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Topic: CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425] (Read 875 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425]
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CPO Victor vanVinter | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Aharon @jreeves1701 @Swift @P.C. Haring @trevorvw @Pierce

Victor followed Commander Akoni allowing a mad moment of humor to race through his mind at what the Klingons would say about being attacked by a couple of Starfleet members that were attacking with their... well never mind. He goes through the door behind Akoni and Parsons, moving as quickly as he could, checking the corners and the room in general for signs of enemies. Things seemed clear, and then it was.

 He seemed to relax for a moment hearing the report from the security team though. So many things happening quickly, and all of them incredibly confusing to him. For a very brief moment, victor felt like the Whale, in that old novel, Hitchhikers guide? Was that it? To him, it felt like he was just figuring out what the ground was, but he very much knew that it wouldn't be his friend. So much adrenaline was racing through his veins right now that it was hard to keep track of this.

"Wake up from surgery, go into battle without pants, and there's Klingons. Right, one step at a time." His voice dry and sardonic as he tries to make sense of all of this, and failing, failing oh so hard. He'd need a briefing, and that would have to be soon, because right now he was barely keeping all of this straight.

And then it all goes to shit again when the Gorn pops out from behind the corner like a damn Moray eel. The sight of the Gorn chomping down on Jenkins was something that caused Victor to freeze up for a moment. The sounds of snapping bone, like someone, well, chomping bone made him wince briefly. When it turns on some other crewmates of his, a flash of fear goes through him. He'd seen things in war and the different battles he'd been in, but rarely anything quite so visceral.

And then the Gorn turns towards the medical crewperson that appears to be tending to someone else. a short moment of shock then as Victor feels a cool rage build inside him. No deaths that he could prevent would be allowed. This was different from the flight combat simulators he'd practiced in. It wasn't the impersonal nature of firing on another ship where you didn't see the results or what was at stake, this was all too real. Either Victor took the shot or he took a bite of someone else. Lowering his phaser with the reflexes of trained pilot he shoots his phaser on it's heavy stun setting after taking quick aim. The beam lancing out from the phaser towards the broad frame of the Gorn. It wasn't a quick pulse fired off, but a sustained burst that would hopefully have the desired outcome of neutralizing it.
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CPO Victor vanVinter | FBO Mechanic/Enlisted Pilot

Re: CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425]
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Surgical Suite One | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @trevorvw @Aharon @jreeves1701 @Pierce @P.C. Haring @Tae

A good nurse was worth his weight in Gold-pressed Latinum, that much Kate was once more certain of, as with the flickering of lights and the general loss of power that was now hampering Main Sickbay, Vinata had adjusted and adapted to overcome the loss of capability which depended on that power. She'd not even considered having to explain the necessary steps they needed to take in treating poor Tessa, because the blue Ovri had known them instinctively thanks to his professionalism, which Kate had come to expect from him during their modest time spent working together. Still, the recovery of their patient hinged on their ability to affect healing as best they could, and now they were essentially being tasked with doing so without so much as steady lighting. "Shit!" The blonde surgeon remarked as Vin relayed the relevant information on Tessa's status, annoyed at how their situation wasn't exactly alleviated of turmoil, but rather growing ever more desperate with each passing moment. "Alright, let's do it." Reaching underneath of the surgical frame that Tessa was laid out on, Kate pulled out a tray in which a series of emergency medical devices were stored for exactly this kind of an occasion.

"Haven't used one of these in a while." Kate remarked as she moved to stand at the head of Tessa, a laryngoscope in hand with a breathing tube in the other ready to be threaded down Tessa's esophagus. Taking a steadying breath, Kate carefully intubated her friend and as if on cue, accepted the BVM as it was offered to her by a faithful assistant.

"Why the hell can't we get anyone on comms?" Kate asked Vin as she peered across Tessa at him, her hand operating the BVM steadily.

An instant later, Kate was about to direct Lauren to check on the other patient in the adjacent surgical suite, when the bulkhead panel behind her on the connecting wall burst free with a loud clatter, and a clawed arm snaked through. Jumping, she turned to stare into the face of what had evidently been the cause of an unsettling noise she'd heard a moment earlier. Panic stricken, Kate's immediate instinct was to run, but with Tessa's ability to breathe literally in her delicate hands, her healer's instincts overrode that. Screaming however, was absolutely within her purview of action, as Kate huddled herself over her patient as closely as she could without compromising Tessa's ability to breathe. "WHAT THE FUCK?! Vin!" Kate's heart pounded inside of her chest as she peered back over her shoulder at the creature, it's arm swiping at her as it was trying to squeeze its way through the opening it had made. "Security! Anyone!" Kate cried out, unable to take her tangerine-eyes away from the great snarling beast as it sought to attack her from behind. Yet she didn't falter from shielding Tessa, or from the necessity of operating the plastic breathing bag which was keeping her friend's lungs supplied with fresh oxygen.

As the bulkhead creaked and groaned in accordance with the force being applied to it by overdeveloped reptilian muscles, Kate's eyes clenched shut as the Gorn let out a bellowing shriek meant to terrorize her. Struggling not to surrender to her fear, she nevertheless remained hunched over Tessa, determined to protect the injured pilot from injury, even if it cost her everything in the process. "HELP!" Kate screamed as the last bit of obstruction which was holding the creature at bay broke, and it was finally able to squeeze into the same room as her and the others. It's clawed arm reared back and ready to swipe which would have been a killing blow, Kate clenched her eyes shut in advance of what she assumed would be her end, only to hear the sweetest sound imaginable; that of a charged phaser beam as it lanced across some distance and struck at the Gorn in its side, staggering it. There was a second shrieking as it reacted to being shot, but it wasn't down for the count just yet. With fresh blood in the immediate confines of the surgical suite, clouding it's mind, the beast was a locomotive that had every intention of nabbing it's next meal.

Scrawling off of the carpeted floor, it stood upon rear legs ready to pounce once more.
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Chief Intelligence Officer | USS Theurgy NX-79854 ]
[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Chief Surgeon | USS Theurgy NX-79854 ]

Re: CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425]
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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Surgical Bay | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Swift @trevorvw @Aharon @Tae @jreeves1701 [Show/Hide]

Terror struck the redheaded woman as the hand of a reptilian creature burst through the bulkhead panel was ripped apart. She glanced over at Kate who after a brief startle returned to her patient as if that was the only issue on her mind. Thankfully so she thought. There had to be something she could do to help this situation she thought to herself. Panic and adrenaline-fueled her heart, lungs, and muscles at this point. No sight of security was present at this point in time either.

A shriek was heard, causing Lauren to place her hands over her ears when she was startled by a shock on her right ear. It was an electrical shock. An idea sprung about her mind as she recalled how her cybernetic hand had been damaged in the brawl with the Klingon's shortly before all this transpired. With little hesitation, she ran up to Kate.

"I have an idea to buy you some time but I'll need a supply of something extremely cold. Like basically cold enough to freeze instantly and shatter a cold-blooded reptilian. You wouldn't happen to have something like that would you?" She waited for a reply while glancing at the Gorn's arm which continued to swipe nearby. As a phaser blast struck the gorn causing it to retreat albeit partially into the wall again to lick its wounds, it struck out again only for Lauren to grab its arm, freshly wet from its blood leaking from the wound. Quickly she jammed her cybernetic implant's electrical current into the Gorn's arm, sending a sharp jolt into its nervous system causing it to falter backward again, clearly disoriented.

She turned her head and looked back at Kate. "Do we have anything like that doc? I think if we can hit this guy with it, a laser-focused phaser blast should take this guy out and give us the time we need to recover." Her hand slightly ached from the blunt force she had to administer to the Gorn as it still was unfocused and seemingly snapped back to a coherent state. As if it was being controlled in some manner rather than a brute instrument.

Despite what she seemed to notice, getting this creature under control and out of sickbay was priority number one. "Security! We could really use some help now!"
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Ensign Lauren Pierce | Flight Control Officer | USS Theurgy NX-79854 [Show/Hide]

Re: CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425]
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Pierce  @P.C. Haring  @Swift  @Aharon  @Tae  @jreeves1701

Between semi-sustained phaser fire and what Ensign Pierce had done to deliver what appeared to be a shock to their intruder, Kai had slight hope they had gained the upper hand. That hope quickly faded when the Gorn snapped out of being disoriented and began its attack again with full gusto. The two pants less men along with the security members opened fire again and kept it sustained. It wasn't defeating the intruder, but kept it from progressing further towards whatever its goal was.

Between the bursts of energy erupting from the end of his phaser rifle, Kai checked the power cell of the rifle. He was dismayed to see that it only had 14% remaining. They needed to come up with a plan to deal with the Gorn.

"PARSONS!" he barked over the chaos ensuing, "Try and get some more security down here and tell them to bring some heavy weaponry" he ordered the young Ensign as he kept the business end of the rifle pointed at their enemy.

Kai thought for a quick moment before he turned towards vanVinter.

"Chief, any way we could get a transporter lock on that thing?"

Akoni didn't wait for a response from either one of them before his mind went on to the next thing. Dealing with the Gorn was one thing, but at least the Klingons had, for one reason or another, decided to leave. For this, Kai was thankful as he wasn't sure how they would have handled both at the same time.

Kai checked his battery level again. 10%.


Just as Kai was wondering if they'd have to vent the entire compartment into space, he heard banging and saw phaser fire hit the Gorn, coming from a different angle than it had been.

It seemed that the cavalry had arrived...
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Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni     [Show/Hide]

Re: CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425]
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[ Lieutenant Ayden Tyre | Medical Lab 02 | Deck 11 | "The Sword" Vector 02 USS Theurgy ] Attn: any who wanna come find me

Thankfully Nicander had been unconscious but stable until Ayden had to return to Sickbay to get some gear so he could evaluate the Câroon status in greater detail. He had left the Intelligence officers there in the Brig with the promise that he'd come back. Though when he didn't say.

Ayden made it back to Main Sickbay, greeted those he passed as he entered Medlab 2. Thankfully no one was inside, he was still a little shaken by Nicander's possessed appearance along with the Câroon's abilities display. He wished so much that he could reach Lucan via telepathy when he did Farsight but Câroon biology prevented it.

Soon it was after lunch as the Betazoid had been researching Thalaron radiation. His stomach growled at him and he sighed. He realised there was a replicator in the lab and went to it. A spoken order and a quick security clearance code later, a meal and beverage appeared. Since it was mostly used for medical resources it needed a link to the food and beverage database.

Ayden brought his lunch back to the station he was using and ate, drank and continued to work. Though either red or intruder alert activated, drawing Ayden out of his work trance. Considering that they were headed to Qo'noS, carrying Martok and his warriors, of course they got intercepted by disloyal Klingons.

Utterly sick of Klingon politics and drama, the Betazoid could sense hostile emotions and thoughts from in Sickbay as well as he could hear screams and weapons fire when he got to the door. Though he had locked it so he wouldn't be disturbed, he programmed the door to open a little by a sequence of buttons on the control panel. Ayden didn't immediately see any combat action though the sounds of combat got louder from all sides.

Clearly the ship got boarded, the Betazoid had no weapon. In hindsight, Ayden probably should have ordered Sickbay staff to get weapons prior to their Slipstream jump. Boarding parties were a certainty with Klingons, though was it honorable to attack the injured? Ayden asked himself, he didn't think so, so why would they attack Sickbay.

If they could get in close he could replicate tranquilizers in hyposprays, Klingons liked hand to hand so it would be likely that the more trained security could use the hypos. He quickly closed the door again, locked it and got to work assembling what supplies the lab had already in stock, he replicated what he didn't have.
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Lieutenant JG Adam Kingston, Master-at-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Lieutenant/Dr Ayden Tyre, Chief Medical Officer, (Vector 02 Medical)

Re: CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425]
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[ CPO Sithick | Corridor | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @P.C. Haring  @Swift  @trevorvw  @Pierce  @Aharon

The turbolift ride up to Deck 11 seemed to take forever. Sithick crouched inside the confined space, two security officers on each of his sides. As soon as the lift doors opened, the trio began advancing toward the sickbay where reports of both Klingon and Gorn assaults had been reported. Sithick's tongue darted in and out of his mouth, the taste/smell he experienced confirmed the presence of both.

With phaser rifles at the ready, they advanced, halting only upon hearing the sounds of phaser fire and the feral screech of another Gorn. The two security officers looked at their Gorn companion. "Readiesss yourssselvesss. Weeze facesss moresss thansss Klingonsss."

Entering the nearest doors to sickbay the trio joined the battle.
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CWO1 Larrant [Show/Hide]

Re: CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425]
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Surgical Suite One | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @trevorvw @Aharon @Sqweloookle @jreeves1701 @Pierce @P.C. Haring @Tae

Kate Foster wasn't a soldier.

Sure, in her past she'd stood shoulder to shoulder beside many of them as they fought in the various battles of the Dominion War, and as a result had sometimes been forced to fend for her life, but by no means was she a skilled or formidable force. No, her role to play, at least for the most part, was as a healer; someone who would tend to the wounds of those soldiers when the battle came to an end, or even in the midst of one as it was still unfolding. As was the current situation, wherein Kate had been working diligently since word one to try and save the lives of her fellow crewman as they had fallen to the violent actions of these invading Klingons and the monstrous machinations they had unleashed, the Gorn. It was during times like this, when everything mattered the most, that her history of poor decision making was left in the past, and she excelled in her necessary duties as a care provider. It was why, even as the great beast threatened to burst through the wall panel, swiping desperately at the air just behind her, that she hadn't abandoned Tessa's side. Friend or not, she was a patient under her stead, and Kate would've given her life to try and save her from being further harmed by such a vicious strike. Luckily, fate had intervened thus far, and had provided her the precious bit of space she'd needed to not be eviscerated.

It had even further shown her favor, as once the creature had managed to break free, it was struck a phaser blast that had temporarily staggered it. Yet, even as more personnel arrived to assist in the matter, perhaps a little more deliberately than Kate would've preferred, the beast's rage and instinctual hunger for her flesh wouldn't subside.

"Fucking kill it!" she hollered as it scampered about on the carpeted decking, it's scythe like claws tears long streaks as it attempted to rebound.

Time seemed to slow for the petite blonde as she continued to shield her unconscious friend laying upon the surgical frame, as the very last of the foreign intruders that had come to cause havoc on Theurgy had found its footing and spun about on muscular rear legs to make lunge at Kate and Tessa. For an instant, a bevy of unpleasantries surged through Kate's mind as she regretted not having put more time into combat training, because she knew beyond any doubt that her death was imminent due to the delayed reactions of her comrades. Perhaps though, that was an unfair assessment on her part, an oddity to consider given what soon awaited her. Pushing the thoughts of guilt away, Kate instead clenched shut eyelids over her tangerine orbs, and awaited the searing hot pain of claws meant to skewer and tear her apart, her consciousness finding some semblance of peace and comfort in the knowing that at least she would meet her end in the embrace of a friend, and perhaps even save that friend as a result. 'A good death, is its own reward.' The words of an old friend soon came to mind, and though she had scoffed at them back when they'd initially been imparted, she now understood and respected them.

"Die! Die! Die!"

Eyes opened as Kate heard the war cry erupt from a member of the Security team come to reinforce and settle the situation in Sickbay, no doubt one of many that had been called forth by those already fighting. Peering back over her shoulder, the orangish hue of her eyes flared brilliantly as volley after volley of ruby red phaser bolts surged forth from an unfamiliar Petty Officer's rifle. The high-pitched whine of each successive shot was soon lost as a deafening series of haunting screeches bellowed from the beast that had sought to end her life. It tumbled and fell back against the retaining bulkhead of the surgical suite, swiping wildly at the air as it was pelted without relent by phaser fire. Each shot searing away a chunk of reptilian flesh, Kate turned to watch as with relief the beast slumped to the decking, curling into a ball as the last vestiges of life faded. The weapons fire however, didn't cease, as the man who had saved her, walking on an artificial limb, closed the distance between himself and it, his rifle still trained and firing into its singed corpse. Eventually, he stopped to stand directly over top of it, his finger still actuating the trigger again, and again as it became clear that his anger and rage had consumed his forethought.

Kate kept quiet, watching as her savior expended every last bit of energy stored in his rifle on the now slain reptilian, then stood menacingly over it as though he were a triumphant big game hunter.

There was an eerie silence which now permeated the surgical suite, and in fact the rest of Main Sickbay as the crisis had seemingly been resolved. Swallowing at the lump in her throat, Kate stood a little straighter from where she had been huddled over the defenseless Tessa. "Thank you." She offered the man, though he was clearly lost to his own thoughts in the moment and ignored her. Reality wasn't so misplaced for Kate however, who now knowing that Tessa was mostly safe and stable, was very much aware of the fact that the dead Gorn had originated from the adjacent surgical suite. "Ensign!" she called out to Lauren once more. "Watch over, Tessa! I need to check on the other patients." She directed the redhead, herself offering one last glimpse of the battered blonde pilot laying before her with a sense of internal anguish over the injuries she'd sustained. It was likely that poor Tessa would be hospitalized for quite some time as she was cared after, and Kate knew that even still she would likely bear the scars and trauma long after.

Casting a glance at Vinata, the Chief Surgeon hurriedly stormed out of Surgical Suite One, passing by the gruesomely torn apart remains of whom she could only assume to be Petty Officer Wright on the way.

[ Surgical Suite Two | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

"Shit!" she exclaimed upon seeing the dislodged surgical frame laying on it's side, the patient she'd left moments earlier upon it likewise in an even worsened state of distress, as a series of gashes had been torn across Hathev's midsection. Scrambling for a nearby set of medical tools, she dropped to a knee and began working to stem the tide of bleeding, which despite the vicious appearance of each gash was relatively light. All the same, Kate felt herself overcome by sheer utter and complete exhaustion as she treated the still unconscious Vulcan Chief Counselor. The battle of Sickbay had come and gone, and no doubt many lives had been lost as a result, yet Kate Knew that regardless of how tired and battered she and the others were, the road to recovery ahead of them was to be a long one, and there were no guarantees that it wouldn't get worse than it already was.

All she could do... all any of them could do, was their job, whatever that entailed, and hope that a true alleviation of their sorrows would come sooner, rather than later.
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Chief Intelligence Officer | USS Theurgy NX-79854 ]
[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Chief Surgeon | USS Theurgy NX-79854 ]

Re: CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425]
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Swift @trevorvw @Sqweloookle @jreeves1701 @Pierce @P.C. Haring @Tae

Vinata was pleased that Kate had been receptive to his suggestion. He did not like the idea of relying on power and modern-systems, especially when they had clearly demonstrated that there was potential for failure. Blinking lights and power fluctuations were rarely a good sign on the Theurgy - at least it had happened enough on his own time on board that he was conditioned to have an immediate sense of impending doom in correlation.

Unsurprisingly, Kate followed through on the skills with ease and Vinata immediately adjusted the sedation medications to adjust to this rather crude, out-dated but effective method of airway protection and conservation. He did not want Tessa to experience any level of discomfort, nor did he want her body spasming and resisting the assisted ventilations.

A deep and sedate level, would hopefully further facilitate a decrease in the intracranial pressure their patient was experiencing. Within moments, the level started to decrease slowly. "I think it is working Doctor.." Vinata had but a moment to mumble this before Kate had exclaimed towards him in a cursive manner.

If it were at all possible, the Ovri's large and bug like eyes and grown even more in shock at the large creature before them. It certainly resembled their own Chief Petty Officer Sithick, but was certainly more hostile. Vinata knew its intent was to devour them all.

Perhaps in a state of complete over-sensory - a culmination of everything that had happened to him on this cursed vessel, Vinata did not move, he continued to monitor Tessa and stay in place with Kate. If they were to die, he would certainly do it while honouring his role as Nurse to the patient before them. His own four fingered hand rested on Tessa's arm, not only to provide comfort to the sedated patient but rather to Vinata himself, who had seemingly accepted their demise in that moment.

'This is it....' He had thought to himself grimly.

It was not though - thankfully due to the efforts of the security team and a particular officer that had arrived in the knick of time. The scene had gone down rather brutally - under normal circumstances, perhaps, Vinata would have felt the manner in which the beast had been slain rather barbaric. The Ovri did not feel anything though, other than the need to continue doing his job.

Perhaps it was some state of shock? Numbness - rather a tired, exhausted numbness.

Instead of commenting, or providing any gesture of thanks towards the officer, the Head Nurse simply focused on Tessa and the readings which despite what had just taken place were continuing to improve. She had a recovery before her, but there was at least this positive. Right?

"Readings are improving Doctor Foster. I believe we have turned the corner on this one." It was not even so much directed at Kate, in fact, Vinata sounded rather distant in his report - as if he was talking to a ghost. It was all he could do - process the numbers, spout them out and continue to maintain proper levels of sedation and pharmacological support to Tessa.

Vinata was truly and utterly tired. Tired of constantly being faced with his own mortality and that of those he had held dear. He had most recently let Kate into his own heart, and considered her a close friend and comrade - yet, he had just about witnessed her own demise as well as his own.

The Ovri was unsure if he could handle losing another loved one. Another person he had let in.

Perhaps it was better to just embrace this dark, numb feeling of nothingness.

"You are doing great Lieutenant Lance. Keep it up." Vinata mumbled to himself distantly again, as he worked away on the controls of the console attached to Tessa's biobed. He had not even taken notice of Kate's departure from the bedside.

"Yes... You are doing great... Great... Yes...."

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Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425]
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Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse