in order to properly tend to casualties while still fighting honorably, she smirked at this then heard and saw the signal on all channels from an officer she wasn't familiar with personally but knew of well, the gender shifting Captain of the Theurgy was alive and the ships avatar was with him, she had also seen descriptions of her on the ID files given to them for familiarisation. "Well that's interesting eh Whiteout?" She asked and chuckled, listening to what Ives was saying.

She had formed up with Meerkat and moved back to the Allegiant, helping provide cover till this lull in the fighting caused by the Versant warship skewering the living daylights out of the large Borg vessel. "It slices, it dices, it punched three massive fucking holes in a cube!" Stated Whiteout as they witnessed the power of the captured alien warship. Scylla chuckled, hearing the comms from the Allegiant, Scylla knew the ensign at the helm of the Allegiant was good but not experienced enough yet, her hands crisped on her controls. "Scylla to Meerkat, I will take point help guide the girl through!" Wolf 10, her trusty steed soared ahead of the Allegiant as it closed in on the cube, heading for the central hole. She tapped a key, sending her music over to the Allegiant as well for this one. "Wolf 10 taking point, stick to me little sister!" That was her communication to the Allegiant, specifically her helmsman, the young Ensign Thorne as the Valravn slid in Ahead of the Allegiant, flashing its rear signals for them to follow.

Scyllas face was hard set behind her helmets visor, her eyes cold as she took a deep breath. Here we go Whiteout. Full assault mode as we fly through target everything you can as we go!" She said as they dove in, weapons beginning to fire, hitting everything Whiteout could target as they began careening through the massive Borg cubes guts. "I'm on it boss, you fly I shoot the fuck out of these bastards!" He called out as they began the run, weapons blazing, leading the Allegiant in, helping to clear debris for the more heavily armed scout ship and giving the girl more room to work with.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHAAAAAAWHOOOOOOPS!" Was what came out of Scylla as she rolled over a protrusion, seeing Borg drones getting blown to pieces by Federation weapons fire as they flew through the damaged vessels internals a massive piece of debris forced her to make a hairpin right. "Crap!" They were in a side passage and there wasn't any way to get back where they were, Scylla rolled and dodged, slide slipping around as Whiteout tried mapping a way through. "Allegiant, Flight Leader Keep going through! Well catch up GO!" Was what Scylla said after opening a channel then closed it to concentrate on flying.

"Hard right Scylla, up three levels, we can shoot through the wall there into another passage!" Scylla nodded, rolling hard right then climbing three decks worth in a flash, weapons firing at targets of opportunity before hitting the indicated wall, the Valravn moved into the next corridor, still trying to find a way through the damaged and being even more damaged hulk. This was taking all her skill to get through and * SHKRRRRIIIEEEEEEECH! BANG! * The fighter lurched and spun in a flat spin as they nicked an antenna like device hard, Scylla grunted as Whiteout got his head bashed into his console knocking him out, the computer detected this and transferred full weapons to the pilot's seat as she struggled to regain control. "Wolf 10, collision, may be going down here! RIOs knocked out cold!" another loud crunch was heard in the background and her signal went to static on the Allegiant's speakers then died completely.

(OOC: no, she isn't done for, just making it interesting.)
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[Zyrao Natauna |  This Shit Fucking Sucks | Borg Invasions |  Not for the Light Hearted |  Assimiliated Gets you Assassinated]
@Auctor Lucan

Things went to shit.

The fan was on, it was strung everywhere, and it smelled like ass.  She didn't want to be here, she didn't want another run in with the Borg.  She didn't want to watch as Eboh was slowly assimilated into the Collective in front of them.  Whatever shit that Bila had put in them, could hopefully slow it down.  Do it's job.  She sure as fuck hoped that it would because she most definitely didn't need murder on her resume.  Those that she had killed in the past were gone and forgotten at this point, a clean slate on this ship, though she had a feeling it was about to get really bloody and really messy quite quickly.

Shields were on the rise.

The Borg was actually taking on damage.

The Klingon were doing their thing.  Thank you martok for believing in me when you probably shouldn't. she thought to herself as she brushed her thick dark hair out of her eyes and focused on the screen in front of her.  She needed to get as much energy into the ship as possible.  Shields werne't going to hold out long and if the Borg were able to fix their...

Ahhhhh fuck.

Their shield matrix had altered and they had adapted to the weapons and now they were rebuilding their shields.  This was not going to go well.  She had thought it was too good to be true, the Borg suffering damage in that way.  Zyrao knew that they were going to need some sort of heavy hitter, a weapon that could actually do some damage to the systems that were on the Borg Cube.  That was important, she was going to need to make a dent.  But, what did the Theurgy have that she could actually use that would be significant. 

Then chaos.

Fire, warmth, heat, too hot.  Zyrao winced, at the sheer wave of heat that bowled into her.  She could feel it cinging some of her hair, and burning some of the skin, not even the fire or the flames just the heat that was rolling off of ... whatever happened to the Bridge.  Then she was upside down, suddenly, she could feel herself trying to float away from her console.  Her hand snapped out and grabbed the back of her chair to keep herself from floating off, she could hear screams and cries.  She could smell the smoke and feel the heat of the flames though they weren't as bad as they had been.  She didn't dare look at her own skin, she was fine, alive, and not bleeding.  That was all that mattered.  The rest was surface wounds that any doctor with a hypo could fix up when she had the time.

Now was not the time to cry or worry about pain.  Now was the time for action.

People were hurt, the smell of burnt skin, fabric, and melted plastic burned her nostrils as she sat back in her chair.  For a moment, her grey eyes took in the Bridge and the horror that it had turned into.  This ship had already been through so much, and these people, she did not know what she could do to help them through this.  She wasn't shocked, she had seen so much in her life, so much horror and pain and suffering.  This was nothing new, nothing different, but she knew fully well that these people were trying their best.  She would help them, of course, she had chosen to be here.

Her name was called out, grey eyes swung towards the red head in the center of the Bridge and her brow rose in silent question.  Sure enough, orders were given.  Chart a course, get them the fuck to safety, and figure some magic that she could unleash to give them a fucking chance against the Borg.

"On it." she said simply as she twisted in her seat and looked back at her console.  Other than some light charring and soot on one of the sides, she found that it was in complete working order.  She began to scan the surrounding area to chart the debris and other ships on her map and view screen.  Looking at the mess that had been created by the other ships that hadn't made it, by the debris of the battle, by the Klingons and the Cayuga, the Theurgy... everything.  She had to take it all into account because it was all very important and it was all very crowded. 

Brushing her lower lip with her thumb as she began to think about the various ways that she could move the ship.  They needed a place they could recoup and a place where they were still strategically still in the battle.  This ship would not run away, this ship would stand until the last breath exited the last pair of lungs on this thing.  She knew these people, well enough, to know they weren't going down easily.  This was not a retreat, it was a tactical move to better their position. 

Before she could do anything though, another ship arrived.  The Versant.  Zyrao had heard rumblings through the ship about this one, and knew that they weren't going to be an ally, already her back was straight, shoulders tense.  This wasn't what they needed, another enemy that they couldn't stand against.  Suddenly, she shot out of her seat and leaned forward.  Beautiful aqua beams soared across the open space and began to render the cube assunder.  She couldn't believe what she was seeing.  The power.. the sheer power of the weapon system that they were utilizing.  Suddenly, as Zyrao stood there, a message came through and Ives.. she recognized the voice more than the face.. told them they had taken over the ship and were there to help.

Happy fucking day!

The Borg cube was cut, rendered nearly into three separate pieces, and now they had orders.  They needed to get into the cube and render it dead.  It already was told to them, the weapons systems were down, they had this opportunity to tilt the battle in their favor.  To destroy a cube of evil in the world.  Maybe a side of vengeance for all the bastards and poor souls that had died and been assimilated by this one cube.

It was payback time.

Quickly, Zyrao sent her flight plan to the helm.  "Helm you have mail." she said quickly but she hadn't stopped working.  Her fingers flew over the El-Aurian script in front of her working it almost as though she had been working the console for years.  It was probably largely due to the language and the simplicity and the user friendly nature of the LCARS system.  Zyrao was just glad that she was able to work because they were going to need some real fucking help.

The weapon!  Of course.

Zyrao thought about what they would need.  Power, was number one.  She pulled up the schematics on the weapon that they had talked about in their pow wow earlier before they decided to sky dive into danger.  She read through the information that was given on how much power they were going to need.  Comparing it to the numbers of the shield percentages and other systems that were necessary, she palmed the badge on her chest.

[Natauna to Engineering.  How much power can you divert to the graviton?] she asked quickly.

[I can get you enough to use.] said the voice on the other end.

[Do it, now.] she quickly said the urgency in her voice left little time for manners and propriety.  This was battle!

[Hold please.]

Hold?!  Fucking gotta be kidding me! she launched into an El-Aurian cursing stream that would make some people blush, probably Eboh if he was still with it enough to know.  But, she didn't care.  Finally, she heard back again. 

[Power diverted.]

[Great.  Appreciate it.] Zyrao quickly responded and then she began to power up the weapon.

"Graviton cannon is warming up, Dewitt." she called from her seat, and began to watch it.  "Ready in 10 - 9 - 8 - 7" she began to count down while her fingers flew over the console working hard to get it ready.  "One." she called out.  "Graviton cannon ready and charged, at your leisure" she called out to the Bridge and who ever was in charge of actually pushing the little red button that would give a nice FUCK YOU to the Borg.
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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Bridge | USS Allegiant ]
[Show/Hide]Eboh fought to concentrate, his eyes boring down into the console in front of him. Despite his efforts, he found focus to be difficult to maintain as his mind wandered. Eboh gave his head a quick shake, gritting his teeth as though he could muster up more concentration if he only ground them hard enough. Still, despite his best efforts, his mind continued to wander and dredge up memories...

A very young Ekon ran along the street, his right hand cradling his left arm. That arm dripped blood, the red liquid seeping from a large cut on his elbow. Only 5 years old, Ekon was running to the only person who he could think of to comfort him. His mother.

His mother turned as he reached the door to their home and came bursting through, her eyes wide with surprise. A quick glance had told her what was the matter, and she quickly move to her teary-eyed son.

"My poor Ekon, what has happened to you?" Reala asked, going to one knee in front of her son, "Did you hurt yourself?"

Ekon nodded, looking down at his arm as he fought to hold back sobs. In truth, there was little pain, but the fear the child felt as seeing the blood had upset him greatly. The fierce hug his mother pulled him into comforted him, pushing the fear down. He was hurt, but she would make everything better.

"It's ok, my poor Ekon." His mother voice told him from outside the warmth and safety of the embrace. "Once you join us, you will feel no pain."

The words confused the young Ekon, the child having never heard his mother say such a thing. In his mind, the present Eboh knew the memory was false, that something was wrong. The child Ekon pushed back, breaking away from his mother's arms and looking up to her face in confusion. The young Ekon saw his mother's face, but it was horrifically distorted, marred by metallic implants on her cheeks and forehead. As he looked on, a steel spike erupted from his mother's left eyes, spreading to create a cap for an ocular implant to develop. His mother opened her mother to speak again, but when she did the words were those of many. The voices of thousands.

"Resistance is futile"

[Varder to Eboh, the drone is neutralized. Transportation off ship should now be possible.]

Eboh jumped in his chair, the shoulder restraints the only thing preventing him from leaping out of the chair altogether. The words had pulled Eboh free from his thought, back to the present. Eboh shook his head again, blinking his eyes several times as he pulled himself fully back to the current situation. A chill of fear swept down his spine as he realized the cause of his difficulty concentrating, and of his corrupted memories.

The Borg.

The vaccine Izar had given him was obviously slowing the process, but Eboh could not deny the fact that he was beginning to feel some of the effects. Pushing the fear to the back of his mind, Eboh set to work.

"Acknowledged, Varder." Eboh replied over the comms as he set to work at his station. Once the transporter had a lock on the downed drone's signature, Eboh initiated the transport. The drone in engineering dematerialized, only to reappear out in the vacuum of space, drifting through the void in the Allegiant's wake. Eboh glanced back at the rest of the bridge, hearing Captain Dewitt's order for Izar to check on Six on his way out. He heard the scientist pronounce the former Drone dead, then heard Izar address him. The science officer asked Eboh to transport her remains, adding afterwards that it might be better to store her patter in the transporter's patter buffer to allow for a funeral at a later date. Eboh nodded his agreement to Izar, sparing the still form of the fallen former drone and wondering if that was to be his fate as well.

With that thought still drifting through his head, Eboh turned back to the Ops console and went to work with the transporter, targeting Six's signature. When the system had established a lock, Eboh initiated the transport, seeing the soft blue glow out of his peripheral vision as the implant-ridden woman's body dematerialized. Once she was in the buffer, Eboh initiated a hold pattern, storing her safely in the buffer where she would be both preserved and, more importantly, prevented from reactivating and wreaking havoc on the ship. "Six is stored in the transporter's pattern buffer, ma'am." Eboh reported, glancing over his shoulder at Dewitt. "It should easily be able to preserve her until we can get back to the Theurgy."

Eboh heard Masuda's voice then, his tone that of alarm s he called out that the Cube had adapted to their weapons. He heard the Captain call for evasive maneuvers, then the order to brace. Eboh had only a moment to turn back to his console before the Allegiant was struck by the Borg's disruptors. The sensor's display on his console was going crazy as numerous warning sounded at once. Eboh had no sooner opened his mouth to report to Dewitt than the Allegiant rocked again, much more violently this time as they struck one of the Klingon vessels that had been destroyed by the Borg Queen's revenge. Eboh felt the harness holding him in his chair, the straps digging into his shoulders as the ship tried to buck him out of his seat. The ceiling above erupted in a blast of heat and a shower of sparks as an EPS relay blew out, the sparks stinging Eboh where they cascaded down onto bare skin. Eboh gritted his teeth as he tried to ignore the sensation, instead working furiously at his console as he heard Captain Dewitt call out a damage report and orders. He heard her say his name, asking about the Apertures.

"I'm still here, ma'am!" Eboh called back without taking his eyes off what he was doing. "I have deactivated the containment fields in the breached sections and rerouted power to main shields. Those sections will be inaccessible until we can undergo repairs." That done, Eboh's eyes darted to the readouts form what was left of their sensors. "Long range sensors show the Theurgy has reached the Aperture." Eboh called as his eyes continued to take in the sensor readouts. "The Theurgy has sustained heavy damage from their engagement with the cube, Captain, though they remain operational. They are projecting a soliton wave against the Aperture form their forward sensor array." The half El-Aurian's eyes continued to dart back and forth, studying the readouts on the display before him. "The Cayuga has faired better in the engagement, and has initiated a soliton wave of it's own against the Aperture."

When Eboh heard Dewitt's call that they had company, his eyes glanced up from his console to see what the viewscreen displayed. The sight was like nothing he had ever seen. A behemoth of a ship, kilometers long, of a design Eboh had never heard of. It's shape was completely alien to him, it's size unfathomable. Eboh uttered a soft sound of amazement as he heard Dewitt's voice, little more than a hiss, speak the leviathan's name. "The Versant".

Eboh tore his gaze away from the image displayed before them, turning his attention back to his console as he set sensors scanning the new arrival. He was still trying to make sense of what he was seeing when he heard Dewitt's voice once again.

"The Versant is powering up!"

His readouts told him the same, the energy spike beyond anything he had ever witnessed. The dark skinned man's mouth ran dry, his eyes widening as the numbers continued to climb. The light that bathed the bridge as the Versant fired it's main cannons was intense, causing Eboh to squint. The tremor that ran through the Allegiant attested to the sheer power of the Versant's assault. It was only a moment later that Eboh saw it's target; the Borg cube. The three immense beams tore through the cube, cutting swaths through the vessel that had been wreaking havoc on them with ease. After the horrors Eboh had seen such cubes capable of, the ease with which is was dissected opened a pit in his stomach. What was this new ship?

As the light from the attack faded, Eboh head a transmission come through, but his attention was still on his sensor readouts. Dewitt called orders as Eboh turned in his chair to face her, telling Ensign Thorne to take them into the cube.

"Captain, the Theurgy and the Cayuga have succeeded! Sensor readings are showing the Aperture is lit!"
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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Warp Core > Corridor > Aft Airlock| Deck 01 | USS Allegiant ] @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @Fife @Nolan @Numen 
At this moment, despite everything going on around him, Varder could not help but look at this situation and feel like a third wheel. The warp core room was packed, and at Dewitt's order would soon have another body within it. The only reason he remained was the fallen Borg.. "Acknowledged, Varder." came the response from Eboh, shortly after the drone had vanished from sight and into the void of space.

At a glance, he could see nothing further that needed his attention, nothing that Benmual could not handle at least. Beyond that he saw risk, having so many so crowded into what was a small room with many of its own dangers within it.

And so he stepped out through the door and into the corridor, his pace took him towards the stairs. Then he was suddenly no longer on his feet. Lifted as if by a massive fist before he was being tossed like a ragdoll against the walls, then hitting the floor with considerable force some distance further down the corridor.

For a moment he simply lay there, waiting for any telltale kick of pain to signal a serious injury. Yet all that met him was a dull thudding pain in his head that seemed to slowly crawl out and take root. Carefully he moved to right himself, pushing up from the floor using the wall as a support. A glance down showed his rifle, or what was left of it after it was crushed between him and the floor.. If the Borg didn't kill him, Sel might.

A sound, a sob from down the corridor caught his attention. He saw the hybrid lieutenant dragging himself down the corridor, saw the brownish fluid behind the man. He staggered towards him, blinking. Clearly, his own impact was catching up to him as he leaned back against a wall. Then the hybrid stood, clearly in pain, but still moving. If he was willing to push himself onward, then Varder would not stop him.

Then came orders from Dewitt.
[Bridge to Varder and Benmual! We're going into the cube. Lost connection to after airlock rig. Get there and fire everything manually! Bridge out!]
"Acknowledged!" Came his simple reply. Accompanied by his staggering movement towards, then up the stairway, each step slightly steadier than the last as progress was made towards his goal.

As the Bajoran moved he disregarded the damaged corridor of the battered Allegiant, opting for speed over caution and relying on the suit he wore for protection. The result of this was scoring on the outer plating, marks that looked far worse than they really were.

In moments more he was there and taking a knee, fiddling with the improvised emplacement. He was no engineer but he knew enough about armaments to at least be competent in their operations. After all, how different could this be from something set up planetside?

"Benmaul! I hope you are moving, because you have the trigger!"

As he spoke his fingers danced across control panels, firing this thing manually would require one to manage tech and another to aim and fire the damn thing. Easy for an automated system, less so for him... Regardless of that he stood ready to do the best he could, in a situation he had not quite expected.

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[ PO2 Kythalie Benmual | Warp Core | USS Allegiant ]
  @Masorin  @Auctor Lucan   @Jm Von Cat @Numen 

The doctor arrived and quite quickly told Benmual to remain where she was as she was tending to the Gorn. She looked up at the doctor and her expression changed to a confused one as he told her that she would be doing the inoculation to the patient. Wasn't he supposed to be the doctor here? The sheer confusion and surprise that was undoubtedly on her features were masked away by the helmet she wore from the security exosuit and she heeded the warning to stay away from the jawline of the Gorn, lest she'd want to lose a limb.

She looked at the suggested spot to inoculate the Gorn and she made quick work of it, being careful enough for her own safety before the unmistakable hiss was heard. She was prepared for the Gorn to retaliate at any point and already her eyes moved over the Gorn to locate key points to keep him down in case he'd surge up. It was unsure that she'd succeed should this be the case. She just hoped that Hernandez had given the Gorn enough to stay out cold.

Varder was there yet seemed like he couldn't do much about the situation besides watching Benmuals back with the husk of a Drone behind her. Varder eventually left for the corridor after the drone was beamed out and he had just moved away before everything became zero gravity it seemed. With a thud everyone and everything came down with a smack. A grunt escaped Kythalie's lips as she managed to take the brunt of the blow by landing on top of the Gorn. SHe looked up to Hernandez "You okay doc?"

Bila came into the warp core now. The Bajcardie looking like a mess if anything else as he seemed in an almost as bad state as she had first met him aboard the Cayuga. Concern was dancing on her features, yet again, these emotions were simply blocked out by the visor and helmet she wore. The only thing Bila would be able to see was the head of the security tilt upwards before giving him a slow nod.

She aided Hernandez for as far as she could before new orders came in.

[Bridge to Varder and Benmual! We're going into the cube. Lost connection to after airlock rig. Get there and fire everything manually! Bridge out!]

"Fuck..." Benmual hissed underneath her breath as she looked at Hernndez "I have to go doc, needed elsewhere. Good luck with this one."

She hoisted herself up on her feet and grabbed the rifle that had scattered to the doors after zero gravity had kicked in. She felt her muscles burn as she sprinted through the corridor, dodging the loose electric wires and sparking conduits as she could. The plating itself had come unsteady and there was a certain risk of tripping over them in the rather heavy suits. The ship certainly had seen better days and Varder's voice came through seconds later "Benmaul! I hope you are moving, because you have the trigger!"

"En route, be there in 30 seconds tops." was her reply as she slipped over the pile of vomit and landed on her side. Her head missing the stairs by inches as she looked at the contents and shook her head. A curse and a painful flank didn't stop her from mounting the stairs and making her way over to Varder.

Once she made it to the aft section she looked at the mounted rig she looked at it, getting familiar with the control before she shouted at Varder as the blue hue of the nebula vanished and got replaced by the green black hole they were diving into "Where the fuck are we?" she aksed Varder before she shook her head not allowing him to answer "I don't want to know, I advise putting timers on our fire rounds or we'll be meeting the impact of these torpedoes real soon."

Once everything was set up Kythalie aimed the weapon and began to unleash the ordinance as the Allegiant made her run.
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[CWO3 Liliana Walton - "Meerkat" | Wolf-09 | In a nebula far. far away | Last ditch effort to save the galaxy from the Sith Borg ]

The Klingon cruiser was successfully evacuated, leading Haq'r to let out an exclamation in his native language that the universal translator made sound a lot more flowery than Liliana suspected it actually was. With that and the general success of the bombing run, Meerkat was starting to feel slightly better about their chances against the Borg. She launched another spread of countermeasures as she prepared to stick close to the Allegiant for either another run or an evasive course to the Cayuga. Surely, with the damage done to the Cube by now, its capabilities would be diminished enough for them to survive this.

The Borg's response proved her utterly wrong.

Her board lit up like a Christmas tree as the computer detected multiple launches and warned of several already too-close calls with Borg disrupter beams as instincts honed over a long career took hold. Over the fighter's internal communications system, she listened to a mixture of a series of terse status updates and increasingly diverse vocabulary of swearing from her Klingon RIO. The Valravn pilot suddenly had to navigate through increasing amounts of debris, stunningly close missile explosions, blinding disrupter beams, and more than a few newly dead bodies and her shield integrity indicator only ever went down despite her best flying.

Her skills met their limit and her luck ran out when the barrage was nearly ended.

"Fuck. There goes the engines."

"Shields are gone, capacitors look to be blown. Those motherless sons of-"

"I can read, Bulkhead. Weapons aren't responding well either. Give me something to work with."

"I'm restarting the weapons and communications systems. Should unscramble them enough. The computer cannot even see the engines, though."

"Ah, good. It's been awhile since I've had to rely on RCS thrusters."

Walton could only watch as the massive white ship that arrived fired similarly massive beams that impaled the Borg Cube, carving out gaping tunnels through their enemy. She gave a low whistle in appreciation.

"I hope that ship stays on our side."

"Communications back up, Meerkat."

[-the cube is immobilised and exposed. We're charging for another attack, but we need time. Sensors show no active weapon systems within the cube. If you can, destroy it from within. Ives, out.]

"Ives? Captain Ives? Huh."

[Scylla to Meerkat, I will take point help guide the girl through!]

"This is Meerkat. Go ahead. Fighter's damaged." She yanked hard on her stick and fired her starboard thrusters to avoid a collision with a piece of debris. "Bulkhead, please tell me you fixed the engine."

"This fucking <piece of shit> is not cooperating." More expletives followed. "Wait, try now. You should have ... sixty percent power now."

"That'll get me flying again. Thanks, love. This is Wolf Zero Nine to Allegiant and flight, I will be bringing up your rear."

"Didn't you just tell one of your other pilots not to come back into the fight until his fighter was repaired?"

"I'm going to pretend you're not saying what you're saying because I really don't have the time for this conversation. Get me working weapons and whatever you can scrounge up for shields. I'll land after this run."

It was not until Meerkat had flown her fighter to within weapons range of the hole that the loud swearing from her companion paused long enough for him to let her know that weapons were working and the shields were faint, but enough to ensure they wouldn't quickly die of radiation poisoning.

"I don't remember you swearing this much before, Haq'r. Also, don't remember teaching you one of those phrases you were just saying in my language."

"Overheard it last week when you were ranting about one of the Valravn engineers."

"Uh-huh. I call bullshit. Here we go. Ready to take a tour of a Borg Cube?"

The attack run through the tunnel went well as Bulkhead stopped his swearing to focus on marking targets that the Allegiant and Scylla hadn't destroyed yet. Given the proximity, she fired off only her micro torpedoes and phasers, making sure to leave her mark as deeply as she could. The most remarkable thing about her run was that her fighter held together long enough to make it, the combination of a slower impulse speed and heightened reaction times from her experiences and adrenaline ensuring she took no more damage while inside. She could see the exit in the distance as Scylla's last transmissions came through.

"Wolf Ten no longer on sensors, Meerkat."

Liliana slowed down her fighter in response, delaying her exit from the Cube. She needed to know.

"Scylla, this is Meerkat. Respond please. Do you require assistance?"

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[ Ltjg Jhozahosh "Blizzard" sh'Avhennes | Wolf-12 | USS Theurgy → Debris Field → Borg Cube | Azure Nebula ]


With Wraith safely back aboard the Theurgy Jhoza swung her fighter around in a tight turn and shot straight back into the debris field. As she raced back toward the Allegiant another ship entered the battlefield, larger and more sinister looking than the Borg Cube. The vessel was unfamiliar to Jhoza, but nonetheless she felt dread at seeing the large ship hanging there, waiting.

"Its charging something Jhoza..." Trixie's voice trembled as she spoke, and the use of her name rather than her callsign was another signal to Jhoza that the young woman was scared. Before Jhoza could respond there was a blinding light from the unknown vessel.

Three beams of powerful energy punched into the Cube and tore through it. Jhoza gave a whoop of joy as the new vessel began to turn, and carve three massive rents in the hull of the cube, eerily similar to claw marks. "YES!!! TAKE THAT YOU METALLIC BASTARDS!!"

A moment later Trixie picked up a hail from their new ally and put it through their speakers. [All available ships, the cube is immobilised and exposed. We're charging for another attack, but we need time. Sensors show no active weapon systems within the cube. If you can, destroy it from within. Ives, out.] Ives? Wasn't that the name of the Theurgy's real Captain? Jhoza had no time to dwell as they received a second hail from the Allegiant. [Allegiant to fighter escort, follow our lead!]

Jhoza grinned and pushed her throttle to the max. Her Valravn jumped forward, as power surged through its engines. She was a fair distance from the Allegiant, and it was clear that it would take longer to her to go to them, and then through the Cube. Instead she plotted her own run through the nearest tear in the Cube. She would meet the Allegiant on the other side.

"Trixie, you have weapon control. Open fire the moment we're inside, give those bastards all we have. Drop our Hellbores when we reach the middle of the Cube. I need to concentrate on flying."

"As you say it Blizzard."

Moments later their Valravn slipped into the cube, and Trixie opened fire. Jhoza couldn't see the damage they were causing, but hoped it was significant. She gave a wild war cry as the adrenaline hit her system in full force. This was what she loved. Flying some hairbrained, super dangerous mission, and surviving. They were inside the cube, a Borg Cube! And they were kicking mechanical ass. From outside the Borg were tough to damage. But flying her Valravn through the middle of their cube, the Borg had little defence for that scenario.

She saw their Hellbores drop from the wings and yelled again as they detonated below her, vaporising large parts of the Cube. The fiery explosion chased them for a few seconds, but the Valravn was faster and left the wave of destruction behind. Almost too soon the manic run was over and Wolf-12 shot out of the far side of the Cube.


"Keep it cool Blizzard. The battle isn't over until the cube has been completely destroyed."
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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | USS Allegiant | Heart of the Azure Nebula ]
Attn: @Firefox013 @Masorin @Fife @Jm Von Cat @patches @Vox @The Ostrich @Nolan @BZ @Numen 
The Allegiant was about to enter the damaged Borg cube. Eboh was still with them, saying that Six had been put into the transporter buffer. She was given a damage report as well, and Dewitt was confident that Izar's vaccine was working, at least for the time being. Evidently, the Theurgy has opened the aperture together with the Cayuga, and hopefully, they would be able to collapse the subspace tunnel. In the final moments before the Allegiant reached the middle rift that the Versant had carved into the cube, Jaya had asked if they were really going to do it.

"We sure are, Miss Thorne. I've seen you fly through the caverns of the Black Opal asteroid, so I have faith in you," she said, and then swore, seeing that the weapons rig in the airlock wasn't responding. "Bridge to Varder and Benmual! We're going into the cube. Lost connection to aft airlock rig. Get there and fire everything manually! Bridge out!"

There was music playing, for some reason that Jaya mentioned in passing, but Dewitt didn't have the time to silence it. Zyrao had managed to get the energy needed for the graviton cannon, and Dewitt was focused on deciding how to best use it, since it couldn't be swivelled out from the fuselage of the Allegiant. It could just shoot straight ahead. To begin with, she punched in firing sequences, listening with half an ear on what Thorne was saying. The fit of the tunnel was tight, which was made evident when the Allegiant came in contact on one side. Dewitt caught herself on her console, sweat beading her brow, but she managed to finish the firing command sequence, automating the rapid fire of the pule phasers and the micro torpedo launchers. Aftwards, the two security officers had opened the airlock and they were firing all of the hellbore torpedoes mounted on the weapons rig into the metal mass of the cube - the delayed detonations sparing their lives. Then, Dewitt had time to sort the use of the graviton cannon, with 2 kilometers of the tunnel to go. After Thorne said Wolf-10 was lost, Dewitt had her orders.

"Stay focused, Ensign!" she said, issuing the fire command for the graviton cannon. The lights on the bridge dampened when the amount of energy required depleted their reserves, and the beam lit up the interior of the cube - the graviton energy splitting apart jutting beams and obstacles in their path. "Have you heard of 'drifting'? That's what we'll do, Miss Thorne, so that we can slice up the belly of this beast. Cut the starboard thrusters, and then both, keeping the beam against the starboard side of the tunnel throughout the inertia! Now!"

The Allegiant kept on firing its other weapons, alongside the devastating, gravimetric force of the makeshift Asurian cannon. The flashing lights were like a stroboscope, lighting up the tense bridge and the faces of the remaining officers. On the viewscreen, because of the deceleration, they could see random drones bursting apart along with bared bulkheads and conduits. The micro torpedoes tore up metal and vanished down junctions - the detonations lost somewhere else inside the cube. The rapid pulse phaser bolts seemed blinding in the darkness of the cube's deep wound, and the constant of the beam was the only thing that kept Dewitt from having to blink with each impact. The cannon likely ate its way out of the cube - continuing outside the blackened hull - and if there had been any atmosphere inside, they had likely heard the tearing noise of parting metal reverberate against the hull.

Then, as suddenly as their attack run had begun, it ended in brilliant blue light, as if emerging from a deep den and soaring into a clear blue sky. Dewitt cut the feeds of the weapon systems with a few taps of her fingers, and then stepped out from behind the tactical station. "Evasive manoeuvres, but turn us about," she ordered, and once the Allegiant had made it's turn, the result of what they and the other Lone Wolves had done became clear. Wolf-10 seemed lost, and Dewitt could not spot the IFF of Meerkat either, but the delayed detonations of all the torpedoes launched inside the cube came next. There was no sound, but it was hardly needed, for the flares of the explosions could be seen in all three tunnel openings, and some even burst out of other parts of the ravaged hull. The density of the metal mass reflected the shockwaves of the blasts, and the effect was a lot more emphasised than any exterior impact could possibly be. Dewitt bared her teeth, in part fearing the worst for the Lone Wolves that may be trapped in there, but also unable to dispute the results of the attack run.

It was more than a critical hit, since the cube began to lilt sideways - altitude control lost as if its strings had been cut. All of a sudden, it was just as lifeless as the debris field around it.

"Scan for survivors!" she ordered Eboh, but her eyes had already picked up on the accumulating energy readings from the Versant. "It's firing again... get out of its sights! Now!"

Once more, the Versant fired it's three main cannons, and the beams began to crave into the cube from a new angle - this time letting the overturning motion of the cube work as the means to tear it apart. It did not take long until the hollowed-out cube fell apart, with nine metal pieces of the immense structure tumbling in different directions.

"Keep scanning, they might have been freed, and if we need to beam them aboard, that's what we'll do," she said, having spotted both Wraith and Blizzard on sensors, but not the others... before an audio message from the Theurgy came through.

[Mission Ops to the Allegiant and all Lone Wolves, there is no time to dock. Prepare to receive new shield harmonics and follow the Theurgy into the second aperture. Tow those who can't make it there on their own.] Dewitt couldn't quite figure out what was afoot, so she went back to the tactical station in order to check the readings herself. The first aperture was opened, the one leading to Borg space, only gaping wider than before. Apparently, the Theurgy had just opened a second aperture, far off to the side of the first. The hail continued. [Before you enter, load the new shields, or you will not make it through to the other side. Please acknowledge.]

While not sure of the intention, having understood that those apertures might lead literally anywhere... she also spotted a long procession of Borg cubes beyond that first aperture - heading straight towards them along that bared subspace tunnel. The sight of those readings had to be confirmed, so she keyed up the bearing on the viewscreen. And surely, there they were, the vanguard of the Borg, about to enter Federation space. The Klingon fleet, the Theurgy and the Cayuga had thrown all they had against the first cube including the kitchen sink... and there were ten more about to arrive. Beyond those first ten, more followed, popping up one by one on the sensors.

"This is the Allegiant," she answered the Theurgy, feeling how numb her lips were, "acknowledged..."

The Versant wasn't done yet. As one, the Savi dreadnought's torpedo launchers swivelled towards the broken pieces of the Borg cube, and fired a hailstorm of full-size tri-cobalt torps. "Helm, set a course for the new aperture", she said to Thorne, complying with the orders from Mission Ops, even though - despite the odds - it felt like they were no longer about to hold the line, and leave the entire Federation to its fate. She understood well enough that the present forces couldn't do anything against that many cubes, but what was the intent? It did not sit well with Dewitt, but at the same time, she understood the priority of the truth not being lost to the Borg threat.

When the Allegiant set a course to follow the Theurgy, the swarm of torpedoes from the Versant hit the remains of the Borg cube, tearing up the last chunks of blackened mass asunder. Only then, new sensor contacts lit up, and Dewitt's green eyes moved to the IFFs...

OOC: For this phase of the thread, you have a sequence in which 1) the fighter escort and the Allegiant clear the cube, and it's shredded within by the delayed explosions of the torpedoes, 2) Those on the bridge and behind the structural integrity field of the airlock can see how the Versant opens fire again, cutting up the capsizing husk of the cube into smaller pieces, 3) orders to follow the Theurgy into a newly opened second aperture comes in from Mission Ops on the Theurgy (likely Stark's voice) 4) the procession of new Borg cubes may be spotted in that first aperture that was opened, approaching them through the subspace tunnel 5) fighter escort report in to Mission Ops that orders are understood, and you may have to tow fellow Lone Wolves with tractor beams depending on what others post. 6) The Versant fires her ordnance of tri-cobalt torpedoes against the remaining chunks of the first Borg cube, making for nice fireworks. 7) In the end of your posts, your character might or mightn't spot a Type 11 shuttle leaving the Upper Shuttle Bay of the Theurgy, with a single Bajoran life-sign aboard. Furthermore, the Klingon fleet is in retreat as well, warping away out of the area. Even the Cayuga goes to warp, leaving. 8) End your posts with loading the new shield harmonics and following the Theurgy into that second aperture. Vox: If Wraith returned to the Fighter Assault Bay before the tunnel run, he would now have docked with the Theurgy, and his story continues in the tread named Injustice.
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PO2 Sithick | Engineering | USS Allegiant ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Firefox013 @Fife  @Jm Von Cat @patches @Vox @The Ostrich @Numen  @Nolan

Sithick's head lulled to either side, his eyes distant as he felt someone moving near him, his head moved, attempting to bite out, but there was no heavy snap of his jaw, rather the reptile seemed to tired to actually move about, and with the added weight of Benmaul's exosuit holding him down he felt the sting of a hypospray, he tried to speak something, but it came out sluggish, so much so that his interpritary device couldn't make heads or tails of it.

then his eyes closed, his body too heavy to move. The sudden loss of gravity caused the world to shift under him, and he landed again moments later with a heavy thud, but there was only silence. followed shortly by the heavy breathfalls of the gorn as he started to sleep. His tongue lulling out of his mouth which dripped a steady line of drool. The Gorn was dead to the world which meant the surgery could begin.

The doctor thanked Benmaul for her help. "Sorry, you had thicker gloves than I do." He said pointing to her exo suit, something he wasn't really sure that the Gorn's jaw could have broken, crushed maybe, but not ripped straight through like he had one time prior with the medics arm. With the big guy sleeping, however it was easy enough to start making repairs, that the larger Gorn would have made much more difficult were he kept awake. "Who would have guessed that a giant death machine could be such a crybaby at times."

He shook his head.

Then there was the Cardassian Bajoran Hybrid. His second patient for the day. With the Gorn stable and breathing, he moved from one emergency surgery to the next assessing the damage, and applying treatment.

The man was concussed which was why he had such a hard time speaking, a large gash on his ridges, skull was fractured, he would start by checking cognition with a light into both his eyes, and then start working on the most damaged parts of the mans head.

He sat so that his knees locked Bila's shoulders and neck into place as he ran an Osteo-regenerator, working on fixing the bone structure first, unfortinuately unlike Sithick he needed to keep this patient awake since he was dealing with a concussion. "Bila can you hear me?"

"I'm giving you a shot of a stimulant to keep you from falling asleep, nothing strong, just like injecting a raktajino directly into your veins, you might be a touch wired, but i need you to keep still while I'm working on you." He said applying a hypo spray to the half-breeds neck.

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[Zyrao Natauna | Strategies Need Not Apply | When Can I Fire One of Those?  | Are the Savi Hiring a Strategist?]
@Auctor Lucan

They were going in.

She understood the plan and prepared the power outputs to do what Dewitt needed them to as soon as she needed them.  She wanted Dewitt to have all the power that she could to put towards the shields and to power the graviton weapon they were about to use to turn the tide of the battle.  Zyrao was ready for some down time, she almost missed the Klingon ship she had come from.  Only because while they battled, and hard, they were quick about it and got the fuck out of there.  However, her ship had never encountered the Borg before.  Still, she was just ready for everyone to make it through.

As they slid into the large cavernous void that now had ripped apart the cube into three not-truly equal sections, she was ready.  Shifting all the power to the weapons that she could thanks to the engineering department and their work below.  Once everything began to happen, their beam began to carve another rivet of destruction through the cube, sparks flew, flames sparked, and the debris began to flow rather quickly through the now larger opening fissure.

Dewitt told them to move.

The bright blue lights from behind them were getting larger and brighter which could only mean one thing.  They were about to fire.  Zyrao was not ready to be space dust.  They moved as quickly as they could and there ahead of them where the lovely blue beams of the Versant were carving into the wreckage of the Borg cube while the Alegiant was working it's way from the destruction.  Another burst of blue torpedoes and the whole thing was destroyed.  The beauty of watching a Borg cube deconstruct and float about in space was just.. brilliant.  Zyrao felt a bit justified in the fact that there it was... just floating and regardless of survivors they weren't going to be able to do much of anything without their cube. 

She hoped they stayed out there and rotted away in space while the chill of the environment ate at their skin until it broke apart and just became more space debris.  Zyrao heard the information that was given to them. They were heading for the Aperture.  There, they would go through it and hopefully to a better, safer, place.  Though she wasn't sure, she could only hope that was the case.  Sera.... Sera you better get your ass in that ship before it goes. she thought to herself as she thought about what she needed to do.

"prepping power output for the shields." she reported to Dewitt from her seat.  All the power they had diverted over to the graviton could be now rerouted to the shields.  They would need everything that they could get because of the aperture.  She got all the power systems set up so that Dewitt could, once again, deploy them when necessary.  Having her console in her own home language was essential for getting things done quickly.  Zyrao had always been quick to adapt to new situations and always quick to catch on.  Putting it in her own language truly made it easy. 

"Shield power is at your disposal."
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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Engineering | USS Allegiant ]

@Auctor Lucan   @Masorin  @Jm Von Cat @Firefox013  @Fife  @Nolan  @BZ  @patches  @The Ostrich

The hybrid seated against the wall, eyes tightly closed. he should be analyzing the progress of the nanoprobes in crewman Rodriguez, but there were too many stimuli around. Too much light Too much noise. Too many people.

Someone left the room. And someone else approached him and crouched at his side. Bila shrinked over himself, fearing... something. Everything. But whoever was beside him didn't perform the hostile action he feared. The half-cardassian soon heard the soft beeps of a tricorder. A medical tricorder? Possibly. That meant help. Bila's shoulders relaxed noticeably. But he kept his eyes closed... At least until the good doctor (if it was the doctor) decided that it was time to check his pupil reflexes forcing him to open his eyes and pointing a small flashlight to both of them. When he forced to open the inflamed eyelid, the chemist screeched pitifully. The whole area was a sore mess, which only got worse under the doctor's palpation. Luckily the exam ended as suddenly as it had started, and Izar got a little break.

One that didn't last as long as Bila would have wished, and soon the doctor immobilized him against the wallplates and began applying another medical instrument a few centimeters from his head. The buzzing was deafening, a cacophony of squeaks and hums. His skull seemed to vibrate like a damaged runabout. He noticed how the bones under his skin warmed and froze at the same time. His ridges ached and they seemed about to fall off his face.

The doctor said something. Bila knew the words. He KNEW he knew them. But they still didn't make sense. Despite this, he slowly moved his head and nodded. "A" he whispered, still using his first language. Whatever the human had said to him, it seemed that his response had been satisfactory, because the doctor continued to prattle, his tone professional and explanatory. Then he proceeded to pierced his neck with something. Bila hissed, more surprised than aching.

The effect was instantaneous. A rush of energy ran through his neck. His mind felt clearer than it had been in a time. Focused. Centered. Bila blinked a couple of times, before her pupils focused on the face of the human in teal in front of him. "Lukan ..." he whispered tentatively, searching the right word in his head. Surprisingly he could find it. And understand it. "Th-thanks, dok-tor"

Kardasi words from noxfox nx Kardasi, use with permision

a →  yes
lukan → thanks

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[ PO2 Kythalie Benmual | Improvised Weapons Firing Pad | USS Allegiant ]

After unleashing hell into the cube and popping out of it Kythalie stood down on the weapon along with Varder. She had a grin across her face as it felt good to inflict that much damage to the ship in such a short time "Adapt to that." she whispered to just herself inside her helmet. She looked at Varder and gave a nod as there was no use for them out here anymore.  She passed him by, tapping his shoulder and informing him "Moving over to Sickbay in case they run into trouble there. The Gorn and infected crew you know..." she told him before she made her way through the ship to the Sickbay.

Once she arrived at Sickbay it seemed to be unresponsive to the controls to open the doors. She informed Varder of it and moved on as she jogged her way down to the Warp core. She figured the doc would still be there. Once there she found the Gorn in the same place before looking at Bila and the doctor. Her mental barriers were up and it was a most fortunate thing to be. If unprotected the waves of fear, pain and what else would've made little work of the Betazoid mind.

They seemed ready enough to be moved and she walked up to them "Doc, I can take care of the scientist. See I'll see if they can site to site you to Sickbay, I'll bring this one up." she said as she knelt next to Bila. She requested the site to site transport and any further orders after she'd be done with these.  After that she turned her attention to the Bajcardie. 

"Lieutenant, you ready to lean on me to get you to Sickbay?" 
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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Bridge | USS Allegiant ]
[Show/Hide]The music that could be heard throughout the bridge was distracting at first, but a few moments later Eboh found himself focusing on the sounds. Anything to ignore the murmuring that had begun to drone on in the back on his mind. The sound persisted, like a mosquito flying next to your ear, impossible to ignore no matter how you tried, only this was no mosquito. Eboh knew it was the echoes of the collective. He knew, and tried desperately not to think of what it might mean.

Eboh glanced up at the viewscreen as they approached the cube, the opening of the tunnel looming ever closer as they made their approach. The thought of flying through the heart of the cube made Eboh's guts clench, and he swallowed back the taste of bile that was rising in his throat. Eboh continued to watch the screen for a moment, watching the tunnel's opening draw nearer like the dark gaping maw of some behemoth creature about to swallow them whole. Finally he tore his gaze away, returning it to his work, only to notice the blue illumination of the Azure Nebula disappear from the bridge as they passed through the opening and into the damaged Borg vessel.

Eboh was jarred against his chair's restraints as the Allegiant made contact with the tunnel wall, leaving the shields somewhat depleted but holding. He could see the flashing of the ship's weapons even without looking at the screen, the illumination of the various weapons casting strange glows over his console. The flashed played with his eyes, causing eerie distortions in his reflection on the console's panelling. For a moment, he thought he saw his face covered with metal implants, the red glow of an ocular implant staring back at him. Fear seized him for a heartbeat before he blinked away the illusion. The itching in his left arm had slowly intensified, growing into a stinging sensation. Now he found the feeling had spread to his hand, the feeling making his skin crawl. Just your imagination, Eboh, he told himself, not for the first time, just your mind playing tricks.

His eyes were drawn back up to the viewscreen as the bridge was once more bathed in the shifting blue light of the Nebula, the sight bringing with it a sense of relief. They had made it through. As Dewitt ordered the Allegiant to come about, the cube loomed back into view. The sight of the holes they had passed through caused Eboh to again reflect on how mad an undertaking it had been. Then those holes were awash with the flashes of the detonating ordinance that the Allegiant and the Lone Wolves had left in their wake. Eboh couldn't ignore the fact that the timing was perfect; the explosions bloomed at the same moment the murmuring in his head grew slightly softer, as though some of the voices contributing to the sound had been snuffed out. The sight of the cube brimming with explosions should have filled Eboh with a sense of joy, or hope, or satisfaction. The apparent correlation between those explosions and the murmuring he had hoped was simply his imagination left him feeling nothing but dread. He could no longer deny the fact that he was hearing the collective.

His horrifying conclusion, and the thoughts that accompanied it were interrupted when he heard Dewitt's voice ordering for scans, looking for survivors. Eboh set to work, his hands trembling slightly as he worked them at the controls. At Dewitt's call about the Versant firing again, Eboh looked up from his scans. He saw the aquamarine beams tearing through the cube once again, the intensity of the light causing him to squint as the beams torn through the cube with unimaginable ease. Again, the murmuring in his head grew quieter, confirming his previous conclusion. A pang of pain, quick and sharp, pulled his attention away from the viewscreen, back to his hands which still hovered over his console. The left hand again, the fact causing the queasy feeling in his stomach to grow. He flexed the fingers of his left hand for a moment before returning to his scans, trying to push the murmurs, the pain and the queasiness from his mind. Dewitt made another call, ordering him to keep scanning. He kept at his work, studying the scan readouts his station displayed until a call came in from Petty Officer Benmual requesting a site to site transport. "Acknowledge, PO. Energizing." Eboh replied over the comms as he initiated the transport from the Warp Core to Sickbay.

Then a transmission came though from the Theurgy.

[Mission Ops to the Allegiant and all Lone Wolves, the is no time to dock. Prepare to receive new shield harmonics and follow the Theurgy into the second Aperture. Tow those who can't make it there on their own. Before you enter, load the new shields, or you will not make it through to the other side. Please acknowledge.]

He didn't need to look at the sensors or the viewscreen to see the Borg Vanguard coming through the aperture to know of their arrival. He knew they were there. The murmuring in his head was growing louder, the voices of the minds trapped aboard the newly arrived cubes joining the muted chorus of voices that droned on in his head. The constant noise was starting to give him a headache.

At least, he hoped that was the cause of the pain in his head.

Eboh heard Captain Dewitt acknowledge the orders as he continued to scan for survivors, heard her call for Helm to set their new course. He blinked several times, again trying to focus and push the muted muttering to the back of his thoughts. "I'm not picking up any life signs on sensors, Captain." Eboh called as he poured over the readouts, "there is a great deal of interference, I'm having trouble reading anything." His attention was drawn to an incoming data package from the Theurgy, the new shield harmonics. Eboh quickly looked over the received data and glanced over his shoulder to the Captain. "New shield harmonics received, ma'am." Eboh reported, his eyes glancing away from Dewitt for a moment to take in the charred and smouldering body of Yukimura splayed on the deck. Eboh quickly tore his eyes away from the gruesome sight, glancing once more at Captain Dewitt at the tactical console before he turned back to his own station. "Preparing to alter shields for travel through the apertu-AH!"

Eboh's hands leapt away from the console, his right hand instinctively moving to cover his left as the hands pulled back against his chest. The pain had been more intense this time, a stabbing pain. It had felt as through something had been driving through his hand...

Or out of it...

Eboh knew what he would see even before he removed his right hand to examine the skin on the back of his left. The feeling of metal against his palm told him his fears were all too real. Even still, his desperate hope that he was wrong continued until he removed the covering hand. His eyes stared at the small metallic star that had erupted out of the back of his left hand, the points of the star spreading out over the dark skin of the appendage. He felt as though his heart had stopped, as though his guts had turned to stone. Horror crept deeper into his chest as he forced air out of his lungs, hissing the words "Oh God...".
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[ Ltjg Jhozahosh "Blizzard" sh'Avhennes | Wolf-12 |Debris Field | Azure Nebula ]


Jhoza grinned as she swung her fighter around, and prepared for her second run through the cube. Before she moved however, the Allegiant burst out of the cube. Jhoza's grin grew wider. That was one tough ship. Her fingers were hovering over the controls, mere moments from thrusting her fighter into the cube again, when the Versant fired.

Three beams of pure energy lanced out and smashed into the cube. Jhoza let out a whoop of joy. She hadn't seen this kind of firepower since...she couldn't think of when, it was possible she had never seen something this powerful. Oh how she wished she could have been the one at the controls of the behemoth ship, firing those beautiful beams of pure destruction. Even as she sat and marveled at the attack, the cube broke up and a message came in for them.

[Mission Ops to the Allegiant and all Lone Wolves, there is no time to dock. Prepare to receive new shield harmonics and follow the Theurgy into the second aperture. Tow those who can't make it there on their own. Before you enter, load the new shields, or you will not make it through to the other side. Please acknowledge.]

"This is Blizzard, Wolf-12 acknowledges." Jhoza quickly replied. Behind her, the Andorian could hear Trixie furiously tapping away at her controls, loading up the new shield harmonics.

She turned her attention back to the battle, just in time to see the Versant fire a volley bright blue torpedoes at the floating fragments of the Borg Cube. The explosions when they collided with the fragments were dazzling, and Jhoza watched with a look of awe on her face. She needed to get ahold of some of those for her fighter. She and Trixie would be nigh unstoppable with a few of those fixed to their wings.

She grinned, her antennae standing tall and proud in their sleeves. Victory against the Borg had been granted today through the actions of the valiant Starfleet crews, and honourable Klingon warriors. She was proud to call herself one of them. However all was not over yet. As she swung her fighter around and lined up with the designated aperture, she saw certain doom approaching from the other tunnel.

It was not in Jhoza's nature to hide her antennae and run in fear. However there was a time and a place for a tactical retreat, and that time and place was now. She fed power to the engines, and her fighter jumped forward, racing toward the safety of the second aperture. As she raced for freedom, she noticed a small shuttle appear on her sensors, just launched from the shuttlebay of the Theurgy. A curiosity to be sure, but not one she had time to dwell on.
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