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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel”  | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  + Locker Room Visitors

Angel could see the brief flash of disappointment from Rawley that she wasn't going to be getting any from her but it was also clear that she wasn't offended at least which was good, since she certainly hadn't wanted to do that to the woman and chuckled when she said she'd go to Below Decks tonight, nor was she entirely surprised when the woman took her up on her offer to do her back. Although if she actually wanted her back done or just wanted a little thrill of having her run her hands over a part of her body, Alessia didn't know or mind either way.

Watching as the woman turned around and placed her hands on the glassy walls, she reached out and lightly pressed her hands against Rawley's bare back, slowly running them up along her soft skin, her fingers light tracing along the ridges of her spine as the woman turned to look at her over her shoulder and started talking about the battle and chuckled.

"Tell me about it, I can't remember the last time I was in a battle like that, Klingons, saving Klingons, Borg, surprise guests and yeah having to fly through that thing at the end to to top it off....crazy." Alessia replied as her hands reached the base of Rawley's neck and slide them across, along her shoulders before working their way back down, across her shoulder blades and along her back, wanting to cover every inch...just to make sure she didn't miss any spots after all. "Sure as hell was a beautiful sight to see that thing explode though, bet the Borg didn't know what hit 'em." She added before nodding in agreement "Well I had a few near misses too but yeah, definitely a fun rush that's for sure, although I don't mind it if we go a little while before having a repeat experience."

Alessia couldn't help but smile at the low sound coming for Rawley's throat as she continued to lightly run her hands over the woman's back. Her fingers lightly caressing her skin, occasionally pressing them in slightly and massaging away the few knots she felt in the other woman's muscles.

"Yeah that aperature Valravn was in better shape so at first it wasn't so bad, although I too sure as hell didn't want to get anywhere near those walls either but near the end when those walls starting closing in I didn't know what the fuck was happening, you spend the entire time trying to avoid touching the things and the next thing you know the thing is inching closer to you, a little warning about that would have been nice but hey we made it out, that's the main thing right?" she said as her fingers finished working out another knot and moved to the small of her back, working along the base of her spine, the palm of her hand lightly grazing over the top curve of her ass occasionally as to work on the last parts of the back she hadn't gotten yet.

"What about Captain Ives showing up with the Versant? The fire power that thing showed, I don't even know how they managed to get control of that thing, bet it's one hell of a story and they sure as hell better tell us all about it."

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu (Callsign: Bloodwing)] | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @masorin, @Doc.M, @Stegro88


When the Klingon completely ignored her, Lillee just blinked, stunned by the sudden inexplicable rudeness. On any other day she would've responded with irritation, especially when it was a Klingon who was being so rude. Now, in a sweat and urine-soaked flight suit, she was just too tired to do anything but stand and stare as the Klingon brusquely walked away. What a barbaric bitch! To just stone cold ignore a fellow pilot after a battle! And of course it was a repulsive Klingon who had to act like that...the stupid woman was probably headed for the nearest replicator to get as drunk as she could get, the stupid barbarian...

A part of Lillee's mind recognised the reflexive racism of her thoughts, a leftover of her upbringing, and knew that it was utterly unfair and petty. Even so, while she didn't actually verbalise her cruel judgements, she found deep vindictive satisfaction from them as she glared at the Klingon's back.

Then another voice distracted her, and Lillee turned as another human said something, revealing herself to be 'Dragon' .

"You did... well keeping our flank from exploding thanks, it helped a lot to have you out there." 'Dragon' glanced away. "Sorry, bloodwing I have to deal with something." she said softly.

Now more bemused than anything else, Lillee wearily rubbed her eyes as the human woman walked away towards the Klingon. Then, finally, far too late, Lilee's tired brain caught on. The Klingon woman was talking to a chief petty officer with the pilot in support, and there was an undeniable weight on her shoulders. Curious despite her fatigue, Lillee quietly climbed the ladder next to the Cinsaj and glanced in. The obviously dead body within silenced any further questions that she might have. Instead, without a word, she climbed back down the ladder and headed directly for the squadron locker room.

With steady automated motions, she stripped off the flight suit and then her underwear, throwing both directly into the laundry processor before trudging to the showers. Oh, Lillee heard the animated chatter from a neighbouring stall, and she even recognised the voices. Angel and Ghost seemed to still have enough adrenaline and energy leftover to still enjoy each other's company. Such was often the case for pilots after a particularly harrowing life-or-death battle, and as the sonic waves started to gently massage Lillee's weary body, she managed an exhausted wry smile.

At least some people were enjoying themselves. For Lillee herself, she just closed her eyes and leaned drunkenly against the wall, letting the sonic waves clean the grime off her body. Oh, for it all to be over...

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Figher Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan   @BZ  

Ravon looked over the blonde man in his jumpsuit. The way he had rose up from his seat to greet him and as he talked about Sten didn't seem to change the expression on Ravon's face. Not after losing yet another original crewmember. Although the losses could've been greater, the facial expression of the SCO remained neutral if not stern throughout the conversation.

"We'll miss his expertise in future work with the Valkyries, that much is for sure." Ravon concluded as he placed his helmet on the desk Liam worked on. His eyes looking into the CPO's and seemingly digging into him as if trying to get a good read of him "I heard you've taken up his place for the time being." he continued "I hope you'll manage to keep up the fine work you all managed to do under Sten's command. We do have high expectations." he said seriously, testing the CPO to feel the burden and how he'd cope with it. His question for another officer that had experience with Tactical CONN made Thomas turn his back to the man as he considered his questions "I'm afraid I don't know anyone by heart. Besides, Stark... Commander Stark runs yours department. She'll find someone she deems fit." he nodded to the man as the doors behind them slid open.

The familiar voice of Ji was heard and Ravon turned to face her halfway as he looked her over. She seemed... Different? She greeted them both casually and announced the return of Miles Renard. As she spoke about him being debriefed, Thomas stern look broke off "Yeo-Dong-Saeng." he called her playfully. He was unaware of the romance blooming between the two people in the office "I'll debrief Miles at a later stage. That Fox has been through hell and back again I imagine to get here. He at least deserves a good meal and a shower." he concluded before he looked at Liam as she informed them about the dire condition the fighters were in.

He waited a few seconds before picking in again "I'd preferably have four fighters to be prioritized for sector patrols. I've no clue where we are, but I'm not planning to get caught here with our pants down. Inform me when fighters are back operational as soon as you can." he said to neither Ji or Liam in particular. This was their show after all "In addition, do you think I could have the office around 12.30?" he asked Liam specifically now.

After hearing his answer he nodded before walking to the desk to grab his helmet, he turned around and started marching back out towards the door, bumping into Ji's shoulder to mess around with her. "By the way, those poker openings are still valid you know." he smirked before he walked further "Work hard boys and girls. I have high expectations." he grinned before he left the office.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Office, Fight Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ @Nolan
[Show/Hide]Watching how Ravon put his helmet on the desk, Liam nodded at the comment of high expectations. "Of course, sir," he had said without pause when the man pressed that issue. As daunting at the current situation was in the Fighter Bay, Liam also knew that they had spare parts and weaponry to spare still. It was just a question of manpower and hours. The answer about any other high ranking officers in Ops with experience in running a fighter bay was disheartening, however, since Liam doubted there were any available. At least he had never heard about anyone in the past week he'd been aboard. "I understand. I'll ask her."

If there was no one else to take the Chief of the Deck position, perhaps it would be up to Liam to find a candidate for his old role?

When Ravon suddenly began to speak in Korean with Ji, her appearance in the office more than a welcome sight, Liam did a double take - not sure he had heard correctly. What the? Slowly it dawned on him how Ravon and Ji went a long time back, both being of the original Theurgy crew. Of course they would have some kind of bond. It had mostly been the sudden shift in demeanour that threw Liam. Ravon had gone from razor-sharp to goofing with Ji at the turn of a dime. I wonder what kind of history they have?

Just like when K'Ren had told him she had found a mate in Deacon that night earlier in the week, speaking with her in Below Decks, Liam was the last person to be jealous. There was no concern in the slightest about that, since he liked to think he was quite a progressive man of his century, and didn't begrudge people their desires, much less claiming any kind of ownership. Even when Ji had told Liam about her past with Sten Covington, he had never batted an eye - merely being concerned about her after the way she'd been treated. So, he merely smiled a bit and looked towards Ji when she gave her report. Then, Ravon gave his orders.

"We'll prioritise repairs to the least fighters accordingly, Commander, and arm them for patrol flights in accordance to pilot preferences," he said and turned towards the computer while still standing, favouring his good knee. He summoned Ji's report and filed it with the other ones from the fighter pilots themselves, as well as the gradually appearing computer tactical logs from the warp fighters. At the mentioning of the office, Liam checked the current time. "Of course, sir. By then I will be out there anyway."

Then there was the Commander's departure, in how he bumped into Ji in camaraderie and invited her to poker. Liam couldn't help the smile that came to him, realising that while the deck crews were well aware that Liam and Ji were a thing at that point, it seemed it was far from common knowledge among the Tac CONN officers. He doubted the Commander would be anything less than a gentleman if he'd known about Liam's new role in Ji's life. At least Liam liked to think so, giving most officers the benefit of the doubt. When Thomas left, however, and they were alone, Liam wasted little time.

Limping, he made his way over to Ji, and he ran his arms around her, hugging her tightly to his chest. He took a long, deep breath - a sigh of relief - and kissed the top of her head. "We made it," he said, and raised his hands to the sides of her neck. "For a moment there... I..."

He trailed off. There were no words befitting the enormity of what they'd been through and survived. He kissed her instead, as if to make sure she was really there. Between kisses he rested his forehead against hers, feeling how their breaths mixed between their pursed lips. He didn't want to think about the image of F'Rell's dead body, or how he'd had to vaporise Mariner in front of Meony. He didn't want to remember the panic of almost being assimilated. He just wanted to be there in the moment with Ji. "We made it."

[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kinvarus + Locker Room Visitors
Oh, Rawley thoroughly enjoyed the Angelic massage, arching her back in answer to those fingers that kneaded her back. She put her forehead against the wall in front of her, and with her eyes closed, it made the feeling of the sonic waves and the pressure-points of those fingers feel even more sublime.

"Bloody hell that's good," she breathed at one point while Angel spoke about the engagement with the Borg cube, and she barely stifled a low groan when those fingers reached the small of her back, where she was the most sore. Parts of her back were numb, however, from where scar tissues stole the sense of touch, but she was quite used to it. Then, her eyes opened when she felt Angel's palms on her bum, stray thoughts almost missing how her wolf sister was taking about the big white bug ship and Ives. "Oh, yeah, that's a story to be told, and I bet the Klingons will be singing of it too. Oh, keep going will you?"

Her eyes fluttered shut when the nerve endings in the small of her back lit up, the area affected the most for her when wearing the suit and operating her Valkyrie in a seated position. Though she enjoyed having her knots kneaded out, she spoke against the wall. "Seems we had a returning wolf or two mid-battle," she commented, hissing through her teeth when those fingers found their mark, "one of yours, I believe. From the Valravn Project. Dragon, was it? I never met her, but I saw her name in the roster... heard her talking on the comms."

Sighing with relief, Rawley then pushed away from the wall and rounded on Angel, their faces coming up close in the confines of the shower. "Turn around, my turn to return the favour," she said while looking into her eyes, the front of their bodies touching briefly - the mist rising from their skin mingling between their bodies. She made no move to kiss those lips, respecting Angel's wishes readily enough, but that didn't mean she wouldn't rub her back in kind. "Come on, it's only fair."

When Angel soon enough presented her lovely backside, Rawley reached forth to begin - starting at the base of her neck and working outwards along the shoulders. She'd then began the slow, thorough decent. "This must have been a battle for the bloody history books, if that light we saw after we exited the aperture had something to do with the shuttle we left behind. Mission Ops said to stay clear of it... Had to be some kind of bomb, right? Hell of a blast if we could see it at the outside of that bloody subspace tunnel, right?"

Appreciating her work with her eyes and her hands, Rawley did her best to give Angel a good time.

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel”  | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  + Locker Room Visitors

Alessia continued to work on Rawley's back, watching as it arched in response to her touch even as the woman before her rested her head against the shower wall.

At the woman's comment breathed comment about how good the massage was, she couldn't help but smile briefly, proud of the job she was doing. Granted she wasn't entirely surprised, for one she knew how good she was with her hands, be if flying her Valravn, giving a massage or for other various activities...well she'd never had any complaints at least. However not only for that reason but because as a fellow pilot she knew just how stiff and knotted up you could get after being stuck in a cockpit for hours on end and would be lying if she wasn't feeling an ache in places along her back as well. "Glad you're enjoying it." she chuckled, followed by another one at Rawley's comment about the Klingons singing about the battle too "Oh I'm sure they will, although they'll probably sing up their own contributions and less of ours of course." She added as she continued working on the small of Rawley's back, continuing to work on it as requested.

With her fingers pressing into Rawley's soft skin, rotating in small circles, kneading out the knots she felt as best she could, she would occasionally release some of the pressure to lightly caress the area, keeping the surrounding area loose and relaxed to prevent more aching. It wasn't long before the conversation moved on to the returning Wolves that had showed up mid battle and nodded when Rawley mentioned Dragon.

"Yeah she's a great pilot and a good friend, glad to see she made it back, I'll have to catch up with her at some point. Don't know the other one though, Iron Fox? I've never met him but like you with Dev I head him over the comms once." She answered.

Hearing the other woman sigh, she wasn't expecting Rawley to push off from the wall and turn to face her, leaving their faces inches apart, the fronts of both of their bodies lightly touching as their eyes met, the two most certainly within kissing distance if they wanted, which considering the some might say intimacy of the moment between the two, the closeness, massage and mist rising from them certainly had set the mood for a potential for something but this wasn't that time for her and Rawley to her credit was respecting that so neither made a move to do so, instead she found herself being told to turn around so that Rawley could return the favour.

Smirking Alessia nodded "Damn right you are, you aren't the only pilot who gets stiff in a cockpit you know." She said as she turned on the balls of her feet, exposing her back to the other woman and couldn't suppress the shudder her body made when Rawley's fingers pressed against the base of her neck and started moving along her shoulders before feeling those same fingers slowly starting to descend down her back.

"Mmmhmm. Was all Alessia managed to hum in response at first as she enjoyed the massage she was getting, feeling the knots in her own back starting to unravel themselves beneath Rawley's fingers. "Certainly one for them, let's just hope we all survive long enough to read about it in those history books. She eventually managed to say as she closed her eyes and stretched her arms out to press against the wall, leaning against it. "Mmm you're not so bad at giving these yourself you know." She muttered before nodding in agreement at what Rawley had said "Oh yeah it had to be, I don't know any shuttle could pack that much of a punch with that kind of light show and it not be a bomb, even the Valravn's don't have that kind of punch.  She added before chuckling "Sure would be nice to have though if it was a weapon of some kind and not a bomb. I wonder who was piloting it though? I detected a lifesign on board it just before I entered that subspace least they went out in a blaze of glory, that's something at least."

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kinvarus + Locker Room Visitors
Of course Rawley hadn't said a word in comment to the observation about Iron Fox's return, the conversation already having moved on. She didn't want to foul her own mood by giving Renard any thought, instead concentrating on the quite lovely task at hand.

"Yeah," she said, the light vapour rising from between her fingers while she worked on the area between Angel's shoulder blades. "I didn't see that life-sign, thinking it had to be on autopilot. If there was someone aboard..."

Ghost moved her hands down, rubbing from the centre of the other woman's back and outwards with her thumbs, thinking about what it had to be like, deployed on a suicide mission to tear up that Borg tunnel they'd seen. "One's own bloody life for all the ignorant billions in the Federation. Aye, that's one hell of a way to go," she said in a low voice, standing close to the other woman while she worked.

The blue light of the shower stall shimmered across Angels back when Rawley rubbed out the knots she found, and the tingling sensation of the sonic waves continued to vibrate against them both, their bodies as clean they could be, but the sensation remained pleasant still. The humidifiers worked their magic as well, casting a light sheen of dampness upon their freshly scrubbed skin. Soon enough, she reached Angel's lower back and the top of her rear, cupping the top of those cheeks with her palms so that she could apply her thumbs to the area above.

"You know, you have a fantastic ass if I might say so myself," she said ruefully while she worked, switching the line of conversation from the battle and to the present. "I certainly won't mind seeing you in this locker room from here on out..."

She removed her hands then, finished with the massage, and grinned at the woman once she turned around again. "Welcome to the Lone Wolves, it a bit belatedly..." she said, biting her lower lip mischievously, not yet switching off the shower since technically, it wasn't she who'd powered it up. "When will you be hitting the bar? 'Could show you a few tricks there to if you're interested. I'm quite sure many in the squadron will be there as well."

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel”  | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Feck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan + Locker Room Visitors

Although Alessia was certainly enjoying the massage and the relief her back was getting from all those knots being loosened, it was enough to distract her from the fact Rawley didn't comment on the return of that other Wolf pilot, maybe something happened between them but she wasn't going to say anything, not only would it spoil the mood but she wasn't going to push the woman when she clearly didn't want to talk about the new...old Wolf.

Nodding slightly as Rawley started talking about not seeing the other lifesign, she let out a content sigh as she felt the other woman's hands moving down her back, rubbing along it, starting at her middle and spreading out. The feeling combined with the effects from the shower certainly help her and her muscles relax more and more. "They might be ignorant for now but the truth will come out eventually, besides it's not all their fault. Pretty much every position of power was taken over by those parasites without anybody knowing, it's not their fault for not knowing. Angel replied before sighing and shaking her head slightly "Then again surely there must be other people who see the odd things Starfleet and the Federation has been doing and know it's not right, I don't know but that doesn't mean we have to stop defending them, we all swore the oath to protect the Federation and it's citizens, even if they are ignorant fools at the moment. But the way I see it, we all have our own morals and our own reasons for taking that oath and if we don't hold ourselves up to them then we're no better than those things.

Alessia paused again for a moment and shrugged "Was it a hell of a way to go out? Sure but whoever that person was...if it was me I'd be okay with going out like that, a blaze of glory taking on the Borg and doing it for what I believed in, that's a good death I'd say."

Feeling her back getting more and more loose as the blue hue from the shower continued to shimmer in the stall and across both of their bodies, the vibrations getting them clean and providing a very nice sensation to add to the massage. When she felt Rawley's hands reach her lower back and the top of her rear, a short, soft moan escaped her throat as the woman's thumbs pressed into the small of her back just above.

"Thanks." She chuckled at the comment about her ass and the added comment about looking forward to seeing her in the locker room "Yeah? Well I hope you don't think I'll be sharing my shower every time I'm in here, you might just have to settle for a nice view as I make my way into it."

Feeling Rawley remove her hands, the massage finished, she sighed happily, feeling much more loose and relaxed now than she had been before. Stretching and arching her back to the sound of several bones popping, she tilted her head from side to side and rolled her shoulders to help loosen the last few muscles she felt and turned around to face the other woman, seeing Rawley grinning back at her and chuckled at the belated welcome to the Lone Wolves. "Thanks and thanks for the massage, it was a nice welcome gift. she grinned. "In a few hours most likely, I've got a few things to take care of first but I should be there early this evening, but please Chica I know how to hold my own at a bar, but I'm curious to see what you've got." She grinned and nodded "I would imagine so, would be nice to meet and catch up with everyone now that things have hopefully settled down for a while and have some fun...or just get completely drunk. she grinned.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | New Food Chain | Dating the Boss | Friendly Invites | Survival]
@Auctor Lucan @Nolan

As Ji entered and gave her report, Thomas turned to look at her.  She gave him a bright smile, they were friends, at least, and it was nice to have some.  She had been in a rough place after Sten and Thom had been someone she had worked with on his fighter and they had bonded over fixing things.  It was nice to see him again all safe and sound.  She was glad that her friends were all right, and more than glad that Liam was still there.  She knew they had a moment earlier on the deck of just being glad to be alive, but now, she really just wanted to hold him again.  To kiss his lips and check him for wounds. 

Korean made Ji's eyes light up.  “Anyo-Oppa!” she beamed over at him, the Korean term for brother and a hello, and he had called her his 'little sister', something that she didn't mind at all.  She gave him a bright smile, she could almost feel Liam looking at her, and she turned her dark gaze to him.  He didn't seem jealous, but he could be hiding it, however, he seemed more curious.  She would explain later, and the truth of the matter was she doubted that Thom even know that she and Liam were a thing yet.  She hadn't had time to tell him anything about it.  It was actually nice to spout some Korean at someone instead of at a screen for her parents that they would likely never hear. 

Thom went on about what he needed as far as fighter repair and then that he needed the office later.  Ji smiled as she leaned against the wall right beside the door jam.  Watching the two men interact and talk about the logistics of repairs and work that needed to be done.  Of course, they had so much work to do it wouldn't be fast but she hoped it would be enough time to get things back to working order. 

“I'll get the crews started on the fighters as soon as I can.” Ji promised.

Thom grabbed his helmet and went to head out.  He bumped her shoulder playfully and Ji grinned up at him, she was short, but she didn't mind that fact.  He told her that poker was still on the table if she wanted to join.  “Great, can I bring my boyfriend?” she asked waggling her eye brows in a goofy way. 

He seemed surprised.  "Boyfriend? Does that mean that I need to... Measure him up to see if he's a worthy catch for you?" he asked her, blissfully unaware of the fact that Liam was him.

"We don't need any dick measuring contests at poker night." she quipped.

"It's fine, I know I'll win."  Assured Thom as he walked away.

Once Rav was gone she pushed off of the wall just in time to see Liam heading towards her.  He was limping, and she opened her mouth a moment to ask him about his knee, but there was no time because he was there.  Against her, hugging her.  Holding her against his body and her arms slid around his waist holding him just as tightly.  His lips in her hair were welcome for her and she sighed, relaxing fully for the first time since the day had begun.  Knowing that the hell they had gone through was par for the course for them but she sure hoped that they never had to go through something like that again. 

“We're okay.” she promised him softly.

Then he was kissing her.  Passionately.  Their lips melded and broke over and over again.  Kissing and enjoying and loving each other.  Her hands raked through his hair and gripped his jumpsuit to keep him as close as possible.  In between kisses she stared into those pretty blue eyes of his and enjoyed the sparkle that was returning back to them slowly.  He said they made it, and kissed her again.  She let the kissing go on for a good long time.  Enjoying the feel, knowing there was so much work to do and it would probably be irresponsible again to use the desk once more for what it wasn't designed to do.  Finally, she broke the kiss, breathing heavily, her finger tips brushing over his cheek bones.

“I thought I'd lose you, out there, when the Borg... I just.. I'm so glad.. I'm so glad you're still here.” she whispered softly.  “I love you, and I don't want to lose you, and … and when we get to where ever the hell we are going.  You're mine, Liam Herrold.  I'm going to take off with you and we're going to do something together.  You and me, and it's not fix ships, and change out faulty wiring.  We're not going to patch phaser holes and replace engines.  I mean.. we will but we're also going to take some us time.  You .. me.. fun.” she smiled up at him brushing her nose against his.

“We are alive, so we need to live.”

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[ Lt Cmdr Miles "Iron-Fox" Renard | Figher Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Only the ghosts that now walk this damned vessel

Miles sighed feeling Goldeneye walking away from him.  Now he was alone both in location and in mind.  Given the circumstances of where he was, this bay, which had seen far too much death recently, his mind practically cried to escape from this place and be anywhere else.  For now though, knowing not a thing else to do, he headed out of the bay having yet to even take off his Exo-suit.  He knew there were members, or at least one member of the squad, he did not want to deal with at the moment and he imagined she didn’t want to deal with him either. He certainly wasn’t going to tempt fate by using the same locker room as the squadron’s personal Ghost.

Instead he simply left the bay without another note and opened a com channel via the internal communicator in the suit “Lieutenant Commander Miles Renard to office of the quartermaster.  I’m going to need a temporary quarters ASAP.”  He simply said and decided to await a reply before turning the transparency in his helmet off as well as the speakers that allowed his voice to be more audible to those nearby even when in the suit.  He could see and hear what was outside but he was thankful that no one from outside could see or hear the emotional wreck that was hidden behind semi opaque face shield and housed in a bloodstained flight suit.

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PO2 Sithick | From the Allegiant | To the Fighter Bay] attn: @Auctor Lucan  @The Ostrich @Stegro88

Sithick paused when a very familiar voice hit his ears, he turned around to see a figure he remembered from a posting that had changed his life. She spoke in Klingon to him, and he nodded, the language was a little rough in all honesty. He had never been great with klingonese, he decided that for her at least he would speak in a language he had not used in many years. The first language, the one of slaves.

<"Donna! How are you here?"> He asked the tones of low kolathi perfect for him eleminating his usual horrible speach impediment he forgot how relaxed the language was, how easy it came forward. But that was because it was designed to be so. It wasn't pretty especially with his deep booming voice, but there was no denying that he was fluent in it. <"It has been a long time, but i never forget a meal."> He said more as a joke to the other person, his arm outstretched, and his clawed hand took her wrist in an enthusiastic shake.

Sithick turned towards the Andorian woman. Well he used the word woman, but he had read that the andorian's had 4 genders with unique parts to each so while the slender frame made her look female he had no idea how any of that actually worked, and decided to not openly gender the person. Her name would have been murder for him to try and pronounce. "Blizzard ish easier." He admitted speaking Federation common, a feat that Donna would know had once been impossible for him, yet now he was more than able to converse in the language.

He nodded when she pointed out that he was an engineer. "I work with weapons." He said nodding. His job on the flight crew had been to make sure that when the pilots pressed the button the weapons worked. As for her other question he actually pointed to Donna.

"She helped me get a commisskion during the war." The only war that actually mattered the one with the dominion. "I Orion Klingon slave, then my ship was destroyed, and the Federation took me in.  Serving proudly ever since." For now he decided to give the abreviated version. "If you wish to know more, another time, I am normally flight crew here, so perhaps dinner?"

Flight crew and pilots didn't really converse that way, but sithick was never one for norms, hell his girlfriends were both alien to him. "On allegiant we were tezting my new cannon, Made from parts from stolen attack ship. I also fended off some Borg, though not good meat."

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kinvarus, @Doc M. + Locker Room Visitors
When Alessia Garcia had said she wouldn't let Rawley into her shower all the time, and that she'd have to settle for the view outside it, Rawley had chuckled. "Oh, I'll take it."

Stepping out of the stall, Rawley spoke over her shoulder. "I'll catch you Below Decks later then, Angel, and we'll see what tricks you've got. I hav-" Rawley trailed off when they were outside the stall... since she heard something. They both did, she imagined. It was coming from the stall next to theirs, the quiet sounds of weeping coming from it. Rawley's grin had drained from her face, a grim expression coming to her instead. She had a guess as to whom it might be. When she spoke, the easy-going manner she'd held was gone. When a fellow wolf in the squadron lost a wingmate, or the demands of the hunt became too much, the pack had to take care of their own. Most likely, both Angel and she had held such conversations before, and feeling the grimness of earlier feelings return to her, she simply nodded to Angel. "I'll take it. You go on ahead."

Quietly, Ghost slipped into the stall, and found her wingmate from Starbase 84 lying on the floor. She clenched her jaw, thinking that... perhaps... the news about Covington had hit Lance hard. "Hey," she said as she crouched down next to her, and she spoke as softly as she could, which might seem uncharacteristic of her. The original Lone Wolves likely all thought her this gung-ho daredevil without a shred of self-preservation, who drank like a Klingon and swore like some ancient pirate. Be that as it may. She was still a wolf, and given the shite that her squadron had gone through, she wasn't about to let a sister down.

"Tessa, come on, let's hear it." She reached out, putting a hand on Goldeneye's shoulder, her other arm resting on top of her knee. "It's about Papa Bear, isn't it?"

[ CPO Liam Herrold | Office, Fight Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ @Nolan
[Show/Hide]After trading kisses with Ji for a good long while in the office, whilst the sensation that they'd escaped harm settled into them, Ji spoke of wanting to be with Liam. Not just in regard to their fighter bay and what needed to be done there, but off duty. Perhaps even off-ship. Shoreleave, be it a holodeck or not, sounded like exactly what Liam wanted right then given the rough week they'd had.

Holding her close, he thought about the Resolve, of loosing all those people he'd shared his life with for three years beyond Romulan space. He thought of Erik Randall and his late Commanding Officer, Captain Kendrick. He thought of the people in the Resolve's fighter bay that were gone, and then the time aboard the Theurgy. There were few golden nuggets of happiness there, Ji being the centre one, but the rest? Savi boarders, paranoid Endeavour survivors, Asurians and Klingons. and then the Borg. There had been few times aboard the Resolve matching the hardaches aboard the short time he'd been on the multivector dreadnought.

But holding Ji, his forehead pressed to hers. He knew it was all worth it. For she had become his focal point.

"Time of our own sounds great," he said and chuckled, but then came the thought about the conversation that had taken place between them and Covington just before the Borg came aboard. He cleared his throat. "We lost the Chief, and until there is some decision from the brass that there is a better candidate, I suppose I have to take on his role. I hope the added duties won't keep us apart. In fact... I won't let them."

He really hoped there was a better candidate hiding somewhere among the officers aboard, but if there wasn't? Would he have to replace himself? He ran a hand through her hair, kissing her again as if to emphasise his promise. The... survivors guilt relating to Sten, and what he'd said to them, soon made him talk again. "I must admit, there are some... conflicting feelings about what happened. With the Chief, I mean. He was about to kick us both out of the bay because of his antiquated views, even being hypocritical about it too. He was going to let his rank and experience excuse this double standard about you and me. And now... he's gone, before he could act on his words. And it's only the two of us who know what his decision might have been."

The unspoken accord, this obvious answer to an awkward question hung in the air. The question was if they should tell anyone what Sten had said. Of course they wouldn't. On the Theurgy, there were no prospects of career. They were on a renegade ship. But they would not aid the mission to their greatest potential anywhere outside the fighter bay.

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel”  | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan + Locker Room Visitors

Turning off the shower, Alessia wrapped her towel around herself and smirked at Rawley's reply "I'm sure you will Chica." She said with a wink as she followed the other woman out of the shower.

Rawley's had started talking about meeting her at the bar and seeing what she could do when the woman cut herself off, no doubt due to the sounds of sobbing coming from one of the other stalls. Alessia had heard it too and had turned her head to look in the direction of the sobbing. She wasn't sure who it was, but she could probably guess the reason why, whoever it was had lost somebody during the battle.

It was always hard, and given all the losses they had taken recently, especially the Wolves, both the Lone and White having more was just another line in hits that they had already taken. Like most packs however if one hurt you all did and you all gathered together to help another in the family. Alessia turned to look at Rawley who looked at her and nodded, tell her that she'd handle it. Alessia opened her mouth to say something, feeling like she should go too but more than one person would be enough and nodded back "Okay, good luck."

After leaving the shower area she returned to her locker and dried herself off with the towel before putting on her regular uniform and grabbing her PADD. Glancing at the screen, she saw that an early casualty list had come in and scanned down it, hoping that nobody she knew was on the list. She saw a few names that she recognised from the Wolf squadron list but none that she knew personally, but that didn't mean there hadn't been any that she did just that they might not have been added to the list yet.

It always sucked when you knew there were more than likely going to be more names added to the list, after all it took time to count the dead and update the list itself when there were other things that needed doing. Opting to forget about the list until later when they had done a final count of their losses, she tossed the PADD into her locker and closed it before making her way out of the room.

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Griff @Kinvarus @IronFerrox

Curled up on the floor of the shower stall, Tessa’s silent moaning became an audible groaning, before morphing into a pathetic sniveling, before transforming into a high pitched wailing.  That Rawley was flirting with another member of the squadron didn’t matter or even register anymore.  Both Ghost and Goldeneye had their own ways of coping with losses after a mission.  Tessa cried her eyes out and felt sorry for herself, and Evelyn tried her best to enjoy and appreciate her fellow pilots while they were still here.  To be honest Rawley’s shower room antics had stopped registering anymore, and Tessa had barely noticed Evelyn’s amorous attention to Alessia.  The important part was to get a good cry out before the rest of the squadron crowded the locker room and saw what a mess she was.

A pair of bare feet became visible out of her blurry peripheral vison and a soft feminine voice spoke to her.  "Hey."

Oh no, thought Tessa.  Please don’t be one of the new girls.  Please don’t be one of the new girls.  The last thing Tessa needed was for one to the new members of the pack to find out what weak link in the chain she really was.  If it was Alessia it would destroy all of the respect and comradery that Tessa had built up with her and if it was Lilee or one of the former White or Black Wolves they discover how undependable Tessa was and just how tenuous a hold of sanity everybody had around here.

Thankfully it was Evelyn.  She was kneeling beside Tessa, her nakedness and combined with her posture and the way she rested her arm over her knee making her resemble a classical statue sculpted in ancient Greece or Rome back on old Earth.  "Tessa, come on, let's hear it," Evelyn sighed with parental patience.  "It's about Papa Bear, isn't it?"

”Oh Evelyn!” Tessa exclaimed as she rose to her knees and hugged her fellow pilot in a passionate embrace as the floodgates opened.  ”It’s not fair!  Why did he have to die he was like a father to us and now he’s gone!” she babbled as she blubbered on the other woman’s shoulder.  With their arms around each other and their naked chests smashed together, the two of them would appeared quite erotic if Tessa wasn’t behaving like a six year old.

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 03 | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Masorin @The Ostrich

Donna hadn’t seen the other pilot around the Gorn’s enormous frame until he had turned to look at her. Donna remembered seeing her earlier that morning during their briefing aboard the Dauntless but hadn’t overly paid attention to who she was. Now, it seemed they were packmates. But the Gorn responded to her, confirming his identity, first.

“Again with that language,” Donna thought, recognising the language as he spoke. He had used it when they had first met, despite understanding Klingon. She herself couldn’t speak it but she understood it well enough. And what he said brought a smile to her face as he held out a hand to her, one she accepted without hesitation, and shook.

“It was an interesting meal wasn’t it,” Donna replied in Klingon, both catching the joke but also referencing the first meal the two of them had shared. The Gorn’s table manners were, typically Klingon, at best. And she was surprised when he turned to address the Andorian pilot that had been hiding behind him in Federation Standard, accented though it was. Saying nothing and only listening to what was said, Donna picked up several interesting details as Sithick explained what he had been doing aboard the Theurgy’s yacht, Allegiant, during the battle.

“Blizzard is it?” Donna enquired, switching back to Standard as well as she held out her hand. “I’m Chance. I guess we are pack mates now,” Donna observed before addressing the big guy. “And you. You’ve come a long way since I last saw you. Petty Officer 2nd, congratulations.”

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kinvarus, @Doc M. + Locker Room Visitors
When she lost Eun Sae Ji, the first time, Evelyn had learned how shitty it was. This bloody survivor's guilt, and the hope that she'd somehow made it... That hope had festered into some kind of sickness for her, and she hated how the wound kept bleeding, with no way to heal save letting time knit the cut all too slowly.

Rawley was there for Tessa right then, when it hurt the most, even if she was uncomfortable in the situation. She wasn't usually the shoulder to cry on, and she frowned while she held her sister wolf there in the shower - the sonic waves rising fine, clean mist from their skin. By then, it was only the excess of the humidifiers, both of them cleansed. Tessa's tears were the only thing that raised any thicker vapour, and Evelyn watched it drift in the blue light - brown eyes narrowed. Bloody hell how she'd miss the Chief too. Words were stupid. Wouldn't make any difference. When she pursed her lips to speak at last, she could barely hear it herself - the words meant for Goldeneye alone.

"Papa Bear brought little joy to anyone around him, though he will be missed by many. He was an entitled arsehole with too many years spent doing the same thing, but he was great at what he did. He never buggered it up, and made sure we were as safe as safe could be out there," she grated quietly, slowly stroking Tessa's back.

"He was always there, you know? Part of the bay, and part of our every day. Aye, this loss will linger. I know that I'll remember Covington, and I loved how he never cut any corners, because he fucking loved what he did. He was no cack-handed bastard, but one who justified himself for being a git sometimes." Frowning still - perhaps in hurt of her own? - she parted from Tessa enough to look her in the eye, and run a calloused hand through her hair where they sat in the sonic shower.

"My favourite memory of him is when we flew together at 84, and the nutter had launched the bloody Reaver against the Chester, giving us the fire support we needed. Not sure we'd made it without him, given how your bird was still twatted. Nonetheless, here you are. No giving up now, eh? Rumour has it that aperture was sealed, and the Borg wankers never made it through." Rawley tried a grim smile, hopefully encouraging Goldie a bit, but it might just have turned out a grimace of loss of her own.

"We will all miss him, but his 'legacy' - if you can call it that - will live on through all the great work he did here in this bay, right? Wish I could fix this wound, take away the pain. If there is anything I can do, let me know, okay?"

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Time Moves Forward | Changes For the Better | I Mourned Your Soul Ages Ago | One Step at a Time]
@Auctor Lucan

Time of their own.  Time to be a couple, not needed to repair something.  Time off, and if they could get off the ship itself it was more the better.  She loved the ship, it was her home, and had been since she had been drafted onto it.  However, some sunshine and good fresh air could not be replaced by anything.  Even the recycled air of a holodeck pretending to be fresh air and sunshine.  Nothing could quite replicate such a thing and she could only hope that there was some way that this could be fixed for them.  That they could get a real vacation.  Even if it was for a day or two.  She wasn't greedy, she just wanted some time where they couldn't be called away for the Fighter Assault bay.  She hoped that Ives could find them somewhere to go.   Understanding that his crew had been through so much it needed some sort of reset.

Li mentioned that the chief was gone and someone, him, was going to have to take over where the Chief left off until they figured out who would replace him.  She knew that it wouldn't be her, she had already been passed up from a promotion before.  The position that Liam currently held had once supposed to be her but had been given to him instead.  Likely, because Sten was mad at her after screwing her.  There was no end to the punishments that old asshole would lay on the people that he had decided to write off. 

She tried to look deep in her soul for some sort of sadness at his passing.  But, as much as she tried she couldn't find any.  Perhaps it was because when he had been an asshole, when he sent her to the Harbinger, when he slept with her as she came back, when he spurned her once more, and then.. when he fired her... she had written him off.  She had already mourned the loss of his soul because he hadn't had one in a long damn time. 

“We will make time for us.  We can work the schedules to have a little time every day.  Even if it's a small lay over.. or.. sleeping side by side.  The ship is our job but we also have to make sure that we stay healthy mentally or we won't be any good out there on the deck when we're needed.” she told him looking up into those lovely blue eyes.  Fringed with blonde lashes, he had those sharp features, that jaw bone that could cut someone... she was a lucky girl.

He spoke about Sten again, and Ji tried to listen to his fears.  About how they had both been fired, for the lack of a better term.  And how they were the only two that knew about it.  Meaning they could, sweep it under the rug if they wanted to.  They could pretend that whole situation didn't happen, and no one would ever know.  She knew that they could, but again, Ji was not ashamed of sleeping with Liam.  She was not ashamed of their relationship, and she would stand up for them over and over again no matter what.

Ji was known to have a spine of steel and now was no different.  “Oppa.” she sighed softly in Korean.  “Gwaenchanh-a.” she said cupping one of his cheeks with her rough and calloused hands with a bit of a smile.  “It's going to be okay.  I'm not afraid to tell Ives, or Ravon, or who ever I need to about the situation.  There is probably security footage of everything, and there will be paper trails of all the shit that he put me through.  So if you want me to, I will go and fight tooth and nail for the fact that we are allowed to stay on this ship and do our job.  We might have fucked on that desk behind you, but we didn't forget our job.  We didn't toss our responsibilities aside for it, not a single fighter, pilot, or job suffer for the time we were in here.  Because our jobs come first, they always do, Yeobo.” she smiled softly.

“I will fight for us.  I will draw blood for us.  Because, together we are a far better fucking team for this deck than apart.  We proved during the borg fight, during the Asaurian fight, we could have a relationship and do our jobs too.” she assured him.  “We got this.”

Oppa: Means brother, or if it's your lover it can mean boyfriend or sweetie
Gwaenchanh-a: means it's okay
Yeobo: means honey

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Griff @Kinvarus @IronFerrox

"Wish I could fix this wound, take away the pain. If there is anything I can do, let me know, okay?"

That was a risky thing to say because Tessa could get clingy and emotionally dependent.  In the past, she had been known to get fixated on one person, male or female, as a source of strength and comfort and become emotionally erratic when separated from them.  Those that had served with Tessa before the dreadful secret of Starfleet was revealed hadn’t noticed this flaw in her character, but after the Theurgy was forced to flee Federation space that particular flaw was hard to miss.  The missing and presumed dead Zrinka Agaixot, callsign "Honey Badger", had discovered that Tessa tended to cling to her like a tick during her brief dalliance with her, and being severely wounded and placed into stasis came as somewhat of a relief.  Likewise the late Christopher Slayton, callsign "Husker", had likewise found Tessa’s clinginess almost insufferable and tried to diffuse her attention by introducing him to two of his intimates that he had known while serving aboard the Harbinger.  

The thing that really made Tessa’s emotional dependence so pathetic was at its core it wasn’t sexual, or even romantic.  Whoever she latched onto was in serious danger of becoming a parental figure, and with the pressure and isolation everyone on the ship was facing it difficult to find anyone willing to raise a child, let alone adopt one who was twenty-six years old. 

Apparently the late Sten Covington had found some way of serving as that parental figure while maintaining a healthy distance, as if he was the father of a twenty-six year old daughter instead of a six year old daughter.  It was one of the many skills that someone who had spent four decades in Starfleet dealing with young and emotional pilots in both war and peace had perfected that was difficult to master and nearly impossible to replace.  For Evelyn to even hint at being willing to take up this onerous and embarrassing burden was either the height of bravery or martyrdom.   If Tessa imprinted on Evelyn, the other pilot risked kissing any traces of privacy or sanity goodbye.

Tessa sniffled like a child as she held Evelyn tight as if one of them would fall into a bottomless pit if she let go. Normally during one of these awkward tearful hugs Tessa would let go of her emotional crutch long enough to brush the tears out of her eyes but thanks to the sonic shower any tears, ( or nasal mucus) was swept away before any buildup could grant Rawley her freedom, leaving their pale and normally curvaceous bosoms squished together like too many water balloons in a pail.  ”Th-thanks Evelyn,” Tessa burbled quietly.  ”I will.”

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kinvarus, @Doc M. + Locker Room Visitors
Brushing her hand through Tessa's hair, Evelyn soon moved to part a little from the other woman, the closeness not uncomfortable, but she wasn't about to spend more time in the shower with Goldie than she had to. She's already showered three times as long as she had to, and the sister wolf wasn't objecting to her words. Rather, she seemed satisfied with what she'd said.

"I'll remember Papa Bear fondly as well, but I sure as fuck won't let his death stop me from flying," she said to Goldeneye, and got back on her feet, trying to help the other woman to rise as well, "and if he'd see us weeping over him I'm sure he'd bloody well remind us that we're still alive."

Having said as much, Rawley let go of Tessa and nodded towards her. "You gonna be okay?" she asked, meaning to leave unless she had ought else to say.

[ CPO Liam Herrold | Office, Fight Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ @Nolan
[Show/Hide]They certainly needed time for themselves, and that was something Liam would arrange for them as best as they might. Still, there was no avoiding the truth, and they would have to clear it with his new direct superior unless she found someone to replace him with. Commander Stark, whom Covington had reported to. Liam found himself smiling at his steely girlfriend, who was an equal measure of cute, alluring and tough.

"You would not be fighting alone," he said to her and leaned down slanting his lips to cover hers, a brief but determined kiss. "After all, it's my fight as well. We can present our case well enough. We have the right of it, after all, and we'll just have to be clear on how I won't be not giving you any special treatment on-duty when it comes to the bay. That would likely be Commander Stark's reservation, so let's just take care of that objection first thing we do."

Resting his forehead against hers, a chuckle came to him. "Make no mistake, however... If I catch you in here alone with me some other lunch break or evening meal, I intend to make good use of that desk again. Likewise, if your shift happen to end, and I just so happen to be alone with you in the locker room, I can't promise I'll behave. If there is one thing I am certain of, it's that I love you, and I want to show you how much at any opportunity I can."

They might be in the bay, but if they were not on the clock, it was their time and their time to spend as they liked... as long as they didn't get caught.

"Whenever we get to leave tonight, I want you... regardless where we end up sleeping," he said to her, his forehead still against hers, and his eyes closed - arms wrapped around her. "I want to celebrate being alive... and being with you."

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[ Ltjg Jhozahosh “Blizzard” sh’Avhennes | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Stegro88 @Masorin


Jhoza and the large Gorn were joined by another pilot, one whom Jhoza had not met yet. Sithick however, seemed to know who she was, and they rapidly conversed in what sounded like a dialect of Klingon. Jhoza had served aboard with Klingons aboard the IKS Chol’Vok during the Dominion War. She had learned a slightly different dialect while fighting with them, so it was enough to get the gist of what the two were saying.

Jhoza laughed and clapped Sithick on the bicep as he mentioned trying to eat the Borg ”I can believe that big guy! Drones don’t seem like they would taste nice or be easy to chew.” Her antennae faced each other and quivered, a sure sign of her mirth.

When Chance introduced herself Jhoza nodded and accepted the offered hand and shook firmly. ”Blizzard, Jhozahosh sh’Avhennes, Jhoza, girl, whichever is easiest for you Chance!” Her antennae flicked forward to observe Chance as she spoke. ”That was Klingon I heard between you two earlier, was it not? I do speak their language, but that particular dialect was unfamiliar to me. I assume you two share a bit of history, based of what little I understood.”

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Fighting For What's Right | Til the End of Time | Standing Together]
@Auctor Lucan

He promised that she would not fight alone.

Her smile warmed but soon fell because he was kissing her.  Leaning into him she kissed him back allowing their lips to complete their gentle dance for a long moment.  Enjoying the fact that they could do it now.  They could kiss, and hug, and be together.  They could prove to the deck, to the ship, to who ever the new boss was that they could be together and be professional as well.  What she wanted from him was just to stay by her side.  Ji didn't want to hide who and what they were.  She wanted to stay with him and know that beside him and working with him were good parts of her life.  He broke the kiss so that he could speak again.  The much shorter Korean woman looked up into those lovely blue eyes.  They still made her knees weak, and there was something about how they twinkled when he laughed that did things to her stomach she didn't think she could name.

“I am certain that through time and our determination we can prove our case.”

He rested his forehead against hers, her hands brushed against his cheeks, thumbs brushing across the cheek bones as she stared into the pools of blue.  He promised that if they were on break in this office or in the locker room after shift he wouldn't be holding himself back.  He would take her on the desk, or in the locker room, and he wouldn't apologize for it.  Because, he loved her, and he wanted to prove it every chance that he got and she understood that all too well.

“You bet your ass you won't pass up an opportunity.” she grinned up at him.

Liam told her that when they were off shift tonight he wanted to be with her, to take her, to love her, and be with her.  To celebrate their relationship and still being alive.  The answering smile lit up her entire face.  She kissed him then, not answering with words, not yet anyway.  She pushed against him walking him back towards whatever was behind him.  Turned out to be the aforementioned desk, and once he stopped she kissed him with heavy passion and hunger allowing for their lips to dance and their bodies to press against one another.  Her hands gripped his collar, clenching it into her fists and holding him in place, the muscles in her forearms popping out slightly before she let it go.

“You better find me after shift ends.  Saranghae, Liam Herrold, I love you.” she whispered gently, and then pressed a kiss to his forehead.  It was the sign of trust, utmost trust, though she doubted he knew Korean culture, that was exactly what it was.

“I better go get my job going because.. if I stay in here too long, I'm not leaving.” she stepped back and took one last long look at him.  A little wink shot in his direction before she spun and headed out a bit lighter on her heels than when she had come in.

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

"I'll remember Papa Bear fondly as well, but I sure as fuck won't let his death stop me from flying," Evelyn said as she let go of Tessa and rose to her feet, "and if he'd see us weeping over him I'm sure he'd bloody well remind us that we're still alive."

”That’s right, he used to say that pain was the universe’s way of letting us know we’re alive,” Tessa smiled weakly.  ”And right now I sure feel alive,” she added wistfully.  She stretched like a cat before unfolding her body and rising shakily to her feet.   ”You know you never really know what you got before you lose it,” she declared quietly.  ”We’ve lost so many of the old pack.  I hardly recognize us now.  Hannah got her mind taken over and killed Soo, before getting killed herself.  Skye got killed by friendly fire.  We lost Fasha at Starbase 84.  We lost Axius when the Calamity hit us, and we nearly lost Rini and Khorin then too.  Of course Rini never made it back from the Ithacae System on the mission to that abandoned mining station in the coreless moon, and Khorin was abducted by the Savi, just like Captain Ives…”  Her topez yellow eyes widened as she had an epiphany.  ”Captain Ives!  Oh my goodness!  Captain Ives made it back and not only that, he got the Versant to enter the battle fighting for the good guys!  Do you think that any of the other abductees made it back too?”

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Locker Room Showers | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kinvarus, @Doc M. + Locker Room Visitors
Watching Goldie stretch and get bck on her feet reminded Rawley just how naked the other wolf was, and she couldn't help the smirk of contentment at the display. She would not take advantage of her sister when she was in such an emotional state, but perhaps some other time. Tessa was already showing improvement, rationalising her own emotions based on what Sten might have said - just like Rawley had tried to suggest.

Rawley had frowned, however, looking down at the floor while the mist still rose from their bodies. The names of the original Lone Wolves rolled off Goldeneye's tongue, and those names sparked faces and memories for Ghost. Besides those already spoken of, Rawley found herself adding the rest of them - most who had died at Starbase 84. Gregor "Outrider" Strand, Carolina "Game" Archer, Earl "Hurl" Lundh, Quint "Hat Trick" Birch... and Jaru Rel - our first squad leader. Iceman. Since the ambition was to try and help Goldie push on through the grief, Rawley didn't say their names aloud.

Suddenly, Tessa remembered how Captain Ives had hailed them at the end of the battle, which suggested that perhaps the other abductees had made it too. Rawley had heard that Hardtop had been thawed while she was on the ice, and she could but hope he had made it. "I guess it depends on the hospitality of those bloody aliens, I guess," she said, and nodded towards the exit of the stall. She debated whether or not to make the argument that it might be best to not get their hopes up in regard to Hardtop, Maverick - or was it Icarus now? - or the two girls from the Resolve and the Orcus, Neko and Dragon. She'd barely met the last two before the Devoted had sliced her up, but she hoped to get to know them too if they showed up again.

"Let's just hope for the best," Rawley ended up saying as she stepped out into the locker room, and went to dress. Fuck I need a drink, she thought, her blood running hot after having chatted up Angel and then got closer to Goldie than she'd ever expected to - for reasons not entirely of her own choosing. Surely someone in Below Decks might feel like celebrating this victory?

[ CPO Liam Herrold | Office, Fight Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ @Nolan
[Show/Hide]Oh, by her words Liam got the distinct impression that if he'd forget to take any offered opportunity with her, she'd be the one to remind him. It had made him chuckle, and he had no doubts about that claim.

Her second reaction was more hands-on, so to speak, in how she pushed him up against the edge of the desk, and the kisses turned into a full make-out session that he might not have been prepared for, but he sure as hell answered to it. Pinned as he was, his calloused hands ran over her shorter body, feeling how she pressed herself up against him. He lost himself entirely in the exchange, eyes closed and feeling her fingers running over his uniform. Just when he thought they were about to breach the rule of preserving themselves for off-duty opportunities, Ji stepped away, leaving him wanting, but her demand for him to find her after the shift ended was well heard.

"Oh, I will," he managed, heart beating hard in his chest as he watched her leave. He found his smile nonetheless. "And I love you too..."

When she was gone, he took a deep breath and shook her head, trying to clear it, before he raked his hand through his hair and returned to the computer. He found himself entirely too distracted to handle the administrative duties that came with his new role. Not until several minutes had passed had he managed to put Ji from his mind just so that he might focus on what the warp fighters out there needed in terms of MRO and restocking of torpedoes.¨

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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1140] Wolf Pack Reunited

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 03 | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Masorin @The Ostrich

Donna wanted to slap herself then and there, right in the middle of the flight deck. She should have known the callsign ‘Blizzard’ or recognised her from earlier, but she hadn’t. Come to think of it, she hadn’t seen the Andorian much at all since she had arrived aboard the Dauntless several days ago. There were times that her memory was incredible, recalling the smallest detail when needed. And then there were times that it failed her completely. That was the only way that she could reason forgetting that she had served with one Jhozahosh “Blizzard” sh'Avhennes aboard the USS Jadestone. And judging from Jhoza’s response to her, she had forgotten that they had served together as well.

“At least I’m not the only one,” Donna thought to herself. “It’s a long way from the Jadestone isn’t it, Jhoza?” Donna asked, hoping to jog the Andorian’s memory. She could practically see the wheels turning as the Andorian’s mind worked. “Don’t worry about not remembering me. I've been around you for 3 days and not realised we had served together.”

“And yes, that was Klingon that you heard. It was the only language that we shared when I first met Sithick,”
Donna confirmed for her packmate. “Sithick and I, yeah, you could say we share a little bit of history,” Donna added before turning to the Gorn in question.

“Anyway big guy, I need a shower. But we should catch up sometime. I’m curious how you ended up here of all places,” Donna said to the Sithick. “And Jhoza, I’m sure we’ll catchup soon enough. Rawley will make sure of that,” Donna added before turning away and heading for the showers.


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