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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ] attn: @RyeTanker @Eirual @Ellen Fitz @Dumedion @rae

Rhys accepted the drink from Hirek without question. Doubtless a surprising thing to some of the more hostile to Romulans aboard the crew. Maybe even to Rhys himself had he been in more of a position to think about consequences. The chaos seemed to continue around them unabated. Mia who Rhys only vaguely knew was now nearly naked on the floor. Two others were fighting with Zark pulling one of them off the other. There was a scream and the smashing of a mug and Rhys found himself in the position of wanting to pretend it wasn’t happening.

Hirek who seemed very amused, irritatingly so make a comment about an intervention. Rhys was angry, mostly because it was true and as one of the few sober officers around, he knew it would likely have to be him who would intervene. Not for the first time Rhys furiously chastised himself for ever allowing himself to be promoted. He hated overseeing other people. What would happen if he shouted for the chaos to stop, would anyone even listen to him? If he intervened now with this group of people who didn’t seem interested in calming down what was he to do?

However, it looked for a moment like Hirek was going to take this burden from him and intervene. Whether this was because, he cared about those involved, wanted to ingratiate himself, or if the scene had lost its appeal to him, Rhys wasn’t sure. He did not have much time to contemplate it. A blast of water seemed to hit Hirek in the chest, sending the Romulan backwards into Rhys. HIrek was no small man so Rhys found himself crashing into the bar and then sliding weakly to the ground, all the breath driven out of his lungs. Looking up blearily, he saw Zark a metal drinking vessel in her hand primed to throw it. Rhys was not a person who was prone to swearing. Fortunately, his automatic instinct was to say it in Welsh. “Cock un Garth!”. His rare lapse into crudity was justified when the Klingon’s head crashed into the controls causing more jets of water to punish Rhys and Hirek and anyone nearby.

Rhys knew there was no possible way this could end well. The violence was likely to continue and what ever passed for the Law on a Klingon world would soon be around. He doubted that would be pleasant. He also knew that he was with a Romulan, knowing Klingon attitudes to them as well Rhys just about managed to roll an upended table in the way of a jet aimed at them. He grabbed Hirek helping him to his feet. “I’m intervening. Let’s go.” Rhys decided he was getting himself and Hirek out and suddenly the polite and shy Welshman was gone. “Everyone out!” He shouted with very un-Rhys like authority.

 Rhys had played Rugby in his youth and that switch seemed to be on in his head again. He powered through barging through people to get them out on to the street. Fortunately, even though on a few occasions one of his flailing limbs made contact with the face of an irritable Klingon, a huge jet of water dampened the aspirations of getting hold of him.

Soon by luck rather than judgement they were out on the street, dripping wet. Rhys doubled over his hands on his thighs breathing hard. “Why does socialising with this crew have to be so hard?” He muttered irritably half too himself.

Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Ens. Talia "Shadow" Al-Ibrahim | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka |Qo’noS ] Attn: @ob2lander961 @Ellen Fitz @rae @RyeTanker @Eirual @Juzzie
[Djunnya Klaar, owner of The Targ Pit]

Things were good and chaotic now. From where she stood - half hidden behind the door leading to the storage room behind the bar, flexing her burnt fist - Djunnya sneered at her sister who glared back before making her own discreet exit. The shame of the ‘defeat’ to the human mattered little; her dark eyes gleamed at the potential profits that would fill her coffers from the foolish off-worlder’s antics – if they could be corralled to where she needed them to go. She cursed vividly then hid around the corner, laughing as G’erc activated his water jets; it seemed the old fool had finally found a use for them other than to wash the blood and drink off his floor. The Klingon proprietor dug a device out of her robe, which activated with a low beep.

“Monty – bring the skiff around front of Luyr’s and G’erc’s, full VIP package,” she snarled to her Ferengi majordomo, then glanced back around the corner at the ensuing hilarity. The dark haired human, the one that had bested her, was being blasted across the floor by a second wave of water jets. Dyunnya laughed as the hideous human tumbled end over end on all fours to crash into the wall by the door, then cursed as several of them stumbled their way out onto the street. “Make it quick,” she hissed into the communicator. That will sober them up, but not enough. No matter. We can deal with that, the Klingon grinned as she made her own exit through the kitchen, to procure what was needed.

[Talia, a bit worse for wear, all things considered]

Her back hit the wall as the powerful jet of water finally ceased. Talia sputtered and coughed to clear her lungs of liquid, then raked the sopping wet mess of hair out of her face in time to look up in confusion. Everyone was shouting, but one rose above the rest with a cackle she recognized. Via? Shadow blinked, brows knitted at the fellow Wolf, who stood up on a table, laughing and cheering maniacally. “Yo, DB! Where’d you come from,” she laughed, then just shook her head and pulled herself to her feet, dripping wet. The room tilted with the movement, forcing an arm to shoot out to the wall, as the pilot grimaced and smacked herself a few times. C’mon, get it together. It didn't help, only left her even more light-headed and stupefied.

“Whoa, shit,” Shadow wobbled with a giggle. Between whatever was in the hypo, purging her stomach, and the unwanted shower of cold water, Talia was certainly awake – but still very buzzed. At least the room isn’t spinning so much, the pilot groaned.

Then she saw Skittish; the blonde was smiling pleasantly as she half-floated, half-staggered by, with her assets on full display. “Oh shit,” Talia laughed again, then blinked rapidly as she looked around for something, anything, to help. The jets had washed everything not secured into the wall by the door: cups, chairs, tankards, food, but little in the way of clothing. Wait. There, the pilot’s eyes widened at an upturned chair, the shredded remnants of her long sleeved sea-weed ‘jacket’ hung on to it by a thread. “Mia, hold up,” Talia grunted, pulled the garment from the chair with one hand as the other grabbed the blonde by the elbow. “Fucks sake hon, your milkers are bussin’ wide out,” Shadow slurred with a stifled chuckle as she wrapped the wet remnants around Skittish’s torso and bust, then cinched everything tight with a knot at her back, and promptly hoisted the blond up over her shoulder with a grunt.

“C’mon lets get outta here – stop wigglin’,” the pilot chuckled as she spun around, leaning into the wall for support as she stumbled towards the door. DixeBee,” Shadow howled over her shoulder and Mia’s ass to get the brunette’s attention. “Leggooo,” she laughed, “we’re gonna go do more dumb shit!” Unfortunately, as she turned to do so, Talia felt and heard the thump of the blonde’s head bumping against the door frame. “Oof – so sorry Skittish,” Shadow chuckled, patting the woman’s butt reassuringly, as she left the chaos of the cantina behind.

[Monty, a less than enthused Ferengi]

I don’t get paid enough for this shit. It was bad enough to be stuck in what equated to indentured servitude, due to his idiot brother’s complete lack of financial comprehension. Two years to pay off a debt, the Ferengi fumed. On this shit-hole world, of all places. Not for the first time, he contemplated selling his own organs off and taking his chances – but his mistress’ snarling command interrupted that ludicrous chain of thought. The majordomo sighed, as his beady eyes rolled. “Yeah, sounds promising,” he deadpanned, then cleared his throat and attempted to send a dutiful acknowledgment, but the line was dead. Whatever, he sighed again, tapping the controls into the skiff’s auto-pilot, then massaged the lumps of his forehead, trying to ignore the muted rhythm of the heavy bass that boomed in the passenger compartment behind him. I don’t get paid enough for this shit, he grumbled again, then straitened his shoulders and forced a professional smile on his face as the skiff lifted and spun about. He only had a few minutes to prep for whoever they were picking up, along with Djuunya.

The door slid up vertically behind him, as booming music and multi-colored strobe lights assaulted his senses. The Ferengi paused with typical flamboyance, hands clapped before spreading with faux glee. “Okay lovelies, its show-tiiiime,” he grinned, all fangs, before marching down the center of the pleasure skiff, around multiple dancing poles, clicking his fingers at the dancers and bartender that idled on the cushioned seats; two lithe Orion girls, a tattooed Klingon male, and a Tellarite. “Chop-chop, ladies, break’s over. Shake a tail-feather. Bodou, break out the good stuff and be nice – no biting,” he glared at the Tellarite. “You two,” his fingers wiggled at the loincloth-clad bouncers, both of the Klingon men bulky enough to dominate the rear of the hold, “make yourselves useful and tidy up the VIP lounge. Boss found some high rollers, somehow,” he added under his breath.

The muscled bouncers grunted, then both tried to turn at the same time, only to get stuck. The Ferengi sighed dramatically at them. “How is it you two get paid more than I do?”

[Meanwhile, outside Luyr’s and G’erc’s]

Djuunya carried the tray of steaming cups of milky-white liquid through the crowd, paying no mind to the puddles of water as she sneered victoriously. “Those who seek further entertainment, look no further than The Targ Pit,” the Klingon woman cheered, pumping a scarred fist in the air. The patrons around her voiced their approval and dislike in a roar behind her, as she marched out onto the street to the off-worlders, who looked to be milling around in various states of confusion, drunken topsy-turvyness, amusement, and mild annoyance. Tsk, the Klingon sucked her fangs in disappointment, as she passed between them, right up to the dark-haired one that bested her. The human knelt over another, who seemed to be giggling at nothing where she lie.

“Toast to victory,” Djuunya rasped in broken standard, holding the tray out to the human and her companions. “Refresh spirits – body and heart,” she nodded to them all, can’t have your drunk asses wrecking my skiff,” she mumbled under her breath in her native tongue, as the night air filled with the distant, muted wub-wub-wub of music from overhead. “Ah, transport comes,” the Klingon grinned, pointing up as her head started nodding to the beat. The Skiff was easily as wide as the street, almost as long as the cantina. Multicolored lights flashed within the craft as it slowly descended to the ground, the pounding bass from the music growing louder every second.

Talia tilted her head up at the Klingon in confusion, then at the sketchy-looking rust bucket of a transport; both sides of its hull lit up in neon colors, flashing various runes and lewd imagery. Shadow figured it would probably fall apart any minute, based on the haphazard hull repairs alone. “Hope you got insurance,” the pilot snorted, then looked around at the others with a wince as she stood up with a slight wobble. Nu-uh, not again – anyone know what the hell this is supposed to be,” Shadow gestured to the offered drinks; sober enough ask first this time, at least.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina |  D’Takka | Qo'noS] ] Attn: @Rae  @Juzzie  @Dumedion @ RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz @Eirual

"Wait- where y'alls asses go-"
Before Via could respond to anyone, having been promptly exposed on top of the table, she was blasted point blank by one of the high-pressured water jets which sent her flying backward landing on the hard surface of the bar. While it hurt...a lot...the young woman didn't bend, break, or lose anything. All the commotion coming from everyone scrambling from being massacred by the water jets disorientated Via forcing her to lie down soaked in a puddle while her brain slowly but surely caught up with events.

"What in the ff-" Via questioned as she strained herself to sit up. She looked down at her body and felt soaked, utterly and completely.

"My clothes what the shit, oh hell nah." The woman being the vain individual she was took pride in her choice of clothing. She paid good latinum for 50/50 unreplicated fabric clothing from the most popular designer lines. No one gets away with soaking her outfit, no one.

Standing up slowly dripping wet Via faced the bar and G’erc absolutely pissed.

"You ass better not be tellin' me to be leavin' after you ruined my shit. What don't I make your dumbass cleanin' my shit fuckin' stupid ass, ugly ass, deflector dish for ears havin' ass bitch. Yeah, I know your big ass ears heard me. Y-You know what?" She chuckled and started taking off her jacket and balling her fists. "Im gon to beat your dumbass-" Her train of thought was lost when Talia called after her mentioning 'dumb shit. If she had been drunk things may have gone differently but she was sober and didn't want to leave her friends behind.

"Y'all asses were lucky. Fuck y'all, stupid ass bar." She walked back towards the exit flipping off the establishment, but before she exited she found a filled mug on the table and chucked it at the bar aiming at the Ferengi. "Suck it!" she said before running out.

After immediately feeling the rush of cold air against her wet skin Via went and found the group. She was shivering and hugging herself for warmth. "Stupid ass bar." she said to no one specific. "Made my clothes wet...and shits expensive, like 200 slips dude. Ain't like we got a thermal Fabric Dehydrater on the ship... My ass is cold..." she pouted and sniffled. "What y'alls asses doin' here anyway?"

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina |  D’Takka |
Attn: : @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @RyeTanker  @Juzzie @ob2lander961

Mia was stumbling towards the door when someone grabbed her elbow and then said something about milk and busses. It made no sense to her and the confused look on her face was soon replaced with one of shock as something cold and wet was wrapped around her, she let out a little yelp and shivered.

Then she was upside down, looking at the floor and someone’s ass. Mia’s head was pounding and her stomach was not enjoying this ride. She tried to escape, wriggling in the arms of whoever had her. Suddenly her head connected with something very hard and the pounding in her head increased significantly enough to make her groan and she slammed her eyes shut in pain.  That did not make her stomach feel any better and the jostling of her rescuer wasn’t helping.  Something someone said sort of feed through the pounding in her head, “Not Skittish,” She mumbled as she forced her eyes open again and had the same view as before, “nice ass!” Her words slurred as she was carried out of the bar. Pushing against Talia’s back Mia finally groaned, “Down, put me down, I can walk!”


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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @rae  @Eirual  @Juzzie  @ob2lander961

It tasted like something had died in her mouth. Grimacing at the groggy ache in her head, accompanying the sickly taste in her mouth, Enyd grasped at anything and anyone who seemed remotely more stable than she felt. There was no telling how much time had passed since the last thing her rational mind remembered—being hoisted to her feet in front of a large Klingon and told she would need to lose clothing in reparation for an error—and her current status. Wet, head and body aching, and feeling all the world as if she were on the cusp of either recovering from a terrible bout of drinking or just about to fall further into insobriety.

Mercifully, the sky was not nearly as bright now as it had been at the start of this failed attempt to experience the more civilized side of Klingon culture. Sucking in the fresh air with an open mouth, Enyd pulled out of the steadying hold on her arms in favor of pressing her palms against the side of the building, head lowered between her arms as she continued a set of meditative breaths. The trolls continued to dance merrily in her head, and the world still felt like it was sashaying on the hips of an Orion dance girl, but at least the building wasn’t moving. Enyd closed her eyes. The world was going through a cycle of focusing and unfocusing in rhythm with her heartbeats. That, with the general misery of how her body felt, tempted her stomach to empty itself of everything she’d ever eaten while also trying for the things she’d contemplated eating.

The voices of her comrades sounded around her, some making more sense than others. Still fighting that strange urge to conquer something or someone, the thorough dousing of water had at least abated the worst of the rush, at least enough that she no longer felt like an alien within her own skin at mercy to violent impulses. Opening one eye, Enyd inwardly sighed when she realized Frank was standing closest to her.

“What in the hell did I do, Frank?” Dropping her hands from the brace, Enyd winced at how tender her muscles felt. “The last thing I remember was…” Enyd frowned, her mind swarming with a cacophony of images and sounds. “Did Zark kiss me?” She tipped her head up to look at her friend and likely one of the only truly sober individuals in the group.

As she waited for his response and explanation for why she felt like someone had rolled a shuttle over her during an aquatic training session, a brightly-lit local transport shuttle swerved into view, its hull flashing with suggestive silhouettes and Klingon script advertisement. Enyd felt her chest rattle from the powerful bass emanating from the craft. Reaching out, she grabbed Frank’s forearm in both an effort to steady herself and as an instinctive move for protection. She was still so out of it; Enyd knew she’d be useless if another fight were to break out.

Glancing at her water-logged peers, Enyd was curious how the majority felt about deviating from the official tour. It certainly hadn’t been living up to her hopes for a relaxing time, though it was living up to stereotypical expectations for what a culinary tour on Qo’Nos might entail. She definitely wouldn’t fault anyone if they’d rather take their chances with what looked to be a mobile exotic dance club over Dessa’s Dining, which was slated to be their next stop for the first true entrée. She leaned more heavily against Frank as the thought occurred to her, how she’d presumed only hours earlier that chaos would break out at the last two stops where the aperitifs were to be had. How naïve she’d been to think Klingons couldn’t combine baked goods and salads with a side of mayhem.

“What do you think, Frank?”

Enyd’s gaze continued over the rest of their companions, body straightening in curiosity when she noted the counselor's presence, Rhys. She recalled how Alistair had spoken about the man, confessing to a boyish attraction to the Welshman during their conversation about the “rules” of their relationship. He looked just as sodden as the rest of them and more than a little perturbed, judging by his red face and stern expression leveled at the Klingon transport. It was equally curious how Hirek stood near the counselor, looking for all the world as if what they’d just gone through was an everyday occurrence for him. The Romulan’s hair stood on end after he vigorously rubbed two hands over his head, sending a spray of water in every direction. Face alight with mischief, he reached out and used one hand to make a similar gesture to the Welshman.

Not wanting to judge appearances with obviously compromised systems, Enyd forced her gaze away, this time stopping when she realized Via was with them. When had that happened? Her lips pulled back into a hesitant smile before she realized that with Via along for the tour now, the chances for further chaos were higher than ever. The pilot lacked social filters and a general sense of social responsibility that was indeed endearing in the more controlled environment of the norms of the ship and Starfleet, but could be perceived as a risk on Qo’Nos. The local could either adore her for her audacity or there would be hell to pay for it. Enyd snorted, laying her head against Frank’s arm as she noted how swimmingly it’d gone so far with two diplomatic staff members readily available. Maybe things would take a turn for the better now that Via was with them.

[ Hirek tr’Aimne ]

After the initial punch of water hit his chest, Hirek had a few heartbeats without air. Rationally he knew he was in no danger of drowning and likely no danger from being murdered by angry, wet Klingons, but irrationally his body had spasmed with a desire to fight as he was thrown back against Rhys, and together they careened to the floor. He heard Rhys swear—Hirek didn’t have to comprehend the words to discern the meaning behind the phrase—once the worst of the water jets were spent. The counselor was the first back to his feet, quick about hauling Hirek up after him. Hirek’s eyes widened with bemused surprise when Rhys displayed a rare side and assertively shouted for everyone to leave just seconds before he barreled through the crowd, making a path for any who followed the glowering Welshman.

Hirek followed right on his heels, admiring both the view of the counselor’s ass and the sounds of the man’s growls as he shoved his way through to the door and on out into the street. It brought a thrill to his blood and had Hirek grinning as his mind recalled their initial meeting and the “counseling session” therein and overlay the memory with this new insight into Rhys’ demeanor repertoire. He couldn’t help but feel curious if there was something he could say or do to trigger this assertion similarly but in a more intimate setting. Smiling up at the sky as his imagination conjured up all sorts of lurid possibilities, Hirek raked his hands over his head.

Hearing Rhys’ complaint about socializing earned a chuckle from the bioengineer, his hand reaching out and shuffling water out of Rhys’ hair in a playfully familiar touch. “Not all hard things are unpleasant, Rhys.”

He heard another complaint, this one expletive-laden, and instinctively reached for his tunic. Hirek stopped, lips pulling back into a smirk. He had nothing to offer this irritated pilot except the now-see-through sleeveless undershirt, and he doubted she’d appreciate it even as a gesture of intended aid. The Klingon proprietor continued to offer their group steaming cups of milky white drinks as she bade them enter her lewd lair of lust-filled delight. Talia hesitated in taking the drink, wiser now, looking around for insight.

“It is chech'tluth,” Hirek offered, running his hands over his arms and neck to collect the largest bits of water and shake them off, “strong earthy taste with an odd honeyed after effect.” He caught the Klingon woman’s gaze and noted her growing annoyance as he continued, “Offered in celebration and ceremonies. It pairs nicely with saccharine or oily dishes, though it is a bit rough on its own, especially on an empty stomach.” Not wanting to visit more wrath upon their heads so soon after their soaking, Hirek questioned the proprietor, “Does this pit offer food along with the fun or should those more famished seek sustenance elsewhere?”

The proprietor’s nostrils flared. She glanced over her shoulder at the open door to the transport, signaling with her gaze for a few of the dancers to move into view as a further form of advertisement. Hirek noticed then that the woman had an earpiece, and from the way she was tipping her head to the side and studying the rest of them before answering, it seemed as if someone was guiding her in the best response.

“You are wanting to experience more Klingon fares, no?” her lips pulled back into a predatory grin. “Let us take you. Forget whatever suggestions your tour guide gave you. We know the best places to get delicacies that will make your mouth water.” Having also heard the complaint from the pilot, her smile turned positively feral when she cast her gaze upon the dark-haired woman. “Let us warm you up. Inside you’ll find every amenity to restore your comfort.”

Hirek inwardly laughed but knew better than to hint at his feelings about the situation. He’d joined this tour to get to know Enyd better and had been gifted with even greater opportunities to bond with other crewmates in the meantime. It seemed chaos was his friend in this, and he was curious how the others would respond to this too-good-to-be-true offer.

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | D’Takka | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie @ob2lander961

Her strength had given out, and Nysari rather lost track of what was going on after that, the entirety of her limited and waning focus centered on struggling to breathe. Enyd was a petit woman, but she was strong. Either the chief diplomat worked out a lot, or that Klingon drink really did pack a punch. Either way, Nysari knew she was screwed.

When the pressure vanished, Nysari didn’t question it, didn’t look around to see what had happened, or do anything at all besides take deep, painful breaths. All of that could wait. At the moment, she was grateful for air. Even this air, reeking of stale alcohol, Klingon sweat, and blood, was the sweetest thing in the universe. This was why she hated fighting. Talking was far less painful.

Eventually, someone picked her up and made her move. Nysari didn’t fight it, though her body didn’t appreciate it at all. Laying still for a while longer would have been better. Everything was still a blur, a rush of humanoid shapes among cold drops of what she fervently wished was water, though likely someone was throwing yet more booze at them. She didn’t even know who was dragging her out, the Andorian was just along for the ride. Outside was definitely better, that she would readily admit. Deposited against a wall by Frank – of course he’d been her rescuer, a gentleman to the end, that one – she leaned back and let the world slowly refocus, coughing instinctively as she tried to clear her swollen throat.

The arrival of some sort of party vehicle, just when she was finally coherent enough to recognize it, was not welcome.

“It is time to get off this ride, for me at least,” she announced, horrified at how weak and hoarse her voice was. It felt like a struggle to get the words out at all, completely lacking in her usual trained and measured cadence and tone. “I am scheduled for another trip to Qo’noS tomorrow. If I do not visit sickbay now, I will not have a voice for my work.” Also, it hurt, but she wasn’t about to confront her department head for actions outside of Enyd’s control. “Please, excuse me.”

She did not offer an opinion on their next location. One place in this city seemed equally as dangerous as any other. Really the question was just whether they wanted to continue or not. Nysari would leave that up to them. She made her goodbyes, took a step away from the group, and pulled out her combadge. “zh’Eziarath to Theurgy. One to beam back to the ship.”

A few moments later, the diplomat vanished in a shower of light.

Sometime earlier…

[ Lt. Cmdr Jaru “Janus” Rel | Onok’s Bakery | D’Takka | Qo’noS ]

The bug – or whatever the fuck it was – made a satisfying crunch as he smashed it beneath his boot, the lone escapee from the Klingon extermination squad fumigating the local bakery. Janus didn’t speak a lick of Klingon, but he didn’t need any to figure out the source of the proprietors’ displeasure as they argued with the exterminator. Whatever they were using as bug spray smelled toxic as shit. All of their merchandise was probably in there melting.

“I’m really missing the party,” he commented with a snort, trying and failing to remember all the tour locations he'd read before coming down here. Recently dethawed, released from sickbay, and fresh off an informative conversation with Ghost, Janus had returned to his quarters. Only for the computer to refuse him entry, because – surprise! – it had been three fucking months, and those weren’t his quarters anymore, no matter what coup attempt Ghost was planning from the brig.

Rather than admit his homelessness and request a new berth, Janus had decided on a distraction instead, trolling the ship’s internal information network for something to do. While a culinary tour sounded boring on paper, he had always admired the Klingon ability to turn everything into either a drunken party, a fight, or both. This had to be a pub crawl in disguise. Too bad he was late, and had no idea where the group had gone next. Pretty much the theme of the day for him.

“Ah well, I’m sure I’ll find them eventually.”

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | D’Takka | Qo’noS ]
ATTN: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @RyeTanker @Juzzie @ob2lander961

Mia wanted off this ride soon or she was going to hurl. Her head felt like a shuttle was banging around inside her brain and she was getting more dizzy every second.  Lifting her head slightly she could see some of the other crew who had come on the tour, along with some other crew that had somehow joined in the mix. “Ohh, new peoples!  Where they come from?” She giggled as she looked around, despite her queasiness and noticed that several of them were quite wet. She was confused as to how that could happen  for a moment then her eyes opened wider as if she knew the answer, “Ohh,  iss raining. “  Her rescuer had yet to put her down, but at the moment that might not be such a bad thing as she wasn’t in any shape to even stand on her own.

Mia patted Talia’s back, “You know what?? I love you guys, and the one wifoud a shirt...” she giggled again as she remembered, “he had a salad coat. Did someone eat it?”  As she was carried out she caught a glimpse of Zark and she put one finger over her lips, and whispered in a loud druken mannor, “Shhh, be careful, don’t want to be a pretzel!” 

Mia started to giggle again, “a singing pretzel maker, Zark is” she sang badly, “bend you up and put you on a shelf.” Mia could not keep her mind focused on any one thing. She looked around at the lower half of her crewmates, as she could barely lift her head anymore, “You guys are great! I love you guys!”

Soon after that her eyes closed as the alcohol seemed to hit her again, “Ohh, I thin I goin ... sick...”

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix |  D’Takka | Qo'noS] ] Attn: @Rae  @Juzzie  @Dumedion @ RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz @Eirual

Everyone seems to be worse for ware as Via watched the group stumble around in various states of alertness. Nysari seemed to have enough of whatever had happened and left. The young pilot couldn't figure out as to why she did, she wasn't close enough to her and Frank to actually enquire but she waved goodbye regardless.

Via was still shivering and had half the mind to take off her soaked expensive leather jacket. She tried shaking it out to no avail causing her to groan loudly. "Fuckin- dumbasses...messin' with my jack- hmm?" She spotted something across the street. Two stores, both were in Klingon but had signage that Via found all too recognizable. It was a Ferengi pawn shop and a Klingon Weapon store right next to each other, it made a light bulb go off in her mind. Her jacket was ruined there was no doubt about that, but she did know if she pawned it she would probably haggle to get at least a third of her money back especially since it was genuine Normidian Skull Cat designer leather. She also, quite impulsively, wanted to buy a disruptor ever since her original one she had since she was 11 got confiscated by Starfleet Security as "evidence" when she crossed over into Federation space. Via was promised she would get it back but since her situation has changed she was having doubts she ever would.

After looking toward the group to see if anyone was paying attention, Via would sneak away briefly making her way towards the pawn shop. A minute of shouting and haggling later she left the shop with 350 Strips. In the next minute, she left the Weapon Store with one Disruptor Compression Pistol at a bargain of 250 Strips of Latinum cause Via amused him when she threatened the quartermaster in broken Klingon. He wanted to see how long she would live so he practically handed her the disruptor which looked used and worn out but the young pilot didn't mind.

Walking out Via celebrated and danced with her newly purchased pistol pumping it in the air and waving it around playfully. She was now damper than she was wet but with her purchase taking her mind off of that fact she felt pretty content. She celebrated until she returned back to the group where she would shove the pistol behind her back into her pants. The woman tried to sneak back in as if she had never left, not wanting to draw attention that she did by a disruptor cause she didn't want to be taken away from her again. She looked towards the party bus and then at the rest of the group. A Klingon who she assumed was also a part of the group was handing out some white type of liquid which Via promptly took and drank assuming it was going to get her drunk. She forced a burp and threw the cup onto the ground.

"Woooo!!" She cheered and raised her hands in the air. Via then looked towards the party bus. "Shitballs, that's our ride?!" she said with childlike enthusiasm. "Can our asses go on? Pleaseeee?" She looked at Talia then the rest of the group.

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[Lieutenant Frank Arnold & Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen | Outside Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | First City | Qo'nos] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie @ob2lander961

The Chief Engineer helped Nysari back to her feet after they'd made their hasty exit.  He'd been amongst the first and this gave him the opportunity to place his rescuee somewhere out of the way as the rest of the waterlogged had spilled out onto the street. Standing up, Frank took a moment to give himself an inspection and he realized he was mostly dry and none the worse for wear.  Each person that followed however looked worn or wet in some way shape or form.  Enyd and Zark looked like they'd just gotten out of a wet wear competition, while Talia had something to do with swimwear and exiting the ocean.  The Romulan and the other human were the counter parts to Zark and Enyd, while the scientist.  Frank groaned and cupped his forehead with a large palm as he was treated to the sight of someone utterly bereft of anything resembling clothing.  At this point, he was ready to call the whole thing off when Zark waved him over with an inebriated pouty look.  "You watch her or I'm gonna drop your ass."  Frank blinked and took a deep breath as he had to remind himself that the Andorian was drunk and had no idea what was going on.  She then appeared to make her way to Mia.

The Chief looked at the trip organizer with a wry smile as her senses came back to her.  Looking Enyd over, her normally well organized mane was a wet ferret and despite the water, the side of her head was starting to turn red.  When Enyd's brain finally completed rebooting, a very understandable “What in the hell did I do, Frank?” came out and despite the situation, he had to grin.  The loading process continued with her and the buxom blue hellion locking lips and the bearded man knodded then blew out some air as he tried to figure out if there was a way to explain what had happened to her. "I can't really say for certain Enyd, but after your uhmmmm encounter with Zark, she dumped something into you gullet and then you knocked her over, rolled around a bit and grabbed Nysari then I think you put her in a full Nelson."

"I...did...what?" Enyd rubbed her tongue against the back of her teeth, still tasting whatever nasty concoction Zark had forced into her. "Is that why Nysari looked so...bedraggled? I did that?" In this moment, Enyd felt far closer to failure than she'd felt in a long time. She'd only just been named the CDO and had led Nysari and the rest of the department through what she felt to be a fairly useful and enlightening team-building exercise that very morning. Only for Nysari to face down an entirely undiplomatic--in anything, feral--side of her CDO. If ever a woman had a right to feel conflicted, potentially scared or threatened, and exceedingly disappointed, it would be Nysari. Granted, Enyd didn't know yet if that was what the Andorian was feeling, but if the shoes were on other feet, Enyd might've been feeling that way. "Frank, I need to go apologize." A wave of nausea gripped her as her head resumed its pounding. Whatever the positive effects of the concoctions had been, they were rapidly leaving her system now. Abandoning her to sore muscles, agonizing headache, and a surely gut. "Maybe after a quick stop in sickbay?"

Frank could see the signs of impending forced discomfort and he led Enyd to a bench then began gently rubbing her back while she wallowed in misery. This have a him a few moments to consider her situation and the cliff she was standing on. Blowing out his cheeks, Frank drove on. "Yeah, an apology is definitely in order, but as a friend of mine in the JAG Corp put it, there were factors outside your control." Frank stopped rubbing as he crossed his arms into his favourite thinking pose. "I would like to say Zark is at fault, buuuut." sigh. "Standards are different for Klingons." He looked up to see several wet Klingons laughing uproariously as they began gesticulating and bashing their heads together. A few were pointing at Zark and pushing each other to go first. One was pointing in their direction and the engineer realized he was pointing at Enyd, so Frank moved a bit closer to cover her. It didn't seem cowardly on the Klingons part, more bashful and the Chief shook his head ruefully. When Enyd mentioned sickbay, he looked at her and gripped her chin then turned her head, much in the same manner he used to examine his sparring partner when she didn't dodge a punch well. "Yeah. A quick stop in sickbay sounds. I think you're starting to get a welt on your face from where Zark kicked you to get you off Nysari."

"And she may be a menace, but at least she saved Nysari from me." Enyd sighed. Glancing down at her sodden dress and reaching up to tug at a few loose tendrils of soaked hair, she smirked. "Probably didn't expect that type of a fight from me. Distract them and take them by surprise. You taught me that." On her next sigh, Enyd leaned against Frank's warmth, lightly punching his gut with a feigned uppercut. "Did she really kick me?" One hand went to the rapidly darkening bruise on her face while her eyes darted over to study the clonking boots that Zark favored. "That fact that I still have a face is proof that she is not so drunk as we think she is or that her love for me supersedes her inebriation. Either way," Enyd grimaced, "I could really use a painkiller, a hot shower, and a cup of tea. After I apologize to Nysari. If she doesn't turn tail and run at first sight me."

Frank oofed obediently and nodded in agreement at how he'd taught her to fight and snorted his wry amusement at Enyd's assessment of the combative Andorian. "It could also be a case of she gets more effective the more drunk she is." He gestured up and down Enyd's sopping wet body. "You're this way because she threw a metal cup at the water operator. Hit him dead on the temple. Damndest thing I ever saw." A big finger tapped his own temple for emphasis. "Incidentally it's the cup she used to pour some sort of steaming liquid all over you." Frank gently waved a hand in front of his nose since he could smell it, but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as some of the chemicals Engineering had to deal with. "It's not as bad really since Zark 'inisisted' on cleaning you up first, which is why you're all wet." He exhaled for a pause. "I don't think you should have too many issues with Nysari. It should all be in a days work for a diplomat to deal with misunderstandings and strange situations. If she's in sickbay, she can't really get away either."

"There are old Earth movies about drunken fight masters." Enyd shook her head and immediately regretted the action. "Their fighting efficiency increases with every drink." Pinching the bridge of her nose, Enyd breathed through a wave of pain before adding, "A captive apology does sound like a good idea. Are you heading back also?" Enyd opened her eyes and looked up to Frank, a portion of her hoping he'd stay to ensure everyone's survival, and also a more selfish portion of her hoping he'd go with her to offer both physical and emotional support as she faced Nysari and that much-needed apology.

Frank stared at the group as they gathered themselves and he shook his head as the blue chaos ball went to try to cover up the naked scientist with her own blouse, but since it was soaked through, it did very little to hide the figure underneath while Zark was now holding onto Mia while covered by only her bra.  Considering the way the night was going, there was a good chance she was going to lose that as well.  "I think you're right.  I'm not sure who really organized this little jaunt, but they still have a lot to do in making it more about the food.  I need a real Scotch.  Maybe a BLT with some fries too."  The Chief Engineer puffed his cheeks as he heard Nyrsari transport herself out.  "I should also head back to the ship and check up on Marika.  Not sure how this little experiment in controlled chaos went for her, and I do need her to help me keep the ship running."  Looking over at Enyd, he gave her a reassuring smile.  "Yes, I'll be there when you talk to Nysari and smooth things out if I need to.  I think you'll do fine though, especially now that the war juice is out of your system."

Her stomach growling in anger from the drinks on an empty state, Enyd grimaced. Linking her arm in Frank's, she leaned against his side. "Can you double the order? Once Elro magics me into health, and I hopefully make things right with Nysari, I think I'll be ready for a real meal too."

"I think something can be arranged" The bearded engineer drawled as he patted the top of Enyd's hand comfortingly.  Helping her stand up, blue eyes surveyed the scene and to say he was dismayed was a bit of an understatement. As much as he would have like to impose some order, the crew was on vacation and were free to do as they wished. He initially thought Zark would be the best to leave in charge, but she was too busy happily rubbing her cheek on Mia's. Talia didn't seem to be in the best shape either. His eyes settled on a human sitting next to the new Romulan and Frank remembered him being part of the crew  and had to dig a bit to get his name. When the name came up, he walked over to Rhys Williams with Enyd still in his arm. "Mr. Williams, glad you took the opportunity to join this.... outing. We're headed back to the ship to tend to the injured and track down a few people. We hope you and everyone else enjoys the rest of this... excursion."

Nodding to counsellor, Frank looked at Enyd for confirmation of readiness and was about to tap his combadge when a pair of blue arms wrapped themselves around Enyd's waist. "Aaaand where are you two headed?" Came a rather breathy and flammable inquiry from behind. "Are you leaving me behind?" The blue hellion asked demurely which could not have been true given her state of undress and the fact she giggled afterwards.  "Zark, we're just headed back to check up on Nysari and Marika, especially after what they've been through tonight."  Said Andorian let go of Enyd and slipped around the front and Frank sighed at the sight he was being given as he rubbed his temple against the oncoming headache that would probably require triple Scotch to combat.   "But there's still the rest of the tour, and now we gots Via!  Ya know it's going to be a night to remember!" "It already is." Frank muttered under his breath, but not apparently quietly enough as Zark planted her fists on her hips and pouted in his direction.

"Zark, we're going back." Enyd held up her index and middle finger, pointing them first at her eyes and then jabbing them in the direction of Via, "keep that one alive." Frank held his breath for a moment wondering if a fight was going to break out between Enyd and Zark, but the conflict never came as Zark simply shrugged. "Okay, you two have a nice trip back and give this to Nysari for me."  The Zhen ended by planting a kiss on Enyd's cheek.  "And sorry for kicking you earlier." She apologized before placing another softer one on the growing bruise. "See y'all later!"

Frank shook his head at the sight then tapped his combadge just as a ridiculous cacophony showed up. "Arnold to Theurgy. Two to beam to sickbay where Lieutenant Nysari is."

"Acknowledged Sir" came a disembodied voice. "Energizing" and the blue and white shimmer took the two remaining senior officers back to the ship.  Frank's last sight was Zark happily bounding towards Mia just as Via arrived back with her haul.  He was quite sure his and Enyd's thoughts were along the lines of This won't end well.

[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Outside Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | First City | Qo'nos]

The bounding blue chaos ball reached the evidently very hammered naked blonde and grabbed one arm to haul her up. "We totally love you too!" Zark being Zark planted a big kiss on Mia's cheek before looking around and seeing Via. "Heeey Via!!~  Nice find! Hey! Hey!  Grab the other arm and lets get her into this rusty carnival!  We gots to see if they have any armour that's gonna fit her!  Maybe they got more crazy tour stuff in there!  Talia!  Ya know you don't wanna miss this!  Come on!"  The Zhen yelled ecstatically as she looped an arm under Mia's shoulder to keep the party going.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ] attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Eirual @rae @ob2lander961

Rhys was glad to see that he was not the only one who had managed to get out on to the street. HIrek seemed impressed at what Rhys had done and mussed up his now soggy hair in an affectionate way that made Rhys blush. It had the other affect of calming him down. All the adrenaline went from his body. Similarly, the anger that had threatened to boil over dropped into a gentle simmering again.

Drinks were offered around the hapless crew as they tried to dry off. Some of his compatriots Rhys felt were in no position to continue this tour. Some were in poor states of dress with little left to the imagination. Some looked like they were about to throw up and who knows what else. Worst of all Lt. Frank Arnold and his compatriot took that time to return to the ship with some of the more seriously out of it.

This left Rhys in a nightmare scenario for him. He might well be the responsible one left. It was possible as he looked around that someone of the people around him were the same rank or higher. Ruined uniforms made the tough to tell. However, what was clear was he was one of the few still in full possession of his faculties. This was the kind of thing Rhys HATED. The idea of being responsible for other people in this way was terrifying to him and completely at odds with his personality.

Rhys sometimes thought of himself as naive but even he could see that the Skiff that had pulled up promising to show them yet more Klingon delights was deeply sketchy.  It seemed many of his compatriots were eager to get on board. He knew attempting to stop them would involve him having to exercise his authority (a laughable concept in his view). Maybe that would work if everyone was sober, but he doubted anyone would listen when they were drunk. He doubted Hirek would listen to him at all. In the end the most that happened as he saw, Via Stark and Talia look like they were stumbling into the transport was a half-hearted. “Maybe this isn’t a good idea?” He had no idea who had organised this thing, but the part of him that quietly bubbled with anger desperately wanted to give that person a piece of his mind.

In the end the only thing he could do was go along and make sure everyone was ok. Plus, he knew how stressed the crew had been and how much of an outlet they needed. He sighed a big sigh and looked at the Klingon who seemed to be running the transport. “Just be gentle with them, as you can see some of my compatriots are worse for wear.” He said heading to the transport with a deep sense of foreboding.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix |  D’Takka | Qo'noS] ] Attn: @Rae  @Juzzie  @Dumedion @ RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz @Eirual

Seeing everyone looking like they were having the time of their lives only made Via pout a bit internally. She NEEDED a drink, feeling like she was missing out on whatever Zark and Mia were drinking. The one that she grabbed earlier hadn't sat in yet (assuming it was alcohol). She was sad to see Enyd and Mr. Grandpa beam out from the corner of her eye. The young pilot just got there and people were already leaving. She didn't even have the chance to say hi to Enyd. Still, the show must go on, no way she was going to miss the opportunity to party and get hammered. No telling when she may end up stuck in sickbay for 6 months again so Via was all for living her bad habits to the fullest. Her friends being there only made it all that better.

"Carni-wha?! The fuck is that? Zark girl, you're 'greemed' and be makin' so sensel" She chuckled at the duo and went over to grab Eiural's other arm supporting her.

Via looked over to the both of them with a smirk on her face. "Y'all better stop hidin' the good stuff! I know you are!" She said to Zark and Eiural alluding to them keeping some sort of alcohol stash somewhere. Before stepping on the transport and looked back for Talia and the other guy, shouting back. "Come on Shadow!! Let's rock this shit uppppp!!! Don't forget...uh my ass forgot its name. That guy there, Wess or somethin'" she proceeded to get on the bus with the others.

"Greemed" Slang for Drunk

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[Ens. Talia "Shadow" Al-Ibrahim | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka |Qo’noS ] Attn: @ob2lander961 @Ellen Fitz @rae @RyeTanker @Eirual @Juzzie
Chech'tluth, huh, Talia rolled the word around in her head as she took a sip, a brow arched at their newly acquired hostess – the apparent owner of the sketchy-looking skiff. She wasn’t entirely sure, but it seemed to be venting gases in odd places; the more her eyes scrutinized it, the more uneasy she felt about getting on the damn thing – so Talia turned her attention to the cluster of officers off to the side in a huddled conversation: Gramps, Moody, Kali, Duchess. As the taste and heat of the drink hit her, the pilot grimaced as she swallowed, but managed not to spit the liquid out. Ugh, fuck sakes, Talia shivered and tried to shake some of the water out of her hair.

Then she realized Via seemed to have vanished. Not wanting to interrupt the others, Shadow paced around, trying to figure out where she went. The hell? She was right there a second ago..., her path led her around the far side of the skiff, out into the street, still holding the mug of steaming...chech-whatever...she sighed...eyes narrowed at all the festival goers. Still no Via. Back on the other side of the skiff now, Talia turned the corner around the rusted-looking cockpit just in time to see Frank, Madsen and Nysari beam out back to the ship. Zark was hauling Mia up and headed in the transport. Via was right behind her – Hotlips and Pretty-Eyes lingered.

Talia cocked her head, confused. “Wait...why’d they leave,” she gestured to the air, then followed Zark, Mia and Via inside with a chuckle. “Oh, I’m sure they’ll be gentle,” she paused, throwing a smirk at the two remaining males of the party. “You two coming, or what?”

[Djuunya’s Skiff, aka Party Bus to Hell]

After the initial hesitation upon entry, Talia found herself a relatively quiet spot at the bar and focused on keeping her drink from spilling as the skiff bounced around in transit – which was hilarious, because it seemed to be deliberately timed with the pounding music and strobing lights. The poor dancers (the ones actually dancing, and not lounging over a particularly round, old Klingon near the rear with entirely too much jewelry on and not enough clothes) seemed to take it all in stride.

Her eyes flicked from them, her drink, then over to Via who was...well...doing Via things. She wondered where the others got off to, when the Tellarite bartender barked a question at her. “No I don’t want to try an Orion Hurricane, I already told you,” Talia shouted back over the music. “I ordered chicken wings,” she shook her head, gesturing in a whats wrong with you manner.

Roaring laughter reached her ears, and Shadow looked back at the source. The fat Klingon was getting a lap dance now, and the dancers seemed to be sniffing a glittery substance off each others bodies.

“Huh. Wonder what that is,” she asked no one in particular, then spun back around to keep an eye on everyone while she waited for whatever the Klingon equivalent was for chicken. Her eyes settled over Via, after a particularly loud burp – even for her. Talia realized with a snort of amusement that the fellow Wolf had apparently grown a tail, judging from the lump above her ass. Talia narrowed her eyes at it, taking a sip of something blue and cold and slightly numbing.

“Uhhh…,” Shadow huffed a laugh, then hollered Via’s name several times to get her attention. “Girl, I got questions,” she nodded at the bulky outline of what Talia hoped wasn’t what she thought it was.

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[ Hirek tr’Aimne |Djuunya’s Skiff, aka Party Bus to Hell, D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @rae  @Eirual  @Juzzie  @ob2lander961

Having been a part of many a terrible idea and witnessed even more, Hirek knew this so-called tour was no longer in the realm of barely controlled and had now ventured into the unknown. He hadn’t seen the brochure nor the itinerary, but he highly doubted someone like Madsen—at least the Madsen he’d been exposed to—would sign up for a tour that included a…transport of this caliber. Hearing Rhys’ sighed-out words soon after Madsen and Frank disappeared back to the ship, Hirek laughed.

“It is undoubtedly a terrible idea but,” he was interrupted by the newly arrived feral one first as she hoisted herself inside the vehicle and then Talia, marginally less feral looking but no less dangerous, who also prompted a response from himself and the Welshman at his side. Snorting again, Hirek looked askance at Rhys, “I would rather be a part of this terrible idea than walk away from it.”

The skiff was vibrating from the music when he stepped in, the beat so overwhelming it made it almost a distant memory, any thought of what a natural sound such as a bird of the sea could be. Hirek navigated through the crowd of dancers and found a seat on a curved couch near the pilot's chamber. He could feel the music pulsating through him. From this vantage point, he could see both known exits and be able to reach the pilot if something terrible happened—which he presumed would happen. His smile turned upward when he spotted Rhys’ handsome features moving in the crowd; the counselor had followed in after all, though he didn’t seem particularly pleased with his decision.

“Care for the Breath of Kortar?” One of the Orion women held out a platter filled with zigzagging lines of a glittery substance. On his way toward the couch, he’d seen some other patrons and dancers sniffing it. Picking up a thin sheet of what felt to be paper, Hirek used the serving brush to sweep some onto the paper. He nodded to the dancer and waited until she walked away to offer her wares to others before he neatly folded the paper, sealed it, and tucked it away in his pocket. He was curious what the Breath of Kortar was made of; perhaps it could be repurposed.

Another serving girl, a voluptuous woman with speckles up and down the sides of her neck and arms, leaned over—giving Hirek a full view of her chest and down her skirt to her womanly folds—and offered him a drink: The Nectar of Qui’Tu. Hirek accepted the glass but didn’t drink. Instead, he grabbed a napkin from the low table before him and dipped it into the orange liquid that smelled of herbs and spices. This, he put into another pocket. He smiled. He’d barely been on this skiff twenty minutes, and he’d already been given access to two substances he’d never encountered before and couldn’t wait to study once back aboard the ship. Patting his pocket with a sense of delight, Hirek looked around at the others in their group and laughed. It seemed he was enjoying their new circumstances in an entirely different manner than the rest of them.

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[[bolor=lightseagreen]Ens Mia Dunne[/color] |Djuunya’s Skiff, aka The ‘What did I get myself into’ Transport, D’Takka | Qo’Nos ]

Mia felt herself being led, or rather dragged along by someone she sort or recognized from the Theurgy Crew. Her vision was swimming, so it was a little hard to tell who it was. Loud thumping and screeches got louder as she stumbled up some steps and finally was deposited in a seat. Mia wanted nothing more than to lie down and stop the world’s rotations but instead she found herself sandwiched between a wall that seemed to be vibrating with the music and a rather loud female. Mia felt her seat sort of rumbling beneath her, and she kept bouncing, her head slamming into the wall repeatedly as she tried to keep from losing the contents of her stomach again.

She giggled at the thought of her regurgitus making more room around her since most people usually disliked being near such things.   Wherever she was, it was not helping her feel any less dizzy. She glanced around and saw some of the other crew and a drunken grin spread on her face. “You know I reaaally loovev yous guyz,” She slurred as she clumsily tried to get up and hug her closest shipmate.  The bus cose that moment to hit a large bump in the road. Mia fell forward, missing her intended target and ended up in the small floor space closer to the driver. She decided this was as good a place as any to stay, mostly since she currently lack the coordination needed to get up. Instead she lowered her head into her hands, slipping a few times before succeeding in keeping them in place and resting her elbows on the hard floor. She smiled up at the two males, both of whom she had met, one of them briefly. Mia’s head tilted slightly towards Hirek and Rhys, “Hey yous two! Did we have a good dinner yet?”
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[ Lt. Cmdr Jaru “Janus” Rel | D’Takka | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie @ob2lander961

“Honorless petaQ! Stay still!” If it weren’t for the general level of ruckus in the bar, the Klingon’s roar would have been impossible to miss. Between that and his stomping around, he was rattling the windows in the corner of the room that had become their battleground. Or his battleground anyway. For Janus’ part, he was just ducking out of the way.

“You know, I would,” he replied amicably, even as he was neatly sidestepping another wildly aimed punch, “but I promised a pretty nurse that I wouldn’t engage in any strenuous activity.” Vojona probably wouldn’t have defined resting as bar hopping on Qo’noS, but at least Janus was stopping short of the close quarters boxing match this Klingon apparently wanted. It hadn’t been a hard decision to make. The mammoth Klingon smelled like a garbage pile. He’d been drinking heavily, and it seemed that he’d started his night early. There was enough alcohol in his breath to cause second hand drunkenness. Even slightly buzzed, the uncoordinated assaults weren’t hard to dodge. Besides, Janus’ goal wasn’t to win a fight, it was to annoy the hell out of the guy. In that he was wildly succeeding.

“Coward! Cardassian coward!” Also, his sole conversation skill was shouting one-to-two-word insults at ear splitting volumes, which was what had irked Janus into talking to him in the first place – hence his current predicament. The diction was impressive for someone so obviously shitfaced, but it wasn’t like he was quoting Shakespeare. Or any sort of compound sentence.

“I agree. But twenty precent less Cardassian than I was yesterday, so I think that’s a win.” He felt the bump of a table at his hip, then swore under his breath. Seeing the Klingon barging towards him, Janus dropped, rolling under the table – there was definitely going to be something nasty on his clothes – and popping back to his feet on the other side. At least now there was a solid wooden table between them. That was a win. “That’s something everyone here can drink to! Fuck Cardassians!” There was a partially filled tankard on the table, gone moments later as Janus snatched it up and drained it dry. Whatever it was, it burned all the way down, turning his whoop into a strangled cough.

The Klingon roared, knocking the table out of the way to get at him. “Strength like that, there’s got to be better job opportunities out there than professional drunkard.” Janus complained, ducking off to the side yet again.


“Gonna have to pass on that buddy.” He was getting tired of this. Since it was the only thing he had in hand, Janus hurled the empty mug at him. He must have been tipsier than he thought, since instead of nailing the guy on the forehead (harmless for a Klingon, but annoying and distracting), the edge struck right on the eye, which was definitely going to leave a mark. “Oh, ow. Shit. Sorry.” However, he didn’t stick around to see what he’d wrought, turning and slipping through the crowd towards the exit. Best case scenario, he’d have a nasty bruise to tell stories about for a few weeks. Worst case… an eye patch to tell stories about forever. Klingons loved their war stories.

“Not a good story, sticking to the bare facts,” he mused, the muggy air of the coastal city something of a relief as the pilot meandered down the street in the quiet night. “Hopefully he’s smart enough sober to make up a better one.” With a slight grin, he palmed the credit chip he’d slipped from the Klingon’s belt during one of their closer encounters, bringing it close to his face to see if there were any security codes on it he needed to worry about. “I’ll even corroborate whatever story he settles on, as thanks for financing the rest of my night." What, he’d been in stasis this morning, it wasn’t like he had any money. Janus had been relying on the tour organizers for that, and he still hadn’t managed to find them.

Turning a corner, musing on where to head next, Janus had to jump back quickly before he was run over by a metal monstrosity. The size of it – along with the music that was vibrating through the exterior – was more than enough to get his attention. He got a better look at it as it stopped for opposing traffic at an intersection. Presumably, it had started life as a simple transport skiff, but years of questionable aftermarket add-ons had created an entirely different beast. Way too many power cells, probably for whatever party was going on inside, and some kind of fusion core in the back that was running way too hot. Aerodynamically, it was not something made to go fast. But with a little bit of coaxing, he was sure it would anyway.

“Hey!” he yelled, walking up to the side and banging on the door. “Question for you!”

The door opened almost immediately, and the atmosphere spilling out was even more overwhelming than the other bars he’d found so far tonight. Lights, music, sweat, more alcohol, and a ostentatiously dressed Ferengi. “Welcome to the Targ Pit. Purveyor of lust, home to all matter of pervers-“

Janus, freshly awakened from a perverted nightmare that he didn’t remember, but had heard enough about to consider a long stretch of abstinence, cut off the introduction. “I will give you everything on this credit chip right now, if you let me drive. Deal?” He handed over the stolen chip for the Ferengi to scan, and swore he saw the host’s pupils turn into money symbols at whatever number appeared on the screen.

“Deal!” The word came out far too quickly, which the Ferengi seemed to notice, quickly schooling his face back into the sleezy mask of greed that meant professionalism in that culture. “I mean, yes. Yes, we can come to an arrangement. My name is Monty, and I am available for whatever you require, for a small fee, of course.”

“Uh huh.” Already given permission for what he wanted, Janus didn’t listen to the rest, though Monty kept jabbering behind him as he followed Janus through the cab to the front of the skiff. He did notice a fair amount of humans for Qo’noS, noting with a fair amount of irony that he might have finally found the Theurgy tour group. One of them looked vaguely familiar, and if Shadow had done any research before coming on board the Theurgy, she might have recognized the squadron’s original commanding officer, though she’d been badly injured before they’d had a chance to meet. The rest of them would recognize the Wolves’ flight jacket, through not the man wearing it. For Janus’ part, he decided introductions could wait, in case the Ferengi decided to start double dealing and trying to get money that Janus didn’t have.

The controls were in Klingon, which he didn’t read. But there was a logic to most navigation and drive control systems that was consistent across planets, and he wasn’t afraid to take chances. This was a stupid idea, he conceded silently as the autopilot turned off and the skiff jerked back into movement. But Starfleet wasn’t going to let him fly a Valkyrie right now, so this beast would have to do.

“All aboard the party bus!”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Djuunya’s Skiff, aka The Mobile Mosh Pit | First City | Qo'nos] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie @ob2lander961

After dragging the severly intoxicated lightweight scientist into the bus, the happily bustling Andorian had placed her on a chair, then merrily grabbed on to the blonde and shook her back and forth while trying to squeeze the life out of her.  It was hard to tell whether Mia really knew what was going on being so insensate while trying to keep the contents of her stomach inside.  Still, Zark did what she affectionaltley did best and squeezed away while squealing happily from time to time.  Further attempts to get the blonde to drink more didn't work out to well since her mouth was uncoordinated and the liquid had a nasty tendency to sort of dribble on to her exposed chest. 

"Ạwwwww. Mia, you're supposed to drink this, not blubber it out."  The hammered Andorian took a moment to watch the liquid spread and make a rorschach on the blouse she'd lent the giggled.  "Hey! Hey Mia! We can play dress up later! My clothes fit you." Zark gave a look at the spreading wet pattern across the blouse then down at her own chest.  "At least I think it should. Heeey. Are you listening?" This didn't elicit much of a response and the Andorian humphed before giggling and planting a kiss on the pale cheek, then moving off to other parts of the skiff.

As she settled against the bar, a drink materialised in front of her as if by magic and still being somewhat loopy, she grabbed the shot and raised it in salute to the bar tender before downing it where it burned fiercely. Zark bent over and took a moment to cough as she fought the choking sensation. She didn't even know what the rotgut tasted like as the high proof spirit floated into her brain. Feeling much lightwr on her feet suddenly, she smiled as her eyes settled on an scantily clad undulating green form that was sliding up and down a metal pole. Mental scales that were supposed to keep one from doing silly things were a bit wobbly from the cumulative drinks tipped in favour of 'this is gonna be fun' and Zark held up her fingers for two more shots. Since it was the bar tenders job to keep the part goers hammered, he passed the shots over to which Zark picked them up and began swing her hips, body, and arms towards the dancing Orion. It also helped that her bra was more suited to simply containing her while it swayed from side to side.

Smiling at the prospect of getting a tip from customer, she gave the very attractive blue dancing form a smile steeped in sin. Raising her arms above her head, her own body twisted in time with the music.
At least this one shouldn't stink like the ridge heads or the breath of big ears
the dancer thought. The stench of high proof alcohol was lost in a sea of fumes from all the open bottles, but it soon got much stronger as Zark got closer and the dancer nearly went cross eyed when the fumes hit. This served to pause her dancing just as Zark made contact. Oh shit! What the hell did she drink? Wait a minute, she's got two more! Like the Andorian had been with Enyd, Zark tossed her head back and pounded back the first shot. This seemed to reassure the Orion for just a moment that she wasn't going to forced to drink the equivalent of Klingon vodka, or rubbing alcohol. That was until the flammable words "You're pretty, let's dance." nearly seared her nostrils and burning liquid lip lock was applied.

The Orion didn't drink on the job and worse still, in the hurry to pick up this batch, she didn't get to eat, so the alcohol hit her like a sledgehammer. Dancing got easier after that. So did the rubbing and groping. Both women agreed the other did have a very nice asses. Though the covered blue tits were better. The bras though were getting in the way and we're better off, but she was working and it wasn't the right venue anyway. It could be, but we're not thaaaaat drunk. Yet. it didn't matter since they were in a party and everyone should be having fun.

Spotting a pair victims, the inebriated dancers grabbed a couple more drink and plopped themselves in a Human and Romulan's lap. This Andorian being her usual helpful self made sure she was comfortable by rubbing her perfectly shaped posterior into Rhys Williams lap in a manner most delectable. Probably despite his best efforts, Zark could feel a bulge from Rhys forming and she laughed. "Haaahh! " The Andorian gleefully cheered with a wide smile. "Rhys, we're here to have fun, drink and cheer up! " and with that, Andorian drink pourer extrordinaire yanked on her human's jaw and poured the incendiary 'drink' down his gullet. "Come on Rhys! Loosen up and let's have some fun!"

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[ Hirek tr’Aimne |Djuunya’s Skiff, aka Party Bus to Hell, D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @rae  @Eirual  @Juzzie  @ob2lander961

Hirek waited until the blue hellion with generous boobs found another victim before he pushed off the couch long enough to wrap his arms under Mia’s shoulders and haul her up against his body. She felt cold to the touch, likely due to the extreme drenching they’d all received in the bar not so long ago, and given the amount of liquor in her system, food would be necessary if they wanted to prevent ill effects from marring the rest of her evening.

“We did not,” Hirek shot Rhys a warm smile before he gently deposited Mia on the couch beside the Welshman, “but YOU are about to have a snack!”

Hirek left the two just long enough to grab the closest thing to crackers and fruit he could find in a vehicle designed for hedonistic pursuits. The bartender looked disappointed with Hirek’s tray and refusal of more drinks besides the fruit juice mix they normally used to make the cocktails. Weaving around the blue blur and her Orion dance partner, Hirek placed the tray on the small table in front of the couch with a self-satisfied smile.

“Here you go,” he pushed two crackers into one hand while he pressed the glass of fruit juice against her lips, “some juice and crackers are just the thing.”

He was prevented further support in sobering the human up by the untimely, or timely, arrival of said blue blur and gyrating Orion partner. While Zark attacked Rhys with her ass, even going so far as to pull another stunt like what she’d done with Madsen – using her mouth as a vehicle liquid mayhem – the Orion was no less handsy but far less drunk with Hirek. Not one to refuse the attention of a beautiful woman, especially if he didn’t have to pay for it, Hirek leaned back against the couch cushions and sighed as the Orion pushed her rear up against his crotch before bending over in front of him as she ran her hands down the length of his legs.

Rolling his head to the side, Hirek caught Mia’s gaze with his own and smiled, “Do you want a turn?” While Hirek meant for the Orion to give Mia a lap dance, he was aware that it could be interpreted in a completely different direction, and the menace inside him was curious about which her inebriated brain would choose to decode.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams|D’Takka and the Skiff ride to hell| Qo’Nos] attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Eirual @rae @ob2lander961

So began Rhys ride through the eight circles of hell. There was not alternative to sticking together that he could see. The more they stuck together the less chance there was of being, robbed, killed or worse getting in trouble. It was not a side of himself that he much liked that getting in trouble was a concern on par for him with death. In fact, if her were honest there was a degree of envy for his crew mates that eh couldn’t be as wild as everyone else.

Hirek was defiantly in his element. He was enjoying himself on different level than most others. Yes, the debauchery was clearly fun for him, but as Rhys saw him take some exampled of drink or narcotics to examine, he could see a clear analytical enjoyment to.

Poor Mia, Rhys certainly felt sorry for her. She was enjoying herself now, but she was going to have one hell of a headache in the morning that was for sure. Especially as she did not seem to have eaten much. Rhys was pleased to see that Hirek in his own little way was looking out for her in regards to food. There was defiantly more to him than met the eye. Rhys allowed himself a little smile at that.

The smile did not last long as soon Zark who certainly was enjoying herself on a level beyond everyone else, bounded over with an Orion dancing girl. She perched on his lap and her new friend settled on Hirek’s. Zark knew exactly how to move to get the reaction out of Rhys she wanted. Red faced and hard as a rock is how she seemed to like him and its what he was. He tried to resist but it was not going to be his night for keeping dignity.  She then tried to essentially force feed him a drink.

He coughed and tried to force her to stop.  It was not easy. She was strong and very determined. Whether it was the drink affecting him, or his irritation he wasn’t really sure but he found himself holding her wrist tightly. “Zark stop.” He didn’t shout but he kept his voice as authorative as he could. He also tried to keep his irritation down. “Its not good to try and make someone drink who doesn’t want to.” Rhys didn’t like calling the shots, but in this instance, he felt he had to. “Behave, or you will be in trouble.” He wasn’t really sure if his words were meant to be suggestive or not, but he heard them and inwardly blanched. The last thing Zark needed was encouragement. Suddenly feeling awkward he took the drink from her hand. “I’m having fun I promise.” He took a sip of the drink and by remarkable fortitude kept his face straight as it burned. His eyes did start to water a little though.

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[Ens Mia Dunne | Djuunya’s Skiff, aka Party Bus to Oblivion, D’Takka | Qo’Nos]

Attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @rae @ob2lander961 @Juzzie

Mia was only barely cognizant that Zark was trying to give her something to drink, but she just could not get her mouth to function. Then all she could hear was a squealing happy Zark and getting squeezed way to tightly. Thankfully both of those stopped and Mia pretty much just slumped where she was once more. She again had that oddly weightless feeling as someone lifted her and almost felt like someone was dancing with her. “Is nize,” she mumbled almost incoherently, “I hasn’t damced for lon time.” She was able to focus on Hirek’s face for less than a second before she felt herself being lowered to a seat. She made a pouty face that the dance was already over.

The next thing she knew she was holding some crackers and Hirek was holding a drink to her mouth, but not much got into her before someone came and sat on his lap and started gyrating. She looked away only to find Zark doing the same thing to the Counselor next to her. She watched in fascination, wondering how anyone could move their body that way. Then turned her gaze back the other way and watched the Green Skinned woman all but disrobing Hirek before her eyes. Her eyes travelled to Hirek’s face, and she could tell he was definitely enjoying whatever the Orion was doing to him.

Rolling his head to the side, Hirek caught Mia’s gaze with his own and smiled, “Do you want a turn?”

Mia looked back at the gyrating female and the thought of doing that to Hirek decidedly piqued her curiosity. Looking back at Hirek she replied in a slightly slurred and stunned voice, “I don thin I haz movz like dat!”
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[ G’ethrO Trinar | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion   @RyeTanker   @rae   @Eirual  @Juzzie  @ob2lander961

“You’re sure those mak'dar baktag are on that skiff?” G’ethrO Trinar, third son of an obscure house loyal to the disposed Mo’Kai, lowered his scope and glared at the Ferengi merchant who’d brought him the information for a price.

The Ferengi gave an indignant sniff, “Would I lie to a paying customer?”

HoS lI' Dalo'Ha'chu'!” G’ethrO’s colleague and distant cousin, Bit’ecH hissed at the merchant, spitting onto the ground at his feet for emphasis.

Before the Ferengi could backstab them out of a sense of hurt pride by telling the Federation imbeciles on the skiff of their plan, G’ethrO tossed the man the latinum he desired and made a shooing motion. He waited until the merchant disappeared before motioning for his men to come closer.

“We’ll place the barrier here,” using a holographic map, he pointed to a narrowing gap in the road the skiff presently traveled down, or more, careened down. “And funnel them into this pinch point,” he indicated another area on a side street where the skiff would have to stop and turn around to return to an area where traveling was easier, “you four, position yourselves on these roofs here and here, on either side of the alley.” The four in question nodded while the others waited expectantly. “You two stay near the entrance to this funnel in case they try to break out again, and you three track them along the road and help ‘guide’ them in their decision-making.”

The group dispersed, leaving G’ethrO and Bit’ecH alone for the time being.

“What about me, cousin?” She whined, eager to sink her teeth into the juicy flesh of Federation interlopers who’d brought their house such dishonor. “Where do I go?”

“Stick with me. I’ll make sure you get your pound of flesh today.” She gave a grunting, muted howl of delight as she fell into step beside him.

Today, the streets of D’Takka would flow with the blood of the Mo’Kai enemies!

*pathetic piece of baktag
*You are a total waste of energy

OOC note: we can end it on the ominous undertones if you like, or we can kick butt, I just hate things sitting in limbo. Cheers!

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[Ens. Talia "Shadow" Al-Ibrahim | Djuunya’s Skiff, aka Party Bus to Hell, D’Takka | Qo’Nos] Attn: @ob2lander961 @rae @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Juzzie
She’d lost track of time, and shots. How long had they been in the air? Thirty minutes? Forty? Was this her sixth shot, or eighth? Why was there so much turbulence? So many questions – not enough sobriety to answer them.

Talia’s eyes wavered drunkenly from Via, unable to keep up with her passionate re-telling of ‘dealing with punk-ass-bitch-ass upstarts’ from the fellow Wolf’s adolescence – to wander the scene around them both. Pretty-Eyes, Skittish, Hot-lips and Kali all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Her dark eyes narrowed at the Romulan as his turned to meet hers. Talia’s lips curled at him; a look that could be interpreted many ways – some more enjoyable than others.

Mmhm, I’m drunk.

Shadow licked her lips, then returned her sluggish attention back to Via before downing another shot of slightly pinkish, glowing alcohol the Valravn pilot had ordered – the name long forgotten. Talia cleared her throat drunkenly, then knocked the drink down with a wince. Via was still going on, and she couldn’t even remember what the hell they were supposed to be talking about at that point. Should probably drink some water...oh yeah, the pistol, Talia’s eyes widened. “Wait – wait...listen! Alls I’m saying,” she interrupted in a slurred hurry, “is you should’ve test fired it. How’d you know you didn’t get robbed with a...r-replica or...whatever?”

It seemed like a valid question.

The empty shot glass was upturned down onto the bar with finality.

“Bet good money that thing’s a fake,” Talia pointed to the disruptor tucked in the back of Via’s pants. “An between you and me, I’m surprised you could fit it in there with that dump truck of an ass your packin,” Talia giggled.

Just as she went to stand, the entire bus rolled.

Pandemonium ensued.

Over the shouts of alarmed passengers, Talia heard the engines straining while the inertial dampeners whined in protest – as everything and everyone pitched and slid under the g-forces. Talia grabbed ahold of the bar to brace, but too little, too late; she slid and stumbled into the two Orion girls who were mid-dance around a polished vertical pole. The three collided in a mess of multi-colored limbs and careened into one of the giant Klingon bouncers.

Sparks flew. Bottles shattered. People shouted, cheered. It was chaos.

Someone or something triggered even more strobe lights as the music got even louder; the entire compartment started filling with foam bubbles.

Talia pulled her face out from between the largest pair of green breasts she’d ever seen.

“Wha th’fuck,” the pilot laughed drunkenly as the bus righted itself. “Who th’hell’s driving this thing,” she demanded, then pulled herself up and checked to make sure the others were okay as she stumbled up to the cockpit – waving bubbles away the whole time. “Don' worry guys - Imma go have a chat with th’pilot,” Talia grinned at them. “It’ll be fine. I can fly.”

OOC - I choose more chaos. Roll for saving throws, please :)

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[Ens Mia Dunne | Djuunya’s Skiff, aka Party Bus to Oblivion, D’Takka | Qo’Nos]

Attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @rae @ob2lander961 @Juzzie

Her eyes were still focused on Hirek when she suddenly felt like she was flying. Her body seemed to hit off a few hard surfaces and she felt the dull pain but was mostly numb. She also seemed to have tumbled into a large tangled pile with several other people, one seemed to be the Romulan she’d been next to only moments ago. Mia didn’t even bother trying to move as her head and stomach were now revolting in the sudden movement.

She closed her eyes trying to ease the dizziness, after seeing everything flying around she didn’t want to see what else was coming at her, but she had the feeling that the pressure that seemed to grow with thumps and muttered oaths might not be totally be a good omen.

The sound of engines whining somewhere was confusing. Why would that be happening? Was the ship crashing? She started to try to push herself up but instead met soft resistance to her hands and she didn’t move. Something else sort of soft, but less so than in front of her, was against her back. Her legs seemed to be tangled in a pretzel, making her think of Zark’s comment when they had first met. She couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips at the thought that Zark had actually pretzelled her. She giggled louder, then hiccupped and slurred, “Zark di prezel me!” She let her head drop to the side, and only briefly wondered why she could hear someone’s heart beating, or was that her own?

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[Lt. Rhys Williams|D’Takka and the Skiff ride to hell| Qo’Nos] attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Eirual @Dumedion @rae @ob2lander961

Drinks and other more dubious substances were being passed around. There were also a significant number of activities going on around that Rhys was choosing to ignore. The young Welshman was finding everything a bit too much, but he was also reluctant to say anything for fear of appearing like a kill joy. The other factor was that he doubted he would be listened to. A counsellor was barely and officer in some people’s minds.

So Rhys sat as if trapped in his own personal purgatory, and if that wasn’t all things actually got worse. There was a huge thud and everyone on board the skiff was catapulted into bulkheads, furniture and each other. Rhys found himself flying like a dart into an upturned and rather grubby looking sofa. A few trays, plates and bits of glass showered him.

Taking a moment to struggle to his feet and look at the carnage around him. It seemed in many ways he had been quite lucky. His shoulder hurt but that was likely just a badly bruised and there were a couple of superficial cuts and grazes around his hands and face. Others had fared much worse.

However, his natural instinct to check to see if everyone was ok was interrupted by a new worry. Talia, who seemed physically fine but absurdly drunk seemed intent on moving towards the cockpit of the skiff. “No no, you are not fine to….” His voice was cut, as he slipped landing on his already painful shoulder. He looked up, and a machine that clearly produced bubbles as an effect for dancing was badly broken and leaking bubbles and fluids all over the floor. Rhys growled to himself. “I am not having a good day!” Before he stagged up and attempted to restrain Talia.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Djuunya’s Skiff, aka The Mobile Mosh Pit | First City | Qo'nos] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie @ob2lander961

Zark's attempt to get Rhys to loosen up were definitely sliding into more aggressive territory as the counsellor tried to maintain some sort of command composure.  Being drunk, uninhibited, and almost topless at this point, the buxom Andorian giggled at the human's serious demeanour. "Awww. Rhys, you're being cute."  Her smile turned absolutley predatory. "You can't trick me." Deceptively strong arms wrapped themselves around the human's head and pulled him in, plunging his face into her cleavage. "I still like you, cause you're soooooooo cuuuute!" she squealed as she unconsciously tried to commit manslaughter by flesh valley.

Rhys' demise was not to be though as the bus suddenly flipped and Zark slipped off and went flying.  Not being in a state to recover and more concerned with rubbing herself all over the human in her arms, she careened off Hirek and the Orion in his lap seperating the two and flailed as best as one could while inertia and gravity were being the boss of mass. Her feeling on the matter were summed by a loud "waaaaaaeeeeee!" She rolled onto something squishy and her legs got stuck just as the crash was coming to an end. The Zhen had no idea what was going on, but she wasn't moving and she was tangled with something or someone. It didn't seem so bad since she hadn't gone flying too much further.  Then her anchor spoke and all thoughts of aches and pains were forgotten as blue hands confirmed it was something nice she was attached to and with another loud squeal, she reached around Mia and grabbed on to her while rubbing her head against the blonde locks despite giving the impression that she was trying to slam Mia's head into the floor. "Miiiiiaaaaa!! I missssed you!!! " It was all sweet and fun.  At least until the disruptor bolts started flying.

[Rewind a bit | G’ethrO Trinar | Ambush Site]

G’ethrO Trinar didn't know what happened.  The bus was merrily making its way into the fire zone.  It was no more than a minute away when it looked like wild targ ran out into the street and the bus clipped the animal and rolled over it.  The targ was not a small specimen, so the bus had gone onto it's side, and over, then one final flip and landed upright before coming to a screeching halt.   He had to think on this one as his small party had been planning on blasting the bus at point blank range with their disruptor pistols, but they were just out of effective range.  The lowly house scion pulled at his mustache for a moment as he thought furiously about what to do. Canines revealed themselves as an idea struck him. He tapped his communicator. "Warriors, head down and we will approach on the street level.  We will make the mak'dar baktag taste our knives and scream their despair on the way to gre'thor."

A crowd had gathered around the trashed bus and Trinar smiled as he withdrew his d'k tahg.  Anticipation sang in his veins as he felt the predatory rush for blood enter his system.  Tonight he would strike back at the enemy and get some down payment on all the blood he was owed for becoming an outcast.  They were tantalizingly close when he heard a shout. "Honourless petaq!  Surrender and I promise you a swift death!"  G’ethrO Trinar froze and he didn't know who had shouted it as he scanned the crowd.  People began to part as several warriors wearing the insignia of internal security approached as a group.  Even the other warriors from the uninvolved stepped aside since they had no clue whose side they were supposed to take.  The scion snarled his hate at the personification of the coward Chancellor the lowered his voice. "Glory awaits us brothers! Charge them and I'll quickly finish the alien baktag."

There was a nod and a roar, and other supporters did as they were ordered and ran at the opposing warriors with knives drawn and disruptors firing.  The crowd scattered as the air became alive with deadly green energy.  Those of the less courageous bent screamed as they exercised discretion to madly to get away from the battle that suddenly erupted.  Trinar smiled as he followed several of his cohorts and angled towards the bus.  This would be over quickly and he could claim real honour in killing the honourless petaq.  He reached a door and yanked it open as he roared to announce the death of the occupants.  Which quickly transformed into a pained grunt as a pair of combat boots slammed him in the face and he flew onto his back.  He had the brief vision of a slim blue and very extravagantly feminine figure somersault in midair and he oofed again as the mass of blue flesh landed on his chest and drove the air out of his body.  His arms started towards the impudent pipsqueak to throw her off when his vision spangled as a bottle shattered between his eyes.  He roared in pain this time as the blue bug rolled off him and he struggled to his feet and ran his hands across his face to clear the blood and debris from his eyes.  When he could partially see, it was a sight he definitely was not expecting.

[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark)]

It was a sign of just how drunk the Andorian was that she felt encumbered in the current fight and stripped off her top without a second thought, then put her hands up to go hand to hand.  "Come fight me you scum sucking targ!" she yelled, oblivious the sway of her chest.  She wobbled a bit, and didn't understand why the Klingon just stood there and stared at her.  It was no matter though as she charged him and delivered a professional grade soccer kick between his legs.  The Klingon wailed as his family jewels were squashed and his hands went to cover his abused manhood.  It didn't help as the combat gymnast legs split and brought herself down to waist level then drove an uppercut into the parts his hands weren't covering, eliciting another animal sound of pain.  A deft drop onto her back and both feet scrunched up against her body before pistoning out again, smashing the incapacitated on his feet Klingon and sent him crashing back to the ground for blessed relief from the pain between his legs.

Satisfied with her work, Zark headed back towards the bus with a stupid grin on her face.  Then the nausea from all her movement hit and she collided with the bus and bent over with a nasty retching sound to empty the contents of her stomach onto the ground.  This was where one of the Mo'kai warriors found her and he snarled his hate as he prepared to shoot the defenceless Andorian.  The potential killer yelled as he was hit in the shoulder by a green blast and Zark looked behind her to see a wobbly Talia holding a pistol she'd managed to scrounge from somewhere.  Zark yelled happily as she jumped to and tackled Talia back into the bus.  "Oh!! Thank you Talia.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I promise a whole bunch of screaming orgasms for this!" The Zhen effused as she planted wet puke laced kisses over the the pilot.

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Mia felt the world spinning in her head. All she wanted was to get off this ride. Suddenly, two very strong hands grabbed her and were accompanied by a painful squeal in her ear. Mia’s eyes popped open as the blue hands of Zark wrapped around her head and shook it.  Mia heard shout’s from outside the bus and thought maybe they had reached wherever it was they were going. The sudden shift of Zark’s weight as she apparently took to fighting someone, something that Mia was beginning to realize seemed to be Zark’s favorite pastime, left Mia both stunned and relived.

After a few moments, Mia rolled herself over and started to crawl, although she wasn’t sure where she was crawling to.  She just knew she had to get off the bus, even if she was crawling over other bodies. Or she trying to crawl, because, even to Mia, it felt like her legs and arms did not want to work very well. And her left elbow wasn’t supporting her the way she expected, and she ended up face down on someone’s body. Mia decided it was far enough and mumbled, “gud nuff… rest..t  here.”

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