Nurse Maal (NPC)

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Rank:Petty Officer First Class
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Unknown, raised in NY, Earth
Height:184 cm
Weight:95 kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Manu Bennett
Writer:NPC, deceased
Defying prejudice
Defying his nature
Proving his worth
Service Record

Before his death, Maal was a registered Nurse on the USS Theurgy. Maal aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command at the end of the 24th century.


For reasons not entirely clear, Maal ended up at the Archipelago Orphanage in New York, Earth, in his early infancy. His name was found on a scribbled note. Being bereft of his Klingon mother - whoever she might have been - Maal only had human caretakers until the age of three.

At that point, when arrangements were made to have him moved to Klingon space and raised on his homeworld, it was too late. Being three years old and able to show and articulate both his affection for his caretakers in the orphanage and his horror at the sight of the Klingon officials that came to the orphanage, it quickly became evident how the child would suffer from being torn away from his home. Raised in a gentle environment with a lot of love and affection, and with many brothers and sisters in his own age, the attempt to tear the child away from his safe environment would have been disastrous.

The matter might not have been simple for the two worlds to resolve in terms of administration and rights to this abandoned Klingon child, with many Federation officials having to leave their say on the matter, but in the end, Maal got to stay on Earth. At the age of five, a human couple came to the orphanage, following the steps that would entitle them with the rights to adopt and raise one of the children in their home, and after many visits, it happened to be Maal and that got along best with the couple, who saw something in the Klingon boy that would spark the love that parents feel for a child. Being at the age of five, the Maal was old enough to start attending to grade school, and he did so in San Francisco where the couple lived. For many years, however, Maal was naturally allowed to keep contact with the Archipelago Orphanage, until the friends he had known gradually were replaced with new children, vanishing off to their new adoptive homes.

Through his years in grade school and even later on in his young life, Maal met the harsh reality of being a single Klingon child among humans, with difficulty to make new friends and face the biased opinion about Klingons. He felt estranged and was bullied for his alien appreance, with only the love of his adoptive parents to get him through the first years. Eventually, he made a couple of friends, but he constantly had to struggle to keep himself from being seen as an ignorant brute, having to excel in order to prove everyone wrong, including the teachers.

The rough years led him to desire a field of study far from what an ordinary Klingon might go for, and when the time came, he enlisted in Starfleet Medical. At eighteen years of age, he studied the courses in Medical to become a non-comissioned officer - struggling with the tuition but eventually succeeding and continued to serve as a nurse in the Starfleet Medical institution. He stayed there until the age of twenty-three, where he was offered to transfer to the USS Edinburgh. It was a rather eventless posting, but when the need for medical personnel arose for the crew compliment of the newly commissioned USS Theurgy, Maal had reached the rank of Petty Officer First Class. The Theurgy-class starship offered plenty excitement with the voyage to Romulus and the diplomatic negotiations there, but that was but an appetiser for what was to come...

Naturally, Maal was shaken by the idea to be uprooted and branded a traitor along with the rest of his crew, wondering what his adoptive parents might think of him. He underwent a trial by fire during the two months that the Theurgy fled from Starfleet, with many injured to care for in Sickbay under the command of Dr. Nicander and the Head Nurse, Lieutenant, Junior Grade Jovela.

During the Niga Incident, Maal was infected during the outbreak, but fortunately for him, he would not remember much from that time. When the temporal agents from the USS Relativity gave him the antidote and he woke up, Nurse Jovela had been shot down during the fighting, and he had to continue to serve without a Head Nurse until Eve Jenkins was found and recruited on Nimbus III. When the Ishtar entity found the Theurgy and terrorised the crew, Maal was luckily spared, but that luck would not last.

Just after the encounter with the USS Harbinger and Captain Vasser, the Calamity attacked, resulting in many more injured to care for, but not nearly as many as when it attacked the second time on Theta Eridani IV. At this point, Maal has become an introvert, brooding young man who worries for his and his fellow crew's future, hoping to one day see his adoptive parents once more - hoping that they have not believed the lies spread about the Theurgy and its crew.

Personality Profile

Maal embodies the strong, silent type. He gives few promises but strives to keep them. He's searching for his place in human society despite his Klingon blood, trying to prove himself to be more than the archetype of his Klingon heritage. He is loyal and dutiful, and while not the quickest of thinkers, he is a bright man yet to fully shine.

He has been in a few and very short relationships during his life in San Francisco. Human women might approach him in expectations of a fierce Klingon lover and be disappointed in finding a quiet, human introvert. The attraction and attention that he has received has waned after the initial interest has been satisfied, and on his end, he has never learned how to behave in a lasting relationship. While female distractions held some of Maal's interest, they often interfered with his medical studies, so while being abandoned or rejected hurt, he always found solace in the opportunity to dedicate himself to his education once more.

Physical Profile

While Klingon, Maal grooms himself like a human, with his thick eyebrows trimmed and cheeks shaven when he finds the time, often leaving him often with a coarse stubble. His Klingon body has grown strong despite the lack of dedicated physical training, being quite muscular by human standards. In contrast to his Klingon forehead, he has a traditionally human, short haircut. He looks like a Klingon posing to be a human, acts human, and yet it is not an act, knowing nothing about what he is supposed to act like among his species. He might have read a thing or two about Klingon customs and culture, but has no greater interest in adopting the savage nature of his people.