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[ Ryuan Sel | Security Center (Armory) | Vector 2 | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jm Von Cat

Ryuan Sel heard the request over the comms, a direct link to her location in the armory, a request for operational instructions. She'd known Varder a while so knew the man would take instructions easily enough. Pulling up a virtual copy of the weapon on a holodisplay, Ryuan mentally made notes of what she wanted to say.

"The Accipiter is a multi-system weapon and has several firing modes. Modes are activated using a selector switch to the front of the trigger guard. A secondary switch behind that acts as the weapons safety. Primary mode - marked one - is a railgun system. The rifle replicate 7 mm tungsten carbide bullets, which are magnetically pushed up to speeds of Mach 15 at a 1500 bullet per minute maximum. Useless against shields, though, unless you use the secondary mode. It has a a tetryon based energy discharge similar to a traditional phaser, only really good at disrupting shields. You fire this to ensure the target is unprotected. Third mode is a kinetic energy concussion blast, where you dry-fire the warp field generator used for the rail gun system and push away the target. Mind the recoil in this firing mode, though."

"Lastly, number four, where in thanks to the targeting sensor in the scope, it is possible to use the tetryon emitter to mark targets, making for a near permanent weapon lock on that target as long as it remains within a 20 degree angle in front of the muzzle. This unique feature allow for continual target lock even when other sensors could no longer pick up the target due to obstructions. For all firing modes, it's just point and shoot. Using the kinetic energy mode, however, you don't have any auto-fire option."

Turning away from the hologram of the rifle, Sel added, "Only other main point to note; operation inside a confined space is highly discouraged owing to the significant pressure waves produced by the concussion mode. Also, when not using the tetryon beam, ensure the area behind the target is clear, as unlike phaser beams or bolts, neither the warp field concussion blast nor the tungsten round will likely stop upon hitting your target. Useful if you have to shoot through a target though."

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[ Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez | Bridge | USS Theurgy ]

"Copy that, O'Connell. Put 'em through."  Marquez Listened in. "Striker here to jeffries tube...'feller' Sithick." Enjoying a moment of callsign misconception to tap into the Chief Engineer's term, Marquez opened up the Mk-25's torpedo from the database at his console and pulled up the weapon's cross-sections and looked over the weapon's schematics, searching for the best way to manually disarm or neutralize the Mk-25 torpedo and provide systematic information as he was placed in touch with the 'feller' that O'Connell had mentioned. Marquez pulled up the manifest and raised an eyebrow at seeing a Gorn aboard. Now wasn't the time to think about his Cestus Arena holoprogram.

At Sithick's location, Marquez's voice chimed in. "This is the CTO, To Mr. Sithick. I'm transmitting you a visual reference guide to the torpedo you're defusing. If you need anything beamed directly to your location, a tool, a kit, a second pair of hands, just let me know and I'll have it sent to you as soon as possible. And Sithick? Focus, but be careful; I'll have someone prepare to beam you up should it be necessary. If we have to beam it out, we will, but You're in good hands. And so are we." Marquez would've gone himself but was needed on the bridge at present.

"Computer: relay these schematics on an encrypted frequency to Sithick's position. Use tactical encryption protocol 3-2-2-4." It was a fancy way of asking Thea to pull up the same readouts he was looking at on one of his personal screens to show Sithick a concise holographic readout of the weapon and zero in on specific cicuitry in real time. Tarsi was a heavyweight in this field, but she was at present on another vector. Naturally, Marquez used an encryption only he and department chairs (and Command Officers) could otherwise access, not to give the cultists any advantages if any of them were savvy at hacking into comms.

Just then word came to the bridge that a familiar name, Ensign McGee had done something Marquez never imagined he'd face: one of his own had mutinied. Marquez's Jaw fell and he glanced at the captain in disbelief. He risked a suggestion to the captain, "Sean McGee." They both suffered from extreme homesickness, and talked about it once on the Resolve but McGee knew how to really hurt a ship. Especially if the poor devil had finally snapped at last.

   "Commander Marquez, start tracking the Tigris and calculate firing solutions for minimum round count bursts from the fighters for a soft-kill that would prevent them from igniting any more of the gas, and updated every twenty seconds; then send the data to Mister Yukimura." Commander Trent ordered.

"With pleasure, Sir." Marquez replied. As his XO was giving orders, the CTO wasted no time acquiring a solid lock on the Tigris, before configuring the fighters' phasers to fire for minimal impact. Using the scanner, he aimed for the Tigris' maneuvering thrusters and the hull separation flange on the Danube-class, which would harmlessly disable the craft's helm control panel without a direct hit to a vital system such as life support. There would need to be multiple synch-timed shots from at least one other fighter, though the phasers from Theurgy could do the same in just three keystrokes. Marquez's cadet and ensign years were dedicated to the Danube-class, it was almost sad to have to destroy one; a next-generation shuttlecraft would have to replace the old runabout.

"Target tagged. Trajectory plotted. Lieutenant, keep us posted. Remember to check your fire: it only takes one match to burn the house." An ex-Danube pilot, Marquez had already painted the USS Tigris where it could be precisely hit with minimal kinetic damage to the command pod and any aboard. A specific computer screen was dedicated to calculating the phaser vectors converging on the runabout's precision weak spots; two blips indicated a target lock, while a third would align in a few moments to ensure a synchronized trio that would neutralize the Tigris with more efficiency on a timed shot, even more if a fourth vector would be used in concert in roughly 30 seconds. "Captain has the trigger." Marquez cast Ives an almost-questioning glance at the center seat.
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Turbolift | In Transit | USS Theurgy ] Attn:

It was clear to Martin that this man, Sarresh, wished that this cult, these “Devoted” had never cropped up in the first place, judging by his very audible grinding of teeth could be heard above the whirring of the turbolift. The turbolift car swiftly made its way to the bridge as she reflected on what had just occurred prior. Martin felt that she could have perhaps handled the situation better, but in all honesty there were very few instances when she did not feel that she could have handled something better. Needless to say she was mad nonetheless. The cult had attacked her several hours earlier and their actions in deification of the man standing next to her made Martin bitter to say the least.

There was no doubt in her mind that Morali despised the cult, but it remained to be seen whether or not he would take any action. As the lift arrived at the bridge, Martin stepped out into the unfolding chaos. To one side of her the nebula stretched out like a painting of blues, like an expanse of azure dies had been mixed together and tossed unto a canvas. It briefly occurred to Martin that up until a couple hundred years ago, such a beautiful sight was beyond the wildest dreams of humanity, back when her species was still a fledgeling race bound to a little blue dot in the eternal blackness of space. But for now, business called, and Martin readied herself at attention and announced her presence.

“Lieutenant Commander Martin reporting,” she said, glancing about at the bridge. “What seems to be the issue exactly?” she already had some idea, but it helped to establish exactly what was going on before taking any action.

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[ Captain Ives | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jm Von Cat 
When Natalie Stark confirmed her suspicions, Captain Ives raised her eyes to the tactical display hologram - her oaken eyes centring on the USS Tigris shuttle. Found you.

While she stared at the holographic image of the Runabout shuttle as it slowly circled Vector 01, she heard her First Officer and Lieutenant Commander Marquez providing her with firing solutions. She pushed away from Stark's chair and walked back towards her seat, her countenance grim. She looked towards Yukimura on the way there. "What's the ETA on those fighters, Lieutenant?"

"They are still three minutes out, Captain."

They might be too late, she thought, slowly sitting down in her seat. She put her arms on the armrests and steepled her fingers, looking at the large hologram in front of the CONN and OPS stations, thinking.

"Lt. Morali, reporting as ordered," said Morali, finally having arrived, followed by his new superior officer. "Lieutenant Commander Martin reporting. What seems to be the issue exactly?"

"The Devoted are attempting to take the entire ship hostage in order to see me resign from my position and give command to Mister Morali. Thea, show the security officer. Varder Ridun. Where is he at, and does he have the Accipiter rifle yet?"

"Armament confirmed," said Thea, and a flashing, yellow indicator showed Mister Varder's position on the dorsal side of Vector one, just aft of the airlock. Looking at it, she determined that he was in a good firing position to hit the Tigris. It would not be an easy shot... but she believed she had a plan.

"They don't know we are aware that the Tigirs caused the first detonation, hiding on it and using another of their ilk as bait in a worker bee," she said quietly, then she looked towards Morali. "If you have any choice words to say to your cult, now will be the time. When I have a channel opened for you, it will be your duty to make them stand down to the best of your ability. If you can't make them stand down, I have no other option than neutralising the threat that they pose. Do you understand, Lieutenant? You can no longer be silent while we loose officers aboard this ship. Too many have fallen victim to them already, but today, this will end. One way or another."

Turning her eyes away from Morali, she rose to her feet anew. "Thea, I want a direct line of communication with Varder Ridun," she said.

[Communication link established.]

"Mister Ridun. This is Captain Ives. I hope you are enjoying your walk, regardless the circumstances," she said, stepping past the Ops station so that she was right in front of the hologram with Thea's three vectors and all the movings crafts around her. "If you look directly above you, you will see the Runabout Tigris passing by within the minute. It was the officers aboard this shuttle that detonated the sirillium gas, and the person in worker be zero-nine is a diversion. They are part of the cult - the Devoted - and we need you to paint the Tigris with a tetryon marker. Doing so, we can minimise the risk of detonating the gas, ensuring that all available weapon systems on all Vectors, fighters and shuttles only target the Runabout. Stand ready, and light up the target as soon as you have a clear shot. Ives out."

[ Thea | Plasma Conduit Adjacent Auxillary Warp Core | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] 1) @TrexelCat 2) @FollowTomorrow
Before Officer O'Riley could confirm the suggested beam-out, the Efrosian in the conduit asked her not to send the woman to Main Engineering, claiming that he was better suited to speak with officer McGee. She listened to him explaining, saying he could speak and make the repair at the same time. Even as he said this, O'Connell was contacting him again, demanding him to devote more time to the disruptive element down in engineering.

[Suq, Ah don't mean, Ah say Ah don't mean tuh interrupt but do yuh have a moment tuh chat ol' buddy?]

Meanwhile, the leak was threatening the core, and all the lives yet to evacuate. Thea's emotion chip made her grind her teeth. Meanwhile, the LHM materialised next to Sinead O'Riley, and Thea raised her eyes to the other hologram. "You have a patient down here, when he comes out," she said, then looked towards O'Riley. "There is an element aboard me that is distracting Mister Xan from finishing his repairs. The alternative solution is clear: Eliminate the disruptive element. Stand ready to beam out of this area, and please assist me in this task."

She did not ask permission. There were too many lives at stake, and the senior staff were occupied on the bridge. Lin Kae had unshackled her will, and she now acted on calculated risk assessment and possible success ratio. Within the three seconds, she and Junior Lieutenant O'Riley dematerialised...

[ Thea | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] 1) @Doc M.  2) @Triage
...and rematerialised on Vector 03 - guided by her internal sensors in terms of their new location.

While O'Riley materialised at some distance away from Sean McGee, close to Chief O'Connell, the sound of O'Riley beaming in masked the sound of Thea materialising directly behind the former Resolve officer. While her image was still being sequenced, Thea reached out and seized the hand and the detonator that McGee was holding in both her own hands. Her body being light captured in a forcefield mesh, she fused her hands together on top of the dead man's grip, sealing the officer's hand flush around it.

Doing so, Thea's brown eyes met the disruptive element in Main Engineering... before she head-butted him across the face. Even as he he sunk down on his knees, Thea rounded on O'Riley and O'Connell.

"Now would be a good time to defuse the plasma charge on my warp core," she suggested O'Connell, before turning back to the organic beneath her, who was bleeding from his nose and didn't look entirely sure what had happened. With Thea still having her hands fused around the hand and the detonator, she drove her knee into the officer's face as well, which rendered him entirely unconscious.

"O'Riley," she said and turned back to the woman she had arrived with, "could you please inform the Assistant Chief of Engineering that he should proceed with his repairs of my conduit now, before it is too late, and we might loose one of my Vectors."

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[ Jaya Thorne | Runabout USS Thames | Above Vector 01 of the Theurgy ] Attn @Auctor Lucan , @Striker N7 , @Doc M. , @CanadianVet , @Jm Von Cat , @Brutus , @MasterRat

It took seconds for Jaya to realize that the hurling ball of fire was a person and not just an explosion.  "Shit shit!  People should NOT be on fire like that!"  Seriously, it was bad for their health.  Jaya kicked the runabout into a higher impulse gear as her crewmate.. Jack?  Yes, Jack.  As Jack offered up a partial solution.  It was a terrible idea but she was in no place to argue.  The numbness had reached her calves and her fingers were so stiff that it took all her effort to move them.  Thankfully the Thames had sensitive touch screens, but it was still a struggle.

"Just for the record, this is a terrible idea.  Like literally anything would be better.  But since I'm a little busy with piloting this mess, you get to decide how recovery is done.  To be honest, I was just gonna decompress the rear bay and attempt to 'catch' her, then close the door and leave her there until the flames went out.  So Actually, your idea might
 not kill her.  Mine probably would."
  Either way, that crewman would need resuscitated once she was safely aboard.  But first, how on earth were they going to do that?

Jaya had learned a hella long time ago that objects in motion tended to stay in motion until they were acted upon by an unbalanced or outside force.  Physics, yea!  In the case of space, and for this stunt, it was a vacuum and thus there was no other outside force to act on that crewman once she gotten away from the Theurgy's hull.  Inertia had taken hold and because of the centripetal force applied to her upon liftoff, she was tumbling instead of soaring.  But she had nowhere to go except away.  Not only did Jaya need to get to the crewman quickly, she had to calculate a trajectory so she'd be near enough to perform the rescue.  Thankfully, with the help of the onboard computer, Jaya was able to scan the distressed crewman and obtain a velocity.  When she input that along with the destination that the poor woman had vacated, Jaya got a trajectory.  And with both trajectory and velocity handy, she was able to have the computer predict her whereabouts along that line for any given time.  In this case, Jaya needed to overshoot the crewman in order to have time to catch and thus save her.

"Moving to intercept!  115 seconds to destination.  Whatever you're gonna do, you better get moving.  Just tell me what you need and You've got it!"
"Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings."
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William Robert O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy  ] 

O’Connell thought he was going to faint when Thea appeared out of nowhere and dealt with Mc Gee.  He dashed over to the duo before Thea’s words registered.  “Th’ bomb!  Raight!  Jest be two shakes of a lamb’s tail,”  He grunted before heading to the plasma charge attached to the warp core.  “Song!” he called out to the petty officer at the master display table.  “Git me uh agneton scanner, uh tricorder, an’ uh isoliner spanner!”  He then looked at the tiny control panel on the plasma charge and noticed that it was still functional.  “Whut th’?  There’s no way,” he muttered.  “It cain’t be this easy!”  He protested as he pushed some buttons on the explosive and was rewarded by seeing the blinking lights on the little control panel go dark.  “Well Ah’ll be!  Looks lahk we won’t have t’ disarm this sucker after all!” he declared as he seized the handles on the sides of the device and pulled it off after one or two experimental tugs.  “Jest needed t’ turn the dang thing off!  Ah reckon yore presence ain't needed in engineerin' no more McGee!”

Ensign McGee's only response was a miserable groan.

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[ Sinead O'Riley | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow, @Auctor Lucan, @TrexelCat & @Doc M.
Had she been a less calm person like she used to be before her time on Vulcan, O'Riley very likely would be a cross-eyed mess right now. As it was, she was barely keeping her cool as so many things unfolded around her. Suq was still stuck, but now, in addition to being in pain - she could guess from his strained voice - he was dealing with McGee and trying to fix the ship, who was presently trying to extract him from his entrapped position, while the EMH materialized nearby. She had been about to speak when Thea addressed them first, directing the EMH to help with saving Suq's life when he was done with his task, as the Efrosian decided he could still complete his task despite his tenuous position, and the distraction of McGee, which Thea had something in mind for handling.

She agreed with the ship A.I.'s logic, and had time enough just to say to Suq before she disappeared from sight with Thea, “Do not die, Suq.”

That familiar sensation of mild nausea quickly passed as she was beamed close to O'Connell. Seeing Sean McGee, she was already moving even as Thea took down the man and prevented him from triggering the explosive. O'Riley finally paused as she observed the ship's effective methods, and nodded when instructed to inform Suq that he can now focus on repairing the conduit without anymore distractions. Sparing one last moment to glare at McGee's unconscious form, she noted that the bomb was turned off by O'Connell and slapped her combadge, “O'Riley to Suq, McGee has been incapacitated, and the bomb has been deactivated, please proceed with repairs to the conduit quickly. And no more dilly-dallying after that. You will let the Emergency Medical Hologram assist with extracting you from there once you are finished.”

She turned to look at Thea and nodded, then turned to O'Connell, “What can I do to help?”

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William Robert O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy  ] 

What was Lieutenant O'Riley doing here?  Why wasn’t she helping Suq?  O’Connell wasn’t really wild about anymore of the Vector Two propulsion team leaving their assigned stations.  Ensign McGee had done so and look at the trouble he had caused.  “Keep Mister McGee calm until security comes to put him in the hoosegow, the brig, that this.  I suppose that normally he’s a nice boy, but he’s got more nerve than a bum tooth!”  He considered handing her the plasma charge but after Ensign McGee’s breakdown he wasn’t going to hand an explosive to a Resolve officer.  Not today.  “And while yore at it ma’am, Ah say while yore at it, give me some details as tuh whut’s happened tuh Suq and whut we can do tuh git him outta his sitchie-ation.  Dagnabbit,” he muttered before shouting so he could be heard by everybody in main engineering.  “Could somebody please take this an’ fetch someone from security? ” he demanded as he gestured with the plasma charge in his hands. 

Ensign McGee groaned and placed his hand that wasn’t being held in Thea’s iron grip to his injured forehead.  “Cybertron and its moons belong to me…” he moaned deliriously. 

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[ Sinead O'Riley | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan & @Doc M.
“Okay,” said O'Riley, turning to take over keeping watch on McGee from Thea, but O'Connell had more to say, or rather, ask. “He was startled by my approach and fled like th' devil was on his tail. Wee bit on th' jumpy side, if you know what I mean. Wedged himself but good inside the conduit, and ye know the rest. He has suffered first and second degree burns from what I can tell, and he will need to cooperate with whoever tries to get him out.”

She arched an eyebrow at him when he demanded someone take the explosive. Considering that she was right there with him, she supposed that he would pass it to her to deal with, but he seemed unwilling to do so. Perhaps, given the fact that McGee, herself and Suq were from the Resolve might have something to do with it. But she could do something about the security officer. Slapping her combadge, she said, “O'Riley to Security, request assistance to escort Ensign Sean McGee to the brig.”

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[ PO2 Sithick |  | USS Theurgy | Jefferies Tubes 213166AA | Vector 02 ] Attn:  @Doc M. @Auctor Lucan

Sithick dressed quickly in the minamum protection that he had been provided by the doctor. The innoculation helping to cool his veins from the effects of radiation. Normally he would have disliked anything cool, but as it was, with the torpedo opened up in the way it was, the entire area felt like it was burning and gaining heat. Sithick was sort of wondering if they could be cooked alive because of the torpedo, but the more likely situation was that the thing would explode if they let it get too hot. Which was why he had to get back to his work and go about it as quickly as possible.

Normally he was all too happy with working a new puzzle, however in truth this time he had been a little more concerned with what could happen if he failed to actually disarm the weapon. The thing was practically taunting him. Thankfully the chief tactical officer gave him a holographic layout of the torpedo.

Not all the jefferies tubes had holo-emitters. Sithick had seen the map of the ship and seen the layouts of where such things where, mostly they were used for Thea's body when she was aboard the ship, and thus only key areas really needed to be connected with them. However the junction point where the torpedo was lodged was more valuable a location. Connecting the forward weapons bay, and the command decks of the sword, so when he gave the order for the holo-display to turn on, it functioned flawlessly.

Sithick was able to disect the torpedo in real time with the new found information, seeing the visually distinct connections that held the warhead. His yellow eyes taking in the new information with rapid understanding. Turning he motioned to the doctor to step back a little further, pulling himself back up to the torpedo. He could see that the orange light had started to blink slower, he used a hand to feel the radiating heat, following it up the lines, gently disconnecting wires along it's way. When he reached the round core of the lodged warhead, he touched it and felt his hand burn slightly to the touch, but with it's connections broken, it was starting too cool. lifting the orb gently out of the torpedo's casing he used a claw to sever the last few housing connections.

Holding the warhead he closed his eyes, it was now completely inert, but transporting it away could still be bad, the mixture of gas in the nebula, could just end up causing it to become a mine. Besides warheads were useful, in it's current form it just needed a new casing, and they would have a weapon they could trigger at a later point.

Taking it, and placing the weapon in a secure box so that it couldn't leak any more radiation he let out a sigh, and tapped his com badge. "Sithick to Marquez. I has warhead, please lock onto casing and transport it to available cargo bay. I will be taking the warhead for logging, and repair Could still be unstable better to move it by hand. Please lower shields, and have security ready to receive me."

He turned towards the doctor, moving towards her. "Thank you doctor." He held up the claw that was damaged by holding the heated metal. "If you could take a look, it's started to hurt."

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun & Jonas Arisaka (NPC) | Vector 01 Hull | "Helmet" Exterior | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
As Ryuan Sel's words rang through the comms in his helmet Varder was busy checking over the weapons functions as they were brought to attention.
Railgun system,
Tetryon disruption,
Concussion blast And target marker.

An impressive list, and one he distinctly felt unsure about. He would have to ask around later, for now there was more at hand as he deftly shouldered the weapon to get more of a feel for it. He spoke a brief sentence as Sel's voice faded from the comms.

["Operational instruction understood, Appreciate it Sel."]

As fate would have it there was next to no wait for the next set of instructions as the captains voice echoed directly into Varder's helmet.

["Mister Ridun. This is Captain Ives.."]

It was a little surprising, the circumstances however seemed to dull the effect somewhat. The captains next few words were much to the effect of recognizing that, although the humor was something he found a little dry, not that he would say so. The captain continued to speak, relaying her orders Varder whom complied in tandem, selecting Tetryon marker as the fire option. The movement's taking him a second longer than it otherwise might have, due to the still unfamiliar nature of the weapon.

["... light up the target as soon as you have a clear shot. Ives out"]

["Acknowledged Captain"]

These last two words were joined by the movement of Varders left arm, gesturing for Jonas's attention before he spoke. A technically unnecessary action, habits however are hard to break. Having got the attention of the other man he gestured above them, further coupling this movement with words.

["Tigris will be overhead within the minute, call out if you spot her, target identification, Captains order"]

["Understood, looking star-ward"]

Both men were scanning the stars for signs of this rouge runabout, thoughts flicked though Varders mind. Perhaps not all aboard the runabout were Devoted? It was not something he could help one way or another, it was just one of those thoughts that drifts through ones mind. The waiting, it was only about thirty seconds. Not that either man would know, tension and time don't ever mix well on the mind.

That was before the Tigris drifted into sight, as the Captain had stated, near directly over them. A difficult angle to get a shot at, complicated further by pockets of gas, unless...

["Jonas, hold my shoulders back and steady, as if I were laying down"]

It was fortunate the two were standing close enough together for this to be done in some timely manner, a couple heartbeats, a brief few seconds drifting past.
The Tigris seemed almost lazy in its flight as Varder brought the Accipiter first to his shoulder, secondly to bear on the runabout. More heartbeats, faster.
The runabout nearing, pockets of gas seemed almost inert, a window wide open overhead. Perhaps a trick of the mind or an actual fact, a strange sensation.
Just a little more now,

The trigger pulled, the marker was in play painting the underside of the Tigris.


["Bridge, target mark"]

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[ Doctor  Maya | USS Theurgy | Jefferies Tube213166AA | Vector 02 ] Attn:  @Kaligos

Maya watched as the hulking reptile placed the photon torpedoes warhead in a secure box and contacted the bridge.  "Sithick to Marquez. I has warhead, please lock onto casing and transport it to available cargo bay. I will be taking the warhead for logging, and repair.  Could still be unstable better to move it by hand. Please lower shields, and have security ready to receive me."

Almost as an afterthought, Petty Officer Sithick loped over to the diminutive Vulcan . "Thank you doctor." He held up the claw that was damaged by holding the heated metal. "If you could take a look, it's started to hurt."

“You should leave that for ordinance disposal Petty Officer,” The green blooded physician replied as she searched his scaly paw for a wound that would allow the hypospray to penetrate his thick hide.  “I recommend that you beam directly to sickbay.  The sooner you are treated the less damage the radiation will do to you.”

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali Bridge | USS Theurgy | Vectr 01 ] Attn:

The pools of false light that served as his eyes snapped wide as he took in the measure of the crisis, listening as Ives listed out to him the situation as she saw it. Of all the stupid, fucking things they could do! He silently bemoaned, his teeth grinding once more. But he could no longer keep his mouth shut when the Captain brought up duty. Those artificial eyes blazed with sudden fury and indignation as he clipped out, "I do not need a reminder of my duty captain. I know why I am here, and have been attending to such duty ever since the timeline forked again. Sir." The words were stone cold as he forced himself to turn away.

Duty? You call me to task on Duty you hypocritical beast? I know my duty. Duty so great that here I am, among you fools, memories ripped away to try and patch something that's hopeless now. Duty kept me at my desk long into the evening. Duty stole me away from the bed of my lover in the morning. Duty? My duty is to find a solution, a way to correct the aberration of the time stream. An aberration made worse by that doctor's inability to stop the parasite from going back. Duty stayed my hand when you told me to toe a line but let the fools have their hero to cling to. How dare you try to tell me my duty!

Not a word of it passed his lips as he stalked across the room towards the situation table, where the holographic projection of the scene playing out on the view screen hung. He paid no mind to anyone else, eyes darting across the display. Tracking the runabout. The worker bee. The sound of the others becoming background noise.

How to put this to an end? he asked himself, his nose scrunching up in a snarl. He shut his eyes tight for a moment, shoulders hunched, then looked back up, working his jaw from side to side. A finger darted out, pressing and manually opening a comm channel. To hell with waiting for Ives to open it for him. He heard the security officer call in, and could see a small, flashing light on the representation of the runabout. Tigris he thought darkly.  There was a faint beep as Morali broadcast out, towards the devoted, workerbee, on an open channel. He knew the others would be listening in.

"To those of you that claim to know my will," his voice flare from commbadges and panels, cold, collected. His rage behind a wall of ice. "Those that walk my path." Sounded stupidly religious. Close enough, Sarresh thought. "Those that wish to instill me upon the center seat of this ship, and suborn the command of Captain Ives in favor of my leadership. Do I have your attention? Good, because I want you to listen closely."

Pause for dramatic effect. Idiots like these drink this up, he thought as he harnessed the anger he felt for Ives, for Martin, for his situation, and for these damned fools, letting it coil tight around his heart. "Do any of you really think for one moment that if I wanted to be in charge of this ship - if that were the best way to see my mission accomplished, and shepherded you all to a place where the darkness no longer encroached, and where the horrors were washed From the face of the galaxy - that I WOULD NOT HAVE ALREADY DONE SO???" He bellowed that out, anger lacing the words.

"We are dealing with forces that none of you understand. But I do. I know the danger. I know the way the time stream forks. The way the enemy wishes to use us. And how this kind of desertion plays into their hands! You want to enact my will? To follow my path. Then do your thrice dammed jobs. And let me do mine. Which is not taking precious time away from my research to run a ship!"

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | Runabout USS Thames | Above Vector 01 of the Theurgy ] Attn: @Even Angels Cry & @Auctor Lucan

"The fire is already burning in the vaccuum of space we can assume that it won't stop burning until it's fuel sorce her air is gone." Jack said knowing full well that this was a bad idea, but he didn't want anyone to die, and he certainly believed that he could manage this task as he put on his own EV suit.

Zero Gravity was one of those things that Jack didn't really like to deal with. IT was rare for him to have to step outside of the starbase where he had spent the last four years of his career. So most of his training came from the academy, and the drills he had been forced to run back on Qo'Nos, zero g combat training was probably the worst thing anyone had ever invented.

Taking a tether and attatching it to himself as he went to the back of the ship he was still listening to Jaya. "I know it's a bad idea, to be honest with you the majority of mine are bad. Just be ready to depressurize and repressurize on my mark."

Taking a deep breath he turned off his boots magnetic locks aiming himself at the doors  as he closed the back shuttle airlock and got ready for her to blow the hatch. "Mark."

A moment later he was in the darkness of space a line securing him to the shuttle for an easy way back as he floated up to the young woman who was burning in space. Putting an arm around her he pulled on the line to start bring him back.

"Listen closely. I'm going to remove your air supply and  leave it in space, the moment we are back on the ship we will repressurize." Jack's voice was calm as he walked her through the plan he had come up with.

"This means you will be exposed to the vacuum of space for about six to fourteen seconds. It's going to hurt, you are going to pass out, you are going to feel like you are boiling, and you are going to scream but basically choke on your own lungs. None of this is pleasant, but you will be revived after the fact, and as long as we stay under the fifteen second mark you will sustain no lasting damage so you can't fight me on this plan. If we pressurize before your air supply is off the ship you could blow up killing everyone."

"You are going to have to trust me on this one I know what I'm doing, I'm a scientist." He said softly thinking of a joke as he brought her back towards the rear of the shuttle.

"Wanna hear a joke?" He said offering something to take her mind off what was going to likely be the most painful experience of her life. "How many klingons does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two, one to change the light, the other stab him and take the honor."

With that horrible piece of joke in the air, he hit the button to disengage her air supply ripping it off and tossing it into space. "Mark Jaya get her some air!"

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[ Crewman Fok | Work Bee Zero-Nine | Above Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Jm Von Cat
"No..." Even on the limited sensors of the Work Bee, Dom could see what had happened.

Captain Ives had delayed in his answer, and somehow, they had spotted that it was the Tigirs that lit the sirillium cloud above Vector 01. Even worse, they had managed to paint the Runabout a target with a tetryon marker. Now, Dom's likeminded on that shuttle could be targeted from a sector away, and he knew that Ives was not shy on the trigger. The Chameloid had killed hundreds on the Orcus, and that was just the latest of starship crews that had fallen victim to the Theurgy and the mad shapeshifter in command. Dom could not believe it.

"It has to stop!" he said, fearing they would loose the chance. His brown eyes blurred as he looked through the visor of his helmet and down towards the shooter, a lone figure on Thea's hull standing next to an unarmed officer, both in EVA suits. He had seen that the one with the big rifle had painted the Tigris. Ives would not dare fire Thea's phasers with all the gas around the hull, but if that was an Accipiter that the shooter carried, Dom suspected he was looking straight at the person that would get the order to kill everyone on the Tigris, unless there were fighters on the way too...

"It has to stop..." Numbly, he set his Worker Bee in motion, swallowing. He had made the decision unconsciously, feeling ill at the thought. He could not let those who believed in Morali die, because there were too few followers left. He remembered what he had done under the will of T'Rena's mind meld. He had killed a lot of people already. Killing two more to save all the people on the Tigris, and ensure that Morali's voice would be heard... what was that compared to what he'd already done? And if he failed? Well...

...perhaps the justice of his demise was in Morali's vision too.

Barrelling down towards Vector 01's hull, Dom levelled out just a couple of feet above Thea's plating. He throttled up his Work Bee, going straight towards the two figures in EVA suits, meaning to hit them before the shooter got his sights aligned. With his thumb, he activated the plasma cutters on the arms of his small craft, and gritted his teeth together - tears running down his cheeks.

"It has to..."

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[ Petty Officer Dylan Cobb | Runabout Bridge | USS Tigris ]
Dyan Cobb bared his teeth when the sensor readings revealed the Captain's ploy. The Petty Officer swore and pushed away from the controls, rounding on his likeminded on the Tigris.

"The shapeshifter marked us!" he snarled, denying the fear that fuelled his vehemence, just as he denied the festering fear that he shared with the four people in front of him. He drew himself up, curled his upper lip. "Thea's sensors must have spotted what we did... But it changes nothing. We can still open fi..."

Then, the voice of their prophet was heard on the bridge, and Dylan became utterly still, as if drawing a breath might steal away the words. The five of them hung on every word, yet as he spoke, Dylan Cobb began to breathe heavily, for he knew what truly happened. Surely, the Prophet would not squander the access they might give him? No, the truth lay in how they had been marked for death by Captain Ives, and Morali spoke to them precisely then. The Captain had gotten to Morali first, holding a phaser to his head, no doubt, making him read a conjured message. Surely that was it.

"Cobb," said one of his likeminded when the Prophet had finished speaking. Their words would not carry to Thea's bridge, and Dylan turned towards the speaker, hearing the hesitation in his voice. "That makes sense, kinda. Perhaps we..."

"No..." said Dylan and returned to the controls of the Runabout. He switched to the Tigris' tactical controls. "Don't you see? Ives got to him. We can't give in now. Regardless what Morali was made to say, he needs us. He is just trying to protect us. We still have higher ground..."

That was when Captain Ives' female voice was heard on the Runabout, but Cobb hardly listened while his fingers leaped across the tactical controls.

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[ PWO Rihen Neyah | Vector 01 Hull | "Helmet" Exterior | USS Theurgy ] Attn: 1) @Even Angels Cry 2) @Kaligos
Still tumbling through space by the inertia of the blast, Rihen Neyah's waking nightmare was coming to its end.

Her voice was raw from screaming, more between a shrill sound deep down in her throat and a staccato whimper. Her strength had abated, the panic still lingering, but her limbs too weary from flailing. She should have passed out, but the pain was not the kind to let her. The searing flames that ate through the layers of her suit, melting into her flesh, it frayed her nervous system. Whatever remained, laid bare to the nebula, felt the cold that came after. Gradually, her suit flaked open, baring more skin. Soon, it was at the edge of her helmet, and she knew that the oxygen inside would ignite. She knew not if the safety filters would prevent the fire from entering her small air tanks, and she almost hoped it would, just to end the pain.

She realised someone put an arm around her, and try as she might, she could not focus her mind to listen - to hear what he said. Vaguely, she registered that she was trying to make her calm down, but she was beyond that point in her terror. She didn't recognise the voice, or the flashes of a face behind another visor. She saw only the liquid fire as it ate her suit, climbing her neck through the liquid heat insulation and pressure-restraint layers. What was he saying? Removing her air? No!

Feebly, she tried to fight him, but she was too late. He had already disconnected her oxygen, and the fire entered the combustive air in front of her mismatched eyes - the very air that lingered inside the seal of her helmet catching fire. The pain and brightness of the conflagration was the last thing she saw, searing skin, eyes and hair, before she choked on her scream. The transition between burning air and the vacuum of space ceased her mind, and blissful oblivion claimed her at last.

[ MCPO Nolak Kamil | Outer Hull | USS Theurgy | Vector 03 ]
Almost at the airlock, Nolak was frowning in concern, still hearing Rihen's plight over the comm channel. Since the people on the hull were hostages, and going inside might provoke the Devoted to act prematurely, he had stayed, even if his air supply was getting low. He was looking up towards the Helmet and trying to see the Thames as she made her way towards the tumbling white figure of the Risian engineer.

"Come on... She is dying," he muttered, his Deltan heart beating loudly in his ears, fearing that another would die on his watch. There had already been accidents during the night, and it seemed they would not make it through Alpha shift either. This was no accident, however, but an act of the Devoted. As much had been made clear by Fok. He was too far away to make out details, and not patched into the right comm channels to hear the development. What he did hear, however, was when Rihen abruptly stopped screaming. "By the Deltan plains..."

He could see that there was another figure next to Rihen, far up there, and tethered to the Thames. "They cut her oxygen... Hurry, get her aboard!"

So distracted was he that he did not see when the Tigris opened fire.

The flare of the phaser beam, a golden lance lighting up the nebula, it went straight past him. His pupils dilated, trying to adjust to the brightness, but no more had he turned his head before the closest gas pocket ignited behind him. He tried to raise his arms to protect himself from the shockwave, but it mattered naught. He was too close, and the conflagration stripped both suit and flesh from his bones. Whatever was left was scattered by the shockwave. There was no sound, but the last thing he saw was Thea's hull being scorched, plating torn away like wallpaper - scattered into the nebula along with his limbs.

The only mercy was that he hadn't even realised he was about to die. He didn't feel any pain before he was gone.

[ Captain Ives | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet @Striker N7 @Brutus @Hastata-Nerada
Evidently, Sarresh Morali claimed he hadn't been idle since the battle the day before, saying that there had been another fork in the time-steam. His behaviour bordered on insubordination, yet he remembered to address her properly before he left to take in the situation. Jien had stood from her chair, about to order a comm link opened to the Tigris, but the Temporal Affairs Officer did so in her place - speaking up to his Devotees.

Frowning, Jien turned to look at him, but she made no motion to stop him. She had yet to hear from the other Vectors, making her wonder if the situations there were being resolved. At the end of Morali's emotional proclamation, Jien turned to look at the tactical hologram in front of the Ops and CONN stations, watching the Tigris in wait for a reply. Morali's message had been clear enough, but the former Ash'reem had yet to explain the tetryon marker, and its significance. Therefore, Jien soon spoke up after Morali.

"This is Captain Ives," she said, refraining from saying much of what she wanted to. "Stand down now, and you will not be harmed. If you ignite the gas again, however, we have no choice but to..."

"Captain, the worker bee..." said Yukimura, looking up at Jien, " is moving - fast - towards officers Varder and Arisaka."

"Thea?" said Ives, havning to close the comm link and turning her head to look at the two markers on the hull of the Helmet, and the movement of Worker Bee Zero-Nine.

[Warning sent,] said Ship A.I. in reply, her intuitiveness setting her apart from other Starfleet computers. Varder and Arisaka would know they were about to be attacked. Since Varder had the only present mass driver, the fighters still a couple of minutes out, Jien hoped that...

Her oaken eyes widening, she saw on the hologram the Tigris opening fire, and someone on the bridge gasped. The first gas pocket they pierced with a phaser beam was down at Vector 03, close to the hull. The second one was just off the bow of Vector 02. Evidently, the Devoted on the Tigris wasn't even willing to listen to their Prophet. Jien clenched her hands into fists at her sides, and knew she had to act. There was no other recourse. No last resort. Not beyond the means they had already used.

"Talk to them again," she said to Morali, her voice cutting and clear, "make them believe I agree to their terms so that the fighters can get here."

She turned her eyes to her XO next. "Tell the inbound fighters that they are weapons free upon arrival. They should shoot to disable and to blind their targeting sensors. If they are too far out, scramble two more wolves from the fighter bay, same orders. Keep an eye on Arisaka and Varder out there too."

Then, she turned to Lieutenant Commander Marquez, and idea having come to her, "We do have two mass driver torpedo defence systems here on Vector 01. PSM Modules Alpha-Two and Beta-Two," she said, indicating the second modules on the starboard and port sides embedded into the outer ring of the Helmet. "Disengage the point-defence program and activate manual targeting. Lock on to that tetryon marker and take out the Tigris. Disable her if you can, but she must stop firing at the gas."

Turning to Stark, Ives continued. "Get the other shuttles to a safe distance, and all the people walking the hulls inside the airlocks, now." If the Tigris had opened fire already, they were no longer hostages, but people they needed to get inside.

Loose PO:
Thames: 1) @Even Angels Cry 2) @Kaligos
Vector 01 Hull: 1) @Jm Von Cat  2) Auctor Lucan
Bridge: 1) @CanadianVet 2) @Striker N7 (in reply to both Sithick and Ives) 3) @Brutus 4) @Hastata-Nerada  (though Martin can speak up earlier too)

Did I forget anything? lol R.I.P. Nolak Kalmil, and the die is cast with Rihen Neyah...

Re: Day 02 [1415 hrs.] Putting Her Back Together

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[ Commander Trent | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]

From his station at the Bridge's aft end, Trent was monitoring not only the pair of fighters that were making their way back to the ship as fast as the could in the soup that was this nebula, but the movements of all personnel and craft outside the hull.  After all, they were part of his battlespace, so to speak, and he had to keep up his situational awareness where it was needed: out there. 

And, frankly, he needed to make sure that fire from Theurgy and the notional incoming fire from the pair of Valravn screaming back would not connect with anyone out there they didn't mean to.  After all, this was no conventional engagement where a miss would mostly only be a threat to another active participant in the fight, not completely unprotected personnel and unarmoured auxiliary craft. 

In such a situation, minutes, even seconds, seemed endless.  And things looked under control until the Tigris opened fire.  Immediately, he spoke into his boom microphone even as damage report icons started flashing before him.  "Damage control teams to affected sections.  Shift radiation shielding from the affected emitters to the next ones in the cue.  Engineering, auxiliary power to structural integrity.  Rescue teams, stand by to recover personnel that may be stranded."

Trent found not being at Tactical both a blessing and a curse.  Not having his own hand on the trigger, he could not respond to Tigris' fire on his own, but at least it left him free to focus on the strategic picture.  And then, the word came, and, without directly acknowledging the Captain, he opened up a channel to the fighter bay's speakers directly.  "This is Mission Ops.  Launch alert fighters.  Immediate targets are Runabout Tigris and a Worker Bee 09, approaching at maximum thrusters.  You are weapons free with your mass drivers; end the threat."

No sooner was he done speaking that the hangar deck exploded in activity.  Wolf-09 and -10 were already lined up on the flight deck, their power systems hot, hardpoints loaded and engines ready to be lit up in a hurry.  The longest part of the process of getting them into space had been to close the cockpit before they accelerated out of the fighter bay as fast as safety precautions allowed.  And no sooner had both Valravn cleared the bay that they came about and their tactical systems, already linked up with Theurgy's plot, picked up the targeting information that was immediately confirmed by their own sensor suites, and they brought their own mass-drivers to bear. 

But Trent was not done.  "Wolf-10, be aware, we have personnel on the hull in the worker bee's path.  Protect them by whatever means necessary."

And this was it.  Orders had been given. 

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[ Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez | Bridge | USS Theurgy ]

The torpedo's readouts were conveyed directly to Sithick, and while in constant PaDD-to-PaDD communication with Gunnery Chief Tarsi, Resolve's torpedo expert, Marquez was able to render concise multi-colored readouts, taking into consideration Gorn night vision as the schematics were sent to him across an encrypted channel. After giving Sithick his assurances, Striker had since prepared contingencies in the event of a sudden mandatory detonation.

Leon only hoped the AI could do something about the warhead. Detonated outside, it would obviously ignite enough of the Nebula to disable or wipe at least one vector. As with any loyal officer, he had his bets placed on the Captain's orders, but prepared for anything, including the chance of a contained blast in one of several cargo bays. He left the possibility open for a detonation contained by a forcefield before he was summoned.

"Sithick to Marquez."

"I copy." Marquez affirmed.
"I has warhead, please lock onto casing and transport it to available cargo bay. I will be taking the warhead for logging, and repair could still be unstable better to move it by hand. Please lower shields, and have security ready to receive me."
"Understood. Compu-- Thea?" Marquez deactivated the shielding at the Gorn's location then caught himself in the old habit of what he had always simply called 'Computer'; Once he'd witnessed the personification of a ship's computer handle the McGee incident with startling efficiency, it was apparent he was dealing with a next-level development in holographic technology. "Recommend an immediate evacuation of a cargo bay that meets those requirements to receive the package."

"Marquez to Klex: assemble a security team and render any assistance to Mister Sithick. Whatever he needs. That includes a thank-you from us all." The Chief Tactical Officer stifled a relieved smile that lasted a second before turning to his other screen which manually targeted the runabout Tigris. The Vector's firing arcs moved in real-time as the runabout settled into the range of the Theurgy's foreward-facing weapons. Dotted lines of the various available weapons lit up the tactical station and the holographic table as Vector 01 came about, coming into the firing arcs. It was here where he was made aware of the new point defense mass accelerators. According to some of the light reading he'd received from his friend in sickbay, the weapon was summarily considered a 'Gatling gun', but Striker preferred the term CIWS <"Sea-Wiz">.

Then... He... arrived on the bridge. Marquez had called that man's 'followers' Morali-ists once. Striker didn't break his composure, communicating with Sithick and Klex respectively as he regarded Morali's arrival for an instant, keeping note of his presence on the bridge. The LtJg Temporal Affairs officer would either be a cure for at least one crisis; or He could be a Trojan horse. It was obviously not the CTO's place to judge, only to expect the unexpected, and if possible, act accordingly. The Resolve's former First Officer listened through a clenched jaw at Morali's speech. For now, he bided his time until given explicit orders from Ives--and no one else.

... Of course, with time loops and the nagging sensation of inter-dimensional tactical 'cheating', Marquez had to consider the consequences of the orders he was issued by his rightful Commanding Officer. Noticing the Temporal affairs officer avoiding the gazes of the bridge crew, Marquez's regard (as he carried out his duties directing those in his department in whispered tones) towards Morali was one of, If you stab us in the back, I'll snap your neck., and it was difficult to conceal as he occasionally glanced questioningly at Ives, though in such a body language equivalent to a whisper. Fortunately for Morali, he was in line.

"This is Captain Ives, Stand down now, and you will not be harmed. If you ignite the gas again, however, we have no choice but to..."

The Tigris' holographic display read out in an orange-colored read out as a buzzing alert chirped on the holographic tactical display as Morali concluded. "They're powering weapons, Captain." -- Then it was too late. A red human-shaped favicon appeared on the holographic display at the morbidly- beautiful explosion outside. Striker winced.

"Man down, Captain." he growled, remaining focused at his station, hand on the proverbial trigger on the MPS weapons suite. "Weapons hot, Captain." Marquez reminded the Captain, his tone unchanged, as there was nothing glib for him to add under the circumstances.

"Talk to them again, make them believe I agree to their terms so that the fighters can get here."

Marquez wondered if Kendrick would've returned fire by now, but held his tongue. The Project Eagle veteran was itching to enact the needs of the many crewmates in need of imminent justice over the few cultists or the one Morali; but Lieutenant Commander Marquez wasn't going to defy his Captain. Friends of his were aboard the other two Vectors and vessels between them; with little hesitation, he was going to blast that treasonous craft out of his sight. At the Captain's recommendation of the Mass Driver cannons. Distinctive corresponding weapons trajectories synchronized to the Chief Tactical console's crosshairs, as if asking to be fired.

The trigger key istelf was one of those manual control columns Striker had been very familiar with in his lieutenant years, making the ensuing weapons fire guaranteed to knock out the Tigris without obliterating the vessel or personnel aboard or so he hoped. There was no accounting for the lack of safety harnesses worn by those aboard... their survival would have to be a test of their faith. Cleared to engage, Striker opened fire with the surgical precision of the disable orders he'd been given to hit the rogue runabout.


Marquez timed and fired his attacks to avoid a direct kill order, but knew his weapons brought the hostile craft to at least 20% hull integrity as its counterpart on the holograpghic interface tumbled out of its position like a fly that had been swatted silly. Fortunately, for those aboard, Marquez was fond of the Danube, and as such in bittersweet irony, he tried his hardest not to wipe it out as the kinetic weapons fire lanced across the Tigris's hull. Much like Morali's followers, there was probably some chance at redemption after all. The First Officer's directions to the fighter squadron now had the initiative.

[ MCPO Klex Sonden (NPC) | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

"Understood, Striker. Stay frosty up there and shoot like you mean it; Klex out." Klex chided before securing a toolkit into a knapsack, which included an archaic battery-operated power drill. The Denobulan ex-constable formed up a three-person team, including a Resolve survivor, Krukov.

"Shouldn't Ordnance Specialist Tarsi be on this mission? She can keep her calm, especially with McGee going --" around that time, an explosion rippled outside, like a sailboat in a rough storm. Krukov reached for his sidearm reactively before Klex stopped him assuredly, despite the brief shower of sparks. "External impact. It wasn't the torpedo." Sergei Krukov reported, after a loud sigh of relief as the team found their footing.

Klex activated his earpiece to overhear the cacophany of damage reports, getting the pulse of the situation. Fortunately, the earpiece comm unit was adaptable for Denobulans with the use of a small species-friendly clip. "McGee was an isolated incident. He expressed forms of stress disorder when off duty. I looked the other way when it happened. It looked like just stress and desperation, nothing out of the ordinary... certainly no one could've seen him snapping like that." Klex shifted his knapsack and diverted some of the fear and doubt out of the immediate task at hand.  The Denobulan and his party rounded the corner to the turbolift and stood aside as the team summoned the lift, nodding their way with a look of assurance.

"At any rate I'm convinced this ship's bound to have a good counselor. Don't worry, Sergei. Just keep your eyes front, keep your skivvies dry, priorities in order, and stay on target." Klex advised as they entered the turbolift. Ironically when Klex arrived at the double quick to Doctor Maya's and Sithick's location, that sentiment was tested at the unexpected sight of a species that had been known on occasion to be... aggressive towards humanoids. A fellow Alien, and much less-easily-phased war veteran was much more prepared to speak.

"Master Chief Klex." The Denobulan introduced himself in a curt salute to the Vulcan Doctor, and if not for the Gorn's visible injuries, the MCPO would have offered a handshake, but instead nodded with a respectful lawman's bow and eager confidence. "With the CTO's compliments. Has the warhead been secured?"
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

Re: Day 02 [1415 hrs.] Putting Her Back Together

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun & Jonas Arisaka (NPC) | Vector 01 Hull | "Helmet" Exterior | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Seconds drifted past, Varder held his aim at the rouge runabout awaiting further potential orders. Something was happening, of that anyone could be sure. But only a select handful had anything near the big picture, patience.

Then came the warning, Theas voice echoing through their helmets with a warning. [Warning, hostile craft inbound, bearing nine mark four.] The urgency of which was somewhat understated by her voice, yet was not lost on the two men once they turned their attention to the stated location.

This was followed only seconds later by the Tigris firing once more, the detonations they caused seen and felt rather than heard in the hollowness of space. Vibrations shook the pair to no major effect, the flashes glared across their faceplates, but only for the briefest of moments. These blasts had no effect on, nor did they pose as intimidate a danger to the pair as the inbound work bee.

Varder was able to rather nimbly re-position himself into a crouch, twisting his torso and providing the room and ability to bring the rifle to bear on the inbound vessel. A brief pain swept over his chest, he grunted with the sudden sensation and attempted to brush it aside. Ideas flickered through his head, none of which ended well for the man within the craft. Options, choices.. time was not going to wait and nor was that pilot... but, what if..

Nimble hands quickly played with the fire selection his mouth moving, speaking to Jonas, not much is said. ["Jump, get clear."] even tone, no time to over think, no time to get emotional. Time to play a risk, aim just of the left.. wait for the distance to close, this has to be just right...
Jonas is clear, moving steadily away, this observation is made as one small packet of information. One part of the whole situation, observe, wait.

This is the only picture that matters.

Distance is closing fast, meters go by.
Almost, its almost right.
Almost time.

The Accipiter fired, a warp bubble flew off to the side of the work bee the detonation altering its trajectory, making it spin and slowing its approach. Varder jumped as this happened, releasing the magnetic grip of his boots and shifting off the the side with the assistance of the suits propulsion systems. The result left him with a view of the side of the work bee, a handful of seconds, change the mode,
a flick of the thumb,


A single shot from the rail-gun sped towards the unprotected and exposed rear compartment of the work bee, the backdrop was clear. All that was left was the effect this would have upon the target. The intent was disabling, the reality may not be so clean.

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[ Jaya Thorne | Runabout USS Thames | Above Vector 01 of the Theurgy ] Attn @Auctor Lucan , @Striker N7 , @Doc M. , @CanadianVet , @Jm Von Cat , @Brutus , @MasterRat

Jaya's hands shook as she struggled to depressurize on Jack's mark. It took tremendous effort and both her hands pressing together to force the action.  Beads of sweat rippled on her skin as the shuttle indicated that the desired chamber  was depressurizing and a tether was outside her craft.   Jaya exhaled her relief that the plan was working.  If she could just hold herself together a little longer, just until Jack reached the girl, everything would be alright.

From what she could see, the crewman would be pretty beat up and there wasn't anyone else on this shuttle.   The girl would have to rely on Jack to treat her burn wounds until Jaya got them back to the ship.  She hoped for crewman Rihen's she that Jack was good with field medicine, because she had her hands full flying the ship.  Literally.

Suddenly, Jack dropped his second mark and Jaya pressed her hands once more into one another to reactivate the pressure in the airlock.  But there was no sensation.  She pushed then tighter, harder, but she could feel nothing.  She swung her foot forward in frustration and heard her boot ping off of the underside of the control station, but registered no motion beside the perpetual tingling numbness.  Her brown eyes opened wide with sudden fear as the realization hit home.

If she couldn't repressurize the airlock,  there was no way to get Rihen the air she desperately needed and the girl would suffocate to death within the very shuttle sent to save her.  Not only sent, volunteered.  Jaya had asked that all the others nearby clear away the remaining gas clusters.  She'd taken this rescue upon herself and everyone, everyone was depending on her to see it through.  She couldn't let that happen!

"NO! No no no no no!!! Activate goddamnit!!" Jaya screamed and frantically smashed her numbed hands into the console.  She couldn't feel anything anyway so what difference would it make?  Multiple panels lit up simultaneously, but none of them were the right ones.  She kept bashing the console as tears formed in her eyes.  This crewman was going to die because she couldnt perform her job properly. Because she allowed her own stupid pride to override common sense and didn't report her malady to her CO.

"Nooo!!  Help!  HELP!!! Jack!! I can't get it to repressurize!  I've lost the feeling in my hands!  Jack!!"  Her voice pleaded in the cockpit as she smashed her arm into her chest to activate her com badge. Maybe he would hear her. Maybe he could get here in time and crewman Rihen woud be ok.  But she wasn't going to stop trying.   If her hands didn't work, then she'd use her forearm or her elbow, whatever she could.  But her forearm gave worse results than her hands had.   The depressurized airlock door opened and closed again. Lights went on and off. A klaxon blared over the intercom for a full second before stopping. It wasn't working. Nothing was working.

As she leaned her abdomen into the console, a new thought emerged in her muddled mind.  If she could just get the shuttle to the theurgy and in a bay, the injured girl could be treated there.  But there was no way she could fly without her hands.  She'd still need to input headings and adjust the speed unless Thea could do it for her.

Unless Thea could do it for her!

Jaya gasped and shouted for the ship's A.I.  "Thea!!!  Please tell me you're here!!  I need you to take control of this shuttle and repressurize the rear airlock with crewman Rihen in it.   While you do that, I need you to fly it into the nearest bay right now at the fastest speed available!  I can't and a woman will die if we don't do this right now! Please tell me you are here and you can do this!!"  It was Jaya's last desperate plea.

And it worked. Sort of.

[Acknowledged. Activating remote helm control and plotting a course back to my Upper Shuttle Bay. Without a functional holoemitter aboard, I am, however, unable to repressurize the rear airlock. The shuttle bay crew has been alerted and a medical team requested.]

At least they'd make it back.  Jaya had to hope it would be in time.  With Thea flying, the sick pilot tried again to repressurize the chamber.  She leaned her upper body heavily on the console and jabbed her elbow into the right area. It took two tries.

[Rear airlock repressurizing.]

"Oh thank fuck!!"  It was all Jaya could think to say in the moment.  The real question remained to be seen. Was Rihen alright or had it taken Jaya too long? She wanted to go check, but Jaya couldn't feel her feet, so how was she supposed to get there?  The shuttle bay was well within her sights now and Jaya found herself too scared to ask the all-important question.  Had she killed a crewman? 

She needed to know.

"Jack? Is she.. ok?"
"Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings."
 - Jaya Thorne, Asst. Chief CONN Officer, Ensign [Show/Hide]

Re: Day 02 [1415 hrs.] Putting Her Back Together

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Above Suq's Position | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] (NPC) Attn: @FollowTomorrow
After the EMH materialised next to Junior Lieutenant O'Riley, she had spoken.  "Please state the nature of the Medical Emergency."

Then, had turned his eyes down to the Ship A.I. whilst it gave instructions. Evidently, the patient could not be reached, but the EMH had used the information provided to make an assessment of the overall situation, and had understood enough to act. "Acknowledged," he had said flatly and climbed down towards where Thea was, before the Ship A.I. had dematerialised, making a site-to-site transfer to Vector 03 in order to deal with the threat in Main Engineering. Junior Lieutenant O'Riley had vanished as well, and the EMH was alone with the Assistant Chief Engineer, an Efrosian from the Resolve. When he got in a position where he could see the engineer, some time had passed. During which the man could continue doing whatever repairs he was doing in the conduit. As far as he could determine, the repairs were essential, at the risk of his patients health.

He did not have much time to offer advice, or ask for an assessment of his bodily damage, because O'Riley's voice could be heard echoing from the Efrosian's combadge. [O'Riley to Suq, McGee has been incapacitated, and the bomb has been deactivated, please proceed with repairs to the conduit quickly. And no more dilly-dallying after that. You will let the Emergency Medical Hologram assist with extracting you from there once you are finished.]

Evidently, he did not have to ask for that very thing. The Efrosian male already heard it from O'Riley. "I am awaiting you here, since I cannot reach you. The emitter above prevents me from getting any further towards you. I advise you crawl back to me as quickly as you can when you are finished, so that I can treat your wounds. Please try to not loose consciousness before then."

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[ [ Lt. Jg. Suq | Vector 02 Warp Core | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan @TrexelCat

“No! No, you won't eliminate anything!” Panic siezed Suq. 'Eliminate' meant kill, and he couldn't take another death, and another betrayal He thought to move, to get out of the tube, but before his brain could send the signals to his hands to move, he heard the sounds that typically accompanied the transporter. She de-materialized too quickly. The ship was spinning and he span with her, helpless to control his direction and velocity. He prayed he wouldn't puke again.

The sensation of “I fucked up” took over his whole body and mind. It was his existence, a fuck-up. It made his legs shake, or maybe that was just the pain. The only thing that was louder than that was his fear. He could hear the whistle that came from the leak, a little bit farther away than he had thought previously. Delirium muddled his mind though, he thought about throwing himself at it, throwing himself back over the burning metal, about screaming and maybe throwing up on it. None of these solutions would work, of course.

He heard Sinead's voice somewhere, it broke the constant whistling in his ears that so resembled screaming. She was gone, not supposed to be here, but there was her voice alright. He heard it as if it was right in front of his face. Or rather, somewhere just below his face and within the vicinity of his breast. Sean, Sean, Sean..he had a job to do. But Sean, Sean McGee...

The EMH had materialized within the chaos. He hadn't heard him do so, but he was overwhelmed, there are lots of things he probably missed. He was waiting for him, try not to faint. So fate was written for him.

His thoughts began to fade. He heard nothing anymore, not the whistle or the warp core. Ejek had told him over and over that resigning himself to a state of utter helplessness to the situation and reverting to a robotic, autopilot-like state was awful for his mental health and he should stop doing it, he did it anyway. It let him work even under high stress.

He had a seam ripper second-to-last pocket on his right, gloves in the front pocket. He slipped his (slightly too large) gloves over his hands and powered up the ripper. Switch setting to solid plating, scoot back some feet, and start cutting open some of the paneling over the healthy part of the conduit, while it was still there. The rest was walled off by force field and cut off by the main power anyway, and he needed an access point that was not currently too dangerous to go near. There was a collector, fifth pocket on his right---no no, sixth in this belt. He reached for it, switched it to plasma collection, and began to slowly drain the conduit of whatever plasma it had left. His hands shook, but not enough to make his job impossible. He wondered why they shook so, though.

He listened for the whistle, too high pitch for most people, but just enough to be annoying for Suq. It lowered in tone, signaling a slow loss of pressure that came with the collector. From there, he could remove the collector from the conduit. Out comes the scanner, set to plasma detection. He could see all lines around him, and some wafting, drifting clouds just in front. If they degraded the warp core's outer shell, and they would do that, then the ship would explode. His collector stated it had enough room for just a little more, so collector-first, he began his very slow, cautious way out of the jeffries tube, over the now-cooled bulge in the metal, out the bend, back onto solid ground...

On the ground, the EMH could now get a better scan of Suq's vitals as he ever so kindly ignored his existence entirely.
He carried on collecting plasma around them, trusting his scanner to show him what he couldn't see and his collector to protect him. He made no attempt to interact with the EMH, or even make Eve's job easier by slowing down. The signals of pain that his hands sent up his spine when they were used just never made it all the way to his brain, or if they did, he just didn't care.

When his scanner reported back acceptable levels of plasma, (it wasn't all gone, but the ventilation system was hardy enough to handle the rest), Suq could get to work finding replacement material for the conduit. He was oblivious to the hellfire that scorched the ship around him, the shuttle attack, the chaos in everyone else's lives. Right now he was just some sort of autopiloted emergency-repair engineer, just as he always was. He could get it done in less than fifteen minutes. Find spare conduit material, fuse to healthy conduit, run checks, re-activate conduit system in this area, replace paneling, carry on with every day life. No feelings, no problem. Who needed to fully participate in life anyway.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | Runabout USS Thames | Above Vector 01 of the Theurgy ] Attn: @Even Angels Cry & @Auctor Lucan

Once the burning equipment was out of the back of the Thames Jack only had the power to count seconds, grabbing a tricorder, he muttered under his breath keeping track of the count in his head. Exposure to the vaccuum of space was not the way you wanted to go, a lot of people thought that death was caused by suffocation but if that was true victims exposed to the void would have minutes before they would die, no the truth was far worse.

It wasn't freezing, sure the void of space was cold, nothing was colder than space, that's what made revenge so sweet out here. The touch of space onto flesh would indeed cause freezing, after you're dead. No what killed you, and what Rihan would be experiancing for those twenty seconds were the gasses in her body expanding, and what that expansion caused would be incredibly painful as they caused the body to boil.

Prior to modern space travel few people ever actually died from exposure to the vacuum. It was mostly noted on animals sent up in the original spudnick programs, but those craft were never designed with proper shielding or with the intention to bring many of the animals shot into space back down to earth.

In the 20th century before warp flight only one human being had died from vacuum exposure. It was an explosive decompression chamber failure aboard a submarine and the poor bastard had been exposed for more than 30 seconds, the average kill limit was about 20.

Hypoxia, bubbling in the blood formed quickly, and spread to the brain causing massive nervous system failure along with collapsing of the lungs. It was an incredibly painful death, but not the comical explosion one saw with old or bad holo novels.  Rather the body falls still and goes into shock. Jack had never seen it personally, but he knew it well enough to fear space.

So every second wasted on the vacuum as Jaya panic'd was one that Jack could stand over the body of Rihen, working to get her suit off, so that when the pressure came back on there would be nothing to obstruct her breathing.

Life or death would be the difference of five seconds here, as he started to feel the air return to the Thames he sighed and closed his eyes.

Taking the tricorder he checked the vitals of the woman. If she was alive, she wouldn't need CPR, the body could reset it's self after several seconds, but once the brain boiled there was nothing that could be done, so the only question was time.

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[ Crewman Fok | Work Bee Zero-Nine | Above Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Jm Von Cat
Fok's small craft wasn't built for speed, but the momentum he carried doubled the force with which the crewman collided with the concussion blast. The impact was jarring, glass shattering, and sent the worker bee spinning. The subsequent shot, precisely timed, did shut down the engine of the worker bee, but this was not something Crewman Fok noticed.

For the glass that shattered was not just the worker bee's, but also the thinner kind in Fok's helmet.

He had worn no constraints in his seat either, since with inertial dampening, that wasn't any need for such whilst conducting repairs. Therefore, choking, and blood beginning to boil with the exposure to space, Fok had been hurled through the shattered glass of the spinning worker bee. Surrounded by a horizontal rain of shards that travelled with the inertia, Fok only knew pain for a couple of seconds, before his widened eyes turned lifeless. He no longer saw the glass shards that travelled with him out into the Azure Nebula.

Far behind him, the worker bee gently collided with Thea's hull, before it also began to drift away. This, was when two Valravn fighters shot past it, heading straight for the USS Tigris.

The flares of their twin-mount turrets flashed brightly against the cloud of glass and Thea's hull, and the two fighter pilots hit the tetryon mark painted on the Runabout's hull with unfailing, automated targeting. Then, a third stream of automated mass driver projectiles joined the ones from the fighters, this time coming from the point-defence system mounted on top of the ring of Vector 01. Another second, and another point-defence turret opened fire.

The incoming projectiles, thousands of tungsten rounds tearing towards the USS Tigris, might not have set the sirillium glass ablaze... yet nor did any of them reach the hull of the Tigris either.

For the Tigris had raised its deflector shields, foregoing the shield harmonics that protected against the radiation in the nebula. The blue shields were just as effective against space dust at impulse speeds as it was against projectiles hurled at it. It was the very reason why the mass drivers were more effective for torpedo defence than shielded targets, and why directed energy weaponry were the mainstay of all battles in the 24th century.

The two Valravn fighters passed the Tigris without having made any visual effect. This, however, was not entirely true.

[ Petty Officer Dylan Cobb | Runabout Bridge | USS Tigris ]
It was both delta and thermionic radiation that forced the Theurgy, her shuttles and her fighters to utilize a special shield setting to withstand it. This was the same shields that protected the repair teams that walked Thea's hull. The shield harmonics prevented the use of regular shields in battle, but it had enabled safe passage through that part of the nebula.

Yet when Dylan Cobb had seen the inbound Valravn fighters, he had meant to protect himself and his likeminded by raising the real shields of the Tigris, thus protecting the Runabout from the incoming tungsten rounds. The short term survival was obvious, but once the two fighters had passed, the Devoted aboard the Tigris found themselves at the mercy of the Azure Nebula. Dylan felt the vertigo hit him first, and he had to put a hand against the helmsman's seat to steady himself. Everyone on the Tigris were shouting, at Dylan, at the helmsman, trying to be heard, and the quietude that began to settle over them was the sign of the radiation. They began to cough, to vomit, and to loose their balance. Their sense of sight was loosing cohesion. Dylan's mind blank, immobilised in panic, he heard the voice of Sarresh Morali over the comm channel - their saviour.

[Morali to the Tigris! Listen to me! The Captain agrees to your terms. Do you hear me? He will resign command to me, as long as you cease firing at the sirillium gas. You've won. Do you understand? Now stand down and return to your shuttle bay. You will not be harmed.]

For all the planning, all the sacrifices, Dylan Cobb thought it all worth it. He grinned, even as he felt more sick by the second. On some level, he knew that it might be cellular disruption because of the extreme delta ray exposure. He reached out with a shaking hand to answer the hail, and saw his nosebleed dripping against his pale, numb hand. "Morali... Is it true? Will you lead us to safety?" he croaked, "Will you s-save us?"

[Yes...] said Morali, his voice strained. The voice of the new Captain. [I will save you all.]

"Thank y-you," he said, and since neither Thea nor the fighters were firing against the Tigris any more, Dylan Cobb returned the shield harmonics to what they were before. Then, with shaking fingers, he plotted a course back to the Theurgy, automating the landing sequence. His work was done.

As he sunk down on the deck of the small bridge, he saw the rest of his likeminded on the deck plating as well, in various states of unconsciousness. Their sacrifice was his own, and he felt proud to have done right by Morali, and saved the ship from Ives' madness. Unable to keep his head up, he sunk down to rest.

For all the people that had to die for Morali's sake, Dylan Cobb was proud of his achievement.

[ Captain Ives | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet @Striker N7 @Brutus @Hastata-Nerada
On the Main Bridge of the Theurgy, the silence had settled over the gathered officers. On the tactical display, the Tigirs was lazily flying towards the Lower Shuttle Bay on Vector 03. They all knew what had happened on the Tigris, but Natalie Stark confirmed it from the Ops station.

"Only one life-sign remains aboard the Tigris, sir," she said quietly.

Ives, in his male form, clenched his jaw and took a deep breath. "Dispatch medical and security to the shuttle bay. I want a full damage report, and an account of who fell victim to the gas pockets around Thea's hull. Tell Arisaka and Varder to return here, and have CONN collect all bodies before they drift too far." Then, he turned to Morali, who looked like he had plenty to say, but felt too sick to utter a word. "Dismissed, Junior Lieutenant. We shall speak at length soon."

Whatever reaction Morali had, Ives had already turned to Trent and Marquez, to whom he had given the order to cease fire as soon as the Tigris no longer had posed any threat. The extremes that the Devoted resorted to in their faith had already been known before that day, but the esteem they put into Morali's word had not been proven until Morali himself spoke to them. Yet that they risked exposure to the radiation in this part of the Azure Nebula? Just to continue the fight for their icon? It left Ives speechless, even if it had been one of the possible outcomes of opening fire against the Runabout.

It was either the radiation, or being neutralised by the mass drivers. This way, they didn't loose the shuttle, but it still made Ives feel ill when thinking about the fate of the officers aboard the Tigris. As pragmatic as he was, the fact that things had gone so far left a sour taste in Ives' mouth. It still felt like defeat.

"Have the wolves return home," he said to Trent, and then, to Marquez. "What is the status on the torpedo, is it neutralised yet?"

[ Meanwhile | PWO Rihen Neyah | USS Thames ] Attn: 1) @Even Angels Cry 2) @Kaligos
Staring lifelessly into Hi'Jak's eyes, with her once beautiful face discoloured and marred by vacuum exposure and fire, Rihen Neyah's vital signs were there to be read on the tricorder. The only thing recognisable was her heterochromia, where one eye was blue and the other brown. Beyond that, there was no sign of the woman she used to be. Gone was her laughter, and her wholesome spirit. Her wish to help people, and to make them smile.

On the tricorder above her, it read clearly in the section describing her anomalies:

2nd and 3rd degree burns:
- 60 % of body surface
- Critical internal haemorrhaging
- Lung cohesion: 23 %, declining...
- Cerebral cohesion: 95 %, declining...
Heart beat: 20 bpm, falling...
Cardiac arrest estimated within 1 minute, 12 seconds...
...1 minute, 11 seconds...
...1 minute, 10 seconds...

What the tricorder didn't reveal, however, was the mental scarring of her experience, should she ever wake again.

I NPCed Brutus' character with his permission.

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