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Prologue: Awakening [ Day 03 | 1500 hrs. ]


[ Nurse Jovela | PCU in Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
"The patient is suffering from both delta and thermionic radiation," said Nurse Jovela to the former Chief Counselor, who had been demoted just hours ago and had all her current clients removed from her care. This, pending investigation of her sessions with Doctor Maya. Jovela didn't know Hayden O'Connor half as well as Doctor Maya, so she felt uncomfortable about having to deal with the human from the Harbinger. The current patient didn't need a counselor, however, being in a catatonic state. Jovela continued. "He was exposed during the... When the Devoted tried to give command of the ship to Sarresh Morali. He is one of the leaders, and the sole survivor of those who were aboard the Tigris. The rest died from the radiation here in Sickbay. It was too late for them. The cellular disruption had progressed too far. This patient survived because he appear to have some Klingon DNA, and the journal says his grandfather was of the Empire."

"What's his name?" asked Ensign Hayden O'Connor, her hands in the pockets of her coat. Jovela knew she was a doctor as well as a therapist, but right then, she just looked like a crestfallen human woman, eyes lined and her whole stance shouting regret.

Jovela suspected that the woman didn't mourn the demotion and removal from office, but rather how she had failed Maya and the crew. Judging by what hearsay told, Jovela thought her intentions had been good, but put too much faith in her patient's assurances. She felt sorry for O'Connor, knowing the Earth saying about good intentions. "Petty Officer Dylan Cobb. He was a maintenance engineer before 1400 hrs. yesterday, when the Devoted made their move. Hey..." she said, stepping away from the biobed and putting her hand on Hayden's shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm... Yeah. It's just a lot right now," said Hayden and chuckled thickly. She turned towards Jovela, folding her arms underneath her chest. "Thank you for asking, though. People have been... It's like I am one of the Devoted too, and kept at arms length. Rumours truly travel at warp speed on this ship, even when split into three."

Jovela smiled to her. "Listen, there was no way you could know just how bad the situation was with Maya. I know her, and she gives you the impression that she can weather anything. She is so stoic, careful and professional, and... Hey, what is it?"

Hayden's mouth was open, gasping. Her whole body was trembling, and Jovela reached out towards her. Was she diabetic? It looked like she was having a seizure. "O'Connor?"

That was when she heard the rustle of a patients gown, and the wet noises from behind the woman. Jovela's hands rose to her mouth in horror, seeing Dylan Cobb's leprous fist stabbing an exoscalpel into the woman's back. Paralysed in shock at seeing the Devoted leader moving, and that someone had deactivated his restraints, Jovela wanted to scream, but nothing came out.

It was not until Hayden's limp body was tossed aside, and the garish sight of Dylan Cobb's scabbed and deformed face came into view, that Jovela's hand went for her combadge. "Jovela to Securit-" she managed, turning to try and leave the closed ward, but she was too late. She felt the scabby fingers of the patient over her mouth, and she was yanked back from the door.

[ Meanwhile | Nurse Maal | Main Sickbay Corridor | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: 1) @Zenozine  2) @FollowTomorrow  3) @Absinthe 
Walking next to Hylota in the long Sickbay corridor, Maal hadn't been comfortable during the hour they had spoken with the counselor from the Resolve. Since Hayden had been demoted and all her patients reassigned, they had met with Zeloza Ejek - the new Chief Counselor. Since Hayden O'Connor had been there to help Hylota while she gave birth at his side, having to talk with this stranger about the sole surviving egg hadn't been... ideal. He did not regret that the session was over.

"Thank you," he rumbled nonetheless, running a hand over his corrugated forehead and through his short hair. He was not much for talking to begin with. "We will have the egg's stasis unit prepared... and make the arrangements. The physiology of this child, as Hylota said, will be well suited for stasis, and while it is difficult, it will be safer for it if it can reach the Ovri homeworld. This mission... it makes this ship unsuitable for raising children, and once the egg hatches - with the specific requirements of the water-filled environment - the risk of damage before the tadpole is fully developed is too... simply too high aboard this ship. Nonetheless, it was... good to talk about this decision, even if both Hylota and I are in agreement."

Maal had been the one with the difficulty to accept the decision of sending away the egg, whereas Hylota knew the needs of the tadpole better. In the end, he had put his objections to rest. He turned his head to look at Hylota, wondering if she had ought to say in parting with the counselor... when his peripheral vision saw something ahead in the corridor after they made a turn.

Frowning, he saw a patient limp out of the PCU, his gown bloodied and most of his skin covered in scabs. A cold shiver ran up his spine, thinking he knew whom this patient was. He raised his booming, Klingon voice. "Stop right there!"

Yet the leader of the Devoted didn't pause, instead entering the linen closest ahead of them in the corridor. Maal began to move, heading towards the escaped patient. "Call Security!" he shouted back to Hylota and the counselor, his large hands making fists as he ran. He made eye-contact with Hylota for the briefest of moments before he looked ahead again. There, he saw the patient emerging again...

...holding a hand phaser in his scabbed, twisted fingers.

Eyes wide, Maal saw the twisted, hateful face of Dylan Cobb, and then, how Doctor Lahkesis Saugn emerged between him and the armed patient. Instinctively, Maal pushed Doctor Saugn out of his way, mostly not to collide with her... but when she was out of the way, Maal saw how the patient had raised the weapon. The energy beam tore into his body mid-sprint. He could not hold back his rumbling cry of pain. The excruciating agony was brief for Maal, however. He saw his arms vaporising... before he saw naught more.

His final thought was on Hylota and his child, and how he had failed to protect them both.

[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Primal Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: 1) @Zenozine  & 2) @TrexelCat 
"I have read the report from Counselor Skai," said Doctor Lucan cin Nicander as he walked towards the LMH named Eve, her having been activated a couple of seconds earlier. Behind Lucan's shoulder, The Ovri nurse Vinata Vojona was checking on Amelya Duv where she rested on the single biobed in the office. Should the Trill wake from the coma that the joining to her new symbiont had caused, she would no longer be called Duv, but for Lucan, it was hard to imagine what Amelya would be like, provided that she would ever wake at all. Either way, her fate was entangled with his own.

"The full contents have been classified as per counselor-client confidentiality, but judging by what she chose to give me in her report, it would seem that yes, your program has evolved further than expected, but that there is no immediate need to restrict your access or limit your duties. Instead, it was recommended that you continued to see her, and that you made sure to keep me informed about any issues that you experience. I am willing to give you this trust, of course, based on your services leading up to the first battle with the Cala-"

Pausing, Lucan thought he had heard a scream through the aft door of his office, and frowned. "Thea, what's going on?"

A klaxon was heard in answer. [Security Alert. Weapons fire detected in Main Sickbay. Security Al-]

Pale grey eyes widening, Lucan saw the aft doors opening, and from the corridor, a limping figure in a bloodied gown entered his office. His face was twisted in hate and radiation damage, more than half his skin covered in red and purple scabs and blisters. The leprous figure had his hand phaser extended in front of himself in one hand, pointing it towards Lucan and Eve. By the winds...

By some miraculous chance, the leader of the Devoted did not press the button of his weapon in time. Lucan threw himself behind the closest desk, and the beam just set his white coat on fire. He landed heavily on his side, and from behind the desk, he saw Dylan Cobb ignore the LMH, shifting his aim towards Amelya Duv and the biobed she rested upon. "Vinata!" called Lucan, struggling to get out of his coat and unsure if the nurse had managed to get out of the way. The Devoted were after those involved in the Phoenix Project, and chances were the Ovri would be ignored.

When the Devoted fired again, the protective forcefield that Lucan had raised around Amelya flared up in reaction, making Lucan squint toward the stark light. Several beams were fired against the forcefield, and through his twisted mouth, Dylan Cobb screamed in hatred, cried out in his devotion his lost saviour. The prophet that had denounced him.

[ Meanwhile | Lobby | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: 1) @Doc M. 2) @SummerDawn 3) @Jm Von Cat  

In the public lobby of Main Sickbay, a Vulcan was led through the ails of officers waiting for their turn to talk to the receptionist. Flanked by two security guards, Doctor Maya returned for the first time to Sickbay since the battle at Starbase 84, about to see Counselor Ejek. The two from Security were Ryuan Sel and Varder Ridun, tasked to keep their eyes on Maya at all times, and to make sure she did not deviate from her path to the Chief Counselor's office.

Yet no more had they walked half the length of the room when the combadge on Sel's chest chirped. [McArthur to Ryuan, we received an unfinished security request from Nurse Jovela, followed by sounds of struggle. Sounded really bad. Have you reached Sickbay yet?]

The people in the lobby looked up, having heard the words of the officer manning the Aide's station in the Security Center from Sel's combadge. Whatever Sel said in reply was soon drowned out a klaxon and Thea's voice on the intercom.

[Security Alert. Weapons fire detected in Main Sickbay. Security Alert.]

This resulted in all the seated officers to get on their feet and run for the door, pushing past Doctor Maya and the two security officers in the commotion - all of them struggling to reach the exit.

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Map of Sickbay and Character positions:

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This is the cold open for Episode 05: Courage is Fear. Chapter 01 starter will be posted as soon as it is finished, involving more characters than these. :)

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[ Maya | Lobby | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ]

The last few days must have been long for Lieutenant (junior grade) Maya, M.D.  After waking up in the brig with no memory of how she got there she was informed that she had overpowered her direct supervisor, Lieutenant Commander Lucan cin Nicander, M.D. the Theurgy’s chief medical officer and freed a woman possessed by the same entities that had compromised Starfleet who was responsible for a number of fatalities thanks to Maya’s actions.  

During the interrogation conducted by the Theurgy’s chief security officer, Lieutenant Commander Wenn Cinn, the little Vuclan hadn’t hesitated to incriminate herself, even going as far as to list reasons why her testimony should be considered suspect.  Thankfully, Commander Wenn hadn’t hesitated to bring the interview to an end before the Maya calmly and logically explained the necessity to end her life for the good of the others.  Whether or not a Vulcan could feel self-destructive guilt was a question for the ship’s counselor, but since Maya had been Counselor Hayden O’Connor’s patient and had gone as far as to report lapses in memory and a lack of control over her own actions before the incident, apparently O’Connor’s opinion wasn’t in demand like it once was.  The interview had ended with the little Vulcan being shot with a phaser set for heavy stun, the only way to determine if she was possessed by the alien parasites that was the true enemy.  

Maya had spent the next day in fasting and meditation, completely silent and so still that some of the brig personnel compared her with a hologram that had froze.  The next day she was informed that she had an appointment with Counselor Zelosa Ejek.  The name was strange to Maya, but she didn’t ask questions.  If the pallid prisoner was curious about Counselor O’Connor’s fate, only a slight widening of her large hazel eyes was any indication.

When the time came for her appointment Maya noted that the ship’s mistress at arms Ensign Ryuan Sel and Petty Officer First Class Varder Ridun were her escorts.  This was significant.  Apparently Maya was considered so dangerous that the Ensign Sel was selected to escort her personally.  The selection of Petty Officer Varder was noteworthy as well since the last Maya knew he had been placed into stasis just after the first attack on the ship by the Calamity and was still awaiting treatment.  Apparently more time had passed than the little Vulcan had perceived because Ridun was not only awake but was returned to active duty.  Predictively, she was treated like a stranger but that was only to be expected.  The little Vulcan was difficult to get to know at the best of times, and this was as far from the best of times as one could imagine. 

They arrived at the lobby outside both the Counselor’s Office and Main Sickbay precisely at 1500 hours and that was when the unpredictable happened.

[McArthur to Ryuan, we received an unfinished security request from Nurse Jovela, followed by sounds of struggle. Sounded really bad. Have you reached Sickbay yet?]

Maya had time to raise her left eyebrow two millimeters before a deafening klaxon caused her to wince and shut her eyes.  Only the voice of Thea, the ship’s Artificial Intelligence could be heard over the alarm:

[Security Alert. Weapons fire detected in Main Sickbay. Security Alert.]

The patients who were waiting for their counselor’s appointment chose that moment to rise to their feet and flee to the corridor.  There had been a considerable number of officers waiting for their appointments and they had been seated at the L shaped divans in the waiting room when the trio had entered.  Maya was now in danger of being pushed outside by the evacuating throng of humanity but she felt a strong grip on her arm and managed to remain with her escort. 

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Main Sickbay Corridor | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Zenozine, @FollowTomorrow{/i]

After the last few days Lahkesis was emotionally drained. The Flurry of activity on her own life, especially regarding the events of her therapy sessions, had left her feeling tired in a way she had not felt before. She was looking forward to spending that evening with Sithick. It seemed things were patched up to a degree there and she was quite happy about that. In fact for the first time in some time she felt less alone than ever on the ship.

She was not in fact paying much attention to the world around her at all. She was in sickbay, a place she knew like the back of her hand, and though there had been some drama, she had avoided much of it. True the Devoted had attacked her and moved to sexually assault her, but in her mind those actions were dwarfed by being rescued by Sithick. Indeed, she once more considered Sickbay her home, more so than even her quarters were. There was no place she could be safer.

And then she heard someone yell something. She looked up just in time to see Nurse Maal as he quickly shoved her backward into the hallway she had just emerged from. She tumbled backward lightly, landing on her butt. As she opened her mouth to say something in mild annoyance it seemed as if the world changed.

She watched in horror as the red bolt of phaser energy slammed into Maal and as if time slowed to a crawl she watched as the man she had worked with for the past several months vanished into nothing in a flare of light. The horror of the situation  flooded through her and for a full second she could not react. Her eyes went to the others as they reacted to the several more blasts of phaser fire, scorching the air.

When she could at last react she could only panic, terror filling her. She turned away from her fellow crewmates and fled. Half crawling half running toward the bathroom. She Slammed herself in and slapped her hand against the lock mechanism. She collapsed against the door, her legs giving way under her. "Security!" she cried far to loudly as she slapped her combadge hard enough she practically bruised her own skin under it. "SECURITY!!"

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Nurse Jovela | PCU in Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

The instant that Cobb's fingers closed around her mouth, Jovela's survival instincts took hold. Fighting back in primal desperation, she slammed her head backward into his face as he hoisted her off her feet, hearing the wet crunch of blood and bone as she connected but still his iron grip around her slender torso held. Not wasting a moment, she planted both feet against the closed door and pushed backward, slamming Cobb against the biobed.

As he lurched backwards, he stepped back into the widening pool of O'Connors blood. One foot slipped out from under him and he half flung/half fell upon Jovela, his body twisting and sprawling across the floor. The last thing Jovela saw in that moment was the ceiling dropping away from her before her head struck the edge of the biobed, rendering her instantly unconscious.

A blaring klaxon brought her back to the present. [Security Alert. Weapons fire detected in Main Sickbay. Security Al-]

As the world gradually grew less fuzzy in her vision, Jovela slowly pulled herself up to standing, groaning from the throbbing pain coming from her temple. She could feel the slow rivulet of warm blood trickling down her face but there was no time to deal with it now. In the chaos, there was really no telling how long she'd been unconscious but she knew she didn't have a second to spare, not even to call for support.

Turning her attention to Hayden's fallen form, Jovela feared the worst seeing her lay so still, her face deathly pale but a hasty tricorder reading gave a glimmer of hope. Despite her severe injuries there was still some faint signs of life. Jovela's blood stained hands shook as she attempted to use an auto-suture tool to close up the worst of the counselor's wounds but she knew the fallen officer would need a lot more help than that to survive and soon but could Jovela find it in time?

Cobb was gone, a blood trail clearly showing the way, and with the klaxon blaring, security was surely on their way here but would they be in time to stop this madman from killing the rest of her unsuspecting colleagues? Was anyone else but her still standing in sickbay? Steeling herself for what she found next, she staggered out of the closed ward just in time to hear a phaser blast followed by her CMO shout "Vinata!"  Another shot followed closely after and as she took off in a dash toward the commotion in in the main lobby, she heard Cobb's angry roar.
"No pessimist discovered the secrets of the stars or sailed to an uncharted land or opened a new heaven to the human spirit"- Helen Keller

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[ Nurse Vinata Vojona | Primal Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan@TrexelCat

          Vinata was working diligently at his station in the primary surgical suite, he felt the inner warm or pride as he worked, to be asked to work on such a vital patient, to be trusted and utilized as such made Vinata feel like he had finally made a full recovery. Looking over the readouts and different scans Vinata nodded to himself as he recorded the information and signed off on it, he so did like the routine, a set order and list of actions to go through, his own knowledge telling him weather any more service was needed on his part, thankfully there was nothing needing to be done, readings were stable an nothing was unusual as far as he could tell, but he would let Lucan read over it anyways before he finished up, he did not want to miss anything.

Vinata was about to turn and hand in his information when he heard the scream, he was not sure what it was, but as the door to the primary sickbay opened Vinata put on a practiced welcoming smile. As he saw the disfigured man making his way into the suite Vinata's blood went cold, his legs tensed as he quickly scanned Dylan Cobb and he locked his eyes on the phaser he carried. Vinata's heart raced as his memory flashed back, he could see it all again, the scarred face of Phantom as he had charged into the suite not that long ago. Reflexively Vinata dropped down to the ground and he crawled to a blind spot as Cobb fired off at Nicander, Vinata wanted to call out to his commander and see if he was alright, but as Cobb began to shoot at the protective forcefield around Duv Vinata found himself covering his head as he fought to contain his panic.

Vinata could not believe this was happening again, this was a nightmare, it had to be some horrid trick of his mind, he could not believe that this was happening to him once more, thankfully he heard Nicander calling out to him, this made Vinata's heart slow slightly, he was at least not having to worry about his commander being dead, but as the shots kept firing off as Cobb tried to get through the forcefield Vinata began to feel his fight or flight instincts kicking in, if he tried he could crawl to Nicander's desk and hide there, he could be safe there until security came, but something happened that made his heart almost stop. It was distant but growing louder, a sound he knew as an Ovri, a shrill squeaking shriek, the sound of an Ovri enraged. Against his better judgement Vinata peaked over his cover to see what was happening.

[ Meanwhile | Nurse Hylota Vojona | Main Sickbay Corridor | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @FollowTomorrow , @Absinthe  

          Hylota and Maal had spent a lot of time going back and forth on the child they had sired, it had taken a while to logic out the matter, to make him stop holding onto the emotional and sentimental angle that they should not send away their child, but as Hylota explained the risks, explained ho likely it was that their child could die before it came to term due to a plethora of issues and how their child needed experts to make sure that their hybrid child could grow up healthy, thankfully explaining that Maal would be able to take his child back when things had blown over seemed to sell Maal, he would not be without his child forever and although she was not parental material Hylota at least gave enough of a promise that she would be there for their child, for Maal.

As Maal finished saying his peace and looked to her Hylota cleared her throat. "More specifically the child will go to my home world, the medical experts will help ensure that nothing goes wrong and that a healthy child will be there for Maal when he seeks him out. Ovri do not put much on parental ties, but if one wishes to take care of their offspring they will be allowed. In the end I feel this is the best course of action, I do not want to take the child from Maal, but in this case we must think of what is best and leaving the egg here is just reckless and dangerous."

As she talked she was stopped as Maal began to speak, stopping she turned to look to what Maal was doing, she had missed Cobb turning into the linen closet and she just blinked in mild confusion as she was told to call for security, she was going to ask why when she saw Cobb emerge, armed with a phaser. The next moments seemed to pass with agonizing slowness, Hylota watched as Doctor Saugn walked out in front of Maal as Cobb raised the phaser. In an instant Maal leapt into action, pushing the doctor aside in time to catch the phaser shot, as he burned away Hylota stood there in shock as Saugn called for security, she felt her muscles tensing in agony, she had not was just so fast, all the arrangements, the child... Maal.

The next thing she heard made Hylota's heart drop, Nicander calling for her brother. She felt cold, an empty pit growing in her stomach as she took a step forward, she had just lost the only man she felt it was worth investing in getting to know, watched him burned out of existence, and now her brother, her only tie to her home was either dead or in danger, reason was quickly thrown out as instinct and drive kicked in.

On their home world the Ovri had many natural predators, to survive the Ovri had adapted to overcome them, learning to run or fight, but unlike some races that just got a rush of adrenaline, Ovri employed other tactics as well. Shaking with mounting rage Hylota grabbed her cloth head wrap and pulled it off, tossing it aside as she began to inhale deeply. her throat and chin area swelling out with air, a dark rage burning in her dark eyes, Hylota would fight. Opening her mouth Hylota began to let out the aggressive ear piercing screech as she began to break into a sprint, charging to the primary medical suit.

[ Nurse Vinata Vojona | Primal Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan@TrexelCat

          As Vinata saw his sister charging up behind Cobb his eyes widened, he did not know what had happened to get her like this, but if she thought he was dead she might be willing to throw her life away to avenge him, and with such a large gap between Cobb and Hylota she was never going to close it before he could turn to face her again. Vinata had been here once before, this situation where the lives of innocents were riding on a split second judgement, and Vinata would commit once more, he could not allow his sister to die.

As Cobb's attention turned away Vinata raced around the surgical bay and grabbed Cobb's arm, lifting it and aiming the phaser to the ceiling as he held firmly to the man's wrist. This time Vinata close his eyes and turned his face away from Cobb as he planted his feet and took a more firm stance, he would not be thrown around like he had been with Phantom, but thankfully he was not alone this time as Hylota came charging up and slammed full force into Cobb, plowing her elbow into Cobb's chest before to reached up for his phaser, but unlike her brother she gripped Cobb's thumb and began to pull, she would break it to ensure he could not fire the phaser again.

Of course in this situation a broken thumb would be the least of injuries that Cobb would have to worry about, and Nicander would know this better more than most. For threatening and harming her brother death had not even spared a man of Hylota's rage, if no one stopped her there was no telling what Hylota might do in her rage, especially since this level of aggression from her had never been seen before as she continued to screech at Cobb, her neck slimming down as the stored air ran out.

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[ Zelosa Ejek | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | U.S.S. Theurgy] Attn: @Zenozine @Absinthe @Auctor Lucan

There was really no easy way to do this. When she made Chief Counselor the first time, she took on a lot of patients and learned the hard way how to navigate the sadness, the anger, the awkward. Now that it's happened again, she's found that she's reusing all of those skills.

She met with Hylota and Maal, one Klingon and one alien of a species she'd never seen before, a pair of new parents, and very close with counselor Hayden, a triple whammy. Throughout the session, she remained respectful of their boundaries, she did not presume to know more than they or counselor Hayden. She offered her ears, and advice only when needed. There really wasn't much to hash out, she could sense hesitation in Maal but there was no solid disagreement. They both wanted the best for the egg. In the end, even if it was awkward, she found herself fond of them. She wanted to see them off before her next appointment.

As they walked the halls after their session, she found her smile again. It was nice to deal with the stress of bringing life into the world instead of the grief of watching it pass, and they were both generally pleasant to speak with despite her status as newcomer. “I understand. Both of you want what's best for the egg, in the end. The decision made is a sound one.

“I should thank you two.”
She continued on, changing the subject to acknowledge a point she found important. “I understand it must be strange to speak with an outsider about this event. Your trust is not misplaced.” She looked forward to seeing them both again. She even entertained the idea of maybe watching their tadpole grow. She knew better though, her whole life has taught her one of the most important lessons...

Before them, she spotted a scabby, wretched rodent of a humanoid, wearing bloodied gowns. Surely, a cause for suspicion. Her outward facade changed very little, inwardly she felt her gears shift.

Sensing movement, she reached to take Hylota by the arm. Grief-stricken rage would only risk Hylota's life. She was too late, she only just brushed her fingers on Hylota's arm.

She ran after her, and consequently the rodent-skinned killer. The scene was striking, emotions ran high. Hylota was on the verge of exacting vengeance. As sweet as vengeance could be, Ejek had to think. She could let the man die. He'd deserve it for his actions, and then the Theurgy would no longer waste resources and manpower on him. Not to mention that getting in the middle would likely endanger Ejek. She did not like that face Hylota made. The Ovri stirred up memories, things she tried to forget. It was like the Jem'Hadar. Let Hylota do what she wanted, run off and find someplace safer. It's the choice that, just five years ago, she would've likely made.

She watched the violence continue. Her legs wanted to take her away from here. She almost listened, but something else told her that he should live. Hylota would not find solace in a dead body. She would not heal like this, but Ejek couldn't approach. Not yet.

For a few moments, she had to breathe. Let your feet feel the river, but do not swim away with it. Let the images pass. She was here, right now.

OOC: Ejek's next post would be her stopping Hylota, but she's currently pausing right now and unable to do so immediately. Feel free to intervene before me if it suits your character, and I'm sure there will be plenty of things happening in the surgical suite by the time Lucan and then Zenozine post.

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | CMO Office | Primal Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy[/i] ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Zenozine

Eve listened to Dr. Nicander as he spoke. It was odd to her that the session she had with the Counselor would actually be covered in the confidentiality clause. As she is tapped into the sickbay sensor suite, she heard the scream and immediately turned in the direction of the door where the sound could be heard from. She heard the alert and her program began accessing relevant information to cover the triage and treatment for weapons fire related injuries. This however was put on hold as soon as she saw the man in the doorway with obvious(to her) radiation injuries. It was a simple matter for her to access radiation treatment files as they were related to some types of energy weapon injuries. Then he opened fire...

Eve was no slouch when it came to fights in sickbay, it was anticipated that at some point one of her versions would be alone as intended when a rowdy patient would become a problem. But nothing like all out combat though, she had nothing for that. She was however a doctor, and she felt that she could use that to her advantage.

Eve simply started walking towards the man identified as Dylan Cobb. The weapon he had was incapable of actually harming her. It could disrupt her image though, and if enough of the holo-emitters were taken out it could completely take her offline. But as long as he didn't actually delete her program, she was recoverable in any eventuality.

She raised her hands to show she was no threat, no weapons. She was part of the medical field, trained to heal and do no harm. She hoped that would help her get closer to the man. She also hoped that wide spread knowledge that she was simply a medical hologram would be to her advantage and the assailant wouldn't consider her approach a threat, simply an attempt to aid him given his injuries.

"Massive radiation disruption to the cells, both Delta and Thermionic. My prescribed treatment is Lectrazine to stabilize your cardiovascular system, and Hyronalin to deal with the radiation currently in your body. Will you allow me to treat you and possibly save your life?"

She continued to move closer, slowing her pace a bit to try and enhance the image that she was no threat to the man. Her hands continued to be raised, she made no move to try and pick up anything.

She halted her movement though as she saw the two Ovri acting against the threat. She simply just dropped her arms to her sides. She turned away from the action as though she had simply lost interest in it, instead focusing on where she had noted that Doctor Nicander had taken shelter, moving in that direction to make sure he was okay. She was sure that her skills might be needed for the man with the phaser, if he survived his tussle with the two Ovri attacking him now.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | U.S.S. Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Zenozine
Whatever reply Ryuan Sel had planned was lost in the alert klaxon as phaser fire was detected in the main sickbay. Their charge, Maya, was no longer a priority and with a nod to Varder to remain with Maya, Ryuan unholstered her phaser, advancing into the main area of sickbay, unsure what to expect, or who to expect was the crewman responsible for the discharge.

Entry into the main sickbay was swift and it was plain enough as she scanned the room, looking for the shooter, that one of the patients was responsible. She didn't recognize the man but in the heat of the moment recognition didn't matter, the weapon in the hand of the man was all she cared about. The target picture however, was partially obscured by the Ovri nurse, her name escaped Sel in that moment though she knew whom it was and her memory would return later. A struggle was ensuing before her eyes and had to end, now, before any more were injured. She couldn't risk a phaser shot, not at this range. The man with the phaser in his grasp she knew she could stun, but the Ovri, Sel had little information about how they would react to phaser fire and she didn't want to injure the female who struggled with the shooter

Using the distraction to her advantage, Ryuan closed the distance between herself, Cobb and Vinata. Training for non-lethal take-downs went through her mind as she assessed the man's stance. Given his garments he was most likely a patient, and she suspected probably not as physically fit as he could be. Taking no chances however, Sel kicked the back of the man's knee, meaning to make him fall to the deck and give her a clear shot with her phaser. Once the man was down, she would be able to take control over the situation.

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[ Varder Ridun | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | U.S.S. Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @SummerDawn @Doc M. @Zenozine
It had barely been a moment since entering the lobby towards both Main Sickbay and the Counselor's office before the alert to Ryuan's combadge went out, followed swiftly thereafter by the deafening sound of the klaxon under the the words Thea spoke loudly over the intercom;
[Security Alert. Weapons fire detected in Main Sickbay. Security Alert.]
The crew-members whom had been waiting for their appointments took the chance to flee, pushing their way into both security officers and into Maya, their charge.

Varders reactions were somewhat simple, quickly noting the quickly evacuating group and the potential for an escape attempt by Maya. The press of people also made it immediately difficult to draw his phaser. Rather than attempting to push through or stand his ground against the people moving to get passed him in a hurry he simply turned side on and moved with them for a brief while until he was able to secure the small Vulcan with a firm grip on her upper arm. He maintained this grip without pulling or attempting to re-position her for the few seconds it took the crowd to clear. Although, Varder was able to note that his charge had made no visible attempt to flee, as had she attempted to do so there was no way he would have been able to secure her as swiftly as he had.

With the other crew now clear and his free arm now able to move freely, he drew his phaser, a glance towards his fellow Bajoran, Ryuan, showed her giving a brief nod towards himself and Maya. The meaning itself was clear, watch the little Vulcan.
What was not so clear however were his thoughts, Varder was not one to willingly let another fight alone, not when he was able to provide assistance. But in this situation he had a, in effect, prisoner to keep watch over.

He threw a quick glance back towards her, his left had still maintaining a loose grip on her upper arm through which he kept her behind him as he followed just behind Ryuan to the first corner ahead, from the waiting room to the Reception duty station. There he adopted a position from which to cover his companion as she moved forwards, stomach pressed up against the wall, with his right arm steadied on the corner itself. It seemed like almost every second he was glancing back towards Maya, thoughts went through his mind, could she be trusted?
He needed to move forward if he was to continue supporting Ryuan, but he could not do that if a Vulcan nerve pinched him from behind. But would she do that? In the security brief it was said that she sometimes blacked out and proceed to operate without her knowledge, as if influenced by an outside force. Although, Cir'Cie, another Vulcan believes she has fixed that issue.
Alongside the possibility of this issue having been corrected Maya herself was still insisting on coming to counseling, that was why she was here in the first place. Surely if she were not in her own mind right now she would have attempted escape?
Aside from that she helped to save Thea yesterday from one of the many threats she had faced.

Could she be trusted?..

All that raced through Varders mind in a few short moments, then with a final half second glance towards the little Vulcan he spoke with a quick and professional precision. "Keep a hand on my belt, keep close, keep low, shout if you see something."

A quick nod in towards her as he released her forearm, then he was beginning to move, barely giving Maya enough time to follow his instruction. Sel had already moved ahead, briskly, already preparing to turn into the Primary biobed and surgical bay. Varder saw her enter, his own pace taking him towards the closest entrance where he steadied his phaser against the door frame, ready to fire on stun should a clear shot present itself after the Mistress at Arms had made her move, although the situation he saw before him seemed to make that possibility rather slim.

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ]

"Keep a hand on my belt, keep close, keep low, shout if you see something."

“Aye-aye Petty Officer,” the little Vulcan replied in her quiet mezzosoprano voice. 

Although her face was unreadable, her thoughts were elsewhere.  With Maya in the brig it was almost certain that Lahkesis Saugn, Lucan cin Nicander, Jovela, and everyone else she cared about were working longer hours and were almost certainly on duty right now.  Were they in danger?  Were they hurt?  It was impossible to know at this moment.  She couldn’t even ask Thea right now; until she was reinstated or given ‘guest’ privileges, the ship’s computer wouldn’t answer her questions.

“This mustn’t register on an emotional level,” the greenblooded physician thought silently.  She was tempted to attempt to reopen the psychic link she had once shared with Lahkesis, but even if by some quirk of probability she was successful, in all likelihood she would distract the young doctor at what was possibly the worst possible time.  Despite an irrational urge to dash into the fray, there were people more prepared and qualified to handle the emergency than she was.  Until whoever was firing a weapon in sickbay was dealt with, Maya would only get in the way and endanger everyone further.  

Against her desire to stretch out with her telepathic senses, Maya reinforced the mental barriers she had psychically erected to keep out unwanted contact.  She crouched behind the young Bajoran and reached out with her left hand that seemed too large for her slender and petite frame and touched lumbar section of Varder’s back.  When he moved forward, she followed, moving in perfect harmony as if they had rehearsed. 


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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Primal Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ]
His coat was still on fire, and while staying out of sight behind the rounded desk, Lucan tried to disentangle himself from the white garment. The noises from the front area of his office ranged from a high-pitched, alien screech to a violated force field and sounds of struggle. The LMH had approached the attacker at first, but returned to him - likely meaning to help. Heart beating fast in his chest, Lucan finally managed to get his arms free, and cast off the burning coat. Only once he was free, his black, grey and teal-collared uniform smouldered, but there were no flames licking the cloth. He met the hologram's eye, and while he didn't need critical help, he reached out with a tattooed hand to get support in standing up.

He saw both Vinata and Hylota trying to overpower the fanatic, to take the hand phaser away from him, but despite his radiation exposure, the Devoted seemed fuelled by thoughtless desperation. He clung to his grip on his weapon as he clung to his ideology. Despite the betrayal of his messiah, he was driven by hurt and self-loathing, refusing to accept how far he'd fallen. He was screaming, even if his cry had been dwarfed by the lasting Ovri screech. Behind the commotion, Couselor Ejek and Nurse Jovela appeared, the latter covered in blood, both witness to the incident as it unfolded. This was also when Security arrived in the form of Ryuan Sel, and the Mistress-at-Arms charged in, kicking out one leg from underneath Dylan Cobb,

The last leader of the Devoted finally slammed into the deck plates, with the weight of two Ovri bringing him down. Still, he clung to the grip of his weapon, and in the fall, his cankered finger squeezed around the trigger - emitting a red beam that sliced across the office.

Pale grey eyes widening, Lucan saw it's cut across the bulkhead - the brief moment it lasted seeming like seconds. It passed through the LMH's shoulders and chest, and Eve's projection shimmered in reaction to the nadion particles of the beam. It was too late, Lucan realised, knowing it had been too late the moment the patient fell. Before the beam winked out, as the patient finally lost his grip, Lucan was hit in the waist - the beam eating into his side.

He staggered, breath lost in a silent scream, and the pain of millions of nerve-endings were afire. There was but one resort, one last shred of means in which he could handle the violence done upon his physical form.

Because the Chief Medical Officer's body was not entirely his own.

His side gaped wide open before them, and in his reverted state, he stared at them with shining eyes. In his smouldered uniform, he remained standing, even if it should be impossible. There was no explanation to it, yet he needed none, for in the eyes of Ryuan Sel, he saw the recognition. The Bajoran had seen this before, and she knew his nature, while the others might guess it. None of his lies, none of his past deceit could deny what they saw. White light shone through his eye-sockets as he stared upon the witnesses, and as he turned his head, the light of the same zi'naaq made the shadows in the office dance. His fiery stare caught a second security guard, and Doctor Maya. Maya, whom he had violated the most, yet they all saw it, the charade ended at last.

The light was but that of Câroon, and held no true significance. No dire consequence. No, because staying empowered with its host's abilities was merely the preference of the beast inside. A demon returned, because Lucan was no longer the self that Heather had made manifest. He was twain in possession of a ruined body - his thoughts and mind no longer entirely his own. He was a host to something beyond his flesh and blood, and it was the sole means of his survival in that moment.

In the lingering silence that followed, the chirp of the single biobed was all that remained. The sound had changed rhythm.

Because another face was staring at him too.

Amelya Rez, the new host of the Rez symbiont.


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